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A Legal Biblical View of this Core Teaching - Part 4

Daniel Scarone




  • June 19, 2019
    10:45 AM
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Pardon haven't Thank you Father for your blessings and thank you for your guys and thank you for the Bible the scriptures the holy writing with us in this moment of reflection regarding trace justice coming from you in Jesus' name. Well we were. I guess I've been I've been tellin from the beginning. The rational of this and in our. Edition not to be incompetent with any other presentation regarding certification by faith but sometimes when I see I would reflection regarding the topic on Justification by Faith I began to sing about that we are missing some links and. We need to understand it were it is coming from and it's coming from the Bible and coming from the Old Testament and when when when you sort the the Bible. You are going to that certain things that are going to help to you in your and our general understanding of the justification by faith in this there is nothing in that I will say they are logical all I'm not faulting be all source I'm not. Talking about virus or server or Berkow were or or some of the big thinkers regarding the topic on Justification by Faith I am coming just from the Bible. And I guess that this is what what we need to do by the way when I've been talking or reflecting regarding the topic of the Trinity I mean conservatives are in that and I never use other delusions reflections regarding the topic on on the Trinity I just went to the Bible and say look what the Bible says what the Scriptures say. And you are going to trace that thinking in the Old Testament in the New Testament that you are going to be the vision of a relationship regarding all this. We are in college around in this topic because what we are talking when we are talking around justification by faith from the moment in which you are going to think about what is and will now and then when. It is a reflection of the faithfulness of the character of the Lord that is faith you are going to see in the scriptures in the Bible and when you are going to think about that that car or chapter you're going to see that it's also our manifestation of the character are. So nice and not that the center of our reflection is very clear it's not propose. It is not center in the human being is not on ourself it is in the lore so that is the importance of bringing in this kind of reflection so today I'm going to continue know a little bit on the topic of working with God because there is a very measured up for of walking with the bar that describes the closeness unscented fine relationship between the teeth that believe with the Lord and this is the metaphor of. The walk with with the Lorch so independent that there is the 5 1st books of the Bible you are going to see the positive aspects of the lack are given a greater importance than done of course the negative on the positive side you're going to see several propositions that are you know unite in the dynamics of this elements in is one of them with before among. Us and you're going to see those like walk in God's ways or playmate Wark in his way and you're going to see it out in the book of Deuteronomy Chapter 68 where 6 chapter 5 bursts 33 bursts chapter them verse 12 or. And here is the all the thing there is not only the factor of walking with God but also the dynamic of the of this rich rich the. Emotionally profound. There is what in my His tattoos in my institutes that are in my commandment in marrying me sports that there is very rich because the law is given. Us and he expects sussed simple or that we walk on them and also in my coven and he need coldness to us and you are going to see that in the book of Leviticus Chapter 26 various birthed 3 or of course walk in my law that the sexes chapter verse for and that is very clear in with before I'm all and after the prepositions by the way. In the New Testament you are going to see. The dynamics of the prepositions. When you go for example. Let let me let me put an example regarding how these proposed solutions sometimes are use in our very deep meaning regarding this Let let let me be this it with you are a little bit of the New Testament because some of you might think maybe this guy is not reading the New Testament you know better but that is not the case let's go to 2nd Corinthians up the fires for a moment and you are going to see the dynamics of of these propositions son and the meaning in about about this list go to chapter 5 and this is one of the of the pieces of the literature in the New Testament there is there is one the 4 and very very rich less who go to 2nd Corinthians Chapter 5. Let's go to 17. Through. Maybe 21 therefore thank the book of course if Aimee Mann me or here's the preposition in is not close look the for is not mean or is not after is not over is not under is insane so if you know well what you are you sure are teaching when you are teaching sometimes languishes there is some funny element. I don't know I am not good in you know. So when my wife is better but in teaching some prepositions are great suppose there is this is a. Piece of cheese. And here the recent amounts Yunis over here East under the maybe top 2 May be going out but someone that is in it so when when you go to the Versus of the Bible and you are going to see that there is very very rich in and in the Old Testament I happen to sing it is it is it is the same kind of dynamic. So when one sometimes I heard I heard some music today in the church. I am concerned because I do remember. The former times in which people like. He used. This. To pass away been Paris and probably some of you remember because in the old times the 3 years ago. Used to come to under seal or city b. and c. and seeing it several times in the mc and and this is our report by the way of him I walk with Gar from these they are sorry. I corrected the other version. From these they are and I. Very profound buried it. In to pipe bomb the concept of walking with Gar is a metaphor that is very very very deep and it started from the beginning of the Bible it started from in not Chapter 5 1st 22nd 24. Keep in mind because the book a few of us are going to use and the metaphor of walking with God is across the entire of all Testament. Genesis Chapter 5 burst 22nd and 24. For some reason in the in this are historical background you are going to see that most of us repeats the concept of a knock orc with the Lord. At the point when our call most of us and he answers most is begun his journey. With the one who is then to fight inside of us are you in I Am Who I Am and and you remember the excellence chapter the 3 burst 14 this is an example for Israel. Doles did you come vision us marching in they were walking with the Lord because the column of fire by the now. And the column office smoke by the day they were directing them into the promised land and they walk in with the law so in certain sense that is always been the people of the long Indian of the times. And we need to think that this is also a kind of vision that is going to give us our vision of the process of disciples. Chart because there is experience of the disciples walking with the Lord walking in the scenes of the Lord walking with the Lord together with the Lord and that is very very very and reaching into thinking they hear your name by the way in UK. Means they did it painted one. On the Bible or account of Inox character so shifts that he portray a life of single early elevated palate the not middle in the coast and realisation of the divine presence or even the continued if who are holy obedience that man the name of the mall's intimate relationship with Gar in looks life worst most didn't cling completely. To our money with the divine will and this is a comment. That safe to walk with God. That is the relation and that is that is the that is the concept you know. So when when when you're going to see what what happened in the Bible by the way this is I am quoting here the separation. Because the metaphor of the walking. Metaphor for some reason is lost I don't know why. This. 80. Patients if you search in the library university he says in the century before and the 2 centuries after the Council of Nicea 325 after Christ the metaphor or walking. Less and less. Suggesting that the farther one lives from Christ time the less this concept was employed. Another reason for this is that after the destruction of Jerusalem and the Rahman's $7080.00 the wall became more and more stifle. The cricket a lot of the of life was eclipsed sin that of the he and the metaphor was lost also 11 of those things that are of service. The so called Fathers of the tribes they were Greek no pucca of. They didn't believe they'd even if they didn't and this will keep the. Part that that is going to tell you why the recent g. concepts coming from the human you were lost and the charge became more institutional than in to our kind of interpersonal relationship with you know the process of Rabbi discipleship west of the through the Lucia. And then and then to Sion suppress a little bit or maybe entirely the concept of of the cypress but together with a similar key words like the concept of Simona that the face of the faithfulness of playfulness of the Lord the concept of Sac justice and several other concepts were lost were missed and proper time pop when when you understand that the Bible says the. Great. Faithful next so who is the center of that is the law is up yes I do are we with our. But when the New Testament says when this Son of Man comes he will spine what faith that is so Mona there is faith on earth so close on of Jesus is there is no reflection of the faith how Memphis wrong the lore that might be nice in into that you understand the concept now because that is going to haste the vision into that also Well when you're going to see that in the quote we will go our Genesis 522 and 24 will really talk about translation you know when you go to the New Testament let me tell you and please understand this I'm not warring against Billick or societies I am not going to know and I'm going to share with you my point of view regarding this because the book of Hebrews chapter 11 burst 5 Look how it translates the topic by faith in the UK was so late that he should not see the earth and was not found because God laid him for before efficient lation he have this testimony that he was. And you say. Something something here is missing something here is not right and what is not right they would for that is. If you see someone you know are all. In some. Different languages with a name or. There is the word coming from the green that means the police please the Lord but what is the point the point is that in not really walk with God My question is. When you read. Hebrew Chapter 11 Don't you see that the. Who are way least block ants and read now for before his translation he this testimony that he wore with the garb is going to be really relevant because when you put everything together in the book of Hebrews and Chapter 11 that is a chapter of faith there is a chapter of them Morna in remember in Greek is the Beasties is going to change everything so let's go to the concept of faith in the book of Israel and this is just a reminder of some of the one army that we were we were walking in and we were to no other reflecting you know. In our present day shape the concept of a moon or face the real all Testament is related with the court but this is related also within the vine Yes. Well it is close to the but is more kind of interpersonal relationship and preferred to be close to the Bible that something to the more the languages. Because because. Yes. I understand that but but but you know when I'm coming here. It is it is when when you when you are walking together you know that is that is the idea that I detect in the Bible and that is the concept and you are you are into an interpersonal relationship between you on the moor and the law or when Amy Yes. Well that's just true that's true but but when when you go to the Bible friendly walking. In Yes I mean this is the law with you and you with a lot. Yes Yes And the point is that at the end of the walk in the friendship between in a candle or worse so tied. Together that you say. And that that is I now make that I read on that and it's very rich in it's really did the you see. Well when you see justification by faith into the into the picture it's really big yes. Yes thank you for your mention that. Is a beautiful metaphor also you know so it is from here because in the Torah there were Gar is the root of our hands unions that have a cook got the inspiration for the grounds of the formation and there is in Israel just by face lifts a righteous man by his faithfulness lived. So. When when you go when you go now to the New Testament. The one factor that is for me very deeply illuminating because I don't know if you detect something that I try to bring up in my presentation I am not good an emphasis on opinions you you perceive that or not there is here there is not emphasis and obedience sometimes evangelists all there's a few of them are cooked dinner for us is on keeping the commandments and doing this and doing this and no no no and that is. That that because that is not the point might My point is that a Mona is coming from the Lord are we are reflecting a movement. In the process of living with the Lord so let's let's go now and open your Bibles if you please remember to bring always a bible let's go to book of New Testament and I list come in in one in one chapter there is that is very very interesting even use 11 conveys a critical topic. And also it is expanded in the following chapters because remember something there were not chapters at the beginning. So sometimes one of the brawl and. The chapters and the beginning of chapters are cutting the ideas and when you see. Some of the concepts are starting in a chapter and extend them into another and you're going to see that in in our percentage into the and when the Bible especially in the New Testament use a positivistic in and then also a negative on the same topic it is it is important and this critter is involved in a way to a stressed emphasis on the topic when say the positive and the negative of something positive here now. Safe is the substance who post a series of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen Now faith is this. Hope or sources no not now who process it I'm going to enter into that in a moment what what what sounds to your Marin when you say. Ok it. Looks lovely maybe 20 years ago I was doing a translation grown English into a spends on a worse sink in because everyone will know from your languish. I turned repeat bye bye bye har this text because if the. There is so discussion is or if there is a definition of faith or description or whatever it is. Book a line you need to go to the Greek and the Greek who post or says So what is the 1000000 of proposals and. I may discover something quite interesting in working in the translation and they stories. That. Archaeological discovery West me north of Egypt. And and they began to find out and to recreate what you know archaeological histories is a kind of serious side. Of history because they are going to search and they're going to see who was the people who live in what happened here and what were the dynamic and what happened in that context to recreate all the heat stories surrounding that So that was a kind of corrosive roles and was a kind of. Launch of mortals for those people traveling and doing you know. Merchant business or people in traveling back and forth for doing some kind of business and in that in that day something happened that fire started and turned down all the more pill Loach down on their worse. A manuscript a manuscript that person even in some area in the middle east west send in a ship us a personal letter with with seals you know in those aced kind of money script was putting in a role with a seal sealed and everything was lost but when they began to work out. Only thing came up and that was the document and they began to see what is what is. They were going to work with a common tension and the lady. Done that or us Hugh poster says that then most straight she wants the owner of a land so what it's who caused the seas in that company means. You can go you can go to our land and say this is Milan Wolk can be poetic but if you say well I have the Title property that is that is a different color. Change everything you know is is it is interesting so when when you say that now Faith is. The look. Of things hoped for and the evidence and seek no thing they change everything in their route into it up there now isn't it so sometimes when you receive things with that background is going to be enriching you you're going to do to see things very clear you're going to understand what is written for so it is interesting that substance who pasta says means that which provide the basis for truths and reliance and also. Proof Yes areas. So you were. So sure you have a positive a statement and then they had to have a state or real in the face now think it is. Bad without faith that is the negative but without faith it is impossible to please him for he that comes to got mass believe that that he east and that he's a rewarder of them that delusion. So let me let me into now into a cup it that is we need to read. And think under slick to ponder this. Because it is part of their they nominate here and sift. The structure of this chapter because it is you know sometimes you know safe in the New Testament normally it it is very clear there is no warps in say you agree with. However the point is that the writer to the ear used I'll do the Hebrews it is it is interesting that you need to read this why because here it is displayed in the New Testament essence of. A morning in the Old Testament the concept of faith in the Old Testament is going to be very very well explained a limited limited the meaning of the picture of the structure and he's done so the trucker is by faith. Plus the name plus the description let's let's go and let me let me put an example here Ok open your Bible and we are going to see this. And you're going to see the whole chapter this is chapter Chapter 11 burst for by faith who able often own to go of a more excellent sacrifice than Cain by which he of pain witness that he was what righteous So again you're going to see Faith and righteous so it is and the dynamic is very clear but this is not emphasis but the scripture is telling you how faith or. Were is a result of faith in burst 5 by faith in look what this Yes and I supposed to do the dollar the over and over the presentation that he walked with God because technically let me tell you something all those who are here walk with. All of them all in this chapter Chapter 11 it is it is the manifestation very clear they walk with the Lord 7 by faith nor are. Good some of you may be able to read it. So again you are going to see how the Bible or is tying the concept of righteousness with a faith but also with that a knee lining element that the you know like in a man city that you talk about. If you're a something it is interesting. One of of God of things not see us so it is it is clear how how we swore to. Burst 8. Us. Thank me. Now. Yes Again this is the same element that in the bursa before 11 now is about Sarah. Thank you the next servant in by faith. You have it. You see it is it is clear that when the Bible East. Is put in faith face look like what I want. The telling one side but in the other there are evidences. A nice is an action is moving is acting is a manifestation is late in the book of Acts of the Apostles you know because the book of facts is Acts of Faith of the Apostle live and by the holy gospel that is very clear for me in verse 20 by faith I suck Professor you have it burst 20 yes 1120. Yes 21 any one of you have it good to. Me. And burst and now the 22nd. No no no you say rock and say. Really do you know. Why. Verse 23. I like very much you know when when the Bible refers here. In the experience of Mosul's. Is this quite interesting why why. Because. You know for example in verse 24. 24 now are when he wants to come 2 years. 24. You know it is it is nothing only when when you understand the Lord and where are you. Who are new and what is a relationship with. All the levels in the human relations. Of important thing. The connection you in the lore are of any of. That body that is one of. Those wonderful since about most of us he was the saw all of us. I'm he follow the dogma of his father. Was a under. The eye. The with far all of that that it's that is. In the experience verse 27. Any of you guys you have. Wow That's that's really really interesting no fear with the Lord. And seen others. Here. Yes and it's like you know when you go to the book of 2nd thing Chapter 6 I don't know if you remember the case in which elation with the with the servant. And the Syrian army was sent to apprehend the Prophet you remember your Remember the case. And the servant went out to say my law or our last mile or what we were going to do because all the old army of Syria are around. And I. And then that is that they reach the numbers in the Bible. That show you that live in connection or who walk in with here in that experience let me let me let's let's go there a moment let's go let me see if I can found immediately and not r us is. Up to 6. Hours Ok verse 17 and allow you to say the Bible Well let me give you the context 1st. Of the reverse Ok let's let's review from birth 11 on the 4 they are part of our king of Syria was sore trouble for his thing and he called his servants and say 2nd Kings 2nd Kings Chapter 6. The mercy Levanon therefore the heart of the king of Syria were sore trouble for this thing and he called his servants and say unto them William not shoot me which of us is for Dick you know are one of the servants a not. A king but a lash prophet that is in Israel they are of the killing of Israel the wars that thou spigots in the bedchamber and burst verse the 3rd team has a goal and his power where he is that I may say and I'm fetch him and it was told Him same before he. A look now where 14 the 4 so. Right there courses chariots and a great host and they come by night and compasses they see the. Past of course but then worse about any population maybe a kind of great lakes Academy if you see those there because that was probably the center of the. Come up these bears. And when the servant of the man of God that is description of. A recent early goal for the beholder and wholesome pass to see the boast with horses and chariots and his servants say unto him I laugh my master how shall we do and verse 16 and he answered. No you see again the concept of fear when you have faith there is no fear and most is a crowd of Akure with no fear to the fire Oh and here is I his I fear not for the day be with us are more than they that be were then. And when you go to where 70 there is that is the topic here the Bible says and elation prayed and say. I pray to op and he says. That he most of. The Lord opened the eyes of the young man and he saw the whole of the mountain was full of horses and Jonas of her around. Well I like very much I like very much of this story for several things I guess that sometimes when you see. When you really. You see that the context is war but when you read the chapter we're 2nd on the topic of the war and the 2nd all the chapters describe the tension but there is not not sure not the nobody died in the chapel and it is a concept also seems. And see. There is that he's playing a kind of the dynamics unseen Israelit the. Communion and walking in close with the Lord too to see the all the concept is about reality because he's shaking the concept of reality because sometimes we only see us really are the things that our eyes some perceptions perceive. But there are other than I am it's that sometimes. Don't use the times when you are in a highway and suddenly happen something and you will know how you all will pass the dang cheer and you are going to ask yourself how the war. Every single year because it's happened. And you begin to think what what is what is. I am I am catching up all the reality really or not because and that is a professional concept very spiritual somebody says you are crazy or yes I am but let me tell you something that are if I am going to stop and going to talk about experiences in my life in which I cannot I cannot explain how it happened when I was carrying in my family. And there was all the one called you in that. Are not car or guys or dro driven by by a drunk person sheet that only coldly and through which we were happening my question is why it didn't happen before or or or she or everybody's feeling to be in the center is just going to say. She remembers. And you see how. And you are going to open your eyes to this kind. Of course Oh no question the question. Oh no question when we need to work with a lorry if we don't walk with the law we're going to. The message that we are come the and the opportunity. To our family who are were our police. Because because that is the enemy here that is a result where here and that is a resort under Russian a full which we are on the in those things and the whole chapter. In this you know most are so game in verse $28.00 I think it plus or under a sprinkling of blub less that destroyed the 1st born should touch them by faith and and you know. That there is a dynamic here in Chapter 11 in the book of the real coming back to the level it is that she in. Jaycar and so on but finally sold to the people of this. By faith Look look for example the dynamic here in verse 30 because when you when you see there is some sin here is that at some point the people of Israel. Were in turn with the Lord together in the UK and that you are going to see that in verse 30 by faith there is no. Person there is no names of. You know. Or some of the judges or leaders there is known are known of them. The worlds of jury quote felt. That that is a manifestation of save that is. The the by the people of the law were saved and after they were compasses about 7 days Jericho was. A priest sometimes shaking our council we will have pretty sometimes some bias. For example verse 30 world. Isn't a chapter of faith and say so Bible burst 31 perish no matter what they believe not so that is very clear the concept of them all now here. Or in the Old Testament but is in the New Testament of course every chapter 11 verse 31 it is in the New Testament when she has received this with us. And she obeyed in contrast. Yes yes. If all this sinks if only sinks were were were known and before they have happened those men woman wouldn't have acted by faith. And that's very clear so faith is the connecting word that the who are of faith is not they were a man who have faith in a school we have faith in to what matters here is the Lord is Guard so it is not anthropocentric manifest but he says they often treat reached. Holy centric. Of and that. Group and when and when they are when they're still poor or are washed right in until mission the top 0 you hear terms they know me very very and rich. Face and what shall I more say for the time will fail me to tell of g.-d. I'm. Just of David also some well and the prophet bears that it verse 33 who through face so the 3 nuns brought righteousness of thing promises to talk them out of lions who is implying over there is Daniel but didn't say that with change there's $34.00 the pylons of fire escape the edge of the sword out of the witnesses were made. Works badly and in turn to slide the armies of the. Verse 35 woman received this ranks to life again and others were told to not accept in the liberal that they might of thing their resurrection that is sick and others have trial of mocking. Caution moreover of bones and imprison verse $37.00 they were stoned they were sold asunder were tempted what is slain with us sure they wander about the ships and boats being the city to be a prick the tormented of whom the world was little worth the they wonder in this rich and in mountain and then and caves of New Earth and these all having of things good report true faith not running. God having provided some better thing for us that they without us should not be made perfect. Jump into the next chapter the corporate media the accounting. Because just a. Burst one safe workforce even we all saw are. About with so great a cloud of witnesses let us lay as. Everywhere and the scene which is so easily. A little run with passions the race that instead the 4. And and I like very much the birth verse to look in. The author finisher of our faith who for the short that was the forking endures the cross the spicing the shame and is set down at the Rabbi. Of the throne of God So I think that this is a very rich metaphor that made me remind this song in the past that I walk with. On. Helping Hand I lean upon this is my prayer my humble plea. And it's in the right direction and he'll hear the words that he said he said will you guys my role and rolled up and I'll never walk alone while I walk with God that there were that there were experienced by the experience of walking with. That is the essence of justification by faith. Richen powerful very meaningful. Because Dan I'm going to change in the future probably going to come very difficult. But let's keep wherever we are wherever we were wherever we are we're conscious of the war let's continue walking with the Lord because. At the end my only wish is that every one of. You. Well bless you that it's a truck that's why we're the prayer Thank you Father for your blessings thank you for your words and thank you for your promise. And think you're poor and rich. With your faith your faith one of them. Thank you for that great father in those days that. 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