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Mormonism at the Crossroads - Part 1

Daniel Scarone




  • February 19, 2020
    11:00 AM
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Well the new Chairman thank you for the opportunity to get here thank you for the coming meeting and also Father give us this moment in which we are going to work. Reaching members for the future and also. Many of. Us with. Us. Just as. I am and I'm going to be working across the We Are the topic also more money. Around. So that is my i.v. I we are going to share with you this book. So. Reassure your knee. To request the book. And the bookcase on the way and we are going to be showing this 4th season of the new book but we were working with a general conference we're producing this the seminars are several years ago there is one more chilling with. Roman Catholics winning and reaching Pentecostals and my friend and colleague Daniel but there was one thing which inning will Mormons. Are going to see. Some. Patients also one book that is well to mention in Spanish and this is the scene a Spanish. City this one we are going to we are going to share with all those who are coming here. So all right you know. Over there we're going to be one of the ones that. Say I'm going to show the book. So this is true that. It isn't a puppet of the war. Or. It is. The. You know we are discussing here. The computer. Of the projector over to here I'm sorry to. Govern this and many. Of you. Have a general knowledge about Mormon. Or know certainly some. How many of you do not know anything. When a few. Moments. You know were are located so let's dial in the. Early ones. Because they were not the people. Who are supposed. To was born in us. Who are. Russian. How many of you family members. Belongs to. More more. Friends. Ok let me let me give you a little bit of back home. How are we. Going to start the topic so. Your go to. If you are going to be interested in the. First of all. The more loans from my time in South America that is the reason I start this book. So. There are so I began to this school were the were a lot of changes so I am working in a book. The 1st the 1st is a 1st because the 1st was in Spanish the 1st book is going to be in Spanish so. No information. Indorsing dish dissertation. There were certain. Who work with. We do have certain things in cold weather. Do you know that they go how certain Satan go along with the Muslims too I don't know if you're aware of that but I'm going to this will be close to surfing in the presentation you are going to see all these kind of connections. Are of course you're going to find out there is a lot of. Work Masons I don't know as you are well off that. I don't know if I'm going to pull over in detail but the book the book is going to give. So they are there are several things that are very good grounding then let me start with I. Was certain. Details regarding the statistical information in this moment according to a pretty. There are. Cultures of the. In Solar City of course they are. Merely. One. More loans war 1611. 169 in the whole wall on my perception please there are. Places in the rear so. Let me tell you that for me it is a very big opportunity of. The gospel with them because. There are good people. There are people there are are there are several things that we have. The word of. This quite interesting because. They sure certain practices with us. They believe in the Bible not in the same way are to go a safe number 8. And going to war to establish a kind of. Between the. Bible. And. When. Into. The picture the personal car of the person in the park are all the articles of space article of faith number 8 say stuff. We believe that the Bible think word of. In essence. Of course you are going to see the language my 1st contact with. The 1st. Over. This book published. By Wire. We're going to take. Something. That I noticed. You know 11 thing. Or. Else the super. Bowl saying that you are going to school. If you are lost in the city all the streets. Are connect the temple. So there is 1st 1st service servers all there is streets around the temple so 1st lord 1st 1st 1st worst so from now if you are going to just go over where you are in the cd because that is every scene interconnected and if you do not work to go into the night you are going to find out no real hope they are changing Mary are. Still a corporation there is the off so there are other connections to Nec to work there are warm ups everything in Sollie city is are the publishing the newspaper. Ever if it's done there with with them. So it is. And of course that's something because when it's done that we can that we want to. Tell you that this. Or. This war with no questions. And not don't publish. There in. The city government because of rest of. This is going to be able to. Recover and this is the. Of course of course. I knew they. Are critical remarks so the marry. Someone who needs to be. Very well known. To both of the stories. Are these. By the way far as I know. All over. So the war went all over the way it is important to say Oh where were were. Always I do hope my questions are. Working. Ok. Yeah yeah that's really. Ok it is important also. To understand some of the things in them they do have. A very serious. Obligation to part of the. And they even have a magazine there is also. Always. They they deserve our I know. Some of the leading. Very interesting a let me share with you does this is something that they perform with the purpose of one discipleship in terms of. Their artistic about. What the song in the family or the family is one to do the future. Are very sweet valleys. Of this look all the worship. They sure. Will when Jessica. Was also. Abolish. The Bible and. I would say of course with the decision of the other faith. The mention of the good but of course the vision of good teachers. Is the Book of Mormon with law conditions. Doctrines over. The Bill of Rights break. We're going to be committed to. The other. Things of course they consume all the words of the voters. Are. Use. So. Long. So I am trying to. Give you some. One to call this story of the story of. The City. It is. They started Tim Palmer. Just. Really was born Jeremy them all. In all 5 so. They move into. This place because there's a whole place in which. It is close to. They don't have a. Huge boom or are used to which surely the more. The golden plates to just leave the golden are the essence of the Book of World. The. More money from those world templates so we are going to give you a hint really in doubt because I know our information that I didn't have before we were in that and then facing. Up to the garden in. 23. 3 just. According to their history. The golden. More by the way with my wound. You can be sick. Form every year in July. Going to. Look small. Let me show you. I love. A lot of facts. And I'm going to show some pictures because. The book may some limitations. Of course. But they're very good. Remember some say they are very good. Because. By the way. They were. Right reg and Yale University. Why us. Is also. One of us this for years. Were process. What is called war. On the 1st call of war press the word the turn up by the moment by the way the Creator will make her do woman. Are the norm if you are I know this gentleman who will be yes because in the. In the law firms were perfectly still shining in the wall because a rebar is usable were perfect but surely no one knew who are in a document or 3 or 4 or 500 pages are very strong or for software work records is this. We were using By the way this book was made with were perfect. Because I was working those those were the were perfect for all one work. For. When I wrote the book. It's quite working. There all the things that you're going to find out this were regarding zillion dollars you. Know. I will say that the. Public. War in. A moment. Because of probably. The war. It is important that you know about so saw in 1823. Received. Communication we're going to be talking about. The week. Before trying. To. Over what happened. 182-320-1827 I'm going to recommend you if you are interested in more more deep books then I'll end up this is this is one of the books that I am going to work on. More money. Is a very large book. Moment. The author is then this Michael Queen. Is quite quite. Basic Paul your graphic and. That is providing we are going to share with you the. 3. Things that I was a little bit suspicious in my dissertation. Let me tell you the. Family also. Hears. This. Story. All. Quite interesting for us. All. This is a theory this is a theory and this is a theory. Of. The began to explore a lot of relief movements in the north east of us. That means up north New York. Yes the mall up north. Of. There is quite interesting because you are. Also all the. Time. This series of books. From General Clark. The title of this. Very. Call. For. 443 books. And I think that is. This is something that. Let them know about this. Or the worse thing is that in the war there were similar things by the way. And they are Venters more mature certainly. 27. Second when you're with them is a year in which. I mean it's the year in which the modern are the golden plates. And also $1844.00 is a common it's a common date with them because it is the end of the prophetic Sirius or there or then e l r crosses ironies the year in which me or us feel. The precision of Qatar in Illinois was. Quite interesting 1844 so 1844 it isn't 40 Sarap it is quite interesting 8 years there are going to be in trouble by the way very. Similar is going to. Because they are not going to be. Well for the future. But let me finish my main story to present patients who give up limbs about this this point in the follow him in the following. We say that the $23.00 just found the world in place close to the Mt Camorra. One thing let me let me give you one thing that hold my attention when we were traveling. Through or eating. What we have in Boston. Undetected. That. Was close to. There are several there are so that Alonso. And sometimes maps. Say Well this is the same city. Which more there is this was. So and So. Many So not so we want to miss it if that is. You know in this about 9. Months away from our so I will say this. Was. Born into. Close ties him and also close Joe graphic Kelly So the moments. Have any kind of connection between one or the other well began to says take and say well there is no order the nomination in the Christian war there is Tyson people for the birth but the more most they are doing the nation all the people there is collecting information of geneological data regarding the ministry told at death but more most are doing da Is there any thing that are in common with that yes. So we're going to be exploring him in one of the seminar Sokolsky week regarding that topic because that is some sinful nearly new that I think. That I didn't see at the beginning of course when they decide the place I was with my daughter. And my wife. My daughters I don't want to be so. You know like. I say well. I'm not converting into a spirit I am trying to research and understand something. Is connected with 844 and a gift that we need to tell these people some same but before God will to support with that what we are going to share with them because that is part of our problem here because in the moment if you are going to find a mix of everything believe me believe me a mix of. It's a very well mounted story but when you into the door into put it into the frame. You are going to. Explore that being if it's something. I'm off. To distort. The topic. So aiming at $1827.00. Just me to receive the golden plates. Together with. Began to finish up. The Book of Mormon very same was ready to publish. My percent Asian. Normally I do have kind of. That I made. This edition so in. 29. Or rather. Finally just. 3. That were marking her. Will. Remember those who were me I'm going to I'm going to bring a book of Mormon. Because when you open the book. The 1st. Morning. It's. All. Over the work more models and this is. Is that all very safe which is all the Comal for 8th or. 6000000 people based upon the testimony of 3 people that are telling him that the golden tables were truce. There is no evidence or there exists a little if you understand what I'm saying or do you need not I repeat that the just because what happens if you are asked the Mormons Ok so or you are based upon the Book of Mormon yet. And the Book of Mormon is they suppose in the world and take this all the way they Asia took away so. That a revelation let me tell you something. How are you or today. In opposition. I hear we have a minimum nation that is Big East poem I hear them if only sure I'm and they believe that the Book of Mormon is true but there is no there there is no Parkman there is not there is not a crown for Bob We do have in the bible however we have the Bible they say we believe the word refers to you it is correct that. We are going to bury 5 that this is a correct translation if we don't. Because. Because when you go to the book of moment your world those who were that it sounds very. Very shrewdly very close to the. New u.s. mirror. When when you read that and you say were is that who or how in the war you're going to sit and you know 11 day so America. Translation is really sometimes a very this is funny interesting sometimes it's difficult and the reality is that sense leashing. Very difficult to come. All the media from one language to another. And. I took literature. Years ago. So I read Shakespeare and so what I'm going to say. I'm sorry I I'm sorry would you guys I'm sorry with the British people and I am sure English expert. I began to reach experience this. Morning to do all the prayers required to me. But but you know the topics are so I read Macbeth Hamlet. You know. A man who have this feeling of compassion because one day I these poor. I don't know if you are familiar with servant this quarter the mansion. I reviewed the kickoff of the mantra in English. So. One thing that I discover is that in the Book of Mormon there are words of the belongs not only to. Also. Also going to the most. You are going to see that you are going to see what is the pattern of the things how how in the world this is going to happen we know. All those questions are going to. Teach you. To think deeply rooted in the. The. Though the saying that it's important that you know if the 3. Witnesses that when you open the book of homo say. In all to all the nations that we are all you very cold very barking Haris there we saw the golden plates and so war be known dug up 3 witnesses and after dark the the money of $8.00 would. You ask yourself was. 3 and 8 why it's important they say they are not going to tell you a 1000000. But they were. The 1st we. Saw if the golden plates are not you are the 1st witnesses are gone who are used to go into witness our of the certainty of the existence of the golden plates. You understand what is oil so well going to be believed in the fall when they say about that so in $1830.00 The later they say we're going to charge. Our Justice made this elected. The president of the new organized charge. To happen something very important or revealing all of the times in which they were living. Remember something just didn't. Die in. A silly suppresion monument of. Justice and Justice. I don't know what is the broader theme. Bowls were. The. 2 couples saying well. Just me. And this is going to pee in your mind. You know when I when I was singing when I wasn't so America this is this core this is this is the picture of the temple in one aside to search until this arm is very near the airport your goal. When you see to your right this is going to happen years a very very quite interesting saw I took the picture yes my picture. Of Iraq. But you know what. They give me 15 days to everybody. So enter into the them. Into the temple because after those days is private and you all need to be able to own or if you are a member and you are going to perform some secret or private ceremony inside that then and I mean some of the time since. The war temple. They perform. And they perform the merrier. For eternity or the Mary or shares in the temple so if you are growing. In the temple for eternity. I'm not enter into this process the merrier. But I am describing the topic in which a debut if. The point is this not believe this is something. The charts are open. To. The performance of this in the. Religious ceremonies of the merriest are open so in the Bible you see. Mind the you know reaching back here is some kind of. Or private the saying in performance words this is wrong. And you are right in the but let me explain. We're in the Bible you fire and trying to fix me a nation about selling. Off friends inside the temple there's no. God was corruption in the temple those. Were the worst away those people were serving those in the corruption systems in the world interesting little you the I mean the presentation. A few years ago and corruption in the charts and I used. It is quite interesting that. The ministry the temple. Fish. The Temple and this is important because normally we are very quiet till him with the sanctuary doctrine and that is we are involved in that that means all E.M.'s and that means contamination that are there are by. About a making profit about something that was never granted permission to and that is the name all. Of those. But remember something Jesus never the process that he never change there even the Prius by the way I do belief and it's really clear for me I'm illusion why I say that there was a connection between the priest and those who were performing that kind of business of. Course So what do sauce. She leaned. The corruptions aside that was not revealed in the Bible they got in the Ok No but that was public you can access and that is the difference here the draws the towers. Even in the chart you are going to find out that you might be able to access to a 10 public service and there is nothing private in our were charging. But here nor Here you see millions of dollars in. Build them up temples in which all only a few are multiple people might be able to gather and that is coming from way from the moment in which justice and the. Brought. Some of the practices in sad them the Masons into the Mormon charts so 1843 another thing very interesting. Just a fist meet received special revelation about. Mary are shifts. Mary or sheets that is bullied I mean. There are one of the things that I. That I put here in the book. Those days was difficult to find this broken down picture and by the way you can enter into the Internet and you are going to find out the picture right on John with all the wifes some of them were wifes of Joseph Smith earlier. By the way they they packed I start you know on polygamy across the years until finally they are suspended Yes. Really lays a very good question. Let me tell you the medicine I am so in them that they saw that is a very good question for them. But they are going to pick up by the way they only they say that all the polls who perform this Sunday morning inside the temple are going to reach this level of force Drury that they perform so far I don't know I guess that the person is going to select something but I am not to enter into a speculation about that. And I don't want you to convert into the. $843.00 justices meet receive this special relation and in $844.00 by the way to perform is crucial speech regarding you also the Guard we're going to enter into doing that which includes. Some question marks regarding the treaty. I'm going to bring that information on 844 Joseph as we die in Qatar Illinois very close to now who. Does place and after $1844.00 break and. Take place in their leadership on this story moves into Salt Lake City saw a couple of thinks beginning to wrap up my presentation to the. 1827 is a common date that we have with them. In the update our justice meeting that near received the golden plates in dark year. So far it is quite interesting. The other though the day. $1844.00 is the death of Justice meat on the 7th day of the charge. So I'm going to let you know also. I think. We should also. Tell. This. Why because there are several of. Us we believe in the Bible they believe in the course condition but they believe. They do have a difference in the polls we do have. In this. Connection with. All of them is. There are certain Cong. In our diet reform. Of. Lifestyle living. They do have our. Family watches getting connected working together inside the farm. They are with that kind of focus they are various sure. They're very faithful. And the 7 they'll move to church is also very face for supporting the church so we have. Things in call on the probably. If you were. Working with. Who to work with them several of them became so useful. So. I'm going to share with you the rest of the day how we might be able to work. And how we might be able to reach probably you are going to look certain certain. Things. If they begin thinking they're going to. Break. You tomorrow thank you for coming in. 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