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It's Wartime - Part 6: The Perfect Battle

Jason Sliger


Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Jason is a former full-time evangelist with Amazing Facts, now pastoring in Northern Michigan. He and his wife, Midori, have two children, Evangeline and Christian who are 3 and 1. His greatest desire is to have an experience like Jesus and be part of helping others be like Him too. He enjoys playing with his kids, photography and, when he can find time, playing the guitar.




  • June 20, 2019
    8:15 AM
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On other in heaven thank you again that we can enter into your presence with great expectation you're going to bless us all that this morning I pray that you would help us to see Jesus in all of his glory that we would crave that same experience in our own lives more we would follow Jesus the Champion of Champions warrior of warriors the story is general Now that same experience in our own lives speak to our hearts Lord we ask it may your Holy Spirit apply it right where it needs to be we pray we ask it in Jesus name in men we have seen in our study that the Bible does not describe a wartime part of life and a non wartime part of life the Bible simply describes that life is war the time of peace will come as we continue to follow our general that time of peace will happen when God's people walk on streets of gold and brothers and sisters the Bible has assured to us that promise that if we are faithful and hold on a little longer that we will be with Jesus one day in this battle that we are fighting we have seen that we need to be properly clothed in the armor of God to be protected by the onslaught of the enemy we have also found that in this battle that God has given to us to weapons. To fight against the enemy God is not just asking us to stand there and take the attack of the enemy but he wants us to vanquish him and to destroy him and to chase him away and he gives us 2 effective tools that we have seen Bible study and prayer we've been looking at the narrative of Jesus in the last 48 hours of his life we find that before Jesus came to this time of intense battle at the end of his life that he had grown accustomed to spending time in the Word of God and spending time in prayer with his heavenly father and as he came to this time of intense battle in the garden of get 70 we find that he comes out victorious in surrendering his will to the will of his heavenly father we also find that on the other side of the story that the disciples had their own fabricated theology that they had come up with about how the Messiah would play out they did not base it on a plane thus saith the Lord but on the popular traditions and theories of the day neither did they enter into that time of prayer with their Heavenly Father thus when the battle intensified they crumbled very quickly and we follow that narrative out yesterday in our study together and we find that as Jesus got deeper and deeper into this battle that it was just one victory after another after another and for the disciples as they got deeper into that intensified battle it was one defeat after another after another and we came to the conclusion as we look at that story play out that we want to follow the example of Jesus. Revelation Chapter 14 in verse 4 describes an entire apocalyptic group of people known as the 144000 these people are described as following the general the lamb wherever he goes if the lamb goes to the garden of get 70 these faithful people follow him there if the lamb goes to the trial the land the followers follow him there if the lamb goes in is physically and spiritually abused the mistreated his followers follow him there wherever the lamb goes these people are found following him wherever he goes I want to be part of that group how about you I didn't have time to go through all 6 of the trials that Jesus went through before his ultimate crucifixion I will leave you to fill in some of those details we looked at one of those trials yesterday as he stood before k. ifas k. ifas as he looked into the face of Jesus fell under the convicting power of the Holy Spirit and not just him but the permissiveness crowd that was there to watch this trial they all fell under the spell of the Holy Spirit because wherever Jesus when he took the Holy Spirit with Him and that Holy Spirit that sustained him also brought conviction because of Jesus's presence in pilots. This is court I want that power of the Holy Spirit that non-verbal power in my witness when I don't even have to speak a word but just the presence of the Holy Spirit in my life brings conviction into the hearts of other people and then when God gives me the right words to speak those words will be much more impactful there were 6 trials 3 of them were religious the verdict was guilty 3 of them were civil the verdict innocent these last 2 trials of Jesus that we're going to look at this morning for hair. Finally before pilot some have referred to as the trials of silence speaks no words in these 2 trials I want to learn some lessons at the feet the greatest of all soldiers there with me in your Bibles to the Gospel of Luke Luke Chapter 23 we look at Pilot Well actually this is the the trial of before Herod for Jesus went to herit he was obviously before pilot the 1st time the 1st of the civil trials pilot as you follow the story out was a spineless man he was one who was controlled by the wind of other people but as he looked into the face of the world's Redeemer he saw in it an innocent man he saw this man who stood before him who did no wrong it was for malice envy and hatred that the Jews had delivered Jesus up to pilot to judge him as a criminal pilot trying to avoid the responsibility of killing an innocent man heard that herit was in town and that Jesus being a Galilean was from Harriet's territory and so trying to shove off the responsibility from his plate to the plate of herit pilot sends Jesus over to be judged by Herit the book desire of ages we are told that the 2 magistrates made friends over the trial of the Savior Luke Chapter $23.00 in verse 12 the Bible says and the same day pilot and Harriet were made friends together or before they were at enmity between themselves to civil leaders becoming friends ultimately over the execution of the world's Redeemer this was the same Herit. Who killed the greatest of prophets John the Baptist as Harriet listen to the message of John the greatest of prophets he again fell under the convicting power of the Holy Spirit but again he also being a spineless men was controlled by the whims and dictation of the popular sentiment at the time and so he put to death this man of God and shunned the conviction of the Holy Spirit in his line. Of friends the Bible is full of stories of men and women who have rejected the convicting power of the Holy Spirit and the and has always been ruined versus $89.00 the Bible says this Luke Chapter 23 verses 8 and 9 and when Harriet saw Jesus he was exceedingly glad for he was desirous to see him of a long season because he had heard many things of him and hoped to have seen some miracle done by him then he questioned him with many words but he answered him nothing here wanted to see the power of God but he didn't want to experience it in his own line and I pray that as sons and daughters of God as followers of Christ as soldiers of Christ that we would crave the power of God in our lives more than the manifestation of the power of God in other people's lives that we we crave that experience for ourselves that we begin your and to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in our lives that even though the popular sentiment may be going in one direction and the Holy Spirit may be leading us in the other direction that this would be what we crave more than what the world has to offer for pilot Jesus was more of a means of entertainment then a means of salvation. The book desire of ages page $729.00 we are told looking with compassion into the serene face of the world Redeemer he that is Harriet read in it only wisdom and purity he as well as pilot was satisfied that Christ had been accused through malice and envy here it sends to gather together the decrepit and the lame that were in the city he brings them in before Jesus and he commands them healed these people Jesus was like a circus show for him he wanted to be appealed and satisfied and entertained by the miraculous working power of Jesus but Jesus was not there to satisfy Harriet's curiosity he was there to secure the redemption of the entire human race he had his eye on the goal the goal was to purchase your salvation and he wasn't going to lower himself down to the level of Herod errant told Jesus if thou canst work a miracle for others work them now for the known good and it will serve the a good purpose 3 times Herod appeals to Jesus heal these people heal these people if you heal them it will go well for you I'm thankful that Jesus was not moved by such bribery. I don't want tells us in the book desired ages and each time Harriet encouraged Jesus to perform a miracle to heal himself that he was met with the sternest of all that rebukes silence Herod had rejected the truth. Not only that was spoken by John the Baptist but that he had heard spoken by Jesus during his ministry and because he had rejected the truth Jesus had nothing to say to him this is to me carefully brothers and sisters if God has spoken a word of truth to you and has convicted you about something in your life and you have neglected it to obey that truth do not expect God to reveal more truth to you we must start with the Holy Spirit is working in our lives and when God convicts us of that sin we must ask God to give us the victory in that area if we expect to progress and grow in our experience with God Harry did not choose to follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit therefore Jesus had nothing more to add to what had already been said to him The Lord has spoken a word of conviction to you Bible says if you heard the voice of God speaking to you today harden not your hearts the temptation sometimes when we read these stories a say well that's Herod on the 7th Day Adventist Surely I'm not going to do that but brother and sisters we need to be careful of making statements such as that because the devil well knows that what worked for what worked for herit can work for you and me if we are not following the example of Jesus the greatest of all soldiers is I have ages page 730 says this is the mission of Christ in this world was not to gratify idle curiosity he came to heal the broken hearted. He could have spoken any were could he have spoken any words to heal the bruise of sin sick souls he would not have kept silent but he had no words for those who would but trample the truth under their own holy feet if he knew that parents heart was open and receptive to the leading of the Holy Spirit in his life Jesus would have gladly had some words of advice for herit but that was not the course that Herod shows for himself the silence of Jesus enraged Herit He was indignant that somebody would not acknowledge his earthly authority the eyes of compassion that once looked upon Jesus and concluded that he was an innocent man now were changed and he with the rest of the people denounces Jesus as an imposter notice what the Bible says in verse 11 of Luke Chapter 23 and Herit with his men of war set him Jesus at naught or they despised him and mocked him and a raid him in gorgeous robes and sent him again to pilot thankful for the Spirit of Prophecy a light fills in some of the details here that could be easily overlooked we didn't meditate on it long enough 8731 of the book desire of ages says this no sooner with these words spoken when Harriet announced Jesus as an imposter No sooner were these words spoken. Then a rush was made for Christ like wild beasts the crowd darted upon their prey Jesus was dragged this way and that Harry joining the mob in seeking to humiliate the Son of God had not the Roman soldiers interposed and forced the modern throng forced back the Matin throng the Savior would have ben torn in 2 pieces. Or. Seeking to humiliate the Son of God you know what it's like to be rudely treated to be falsely accused be spoken evil about for something that you never did you know what that feeling is like I'm sure that you can identify to a certain extent but not in its totality because we will not ever fully understand what Jesus went through unlike tells us that the crowd was so mad and in their rage against Jesus as she says like wild beasts they darted upon him pulling him this way and that just about ripping off his arms and legs was painful not only had Jesus been denied by Judas not only had his disciples scattered like sheep without a shepherd not only did they not only did Peter advise the rest of the disciples to run and save themselves as we saw yesterday not only did Jesus go through trial after trial after trial be falsely accused not only had you been up all night long without any food or drink but now the physical abuse intensifies as these wicked men heap all of their safety say 10 of fury upon Jesus and on what makes a startling statement she tells us. That there were some in the audience that day and parents judgment hall who came forward as the crowd surged upon Jesus to tear him apart like wild animals and as they came forward to engage in that act of physical abuse once they had the opportunity to look into the world's Redeemer when they looked into his face they turned away because they could not do to Jesus what everybody else was doing just looking at him made a difference in their lives brothers and sisters we need that non verbal witness where the Holy Spirit has permeated our life so much so that even though we are sleep deprived even though we are physically abused even though we have blood that is staining our bodies even though we look terrible the Holy Spirit is speaking through our lives even though no words are coming out of our mounts for many of us we depend upon our words to be the power that brings conviction into the lives of other people but friends I want to depend upon a more powerful power the Holy Spirit to bring lasting conviction into the lives of men and women and I pray that God will fill us with that Holy Ghost power that our presence will bring conviction and then when our words are spoken it will send it home to the heart and bring people into the kingdom of heaven as they took a glimpse into the loving face of Jesus they could not engage in this rude mistreatment of him they turned back in silence and I ask you the question this morning how is your patience when you are mistreated this is the battlefield. This is a front line battle right here how is your patients when you are mistreated and done wrong how is your patients when somebody is doing something to you that you feel is unjust My Bible tells me in Revelation Chapter 14 and verse 12 here is the patience of the saints and I find it curious read this passage I don't know how many times as an evangelist and maybe I'm just a little slow but I found it interesting that that passage comes right after the 3rd angel's message which is the mark of the beast Yes we need patience right now but the war is going to intensify brothers and sisters as you read the 3 angels message and you go through it it gets more and more intense and then it you get to this point where the entire world is being persuaded to receive the counterfeit seal the mark of the beast a symbol of allegiance to earthly power and when this world is forcing people to receive the mark of the peace through physical mistreatment it's at that time that the Bible says here it is the patients of the saints my bible is telling me that the experience of God's people in the last day in that intensified battle right before Jesus comes back that their experience is going to be the same experience of Jesus as he was going through these trials and being mistreated being falsely accused he had patients and that patience was a tremendous witness to his accusers and dare I say may have even been a means of conversion for many here is the patience of. Sayings. Revelation 14 tells us who those saints are in verse 4 they are the ones who follow the lamb wherever he goes. It With Me quickly to the Gospel of Mark Mark Chapter 15 look at Mark's account of the next trial of Christ there is a lot that is in the final trial we won't have time to go through it all obviously pilot was not very happy when he saw Jesus coming back he thought he had successfully passed on the responsibility of a nation to herit he was faced with a difficult situation do what he knew to be right and face the anger of the crowd or do what he knew to be wrong and have their approval you'll be faced with that same thing one day friends should I do what my family wants me to do or should I do it God wants me to do should I do it my work is telling me to do or should I do a God wants me to do should I do what in the last days during the mark of the beast should I do what the law is telling me to do or should I do it God tells me to do and friends every time you will find the popular sentiment is going in the way of the world this is why as I've stated many times and must be stated begin we need to pray that God would get us to the a point in our spiritual experience where if all earthly support is knocked out from underneath us it will not change our spiritual walk with the Lord one iota that we will hold firm to the hand of our heavenly general pilot was faced with this decision what should I do he is innocent Fortunately pilot chose the violate his conscience and the result of the violation of his conscience led to a lifetime of misery friends it's stunning to me. Same thing happens in our own life whenever we violate our conscience we think that it's going to be good but the end is always misery yet we do it time and time again May God help us to remember the misery of choosing sin over our Savior you'd do well to go back and read the chapter in pilot judgment hall as a reflection upon the study together this morning but I want to go quickly to a part of this passage here beginning in verse 15 March up to 15 a verse 15 the Bible says and so pilot willing to content the people don't miss that little point they're willing to content the people released barabus unto them and deliver Jesus when he had scourged him to be crucified and the soldiers led him away into the hall called the Tory m Hall of Judgment and they called together the whole band and they closed him with purple and played it a crown of thorns put it upon his head and began to salute him Hail King of the Jews and they smote him on the head with a reed and did spit upon him but only on their knees and worshipping Him and when they had mocked him they took off the purple from him put on his own clothes let him out crucify him Isaiah and prophetic writing Chapter 15 verse 3 he says I gave back I gave my back to the smiters and my cheeks to them the plucked off the hair I hit not my face from shame and spitting you suppose Jesus read that Bible passage. He was a student of Bible prophecy he knew the messianic prophecies that pointed to him as the world's Redeemer he knew that this was coming and he knew that the only way that he would be victorious in this intensified battle is if he was submit it and surrendered to his father's will desire of a just pay $734.00 says this Satan led the cruel mob in its abuse of the Savior again remember it's not the people it's the one who's behind the people the war is not with flesh but against principalities and powers this is how Jesus when he saw people mistreating him could say Father forgive them for they know not what they do he knew that it was not a human war it was a divine war that was being fought Satan led the cruel mob in its abuse of the Savior it was his purpose Listen to this it was his purpose to provoke him to retaliation if possible or to drive him to perform a miracle to release him self and thus break up the plan of salvation one stain upon his human life one failure of his humanity to endure the terrible test and the Lamb of God would have been in perfect offering and the redemption of man a failure what was Satan trying to do provoke him if you have been provoked before remember when you are provoked it's not the person it's the one behind the person Satan uses people to provoke you it's not the person don't get mad at the person get mad at the one behind the person pray for the one who the devil is using to provoke you. Pray that God would bring salvation into their life pray that God would have full possession of their being and ask God to give you the victory over the real enemy satan satan was using people to try to provoke Jesus to retaliate or perform a miracle that would release him from the physical abuse that he was going through brothers and sisters when you are physically mistreated you want to stop nobody enjoys physical abuse such is the type that Jesus went through. Be assured Satan knew that this was coming he had spent many hours thinking and contemplating how can I make the world Redeemer fail he had learned his lesson from the 3 trials in the wilderness that were unsuccessful because he was met with the Scripture weapon it is written He had ample time to think this thing through and he was unleashing every bit of his demonic wisdom upon Jesus so he turns to physical abuse and he pours it on with great intensity as I have ages page 741 and 42 says this since the Passover suff supper with the disciples He Jesus had taken neither food nor drink he had agonized in the garden of get 70 in conflict with say 10 occasion sees he had endured the anguish of the betrayal and had seen his disciples for sake and flee he had taken he had been taken to address and then decay ifas and then depart and from pilot he had been sent to herit and then sent to pilot. From insult to renew to insult from mockery to mockery twice tortured by the scourge Listen to this. All that night there had been scene after scene of a character to try the soul of a man to the uttermost Christ had not failed him about the same and of that Rice had not failed he had spoken no word but that tend to the lore of to glorify God All through the disc race full farce of a trial he had borne himself with firmness and dignity Rice had not. Why I want that experience I want that experience of not failing in the heat of the battle How was it that Jesus was able to overcome in this intensified battle he spent time with his father in Bible study in prayer He surrendered his will to his heavenly father this stuff is not complicated brothers and sisters this is why the devil works so hard to get you busy one person well said the acronym for busy being under Satan's yoke works to keep you busy so that you cannot tap into that divine source of power that will give you this experience when the war intensifies he doesn't want you to be victorious he doesn't want you to overcome that's Ok you can go to church you can even teach Sabbath school and preach from the pulpit every now and then but as long as he can get you with your temper that's Ok as long as he can get you to mistreat your children to mistreat your spouse that's Ok. As long as he can get you to slip up every now and then and dogs those lustful habits that's Ok go on if you still feel comfortable going to church while you're still indulging in sin on the side front line battle brothers and sisters the battle of surrender to the surrender of self to the glorification of God putting self in the dust that God may be glorified and Jesus did just that truly it was well written when Jesus said in John Chapter 14 in verse 30 we read this yesterday here after I will not talk with you much for the prince of this world cometh. He has nothing in me now as you read from the book great controversy yesterday she says that those who expect to be in the kingdom of heaven one day will have the same experience this is why when Jesus was physically mistreated he did not retaliate because the prince of this world had nothing in him this is why as we see Jesus go from scene after scene after scene through this great hour of trial as Jesus was being squeezed by persecution all that came out was love because the prince of this world cometh and have nothing in me there was nothing but goodness that could come out because there was nothing but goodness that was within. Paul well described this experience in Romans Chapter 6 in verse 11 he advises us as God's children that we should be dead indeed on to sin but alive and to God Was that not the experience of Jesus as he goes through these trials the good soldier of Christ will have this experience being did indeed under sin but alive and gone through Jesus Christ our Lord oftentimes we get that reversed don't we Satan come to the temptation we're alive and vibrant ready to do his bidding. To easily allured with the seduction of sin a God wants us to be did indeed on the sin and a life to the appeals of the Holy Spirit in our line with me to our scripture reading 1st Peter chapter 2 verses 21 and 22 we're going to wind this thing down 1st Peter chapter 2 verses 21 and 22 stunning passage of Scripture here in light of what we have just studied Peter man who betrayed Christ or denied him rather writes these words here he says for even here into where you called because Christ also suffered for us leaving us an example that you should follow his steps who did no sin neither was guile found in his mouth now generally speaking when we look at this Bible passage we tend to apply it in its broader context that Jesus is our example in all points and indeed that is true but if you're going to stay true to the content to understanding of the passage Peter is speaking about specifically that Jesus is our example in suffering he suffered in all points like as we are leaving us an example that we should follow in his steps and as Jesus was suffering there was no sin neither was there guile found in his mouth. I remember when I was in school going to math class and watching the teacher stand in the front of the class and write a math problem on the board and she would teach us how to figure out and solve the problem she would give us an example of the problems that we would be solving in our math lesson and as she gave us that example that example on the board was a model that I could apply in solving the problems that I would find in my math lesson. Jesus has done this for us he has given us an example so that when we come through this time of trial and persecution as the war intensifies we can look to him as the example and find a solution to the problem why would Peter say that Jesus is our example in suffering because my Bible and yours tells us that one day we are going to suffer very similar to the way that Jesus did this into this review and herald April 14th of 1896 I think things will come into focus at this point we're told the forces of darkness will unite with human agencies who have given themselves to the control of Satan and the same scenes that were exhibited at the trial rejection and crucifixion of Christ will be what now listen to me carefully friends why finish the statement I'm not trying to be a fear monger fear is a poor motivator if you depend upon fear to motivate you you need to get in your prayer closet and work it out with God and not come out to you work it out we're not here to have fear as our motivation but what we're here to do is we are looking at the battle that is coming before us yes we have a battle day after day that we have to fight but bible prophecy tells us as it was in the life of Jesus that the war is going to intensify as we get to the end and as we get to the end the Bible in the Spirit of Prophecy describes to us the intensified battle that is coming now is our time of preparation to meet that battle and what we are told in the pen of inspiration is that the scenes that played out in the last 48 hours of the life of Christ are going to be revived begin in our lives and the end of this are sister. So it's imperative for us to not let fear motivate us to try to prepare us for that time but to look to Jesus and ask him to equip us as the greatest of all generals to be successful when that battle come the forces of darkness will unite with human agencies who have been who have given themselves into the control of Satan the same scenes that were exhibited in the trial rejection and crucifixion of Christ will be revived through yielding to see tannic influences men will be transformed into fiends and those who were created in the image of God who were formed to honor and glorify their creator Listen to this listen to this will become the habitation of dragons and Satan will see him in the prostate race his masterpiece of evil men who reflect his own image God created you in the image of God Satan wants you to have his image in the last day brothers and sisters we will have one of 2 images it will be there be the image of God in us or he will be the image of Satan in us and the choices that you make today the choices you make tomorrow the choices you make that you have throughout the rest of your life here on this earth will determine whose image you will have in the last days and I want to tell you brothers and sisters only those who have the image of Jesus will be found successful in the great battle that is yet to come and brothers and sisters we don't get the image of God by looking at the people around us somebody are the same and that you look at the people around you and you will have the image of Satan that's what the disciples did they were comparing themselves amongst themselves they were looking at this person and that person they were finding the false and failures in all the different disciples and lifting themselves up and feeling rather proud. And we know that pride is at the core of Satan's being you look at people you will have the image of Satan in the last days and you will be as Ellen White says transformed into a fiend you willing gage as those in the rabble crowd around Jesus who are jerking him one way after the other trying to tear him into pieces like wild beasts but the good news this morning is this you can have that image of Jesus without him all we have is the image of Satan Jesus has provided a way for us to have our character so transformed and that's why he says look on to me and be saved all the ends of the year. Satan is looking for ways to push your buttons to make you impatient to lose your temper to provoke you to retaliation he is looking for ways to reveal your weaknesses and to make you into one of his foot soldiers and yesterday we looked at the concept of asking God to show us where our weaknesses are so that he can make those weaknesses into a strength a fortress if you will friend of mine shared with me a statement after I preach the message yesterday that I want to share with us from gospel workers it's not on the screen page 126 it says this by watchfulness and prayer he may so guard his weakest points that they will become his strongest points and say hello to you Through the grace of Christ men may acquire moral stamina and strength of will and stability of purpose there is power in this grace to enable them to rise above the alluring influences influence influencing influences of temptation of Satan and become loyal devoted Christians who are. Praise God for that promise we can let those areas of weakness that pull us down time and time again God can make them a strength a fortress of good where we once fall we can be victorious and brothers and sisters when your friends and your family see that the areas of weakness that they know so well in your line when they see God make that an area of a fortress of strength they will say I want the power that they have and that will be a silent witness that will bring people into the kingdom of heaven. You know from a heavenly perspective I'm sorry from an earthly perspective you look at the battle in the last 48 hours of the life of Christ from a human perspective who won the battle. Satan they all thought they were successful got him through the trial got to execute the sentence of execution they were even able to physically mistreat him and finally hang him on a cross and put him in a grave we won from a heavenly perspective brothers and sisters God won that war Amen we need to look not at the things which are earthly But look at the things that are heavenly we need to ask God to help us to see things from his perspective and not from ours because brothers and sisters when that time comes and the war intensifies in the closing scenes of this earth's history it will appear from all human perspective that Satan has won the battle but we know from the life of Jesus and from the countless promises of God that he will win this war in the end and so I ask you this morning what is the area of weakness that is a fortress of Satan in your line I'm not speaking generally we all struggle with sin but I'm asking specifically what specifically in your life is that fortress of strength for Satan. That sin that causes you to fall time and time again that keeps you from being that soldier that God wants you to be what is that area and this morning my simple appeal to you is this Would you like to say God I'm willing to even Satan out of that fortress that he has built in my life and I'm asking you to make that area of weakness a fortress for good that will not only bring me closer to you but will also be a witness to those around me this is not a general I'm not talking about sin generally you know the specific things that you struggle with and if you would like to say this morning Father I have a specific thing that I am thinking about I'm giving it to you turn this weakness into a strength and ask you to stand with the father know that that's what you want to do on there in heaven here we are once again standing before you in an act of commitment we recognize Lord that we have a specific area of weakness in our lives there may be more than one where the sate where Satan has a foothold in our lives where he has something in us and Lord we want to even him out of our hearts that there would be nothing of him in our lives and although we have tried to do it many times ourselves Lord we have failed so we come to you this morning thanking you that you are going to help us in this area that you are going to turn this weakness into a strength and it that it will bring glory not to me but it will bring glory to you but I pray that as we go from this place of worship that we will not leave the commitment in the seats where we have made it that we will not hurry on throughout our day and forget what has happened in this place. That we will not follow the example of Herod who pushed aside the conviction of the Holy Spirit and forgot what he said but that we would take with us Lord the commitment and the conviction of the Holy Spirit and by your grace let you work a miracle in our lives Thank you Father for blessing us. Thank you for speaking to our hearts. We ask you. In Jesus. Name and. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave it to w.w.w. audio Verse dot org.


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