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A Legal Biblical View of this Core Teaching - Part 3

Daniel Scarone




  • June 18, 2019
    10:45 AM
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Imet yesterday was quite. Nervous at the beginning with them with a connection so I put an order by the way on line so I joined the connection cables going to arrive to morrow or the fastest way to get it in Lance and so I hope that the older connection are continually given me some kind of input for then he asked but. Yesterday we were working in the concept of an wanna That is faith in the Old Testament and also the concept of that or said that that is just in the Old Testament. And finally we were connecting the dots because probably I would say probably to morrow I'm going to do gather up some of the things from the perspective of the Apostle Paul in the New Testament the God in. This concept because the concept is this what I hope to for our right use man by his faith. By his faithfulness the right was meant by his faithfulness when I was saying Man let me tell you that. In my mind I am not saying. This is only for or maybe not. This is very clear in my mind that the Bible here is implying to make this imply everybody is in line all the people so. The concept of emunah that is one of the elements of the Connector of the law or represented those things that we were talking is that. Sometimes I. Think. That the Apostles in the New Testament they have a fight in themselves regarding the concept of believe and obey it. And you are going to see that in the interaction with the charges in the New Testament in the peace deals why. In the conceptual frame of the he or believe in Nice. And you are going to see that and we are going to enter into our into another the Nam mic that is going to put you in this old the top in a very clearly way. That probably the other presentations I made before saw at least 4 who in the pistol of the Romans are the clear conception that is reflected in the following Association and also lease Association element the least Belief implies or do not believe in. Very simple so sometimes I worse sink in were let's open our minds to the dynamics and into into the now mix of the early. And this is. There they now make of this scene or UK of the scene or are you not sometimes you wish people with Muslim people they share certain sinks in common and the concept of frame of the mall in the lamb ic worship. Of religious practice. It is related with the with a synagogue and remember something saying that one is 1st into. I am not talking here erotic to. Speak in but the synagogue is 1st in the oak was the place in which the people they sit. In a blaze when they though have to find a lot in the old in the old times in the towns so when you get for a treat the Sooner or worse the place in which they are going to have seen that well was. Also the functioning for a council also the local towns and of course when they were find a way of Jerusalem it was the place of worship the Lord do it in the summer that works when you go to them to the most. They are going to see certain kinds of similarities regarding that thing it is quite interesting last year with the. Lists on of the 7 The event is George and Muslims relation. Mrs Governor profit them by the way the son name of Harry is perfect annoyance is nothing to do with Mohammed or something like that and all that but he says she's Argentinian bacco and we miss it and then man of Detroit. And we enter into them into the mosque we are we are trying to bring something for them over there and we had a very very good conversation and of course in the dynamic of that I. Began to mix and question and into think they the about these kind of connections because it's the most in the most of the ins and 3 function like that so if a person hello with after if a person arrives into our own and there is no login. No word to go go to them or they can sleep over there for 12 nights maybe take a shower or you know use restrooms and so on and that is the functionality of that. Is the 2nd time the center of a community during the week worship for the Muslims on Friday they. Worship or they sure wish in the car in the in the setting of a synagogue didn't they. But but the point in which I mean I mean I've been talking yesterday is that when you go to the Book of Romans. A little bit Romans chapter. And verse and 14 and 15 you're going to see that kind of dynamic. Because there is that is quite clear for me that is coming from from that. The following text for me is clear what is what is the main the main topic here because you are going to see the conceptual idea of listening on he or hearing the word of of the message that is coming from the Word of God and the Bible say's How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believe how shall they believe in Him whom they have not heard how shall they occur without a preacher. A look the preacher is is not the center here in the Bible here is not the center and sometimes this is something which we need to. Tension. And I am talking maybe not only. But also who are the preachers because yes of the preacher not the preaching. Of a preach without reward it is in this it is a messenger. Because the essence of the messages if the Word of God is the word of how the the next how shall they preach except they be sent as it is written How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of. Bringing tidings of good things. So here we were building so the portable safe in verse 17 a song then comes by hearing in and hearing by work by the world so in essence faith is coming from from work from the world of dark and the Word of God he's coming from. And he's reflecting in the. Thinking and idea and Man of the Lord so that that is part of the topic and here is the kind of synagogue our structure connection here saw Sometimes I'm thinking it's not about the beauty of the building. Or how much expense if the building. Sometimes is not who is the talk or who is a speaker. It is not anything of that you know that is that is nonsensical here because that service is a preacher that faithfully reads the world of the garden and the process is the process of teaching and learning by which the members of our charge are going to opera ph and get they need it is at least some Eamonn the bible says'. Heard or no reading because probably the audience in those days didn't have the level of education of writing and reading and that is part of the problem of that and what is the result of us all building up the faith of the charge by centering in that moment of worship and his tally of they were. Learning. So so sometimes when we are in the in the charts. I like to sing that to think that the that we are like in the synagogue or in the in the formal dancing which the worse every there and also the word disciples that some times where copying. The reading in of the Scriptures by the word that were these. Processes by which they apply and substitute their early versions of the manuscripts in the old. Saw that is that is that is interesting and we were talking at the end yesterday but today I am I am interesting too on another dynamic in the same topic it is. It is a metaphor that is something. Forgotten. In recollection and it's a metaphor of walk with God. And that for me. Were. Born if they were and is that when. Faith is born in the old. In the process of walking with the new or walking with the Lord so let's let's take a moment and let's open our Bible and let's go to the book. In the Old Testament book. Live 3 reflect began to think about about this problem because it. Is important to remember that we are going to trace connections from the Old Testament to the New Testament from the Old Testament about the essence element of the faith and you are going to see. About the. Verse 123 book of Job burst chapter one of the 1st at the beginning book of John chapter one burst through 3 you have it. All the thank you so report. Yes go ahead. Thank you it is interesting this this this. Because. First of 4 who is a writer who wrote that. They were. The bubble perhaps by the where there is one of the of the you wish Writings say that the Book of Job wants written by Moses. And I don't know don't ask me. Maybe to do. With the elements why our center of our. Energy. Without probably know when. That was written by Moses and if. You if you have a sure friend they'll look it is interesting you know. I love going to do that let's go do a text but here the Bible say's 1st verse one that there are some things in in the person. Of you know all. He was 1st were what he was perfect. And one thing God. And why as far away of. Evil say my. Second verse The speaks about what 7 sons rethought. Immersed 3 when he said. Ok so far so 1st one got after. Verse 2 family verse 3 is about substance finances nor your guest talks. Some kind of. Having the banker you know. Immersed 3 nice A's that the was the greatest of all the men in East. For what for verse 3 best do overs one. 0 yes Ok I do agree I am I am not defending I am not. Holding a better goalie are the Pope Francis' that in defense of the poor to say something against the reach the Lord wants us to be rich. But you know our culture it is certain sense change in the values it is it isn't because if you put here for me the greatest thing is that he was perfect upright feared the Lord and evil like the Bible said but also somebody is going to say well he was a good family aren't and also he's a rich person our culture is changing up down old values. Or you look or job listen in people masses you know in the over go he have this this New Years with the talks actuals and this and and buildings in that. Are nice building in sound and invested in this he is also with our interest in the family and he said the person. Completely. Completely So this is a culture but what is the cultural Bible it doesn't start with Verse 3 it doesn't start with Verse 2 it wants or it is a starting verse well. So reach reach. If we have in the chart we are not rich for our building by the way we are not reaching for anything or our systems Bob by the cataract or of the people there is reflected in this in our chart that is our reaches unlimited let me go into the because in verse 4 Ses and his songs when something is that in their houses every one to stay and probably birth the now. And send and call the 4 their 3 sisters and eat and drink with that. But look birds. And it was Saul when the days of their feasting were gone about the job sent and sacrificed them and are all supper early in the morning. Early in the morning that is keep in mind that point the Early in the morning and offer born of friends according to the number of them all. So it may be that my souls have seen. And gone in their hearts and this the the job. It is it is quite quite interesting. We think about this process of. Them this offering of burnt offerings connecting our ideas immediately. With. He was the us is of the Old Testament for for his family I think he was concerned for not only. The good times of the. Worst locals some for you know if they were in a fashion style of living. By were. He was concerned for. Life and that again appears that but but if you follow in them in the real them you are going to do that some kind of transition from burst. Through the rest of the chapter I'm please I'm not going to read all the chapter and going to leave your hiney I'm going to get one point and I'm going to review Doc point across the Bible just for you give you the picture of the of the rest burst 6 ace Now there was a day when the sons of God come to present before the Lord so that Satan came also among them and here it's interesting because in verse 7 members there is a dialogue between the Lord and said according to him in chief why then. Might be able to approach to certain meetings until the dead of on the cupboard and here was the conversation about about your. That that interested look look what the Lord says in verse and then they are saying to Satan once comes Dar where you're coming from and then Satan answered The Lord from going on from going to him for all in the earth and I'm from walking up and down in it and they are saying to. Us now consider my servant job. That there is no life on earth look look now the Christian a perfect and upright man one that filled God and his 2. So when when you when you read verse 8 with what you are going to connect the. First one I do agree so the point here is this. Not versed 3 the point about reaching there's ample sessions and about been you know all those things by which a person is going to be evaluated the lore is evaluating one. Please keep that in mind because because there is that is important you know we're reflection I said and they're venting because. The lore is going to look for. People with record of his pattern and that is that is important and you are going to see because this is this is not the opinion of the people you know some people today in a society in which we are very well affected by this option. We are concerned who who the people is talking about myself will be over all these birds of the other I will say I don't. They only opinion and they all only point that I'm concerned with is the law or things. And everybody has to be concerned with that because the loris not going to see how many are on or fancy telephones you might have or or these your wellness are your house or if you are with a Tesla coming to comedian or a prince or or whatever or a walking or wow the law is not it's not the watch in about. The thing that is he interested in. Actors So what we need to build and we need to move is character building. And here is is the point most is. Verse one Say's there was a man in the land who. Was name was your and that man were Earth upright and one that God and to throw were bowl says. From the River of. East build they in the concept of praying were also entire book of Job been up from that conversation in the heavenly Kurds in which in the lore was talking about John Donne describing that perfect what is what is perfect or so so here here or start. The dynamics that is important because when you when you go to back there is very back when I say very back is in another book of mosts but in the book I'm generous is in Chapter 5 open please book of Genesis Chapter 5. And we are going to explode to 2 verses and I'm going to work here some saying. That you are going to see the relationship immediately. And you are going to who are sometimes yourself on the roll the champagne. The Book of Job from the Book of Genesis 1st of all is the 1st or 2nd you are going to see that I'm going to focus in one characteristic of the character of your and you are going to see that characteristic is involved in several of them Names of God that walk with the Lord and you're going to see that in the the bible says' book of Genesis Chapter 5 Verse one second and even know what walk with God after he began Methuselah 300 years and begat sons and daughters 24 of the 5 I mean UK Again 2nd time walk with God and he was and he was not for goal what took. The Lord took him. I'm here it's interesting because in that moment in the Bible appear is a myth or for that is the I called Dark they. Lack. The collective metaphor in the Old Testament the metaphor of walking with the Lord walking with. Why because it's going to affect all the sense that we have regarding imperfection justifications Asian and several other things because the Bible says here look for Genesis Chapter 6 verse 9 Chapter 6 verses 9. This so 8th chapter 6 verses 9 this are the generations of who know are Ok and not once what Shust the world is some think Justice Shust that is the foundation of the concept of justice is over there is a car remember that is is just man and what. But. Why because in his generations and nor what he did walk with God. And know our war walk with got this are additional relations of nor Norwest Shostak and perfect that is the mean increased the generations a normal walk to a lack with God So when when you see that it is important because of again and again you are going to see that is part of the dynamic there that kicked in Mithya for regarding the concept why are. Into relationship between the lore and unfollowed when you go to the Book of Genesis Chapter 7 The Book of Genesis Chapter 70. You're going to find out some hope. And some day now mix also here coming from the Bible and it's a is Genesis cementing one and when I brought her mom was 9 years or Al Now I'm 99 years all know this is kind of mine of war so are are you or are you younger than that are they gays guys saw the war in you have enough hope for the but but see what the Bible says the Lord appeared to Oberon him and say unto him I am the other mighty dark walk I lack walk before me be perfect walk before me and be perfect so here you see again the rebirth of the dynamic of the how lucky metaphor in the Bible the metaphor of walking with the law and we are going to use of the sometimes some words and we're going to make questions before my perseveration ends here. Because because let me tell you something here is starting with the case of nor with the case of Brown and we think of you know a minute or 2 or there is going to extend not only to work with top but to work. The thing that belongs to the look for example if the if the lorises Pekin is the word of the Lord in the commandment of the Lord the Hebrew is going to call the Miss Moss of the Lord. And those who are faithful to the word of the Lord are walking in the Middle East for us of the Lord in the command the wounds of the Lord. In the teachings of the Lord and you are going to see that and that is the building up of the faith for them there is in then tar or Testament 1st Kings chapter a 61 1st Kings Chapter 8161 verse Kings Chapter 861 the Bible saith let your heart therefore be perfect are with the Lord our God let your heart therefore be perfect with the Lord our God to walk in His sister to choose and to keep his commandments as at this day so what what is this thing here now the teachings are substitute in the Person of the Lord because of the commandments we are saying that the commandements What are they teaching about the law of God is a reflection of the kind of actor of them or so when when we are reflected in the conduct of the law or are we going to keep the commandments of course of course so so should. You know us shared that because that is that is our mis understanding between or among our brothers when jelly goes and sometimes. Catholics and there are good people by the way but we are not up. You know emphasizing sometimes may be the right point because here the Bible says that when we are walking we're with the Lord we are. All the things that. That's it. And we are not we're not doing that to tell them right we're perfect we are doing this and we are going to do to show off ourselves well that is not the meaning that is not the meaning of our Brad that is not the meaning for a note that is not the meaning of nor that is not the meaning of the Lord Jesus because because the sit there of the point that they enjoy walking with the Lord that there is the porn walk let's let's go to sons Let's go to the Book of Psalms. Let's go to a book of Psalms and we are going to be. Handwritten and. Psalms 11 now I'm verse one. And see what the Bible says and you're going to see the dynamics of this are this topic again. Are they find it in that way who walk walk walk walk. Walk in the law also the Lord is not any not there any law or not that home alone. Is the law for the Lord why because the law of the Lord is reflected in the character of the owner and the maker and the creator of the war and you are blessed the Bible say that. Question is that sometimes when I say how are you some people say I am less Ok Blessed are those who are working in the law of the law so you can learn to say. Do that's that's interesting I enjoy let me tell you this so let's let me sit for a moment. And for a moment Mr short reflection the book of Micah book of the prophet Micah chapter 6. And you're going to see again the this topic and the dynamic that it has and. How it operates how it functions in into that that is probably is a short burst and sometimes a presentation layer in that but it's a wonderful reflection and the critical connection because in this same topic that is justification by faith in. My class 68. With the all man what he says. And what the Lord require to feed that to how. And what. To love. To love mercy to enjoy in the merciful in this spirit of anyone who wrecked back and to up and to walk. With. That is part of their collective metaphor. And you can find yourself if you have our software that permits you to work to work with who work with Rick are you can search a lack and you are going to find out all of the connections they got into because it is of course what you need to do because it is a very is a war that is going to be very very common in the Old Testament and the new so you need to connect walk and got because if not you are going to find out war I crossed there all this time and I am there is a lot but here my part is not thank you is not walking in any direction or alone something that is walking with God and here it is it is the part what is it what is good what does the law required to be bad to do just. And to love for mercy and to walk humbly. So when when we begin to think now about justification by faith and the meaning. My question is. Do you see any complexity. Rooney do you see any kind of their love. Because sometimes. You are. Your own place. You are not going in the person. I say well I am trying to do make on a 4th of my stuff to do to put this thing clearly because this is this is so easy going teaching but you need to go to the essence. Because of the u.n. to into the New Testament and you are going to start with you know discussions regarding our justice that is imputed and just that is imparted and justice in. You enter into another kind of thing. In the Hebrew your mind is like. Going to enter into a very big point of. Light you know several computers and so forth. That are very complex and when you go to the Hebrew man it is very simple it's relationship it's based upon religion let me let me tell you what is what is the point. When you think about perfection sometimes there is a big discussion perfection or perfectionism but according to the Bible. That. I am. In that. Certain into our serfs is certain to the Lord who are least perfect. For what we need to do owe it to wark perfectly with give him who is perfect. Case perfection is a goal or me to come to us. Is the counselor who is Shasta I am not just the lord what we need to do is to walk perfectly with him and he's just. Growing to come to me. I do have faith well sometimes my faith is very very but who is the faithful were talking about that what is the root of them all now. What are we measuring that we say that in the moment in which we are seeing him great is that our form there were lessons Ward is Mona faith so who is the center of the faith the Nor will we are walking paths of clean with the Lord his faithfulness is going to me my crew will reflect that into our own experience and that is a dynamic so for me the concept of working with the loris is very very important and of course look what the Bible say to walk. With a lot sometimes we will have some problems with. Oh no we were going to go into this is the way they should be recommended my recommendations this is the law or go this way. Our shortcuts are put in but the big troubles and to put our hands in the hands of the Lord is very very simple so think about how we were walking with the Lord how are we walking today with. What is a work relationship with them. And you are going to restore. I would say a new vision a new kind of life a new kind of routine experience in the relationship with the Lord and you're going to roll the body much more because you're going to be deep into that and that that is that is not the person is not the speaker please it is very clear it's coming from the Bible in Knock you not do that nor do that the that that is the key the job I'm not bringing here human experiences of nowadays but coming from the Bible and the disjuncture into the same thinking which the the last safe in the law being the line in the earth and the only one that was upright effect is the and say to separate what you're doing if the earth is going to nominate one for a present that that is not you you were fired away from. That that is job because he. Says. He is to evil. And the Bible is very clear regarding that so I where pointed why how how we are going to be where I were. Relationship because in essence I were a relationship with a chance. With the law. With the word of. The church is a moment in which we are going to build up I would think. That in essence is the moment think which I would say now me is center into walking. With with the Lord. Let me tell you something and with this I'm going to finish. Yes. Yes The point is that he can see there's So my understanding is that he considers that remember that. We're in the meetings are an unsafe thing 10. Bad bad. Call the attention to someone else that might a right to be there that's what I say very I mean the topic by the way and he says very clearly are the didn't you consider your and he began to say well. You're perfect. So are you say if you take away all the things you're going to see the high you remember it is a burst 9 and 10 and after that he lost all the elements of 1st 3 and 2 but at the end job remains being faithful and movable unmovable So what is the point is that the end of chapter one verse of war and that is the character of your days. Yes character yeah yeah. I'm not the entering theory unless generation that is you you connected and you are doing. It is it is it is none other than a. It's only a reflection that is that is that there is and there is a bond there is the essence of that that yeah yeah. And of course it is. Supporting which you are beginning almost like to review everything a so I requested permission to say that because I don't want to enter into a fight or a war in our charge but I were I were recollection I say to the minister the batsman I've been part of until one month ago. That wanted to go deep in the Bible that because sometimes we didn't justification by faith in the words of other speakers that we're missing the background. Into the big men of God in the ultimate in the news that we need to Rick capture those and that's that's that's the point and when you when you go that way you simple not complex to understand but deep but if you go into the will I were. In a. Relationship with with with the teachings with the with the wolves. And that is that is. One minute let me tell you that I meet. The Mr 4 of the the collective is missing in the translation that is. Going to more I'm going to talk about that because you are going to see that in the New Testament there worse there was a kind of change in the translation I'm going to emphasize or point the topic I'm not going to criticize the Bible translations but I'm going to give you what is a back and idea in the New Testament because some of the authors remember something Septa Sheens that is addressed nation a few really. Words. Or vocabulary of the order. And we are going to recapture the topic in which we were talking yesterday because. I think that in this day we need to recap the concept of walking with God personnel in family as a child a symbol and we need that they have a word of prayer and that we're going to need to that part of the heaven thank you for these moments in which we were reflecting your words thank you for your war father because he's been whole bringing hope of salvation into our food and. Other health. Now all. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon please visit w w w dot audio Verse dot org.


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