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It's Wartime - Part 8: Marching Orders

Jason Sliger


Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Jason is a former full-time evangelist with Amazing Facts, now pastoring in Northern Michigan. He and his wife, Midori, have two children, Evangeline and Christian who are 3 and 1. His greatest desire is to have an experience like Jesus and be part of helping others be like Him too. He enjoys playing with his kids, photography and, when he can find time, playing the guitar.




  • June 22, 2019
    8:30 AM
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Father in heaven we are thankful Lord that the Holy Spirit has rested upon this place we are on sacred ground and as we linger here in this building of blessing the rest of this day listening to the Word of God presented father May the words that are spoken make such an impression in our lives we will leave this place different because of our encounter with you so Father as we gather again for family worship this morning we simply ask if your spirit would speak to our hearts once again thank you father but we ask it in Jesus' name amen Lily a stronger was raised in a wealthy home she had a deep love for God from an early age in her life Lilly us was also given the tremendous gift as an artist she recognized that this was given to her by her heavenly Father the famous art critic John Ruskin when he saw the work of Lilly us who at the time that literally as live the art community was saturated with male work and for a female to make a break into this was a big thing and when John Ruskin saw the artwork of Lily a stronger he begged her to let him launch her career as an artist he was a renowned art artist critic and to have him take her under his wings was a tremendous thing lowliest was very excited about the prospects of being mentored by John Ruskin However there was a catch. And the catch was that in order for her to achieve her artistic potential she would have to give herself up completely to art she wrestled with it for a few days and then she penned these words I see clear as daylight now I cannot give myself to painting in the way he means and continue to seek 1st the Kingdom of God and His righteousness her paintings are not hanging in the art galleries of the world today they're filed away in the back room of a museum in Oxford England you want to see them you have to ask for them to be brought out to see them however the impact of. Trotters life is still being felt where she spent the last 40 years of her life as a pioneer missionary the Algiers of Northern Africa she knew her marching orders and nothing was going to distract her from it Lillian trasher young lady who in her youth told God I will do anything you ask me to do in her early twenty's she was engaged to a minister looking forward to life as a pastor's wife when she sat in the audience and heard and message delivered from a missionary who had been serving in the country of India and her heart was stirred to reach the unreached deeply impressed that God was calling her to work among the unreached people of Africa she decided that she would answer that call however her fiance did not feel that same call to the foreign mission field and so she decided to break off her engagement at 23 years old she sold all of her possessions. And sailed Alexandria and there opened up an orphanage in Egypt where she served for 50 years among Egypt's orphans she became known as the mother of the Nile and had over $25000.00 Egypt young people come under her to lead Lillian trasher knew her marching orders and she wouldn't let anything even marriage keep her from doing it David Livingston the great missionary explore of Africa the interior of Africa penned these words if a commission by an earthly king is considered an honor how can a commission by a Heavenly King be considered a sacrifice. For prophets and kings page $719.00 we are told these words from no sect rank or class of people is the light shining from the heavens thrown to be excluded somebody ought to say men to that the message of hope and mercy is to be carried to the ends of the earth the Gospel warrior knows no territory knows no boundaries the world is our mission field Jesus said in those parting words before he left his disciples Go Go ye into all the world baptizing in the name of the Father in the Son and Holy Ghost go Jesus. And listen to me carefully this morning as I go through my message I am in no way intending to give anybody a guilt trip this is a message that God has been building in my heart for 10 years I'm simply sharing with you things that the Lord has convicted me on and pray that it is a blessing to you in the process however I hope that it comes across as just a little tap on the shoulder. As a reminder that there are still 2000000000 people in the world today who have not even heard the name of Jesus Christ and I hope that as we think about our theme for Michigan conference can't meaning as a witness that we think of the in broader context than just our district our conference our union our division the faceless millions of people in the world today are starving for a knowledge of what you have been feasting on for the past week yet we still hear thundered from our pulpits Matthew chapter 24 and verse 14 and this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world as a witness unto all nations and then the end will come we still hear thunder from our pulpits Revelation Chapter 14 and verse 6 that the everlasting gospel will go to every nation kindred tongue and people and brothers and sisters I want to tell you this morning that we are not fulfilling this task when we go on one or 2 week mission trips they are important and I felt my calling to ministry on a 2 week mission trip and I'm thankful for it but where are the people who will go and live with eat with walk with talk to and be friend the billions of people in the world today who have never even heard the name of Jesus I get it it's comfortable here it's what we're used to we like our churches we like mingling with people who think the way we do act the way we do dress the way we do speak the way we do neat the way we do we enjoy the worship services in our church and our nice comfortable buildings that are heated in air conditioned we enjoy having our theologically nuanced conversations in our Sabbath school class we argue the finer points of theology and that's Ok. But we must never forget our marching orders and we overlooked what the Bible says that it is more blessed to give than to receive We have become spiritually obese in our country have we not constantly taking constantly taking drawing to ourselves I want more I want more well there are millions who are dying spiritually or lack of the gospel of course of course Matthew chapter 20 and verse 1020 is not the 1st time Jesus called his people to be a blessing to the world Jesus invited Simon and Andrew when he invited them to follow him and he told them in March up to one of her 17 that he would make them fishers of men then later on in that same gospel Mark chapter 3 in verse 14 Jesus commission the 12. That they might be with him and that he might send them out to preach and then later on in the same gospel Mark Chapter 6 of or 17 Bible tells us and he called the 12 to him and began to send them out 2 by 2 sometimes I think we overlook the fact that God is a sending God Amen he's a god that is sending us out as soldiers who are being recruited into the Army of God You can look at can't meeting as continuing ed but as you leave this place remember God is a sending God he's not satisfied with us constantly being trained over and over and over again at some point the recruits need to be unleashed and sent out into the field to do their master's bidding. And whether that territory is here in your district whether it is in the conference whether it's in the union the division or in the world church leave that up to God to choose but don't forget your marching orders we're not here to go from one training session to another yes we need to be equipped Yes we need to be instructed Yes we need to be trained but there needs to come a point where we say enough is enough it's time to go you look through the book of Acts you see that there are people who had once an intimate relationship with Jesus who walked with him and talked with him and then in the gospel of or in the book of Acts we find them sent the far reaches of the world spread the gospel and as recorded in Scripture to turn the world upside down everything in your Bible to Genesis Chapter 12 Genesis Chapter 12 versus one through 3 I believe that this passage of Scripture is foundational to Matthew chapter 28 the great gospel commission Jesus's God is talking here to Abrams familiar words that we have read once before Genesis 12 versus 13 The Bible says this now the Lord said unto Abrams get the out of my country or you could interpret that out of your comfort zone and from my kindred and from my father's house unto a land that I will show the we should be praying and saying Lord show us the land that you want to go to and then listen to this and I will make of the a great nation and listen I will what bless thee and make the I name great and don't miss this next part and the house shall be a what a blessing. And I will bless them that must be and curse them that curse the and in the shell all families of the earth be what blessed Abraham was blessed so that in turn he could be a blessing and that is foundational to the Gospel commission we 1st received the blessings from God The disciples were blessed by Jesus as they were physically as they were mentored by him for 3 and a half years but now Jesus said it's enough go and be a blessing to the world and in the show all nations of the earth be bless you want to good chapter to read some time I would draw your attention to the chapter in profits in Kings Chapter 59 the house of Israel it is a fascinating chapter in light of what we are going to study read you a statement from prophets and kings from this very chapter page 3703 it says this listen the this promise talking about Genesis 12 this promise of blessing should have meant fulfillment in large measure during the centuries following the return of the Israelites from the land of their captivity it should have been what fulfilled now listen it was gone design that the whole earth be prepared for the what for the 1st advent of Christ even as today the way is preparing for his one second coming Don't miss this God's intention of blessing Abraham and his seed was to prepare the world for the 1st coming of Jesus. That was the purpose of the blessing yes they were blessed yes they receive monetary blessing and physical blessing and health blessing their many blessings that came to the Israelites but the purpose that God bless them was so that the world could be ready when Jesus came the 1st time that sound familiar what is our purpose are we here to just come to camp meeting after camp meeting after camp meeting after camp meeting to be blessed What is our purpose what are our marching orders is our marching orders to go back home to our churches and sit in the pew week after week and ask and pray that the preacher will preach a better message next week than he did the week before that's not our marching orders brothers and sisters and I want to tell you something this morning the devil is doing everything within his demonic power to keep you distracted from fulfilling your marching orders and we see it played out very clearly in the life of the Israelites purpose was to prepare Jesus or prepare the world for the 1st coming of Christ Unfortunately he didn't do a very good job of that Suppose you had something that you wanted to give to somebody else who is in need to be lived in another part of the world or another part of our country so you went down to the Fed Ex office and you packaged up that thing put it in a box put a label on top of it wrote the address turn address gave it to the Fedex worker and paid him to deliver that box Now suppose that same Fed Ex worker took that box home with him that night opened it up and kept it for himself would you prefer that you wanted to be a blessing and what did he do he sabotaged it he interceded and he kept it for himself I ask you the question this morning are you good Fed Ex employee. God has given the 7th the administration a blessing we are a blessed people God has given us a fabric an understanding of theological things and the gospel truth that is out of this world God has blessed us more than we deserve Are we being good Fed Ex employees he has not given it to you merely to benefit you yes that is part of it but he has given it to you so that you can be a blessing to the world and as long as we keep waiting for denomination we put paid employees to finish this work we're going to be here for a long time to come there to traps in my humble opinion maybe there are others there are 2 traps that I believe the devil tries to catch us in to keep us from our marching orders 1st one is worldliness it wasn't long after Israel made the trek across the wilderness and finally entered into the promised land for them to become seductive it by the worldliness of the heathen nations around them this seduction grew over the years until they became so in Namur with the heathen methods of worship that the Bible records and Chapter 8 and verse 16 that they were basically worshipping the pagan sun in the house of God worldliness was a luring to the Israelites and yes God always had his remnant people during that time but don't forget Israel Abraham's seed all of his seat was blessed so that they could be a blessing and the devil was distracting them with the worldliness that was all around them many sermons have been preached on this so I will not belabor the point but the great American dream is very alluring. To live a comfortable life in a comfortable home going to a comfortable church having a comfortable retirement and being laid in a comfortable casket brothers sisters I think God has something different for his people the trap of worldliness something we always need to be careful about but I want to talk about another trip I think is even. More insidious and that is the trap of isolation what I call it listen to these words of Scripture Zechariah chapter 8 versus 12 and 13 Scripture says and I will cause the remnant of this people let me just give you the background of this Israel had already gone into Babylonian captivity at this point they are in the process of coming out of their Babylonian captivity why did they go into Babylonian captivity because of listen to me carefully because of conformity to the world and I don't want you to remember or don't I don't want you to forget the statement that I read yesterday that the reason why persecution does not exist today is because the church has largely conform to the world and I believe that God brought persecution upon Israel in the form of Babylonian captivity to turn their eyes back upon him and so we find these words recorded the Bible says and I will cause the remnant of the people to possess all of these things and it shall come to pass that as you were a curse among the heathen Oh House of Judah and house of Israel so will I save you and you shall be a blessing and we serve a good God he meant how patient he is. For so long Israel was in Nam with worldliness misrepresenting God and holding the blessings that he had given to them to themselves he had gone persevered with them he didn't just cast them to the side and try to find somebody else to fulfill that he says no I will save you and use you to be a blessing praise God for that that's encouraging to me because I know I often fall I often make mistakes in my life and I'm thankful that God is still willing to invest in me and use me to be a blessing in the world I listen to this statement here from the King's Speech 7 o 5 this in carefully by Babylonia she kept to Vittie the Israelites were effectively cured of their worship of graven images and after their return they gave much attention to religious instruction and to the study of that which had been written in the book of the law and in the prophets concerning the worship of the true God is this good so far yes or no absolutely there was a revival there was a reformation they found the Word of God they began to read the Word of God they began to study the Word of God and apply it in their lives there was a revival that happened as he goes on the seasons of prosperity that followed gave ample evidence of God's willingness to accept and forgive and yet with fatal short sighted this they turned again and again from their glorious destiny and selfishly Appro bate it to themselves that which would have brought healing and spiritual life to countless multitudes there is to traps that the devil tries to catch us in. To nullify our witness and to keep us from fulfilling our marching orders one is the seduction of worldliness the other is isolation Israel had seen the results of worldliness they had tasted the consequences of flirting with the world and so in an effort to try to stay as far away from that they insulated themselves from the heathen from the very people that God was calling them listen to me carefully calling them to so that they could have a knowledge that the Messiah was coming isolation they kept to themselves cut themselves off from the nations around them they kept themselves pure if you would and separate from the wicked influences of the heathen nations and in a sense they built a wall of separation between them and the people that God had called them to be a witness to very insidious like continues on page 78 she says the chosen people did not become the light of the world but shut themselves away from the world as a safeguard against being seduced into idolatry the restrictions which God had given were so perverted as to build a wall of partition between the Israel lights and all the other people thus shutting from others the very blessing which God had commissioned Israel to give to the world Lord have mercy. You've heard the old adage we are to be in the world but not of the world yes we need to be careful of worldly influences Yes we need to be careful that those worldly influences do not become our practices yes we need to be careful in that regard but brothers and sisters we also have to be careful that we are not isolating ourselves from those who need to be reached God has given us a message of salvation yes he could have done it with angels yes he could have done it himself but he chose rather to do it through you and through me and we ought to think of that as a high calling in our lives instead Israel didn't talk to the Gentiles and spend time with the Gentiles they considered them on clean In short they didn't have any love for the gentiles they were infatuated with themselves as the chosen people it would be in your Bibles. To a passage that I find very encouraging Molokai Chapter one Verse 11 it almost seems like Satan was successful at fulling God's attempt to bless the people of this earth through his followers yet the Old Testament prophet Malakai tells us this Malika chapter one and verse 11 from the rising of the sun even unto the going down of the same my name shall be great among the Gentiles somebody says it's a man that and in every place incense shall be offered unto my name and a pure offering for my name shall be great among the heathen say if the Lord of Hosts That's a promise my name shall be great no longer will my name be trampled under unholy feet no longer will my name be used as a form of curse my name shall become great how's this going to happen. Prophets of kings page $713.00 tells us that would God purpose to do for the world for Israel his chosen nation he will finally accomplish through his church on earth today this is me carefully brothers and sisters we need to study where Israel failed and by God's grace say I'm going to be a success not in my own strength not in my own power not to bring glory to me but to bring glory to God the mantle has been handed to you God is saying look at where Israel failed now it's time for you to be a success God will accomplish Malakai chapter one and verse 11 I believe with all my heart with the 7th Day Adventist Church my name shall be great among the heathen Now this is all fine and well for us to say it sounds good and to beat our chests we're the ones that are going to do it but what does this look like according to the most recent statistics that I could find some of the administration is currently and 213 of 235 nations recognized by the un that's something that we ought to rejoice about current church membership as you well know 2120 to 21000000 people these are great things and I'm as proud of them as you are well let's continue painting this picture according to the Joshua project which is a Web site that keeps track of world evangelize ation there are 7 100000 people groups in the world today 7000 of which are considered as reached people the 10000 people groups that are considered on Reach number somewhere in the 2 to 3000000000 people some 41 percent of the earth's population and this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the in all the world for witness on to all nations and then. The End show come I remember just like it was yesterday I was standing in the airport at an airport in the Philippines I've just gone on my 1st mission trip 18 years old just given my heart to the Lord and it was a whirlwind experience as I saw poverty in a way that I'd never seen it before but I saw hungering and thirsting after righteousness like I had never seen it before I remember just like it was yesterday watching the sugarcane trucks piled with people one truck after another after another coming to the meetings every night and you couldn't bribe Americans in their air conditioned cars to come to a property seminar and I remember standing in that airport fresh in my experience with God and having that passage of Matthew chapter 24 verse 14 reverberate in my mind and at that young age I decided if I'm going to do anything I want to help hasten the coming of Jesus and if the Bible says the gospel has to go to all the world before Jesus comes back then I better get about my father's business that changed the course in the direction of my life forever and I pray that that well worn out passage will be something that will reverberate in our minds as Will did you know that the North American division has more ministers than the Middle East North Africa Union has members there are similar and population the Middle East North Africa Union is home to some of the largest cities in the world like Stempel Turkey with 15000000 people that just has a very tiny presence the Middle East North Africa Union is home to the country of Iraq with 81000000 people with virtually no 7th Day Adventists I'm just telling you stuff that the Lord's been working on my heart for over the past 10 years William Borden once said if 10 men are carrying a log 9 on the little end and one on the very large and heavy end and you want to help. Which And will you lift today we are pumping out workers they keep running over to the little tiny end and yet there are a few over here that are holding the very heavy end and they're getting tired don't forget your marching orders this gospel will be preached in all the world for witness unto all nations and then the end will come the field is greater than your district the field is greater than your conference your union your division the field knows no boundaries it is the world in my humble opinion and I will be corrected if I need to be I believe that there needs to be a fundamental shift in the distribution of our workers we need to be inspiring our members to go to the far reaches of the world and to help in the proclamation of the 3 angels message that God has given to us now listen to me carefully I'm not suggesting that every worker in North America needs to leave because there's a work that needs to be done here there's a work that needs to be done in your district there's a work that needs to be done in this conference there's a work that needs to be done in the North American division but brothers sisters we have 10800000 denomination we paid employees in the n.t. and just 280 in the Middle East North Africa Union there needs to be a fundamental shift in the distribution of our workers we need to look at that log and say hey there are already 9 people over here there's one over here I'm going to go help that poor guy that's struggling going to help carry this message to the other parts of the world and do my part to hasten the 2nd coming of Jesus I'm encouraged by Revelation Chapter 7 and verse 9 where the Bible says and after this I beheld and lo a great multitude which no man could number. Of all nations and kindreds and people and tongues stood before the land close with white robes and poems in their hands get that vision in your mind when we get to heaven there will be people from all over the world that will be sitting and standing before the throne of God and how thankful you will be that you are willing to by God's grace endure suffering like a good soldier how thankful you will be that you are willing to make sacrifices in your life to give sacrificially to foreign missions and to support the Sabbath school offering how thankful you will be to see those people who don't look like us talk like us eat like us or act like us standing before the throne of God you will say in the end God it was worth doing to have this and as wonderful as heaven is going to be and I am looking forward to it all real treasure are those that we take to heaven with us. On the day of rejoicing in Cairo Egypt there is a cemetery for American missionaries and in that cemetery is the grave of William Borden when William boarding graduated from high school he came from a family of tremendous wealth and his parents decided for his high school graduation gift that they bought him a ticket to tour the world but like a good gift doesn't it and as William Borden at that very young age late teens early twenty's embarked upon this whirlwind adventure around the world he was struck by the poverty and the need that he saw from place to place. He wrote back to his parents while he was on this trip that he had decided to become a missionary for the rest of his life one of his friends when he heard him say this told him that he would be throwing away his life as a missionary he came back to the States and went to Yale earned a degree but while he was a Yale he was instrumental in influencing thousands of young people to go to the mission field finally the day came for him to go to his respective place of service he felt the call to the Muslims of China and before he went to his territory that he felt God was calling him he stopped off in Egypt to do some language learning there and while he was there he contract at spinal meningitis and died at the age of 25 in the back of his Bible written by the hand of a man who left behind millions of dollars prestige is job he penned these words no regrets no regrets no regrets because there's no noble or calling nor press no more prestige job than being sent by Jesus as a light to the world. In words that will last until the 2nd coming on his tombstone are these apart from faith in Christ there is no explanation for such a life brothers sisters our church has been called for one reason and Ellen White tells us what that is and signs of the time the summer of $986.00 she says the mission of the church is to save souls it's simple. That's our mission as soldiers of Christ marching our father's marching orders our mission that he has given to us is to say souls that's the reason why we exist as a church we do not exist for can't be eating we do not exist to just have a church on the street corner like any other church we do not exist for people for reasons like that to just make people better people the purpose of our churches existence is to save souls and it's not just people who get a salary who are the ones about to be doing that all of God's children who are claiming the name of Christ are called to this great mission to save souls Hudson Taylor once said the Gospel commission is not an opinion to be considered It is a command to be obeyed it is no different than the 10 commandments God gave us 10 commands you've heard it before not suggestions that I shall not their commands do this God gave us another command Go Don't sit idly but go and be active do something that will advance the cause of the Kingdom of Heaven I don't know what that looks like in your life and I'm not here to tell you that you everybody needs to go to some far flung part of the world. And be careful as God If God is appealing for you to do that you better do it but if God is telling you to stay here because he has a work for you to do here you better do that as well it's not up to us to choose where God wants us to go it's up to us to simply say Father I go where you want me to go we sing that song on Sabbath morning I'll go where you want me to go there Lord but do we really need in our hearts. Is it just an act of the. Of worship some sort of expression that makes us feel good or is it something that we really believe I'll go wherever you want me to go Lord that's where I'll go our marching orders Jesus says the harvest is plenty is but the laborers are few and then he says what pray pray the Lord of the harvest that he would eat ject more workers into the field don't you want to be an answer to that prayer request I leave you with one last statement that I wrote in early this morning as I was preparing for this message gospel workers pay 465 she says this The so to show a liberal self-denying spirit for the success of Foreign Missions is the sure way listen to this is a sure way to advance the home missionary work if you catch that to show a liberal self-denying spirit for the success of Foreign Missions is a sure way to Ed then it's the whole missionary work somehow we have gone to the point in this part of the world that we think that it will advance the work if we keep to ourselves she says the prosperity of the whole work depends largely under God a pump on the reflux influence of the evangelical work done in countries a far off the prosperity of the church at home depends upon the work that is done in far off countries so you might be asking the question What can I do there's 3 things that you can do you can pray because I believe God can do mighty things when his people are praying we've seen that already in our study this week you can sacrificially give. For the support of the work in unreached areas or you can go and help that one person on the heavy end of the log you can pray for the workers you can support the workers or you can say Lord I'm able bodied enough I'll go I'll be willing to step out in faith and take a step in the right direction that you are calling me to go now listen to be carefully friends don't go God's not calling you you better be 100 percent sure that God has made it abundantly clear that this is where he is calling you to go do not respond out of this out of the emotional response but if God makes that unquestionably clear to you get up and go and make God help us as we fulfill his marching orders to hasten the soon coming of Jesus as I mentioned yesterday we say it time and time again I pray that this is our last camp meeting and I do too but there is a great work that needs to be done before this can be our last can meeting now listen to me carefully I believe that God can finish that work quickly that is clearly illustrated in the book of Acts when people were filled with the Holy Ghost and didn't allow anything to hold them back no physical persecution no religious persecution no opposition nothing held them back when they were filled with the Holy Ghost boldness and went forward with the everlasting gospel they turned the world upside down in one generation without television without the radio without the internet all great tools that we use for the advancement of the Cause of God but what God needs more than technology is convert it men and women who are willing to do and live sacrificially for him that will advance the cause of God like nothing else I want to go home I'm tired of this old world let's be about our father's business what you're saying and I'm with you this morning want to say father. I am willing show me what that looks like in my life whether it be here or whether it be there I don't care I want to be a witness I mean when I say that this morning and then let's pray and ask God to help us Father in heaven oh Lord forgive us for the wasted years forgive us Lord when we have neglected our fathers marching orders and it's been a curse instead of a blessing Lord May we learn the lesson from Israel and may we by your grace take up the mantle of being a blessing wherever you take us to go and father we raise our hands to you this morning committing that we will go where ever you call us and Lord I pray that you would make that calling clear in each one of our lives we long for nothing more than knowing that you are leading us and that we are in the center of your will that's where we want to be Lord that's where we want to be so Father I pray that you would help us to see the leading of the Holy Spirit in our lives and to pick up our crosses and to follow you not complaining but joyfully saying what a privilege it is to be a worker for my father Father thank You for this precious group of people here this morning faithfully came morning after morning sacrificing the early morning hours in the early morning routine to sit at your feet Thank you Father for those who listened over the radio waves in the Internet in their trailers and in their homes who took the time out of their busy morning schedules to pause and to listen to the Word of God Other bless each one of them as we pack up our bags in moved to our respective places tomorrow May our life be so permeated with the Holy Spirit we will go to our homes. Into our fields of labor changed because of our encounter with Jesus thank you Father for faithfully blessing us morning by morning and now I ask that this blessing will continue to reach throughout the rest of this day. We ask it in the merciful and loving name of. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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