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A Legal Biblical View of this Core Teaching - Part 2

Daniel Scarone




  • June 17, 2019
    10:45 AM
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Funny thing Evan thank you for your blessings thank you for these wonderful day thank you for the Sun thank you for the weather here and help us to there and to to come to your word now with an open spirit. With the tendency abilities to learn from you unteach us from your word in Jesus name Amen Ok. You know I don't know if you can turn a little bit the door to. Just just a little bit numb no more than that and. Ok. Let me rephrase something that I say yesterday from the beginning regarding the topic the topic is regarding justification by faith and. In the times in which we were. Together in the administration device in strategies for the next years and so on. I mean stretching began to think about about this this dystopic saw justification by faith so. This is this is the topic which we are going to present our today and. Let me tell you that sometimes we present the topic with. Them then sit to read too much complex and of course this it belongs to the idea of systematic They all are seen but when you when you go in deep that is a doctrine or Sunday sion. And one of the things that I've been emphasizing yesterday is that justification by faith it is a topic distinguish Christianity from any older release us movement across the wall because because yesterday I was I was talking and I use in let me get back to the to the same topic that I've been mentioning and quote in yesterday and it is the Book of Acts Chapter 16 verses vs 29 through 31. And here you have a very clear illustration about what I will say. I didn't concern a person with normal Christian back from the Regarding. How he might be able to connect with the divine. And I when you opened the Bible and Chick about the bible says' then he the keeper of the prison call for a law 8 and he sprang 18 and came tremble and fell down before Paul and Silas and here is the question and brought them out and say servers What must I do. To be saved what must I do to be saved this is telling you that in in the context of that mine what how salvation come be of. It is it is very clear from from there were Cavaleri that look the writer of the of the book of Acts is usin and that is in is the Greek. Word that he used some same Wellcome some sin that must be down so that is the understanding but but they are short and they Paul and Silas said believe in peace to one son is the word on them No she says Christ and thou shall be saved and that house so long. When I when I was reflecting upon the topic. Sometimes preachers we preachers tend to do make complex something that is more simply very more much more simple so what I am what I'm going to do for a phrase now is the main idea regarding what is and more now in the Old Testament and what is. In the New Testament I mean in this sense I don't know if I. Do have something here that there is. That is beginning to move down but if you. If it's coming now or not so some saying something in the transportation of the image into the projector is not going well and I don't know what is what is coming now. And yesterday I use a lot of. Explanation to reach this this point. Here here you have something that I put today for you guys that I put here in the in the blackboard and that is there is a topic in the Old Testament in here real there is anymore now that is the work that is faith in Warner and in the New Testament for they greet remember something approximately 2 centuries before the New Testament before cries. The Hebrew you write ins were translated into Greek that was the 1st translation and they used the word. Beasties. This is the Greek war that for the same thing and also saw in the Old Testament the concept of justice and those who are lawyers probably aren't are very interested in that war is said that or say that car. I. Don't know believe me it's not myself something going out. For me. Will try to keep. Your eye on is the Sunni the right interesting thing of this is that the Greek side is more involved in the language of the civil court. And there is more human but in the Old Testament is in the court but also also is Divine because in one hour is one of the characteristics of the Lord in the Old Testament and that's a recent why I've been trying to read all all diverses that you were reading yesterday because that that is part off of there are you. Let me me let me see if I can bring up that. Yesterday we were reviewing. The book of the book affects are those. See if I can bring it here. Chapter 17 verse to us. And the kinship version that I do have bring the expression. Emunah us Deedee in English in the Book of those that are no me jumped or 32 bursts for the Bible says He is the rock his work is perfect for all His ways are judgement and. Call of through faith and without iniquity. Let me see if I can keep it that way without moving some sin Probably I need to change this device that is between the connection and. And the protector but But what I am trying to show you the concept here is that Emma now I secretary stick of God. It. Is a diverse reflection and shadows of meaning in regarding Gar the girl in the Old Testament here is this d.d. he's truth. Of righteousness. And also in 1st 1st Chronicles. The concept of anymore now appears us said office this is the translation for for the So on one of the things yesterday in the percentage and we were in the close in emphasize sin is. That the moon now. Is this believe it is faith is faithfulness and we were close in our with the lamb and patients chapter 3 verse 23 Remember that. When the Bible say they are new every morning great. Why faithful mass great is the faithfulness one of the things that that tension in today's topic is that and now. Is is practically one of the characteristics of the Lord saw. So this is very important to take income because what I what I am trying to say is that when we are working in English Spanish or whatever be the language sometimes we are missing in their they auditioner concept of the word that conveys a very deep and profound meaning and yesterday I've been mentioning that when you are asked to a Hebrew person background what is Emunah. Is going to tell you well is very Why are the war the in in the meaning and I mean is truth because immunize faith and when are is faithful and when our eyes truth in one hour is it did he in one hour. Is it is a lot of other wards connected or related with that concept so what what do you stand for season in doing that because I understand that sometimes we may be able to access our sort of can we be with those characteristics. And the point is yes and no. In certain sense because God these faithful God is the provider of our faith. God is with that character but when we establish our live in connection speed it will connection within those elements in his kind of actors are going to be reflected in our work. And yes through this period yes and. It is it is quite interesting so it is it is important to came up here to the topic because the 1st time that they would appear in the mini in fall that is going to be transported into the New Testament in the moment of. The Bible mentions very very very clear this dystopic. Regarding let me get back to that I guess you have it here and this is Genesis 156 So let's this will to the Book of Genesis for a moment and I less really than the. Genesis Chapter 15 burrs 5 the rebel say's here and here we are on believe the I'm here appears again the word mourner in the Lord and He the Lord counted. It to him for righteous Yes. So long there is a lot of a speculation and intil reflection so we got in that. If he just it is just a statement of the Lord that is that is the point here or is the word or is the person you know similar thing but remember something who East the owner of a more now to hold belong belong to the law. All he is going to reflect more now that he's divine and he's a very clear for me when you read the Hebrew Bible for example and he believe in a more now in Class am ses the Jewish translation and he credit him on our faith to him as sad that cow righteousness and by the way used up remember yesterday. I mentioned here that is quite interesting sometimes to check. And for you guys there is a. Kind of you know you are something like Spanglish you heard the word sometimes in the south Well here is evil you see delish even if in English book Me Maybe there were you know is a can of Bible in in which is a mix up you know I'm in intersect and in there in glitch terminology and vocabulary the Hebrew you versus some Bible elements is going to keep you updated What is the. War to break out of in that for example when when they use the word God they don't they don't put They don't put up you not to give you the right idea they are going to put that way let me show you here why because in there isn't even Rio de Janeiro they pulled in the name of the Lord all the bubbles out and keep the consonants so when they are going to write the name of the Lord to avoid any mis pronunciation or any kind of wrongness in the in the way in which they are going to pronounce or say the name of the Lord they are voided that but by the way they they were doing when when they did that is you're going to really is the kid team. And the kid it is how you write how you read it that's a reason why the name of the Lord in the Old testament to our void. To take the name of the Lord in vain according to the commandment they suppress are all all the bow wills are you know phonetic symbols under their levers they put them on and this is the rationale for for the into. Quite interesting the topic but again Abrahm the most ace believe that remember something what was the pattern of ombre he was not the worst not even real before him yeah yeah yeah there were no evil before him he's the father of the nation and the law or provide the doubt and he believes that by faith so faith began to be that Mormon the element of interconnection between him and the Lord and the last saw in around her I'm a reflection of the faithfulness of. The Lord reflected in Iran that is the reason why there is called You know the. The father of faith so when you go to the book of Abba cook now about Chapter 2 verse 4 and the nice that is important because this is the key takes that there are postal Paul is going to use in Grauman's and to morrow we are going to go indep into down from da Mormon it is mentioned because he saw all which is lifted up is not upright in him but the shanks shall live by what. By faith by faith so long sometimes we are known. In our church in the Italians of systematic theology in bold in what is say it is a face in bold in works or not let me tell you something it's quite interesting that it's not at this question in to the Old Testament. Why that's that's a key that's a key point because I don't know if I'm going to I'm I try not to avoid that but the let me tell you that the point is that in the Old Testament face involved to act according to the faith no questions about that in the New Testament you are going to enter into the. The Greek kind of thinking in which they do differentiate reflection and acting in the Hebrew mind it's all together that's the reason why they are not going never they are going to this chaos regarding that topic so on every one hand. When when the Bible say says he has more now made him view us can see there are estimated in they are of the Lord as a person who was reflected in that he was a subject that means righteous person so it's clear from these pics that he was a brand name will now he's facing God and his specific only eat he's revealing the ward and command and leave in according to the word what me. Righteous because he was reflecting completely what the lore was telling him and Brown was reflecting the attribute that belongs to the character of the Lord that that's important too to understand here and that that is I would say are a very little piece of information into the topic of salvation that is there is important to take into account in so we find that in the very mentality to say that a brother believe it was to affirm that he was beginning to leaf according what he think act and belief is united in our own home yes. Well you don't want to see that the Old Testament used the concept of femina. Not only in our relationship with the Lord but also among people or between people yes can be can be. Yes the concept of faithfulness and to me a state of the East even in the word. That's Adium. Of course. The Guardian doubt. One commentator mentions. Regarding Genesis 15 the quotation is one of the clearest statement in all the scriptures about justification Abram faith is not a merry Torrijos word it is never the ground of justification it is this simple channel through which is receive and eat to this Gift is a gift. Let me in let me share with you as you why poor patient regarding this topic. She say's believe in God and it was impute that unto him for righteousness and he was all the friend of cannot. And she quotes James Chapter 223. In the New Testament and Paul says they which are or faith the same are the children of Herman Galle sions chapter 3 verse 7 but the upper hand faith was made manifest by his works was not the one hand our father is justified by works when he had offered I sacked his song upon the outer seas Dow How Faith brought with the his works and by works was faith made perfect shames. Chapter 2 verse 21 and 22nd and these. It is e.p. $95.00 you are too and. Elisha way say so also there is danger in regarding just a figure you may face as a place in merit on faith one when you take the righteousness of Christ as a free gift you are asked if I freely through the ever read them shun of Christ no merits into that. And when you when you go to the Bible what you see is simple it is they never make this scription of dynamic relationship between the Lord. And. What is faith she asks and she says is a substance of things hoped for and the evidence of sinks not seen Hebrew $111.00 and it is an assert of the understanding to God to war which binds the herd in willing consecration and service to God who gave their understanding who moved on their heart who 1st drew the mind to buke rise on the cross of Calvary faith is rendering to God the intellectual powers abandonment of the mind and will to God and making cries the only door to enter into the kingdom of heaven so on let me him enter into. Into our into the other topic there is related here an ether concept of righteousness in the Old Testament that is say that car and his meanings righteousness by the way it is it is quite interesting there is one of the characteristics of the Lord righteousness is another characteristic of more so on understanding justification by faith you need to understand this a faith belongs to the Lorch righteousness and justice belongs to the Lord so he East given us personal attributes of his character there I will say he's a rock his work is perfect. For all his ways are judgment and God of truth and without iniquity Shust and dried is he. That there are no me Chapter 32 births for 32 years for so long so in the moment in which God declared Abra harmed righteous he declares that Hampshire's and I attribute that belongs to he. To the Lord's character so the concept of just Shasta's right righteousness are is pitted to a concept but in the root the root of the word they are legal is spiritual concepts related with God ask creator god a solver Amen God. And do the Law us are a reflection of God's character so everything is symbolic into into that so when when you are going to see in the Bible for example in the Old Testament that Bron is keeping. The word of the Lord sometimes I do have a intention or a tension with the one Chillicothe regarding this topic why. Let me tell a subset of. This belongs to the other 2 little assuming. The concept of worn off gods the concept of ward of car think about what is what we understand that is Torah. In in India he remarked Well normally we say Torah is not point. You know but when when you began to when when when you began to search you are going to to school over that is more than there is more than that Torah is. Torah is that. It's a tin can on the hands of course is a 10 commandment Torah are all song is the 1st 5 books in the Bible and when Jesus Ace didn't you read in the in the low about this and this what is he all that in this quote in the Torah so what is Tora Tora in essence is the Word of God Here here are where all song you see the Holy Writ that is all Testament but when we call that he's also Torah and when he the law or is a Speakon that is Torah and there is the understanding of evil you mine so sometimes. Sometimes that is a little bit difficult to reflect you know 2 to 2 displays from one culture into the other what is the real meaning because in translation Shas we are keeping one word into another work and you say that is translation. They mean let me let me explain some things where I mean they have in this topic for example I mean both in translation for years but sometimes. When you when you shop pulled one quart into another linguistic context you are not they. All the background that this involved put into that. Sun look. Absolutely absolutely you. Were. And that's true I think. So and sometimes sometimes you say well. When you're translating you know and I've been in today I've been talking when when coming here I've been telling my wife I can do so since translation but I cannot any longer might be able to do a simple Daniels' translation so Madame's translation means somebody is talking and talking and continue what what the person is but you know just my mind. As a race in a way that. Simon says he's calling me inviting me to join to into the club are the non studies that true but but at last they dynamics of the of the concept but however were in the simple times translation sometimes it's quite difficult to very clearly the meaning decent of complex of the language. Yes. The Church. Translate. It. And. Try this which. It is difficult sometimes it is it is difficult that's a reason I am I am trying to bring this into that tension of the d'aubigné of the other day of the garden always with translation now I've been I've been talking with a. With a father in law of one of the pastors here and they love to do missionary work and they went to South America and they were teaching in South America and the they began to distinguish this they were I guess in what the mandala and there are in the interior what the mama. The main language is Spanish. But there are approximately between 11 and 14 local languages in these unions languishes so they were in our culture in our in our in a group of people that were in what the mullah but they were not with the are completely fullness Spanish because they were into those indigenous dialects so off they were speaking English translation into Spanish and the other translated into the indigenous language and they began to notice the not is that the 3rd trance later began to say the same. Whatever word the long the phrase once maybe 12 paragraphs. Just short short short sharp. And they began to say were we we're not is that you say a dark lord what do you mean with that. World The point is that I've been telling I do not understand so the other were preaching this hour he says I do not understand the so are do not understand so you're on the stand sometimes to convey the meaning in and and the frame and all the men in that is involved is a little bit difficult not only that it was easy for him because the 1st the 1st Christians remember something the 1st Christians were Hebrew back on group people. And there they now me of him will now and justification it is it is very clear for me in the Bible. Book coming back to the topic the concept of said Doc or son that means that the Lord in the Old Testament is recognized in a bra and conviction as an element of His Divine tattered Doris in in our home a number of her own from that moment on was really a theme in his past turned decision and now became under the adoption of God's rule. So it is it is quite interesting that for example when you go to the Bible disobey cook contagion Shust will live by faith the 1st think telep peer is that this Shust so that come in here by faith immediately will miss that is that is that the fluency in your language so army is that a righteous by faith list that's a concept but it is it is quite interesting also that the concept of believe in the Old Testament and Miriam is with a dynamic of Obey saw him you are going to enter into this kind of equation in the Bible in the Bible or believe in the Old Testament equalise of the day and do not not believe it was not of then so every day every time that in the Bible you are going to find out that they didn't do this or they didn't do that. Technically what it means dark that's that's the lack of belief that they live in the me finish this but the lack of belief is more important why because believe and Mona is a kind of terroristic of who of God So that means that they are not reflecting the character of the Lord. So they are not of been because they are not reflecting God's character in that that that's a critical point let me let me let me finish now done after that I open. And that is the. Dynamic of the process of believe in according to the post to poor Bob and to morrow I'm going to expand this topic a little bit more. Please go to the Book of Romans Chapter 10 and go to book of Romans Chapter 10 vs 14 and 15 and also on look for the Book of Revelation chapter one and we are going to be reading. This On Ok we are going to be reading jump to. Jump to 3 book of Revelation Chapter one Verse 3 but let me get back to this and this is important because you are going to see that the Apostle Paul here is using this this concept of belief and this is the. Dynamics in the early church. I mean this is I will say I called this this scene a Garg or dynamic context because this is our work context in the chart and that is the Russian and for which we're going to attend a church ladies and gentlemen brothers and sisters because that is important. Unless Rita Romans Chapter 13 versus 14 and 15 How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not the leaf you see this and how shall they believe in him call on they have not heard and how they hear without a preacher and now say and how shall they preach except they be sent. As it is written How beautiful are defeat of them that preach the gospel of peace and bring glad tidings of good then good things sorry so here here the concept this believe New Testament is beasties but the root mention is a more now because the poster board is thinking in Dad way so what is what is the source of the priests think about what is the source worry scam in the Bible say up for a full preacher is read in the Bible and he is transmitting the Bible into the congregation saw the word is Riva and the dynamic is that the people in the charge are. Thinking so here is a process of teaching and learning that is done is a dynamic that is at least I'm uncertain no reason Remember the Bible says Hurt is not written. Poor all bubbly The point is that many of them in those days cannot read or write and that is that is part of the problem by the all the ins in those days and it was accurate our link with listening here is the text I don't know how it comes that's a miracle from there don't ask me is not going to come yes so so what is what is the result the result is building in faith in the charge or do all the and because that process it defies faith in those who listen the Word of God Yes and here is the. Yes and that is that is that is the point so one I must. Say Ok So then faith comes by hearing and hearing in East by their words of God so so here you say it is the connection and more now because this faith it is built up by hearing Shas the word of the Lord so when you go to the New Testament but also in the Book of Revelation in the case. Revelation Chapter one Verse 3 see the equation here bless is he that read that is the Word of God and they that hear. That is the word of the prophecy that is the Word of God and keep those things which are written there in the for the time is our time so quit interest in this let me let me share with you my perception John is not new is not the young chicken in this moment he returned and. Right in their words are for a relation probably in the last century last decade or the 1st century that is are around 90 something after grad and he was all and probably he worse understanding the dynamics of the heating and the power on his and off of that people so he clarified the point and say and keep those things why I say that is because Indonesian when you say the 1st is enough when you say bliss is that release that is the Word of God and they that hear the words of these prophecy that means the person that is in charge in the charge to the read him and those who are learning this is enough but for the dolls who are coming with our Rick background probably he added up and say and keep the things which are written there in why in saying this because the Hebrew people when went to the river war Fina this Fina. These final 2 then we today sometimes when when we are and by the way we are very very big races in this sometimes in the Bible when you when you are discussing some things the people safe what were independent of what in the Bible is this you know why because the authority of the Bible Sino when I was. Young there. We were having a discussion with a friend regarding the. The Sabbath or 7th. And one day he comes to me and say look I've been checking the Bible and. And I was surprised because I brought my Bible or the question I He opened the Bible and opened the Bible in Exodus 20 my background most Catholic so on I thought and I was. Used to being those there's another boy when I was a kid so. I know about war or. Distribution and muscle so when the when he opened the Bible and they read for me was final because the Word of God For me once or Horry they give into heave your mind this is final because it's the word of the Lord and that is that he says they now make of him or now when when you are gone diktat that not only god exists that is your God There is your savior that is your Lord and he say so all. You are going to just say Well we're we're in the Bible say and you're going to obey that is the dynamic and here here the both are poor. It is very clear how we stay dynamic in the charge you know some turns are were are were minds are becoming a little bit more complex with the times and sometimes this kind of technology is bringing in destruction. And you can see a lot of facts and some problems and so on and besides that with television and radio and these and these and these and these in this those days there were not destructions the many so when they go to the to the scene of. The Bible you see that they now make here and then I am it is is something like this if you if you put the scene along here and here was the reader and here was the pews and the people who are tuned in and come in here they put the Scriptures and they began to reveal descriptors and the people began to heard this creep and this is their war so the war finally reached the people and they believe through the process that is very clearly this their script if in this and this faith in. I'm pleased fine and and that that is part of our Russian and why we need to go to the charts sometimes well we say what we are going to do this coming or or the next or what go to the charts. Son Sin is going to be for you and that day don't worry about your going to learn son's new regarding the scriptures because remember this. That for then Faith comes by hearing and hear in by the war of God God bless you and see you tomorrow thank you sorry I hope that tomorrow I'm going to. To try to finish this situation probably going to go to opposite. Stores in Lansing today to the get this back and I'm going to to come with me in order to solve this situation very very sorry for what these I hope is going to be useful in the next and you know. This media was brought to you by audio groups a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about the universe or if you would like to listen to more sermon legalism w.w.w.. Or.


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