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Sanctuary, Salvation, & Our Savior - Part 5: Sanctuary Under Siege

David Shin


David Shin

Dr. David Shin is the President of Ouachita Hills College.




  • June 21, 2019
    8:45 AM
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Our Father in Heaven Lord we have been blast at this camp meeting I know I've been blessed as we have reflected on you and experienced this wonderful time of fellowship community and time in your word and Lord this morning we pray for your Holy Spirit to be in me and be with us Lord we know that you have chosen the weak things in the foolish things of this world so that no flesh can glory in your presence and. Lord you know that my heart's desire is that this truth about the sanctuary would be made clear and that it would be applied to every heart today that you would transform is in spirit and in truth for we ask these things in the precious name of Jesus Amen I want to begin this morning by sharing a few quotations from the book great controversy page 423 and this quotation was introduced to me in a new way when I was taking my studies when it outlines a system of truth here it is great controversy page 423 the subject of the sanctuary was the key which unlock the mystery of the disappointment of 844 it opened to view a complete system of truth connected and harmonious showing that God's hand had directed the great Advent movement and revealing present duty as it brought to light the position and work of his people. Notice in this quotation that Ellen White states that it opened to view a complete system of truth so what the sanctuary does is it provides a framework for understanding the work and ministry of Jesus Christ Jesus came to this earth died on the cross was baptized and the courtyard represents his ministry here on Earth and then we believe that at his resurrection he went into heaven into the holy place to minister as our High Priest in the heavenly sanctuary and then from 844 to this present day he's ministering in the most holy place on our behalf in the heavenly saying surely now I want to read another quotation here from 489 of great controversy the sanctuary in heaven is the very center of Christ's work in man's behalf or in behalf of men so when you think about what she's saying here of the sanctuary provides a map as it were a context for understanding the work and ministry of Jesus as we stated is life on Earth the courtyard and then in heaven if you look at the model of the sanctuary add on the screen he fulfills the holy priest place ministry and then he goes into the most holy place ministries so it provides a context for the movement of Jesus in the plan of salvation and also our own personal individual journey in the plan of salvation one other quote I want to share with you that was revolutionary to me this is from great controversy page 409. The scripture which above all others had been both the foundation and the central pillar of the Advent faith was the declaration on to $2300.00 days then shall the sanctuary be cleansed we've heard of the pillars of the admin is faith sanctuary state of the dead 2nd coming Spirit of Prophecy but here she states something very unique and profound She states that the sanctuary specifically 844 in the 2300 day prophecy is the central pillar of our faith and as we noted in an earlier presentation if you remove the central pillar the whole structure crumbles and the same goes for 7th Day Adventists I'm now I did mention yesterday one of yesterday that one of the challenges that we are presented as a church in our fracture and in some of the theological divides and challenges that we have is the birth of the end Adventist intellectual to member when I said that yesterday about the Advent is intellectual and the explosion of advantage to universities around the world now I want to add to that that Ellen White states that we should go as high as we can when it comes to education Amen I praise the Lord for Adventist education I praise the Lord for my seminary education and for my graduate studies now education is a 2 edged sword it cuts both ways and much of what of what I presented this week has been as a result of some of the brightest and finest of admin is scholarship and one of the tasks that has been given to me is to take these brilliant scholars and to take them in a package that is understandable and. Can be followed by the masses now. What I mean by it cuts 2 ways is that education is never a replacement for conversion human education is never a replacement for the Holy Spirit Now ideally speaking we can have the Holy Spirit and education and you have the example of Paul who was a wrote the majority of the New Testament and made significant contributions theologically but education without the Holy Spirit according to Paul he says that knowledge puffing up and there is a challenge that we face as a people that the more highly we become educated there can be a temptation can be a temptation to depend on our education rather than the Holy Spirit and this is the challenge that we face as a church as more and more of our people are seeking terminal degrees. Now I owe these next 4 or 5 slides and the latter part of my presentation this morning to one of my major professors Dr Richard Davison who's done tremendous work on the saying she whereis I want to give credit where credit is due and encourage you to read his work. Now Richard Davidson states that it seems like in every era or every 40 years there is an attack on the sanctuary message if you look on the screen there's a slide that lists the 1st era that came up immediately in the 1960 s. on the left hand side you see the detractors b.f. Snoeck w. h. Brinkerhoff were the individuals that doubted that Jesus went into his final phase of ministry in 1009 $104.00 and doubted the cleansing of the heavenly sanctuary and the defenders were James wind your eyes Smith and Jay Jay and the Andrews So this was the 1st time that the sanctuary came under attack and according to Dr Richard Davidson This was the 2nd time at the turn of the 20th century the detractors were done the can right j h catalog and a Ballenger member Kellogg wrote the living temple which had pantheistic beliefs which stated that God was in everything and the plants and objects and that we were all the temple he had a very eminent view of God And so the sanctuary idea was was really muddled because not the idea that God is ministering in in heaven or the idea of the Chicago glory be abiding in a place did not coincide well with the idea of pantheism or Penzias them the other name I had on the screen was Dudley can write he was a prominent preacher that went into foster apostasy and many of can rites writings today are used by x. Adventists to undermine our beliefs the defenders were asked and Haskell f.c. Gilbert and Andros. The other time that the sanctuary came under attack was the 1930 s. and the detractors who were l r n Roddy and w w Fletcher and the defender in this case was m.l. Andresen who wrote the book the same sure we service. Now I want to spend a little bit more time on the 1980 s.. This was a significant time the most prominent name up there is Desmond Ford. Yet others Robert brims Mead Dale Rance lab and Raymond contrail of the defenders in response to civically Desmond Ford was dark calm which is an acronym or for the Daniel revelation Study Committee which was a response to Desmond Ford in specific specifically now Desmond Ford was Professor of Theology at Avondale and then as a result of some of his teachings he was transferred from Avondale college to Pacific Union College because the brethren were having some challenges with his teachings at Avondale and they assumed that bringing Desmond Ford from Avondale to Pacific Union College would make him. A big fish in a small pond to a small fish in a big pond if you understand me and the Brethren would be able to work with him and just deal with some of these challenges they were having one of my professors that I had in undergrad was a colleague of Desmond Ford at Avondale and he stated that what the brethren did not understand was that bring Desmond Ford from Avondale to Pacific Union College was making a big fish in a big pond. My professor stated that Desmond Ford had the closest thing to what you would call a photographic memory if you remember my earlier statement they didn't have cdrom back then and when they would try to come up with or find an Ellen White quote rather than going to the Alan White index they would go to Desmond Ford and he would be able to picture the page of The Spirit of Prophecy in his mind and quote you the passage almost verbatim he was brilliant he passed away this year incidentally and Desmond Ford gave a sermon on the campus of the Pacific Union College that troubled the brother and they gathered together a glace to review and in 3 days I believe it was he produced a document that was over 900 pages long brilliant man and his argument in the 900 pages according to Richard Davison were so compelling that my professor Dr Davidson's said that he almost left the 7th Day Adventist Church as a result of Richard. Richard Davis and left the church as a result of Dr Desmond Ford's arguments those $900.00 pages and the arguments that Desmond Ford gave Adventism had never had to grapple with before there were whole churches that left the denomination as a result about one 3rd of the Aves ministers in Australia turned in their credentials and walked out the door and Desmond Ford after glacier view. Destroyed then she was taken away and he left the 7th Day Adventist Church the fallout of what took place in 179 in 1980. I don't know if we will fully grasp the magnitude of what took place then until eternity. Now there is a silver lining in this Ellen White states that sometimes the Lord allows heresies to come into the church so that our people will be forced to go back to the Bible you know you can do nothing against the truth you study the truth. It will only affirm you more and the Daniel revelation Study Committee that in the decade after the Ford fallout went back to revisit and look at the arguments that Desmond Ford made in regards to the legitimacy of the heavenly sanctuary is our belief that Jesus in 1904 transferred his work from the Holy Place to the most holy place a biblical idea or is it as Desmond Ford said grounded and founded upon heavenly geography and has no biblical merit what the Daniel revelation Study Committee found in their study is that our belief as 7th Day Adventists in the investigative judgment is rock solid and we came out on the other side of the Ford crisis. More grounded and rooted than ever before so I want to share with you just brief synopsis of some of the findings of the Daniel revelation Study Committee I credit Clifford Goldstein for making their study more comprehensible to the average lay person and I want to go very quickly through this and also to credit my professor Richard Davidson for his work especially as we get into the question about Christ and turning within the veil now when we come to this idea of the heavenly sanctuary this is one argument I have on the screen that I want to read to you that was put forth by the detractors branes mean specifically Desmond Ford in regards to this idea of the cleansing of the sanctuary and it went something like this the detractors argued that as soon as sin is committed the immediate defilement of the sanctuary from the commission of sin and as soon as sin is forgiven the sanctuary is cleansed Now let me unpack this for you this is an evangelical concept that was adopted by Desmond Ford who has trained any men Jellicoe University the evangelicals and Desmond Ford believe that when we sin that record is in heaven in the sanctuary whatever it is they believe about that but the sanctuary the temple the records have this this record of our sins in heaven and then when we ask forgiveness. That record is immediately erased that is a common evangelical notion and needless to say it is even an ad been his notion in some circles. You almost unconsciously believe that you asked for forgiveness and metaphorically speaking God gets out his I don't want to be sacked religious but you understand he gets out his eraser you following me and then scrubs that record clean that is a common idea of of forgiveness the records are defiled with our sins and then when we asked for forgiveness for John 19 it is erased so this idea that in 1904 God opened the books and began this process of the cleansing of the heavenly sanctuary is incompatible with the Evangelical Mind Are you understanding me because look what is there to cleanse if every time the individual asked for forgiveness it's gone so the notion of the cleansing of the sanctuary especially in the 1950 s. when the whole book questions on doctrine came about Walter Martin and the editor of eternity magazine Donald barn house this was a real issue they had with cleansing the sanctuary because for the Evangelical Mind that's heresy. What about assurance how can you have assurance if some sort of record is still there and you're waiting for this cleansing process to take place since 1904 so for the evangelical and Desmond Ford who became an evangelical this idea of the cleansing of the heavenly sanctuary was incompatible with the gospel. Now how do we deal with this I want to go to the daily service in the book of Leviticus Leviticus chapter 4 and verse 3235 and look at the way that the sanctuary was defiled and the way that the saying she was cleanse here it is Leviticus Chapter 4 hrs 3235 if you brings a lamb as a sin offering then he show lay his hand on the head of the sin offering and kill it as a sin offering at the place where they killed the burnt offering then the pretty shall take some of the blood of the sin offering with his finger and put it on the horns of the altar of the burnt offering and pour out all of it all the remaining blood at the base of the altar I want to read one more reference here and think I have it. No I don't I thought I had it but we'll just go with this one there's another place in the Bible where it says that the blood is taken and sprinkled before the veil but I must have said hidden that slide you're familiar with it in the book of Leviticus So here is the concept of a picture of the Lamb on the screen. You are familiar with the sanctuary service the person comes in the center and then he confesses over the lamb his sins and then with his own hand he splits the throat and then the priest catches the blood then the priest takes the blood and does one of several things which all indicates the same thing he takes some of that blood and then places on the horns of the burnt offering altar the horns or he takes it into the all the plays and places that on the horns of the altar of incense or he sprinkles it on the veil now I want you to follow what's taking place here the same jury is predicated on this notion and this idea that sin is transferrable very essential. Sin can be transferred if sin can be if sin cannot be transferred Jesus cannot be our Savior are you following me Ok so the whole plan of salvation is predicated on this notion of the transference of sin not notice what happens in the sanctuary service the sin is transferred from the person followed me to the lamb but it doesn't end there to the blood and the priest is the one that ministers the blood this is an important point you need the priest and the lamb and. Both are essential not we're not minimizing one or the other both are essential you need the priest and the Lamb if the priest is and their forgiveness still does not take place so the sinner transfers the sin from the person to the animal to the blood follow it and then the priest takes it and transfers it to the sanctuary this is an important idea for us to follow in the same she wears service it was not as though abracadabra sin just vanishes the way sin is transferred from the person to the animal to the blood and by the priest to the sanctuary now in the annual calendar of the Israelite year you can imagine a 1000000 men not counting women and children over the course of the annual calendar that sanctuary was becoming literally polluted Ok with the stains of the slain animals that came into the sanctuary that curtain those horns must have been caked in blood now I want you to notice the significance of this. Were those Israelites forgiven absolutely they were forgiven they could walk away from that sacrifice and the priest transferring it with the assurance of salvation and with the knowledge that they had been forgiven because the Lamb has died and the priest has transferred it to the same jury but I want you to notice the way that it was recorded the way that it was recorded was with the blood on the horns or in the sanctuary in other words that forgiveness was recorded in a way that the sinner would ever recognize that forgiveness costs something blood it cost the life of the animal which represented Jesus Christ now let's transfer this to what takes place in heaven when when we sin Ok that sin is recorded in heaven when I asked for forgiveness a more accurate analogy of what happens in heaven with that record is not the analogy of the Evangelical Mind where God gets out his eraser and the more accurate analogy is when I asked for forgiveness let's say that I lost my temper and. You know just spoke very harshly. And and it's recorded and before I go to bed once the Lord I should have talked to that person that way please forgive me and forgiveness is instantaneous Amen that's one prayer that's always a yes prayer. So so metaphorically speaking analogously speaking that would be more accurate with the sanctuary is that when I ask forgiveness the more accurate representation of what takes place in heaven is that sin is covered by the blood are you following me you might say that's a minor nuance but that's an important nuance Ok it's not as though abracadabra it's erased it's covered by the blood in other words if my books were to be opened in heaven and every sin was cleansed you would see it stained and blood covered by the blood indicating that yes David is forgiven but it costs heaven everything it cost the life of God covered by the blood that's a more accurate metaphor of what takes place in forgiveness in regards you know from biblical so perspective us especially from from the standpoint of the sanctuary now this becomes significant when it comes to this notion in this idea of the cleansing of the sanctuary what happens or what is actually taking place since 1904 we come to our yearly service and in the Jewish calendar in the fall that you can read about in Leviticus Chapter 16 it's about the Day of Atonement they had young to pour. And the time when the sanctuary was cleansed so in the in the annual year the the sins of the people were being transferred to the sanctuary the record and then once a year they had the Day of Atonement in which these sanction wary was cleansed in other words the rancor of forgiven sins were forever removed from the sanctuary. Let's read about it here live it is Chapter 16 verse 19 then he shows sprinkle some of the blood on it with his finger centime 7 times and notice the operative word here and cleanse it and consecrate it from the uncleanness of the children of Israel known as the operative word here is cleansing in other words the annual calendar of the Jews was a miniature of the salvation timeline Passover Jesus died and then day of atonement also points to the end a typical day of atonement in the cleansing of the heavenly sanctuary but but there was a time every year when the record of for a given sins were removed from the sanctuary now the question is like why why do we have to do this. Now there are several reasons one of them is let's say I accept Jesus as my savior at 25 My name is written in Lamb's book of life and then at the age of 70 I decide I want to read my original decision I want to walk away from it well when you look at the sanctuary the sanctuary was not constructed like a mouse trap you following me or one of those traps for insects you get in and you can't get out you can always walk out you can always choose to walk away from Jesus so so when you come into the sanctuary you can always walk out so when God opens the books and he sees that in 2000 I accepted Jesus as my savior but then years later I read on that decision God always respects your power of choice. And so that's one reason for this process we don't believe in one saved always saved God always gives us the freedom of choice and so from the evangelical paradigm because they believe in one saved always saved and in the courtyard experience alone this idea of free will and this idea that you can walk away from or Salvation is a challenge so God looks at the whole life and he respects your power of choice seeing whether your last decision and your final wish is can grow or eant with your original decision to accept Jesus as your savior that's one reason there's a host of other reasons and. I want to very quickly go through a few tax about the legitimacy of the heavenly sanctuary because some people have said that the heavenly sanctuary doesn't exist and this idea of the earthly saying sure of being a model of the heavenly one when I read through these texts very quickly. For your reference you're familiar with all of them Exodus Chapter 25 years a 9 let them make me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them according to all that I show you that is the pattern of the tabernacle and the pattern of all its furnishings just so you shall make it so the sanctuary was made after a pattern it was a replica of the original We quoted this earlier Hebrews chapter and verse one and 2 Now this is the main point of the things we are saying we have such a high priest who is seated at the right hand of the throne the majesty in heaven a minister of the saying she wary and of the true tabernacle which the Lord erected and not man very clear in the book of Hebrews Jesus is our High Priest in the heavenly sanctuary. 3 texts from the Book of Revelation Revelation 4 verse 5 and from the throne proceeded lightnings Standring is Voices 7 lamps of fire were burning before the throne which are the 7 Spirits of God John sees the Menorah in heaven and this is the last book of the Bible another text he Revelation Chapter 8 verse 3 then another enjoy having a golden censor came and stood at the altar he was given much incense that he should offer it with the prayers of all the saints upon the Golden altar which was before the throne so here John sees the altar of incense and last but not least this is one of the clearest passages for those that don't believe in the heavenly sanctuary the temple of God was opened in where in heaven very clear passage friends and the Ark of the Covenant was seen in his temple and there were lightnings noises thunderings an earthquake and great hail so clear passages indicating that the validity of the heavenly sanctuary is grounded upon a biblical solid foundation now another argument that is put forth by the evangelicals on the screen I have is evangelical detractors argue that the judgement and good at the cross of the idea that there is a pre Advent judgment post Cross is anathema to the Evangelical Mind because they believed that when Jesus died on the cross that is when judgement took place the courtyard is central to evangelical theology. When you look at the sanctuary as 3 distinct compartments the courtyard the Holy Place the most holy place and for the most part when I studied systematic theology and historical theology in my graduate studies and when you look at the ology of Luther and Calvin it is what you would call a systematic theology that is centered in the courtyard to than neglect or the outright rejection of the Holy Place experience so it's centered around the courtyard experience now if you want to comparison Catholic theology is primarily centered in the Holy Place theology to the neglect or negation of the courtyard meritorious sanctification sanctification or works through the 7 sacraments and that is central to Catholic theology now the unique contribution of Methodism and John Wesley was that he said we need both the courtyard and the Holy Place he brought them together John Wesley made a significant contribution and it's interesting that Ellen White came out of a Methodist background with that beautiful blend of justification and sanctification we need both and the wonderful contribution of 7th Day Adventists is we brought together the courtyard the holy place and the most holy place that's a beautiful contribution of 7th Day Adventists Now this idea of the judgment ending at the cross does it have any biblical ability and I want to quote a few tanks here for you there's 3. You can jot it for your reference and these are very clear that the Apostles believed in a post 8131 a post cross judgment here it is and accepted 24 verse 25 and he reasoned of righteousness temperance and judgment to come. Is that past present or future tense Future Tense notice this is in the book of Acts this is at a time when they're preaching about the death burial and resurrection of Jesus and Paul says very clearly there is a judgment to come he didn't say the judgment has come already happened at the cross he said there is a judgment to come so in the mind of upon the Apostle Paul he believed in a post 8031 a post cross judgment let's move quickly to our our next text here acceptor 17 verse 31 because he has appointed a day in which he will judge the world is that past present or future as Future Tense all is reasoning again and he says look there is a day in which he will judge the world there is a post 8031 judgment last but not least a Romans chapter 2 in verse 16 in the day when Christ or God shall judge the secrets of men by Christ Jesus Jesus Christ according to my gospel there it is again this idea of a future judgment in the book of Acts Now I want to invite you to turn with me in your Bibles to Daniel Chapter 7 verse 9 and 10 I didn't put it on the screen because I want you to read this in your own Bible Daniel Chapter 7 verse 9 and 10 gives a judgment scene that takes place in heaven actually go back to verse 8 this is the little horn power I was considering the horns and there was another horn a little one coming up among them before whom 3 of the 1st horns were plucked out by the roots and there in this horn were eyes like the eyes of a man and a mouth speaking pompous words. Now when you look at Daniel Chapter 7 I want you to look at this on the screen this is just a 5 minute explanation of Daniel 7 the Book of Daniel is built on the principle repeat in the large Daniel Chapter 2 in the Daniel Chapter 7 repeats the same theme but a large is upon it now in Daniel Chapter 7 you have the lion the bear the leopard the beast the 10 horns and the little horn which we just read about in Daniel Chapter 7 verse 8 the little Warren power went from 538 and when did the little horn power the 1260 years expire you can talk to me Ok $798798.00 so if you look on the screen Daniel Chapter 7 is what we would call in chronological order the bear follows the lion the leopard follows the bear the beast follows the leopard the 10 horns all of the beast a little horn follows the 10 horns so it's only logical and reasonable to conclude that the judgment scene in Daniel Chapter 7 follows the little horn and the little morn was from 538-2798 are you following me so let's read about that and Daniel Chapter 7 verse 9 and 10 the Bible senses sometime after 798 this is going to happen in heaven Daniel 79 I watched till the thrones were put in place and the ancient of the days was what's his posture he was seated his garment was white as snow the hair of his head was like pure wool his throne was a fiery flame its wheels a burning fire now I want you to notice something unique about this judgment scene that takes place in heaven some time after $798.00 God is there sitting on His throne but his throne has has wheels. Now if something has wheels that also implies that this is not a stationary throne it is a movable throne so God is sitting on His throne and verse 10 the Bible indicates a fiery stream issued and came forth before him of 1000 thousands ministered to him 10000 times 10000 stood before him the court was seated and the books were what and the books were open so here we have a scene in heaven it's an open judgement God is sitting on his throne on his movable throne and God has his books and it's open before the universe it's not like a sealed f.b.i. document that only the senators are allowed to see in some skin sealed room it's before the entire universe in other words the beneficiaries of the investigative judgment of the pre Advent judgement who are the beneficiaries of the universe when do we get to benefit from the open judgment the millennium that's when we get to go through the books and see the beneficiaries in the judgment is the universe the reason why God is opening the books and we have this process of investigation is God wants transparency you know in the in the great controversy God has made been made out to be a tyrant and hiding things that was the accusations of Satan and so before God takes people home he does a very transparent process opening the books indicating how and why he has made his decision that's that's that's one primary reason for this process other investigative judgment now we have nothing to fear through this process Amen just make sure. Your name is in the Lamb's book of life you have nothing to fear and it's free by the way Ok make sure that all of your sins make it into the sanctuary and that your sins are confessed and you have nothing to be scared about and be fearful about because not only is Jesus your defense attorney he's your judge you'll never lose a case like that and when God opens the books and he says David's name is covered by the merits of the blood of Jesus case closed and the entire universe says amen amen Ok so we have nothing to fear in this process but you see that the beneficiaries are the entire universe so that when God closes the book throughout the ceaseless ages of eternity there will be no lingering questions as to you know when I'm walking on the streets of gold I don't want some intelligent being coming up to me and say look I don't know why you made it here I don't get to see it it's the the books open I don't believe that that will happen but you following me every question will be decided and notice that God gives us 1000 years to to go through every case and in this process now very quickly here for the sake of time I want to just just touch on this notion of Daniel Chapter 8 because Indiana chapter 8 you have the ram the he goat in the horn by the way these entities are found in Leviticus Chapter 16. This is sanctuary language the same animals that are carnivores and these are a carnivores and Daniel 7 are now sanctuary entities and Daniel Chapter 8 that's because the theme is change in Daniel Chapter 8. Yes the ram the goat and then you have after the papacy 798 you have Daniel 814 in the cleansing of the heavenly sanctuary so you can logically conclude and deduce just from a cursory cursory. 10000 you look at Daniel that the judgment of Daniel 7 is the same as the cleansing of the sanctuary in Daniel Chapter 8 now I want to move very quickly to this very compelling argument made by Desmond Ford and Ballenger and this was the argument that they made they argue that Jesus went directly within the veil into the most holy place in 831 now this idea is is problematic for 7th Day Adventists and the reason is quite obvious if genes as upon his ascension went directly into the most holy place what does it do to 844 it destroys it Ok if Jesus in 831 goes to heaven and goes directly within the veil to the Most Holy Place ministry 844 is destroyed and the 2 problem texts that were presented by Desmond Ford and Ballenger. Was Hebrews 61920 and Hebrews 1019 through 21 and again I want to give credit where credit is due because what I'm going to share with you from here on out to the end is because of Richard Davidson and his tremendous contribution to our church in his study of within the veil and if you ever get on the avenues the logical society and read his articles just profound can elaborate a lot more and a lot more deeply and articulate than I ever can but I just want to present to you Richard Davidson study on this now let's read Hebrews Chapter 6 hrs 1920 I have it here on the screen and this this has been an issue for 7th Day Adventists especially because it doesn't for this read here he was generous 6 years 1920 which hope we have as an anchor of the soul both sure and steadfast which is entered and which entered into within the veil whither the 4 Runner is for us can read this morning with the 4 Runner is for us entered even Jesus made in the High Priests forever after the order of milk is a deck now there have been many attempts to explain that within the veil here refers to the 1st veil into the holy place but this text refers to the veil that goes into the most holy place that's a significant problem for 7th Day Adventists because what Paul is saying here when you look at the context that when Jesus ascended to heaven he went directly within the veil and that veil in the context and when you do x. a Jesus of the book of Hebrews is into the most holy place. Now this is a slide from Richard Davison in which he a lab or a tz and shows us that the book of Hebrews specifically chapter $6.10 are in what we call a Kayasth Dick structure it's a form of Hebrew literature and poetry and the height of the Kiowas them is the sanctuary motif in Hebrews Chapter 9 versus 110 and the reason that I want to show you that is really when you look at the chaos tech structure what we just read and he reads Chapter 6 1st 1920 the parallel of that is Hebrews Chapter 10 verse $920.00 the parallel to Hebrews Chapter $619.00 is Hebrews Chapter 10 verse 19 and Hebrews Chapter 10 verse 1000 says essentially the same thing except gives more Old Testament background and let's read Hebrews Chapter 10 verse 1920 here it uses the Motif the idea within the veil now let's read this here therefore brother and having boldness to enter the holiest now some translations say the holiest of all to Hoggy Ah by the Blood of Jesus by a new and living way which he consecrated the original word is in Cailleach in so it's been a while since Greek for us through the veil that is his flash So here is the parallel to $619.00 except here it gives more background and it says the same thing that Jesus when he went into heaven he went within the veil went into the most holy place now this is a problem for us the 7th Day Adventists because we believe that Jesus. Upon His ascension went into the holy place ministry and then in 1904 transferred and went within the veil in 1904 now how do we deal with this now let's go back to the screen here very quickly because that word consecrated shows is why Jesus went within the veil and it's the word in kinase Oh and the word in Kylie's o. is only found in Numbers Chapter 7 verse 10118488 in the l x x which is the the Septuagint now the Sept 2 adjacent is the Greek translation of the Old Testament the Old Testament was originally written in Hebrew and Aramaic but the Jewish scholars translated the Old Testament from Hebrew and Aramaic to Greek which was the lingua franca of the Roman Empire and the Septuagint was around and widely used during the time of Christ when Jesus was walking this earth the Septuagint the Greek translation of the Old Testament was commonly used and even in Pauline's a pistol's he quotes from the Septuagint arguably more from the Hebrew Bible so just you know because the fact that the Apostles used it shows us that it is a legitimate translation of the Holy Scriptures and is widely accepted today as a reliable source the significance of this up to a gent is that the New Testament was written in Greek. And what you can do is do a word study comparing the Greek use of a certain word in the New Testament with the subject to a gin which was widely used during the time of Christ and see if the other time that that word was used now go back to the screen here it says here in here is Chapter 10 hrs 1920 which is a parallel he reads Chapter 6 for his 1000 that Jesus consecrated for us in cars though and went through the veil now that word consecrated in Cailleach though in the soup to a Jew and is only used in one chapter of the entire Old Testament of this of 2 gins this is significant because that chapter is Numbers Chapter 7 Now this is a significant discovery for 7th Day Adventists because after I did this study I came away saying look we are not insane people I came away with the understanding that we're in the right church friends biblical scholarship the best and brilliant biblical Advena scholarship has shown us this now let's go back to the screen here Numbers Chapter 7 now when you read Numbers Chapter 7 Numbers Chapter 7 is all about the inauguration of the temple what does that mean in other words when you have a building for the 1st time you just built it you have a dedication of that building when you build a new church you have conference officials come down and what do you do you cut the ribbon right many times and you have a special dedication of that sanctuary. Well guess what when Jesus went to heaven he was anointed made the transition from the lamb to the high priest and he was anointed and the heavenly sanctuary was dedicated it was inaugurated and when you look at the Old Testament there were actually 2 times that the high priest would ever go within the veil to the most holy place one time was on the Day of Atonement and the other time was at the very beginning at the dedication and the consecration of the sanctuary those 2 times Numbers Chapter 7 describes the inauguration of Moses is tabernacle that event also involved the annoying thing of Aaron as high priest and they went through a special ceremony where Moses prior to the inauguration of of Aaron acting as high priest went into the most holy place went into and within the veil now let's read about it here and mention the other times that in Ca easel the word that's used in the book of Hebrews is is used as well this is the only time that Greek word is used Numbers Chapter 7 verse 10 now the leaders offered the dedication in Cailleach So that word in the Septuagint you can look it up in the Greek translation of the Old Testament there it is the only time it's mentioned is in Numbers Chapter 7 now the leaders offered the dead occasion in counties all offering for the altar when it was anointed so that the leaves are offered the offering before the altar Numbers Chapter 7 verse 11 for the Lord said to Moses they shall offer their offering one leader each day for the dedication in canid so of the altar. Moving on Numbers Chapter 7 verse 84 this was the dedication in Cailleach So offering for the altar from the leaders of Israel when is anointed 12 silver platters silver balls and 12 gold pan so you can see on the dedication of the temple they would go from article to article and dedicate each article of furniture prior to the sanctuary service taking place the inauguration the institution of the sanctuary service Let's go to our last quote here Numbers Chapter 7 verse 88 and all the oxen for the sacrifice of peace offering were 24 bulls the ram 60 the male goats 60 and the lands in the 1st year 60 this was the dedication in kind he's so offering for the altar after it was anointed moving very quickly here the most holy place entered on inauguration in the inauguration of the sanctuary Moses acting as his priestly function before the ordaining of Aaron went into both the holy place and the most holy place in X.'s Chapter 41st one through 10 and Numbers Chapter 7 verse one so let's put this together in the book of Hebrews and he was Chapter 6 and Hebrews Chapter 10 when Paul says that Christ upon his ascension when within the veil he uses the word consecrated in Cayuga So the only other place that word is used in the Greek Septuagint is Numbers Chapter 7 referring specifically to this notion and this idea of the inauguration of the sanctuary so when Jesus went to heaven and transition from the lamb to the high priest he was anointed inaugurated and the sanctuary in heaven was dedicated and consecrated and Jesus went within the veil. To consecrate in Kylie's So the sanctuary just like Moses did in number Schefter 7 Desmond Ford's argument crumbles he was Chapter 6 or 1921 he was after 10 years 1000 to 2120 are parallel both refer to the inauguration of the sanctuary on crisis engine the other problem text that is presented by Ballenger and forward is Hebrews Chapter 9 verse 12 I want to read it here very quickly neither by the blood of goats straw goes and calves but by his own blood he entered once into the holy place now some translation say most holy place to Hoggy Ah having obtained eternal redemption for us and there's a big discussion argument in theological circles as to what the holy place should be to hog but he refers to the whole the sanctuary and it's irrelevant because here Paul uses the Greek word Trog ghost for goats now goats were used in 2 distinct ceremonies there used other places but one time they were used was obviously on the day of atonement the other time goats were used was in the dedication now it's peculiar that Paul would use this word I want to put it on the screen very quickly here sorry guys in the back of the He says neither by the blood of God straw goes he uses straw goes here and Paul was familiar with the subpoena gin and he knew that there were 2 specific words for goats that he could use but he specifically chose the word Trados and you'll never guess the only place where Trog goes is used in the Septuagint what chapter do you think it is. Yeah absolute right Numbers Chapter 7 and Numbers Chapter 7 deals specifically with the inauguration of the sanctuary here it is according to Richard Davidson in the Al x. axis of 2 engines the word trial goes for gold all only appears in one chapter of the pen to 2 describing sanctuary rituals Now this is significant one chapter in the put to it in the Pentateuch Numbers Chapter 7 and it is thirt teen times 13 times the setting of number 7 is the inauguration of the sanctuary and incidentally live it has Chapter 16 which is about the Day of Atonement uses a different word for a goat chim Aros Chapter 16 is based on is talking about the day of atonement so simply from just a literary study of of the original language you can see that Desmond Ford's arguments in regards to these specific verses within the veil and Jesus entering into the most holy place and therefore entered into the most holy place Day of Atonement are ain't a difficult day of atonement is simply unbiblical it is not established upon Biblical exit Jesus. In reflection very quickly here I want to read a couple passages in regards to the novel ration of Adam the Sama says in Psalm 133 Verse 2 it is like the precious oil upon the head running down the beard the beard of Aaron running down the edge of his garments this is in reference to the day that not only was the sanctuary inaugurated but Aaron was anointed and dedicated I want you to notice the nature of the 19 it's not like the annoying things that we have today where we take a little dab of oil and put it on the forehead of the individual that we want to anoint and for practical purposes we can see why but you can see that this oil runs down the head down the beard so much oil that it runs down the garment and drips by implication to the ground. In the book of Hebrews chapter one verse 8 and 9 here is in a reference to the inauguration of Jesus but to the sun he says your throne of God is forever and never a scepter of righteousness is a scepter of your kingdom you have loved righteousness and hated lawlessness therefore God your God has anointed you who is you the son with the oil of gladness more than your companions This is a reference to the inauguration of Jesus when he went to heaven and became our High Priest I want to read from he rejected 8 verse one and 2 talking about the high priest in heaven now very quickly here accept acts of the Apostles page 38 and 39 crisis sensient to heaven was the signal that his followers were to receive the promised blessing for this they were to wait before they entered upon their work Listen to this when Christ passed within the heavenly gates he was in throned admits the adoration of angels and as soon as this ceremony was completed the Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples in rich currents and Christ was indeed glorified even with the glory I want you to notice what Ellen White is saying in the book Acts of the Apostles she says that as soon as the ceremony was what was completed that the Holy Spirit fell upon the Apostles in other words there was a synchronize ation as it were between a ceremony in heaven and the falling of the Holy Spirit in the upper room are you following me according to Ellen White in the book actually apostles as soon as a certain ceremony was completed as soon as it ended. The Holy Spirit fell upon the disciples in the upper room so there is a synchronization on this event between heaven and earth or ceremony completed in heaven and the falling of the Holy Spirit on the disciples in the upper room now I want you to notice that Jesus went to heaven and he he stayed on this earth about 40 days according to The Book of Acts 40 days and then he went to heaven and there were 10 days between his ascension and panic cause what was taking place during those 10 days the ceremony when the ceremony was completed the Holy Spirit fell What was that ceremony I want to read it here containing continuing on in this quote I just read Acts the Apostles 30 and 39 the rest of this quote is on the next slide which he had with the father from all eternity the Pentecostal outpouring was Heaven's communication that the re Demers what Satan again inauguration was what was accomplished according to his promise he had sent the Holy Spirit from heaven to his followers as a token that he had as a priest and King received all of Thord to be in heaven and on earth and was in Lotus what she says the anointed one over his people this is what took place as soon as the inauguration was completed remember someone 33 the oil that fell on Aaron went down his head down his beard drenched his garments and fell to the ground in my mind's eye I picture you not a ration of Jesus Christ as our High Priest in heaven and the inauguration of the temple. The inauguration of the century and you imagine remember what she says this this was completed the oil is falling on Jesus and just picture this that oil falls down and drips I love Richard Davison in my class he says and that oil fell from heaven and was lit with high. And met and fell on the disciples praise God praises name and friends I know we talked a lot of theology this week but Jesus said that they that worship me worship me in spirit and truth we need both we need truth and we need the Holy Spirit I've known people that are big on truth in little in the spirit I mean Adventists you know what I'm talking about people that. Are high on truth but don't love people I know individuals that are high on the spirit and little on truth we need both women you know that you can be a carnal conservative you can be a carnal liberal you be a carnal moderate it doesn't matter whatever theological framing you may have the most important thing is if you're filled with the Holy Spirit and you love Jesus because Jesus is the truth amen God will bring this church together and God wants a people that will from the Holy Spirt which brings with him the presence of Jesus and love and affirms the truth and this wonderful balance is well we'll proclaim the everlasting Gospel in the end I want to close with this quotation this is my prayer for us as a people. Our Heavenly Father is more willing to give His Holy Spirit to them that ask him than earthly parents to give good gifts to their children but it is our work by confession humiliation repentance and earnest prayer to fulfill the conditions upon which God It's promised to grant us his blessing a revival need be expected only in answer to prayer you know so many times I've prayed Lord change the world and God says it's got to begin with you gotta begin with me one of my you to stand with me is repair to close this morning so last week it can't meeting or last day of camp meeting last week day of camp meeting and. It's want to make a very simple appeal this morning every head bowed in nice closed. If there is something that's keeping you from Jesus and the Holy Spirit's been speaking to your heart and you know exactly what it is but you've been holding on you just can't seem to surrender and today the Bible says if you hear his voice respond hard and not your heart I just want to give an opportunity this morning for you to respond if there's an area of your life now this is not a general peal this is a specific appeal if there is an area of your life that the Holy Spirit is calling you to make a stand and surrender and you want to say I surrender this area of my life I want invite you to come forward I want have a special word of prayer for you don't care what other people think this is between you and God But there's an area of your life that God is calling you to surrender this morning just slip on down the aisle this is a physical response that indicates a spiritual decision an area of your life that God is calling you to surrender God bless you sister God bless you my brother come on down and and when you come down. You are saying Lord help me willing to be made willing you know what this area in your life is it's an area in your life I've had you've struggled with you've hung onto and it's keeping you from going to the next level it's keeping you from a full relationship with Jesus Christ and it's Can't meeting friends. If there's ever a time for revival it's said Camp meeting a man we're told in the spirit of prophecy that gone spirit is waiting to be poured out in complications like this and the Bible says today if you hear his voice do not resist the Holy Spirit this opportunity may not come again you're not assured of tomorrow and if you hear the Holy Spirit speaking to your heart this morning I want to invite you to come on down God is calling us higher you're you've been treading water but God is calling you to a fuller relationship with him to to the highest relationship with him to walk with God as Enoch walked in the Holy Spirit is speaking to your heart this morning in saying Come come and be broken come and say Lord I'm willing to be made willing to be made willing give me desire to desire and you have been hanging on and you want to say Lord with my clenched hands. I'm bringing you to the altar and saying Lord like Jim Elliot help me to loose my grass and he will do it for you all he's wanting is a willingness to surrender even surrender is a gift repentance is a gift and if you want to say Lord I love this thing help me to hate it. I want to surrender this area of my life to you today probably Father in heaven we thank you for this camp meeting we thank you for this time that you have called us apart to this whole the convocation to to learn to reflect on your word the Lord you've called us more to an intellectual assent but to a heart transformation Lord change us create in us a clean heart and renew a right spirit within us and Lord I pray for every person in this room the Holy Spirit would fill us and I pray a special prayer for those that have come forward this morning Lord you know the area of their lives that they are struggling with I've come forward to you know the area that we are holding onto our with our clenched fingers and Lord help us to loose our grasp help us to be willing to be made willing feel less with the Holy Spirit recognizing that there is nothing more helpless yet more invincible than the soul that feels he is not doing this and leans upon the infinite on arm. Lord I pray that you bless every individual that's come forward this morning May you empower them by the Spirit of Christ may you fill them right now with the Holy Spirit that in the very act of coming forward that has been their consent that has been their authorization for heaven to move and for the Holy Spirit to fill each individual that's come forward to empower them and to grant them the victory and that they can walk away from this experience this morning by leaving based on the Word of God and not the way that we may or may not feel but based on your word that you have granted us the victory in Jesus Christ we praise you for these things. We ask these things in the precious name of Jesus. This media was brought to you by audiophiles a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen to more service please visit w.w.w. dot audio Verse dot org.


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