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Mormonism at the Crossroads - Part 2

Daniel Scarone




  • June 20, 2019
    11:00 AM
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Funny heaven thank you for your blessings thank you for the beautiful day that we are enjoying today thank you for your protection your courage. And police to help us in these who worked. That we are going to be working together to foster our were mission into different and they verse groups especially our work our brethren in this community of faith be with us in the person station in Jesus name Amen. Just sometimes I don't know if you if you are in our in a hotel or something like the police are after you you check around you can you can check. There are several versions of of the Book of Mormon just today we work talking about a little bit about what are the canonical background for the Mormons. Of course they believe in the Bible and I mentioned yesterday that they believe with an exception that is the article of faith number 8 and I'm going to do to mention this is in Spanish and this is in English the same thing what about also area yeah oh what I mean to marry her I wanted to ring just. I don't know if I'm going to her it in a gallon for tomorrow here in Michigan but just to to let you know this this is a version in which there is the Book of Mormon doctrine in some cauldron and the peal of great praise that the older that he gave to my friend over there is the blue version is just the the Book of Mormon is the one that you might be able to find in some cold tales belonging to surf in Marietta or you know of all those who are downtown Seoul the City headquarters you're going to find out a little bit about that yesterday we started a my presentation I'm going to review a little bit because today. You have the power point presentation is going to helping a little bit we are talking about them Walt movement. There is order to leach but he's I'm not in the same amount of can treat this lady cylinder that is charge by the way there are countries in which moments are not represented. And you can check online about Dad to close last year they have. A constituency and I wall Congress with a lot of information everything is available they are in the world 16 millions one handed a team 169 that is a prison to Dowson 18 at the beginning of the year I've been checking and saw I couldn't find out too many more but I am up to date in this book that I wrote in a Spanish and I'm going to have it in Spanish this year and then I find going to work a little bit with this in English and I am surprised that. Many people here are attending I've been telling my wife that every time that I did a presentation on this topic. Surprises me the attendance with the house because appearing to agree. Or family friend or somebody else here with kind of relationship that So proly I'm going to make an effort and put it in English because all the by the way all divert all the put Asian soul do references in the in the b.b. a graphic done and working with it is in English of course because that is. That is the point so yesterday we were surveying I'm going to repeat a little bit about this today that Joseph Smith is the basis of the more money is of course he were born in. The summer the 23rd Joseph Smith is born in Sharon Burr Mont and in 1020 he. He refers to have the 1st Bishan and surface Mead found there in the $1823.00 of the golden plates that they are going to be released in 1907. We are going to probably between 2 more or 30 day I'm going to take more than 20 minutes. Of My percent Asian regarding this this 2 dates 1823rd and 1827 let me get back to you let me get back to you yeah I'm going to I'm going to enter into detail into this topic because it is important. And in the 1827 September the 22nd justice meet received the golden plates that is the basis of this book according to the reference that it say so when you open the Book of Mormon you are going to see it from the beginning in the testimony of 3 witnesses saw the book and after dark the testimony of 8 witnesses so we are going to work out. Maybe tomorrow or regarding that because it is important keep in mind that and we are going to to make a reference in between that doctrines and colon and Chapter 5 because in that kind of connection we are going to be working in some single into them because we wish it was 0 that I am with a bargain with these people there are good people in this community and I think that we need to do something in favor of that there was a hand over there. That one's. Not the the the yes the there were in hill Cumorah. It was were were not released to him until 1827 and we're going to we're going to get back into this DARPA because it did this is important keep in mind this this. Also the question because we are going to digging. Regarding this topic this is important your question and it's important where we are going to see here so he received that and this is more are you see this disses this is my are myself a woman I went to a patient and then that they normally do have every single year and I understand that they are going to have this event on a limb and share with you that this is a kind of. Hollywood kind of person Taishan very powerful the way in which they are going to work the percent Asian and you see this. There is a lot of people by the way when when we reach the place we park over here with my family so we were walking a lot to find a place but they didn't give me permission to take you know. Our living here by name to them but don't worry. Because I by the way I wrote a book about them and they answered I'm going to show you some of the things that they put on the Internet in Spanish so this isn't the top of our hill Cumorah. And there is our kind of remembrance for them and they do have a center for the d.c. tours and they are very well prepare to attend all the d.c. tours and they are having people come in from all over the wall to to be sit patiently in that in the moments that issue lie remember something if you check into the into the Google Maps you are going to find out here Camorra is about maybe. 67 miles away from Palmyra. That is the place in which it was the center of the 1st printing in of the Book of Mormon so that's a reason why. That is important for Sun reason and I think that is financial Theresa's. They are not going to perform this any longer. Year on against this or to Towson 9 or 2020 according to my understanding what I checked on they are not going to repeat the savant but by the way this is for cream. And the display is this in my view in my view is very expensive one. The platform is that kind of it a kind of thing that you are going to do to see and in about maybe 2 are worse because issue lies saw in between NY. Are around this time in July until maybe 1115 they are going to give you our general picture of the is Tory card back crown of the Book of Mormon so they display that they represent into doubt let me tell you this. Granddaughter to use one are also war because there is a lot lot of people involved with India to Asian in the kitchen this. And are trying to focus from the distance in order that you may have. A an idea of that of course this is a this is just a clip about anything 29 did 3 witnesses and when I speak of how the 3 witnesses I am refrain to. Into this I don't know if you have the Book of Mormon a word or someplace but when yes when you when you open the Book of Mormon the 1st thing that you are going to see and story with this. Or simply some of you the 1st thing is you find this disc. And say this well I have the Spanish version I can read it but I don't know if this. Could you read it from the testimony of the 3 witnesses here at the beginning in order just at the beginning yeah. Which. We all know about friends. Were. Shown to us. There with. 8 of. He brought. Us all plagues. Rise. Record these things. Are. Bad. As. You know. They. Are. So damned serious only very cold during they meet with. Our Martin chorus that is the name of the 3 witnesses it is important to. They think can do this because tomorrow we are going to base it on the debate days because we are going to enter into into that in our Campari something in between right and so. I mention this because the problem the problem is not when you turn the page you turn the page and the next patient safety on the testimony office witness. And yesterday I mentioned that one of the problems that they do factor in history is that 3 witnesses the 1st 3 witnesses abandoned the less. If every scene happen in them in the branch of about 10 years approximately so so the recently. Southerly in between because between some of them and return get back into the charge but in between there was not testimony about the existence of that so that's a reason why. The rationale is the testimony of 8 but we're going to enter tomorrow into doubt the car that is that is a problem for them and I'm going to show you the what is the reason of the problem and what isn't dynamic. That done this very interestingly some mace in the topic got into yes. No Martin Harris never get back. No really very cold very There is family of the prophet and there it will get back but not Martin cars are my understanding according to. You never you never get so in our 830 they printed out. The 1st version of The Book of Mormon and they organize the charge in 1903 just if it's Meet the elect that was selected as the president of the new organized charge and in 842 he became some Mason. Yesterday we were mentioning a little bit about that I don't know if I'm going to have our with too much emphasis regarding that but basically let me tell you that in the temples they distinguish charges and tempests if you are an official member of the of the charge of yesterday I received. A very vehement that I'm going to check but I'm going to share with you. Normally they are checking with all the doors about the also to charge by the way they are they are sending all the to the members if they are paying faithfully are no friends I let me tell you that in deed of the given the support for the missions of the Thais is dedicated to the temples and touch us. And if you have meaning in Washington d.c. and you are are you know going into surrounding the argument it closes in a call. In which we have the the headquarters there is one of the biggest sanctuaries in that area I'm going to show you pictures but let me tell you that there is a lot of money. And that kind of of theme of buildings and of course in the city too there are there are temples across the walk here is one way when you when you came out from the site is down town going to the airport. You're going to see this in to the right hand are going to the. International Airport and one side is and then they took to this picture that there is a cover of the book I took it because I visit and they were open to the public for 15 days approximately. In which they are going to show you where they are going to perform the special ceremonies like the marriage for eternity and so war. Also Or they're not going to mention very freely but they perform in the sanctuaries in the temple the baptism for that they're. Going to take sometimes in the following days to explain a little bit about this but this this is private and this is coming from this because in no the religion you are going to find aren't done yes that you are going to be some kind of Sec receive your privacy for the better pin some kind of rituals like in in the Mormonism but this is coming from the miss because technically what it happen is just a SMI. Took us elements from the missiles brought them up to Christianize them and applied into the temple for them for this saying I'm going to explain a little bit about more I am just covering part of the history here in think 43 so sophist me to receive controversial revelations about polygamy. And it is it is true Americus. Yes it is it is over there. In 844 he pronounced a very controversial speech regarding the debate you are they got here and I and I you know I was tempted to do short the reading but you know at the beginning in the testimony of the 3 witnesses here they say at the r d n about the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit Ok. Not always this is consistent in in the line in the timeline of the revelation of Justice me by the way. It is it is important I don't know if I'm going to have a certain time to discuss the views about that but probably in the following days I'm going to do it in 44 Joseph Smith die in Qatar Illinois close to know who are nice and didn't die or far heart attack no cancer. On he was he was more than just who was murder and this is a this is a place this is a place I feel dark I took the time thanks to my family that helped me with this is the place and took some pictures regarding that and there is a monument in the place of the 2 of brothers justice an interim. That was with him in that in that moment in which he were us a dark and and I knew see our early description that he saw were there falling from from the window in which he was. Both both were to. So I asked her after our Joseph Smith Brigham Young took the leadership of the charts and here is a picture that is. In the Internet regarding Brigham Young on the wives. Of course. It is it is quite interesting the top story for 4 days but his part of the problem that I've been I've been thinking I am going to to share with you this there are several dates that called my attention one they say 1027. 144-1927 Joseph Ismay it received the golden plates we already saw that but this is the year in which Ellen g. who had was born so it is it is curious it is it is it is interesting. They all other is 1844. And recently I came up with I came up with an idea that we need to we need to share with them about the things because my perception is that in 18 in 1844 something like a kind of small screen. Happen into the times in order. That the people were distracted about the prophetical events that they are going to be fulfilled. 44 is the death of Joseph Smith and also. Is the timing which the General Conference or better some of the other to charge was born not get the conference that is 20 years later but bad but when when you think about about all the things that happen I don't know if I'm going to summarize briefly but you are going to see 7 and all the elements are going to happen around me let me see if I can correct this to or end up this but is related also with the Disciples of Christ also with the evolution theory that he's born. And there are several other things that is the born of. This period to stick movement and I've been in my visit over there I discovered that. Between Permira that is the place the in which the Book of Mormon was printed the 1st printing was in in in here aren't I'm here it's Bill. You're going to see the lease about maybe 10 miles of difference maybe 9 all depends the word the way you are going to take to turn but you don't need to go back to the 8090 but if you go internally like in the old times it is very short place so very very very short distance between between both of them and what is the point. The point here is that here is our place in the which of moment was printed and here is the place in which modern s.p.d. to a listener they called unsafe espied it is that he's there the back crown of the sr folks us who are inside our place when I went with them. With my family my daughter was a little bit of reactive and say I don't want to go and do this and say research we are not going to convert the words of to any of these places just we are researching investigating because because that that is the part of the of our district that we are going to take in view to you so the pasta sees the half it is that is that is here. And when you when you check this. One I was finishing my master degree in South America. That was my this is. The main tests in those this they put this is a Haram is that a social context the evolution context they spew to a more for our values their religious trance and the information thank you they information share and the knowledge of certain historical social context moment on how to do the probably may impact the human beings that lives in the same context. Because we are not islands. And this is call. Their Barna all through this tree is a theory I understand but you know there are Syria elements that are coming out and let me show you what are then and this is this belongs to to my time here. Seekers are you are going to see seekers were in that place in those days and seekers were independent independent affiliated independent of any all their religious movement and just a fist meet will start a movement saying that all the religious movements are Rome so in certain circles this is going to to have our kind of filling with a seeker's by the way also with Islam I'm going to show you in the following days regarding doubt because you are going to see similar things in communion besides this far there is an angel there is a book and then he said community and there is orders and there is a prophet and so on and there is polygamy you are going to do in here is dark and you are going to see and you're going to ask yourself and say what what what what going on but I will say. Our stand on many I will call comparison between the Muslims and the Mormons both with them it's interesting maybe our next year. And. The others seekers deny they all 43 of the Bible. The moment this is quite interesting because the article of faith number 8 say we believe the Bible is the Word of God as far I asked it is so insulated culture Exactly and we also believe the Book of Mormon to be the Word of God So the Book of Mormon no questions about the book. So then the questions are regarded in the Bible. So it's interesting and they put down the link in the Internet are where you are going to find out some kind of more information regarding the same the same topic. Again with a seeker so they reject the idea that Dolly our knowledge and now ministry may have a nice interest in why because in more money's only very cold during one of their witnesses done appears here in the in the 1st page one of the 3 witnesses is a family related by the way with justifies me Dr Joseph Smith and Justice Smith but ties all the very cold very. And there is in elements of history of the charge by the way the page I don't know if he's English or Spanish but let me tell you that he's. Over there. Are Here is a representation by an artist that is not hungry and there are some By the way. In the Baptist service in which a just of his meat baptizes or liver calls the re. And the Jake are different different movement they say that the fallen man was due to on all thought indulgent use of 6 and in the 2nd Book of Nephi up to to burst 25 day say Adam fellow that men may be and may incur that day my half jaw. Joy so. Are it is it is interesting the relationship in between shakers to day he. Denied the Trinity and the Trinity according to them was a monstrous 16 and its meat sais and this is history of the charge 1000000006 pages Sorry them the. Double p. one has to be for 73 for 79 says I Say That is ice strange garb Anyhow 311 in 3 it is a curious organization he him mentions done so so it is important that you you read that because the beginning of the Book of Mormon says something different shake your soul so may dialogue with beings that used to be mortal beans before and keep in mind this. We are going to visit to revisit this because I'm very sorry for this. I was wondering how long and it happen. The passions let me see if I can regain contact with them with a presentation coming. In the Shakers made dialogue with beings that used to be mortal beings how do you call the. Connection of a human being with being from beyond. The spiritual is technically you can call or necromancy. McCrimmon says that the Green Card ward and if you search you are going to see the. Neck wrong on this coming from the Greek neck or on that his neck rose that is the person that died man seem means kind of into connection dialogue with the saw that is that is the mantra involve it in that. Is interesting because. I will say this the machinery of the. Analytics is does this regarding Mormonism jump over the aria of this period to a list and I'm going to enter into the Press edition this week briefly I don't know if I can hold her in 1520 minutes but I'm going to take all the time needed in order to to share the information because they are in this kind of city and in my mind until more now I before been an angelic are being or or enjoying status was an inhabitant of these land and that is there the source of the given of the Book of Mormon to just as me it is interest in that in that district to burn over destry also was a lady call me no Wilkinson and there is she lives in between 750 to it in 19 she was a very charismatic religious leader does go burn her colonies with visions and that is quite interesting because just as mean the the. Joseph Smith conducted his movement by Bishan some revelations and he comes to the people and say look the Lord showed me about a lot of the wife some religion of the Lord wanted to obey that you are you understand when I'm saying. Let me let me finish and I'm going to take questions probably around before 4 minutes before I finish and keep the question or write the question if you if you have in mind so the only thing is that it is do this this is important when I went to Boston but by the way I do have a family member over there and will see the board and. Swedish scientists philosopher or mystic until ocean. Until today in the aria of Boston Massachusetts there are secular Mormons affiliated with. Some kind of connections with. With Swedenborg they called and saved themselves so the more Germans they are reading in are kind arsonist I or something and he believe in 3 degrees of glory in heaven the natural the celestial and spirit one and joseph smith believe in 3 degrees of glory they let the rest and so this so are the big given you know in some of the Mary Karr when I was writing this book and I put diversion I say well maybe I am I am I don't know if I am talking to people that my follow up about this but today the questions about their. There is a kind of connection in between city abortions movement with Joseph Smith is very clear because there is no the movement we can of 3 degrees of glory. And also there are a couple of all the things coming from him and will Swedenborg. Says' guard if our divine men keep in mind that please put it in your pocket here for I why are you going to revisit this idea because you are going to see that this is a concept that is coming are also in Mormonism very clearly and of course that is that is part of the kind of a now not talking about here to loudly shown about evolution of man into the dimity and this kind of thing it is in Sweden Smith says God inserts were us once as we are now. A nice and ex altar to man and seat and throne are in yonder heavens. And this is in the sermon funeral sermon of King Follet in April 7th 844 and he's recording in is recorded in history of the Charge William 6 basis to the old 23737 t. so. I say couple things. To say the most believe that angels are human beings or were human beings before their Angelika condition and him all morning sir. Born before being on the show used to be on in every turn of this war and a human being so here are some sense what is the relationship with another Mormon and we are in this area there are there are several. Ministers Freemasons Freemasons where a secret society and look at this quotation of the Book of Mormon Book of Mormon. The 3rd Book of Nephi chapter 3 verse now I am because I am God the end he and I am to over know are also this secret society of Guardian tone secret society of Guardian in the Book of Mormon in America before the crust so is this quite interesting which society and the works there offer I know to be good and they are of ancien day the and they have been handed down on to us so. Freemasons do they believe in secret combination passwords and so one Book of Mormon a book editor Chapter 8 verse 22nd saints and whoever nations are called such sekret combination and in the book of element Chapter 6 verse to and 2nd say and it can to pass that they have their science year their secret signs and their secret wards. And this is that they my distinguish a brother who have entered into the whole when. You know when when you when you 1st pleat a little bit the Shard on the Misuse here and you interconnect this is not coming from the Bible this doesn't come in for a Jesus this is not coming from the Old Testament this is not coming from from from the New Testament this is not coming from from Paul what is coming prone is coming from Freemasons and of course you are going to see that this are very clear perception in the right and saw fear among Masons one of the titles West master and in the book of Messiah chapter fibers at 31 in the people of Great Price say so man the master one of the titles that appears a mesa proponents of the great world and ceremonious and so on and the Mormons which was in their temples are secret that that that is something that the fairy in see 8 them with any other religious movement eventually called couple it whatever you are going into science so it is quite interesting let's talk briefly about the Book of Mormon. When you talk to the Mormons it is I don't know if you are going to I don't know some of you if. Some of you take a stand Bible studies with Mormons give Bible studies to Mormons never Ok this quotation Elice it is one important and when you shall receive the things. I were you dad you will ask God to turn our Father in the name of Christ if these things are not true and he for you shall last with a sincere heart with our real intent having faith in Christ he will manifest the truth of it all to you by the power of the holy God. A what. Was. Yeah yeah. Well but by the way this is this is a kind of appeal kind of appeal remember the section of the appeals remember section of Appeals because we are we're going to I don't know if I have time in there across this dispersant Taishan because. Sometimes a dime is short but when when you read the Book of Mormon keep in mind this into Times in which justice in it worse working in the solution but Asians in between just Lucian of the Book of Mormon and the golden plates there was a kind of revived in public. And one of the preachers in those days came up and be said and it is quite interesting that when you read the Book of Mormon. And you you sink in in that and you are in the perfect place to understand what I'm going to say because you are in a committee. And come moving were celebrated in that district several times so several times. And you're going to find out that the vocabulary the appealing and so one are sure look very clearly interconnected with this periods of the can move it's very very. So that is going to be when you really you're going to see that very spontaneously is going to appear into your eyes because it's going to to. To to attract your hour into the top Also I'm proud to statement say the Book of Mormon claims to be a divinely inspired record written by a succession of prophets who in habited I mentioned America it professes to be reveal to the present generation for the salvation of all who will receive it and for the overthrow and damnation of all nations who rejected this book must be either true or false through also for service is true it is one of the most important messages ever sent from God to man affecting Bourse temporal an eternal interest of every people under heaven to this same extent in and in the same degree that the message of no are affected they know it and of the old war East if for. It is one of the most cunning we could bold deep laid in posse sions ever planned upon the wall calculated to deceive and green millions who will. Who will sincerely receive it as the Word of God and will suppose then of suddenly built upon the rock of through until they are plunged into the with their families into hopeless despair the nature of the message in the Book of Mormon is such that if through no one can possible be saved and respected and if falls no one possible be saved and receive it. Or some producer was an elder of the moment so. Yes it's. Yes it is astonishing but the reason Hampshire I do have by the way I put it in a Spanish also. A patient into this a statement and I translated that because. It is serious it is important I put this a statement in one of the page in the book and I put a frame around this because it is quite appealing I will say to the point where he says critters in the in the bowl for the Mormons. Well. The Book of Mormon doctrine some coven and the pill of great praise. And the Bible until of course is translated correctly when when it's ace there the day of Mormon is the Book of Mormon sorry for the mission I guess I need to review a little bit about the presentation Ok I am coming back about the Book of Mormon the Book of Mormon so sophist me the prophet. Is the instrument whom God used to translate this record testified that the Book of Mormon was and see this the most correct book on Earth and the keystone of our religion and a man will get nearer to God by a by then by its precept than by any any other book so. Second Nephi 140 awake and arise from the dust and hear the words of a tremble in power and who Slim's Yemen assume lay down in cold and silent grave from whence not travelling or can return a few more days and I go the way of all the earth when I was living in this I was in South America I can tell you the place in which I was there is in my country you why. They retain a village in which there is an institution I was walking and I regard and they say who's live in Yuma soon lay down in the cold sailing grave from whence no child will lure con group. Of course they are. Some of the the metaphor you know the metaphor of of the of the traveler there is you go into that direction and destiny from which is not going to get back is quite interesting. With a Shakespeare Hamlet are 3 Turks but that the dread of something after death the undiscovered country from whose Barna not traveller returns. Is interesting. Ok I don't know if I hurried here so when you compare this Hamlet and the Book of Mormon you wanted to say wow here is quite interesting. Because you kinds see the myth or for that is a minute or more news Lee you know the vice put into the air into that presentation. And I mentioned that by the way I put it in in the book so I received some critiques from the Mormons and they put you know. Kind of target on that I do recant about that. I only can accept one thing that also is a metaphor coming from the Book of Job The coldly also is going to be connected with shit however the vocabulary when you when you put it in English. Translation by the way I was really them I mentioned yesterday I was real and Shakspeare and sore in Spanish. So when they when they grasped that I said wow this is this is something that danger and of course that that was the input coming. In there in the magazine in a nearly magazine of the times of of justice means. That it's called the the times and seasons times and seasons November 1902 Joseph Smith's ace the air roar I speak of is the definition of the word moment you mention I guess is coming yes. It has been a stated that this ward was derived from the Greek word Mormon 2222. This is not the case he clarifies and say there is no all Greek or Latin in upon the place for which I threw the grace of God translated the Book of Mormon lead the language of the book a speak for itself so no no Greek nor Latin Ok so when when you go here I don't know if you are you have the version of The Book of Mormon some of you you will. Certainly find Chapter 9 verse 17. Say this this I am delight and the life of the wall I am they are fine I don't know me they are the beginning and the end in the Book of Mormon. And he says the prophet there is no Greek or Latin no Greek land in Greely. Asana meter that is the 1st letter of the Greek alphabet and the last one of the Greek are so are there I am the light and the life of the wall I am the Alpha media and the beginning the 3rd Nephi. Bear 17 but look at all this this this is going to to do to put your hair out for a little bit and because my war soured his for many of the shall say our Bible abare ball we have got the Bible and there cannot be any more Bible 2nd the fight up to 20 neighbors 3 written about 55 non before crys took notes took a picture think about but. If you didn't know Rose insisted there was a Bible mention 500 before crisis in America. And before there was a Bible known in Europe and in the war because they were bible come from big Bloss that this means books you know and it was support. And from that comes the pack crown ASDIC concept of a collection of books so on there is some sense in there is something. We need to tell them when to talk to them. Because that is a very very very gross in inconsistency here because this is about 559 before let me share with you the Old Testament is one part of the Bible and year was not finish and then look this time and once not written and this mention a subtype of what cannot Bible the subtitle bow with no look Testament and just with a collection of suction in between so I guess that went into I'm willing to take down to think about a maybe to think how we're going to give testimony to them regarding this topic. If you have some questions bring back to me tomorrow and I'm going to take up the beginning take notes about Doc or bring me in in a written list of our world a prayer and we are going to finish in this moment. Thank you for these moments. Help us to work out this situations that we were developing today in order to to bring up powerful testimony and based upon the Bible to our We're our friends in this community father they need to know you they need to know your truths they need to know your salvation because you are where fathers and we are from you because you created us or be with us in Jesus name in. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe or if you would like to listen to more sermons please visit w.w.w. our Universe dot org.


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