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It's Wartime - Part 3: Wartime Communication

Jason Sliger


Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Jason is a former full-time evangelist with Amazing Facts, now pastoring in Northern Michigan. He and his wife, Midori, have two children, Evangeline and Christian who are 3 and 1. His greatest desire is to have an experience like Jesus and be part of helping others be like Him too. He enjoys playing with his kids, photography and, when he can find time, playing the guitar.




  • February 18, 2020
    8:15 AM
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Come before you again this morning because we want to start our day out the word from our heavenly Father and so Lord as we assemble ourselves here together in family worship we invite the sweet presence of your Holy Spirit to rest upon this place if you would take the words that are spoken and apply them right where they need to be in our hearts are you have truly blessed we are in great anticipation of blessings yet to come thank you Father we ask it in Jesus' name amen we have learned in our morning worship time that we are living in a time of war that we are soldiers not civilians that there is not a war time part of life and a non war time part of life that the Bible simply describes that we are living in war in our scripture reading this morning I want to add another layer to this yesterday we looked at the Sword of the Spirit as a means of defense against the enemy the armor of God is good for protection but we also as soldiers of Christ are not just to stand there while the enemy attacks but we are to fight back and God has given to us a weapon that has been proven to be successful and that is the Word of God. We looked at yesterday how we claim the word of God and use it in the defense against the attacks and temptations of the enemy but there's something else here in the Paul adds that sometimes may be overlooked in the fusions Chapter 6 verses $17.18 we read it in our scripture reading the Bible says take the helmet of salvation and the sort of the Spirit which is the Word of God praying always with all prayer and supplication in the spirit and watching their own too with all perseverance and supplication for all the saints Paul does something that in my opinion is extraordinary and that is he puts prayer in a wartime context now we understand that in the original manuscripts there were no verse divisions in the original manuscript just simply continue to flow from one thought to the next and so Paul would have you know the way it would have been stated is taking the sort of the Spirit which is the Word of God praying always with op or don't miss it the Bible here is telling us that we take the sword praying always I want to submit to you this morning that although I am presenting these messages into presentations that they are closely connected and inseparable that the only way that we can effectively wield the sort of the Spirit is if we are praying always with all prayer and supplication prayer according to scripture in our scripture this morning is for war I believe my humble opinion that prayer is like a work time walkie talkie. Where we have the ability to reach back and communicate with headquarters and talk to our commander and our general and ask him to send heavenly fire power and air support to attack and to destroy the strongholds of the enemy and listen to me carefully as we have been flipping this lens from looking at life from a time of peace to a time of war if prayer is for a war time context that we are living in listen to me carefully prayer is not the means of making our lifes more comfortable are you all with me this morning listen to me carefully war is not comfortable we have comfort that is promised to us in the Sweet By and by but well we tarry here as soldiers of Christ we must remember that prayer is to be used in a wartime context it is not to be used to be at to ask for more comforts here on this earth now we do serve a benevolent God who even does give us the answers to our prayer that makes our life more comfortable at times but that's not the sole purpose of prayer prayer has been given to us for war go with me in your Bibles if you would to Luke Chapter 21 I want to illustrate this to you from another passage of Scripture I think it's very clear in if Eason's want to show this to you from Jesus as well Luke Chapter 21 and verse 32 unless we understand that prayer is for war. We will miss the important Biblical teachings about the urgency of prayer the vigilance of prayer the watching on to prayer the perseverance in prayer and the danger of abandoning prayer communication for a soldier back to headquarters is everything when it comes to success in fighting the enemy goes with Jesus says verse $34.00 he says and take heed to yourselves lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeit seen or carousing and drunkenness and the cares of life and so the day come upon you what. Now Jesus is talking about 2 things here is talking about the destruction of true somebody is also talking about the 2nd coming and what he's doing is he's exposing the tactics of the enemy before he is even able to employ them can you see the war in the bible passage Jesus says take heed lest at any time your hearts be over charged with what gluttony drunkenness and the cares of this life that's the tactic of the enemy he's trying to get us caught up in these peripheral things that draw away and zap us of our spiritual power and strength to overcome and then Jesus says this in verse 36 watch you therefore and what are the next 3 words and what pray always listen to listen to that carefully that year may be accounted worthy to Xscape all these things what are all these things. It's the tactics of the enemy the cares of this life the drunkenness and all of that stuff Jesus says watch either therefore and pray always there you may be accounted worthy to exclaim all of these things I don't know about you I want to escape those things and Jesus tells us that the way we do it is by watching and was praying and then it says this that you show that it shall come to pass and stand before the Son of Man You know Paul in the fees and see repeatedly refers to the soldier being able to stand when the war is over this is an important component and you have to forgive me I know I keep repeating myself but you have to forgive me that I'm talking in such elementary terms that I'm stating the obvious but brothers and sisters prayer and Bible study are the only ways that we can attack the enemy for not think with our Heavenly Father morning by morning in prayer and Bible study you will be overcome there is no way around it you see we get into trouble when we do as millions of Christians do and we stop believing that we are living in a time of war it gets us into trouble because instead of praying for the heavenly fire power we end up praying for things that will make our lives comfortable and brothers and sisters we live in a lavishly comfortable life already we don't need more comfort this world is not my home I'm just passing through sometimes our prayers are such that we are asking God to make our home here on this earth. God doesn't want you to be comfortable here he wants you to be uncomfortable here so that you look for a place that you will be comfortable we get ourselves into trouble and prayer malfunctions when we are constantly praying for comforts instead of help to attack the enemy steps of Christ peace 95 without unceasing prayer and diligent watching we are in danger of growing careless and of deviating from the right path the adversary seeks continually to obstruct the way to the mercy seat how often does he seek that to obstruct the way continually Now I trust that all of us good 7th Day Adventists have read the book steps to Christ you have read this statement before but are we on our guard unceasingly Now remember we can only do this in the strength of God I'm not asking you to do it in your own strength because you can't do in your own strength as soldiers of Christ we are advancing in the power and strength of God and the only way that we can be constantly vigilant is if we are moving forward in his power and strength if you're moving in your own strength you will grow weary in well doing without unceasing prayer and diligent watchfulness we are in danger of growing careless and deviating from the white right path Joseph Nishimura Christian missionary to Japan he said and in this war we must advance on our knee and then I read that little statement I thought praise the lord that's what we need to do we need to advance. On our names there's no way around this brothers and sisters when you look at the men and women of great faith they spend a lot of time in the Bible and a lot of time in prayer there's no way around it we live in a fast baked society we want everything microwave and pressure cooker we want to shrink everything down into the shortest amount of time as possible we want the quickest way to get to x. y. z. we want the fastest this in the fastest that we want everything to be done quickly but brothers and sisters this type of stuff is not done quickly men and women of great faith who have been strong in the power and strength of God soldiers of Christ that have gone forth from one victory to another they spent time in the Word of God and in prayer day after day and it's not going to be any different for us the greatest of all examples Jesus Christ himself was found a great while before dawn spending time with his Heavenly Father take the sort of the spear which is the Word of God praying always fall prayer and supplication in his book Power through prayer Taylor bunch makes a fascinating statement the mighty weapons of our warfare therefore which pull down the strongholds the fortresses and unholy imaginations and which bring into captivity the strain and retrograde thoughts are the Word of God and prayer these 2 weapons of Christian one of the Christian warrior are inseparable in the all out battle for victory one cannot be used effectively without the other Listen to this the word is powerless without prayer and prayer is in effect without the word the word of God is quick and powerful and sharper than any 2 edged sword only when it is wield it. By effects will for event prayer and that powerful They're inseparable they're linked closely together when we are in balanced in spending too much time in prayer and not enough time in Bible study we can be defeated by the enemy if we're spending too much time in Bible study and not enough time in prayer the same can take place there must be an even balance between the 2 they are inseparable we wield the sword through prayer now I didn't get this quote through the a.v. team so please forgive them I stuck it in this morning and I mentioned this to you yesterday but I want to repeat it again this is from the great controversy Page 600 temptations often appear irresistible you remember this because through neglect of prayer and the study of the Bible the temptations attempt at one sorry cannot readily remember the promises of gone what can they not remember Ok so temptations often appear irresistible because the template one is not spending adequate time in Bible study in prayer and when the temptation comes he cannot call back to his memory the what and meet Satan with the Scripture weapon. So what does the Christian need in fighting this war according to that quote he needs to have in his mind the one prayer and Bible study coming together taking those promises of God and hiding them in our minds in our hearts when Satan comes we can use the weapon of the sort of the spirit to vanquish the enemy. I love this Bible text 2nd Peter chapter one and verse 4 you probably know in your minds but I love it so much where by are given unto us exceeding great and precious What promise is that by these you might become one partakers of the divine nature how do we become partakers of the divine nature through what the promise is of God we become more like Christ when we are searching in the Bible to find the promises of God we are more victorious in our battle with the enemy when we have the promises of God stuck in our minds and we can pray them to God say more you said it I believe it I don't care what my feelings tell me feelings come and feelings go and feelings are deceiving trust alone in the Word of God It's only worth believing whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises that by these you might become partakers of the divine nature having Xscape the corruption that is in the world through lust promises of God brothers and sisters are imperative fighting this battle with the evil one go with me or Bible to John Chapter 15. Let's build on this theme it's evident from the Bible in the spirit of prophecy that promises are imperative to be victorious in this spiritual war John Chapter 15 verse 16 Jesus is having his final conversation with his disciples before he goes to Calvary's cross we do well to spend a lot of time in these chapters of the Bible John 131-415-1617 Jesus says in John 15 in verse 16. You have not chosen me but I have chosen you and or danger you what it God ordained them for that you should bring forth. Fruit and that your fruit should remain Listen to this that whatsoever ye ask of my father in my name he may well you know there's 3 times that I can count the Gospel of John in this conversation between the upper room and the garden of get 70 that Jesus makes that same promise that you can ask anything in my name and I will do it it's almost like Jesus saying here here's a blank check right at the way you want it but notice what the disciples are doing God had ordained them according to what she is a saying here that they should bring forth much was fruit so as we are going around doing what God has ordained us to bring forth much fruit as we are doing our fathers pitting we can ask anything to accomplish that and he will answer it that's what the Bible's telling us it's as though Jesus our commander is calling the troops in and he's giving them a talk and as he gives them the talk he wants us to go out and bear much fruit to take some of the soldiers from the enemy and to in list them in the enemy of Prince Emmanuel or in the army of Prince Emmanuel and he says as you do this I'm giving you a walkie talkie and this walkie talkie is tuned to a heavenly frequency and this general has unlimited firepower this general has unlimited capacity this general will do anything to make you successful in accomplishing your mission of overcoming sin and pulling down the strongholds of the enemy. Or the sisters prayer is not an intercom to call the butler down to give us what we want God is not some sort of Genie in a bottle. That if you rub him just the right way he'll come out and say what 3 requests would you like I will give them to you the purpose of prayer is to accomplish war or to story ones from Uncle Arthur you probably heard the story little boy one evening as he was kneeling next to his bed he was praying and I love listening to my kids pray have got a 3 year old a 5 year old and a 7 year old my 7 year old prayed for me yesterday on Father's Day The strong tower radio thing was so precious Lord Jesus please bless my papa beautiful. Uncle Arthur tells a story about a little boy next to his bed he's praying when he means as Jesus please give me a pet elephant now as a parent I like to see my kids pray but a pet. Could you pray for sandbox or pool or a pet lizard Jesus please give me a pet elephant Amen let me ask you a question if Jesus had answered Little Johnny's prayer do you think he would have been happy with the answer prayers 3 weeks later when he had to clean that litter box. Probably not he would said Mama can you take him back to the pet store. And you know sometimes our prayers kind of go like that and Little Johnny's mama she listens to him Pray she says she's kind of chuckling that well I got a lot more work to do teaching Johnny what prayer is all about and sometimes our prayers are like that we pray for things that are just not relevant we actually sometimes we pray for things that if God answered those prayers right after he answered them we would say Whoops didn't mean that one and it's because we forget that war is not about making our life comfortable and giving us our wants prayer is about war and accomplishing God's objective of getting us from here to the kingdom of heaven. And an important ingredient in that warfare is claiming the promise is of God No of course we understand of course there always has to be these qualifying statements 1st John 514 and 15 that this is the confidence that we have in him that if we ask anything according to His will He would he hears us I've met people many times say preacher prayer doesn't work for me as you begin to look at their lives and talk with them a little bit more about what they're praying about and how they're going about praying it's no wonder to me that for it doesn't work for them and want more comforts more enjoyments the more I want instead of the Lord help me to bear much fruit and to be victorious in my own life now listen to me carefully as I talk about promises of God This morning in the remaining time that we have I am in no way suggesting a name and claim that kind of promise thing we don't believe in that but we do believe in claiming the promises of God Let's to could take a look at this a little bit more closely in the book Education Page 257 we are told this I love this statement he makes it plain that are asking must be according to God's will we must ask for the things that he has Want What are we to ask for are we to ask for more comforts in our home what are we to ask for the things that he has what how can we ask for what God has promised if we don't know what he has promised that's why prayer and Bible study are inseparable we must ask for the things that he has promised and what ever we receive must be used in doing His will not my will the conditions met the promise is unequivocal. Amen Amen as powerful stuff that as we pray the promises of God that He will hear an answer those prayers that the promises when we meet the conditions the promise is equivocal how can we pray for things that we do not know God has promised you know praying without the Word of God. Is like having a bank account without a checking checkbook or debit card can't get very much out of that check account Canyon but when we unite prayer and Bible study together we have this beautiful mixture that becomes all the sudden powerful and successful I have made it a habit in my devotional line. In my in my study of the Bible and I think this is an important distinction that many people misunderstand in my study of the Bible I separate 2 things I have my devotional time which is specifically reflecting upon my relationship with God and then I have my Bible study time when I'm getting into the nuts in the bolts and sometimes we bleed these 2 things over and we spend in our devotional time we spend time looking at the nuts and the bolts and not upon the relationship with Jesus asking God to speak to your heart through His Word I think it's important to make that the stink now was a piece of advice that was given to me at my wedding and I followed it and have found it to be very helpful because we don't want that that time together with God in the morning to be sucked away by getting caught up into you know the nuances of understanding theology that is important we need time for that but that's not the purpose of your morning devotions the purpose of your morning devotions is Lord how am I doing as a soldier. Lord help me to become more effective in wielding the sort of the spirit that's the purpose of your devotional time and so in my devotions I have grown accustomed to looking constantly in my study for the promises of God I'm on a constant promise treasure hunt and when I find a promise of God I take my pen in my ruler and I underline that thing because I want to be able to find those promises quickly and if you want to place to go where you'll find a lot of promises don't go any further than the book of songs and you'll find them all over the Bible but there's just a concentrated amount in the book of Psalms and I have read through that book and number of times and find promise after promise after promise after promise whereby you are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises that by deeds you might become partakers of the divine nature Lord I want your divine nature help me find those promises that will help me overcome the enemy and win souls into your kingdom be on a constant promise Treasure Hunt brothers sisters look for them find them underline them memorize them meditate upon them share them with others claim them fulfill the requirements of God being able to fulfill them in your own mind and I think you'll find some powerful things happen if you do this let me give you a quick example of this you're all familiar with the passage in 1st Corinthians 10 of verse 13 if you would like to turn there you can this is a promise that I have claimed a number of times in my own life the Bible says there has no temptation taken you but such as is common to man but God is faithful who will not suffer you to be tempted above that you are able but will with the temptation he will one with the temptation also make a way big scheme Have you ever been tempted before bison. Whenever I'm buffeted by the devil and tempted to do wrong I will call this passage of Scripture back into my memory and I will say God you have promised that with the temptation there is a way of exclaimed Did you see that that when the temptation comes my way God has promise there's a way of exclaim and I have to say Lord show me that way of excuse I'm just claiming the promise God said it and brothers sisters it has never let me down never because God said Does God want to be victorious absolutely does he want you to vanquish the enemy absolutely does he want you to wield the sort of the Spirit effectively absolutely So when you pray this prayer God will show you the way of Xscape now go with me quickly to the Gospel of Mark let's compare continue building on this because there's another layer that I think needs to be brought in Mark chapter 11 and verse 14 Mark chapter 11 verse 14 g. the says this I'm sorry verse 24 Mark Levin in verse 24 Jesus says Therefore I say unto you what so what things soever you desire when you pray what's the next word. Believe that you receive them and you shall have them listen to me carefully it's one thing to present the promises of God It's another thing to believe in the promises of God and Jesus says when you present those promises believe that you have them it's what we call faith. It's one thing to know the promise in your mind it's one thing to be able to break it down and share it with somebody else but it's another thing to believe that God will actually give it to you. Christ object lessons page 147 this is a powerful statement she says this God stands back of every promise he has made you're not getting excited enough you're like oh great God stands back of every promise he has made. With your Bibles in your hands say I have done as thou has asked I present the I promise ask and it shall be given unto you seek and you shall find knock and it shall be open on to you God stands back of every promise he has made with your bible present those promises to God as much for the church volume 5 page 322 have an example of this from a white she says this The mother of Augustine prayed for her son's conversion I know that there are parents here who are doing the same for their children this will be a word of encouragement to you she saw no evidence that the Spirit of God was impressing his heart she what she didn't see any evidence there was nothing to tell her that her prayers were being answered but she was not discouraged Amen praise God for spiritual tenacity she laid her finger upon the text presenting it before God He his present prevent presenting before God his own words and pleaded as only a mother can her deep humiliation her earnest importuned ities her wavering faith prevailed and the Lord gave her the desire of her heart to day he is just as ready to listen to the petitions of his children a man. She saw no evidence that God was answering her prayers but she was wavering presenting the promise of God Lord you said this and as she continued to prevail Augustine was converted and that mother's prayer was answered and she will spend eternity with her son in the kingdom of heaven people tell me I was so and so was in the church I wish such and such was in the church I wish my child was in the church I wish my mother was in the church I wish my friend was in the church I wish my wife by husband was in the church how often are you praying for them then. Stop going to the pastor stop going to the head elder stop going to other people to do the work that you should be doing in your prayer closet be like St Aug there are distinct mother and present the promises of God God has said he has ordained us go out and bear much fruit and as you do that whatever you ask for I will give it to you stop trying to get other people to do the work day you should be doing in your prayer closet Now that doesn't mean that God won't use other people to help you but God wants you to be praying earnestly for those people brothers sisters I think we will find that that time is well spent when we get to the kingdom of heaven and we see those prayers that are answered one sort of story about a mother who prayed for her son who went into the homosexual world. Left God left the church left his family completely cut himself off from everyone she had no communication with him no text messages no e-mail no phone calls nothing she didn't even know where he was and she prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed she made her bathroom her prayer closet. And she had promises of God like sticky notes all over the place in her bathroom and she would pray for her son and pray for her son and pray for her son and God allowed one thing after another to happen in that young man's life until he gave his heart to the Lord snatched him out of the jaws of the enemy wielding the sort of the spirit with prayer we need to talk to people less and pray for them or stop making them feel guilty when your child who you raised in the 7th Day Adventist church to go to church every Sabbath is no longer going to church stop making them feel guilty about not keeping the Sabbath just pray for them we would do better sometimes if we would just keep our mouths closed and talk to the Lord about it and then because really brothers and sisters that's where the power is here with me in your Bibles the book of Hebrews Hebrews Chapter 4 verse 2 Hebrews Chapter 4 verse 2 were talking about faith believing in the promises of gone as I said it's one thing to present the promise it's another thing to believe it he Perceptor for verse 2 Bible says this Paul is talking about the children of Israel as they were crossing the desert for unto us was the gospel preached as well as unto them but the word did not profit them not being what's the word there mixed with faith in them that heard it let me ask you question as the children of Israel were crossing the desert did they have the gospel yes or no apparently they did Paul said they did He says that they had the Gospel preached on to them but did it profit them why because it wasn't mixed with faith that's right and so we have all of this Gospel that God has given to us but we need to mix faith with that gospel. Wielding the sort of the Spirit through prayer by the Sisters unbelief is like poison to your prayer life and that's why I pick Paul said in Hebrews chapter 3 and verse 19 so we see that they could not enter in because of unbelief why could they not enter in. You think it could be the same for us with the heavenly Canaan could not enter in because of. The leave I want to wind this up with a story Genesis Chapter 15. Genesis Chapter 15 story of Abraham here and Sara. Verses 5 and 6 Lord help us to understand the story bible says verse 5 and he brought him forth a broad and said look toward heaven and tell the stars if not are able to number them and he said unto him so shall the i c b And he Abraham believed in the Lord and it was counted to him for righteousness What was the promise that God gave to Abraham is the sentence would be like whoa can you imagine what that was like as Abraham was out there in the evening talking to his heavenly father no light pollution and you know that God gave him a crystal clear night that night right Milky Way going across the sky and as Abraham is out there praying and talking to his heavenly father this great father of faith God said see those stars in the heaven that's what your descendants are going to be like you can number them there are so many neighbor and Bible tells us believed and it was counted to him for righteousness but of course we know that story in the story. Abraham and Sarah were old they were passed. The childbearing age therefore the tsunami carefully this was a god sized problem they had their part that they had to do but their part was effective without God doing his part this was a god sized problem and as Abraham and Sarah looked at this promise that God said they thought to themselves well I guess we need to help God out of little bit. And you know the story Abraham and Hagar get together Ishmael is born is he the promised Seed Sarah's lack of faith. In the promises of God that she would that God would give her a son cause all sorts of problems listen to me carefully and those problems are still being dealt with today can you see what happens when we don't believe in the promises of God Lord have mercy what would the world look like today if Abraham and Sarah believed Gaunts promise unquestioningly that from them the promised Seed would come what would the world look like today. The amount of work. That it is because God's people to have to be to go in to evangelize Ishmael seed what would have happened if Abraham and Sarah I would have just believed in the promises of God we probably would be in heaven right now I wonder what it would look like there's a god sized problem and Abraham and Sarah got in the way because they thought they had a better way sometimes you look around on Sabbath morning you see the numbers dwindling you say where is everybody going. As pastors we always hear the I remember story I remember Grand Ledge I remember when the church was packed and there were people standing in the back I remember when such and such a pastor was here and so and so was here I remember and we get lost in the past and stead of planning for the future and we expect that the conference is going to send us some magical wizard of a pastor. Who's going to come in wave his wand and say abracadabra and the church is going to be filled when you go to church on Sabbath morning and you look around and you see the Saints are getting older and the numbers are dwindling remember God has ordained you to bear much fruit stop leaving the responsibility with somebody else and believe in the promise of God this in me carefully you're doing church is a god sized problem when I say you're doing churches of what stop being like Abraham and Sarah and trying to come up with a better way now listen I believe in programs I believe in strategizing and all that kind of stuff but brothers sisters we must not allow programs to take the place of Bible study and prayer this is a god sized problem and it will only be fixed not by programme it's as important as they are but it will be fixed by convert it sons and daughters of God The servant lawyer tells us that a loving lovable Christian is the most powerful argument in favor of the truth you want to grow your church be a loving person we need these programs and we're thankful for what the conference gives to us these tools to use but don't depend upon them only to perform some magical operation. When those programs are coupled together with converted loving lovable Christians you will be a force that is unstoppable spend more time in your prayer closet looking at your own self as a warrior stop throwing darts at your fellow warriors and start asking God to change your heart stop complaining about what the administration is doing what the conference is doing what the church is doing in in the administration as a whole what your fellow church members are doing your head elder your elders whatever maybe stop it get in your prayer cause and say Lord where is my heart show me some promise give me the living Word of God that will change my life to be a loving lovable Christian that will be an unstoppable force and brothers and sisters when your church begins to grow because you are a converted loving lovable person you will stand back like Sarah and Abraham did when they held Isaac in their arms for the 1st time and the you will say this is God Abraham and Sarah when they held Isaac they knew it wasn't them their bodies were dead there was no way that they could produce life from their deadness and there is no way that we can produce life in our churches from a dead stale Christianity witnesses that's our thing Lord help us there is actions reveal what she really believed about God she lacked the faith that God could do the impossible I believe in a god that can do the impossible how about you we need to pray the prayer of the demon possessed boy's father in March after 9 1st 23 and 24 g. is said in the him if thou canst believe all things are possible if thou canst believe what and straightway the father cried. And said with tears. Lord I believe help the. My on be Lee George Mueller man of great prayer cared for over $10000.00 orphans educated them raise them taught them about God in the course of his life George Mueller obtain about $7200000.00 through prayer how much $7200000.00 through prayer he was a tremendous man that believed in God's word he did not believe in himself in his pre converted life he was a manipulator he'd been he would manipulate people and he did not want to manipulate God You knew that was a recipe for disaster and so George Mueller depended heavily upon the promises of God and before he would pray for something he would search the Bible sometimes for days until he found a promise of God that spoke to what he was requesting and then with that promise in his hand he would point to it and say God you have promised this please fulfill your promise and over the course of his years of ministry $7200000.00 came through his hands yet when he died he was basically poor but he was rich and what he had set up in store in heaven you know a couple of months ago you have to forgive me yes I know I'm a pastor but you can have to forgive me sometimes we have our moments of weakness and a couple of months ago I came to this conclusion I'm sick and tired of reading stories like this incredible answers to prayer chapter after chapter after chapter after chapter I'm tired of reading these kinds of stories I'm thankful that people are having a powerful experience with God But I want that same experience. We have I have to I had to come to the realisation I need to stop depending upon other people's experience and pray that God would give me that same experience. I got tired of it you know for a while it was very encouraging and very uplifting and it still is but I said Lord I want this experience for myself and so I decided to put myself writing a line of fire and say Lord I want to do whatever you ask me to do in my life and that's when he made a change in our ministry and said Ok if you want to do what you what I want you to do that's why I want you to go to that island out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean I said Ok we'll head that direction and as we started going through the process of being accepted as missionaries to go to pop to New Guinea I started realizing after we were accepted Lord this is a big undertaking those of you that are familiar with the f a magazine you've seen it before the launching goal and the monthly goal Pub in New Guinea is the 2nd most expensive place in the world to be a missionary then as I looked at our launching goal and our and I and our monthly go I said Lord this is just I don't have this money it's a god sized problem and I was praying right after we got accepted as missionaries I was praying in my morning devotions and I was thinking about this this mountain that God had set before us and I had like a like a lightning bolt the passage came to my mind my God shall supply all your needs I got my Bible out and I underlined that bible promise and I put my finger on it and I said Lord you said it I'm going to trust you you called us it is unquestionable that you called us to go there you've made it so clear if you called us you will provide 4 hours later 4 hours later I was walking down to the end of my driveway with my trash can. Humming a tune of some sort as I was taking my trash out to be taken away I walked over to my mailbox and I opened it there was one letter in my mailbox I don't know about you but I never have one letter in my mailbox there's always junk mail in there. And we oftentimes let it go for days before we actually pull things it was one letter in the mail box I hope I took the letter out and it was from 3 a.b.n. and it had our address hand written on the front of it now my wife's grandmother who died at 103 Thank God for the minister message. Had just died about 2 or 3 months prior to this I pulled that envelope out and I opened it up and as I opened it up and read the letter it was a letter from 3 b.n. telling us that they were settling her grandmother's a state and that $7500.00 to be coming our direction for our worse after I claim the promise God said here's a token Trust me I got this under control as Gordon in his book quiet talks and prayer said this the great people of the earth today are the people who pray people who take time to pray they have not time it must be taken from something else that something else is important very important and pressing but still. Less important and pressing than prayer brothers sisters we have to come to the conclusion prayer and Bible study needs to be the all consuming thing in our lives wield the sword through prayer take the sort of the Spirit praying always do you want that experience do you want to be able to write your own incredible answers to prayer. It's so encouraging I know you've had that experience you've had those experiences where you prayed for something and God said here it is and you're just jubilant Thank you God for and you know it was God who did it I want more of those experiences as we go forth from victory to victory pulling down the strongholds of the enemy and building up the kingdom of Prince Emmanuel May God help us to be thick with him in our prayer chambers Let's pray for that this morning Father our stomachs are rumbling because we want to have morning breakfast but our spiritual stomachs have been filled We thank you Father for feeding us generously from your word this morning we thank you Father for reminding us of the tremendous gift that you have given to us in the simple disciplines of Bible study and prayer oh Lord forgive us for those times where we have neglected and hurried on throughout our day about our business leaving you behind Help us Lord to make this the most important part of our lives give us the hungering and thirsting for righteousness and communion together with you Father we ask that you would bless us today to give us minds to understand kind words to speak patients with others and may you continue father to equip us and refine us. As soldiers in your army. We thank you again Lord. May you go before us now we end. In Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leader visit w w w audio verse or.


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