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It's Wartime - Part 4: War in a Garden

Jason Sliger


Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Jason is a former full-time evangelist with Amazing Facts, now pastoring in Northern Michigan. He and his wife, Midori, have two children, Evangeline and Christian who are 3 and 1. His greatest desire is to have an experience like Jesus and be part of helping others be like Him too. He enjoys playing with his kids, photography and, when he can find time, playing the guitar.




  • June 19, 2019
    8:15 AM
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Father in heaven we thank you again Lord that we can start our day together in this family worship focusing our attention upon you Lord as we continue to look at warfare around us most specifically this morning in the life of Jesus may he be our pattern Lord May we look to him or we pray that you would send your Holy Spirit to speak to our hearts and to take the words that are spoken apply them in our lives thank you father but we ask it in Jesus' name amen we have seen in our study so far that. As God's people we are not civilians we are soldiers as soldiers in God's army we must be properly clothed for protection with the armor of God we must also be properly equipped with the weapons of spiritual warfare and so far we have looked we've looked at the 2 weapons that God gives to us the sort of the Spirit and the gift of prayer and as we look at these 2000 we looked at these 2 things we saw that it is imperative for us to spend time with God in Bible study to spend time with God in prayer and the Smalling I want to look at how this plays out in the life of Jesus in the last 48 hours of his life we are going to take the next 3 days to look at that portion of Scripture because I believe it is rich with meaning and advice in the war that we are fighting I invite you to turn with me in your Bibles to Revelation Chapter 14 and verse 4 as soldiers in an army we need a good general to follow as soldiers in the army of Prince Emmanuel we need a good general to follow and the Bible tells us in Revelation Chapter 14 speaking of the 144008 says these are they which were not defiled with women for they are virgins meaning they are spiritually pure these are they which follow the land whither soever he go with. God's people in the last days in the time of spiritual warfare when the dragon is wroth with the woman and goes to make war with the remnant of her seed they will be found following the lamb will ever he goes Why because the Bible tells the Revelation 17 and verse 14 that the Lamb shell over come they shall make war with the lamb but those who follow the lamb will be victorious and will overcome because the lamb is a conquering general as soldiers in God's army we need a good general to follow and God has given us a wonderful general in following Jesus the Lamb of God. And Herald April 12th 1908 says this We need not wait till we are translated to follow Christ God's people may do this here below we shall follow the Lamb of God in the courts above only if we follow him here Amen Now here's the interesting thing to me those who follow the land wherever he goes will follow the Lamb not just in the times of peace and prosperity not when the water is gushing out of the rock and there's manage to be found on the ground those who follow the lamb wherever he goes will follow the Lamb both of the times of peace and prosperity and also in the times of adversity because the lamb is their only hope of success in this battle we are told that we will only follow the land in the courts of heaven above if we become accustom to following him here be alone all those who follow him there will 1st have followed him here. And we will go and as we study together this morning we're going to look at the last as I said the last 48 hours of the life of Christ and as we look at this we must count the cost because if this is what has happened to Jesus We cannot expect anything different to his followers and what you determine to be in your Bibles to the Gospel of Matthew Matthew chapter 26 we will spend most of our time here in our study together this morning Matthew chapter 26 Jesus is in the upper room with the cycles and I don't have time to go into this in our study but you might be interested in doing the study on your own just doing a quick survey through the Gospel of Matthew you will find that there are about 5 times that Jesus warned the disciples about this time of spiritual warfare that was about to take that was going to take place at the end of it Jesus line it was a spiritual war that Jesus intended to prepare his disciples for I briefly touched on it in the tale part of one of my presentations were Jesus repeatedly warned the disciples about his betrayal his death his crucifixion and that with that he promised them every single time that he would rise again and we look at yesterday how imperative it is for us to cling to the promises of God but the disciples unfortunately had their own fabricated idea of theology that Jesus was going to set up his earthly kingdom and they were busy trying to jockey for the right position on the right hand and the left hand of Jesus and because of that when the time of war came in the Garden of Gethsemane they were found sleeping title of our message this morning war in a garden not you Chapter 26 verse 31 and 32 The Bible says this then say if Jesus unto them. His disciples all ye shall be offended because of me this night or it is written I will smite the shepherd and the sheep of the flock shall be scattered abroad but as to the promise after I am risen again and then after I am risen again I will go before you into Galilee Jesus gave them a promise I will rise again and not only will I rise again I will still be your leader however we find in Luke's account you can write this in your note Luke 22 in verse 24 that as Jesus in the disciples left the Upper Room Jesus had finally warned them he gave them this final warning I will be betrayed I will be crucified I will rise again yet we find that as Jesus and the disciples are making their way from the upper room to the garden of get some money for this war that was about to take place what do you suppose they were talking about well look at my resume look at how many people I want to Christ look at how close I am to Jesus look at what Jesus has done for me look at how much time I've spent together they were busy arguing amongst themselves about who was the greatest then they are our worse away from the greatest disappointment in their life Jesus says spent time and time again in his training and discipleship of his disciples trying to prepare them for this war but they were self consumed with their own accomplishments and desire for worldly gain. And we find them walking that road to the garden of get so many with pride filled words in their mouth about who should be the greatest brother and sisters we are treading the path to the Garden of Gethsemane e. the hours are just before us yes we are in spiritual warfare every day but according to Bible prophecy the war is about to intensify we are treading the path toward the garden of get some many what are your thoughts being filled with are your thoughts filled with worldly gain and worldly position and worldly prosperity and all of the things that the world has to offer or is your mind being filled with the advice from God and His Word that is to prepare you for that intensified battle that is just before us in my humble opinion the stakes are much higher now than they were back then of course the disciples went into the garden of get $71.00 convert it after Jesus rose from the dead they experienced the conversion experience praise the Lord for that brother and sisters were not going to have that luxury at the end days now is the time for us to experience a heart transformation a conversion experience that will prepare us to be successful to not deny our Lord in that hour of war but to stand next to him no matter what might happen Matthew continues in verse 36 then cometh Jesus with them unto the place called it 70. And he said unto his disciples Sit here well I go and pray younger and he took with him Peter and the 2 sons of Zebedee and began to be sorrowful and very heavy then say Theon to them my soul is exceeding sorrowful even to death every year and watch with me he went a little further and fell on his face praying all my father if it be possible that this cup pass from me nevertheless not as I will but as wilt and he came unto His disciples and he find them asleep and he saith on the Peter what could you not watch with me one hour watching pray that you enter not into temptation the spirit indeed is willing but the flesh is weak and he went away again the 2nd time and prayed saying oh my father if this cup may not pass away from me except I drink it that I will be done and he came and found them asleep again for they were for their eyes were heavy and he left them and he went again prayed the 3rd time saying the same words then cometh the to his disciples and saith unto them sleep on now and take your rest hold the hours at hand the Son of Man is betrayed into the hand of sinners. Let us be going behold he is at hand that Duff be training Christ feared that in his human nature he would not be able to endure the attack of Satan and so because of that where do we find him we find him in the attitude of prayer. Jesus went to the place where he often retreated to spend time with his heavenly father and this dark cloud was descending upon him as he was about to be eclipsed from his relationship with his father he was about to be separated as the sins of the world were being placed upon him as the spiritual battle was about to intensify we find Jesus in the garden praying approximately between the hours of 9 o'clock and midnight just hours before 24 hours before Jesus would be crucified Jesus invites his most trusted fent friends his disciples these 12 men that he had spent 3 in at yours with to enter into this prayer time with him they noticed if you read from the book desire of ages that something was different in Jesus's mind his demeanor had changed as he walked into the garden as he she says stumbled into the garden with his heart heavy with the sins of the world he appeals to his disciples many times to enter into this time of prayer he tells Peter James and John watch that you enter not into temptation the spirit indeed is willing but the flesh is weak brothers and sisters I know that everybody here this morning does not want to deny their lord that's why you're here Peter did not want to deny his lord he said Jesus I will go to death with you yet when this when the war intensified and began to squeeze him what do we find him doing I don't know that man and that should stand as a warning to the lukewarm 7th Day Adventists. That when the time a battle intensifies if you don't have that warm hot burning relationship with Jesus that is grown out of Bible study and prayer you will follow in Peter's footsteps and I fear that the outcome may not be the same for you as it was for him signs of the time December $2897.00 we find these very interesting words she describes the humanity of Jesus here at the end of an hour Jesus feeling the need for human sympathy rose from the ground and staggered to the place where he had left his 3 disciples He longed to see them his human nature your and for human sympathy he longed to hear from them words that would bring him some relief in his suffering but he was disappointed they did not bring to him the help he craved that he find them asleep What if Jesus had rested his spiritual experience upon the encouragement that he received from other people you know too often I think we depend upon what other people think about us we depend upon the words of encouragement from the church leaders and we become offended when it doesn't happen or when they give us words of reproof I am encouraged as I read the statement that Jesus did not depend upon his disciples for his spiritual experience and from that I learned the lesson that as this war intensifies as we get closer to the 2nd coming of Jesus I must have a relationship with God with which I can stand on my own Bible tells us they of your own household shall become your worst enemies and I want to tell you brothers and sisters that relationship is only grown. For Bible study and prayer I might sound like a broken record you'll have to forgive me for that but when you leave can't meeting you will know and you will remember those things because of self-confidence we find the disciples sleeping in the hour when they should have been praying and on light tells us that had they been praying during that time satan would not have been able to triumph over them simple thing simple thing if they had been praying when Jesus was praying Satan would not have gained the mastery over them there are so many lessons that we can learn from those last 2 days in the life of Christ and this is the reason why a white tells us that we should spend a thoughtful hour each day in the contemplation of the life of Christ especially the closing scenes why because what we find is we find a parallel between the war that Jesus fought in those last 48 hours and the war that we are fight teen and are going to fight as we get closer to the 2nd coming and as we look at Jesus in those last 48 hours of his life we will there find a blueprint and encourage meant advice and instruction that will help us to be successful as the war continues to intensify in our spiritual life research saturate our minds with this portion of Scripture because there we will find the encouragement that we need to be successful when we are tacked by the enemy and every earthly support is removed testimonies Volume 2 page 205 says this by these sleeping disciples is represented a sleeping church what were the disciples supposed to be doing what they do instead what do they represent a sleeping church and the sleeping church should be doing what instead of. By these sleeping disciples represented a sleeping church when the day of God's visitation is 9 Listen to this it is time in that it is a time of clouds and think darkness when to be found asleep is most perilous we need to pray that God will wake us up from our spiritual stupor to allow events to be triggered in our lives that will wake us up even if those events are comfortable if the disciples represent the sleeping disciples of the sleeping disciples represent a sleeping church but this Jesus represent a church that is awake tuned in to what's going on and praying at Van seen on their knees so when we look at the story the last 48 hours of the life of Christ what we see is we see we see 2 things pair that are playing now we have the disciples and their choice to sleep in the most perilous time of their life and we see how that plays out we see Jesus who decides to pray and despair and to come to his father and to unburden his heart in his prayer time with his father and we see how that plays out as the war continues to intensify and brothers sisters I it doesn't take much reading of the story for me to come to the conclusion that I want to follow the example of Jesus and not the disciples by the sleeping disciples represented a sleeping church may God help us wake up great controversy page 507 says this why are the soldiers of Christ so sleepy and in different. Is a sleeping soldier a good thing you know what they did when soldiers slept during the time of the Civil War it was that bad they would court martial them. Why are the us a soldiers of Christ so soon be an indifferent because they have so little real connection with Christ because they are so destitute of his spirit why are they sleepy because they don't have a real connection with Christ why do they not have a real connection with Christ because they're not spending time with him or the sisters you know this the only way that a relationship can grow is if you invest time in it and if we're going to have a real connection with Christ that is going to hold us when all the world and all our earthly supports are pulled out from underneath us if we're going to have a relationship with Christ that is going to sustain us through the darkest hour of our life's we know this from the Spirit of Prophecy that is going to feel like God Himself has turned his back on us how in the world are we going to stand during that time if we don't have a real connection with God and that real connection can only happen if we give time to the Lord each morning in Bible study in prayer you know I find it interesting the disciples as you look at the story play now they were busy looking at each other right who is going to be the greatest right you had your accomplish accomplishments I've had my competence and comparing themselves amongst themselves and you know whenever you do that you always get to a level of complacency if you've done that before we've compared yourself to other church members in your church don't answer that question well I know he got that position but I really should have done it I know that they're doing this but I've actually can do it much better comparing ourselves amongst ourselves when we do that we become complacent. And that's what happened to the disciples they were so busy comparing themselves amongst themselves and picturing about who should be the greatest instead of keeping their eyes on Christ and when that war intensified their spiritual lives crumbled we need to stop getting our stop having our eyes focused on one another and what's going on with each other and keep our eyes focused on God Jesus says look on to me and be ye saved all the ends of the Earth don't look at each other don't like at each other's accomplishments keep your eyes focused on mean and if you do so you will be successful you will learn to pray as Jesus prayed that we might be able to fight as he fought as the hours have been night approached the sound of the mob led by Judas we're going to get more into this tomorrow came to take Jesus away but it's interesting me that it is interesting to me that when they find Jesus they find him calm put together ready to meet them in fact what does Jesus say as the mob is coming he says he is at hand betraying me he knows that he's coming he knows what is about to take place and he is ready why is he ready What did he just do you think we need to study that prayer in the garden and get 70 a little bit more closer now I'm not going to do it any justice in the time that we have together here this morning but I'm going to do my best to attempt to break this down for us in a little bit. And apply in our lives a little bit but before I do that I want you to notice one thing as Jesus steps out of the garden of get 70 and begins to go through the 6 trials that he goes through before his ultimate crucifix there are 2 things that happen in his life number one Jesus knew that he was going to be betrayed crucified and that he would rise again how did he know that. Did he have supernatural understanding of the future he knew it from where the same place you know from Jesus studied the Word of God He spent ample time in those prophecies of Daniel in the Old Testament and as he studied those he realized that they were applying to his life and he knew what was going to happen he was informed because of his study of Bible prophecy but not only was he informed but he was prepared and he was prepared through his prayer time together with his Heavenly Father I don't want you to miss this point because it's so important Jesus was able to step out of the garden of get 70 and calmly meet the rabble crowd who dragged him from one farce of a trial to another he was able to do that because of Bible study and prayer it's not going to be any different for us as the time intensifies and the war gets to heats up the only thing that will sustain us during that time is a knowledge of what is going to happen and the preparedness through a relationship together with God And so we see 3 things in the prayer of Jesus 3 obvious things I believe in his prayer life in the specific prayer anyways again in verse 39 Matthew chapter 26. Bible says Jesus with a little further fell on his face and prayed saying oh my father if it be possible let this cup passed for me nevertheless not as I will but as thou will verse 42 and he went away again a 2nd time and prayed saying oh my father if this cup may not pass away from me except by drink it that I will be done verse 44 and he left them and went away again and prayed the 3rd time saying. The same thing 3 times he prays not my will but thine be done you've heard this before but I want to suggest to you this morning that we have not prayed like Jesus prayed until we come to the place where all of our desires are consumed in his desire that our will is so perfectly in line with His will that is when prayer starts to take off none my will but thine be done I find it interesting that in this prayer that Jesus prayed what did he pray for he prayed that the cup might be was removed he let the father know what is human desire was he did not want to drink that Bitter Cup What was the Father's Will the father's will was for him to drink that cup I find it interesting that Jesus request was different than what the father's will was for him yet Jesus was willing to submit to the Father's will and do the thing that humanly he did not want to do is God ever ask you to do something that you don't want to do when that nominating committee time rolls around and the committee who has spent time in prayer asking God to direct them approach you to appoint you in a position of leadership in the church and you feel uncomfortable I can't do that maybe God is asking you to do something that you don't want to do because he's about to do something amazing in your line was God about to do something amazing in the life of Jesus he was about to redeem the entire world through his son's life sometimes God asks you to do things that are uncomfortable and brothers and sisters we need to step out in faith trusting that he will enable us to do what we don't want to do. Not my will Jesus says but the line be done unless we begin our prayers in this way we have not begun to pray as Jesus prayed Sometimes we come to our prayer life with our preconceived ideas this is what we want and somehow we think that if we pray hard enough that we can manipulate God to do what we want stead of what he wants or that mercy I have a firm conviction that when we genuinely want the will of God in our lives the Lord will give us his will and when that happens we are putting ourselves in line for God to bless us in a way that we never experience we are putting ourselves in a position where our relationship with God will intensify and deep in that this relationship that we are developing that will sustain us through that hour of difficulty will grow not my will but thine be done that's the 1st quick characteristic that we see in the life of Jesus and in his prayer here in the garden this wartime prayer but that's something that we all already knew Let me share with you something that might be a little bit newer verse 36 The Bible says this then cometh Jesus with them unto the place called Get 70 and he saith unto His disciples city here will I go yonder and are go and pray younger I find it very interesting that as we look at the story of Jesus in the garden and get 70 in his prayer life we find nobody coming up to him and putting his arm around him and saying I'm praying for your brother isn't encouraging when somebody does that the Jesus want that. Sure he did we just read he went back to his disciples hoping to hear some words of comfort but instead he found his disciples were sleeping there was nobody to come up to Jesus and put their arm around him and saying I'm praying for you right now now listen the disciples had seen the visage of Jesus change they knew that there was something going on here there was a different atmosphere or or or or added to that Jesus had as he was coming into this garden where he had prayed many times they knew that they were something different but yet there was nobody to come to Jesus and say I'm praying for you at this time Jesus did not depend upon other people support to support him spiritually in his war he decided he depended upon his relationship with God alone to support him in that dark hour Jesus knew that life is war and that prayer was needed but I see the question is your spiritual life depended on words of encouragement from others you crave hearing somebody else tell you how much they appreciate you that what you're doing is a good thing rather than sisters we have to get to the point where it doesn't matter what other people think it's time for us to get beyond that as long as we keep having that attitude we're going to hold this church back we have to get to the point where all that matters is what God thinks and that our will is totally envelop in his will that we are in the center of God's will in our lives constantly day by day that we are marching together with God that even if other people think that we are crazy it doesn't matter what they think we're going to do it anyway it's like that message is Volume one page 122 says this There are persons in the church who are not converted I pray that you're not one of them and who will not unite in earnest prevailing prayer we must. And upon the work what's the next word how individually we must pray more and talk less when you see something in the church that needs to be fixed don't talk about it go pray about it when you see a problem in your brother or sister's life don't talk to other people about it go pray about it there's a spiritual war that's being fought in their lives just as much as there's a spiritual war being fought in your life don't throw darts at them don't pull them down by gossiping about them don't need to nit pick and and try to pull them apart and discourage them and what God is calling them to do don't have friendly fire in your churches casualties are not just from the enemy don't add to that with friendly fire pray more talk less uplift your fellow soldier who is fighting in war up lift him hour her in prayer that God would sustain them and guide them and direct them in their spiritual walk together with him we must enter in upon this work how individually Now listen I think it's great for us to come together in prayer in fact I think as a church we don't pray together enough prayer times are often. Permanent times are often spent reading a book instead of praying and often times wonder why we call it prayer meeting its good for God's people to come together and pray but brothers and sisters what really is going to move the engine of the church is going God's people are in their prayer closets praying individually we must enter upon the work individually not depending upon the encouragement from others now listen to me carefully I want you to be an encouragement the Lord wants you to be an encouragement the Lord wants you to look for ways to speak words of encouragement to not be the sleepy disciple but the praying disciple who could have been an encouragement to our Savior. In one of the in the darkest hour of his life what an opportunity the disciples missed Peter James and John they could have been praying for Jesus and as Jesus came back he could have heard those sweet words coming back from those 3 trust and love disciples as they were praying for Jesus during that dark hour what an encouragement that would have been for him but I praise the Lord that our salvation was not depended upon their prayers I want you to be an encouragement the Bible want you to be an encouragement God wants you to be an encouragement look for ways to be an encouragement but don't base your spiritual experience off of the words of encouragement from others Luke Chapter 22 go there with me if you would verse 44 1st characteristic of Jesus' prayer is that he was surrendered to the will of the father a 2nd characteristic is that he entered upon an individual prayer Luke Chapter 22 Merced 44 the Bible says this and being in agony he prayed how more earnestly how did he pray more earnestly and his sweat was as it were great drops of blood falling down to the ground it's resting that Dr Luke catches this little detail which by the way is not a little detail it's an important detail it's a rare condition and I'm not a medical person but it's a rare condition called him its addresses when the small capillary blood vessels in the sweat glands rupture and this and the sweat that is coming out is mixed with blood and it is said that from a medical standpoint that this condition happens only when somebody is put under severe mental contemplation he prayed the more earnestly and not only that but it is reflected physiologically in his life. That the capillaries in his blood vessels or in his sweat glands ruptured and he began to sweat great drops of blood I don't know about you but I had never had a prayer experience like that only happens when humans are put under great emotional stress and mental contemplation the loss of blood is said to be minimal but it leaves the skin very sensitive and I want you to keep that in your mind later on when we get down to the trials of Christ is quickly apparent that Jesus' prayer in the garden was unlike anything that he had ever prayed before this was a war that was being fought for the salvation of the world this was such an intense prayer that Jesus was praying that his body responded to it and I want this type of prayer life but I want to tell you something the brothers and sisters it doesn't happen by osmosis it doesn't happen by having a 5 or 10 minute prayer each morning when you wake up it doesn't happen quickly it happens over time as you develop that relationship of dependence upon God for everything Jesus realized that the only way that he was going to get through this war is if he depended and leaned heavily upon the shoulders of his heavenly father. Early writings page 269 says this I saw some with strong faith agonizing cries pleading with God their countenance were pale and marked with deep anxiety expressive of their internal struggle Listen to this firmness and great earnestness was expressed in their countenance large drops of perspiration fell from their foreheads this is talking about God's people in the last days as they go through that intensified battle they will have a similar experience to Jesus they won't be sweating great drops of blood but there will be great drops of perspiration that will fall from their face they will have a similar prayer life that Jesus had that their bodies will respond in that intense prayer time that they a whole as they hold on to God their great general to see them through that time of war but it doesn't happen friends by just having a prayer here and there it's time for us to make prayer and bible study the most important things in our life your spiritual life depends upon it and you will get to heaven only as you engage in those things growing your relationship with Jesus I think that one of the reasons why the disciples were not successful in the garden of get 70 is because prior to this they had not developed the practice of following Jesus as example of spending great nights together in prayer with their Heavenly Father they had not developed the skill of spending time with Him in prayer and so when that hour of intense battle came they were overcome with drowsiness and went to sleep if I might use the language of the educational system in the garden of get 70 we find Jesus had his Ph d. in prayer and it wasn't something that just happened like this it was something that developed over time so I ask you this morning where are you in your prayer experience. Where are you in your prayer education are you still in kindergarten are you in grade school are you in high school are you in college in college are you working on your Masters Degree your p.h.d. Where are you in your prayer education as elder frizzy once said it friends when this time of battle intensifies I pray that we will not be kindergarden kindergartners in prayer the good news this morning is this God can give us this experience rapidly if we choose to depend upon him and ask him to give it to us where are you in your prayer education gospel workers page 254 and leave this with you in closing prayer you've read this before prayer is the breath of the soul the point has been well made over and over again by many preachers that are much more eloquent than I am that without bread there is no life if prayer is the breath of the soul and I am to survive spiritually What must I be doing it is the secret of spiritual power what is it is the secret of spiritual power no other means of grace can be substituted and the help of the soul preserved prayer brings the heart into immediate contact with the wellspring of life and strengthens the sinew and the muscles of the religious experience listen to this neglect the exercise of prayer or engage in prayer spasmodically now and then as seems convenient and you lose your hold on God spiritual faculties lose their vitality the religious experience lacks health and vigor let me summarize the statement defeat happen defeat happens we need to come to Jesus as the disciples did in Luke Chapter 11 in verse one as they heard Jesus praying. They came to him with the request Lord teach us to pray their hearts were so moved with the power of Jesus' prayer as he was praying to his father there in Luke Chapter 11 they want it that same experience and incidentally the disciples were ordained ministers at that time Lord teach us to pray is that your desire this morning brothers and sisters I can't stress this enough there is a war that is being fought we cannot afford to neglect these 2 spiritual disciplines of Bible study and prayer May God make us mighty in His Word and may God make us sick in our prayer lives together with our Heavenly Father that even if all earthly support is cut out from underneath us we would never even think for a moment of letting go of our father's hand let us pray on there in heaven words are feeble it is so difficult for us to fully be able to understand what Jesus went through in the garden because of that Lord we depend upon your Holy Spirit to impress upon our hearts more and more about that experience father as we look at what happened to the disciples and what happened to Jesus I pray that we would be found with 144000 following the lamb wherever he goes that we would not be distracted by the shiny things of this world but that we be consumed with one thing and that is our Savior father we as the disciples pray this morning Lord teach us to pray help us father to be mighty in the word thick with you in our prayer lives and you guide us as we go from this place of worship to meet whatever the day may bring to us. May we do it. With you. Thank you for. All we ask in Jesus. And in this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leader visit w w w audio verse or.


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