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A Legal Biblical View of this Core Teaching - Part 1

Daniel Scarone




  • June 16, 2019
    10:45 AM
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Fathering 7 thank you for your salvation and thank you Father for the opportunity. Here to establish and reflecting. It with us and help us in that direction of your grace. Just. Let me give you a little bit of the background of the presentation that we are going to. Sharing with you by the way this is a copy of one chapter of the book if you want the book you can get it in the a.b.c. but I was sharing that for free because this is a God then. Send a fundamental belief that he says they should and and of course this this is an essential I was a part of the garden in our. Fundamental teachings and doctrines in the set in their twenty's charge justification by faith by the waist not is not. Is not the we are fundamental beliefs in no we're church this is a fundamental in other communities. And this year. The mission. They're going to charge will we're talking thinking and sharing with the workers we treat each year in general the garden justification by faith. Several of us were invited to a Sure. Thing our regarding justification by faith and you not every single person work every single person might have an Anglo regarding the topic. Yes you can share this. Edition the person might have an anger regarding the topic of justification you know. You are going I'm not going to enter into the question here of our comparative religions. Because if you compare that you're going to find out what is the position for example of policies regarding justification by faith. Movement. Maestros impulses which you guys today and in the following days is to go into what is justification by faith in the Bible in the old text and in the New Testament so what we are going to explore is. The essence of the concept of. Peace to em when there is a concept of justification in the Old Testament that really. Is a translation that was needed before the New Testament regarding the concept of justification let me tell you that is if you like the topic and if usually like to go deep into that fascinating because you're going to discover several things 11 is that sometimes are were Bibles. I wouldn't say that. But they are in certain distance toll distance to give us display name of the understanding of the topic. Of the moon. Because a moon is this very the moon. Hello is very very deep concept indeed he remains and you are going to search into the Internet about that and you are going to find out so little things so what are my introductory comments. Regarding Justification by Faith let me tell you that would relations in one way or another they are dealing with men looking for God and how men may be able to be saved however on the contrary the Bible give us the opposite vision that is guarded why us in our relationship with God and in the Bible is still in as God looking for men to give him so they should. So that Dennis that is something critical here so they decided in and creating the wall and the universe and man can and establish in many in the grand an affair then you're going to find out in Genesis chapter one and looking for man and his Creator are across all of the Bible is part of the concept that you are going to see coming from the Bible so in the holy right the Holy Writ God is more than our Creator of heaven and earth and of the universe she is also the law giver and the real mirror of human. So when you go let me let me share with you several things that. That you need to keep in mind here Genesis 11 in the beginning God created heavens Earth's Genesis 21 and 6 and go This week old These were saying when given them what he called a commandment so he's given commandments creation commandements laws are part of the things that the lore were given to human beings and what think that in me. Years ago. And sometimes in life you are in situations are. For example. A person can. Talk. In the funeral service and the people suspecting that you bring all those critical moments and let me tell you that is this very very critical of. What what you are going to share what you are going to say. How you are going to percent. The concept of subjugation. Really. Well come in yes. But we are going to justify you. But. Just. So how how you're going to what you're going to talk about. Let me let me let me share with you something because I don't know if you have sometimes looking for or I'm kind of biblical explanations about that and how you are going to bring relief. Into the heart of a person and to under that kind of condition you know I was a Bible instructor in South Argentina sold America and them and their pastor was. What they can me to their funeral service and say then you know I am in a critical situation. In a father when you know when moments about. Really either know how I'm going to deal with this situation because family stolen the work or family is telling me that this person killed in so what what you're going to. I don't know what you are going to let me tell you what I tole my my good trip. Open your Bible verse in in the book of Genesis. Book of Genesis I don't know if you have a smart pull with the Bible in it. This is it to the op Genesys. 18 or 25 in the book of Genesis here. Let me let me give you the context of that because for me I guess it is it is important. Let me let me do something here please be kind with me because yesterday I had to do this presentation or another presentation in Spanish so I set up my Bible to put it in Spanish so I am and I beginning to set up here. To put it right and I am going to use by the way she changed version in all the presentation across all do we here. The moment safe here that. You remember the context was concern regarding So little more you remember this. And a lot is bringing Shasta this regard in that. The Lord a number on keep talking and in a moment after after making a lot of questions to Lord about what he is going to do do or say mention these in 25. The be far from thing to do after the dismantle lay their righteous. And that there should be. That the Far from shall not. Of hold the purse. Of all. Not. Just here to support the judge of Holder. So there is nothing in family members can do any more there is nothing that we as human beings can do for that person anymore that person. Her This to me is in the hands of the law or for ever under law is going to do what is right you believe that I believe so if I am going to say like something what the war is going to be saved is going to be here for a. While that is that is beyond my understanding and knowledge for sure if I am going to say the opposite it is the same it is a say so what is a right onshore here that is the right answer to the condition of the destiny of stock person it is in the hands of the Lord and the law is Shasta is lost and is faithful. And know this better than myself what is going to do that work up that that's the point you're so well when we discern the topic you know in this interesting because here we see. God is the creator. Is a giver of the commandments she used and the law giver. Look the Book of Job Chapter 1925 For I know that my Redeemer leaves and that he shall stand the Latter day. So he. All together so well when you begin to. Think about. God yes. The concept of. Justification by Faith can not be justification by faith without the cast without God it's going to be an 3 percent. Center into the human. Indeed all there is than justification is. The center into the law and acts upon the human being and this is quite interesting because in the Christian scriptures distinguish Tuesday any. Of any all the religious believed by the teaching are justification by faith because justification by faith if they are unsure of the parents questions what. To do this is. How how many times week you need to answer that question so many people are asking what do I need to do to be saved the point is that these are apparent questions let me show you that. When when you go to the bibles in the book of Acts Chapter 162931 book of Acts Chapter 1629 through 31 you are going to see the question. And after dark we are going to enter into a long topic and I am sorry to tell you I pointed me in the Scriptures. Some attacks because we are going to be working today in the rest of the presentation about the concept of faith in the old texts and it's important believe me because your book is the end of the road you say I am frustrated that probably I have here. That Musa worked building up our concept of faith here if you have the text the Bible says then the keeper of that precision wholesale line it an expression in and came tremble and fell down to 4 poor and Silas and broke down out and say surface what must I do. That is a question so what is the answer to the question that is the question of up Him person he didn't person Shem tile person that is not in relationship with the Lord but you're not thinking how we are going to please the guards of kurva that's a lie and of the prayers. How do the Lord. Come to the bore and they say and they Paul and site together. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and that shall be saved I'll tell you how it's believed so he appears behind to believe version and King James version in the Greek language. The day war that is the belief. And beneath that is a more that he really work for. So so what is what is faith in the Bible what is the meaning of. I mean some put on what because in the Bible I mean the concept of justification because it is that we are justified by faith that we need to understand. What he. Is faith only he. Is an intellectual connection between us and there will be what is safe in the Bible so. Sought keep the question because the word believe. In the New Testament is peace days and probably tomorrow I am going to use something to show that words here. And a concept means having faith and you are going to trace kind of expression but I am going to focus a little bit. In the Old Testament on the concept of and mall now. This is the Hebrew word in the Bible for. Let me let me I believe of several meanings of them one are in the in the oldest your will to find the 1st is faithful is faithfulness is safe full e. is all nice to the east through us it's been through the fall is responsibility is this to military is this the is trust in an already mentioned truce so let me let me a little less work out. With with several of the explanation they got in the garden this and probably the wrists of my presentation is going to go over this let me play to you what I ate the fork or the were given. I went I went to our. Went to accordance look for and move. And look. Yes. Then you and. The moon are and of course I put it in here for you I began to to trace all the manifestations. Of a more now face of faithfulness in the altar and that is important. Because sometimes the bible translations are not what I would. Please don't don't don't believe that I am a court record of whole. Or anything thinking or telling you that there are. Some. Parts. I am I am not believing that again in the past. With using neither about sensations. In. Here the translation in the. Societies. Those days. I l. in their worst one translation of the Bible in Spanish and 7 there that is charge was invited to. 7 representation is about and probably are were the times in which you know you can dialogue a little bit regarding the meaning of the words but let me share with you and that I do not perform. Any So. With now tracing the background of that war to the original language. Of the Old Testament I going to check if it is in the New Testament. Why it was. Because because some some some people or. Some commentators eventually in the New Testament and in the Old Testament are not working. You know consistent with with the with the words of the original language and that is important. So let's let's let's. Let's take this moment to go to the Old Testament and to trace the words the moon or for you or for your understand your river that Ok let's go to a book of Texas chapter 70 and verse. I am I am selecting. For your notes the word emunah appears in the Old Testament between $4950.00 tax. I will say 50 times 49 versus Because sometimes the verses are one verse is going to use 2 times the same work you understand that so. But that is that is important because you are going you are going to see that this word is is critical in the concept of the day understanding of dystopic unlimited tell you my perception is. To me this concept help me a lot in the understanding of the concept of say so let's let's go to excellence Chapter 17 verse what do you have it who or how could you read. Ok thank you Ok Here appears the 1st time appears here they were in the Bible. Were is the word Well let me tell you it is hands where did the until the going down of this that is reasonable for that this. And here it's unstated not safe not safe or but. Yet that that that's interesting so we are. Diverse is diverse is excellent 70 axels 17 so are. Those. Ok And the 2nd the 2nd text is. Me Up to 32 versus 4. And here again appears the war Muna but under a different translation so that's a reason why I am I hope that you my understand. That my purpose is not is not correct in versions of the Bible just to bring law into Hebrew concept of justification. The Bible says here do you how it. You have it you yes you could you read that Deuteronomy 323 to burst for today to verse for. Fear the word more now safe appears again but you say where is the word here is truth here is truth you know you start to score the point of the presentation so when when we are beginning to grasp derision now your reason that is you go into illuminating and to bring lad into our understanding of the vision and understanding of the people of faith in the Old Testament. Because it more now 1st is steady in the 2nd is truce a more left faith so 1st some were 26 versus 23 1st some well. First some well 1st book of some well 26 bursts 23 seriously she uses it and you are going to say here is a work here is there were do you have your Bible any one of you want to loot Louis thank you you know in my notes I committed a mistake here. Because here Piers the 2 critical words that we are going to be operating in the Old Testament appears righteousness that he says that. Are delusional words in the Hebrew you I am an. Faithful mess that is him or not so what is what is when you read the Bible when you read the Bible or hear the text says the Lord. I am please I am not changing what you say I am can change version here saw. Rinder to every man he's righteousness and he's faithful here and more so. When you when you read something appears and clicks in your mind. This is. Me. Or the Bible is. This sense in. The Lord that he's. Henri's. You are. So this is sense in that you are going to begin to understand in the operation there that they are there for you if it is not soon there in my person in the center into the your so so they same that is a given me the faith is the law giver is the Shah and he is going to show us to find me there and that is what you are going to begin to this calls for across the Bible in the Old Testament and that is important that is not a proper centric is they are so is reached. The center into the center into the Lord because He East this is quite quite interesting when when you call to the Old Testament for it's of let's let's let this is another thing that is important. Because who will be at the beginning. Or close in the presentation I'm going to open more a little bit my vision and understanding of this topic let's go to the 1st book of Chronicles and that is a section of the historical books and you are going to. Discover no understanding here I don't know if you some of you might have a New International Version or some of the new. More I will say more dynamic versions. Version that. Whatever whatever be your version probably is going to surprise a little bit regarding that this this war that is going to appear especially in 1st Chronicles 92296 and you are going to see what what is the point here I don't know if you have 1st Chronicles so after 9 verse 22nd Chronicles Chapter 9 versus 22nd thank you if this occasion version is an new future version. Close. To the format. Ok please understand this this is historic or slash sociological this. Here in the set in is telling you about who are the porters. Or Who are you know of the keepers of the gates and there is some kind of a statistical information on the importance of this palace in geneology and so on and finally say whole David and some while this ear did or Dame there said is what is there were no original here. So you are you are why even him to be did I mention here or what is face in the Old Testament because. Some sin that he's put in or there are an established order there may be faithfully and more now in the vision of the Hebrew that's the reason why when you are asked for example are right what is what is faith in his wanting to answer well is a more. Than. Your language or a god in the Bible. Where are. Why were. They all. So if it is important that we understand that. Do you share that view because if you go in to why they mean I was. Disturbed in our justification by faith because I'm going to correct some views that we have and also is going to explain. Some of the dynamics that are going to happen into the Old Testament and. Sometimes some people are discussing it in the political circles regarding if impulse works or not and you are going to see that this is a situation in the Old Testament or in the new. York old discover that this is in the. Why because Sure. Is Loyal you wish thinking is world to begin to share their own views regarding the Bible with the Greek. And the Greek is more intellect to our thinking and the concepts of taste and pride for us there are more our different center there are Center into the Los and into the lower or even of human beings in the Old Testament is center in should the Shia but is not anthropocentric is center into the shaft to see I mean to the laws of the north and that change everything regarding what I wrote what I was trying to do to tell you no or to say that the. Revealed sittin there they were of. The concept like works. Is this year we're ordinances Ok when the when you were so when you go to the hear you there is that is in that is in relationship with the Old Testament and the Greek is in relationship with the New Testament the concepts are hot and Morna and plating here on the console are the carriers and it's important that you connect this with this because the concept of of. Of. This where I. Am I am correct in this I am correct forget this I am immediately I'm going to put this immoral act is piste. In the New Testament are and. They were. Said the act. Is going to be the carriers. You're going to see that here here I relate with a court that is human centered on an incentive and here here is relate. With. With with a concept or off the law all but Center in the law. So that once I was trying to say and sometimes it's a little bit difficult for me are to grasp hold their words and the. God in this thinks if you if you go to 2 Political Dictionary of the New Testament and you search about the stars and the Caius you are going to find out that the carriers is East related with a court languish in the Greeks so that is the least mense center that the division you know but in the in the Old Testament in the Old Testament of this thing is that is more center into the Lord into the characters of the Lord. Because the Lord is a creator the law is the law giver the law is the Jocz under Lauri's the Redeemer and enormous call also say full in the Old Testament and and you are going to see that. It's still 7 minutes here in the percent Asian that I will like to share with you to give to give you the picture of this in the Old Testament because because it's important that you do you get that 2nd chapter 34. I mean working with us and our Here is the kitchen version. In 6 inch interaction and here is the Hebrew. And here is the are here east and Mona and here is faithfulness but in this case is office so when when when someone is doing or perform in the offices faithfulness is a moon or into Hebrew so on an illustrator has to reflect the moon and because the Lower East is is given a moon or to reflect that there is a concept in the Bible that I am trying what accordance for mock. Accordance hallmark. So for me. Tomorrow probably what I'm going to do is to put the hearing in the screen or here in order to avoid any misunderstanding but sorry for the op. So let's let's go now to yeah now a 2nd 2nd Chronicles city for verse 2 us $34.00 verse to us. Yes we're Ok Here here is a little bit easier to grasp the meaning you know. You know the picture of this. Point to use it for the next things in the presentation 2nd Kerney custody for verse 2 of you how it yes and the men did their work faithfully that is a Mona. You know. The whole belongs. To the Lord and when we are doing right in our war circle or we are reflecting in God's him or now we're reflecting this god center concept of the faith that that is wonderful that least that is wonderful here because because you see this and you watch about this because say Survivor and the overseers of them were this and this and this and this and this and this and and mention people and cultures that were performing with faithful duty and that critical topic it is important to to understand the critical thing in which we are going to target because in the in the Old Testament. Defense fullness East to Kether with the attack that is the shot. It's working together like an operation now warped. Into gether saw Let's let's let's go to the sun and this is going I'm going to select some of their Not many but I'm going to select some of that solace in a 3 burst for silence 33 bursts 4 for the word of the Lord the Bible says this is right and all kiss works are dollars in what Into You can maybe use faithfully and that he said Mona there is a minnow that is a concept again. The watch the following Sunday least 36 in the in which appears a wart of course Sol's to 636 verses 5. Mercy our Lord is in the heavens. Fullness rich all the plan out I lead very much that this is this is going to see that even the creation of the Lord is reflected in that poll so that it's very t. really when you think and reflect about that for me let me tell you in. My concept of if. It is our calls a face that is not related or center to. Center into the law and when we have stablished our close relationship with the Lord we might be able to reflect he some more you know where acts. That there is the richness and the tip off of of the topic. Sounds silly so in verse 3 this is the police put it what you please power for him I understand it and if it's another you know shade of the topic trust in the Lord and do good so the 7 burst 3 saw shadow during the length and very least the ocean be. A moon in here. You know. Where to connect and I recommend you if you like you not addicting in order to see how the words the original words sometimes are reflected in the Lisa verse the Bible version and there is there is a common understanding public it is orthodox Jewish Bible Orthodox Jewish Bible and in the Orthodox Jewish Bible. It says trust in ash there is another word that you know the rabbis when they they reach the name of the Lord they don't they do not pronounce or read or write because the cathedral in Korea than explain this it even career rules of the Hebrew people especially to write the name and to pronounce the name of the holy name of the Lord West the tape around the poor letters. And they they they put a ball now are or they re than every time the rep ears so trust in other now and do talk that means good. So shalt thou do it in this that is the earth the learned. How the pastor securely that is. I like very much that there is profoundly a spirit in the meaning about that and when you are going to discover that you were there you are. Our life is going to change a little bit because you are going to understand they need to be close to the new or not to be in suppuration of the Lord and thinking that you are going to be more Nessun. About dab because without your relationship with the Lord you cannot and this is going to redraw. The concept of justification by faith by work. Time minutes still so that's why several sons with my read but let me let me go let me go to 2 to 2 to certain words that I am going to enter into the. Let's go to the book of limitations. Chapter 3 verse 23 you know that you know you know the births book of lemon patience chapter 3 verse 23 well what the Bible says to you how it. Started burst 22nd the better. The. Pay phone is you know they saw us. Thomas Chizen wrote this poem in 1023 about God's faithfulness and that worse the poor man. That William granny in in Kansas. Begin to work out the meaning of this song that we sing in the shot from time to great is that a faithful. Or. Father there is no shadow of turning with the changes not compassions they failed in. Our being now. Ray. Is not. The concept is good center in the center into the Lord's great East a faithful a great. Morning by morning new mercies I see all I have needed a hand had provided great mystery faithfulness. Thank you for coming this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe or if you would like to listen to more sermons need to visit w.w.w. our universe or.


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