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GLOW 2010 Ministry Spotlight and Closing Message


  • January 10, 2010
    3:35 PM
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you are on a one cc of my SIL had to knows about the arises you never heard I write like you know maybe I'll be there to do and someone they need he heard a pastor David Asher on basically we are still said a ministry in eccentric California conference whereas short-term advances in training school I'll be back in a few programs in the year I easily have with me so for Mister Mrs. Weiser quickly I experience it you wanting more information about all my programs have a boot just outside the doors they would love to talk to you we run a fourteen week program every fall in Sonora California and we also had a chilly program in the fall is also a three-week crosstraining program on in San Jose that would be running this year out which basically condensed version of the program and will just teach you how to effectively effectively give Bible studies on each one the doctrines of our lectures and how to share that with with others so I have with me biggie here who is a public finale by Celia and that he was a two thousand seven I bet he's finisher quickly his experience well I was raising the church raise now this church went through kindergarten all the way to upgrade college but I thought although the way of the world with the world format with myself out in Las Vegas at a as an entertainer and out of season yet the Lord got a hold of me through a series of events you direct me to rise in their arise I went there first because I didn't think I had the knowledge to do what God wanted me to do it I went to have his education yet I felt like I didn't have that the information and knowledge that the know-how to go and reach people for Jesus Christ as I arrived I was given the tools the resources to do that night I just remember the first of the first couple days knocking doors and having doors slammed in my face when I asked them you want to take a religious survey and they said we don't have anything to do with your your God and they slammed the door and rapped about the tenth what do anything more you can say to me about that you know when I got a first person I edited yes I would like to know more mannitol like God by Jesus had come and not and it was just so addicting and now my life is due to teach other people about the joy of Jesus Christ ensued to get other people excited about that him and I always would anybody asked me what was your expense arising is expressing you have to express yourself you need to go and hang go to rise if you have if you are in college don't know what your major is taking take a semester off go to arise and hate and be empowered with the what God wants you to do and how we had came in and when the new unit I do in the fall classic just because they both and was in central California will you write I myself have a group of people that was so diverse the most diverse group of people I ever been a part of that was the most unified group of people I ever been a part of it was such a blessing and just like your mother does not I wanted to I was literally quick to share what I share the face of other people making opinion that and going to arrive I feel that I equipped with the knowledge to get with the sharing of work and tell people about Jesus and something else that is leveraging as my hon this is nothing more challenging and more exciting than sitting down with someone and the empathy the Bible and a man on enigmatic to get the opportunity not experienced to learn and to give studies water right now that you must mind knew me and done I was a teacher for the conference were not nine years and I like that my job because I want to go into full-time ministry and tensions arise because their mission they said was to empower the Clinton to entertain and I felt like I was in targeted at microns I was educated to the worker forgot and I was equipped to help you send the Gospel is whether they are giving told us that we are not a agency for the salvation of men and we are organized on the service and our mission is to carry the gospel to the world and that's all I wanted to add other items I learned on the harvest is truly ready as you and we just have to get together and spend his apostles were our Lord of Mann and David Gregory Hannah Yang e-mail and having the CBI between bugs and to distribute the weight limit is reached while there is a lot to commend the doctor but anyways and the Lord has blessed me my wife to be able to go together and this is a great thing for a family to be able to do together and a little note on Google we were able to do it and little experience with no at the same arises as to where we are and that the largest Blessed is he he not only gave us the ability to learn the more their willingness and that and the courage to be able to go forward I think that friendships that were established Aaron actually in short I'm trying everything I had it was that she learn more about learning how to go out and sharing and then after the two weeks were over we still were able to keep in contact with drinking people and sharing each other the Bible study that we started in various areas at each other and ask for specific prayers for the people that were standing with them if the encouragement and I think that applet you a lot when sharing the gospel is to be an encouragement to another to strengthen our bond with God and with each other to get that word out everyone in the last week Idol is not there Lisa and gain a sense of who came to me requesting program in San Jose high on month after I got rebaptized I wanted to learn more once we renew my mind and knowing the truth again and Pinellas wanted to learn how to share it and burn it was necessarily Cistercians looking through Internet of schools are trained people in the face of entering people 's shoes while we just do that tonight we have nothing planned to do there have free time in and not always benefit more tools in your bag to witness and to learn to Bible studies it also cannot rejuvenate your spiritual growth and teach you how to have personal devotionals in the morning and that's what really transformed and if you have time this will be a blessing in your life and I just really quick I'm going on I was originally baptized in the church and eighty five walk the life in the wilderness for twenty years and got brought me back last year in January and afterwords yes praise the Lord I finished the arise crosstraining last summer with my sister and several other individuals we became very close with and yes it's very true in an experience like this you go there you think it all when the learner to get Bible studies but actually the Lord revealed to me why he converted me and that is to go for others regular bases were still getting a Pisces piquancy if you to boot just outside of the priest got to be short-term training schools were to give a half coherent just a minute all right now you have Heidi Bryant be that women had leaders of California used to rush into nice I asked at but he was using Russian summer literature of England program to stand please even if it's been in the fast nice now is a scanning please at any of the older folks who never done a summer of literature evangelism all summer long we stand yes all rise nice you can even be suited why this is Heidi Heidi why do we run useless programs what are they and and what's the deal and so he addresses lot clearing and why we make your drives number one I know personally in my life I would not be here in administration it wasn't for this amazing ministry cradle I got to reach our owners their ministry amen you try so that three hundred weeks summer literature evangelism program integrate furrier for young people ages sixteen and up and the title league commitments commitment to spend your life for God reaching out to people knocking on doors dealing with rejection all kinds of awesome things like that we lived together we all find our events and optimism and we only live in the same shirts we had dormitories and leaders within father schoolrooms have we have meals together we have worsened every day lots of singing sharing of experiences is one of the most beautiful experiences in the world this is same thought every day a graph and powerful new price is something that anyone can get involved in a sixty nine and and it's really fully on experiences from this and this ministry there is someone are screamers that he bought a great fiery scene two years ago and he ran it through once extremely convicted he read it through a second time and went searching Merced for non- ministers once he found one he ended up getting the same man free will and knowing my students were canvassing on finance the summer there is not and are they ride cost of meeting this at all and on all of your eye sees on the LinkedIn blog that she had gotten the floor to thirty nine hundred eleven minus seven Avenue search now to CNN I buy I am I've met so many people knocking on doors where they said I was trained and when we come to my door and you know I not only does you first impact people in the community but failed to let impacts our own lives I believe in my life every summarizing called higher and my students even the closure before last summer when a student that I never read my Bible but now I always get up and rated amen another student it was worth the effort to do it and I saw my face and my surrendering to Jesus has done stronger and higher through the legs that I won another student I never picked up my bottle report but I pick it up every morning I learned how to feed myself spiritually amen for you the Lord such a blessing I got has anything been start for anyone who wants to get involved in the interests of the House of Commons the cost of all it's free free so like today earning its reason for students and can question though so another thing that you guys for him do I always think that the ministry affect others who said everything I never really think about the money and are coming in but you actually do earn money on a student can earn scholarships for schools and three thousand upset what are they known the sky is the limit but that money can get I'm enough education taking her to help pay her way through school I think tonight for Franklin College writing canvassing and start customizing it if finances are tight reach out to the community and they resent to you how to find more information RNA or we have had with companies that visit and his brochures as well as he can check out our insight youth rush central oh I me at the youth arrives essential that our team and everyone thought them for you and secondly and I think our next guest is Don McIntosh he's the director of amazing facts center of evangelism most of you know Don I'm so thankful to be shortened face was as said before there is a huge need art history this guy is there's a huge need for these things to me there really is focus I'm sure there's somebody in here who needs God when he shortened face muscles West mission after arise a really delighted to be here in central it's really I don't know if losing to see within the globe program this will tell you no amazing facts was so enthused that they decided to him F Cologne Seattle program glowing psych double irradiation to the kingdom of darkness and this week actually down in Bakersfield we have a program going on we just finished the first weekend with Doctor Neil medley and we just put the word out and there were no scores of people that came from the community to hear Doctor Natalie church was packed on Friday night we have a hundred and twenty five students in enrolled in the program this week there out right now what you're talking about glowing their glowing and you guys will of course trends and that when you leave but there is still room this week if you're in the Bakersfield area to get involved in that program this can be to week is the first week and was done by we Marr with Doctor Nunley to second we can will be done with amazing fact him between people were not among doors in their inviting people to various testimonies throughout the week so if you're thinking man this was such a great rally I just don't want in and you can find your way to Bakersfield it doesn't have to end today you can come down there be a part of that training tool and Google program for teaching not just some principles I'm delighted about arise being here in this conference and I'm delighted about all the training schools on the left coast and we need to have as many as possible are too thankful to live in a time we can avail itself such training and does so still like to be thank you Bill for inviting me I thank you all and by the wicked like to come down but see who's coming Doctor David DeRose will be there on the best will be there on the weekends sharing his testimony in Bakersfield West peppers will share how he overcame cancer and the spiritual resources that help them with that ring a powerful testimonials on Wednesday night Rich and Susan Culbert life after meth amphetamine bespoke people were totally one of them was in jail with a felony the other one was should of been in jail without you know something mother charge and as a result of they were sit in the middle of a field one day and found this house television the B and watched television and Doug Besser came on and they said man this guy 's pretty good and they begin to watch and then they went to Taco Bell policy quadrant of Zachary what do they want to talk about and when they went to Taco Bell the best was at Taco Bell I suddenly everything became crystal clear they were supposed to go to Taco Bell to me the best and done faster than we gave them some Bible study things to make a long story longer they were converted and they came into the church they got baptized and they went to Lincoln and ten where I met them once they heard me preach one thing they told me we want to bless you how I have just been blessed a couple weeks before that and I was concerned about how that had come out so I was a little leery of the most story but to make a lust for longer they they then said to me we want to live in our house rent free because what it happened was they lost everything but because their lives are so radically changed by the gospel when their parents made their wills they saw that their lives been radically changed and they will never think of these two people and they went from having nothing to having everything and now they're using it off of the master the hotel their testimony against other testimony on Wednesday night from math to life aftermath is feeding the affliction of addiction all the sweeter those testimonies and in this we can do best if you like to be part of it I guess see me afterwards and would love to have you come be with that and we are thankful to be here today with the plurality thank you this is the first sign amazing facts has taken there after to go one week intensive program and dented in the field somewhere instead of that amazing facts and it shows in Bakersfield and Arneson were really thankful for what amazing facts is doing in the field we hope that continues and goes into lots of places in the West I is not in earnest even doctors about the interesting things including a program called below our house are I just quickly so they solicited me in the back to let you all know pick up toys cards please is for Army Bible camp around the foyer on every single table it's awesome that you learn about the Bible pick up one of these can have more information thanks are on next thing I have three things to share with you about glow what's new on the horizon number one is how many of neither heard of a global advance before okay is addressed we have lots of retreats in but what we need to do sometimes is just a I was going on and so what we have is Franklin Gordon and reporting on one of these witches were really come together on a given Sunday as a team and really want knock on every single door in an entire town offering them Bible studies and getting them to literature and offers for free for the evangelistic series is coming a few weeks later regarding doneness we knocked out of town and three quarters of another one with just a handful of people and it was such a blessing at deal was like a glutton on every single door in the whole town with a little team I don't do do anything better with your Sunday no you can't okay so if you like ontological advances let let me just tell you right now okay so what were to do right now were passing out some visible on papers to you and if you have a few things to fill out some of our self-explanatory get some feedback from you but one other thing that's on that survey is if you're interested in joining one of the school advances sacrificing one of your Sundays to go out into knock on every door in the whole town with the team then please mark down your contact information on their and will contact you as soon as we get our next one going okay you know it it's about time we take our place and not let the Jehovah's Witness takeover and a fairly uncharted going door-to-door in hearing their voices are you Mormon or Jehovah's Witness we need to take back the streets in okay so number one will advance our number two is the global outreach how many of you would like to have read the literature for your entire church for a whole year okay if you're interested in having that happen anybody in the Pacific union is open and and and eligible to participate in this global all-out week where you can do just that you can get free literature for your entire church for whole year here's how who ever in our whole union pass so the most literature literature in the one week that's specified on our website go blow .org you will win free literature up to sixty thousand pieces for your entire church probably your there's also a second and third-place okay so going to go alone .org and Kennedy all the specific you can hand it out just anyway we give you four ways to pass it out there's a certain way to do it over to be telling all pastors in central California conference but this is open other conferences to sell to get on the ball I know that we has an avid blowers out your note one woman passes out a thousand tracks every week so by God 's grace are getting the message out as fast as we can in this committee so that you can get all this religion for your church to an end if you're excited about participating in check out the details of that www. go low .org and it will tell you exactly when and where the glow while we can happen and how to participate lasting master Willie had her glow rally we had everybody vote saying which new tracks they wanted developed which new blood track developed there were three options and guess what everybody voted as a top one they wanted to develop abstract on the truth about health hay is important doctrine well I'm going to now unveil the track him the first is wrinkled sorry this is a combination of two ministries working together we were to the meeting facts on this one than it would like amazing facts in your diagnoses were to have these as soon as our seminars done were to have these available to global new tracks on the truth about hell there five panels long and are pictures on a person who's out there good game and that we just wanted to make those available for everybody because we need to vindicate God 's character and he let people know you want and burn in hell forever he is a just God so those tracks again be available and will haven't had the globe was afterwards I think I was about the last thing that I have the same by the way picking up these tracks and not just any pass them out ourselves we just go everywhere after the rally stunt but afterwards in the use room as you notice in your program for those rangers did work in Alito door-to-door teamer to go out for exactly an hour reading about taking surveys as the literature right here in the local area a ring and youth room afterwards that's all your bulletin so places back and I can get some of those that are adequate efforts thank you yeah my son hand haps and confident in who we wanted on program content and on and off all day long they've been learning about the told disciples I know you and how you have just called and told disciples and he has called each and every one of you and Sophie learned recently and they want to share with you a memory verse the phalanx of a is all there really specials on fire thinking I will appreciate that I just think I'm right here and fill the stage on the bottom area like all the flowers he had known I went out actually in the evidence of a Christmas tree Lane this year anyone I went to Chris's Chile and your friend now and I think one of a little and that means on the air my from the clone asserts and I said let's go global people so I had her read by my side holding your hand and she would just random people soldiers he just runs the paint and him and see him not exactly got out hundreds of either the glasses while under all saying lately people around every of them are only kind an awesome program and Donna P and why is all the events of their lives have done here helping us when I saw this for him today amen seaman holding keep everyone in line and that was what the length of a letter something that you covered as if you can think of anything MMA Mercedes you know we had a wonderful time I'm so glad that these little ones came today and what we've learned as we learn about the disciple and how Jesus called every one of us and we need to be ready to hear his voice and to go and not look back and they have been so excited and and it's just been such a wonderful blessing to have each one of him thank you for bringing him I really think that this is a great group the kids a man and then on the right of any of the Army and a liar and I pray well I think you have what I love it I'm everywhere in the RA legitimately recommend a fine of five okay and are you are in a is in my opinion and on anything he will is him and him to him him as him I is him him a him a him a him a him and him and he is in and him and me thank you you can go back to area was unrelenting London fear young lovers maybe raising them in the spirit of learning and the boldness of ministry I was that's all absolutely beautiful thank you so much while this track looks really good right when Nelson was holding it up and he said it looks like amazing facts that does it I thought looks like a postage stamp from back there where I was standing but up close it looks really good and this is I can't wait to read it in fact but to me this is a doctrine that was absolutely the truth about hell was absolutely determinative in my personal acceptance of the Gospel and of Jesus Christ anyone else here at anyone else here was a convert to Adventism and we learn the truth about how that played a crucial role in the credibility to the Bible had absolutely so thrilling absolutely thrilling I want to close their best to give a bit of a charge which I'm happy to do so go is if you would sit to second Corinthians resort look at this passage and I want to go back there and Paul's line of reasoning there second gripping chapter four in the morning look at this end in verse six where Paul says foreign is the God who commanded the light to shine out of darkness who has shone in our wearable remembers in our hearts that's exactly right to give us who remembers life of the newer members knowledge of the glory or the character of God where we find out light of the knowledge of the character of God in the face of Jesus Miller December seven but we have this treasure now let's ask the question in context what is this treasure in the context what is this right it's the light of the knowledge of the character about another two is supposed as we have this treasure what treasure ball the treasurer the knowledge of who God is and of his interactions with humanity in earthen vessels literally jars of Clay and then he tells he tells us the significance of this that the actual lens and power may be of one God and not of awesome I love that every one of us in this room has weaknesses has inconsistencies has failures has hypocrisies never summonses me all I can go to churches to be hypocrites there my response is well if you came there would be just one more let's not pretend that that we don't have inconsistencies or hypocrisies or failures in our experience but the point is this God is bringing us from a to B and from B2C and proceed to the God is changing us into the men and women he wants us to be a man and while we're in that transition while we're in that process while we are but earthen vessels or jars of claim we don't present ourselves we present the treasure that is in us and that treasure is the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus put very simply you don't have to be perfect to proclaim a perfect Savior you don't have to be perfect to proclaim a perfect Savior in the local Foreign Ministry on page five LN writes these two paragraphs she says the world is to receive the light of truth through an evangelizing ministry of the word in our books and periodicals what's he saying here is that one of the cheapest ways one of the main ways that people are going to come to know the light of the knowledge of the glory of God is through literature is or what everyone literature second quotation from our books and papers and I might add and low tracts bright beams of light are to shine forth to analyte through the world in regard to present truth the world is dark through a misapprehension of God 's character Kenny Sandman one of the major misapprehensions of the character of God is the truth about the non- each reality of hell and so I'm thrilled that in the coming year we have a brand-new track that we can share that will steer people toward the truth truthfulness and the beauty of the character of God in the context of the final punishment of the wicked skinny Santa but the truth of the matter is is that that is just part of the whole puzzle but not as committed to us the Seventh-day Adventists eloquence would speak frequently and write frequently of what she called the system of truth the whole system of truth she said it was unfolded in the discovery of the sanctuary the Sabbath the fulfillment of the twenty three hundred a prophecy in the soon second coming of Jesus the system of truth the one everyone what she means by that is there is a holistic picture that God is committed to seventh address a biblical picture a compelling to at a robust picture that informs us as to who God is and how he is interacting with humanity and beloved when we bring elements or portions or in some instances all of that system of truth to people it can bring light to their experience and white to their world if you think about it there are people in the world that are children of life the apostle Paul says you are children of light Jesus is walk in the light while you have the light with darkness overtake you and it is also true that there are people that are living in total darkness amen but as a third group that we don't often talk about and that is those that are living in what I will call Guinness dimness those of us that are in this room by the grace of God are children of the light nisei men and then we freely admit that there are people who are living in outright rebellion against God who have no interest in nonwork totally in rebellion against God and his character and his law and his government then there is a much larger group of people a much larger swath of humanity that are living probably and what would be more accurately described as Guinness that is to say that they have a picture of God they have made a an awareness of God they have eight eight passion for God that they hold is there and every one of us at some level and in some way and to some degree is aware that we are sons and daughters of God that's why the Bible can say things like Jesus Christ is the light that liked every minute comes into the world Titus two fourteen the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men the apostle Paul says in Romans chapter two that the Gentiles do not have the law can have the law got written does anyone know on their heart models as Ecclesiastes chapter three verse eleven as for eternity in the hearts of men there are so many evidences in Scripture both scriptural and experiential to communicate to us that God has revealed to us that we are the sons and daughters of God and so what we are doing is not just bringing people out of darkness but the tracks the testimonies the preaching the books the sermons the DVDs the materials that we share are also bringing people out of dimness beloved there are people out there in the words of Elimite are looking wistfully to heaven they're not in total darkness neither are they enlightening gymnasts these are the people that we are after we are after the people who are looking for the truth about the character of God and do we have a message SNL and we don't have a message we have the message LMI says it is as sure that we have the truth is that God lives it is a short that we have the truth is that God lives some I appeal to you for the coming year my charge to you for the coming year frankly for the rest of your life is that you will walk as a child of lines that you will be through your literature distribution street through your personal testimony and through any of every means available to you calling people out of darkness yes but also out of dimness bringing them to a better and truer and more biblical perspective and picture of who God is a man Nelson told me that there are approximately seven hundred people here and they have a goal this year the central California conference Tommy Mister Central California conference people at any most of us right Bama bowl here the central California conference to try and distribute one million below tracks in the year two thousand ten that sounds ambitious frankly I think it's a small number and the reason I'm not just being a not speaking here with with no hyperbole let me explain you why think it's is a small number a million is only a thousand thousands right that's it that's a million so if a thousand in approximately seven hundred people here right and so this is how my people are the center telephone he constantly twenty four twenty five thousand rights adjust year we had about seven hundred people in every person in this room gave out four pieces of literature for every day of this coming year just for pieces of literature an average of four pieces of literature for blood tracks the coming year that's one million twenty two thousand right so were talking about hall conference giving out a million for thousand thousands is far too small so I think it would be extremely powerful if year with just our small group of our seven hundred right our little Gideons vans with our seven hundred if we would say by the grace of God want to commit to distributor not less than four pieces of literature everyday for the coming and that's basically it's just over a thousand pieces of literature Stalin a very special appeal for people who want to respond to that for people who want to say by the grace of God I want to be committed to that to distributing by the grace of God as Anthony just blow tracks either to be any kind of literature but but they're so great but because they're inexpensive your church buys them anyways a game on right so I want to make it at at the instigation and encouragement of Nelson I think it's totally appropriate to make an appeal a special appeal for people who say by the grace of God I am committed to distributing more than a thousand pieces of literature in this coming year I just wonder if there's any people that want to respond to that appeal publicly traded what it wants to respond to that MSU to stand if you want to respond that if elected very specific appeal by the grace of God disturbing more than a thousand pieces of literature and father in heaven we are unworthy and without you we would be unsaved and yet we have been called out of darkness into this marvelous light father the light is the light of the knowledge of the glory of God and we find that like in the face of Jesus father the whole doctrinal package that you're committed to us as seven Dan is the whole system of truth is one truth into truth about the character of God your character and your interactions with humanity father as we have been called out of darkness and marvelous light it is our desire to see others brought into this line not for our glory but for your glory father that you might gain an inheritance as Paul said among the saints his father in this grand thing called salvation we both get what we want we get the gone our heart longs for and you get the sons and daughters that you made in your image as a father you are our inheritance and we are yours help us to bring others to you help us in literature distribution in the telling of our testimony in the reaching out to others to be bringing lights to a dark world father the very beginning you spoke and said let there be light and we have every reason to believe that you have been here today saying in this context let their the Linux and father we stand lucky because we want to be that light we want to be that light shining and glowing help us father not just to have this be a ceremony or an activity or an exercise but may this be the commitment of our souls to bringing the light of the knowledge of the glory of God to a world steeped in both darkness and dimness help us to this end father send the Spirit with us and make us powerful men and women men and women after your own heart is our prayer in Jesus name but all of God 's literature evangelists say in an


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