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Mormonism at the Crossroads - Part 4

Daniel Scarone




  • February 22, 2020
    11:00 AM
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Father in heaven thank you for your blessings thank you for the time and opportunity you are given us to be here thank you for this Sunday's beginning to appearing a rainy day and thank you for the blessing in getting together to. To sync to reflect how to reach diverse group of people for which we need to develop missions from now we're chalk and for your kingdom. Be with us in this presentation Jesus name Amen So yesterday after. We were. We were base in this part of the presentation or when a topic in which the Book of Mormon says that they were up excuse me in which justifies me the translator and keepers on in the Book of Mormon him say that there was no Greek or lap in in the Book of Mormon you remember that we were exploring him because there were a lot of words that we found in the Book of Mormon with a Greek a possible Bible or. A several other wars that that call our attention of course there were Bible is not in the Bible we were reflecting that but I mean showing at the end of the presentation that. Among deletion. What I would say yes it is is a doubt in the book of e.j. come that is written $544.00 if it ends up. Here in chapter 7 with the last word when when the author in this case Jacob say brethren. You know. And we were you know thinking and reflecting about that. And that is that is the center of of the topic in which there are some kind of things that are given as the done in Steve of being a document that is from 500 before Christ is technically a document that is very much contemporary of the times in which Joseph Esmie produces a translation and to morrow I'm going to speak a little bit about some station concept because there is a kind of progressive kind of more money isn't there is a fact in some of the of the concept of framework of even the idea of translation and of course they all there is a messiah Chapter $16.00 in the Book of Mormon about 148 years before Christ that say so now if Christ had not come into the wall a Speaking of things to come I asked Dow They have already come the cool have been north of them. Of course and this was another thing that is telling us that something is wrong with the us. Pathetic a languish. Program or maybe in the context of the English Betty Betty Pohlad to many Polish the English I will say that not call me. A sheep in reformated a concept I will draw this kind of concept as Frank were to say that is almost difficult to believe. Or accept intellectually as something that was common and unclear is somebody that is attending today among the books that we were recommending is a ford want to know is the 1st one found bro this. My history and we were commenting about that many of the Gould writers regarding the topic of moment. Are or were former Mormons former moments and it is quite interesting if we will to the Bible because even in this Indies topic sometimes we need to bring our were reflection and were mission. Based upon what the Bible says and the post of Paul right into the relations in Chapter one Verse 8 he said Samson That is quite quite interesting according my point of view you say but though we or I mean show from here. I mean it is quite interesting because here we see an eye and a shell. That is coming in to moral in my present Asian I'm going to stress or maybe challenge the Regarding of Angel. And you are going to see that because because the reality is that Joseph Smith in the beginning when he begun to know about he 6 perience in in the dates surrounding the turning circle and the 23rd of September. A seeing 24 and a 127 when he was described and he use another phrase and there were not many of age but he said that he was trying to get a whole. Kind of messenger and we're going to touch base regarding that because of them though this mill of the East is quite interesting use not given the idea of an Jilek version of the point and I'm going to express or ponder that but here we see the point the bug though we all the nature of fear and preach any all the goal spell or do you die which we have preachin to you don't let him a curse. And there are there are 2 big movements nowadays that are telling. There was a revelation coming from an angel talking to their prophet given them a book and so one and and here in this is quite interesting I call this a thing or many kind of relation between them and I copy from from my power province or I There are some mistakes little mistakes in the presentation but if you are going when you compare Mormonism and Islam from the thing on many Christiane point of view you're going to see that in the Mormon interest there is a prophet in the muslims there is a prophet also. This prophet in modernism is going to say that he had vision and dreams in the order you are going to see the same visions and dreams. That he received in Moment in Islam his revelation through in Asia and you are going to see in the kind of the Mohammedans the same seeing through an angel and in Mormonism so you are going to see that these are denunciation of all the relations mistakes or wrongness in practices and beliefs and so on and you are going to see the same in Islamic. The same say they do have all Center and you are going to see the same it is quite interesting you know when when I've been. When I've been. Good in good India it's additional. Version of the conversation of the Prophet Mohammed I I I thought I got the book of our bow down it's a baby the Big Book. Came from so the Iranian regime. To my home you know so probably I am in every race Easter with this moment so the quest quite interesting because when when I was trying to define. Muslims I don't know I don't know how you define You sometimes we define as a religious movement. And I've been working several years. Compeer in religious many stations but sometimes you say Ok what is what is Catholicism. How you define Catholicism What is the vision of catalysis or what is the. Biped is worrisome and they have then to charge as a war you know you you define that but he says it is interesting how they defined unself they decide in that book as a regime they define explicitly 1st paragraph says So London is risky and for me that makes sense because it is a thing oh practic state and wherever they are going to try to to establish dense. Days that is the dition. So even though there are a minority let me tell you that in those countries in which they are over pass in 50 percent they are going to apply division of their own regime and he's going to play conceptual politics and he's not as being Baptist or Pentecost or evangelical or sums and he does think about by the way because let me tell you that is that is going on in Europe this moment. Which in with certain concern the increase number that you are going to perceive in certain cities and Christians and places across USA If you go to 2 to Euston you are going to see a very grueling community in Saudi side of Houston city and if you take 75 south across the border and you're going to enter into or how you know you're going to see a very very big most over there. And if you enter into. Into the audio of Detroit in which you take you know a Michigan nominee for a street and so on over towards east on or going to downtown Detroit you are going to perceive a barrier they say representation of of of yes of Muslim Arabic background but mostly Muslim representation or there. So they do have. Their own center of course in the case of Mormon is that he's. Sold the cd Uta and when you go to the cd you are going to do to see that the same center it is the temple and then the numeric city and off the streets are numbered according to south north east west front they temple it is a will move went the other to offer a different gospel offer a different Go still so it is in the framework of Nations chapter one verse 8 so they do have their own book who run in the case of the Muslim book of Mormon on both books both holds the Bible and are according to them the Bible announced the people on the prophet of the moment isn't and for them the Bible announced the prophet of them. There are a lot of similar white white and of course the polygamy was practiced by the Mormons is part by the Muslims and there are some a necker and. In both. Of course I'm not going to center my presentation on the most limbs. I did I guess one or 2 years of. Regarding the topic but the let me tell you that there is a kind of many station of body Ellen in science. Due to oppositions in the history of both moment and. That is not pass in the case of the 2nd theory so. Came back to the topic of money unless enter into then topic of contradictions yesterday we were talking about them that they steal money solves that 3 witnesses and we finish I guess with that because when you open the book of the moment. The 1st scene that you are going to see the testimony of the 3 witnesses that say be it no known to all nations kindred down some people on to home their work shall come that justice meet in in in essence show us the golden tables or from which does book is written on below the names Oliver Cowdery to beat with Mer and Martine Howry it's. An immediate use see the testimony of 8 what us. One of the things that I've been working with it is that it is very clear coming from them the book doctoring Colton and I we were caught in the I guess it's worse here it's up to 5 that there was not the possibility that there were more than 3 witnesses because him in bursts 3 is very clear that there were those persons. Verse 11 say the testimony of 3 of my servants. And in verse 14 say among the generation. Burst 15 raid to really get the idea and the testimony or 3 witnesses but when we go to the book a moment you found 3 and 8 and they've been explaining what was the problem it was we were camping with my wife coming back in the tree and she said maybe you didn't me near the topic that what happened with the witness and I said I guess I was I don't know the problem was 3 1st witnesses a poster but the book and in that. Why they abandoned it there. Well there were there were difficulties and difference with the prophet and they were one of them was family or Kouri. For some reason and there was a moment in which there was no witness. That's a recent by which justifies mean why am I to look for our bait here they some of them a game related close to them. And one of them never get back to a charge 2 of them get back after maybe some kind of years but in the me the tavern in the middle of the time there were no witnesses and there was a problem so finally the Prophet went into looking for I'm sure when the table son saw one and these were the witnesses that in the process of law him too that. The problem was that the 3 or Asian us. Were not permitted by the revelation so my Because it is it is very clear is even is very clear that that that was the prophet was in a in a problem. So he went to look for something and here what I am showing him is that in the Book of Mormon and in the writings of money money there are quotations coming from the Bible in which sometimes you you are not going to detect easily but but it is coming from from the Bible this is some of songs that is there is in the Bible so little and here you are you're going to see from here beginning to rise up and the coming fall off the charts in the wilderness of clear as the bone for the sun and when you put that ideas were born that the idea is coming from the son of this clear that. I am comparing. Doctrines and Covenants up to 5 burst forth seen here with some of songs of Psalm one chapter 6 very stand saw its quite interesting what was the problem and so in the question in essence the problem was Joseph Smith left with no witnesses and went to look for new witnesses 8 witnesses but in doing that he left the contradiction unsolved. About the consolidation is upon I know I shoulda contradictions to them not not with the idea of look guys here is a problem and may really you know with with the addition of superiority but are beginning to to open dialogue with them to go to the Bible and to establish a foundation upon the Bible and normally I study with them at that point something regarding. Prophetic message Isiah 13. Then stop to do you know some silly ducks in order to begin to establish a foundation and a connection regarding the Bible they don't know normally many things regarding prophecies of the by let me tell you. So let me show you another. Because this is and we are starting technically with the new information of today not since a coven in 13 Ciro. Dudley's part of the books and I am using doctrines on coven and because remember something they accept that the Book of Mormon doctrines and coven and and the peel or great price are. Can only count for them and the Bible according to the article of faith number 8 is until Easter translated correctly yes you have a question. Ok Yeah so let's say less is less a go listen go back here doctrines and go in and 13 say or. And you're going to the tech some say another told of the Prophet Joseph Smith I prophesy in the name of the Lord gone and that to come men's movement of the difficulties which will cause much of bloodshed previous to the coming of the Son of Man will be South Carolina it may and it's a. Probably our rise through all this slave question this is our voice disappear these are voice declared to me while I was praying earnestly on this subject on December the 21st that is treatment than 832 I prophesied but by the way the 1st verse is very Selema The 2nd is it is quite interesting and it's a 1st 14 and I was once praying very earnestly to know the time and the coming of the son. When I heard a voice repeat the following verse 15 Shas of my song if Lao lives until now are 85 years old. See the face of the son of men therefore lead this offis and trouble me no more on this matter so there. Are some things I am you can clear. Your but let me. Let me share with you know my point 1st I prophesy it is it is giving without I prophesy in the name of the Lord but know so. The lawyer sais probably arise through this. Question earlier. When you when you when you compare this concept maybe take the probably and applied to probably into the prophetical misses in the Bible. With a prophecy with probably it can be you know it can be whatever be. Because problem is if if it happened 5 if doesn't happen. If Probably it is close if close but there is no certain that that is the question but now when we say so supply son if the how lived. Until now are 85 years all and you and you say that the lorries is picking you question yourself and say hey here she we have a problem or or the problem is they Lord of the prophet or the Prophet of the uproar because here is another thing but but but if you put technically the phrase and you say Ok if you if you if you lived until 85 years or he was born in chair and Vermont in 18 or 5 Ok So 18 or 5 plus 85 years is going to take you to $8090.00 but in 18 Nady nothing happened so here you have another person. And the result is that you have a prophetic hour concept to a vision that is unfulfilled. That is my perception I don't know if if you have the same perception. Yes of course he this is not implied but but besides that he says that it is a concept not about that topic but she didn't leave until that he once he was still in 1844 he was about 139 years old when when he was killed. And he was killed as a police mist and also as a Mason and remember something Masons in those days didn't learn that the things that are secret for them they don't want it that those things were revealing out of their own you know yes so that is that is part of the problem in which us in tandem with so Joseph my son if thou least until the art 85 years all that we shall see the face of the Son of Man therefore let this of fees and trouble me no more on this matter of. I don't know why quite interestingly you know. My my my wife says please then you do not over pass. Certain sayings down to me that Italian Italian ish timing for you. So let let's enter into the topic of polygamy. Polygamy so very sensitive topic to call the Mormons. Because if if you if you. Is officially they are not correct Tyson earlier. However when you when you dig in there are whole legal means but infestations in you've seen today. And you are aware of that because it was on the noose and it was across national way information and I. Saw some people denied of course foreign people sometimes say well it's propaganda whatever but the picture this picture is free oh by the way if you put if you both if you poll. If you google the topic and you into into the go go on and you put bright and young are armed Our guide is widely know you are going to get down on the internet because I don't know that from the Internet I think I have it in my. Book here in those 6 and that is in 1988 when I published an in Spanish and I put dad so it's quite quite known the topic. But its interest in this and take notice of this because it is this is something. Serious I will say this is the Book of Mormon Jacob Chapter 2 verses 16 and 28 and here the book Obama says were for I the Lord God will not. Or read a little bit here. Can move. A little bit. Yes. Were For I the Lord God will not suffer that these people shall do live 8 on to them of all were for my brethren hear me and hook into the war of words of the Lord For there shall not any man among you have save it be one wife and concubines he known so this is a Book of Mormon and you say yourself. Oh how is it. Is is is is this a canonical book or not just the 2nd order book The Book of Mormon is for them with no restriction or no limitation done like for example of the Bible because of the Bible and they say it is correctly translated article of faith number 8 so you ask yourself why up well here is a revelation doctrinal common and Sumpter one city to. Says' burst 16 late no one the 4 said on my servant justice what I will Shust defy him for he shall do this sacrifice which I require his hands for the Keystone slave transpiration has said the Lord your God And again burst $61.00 a spirit tame into the law of the preschool if any man this power subversion and decided to espouse another and the 1st gave her consent and if he espoused the 2nd and they are bushes and have power to know all the man then he he sussed to 5 he cannot commit adultery 4 day are given own to him for he cannot commit adultery with that that belong to him and 2 nor one. Of them in fact but common. There's. No Ok. So I. I always called attention on this topic regarding this this these days. Let no one the 4 said. So in certain sense what we can find here and I cannot avoid the topic here please I'm not a Mormon so there is free of his speech in this country. Going to use only the. He says use of the concept of Revelation. Aust in the meaning. Of. A prophet. Boyce off the law or with name person name or some city the. Justification of behavior that it that is my. I don't know if that he's yours but it's my mind perception is kind of of thing that is very clear and I work out in the chapter are regarding doubt that that in a moment is it is it was a bit of a big situation among then and I put all old the names on the names of the soul saved espoused of that were involved it in the my reassure with Joseph a sniff I put on all the names here about 4747 and I am a let me tell you some saying. That the in the practice it was not kind of nice bit what relation. You know here in this country you have people that became leader some pastors. Of the 7 day event is George and sometimes you are not the Baka but one of them must friend or. He used to be. Sawn off a symptom or. Used to be a more more. And there were I of the. Person was engaged in spirit and Mary with somebody else inside the congregation. Once our he began to ask inside of what's going on he discover with big big painting there in the heart. Was involved in the duties of being in celestial Mary Archambault man with sentiment of that congregation with 50 congregations. Finally he divorced abandon the face and became later 70 of them through. Something sometimes you know this is a kind of experiences in which people do not to speak aloud about this kind of thing because these kind of shame involvement into that kind of situation but this is bringing in some kind of pain in the people by the way. The this person is quite known among among ourselves and and I do believe about the testimony of these but. That's critical that is very very critical into this into Mormon let let me enter into another kind of of contradictions now because I am I am showing contradictions here and I started contradictions in between books. Inside the concept of framework off of revelations that means remember they they believe the Bible is the Word of God they believe doctrines and. The people of great praise and the Bible and deal it is correct to correctly translated so we are going to begin to to show something regarding the Bible but. We have a question here yes you have a question Yes Ok Ok. When when you study with the Mormons are high their doctrines and teachings and so on. Sometimes they they develop are quite interesting you know process of teaching this and they are going to show you something they done they are going to put or ice cream or running low growth or something the data display portable or stream and they are going to attach the old wall the new ward and say well there was a relation for the or wall and there is a new revelation for the new or they all revelation for the All wall is the Bible the New Revelation for the new wall is the Book of Mormon so they are going to show you that kind of this play so. So this is this is what they are going to show is the Bible Revelation from God is the Bible Revelation. Or the Book of Mormon is a relation from from the Lord and this is happening several times I've been standing with them and they started with this same thing and once I was in. Soudan you why I seldom Erica and I received the beast of a cup of gentleman missionaries of. Of Mormons in my bike they they were working into the area and they began to make this tally so I accepted and I was fortunate receiving listen in and so on so I began at the end they asked me Do you have any questions and so you know. Where this where is your question so well you say that the Bible is a revelation for the old wall and. Yes I don't want west front of me with a kind of knowledge and the other was Lenin so I was using Spanish but let me tell you in Spanish how I was saying the question I was saying their war on us rim elation for all the world isn't it and these revelations coming through on Gone yes. And the new revelation once coming through the who more and more and the Book of Mormon or us coming through on the lure Yes and I saw most of them. Saying yes yes yes yes I have a question and what is the question if you see said a relation of God This is a revelation of God There is no contradiction this and yes Ok so the question is Were why. Jesus. And and at that point they started the problem the point is that when you asked Dad were was born Jesus you are going to find out that immediately there was a problem because the Book of Mormon say one thing and the Bible says a different the Bible say were. And they asked out and then they the young missionary in the back ses Bill then that led him and he saying in Spanish very clearly Belin I say good and the other in the front turn of talk him and say Jerusalem and worship me and say Joseph and built or such and call him back and say let him and they began a pink point you know but Lohan. Jerusalem and finally the leading voice watch him and say Jerusalem juicer and so. Because the Bible say smattered to one plan but in the book of fun the Chapter 7 best chance. To do so saw you know how they explain that they say. I say I notice a difference between you. So I don't know where you are going to be in difference out of each other and say. The point on he watched build and say look in those days all the area all the area was called Jerusalem and I say reeling. And and and the other in the back was deadly silent and completely silent but he was done ish away guns back. And I began to listen and say. You say that the whole area was called Jerusalem. You say yes. Then I have another question and. I say yes of course what is a question the question is this if they are of those days is call Jerusalem why King Herod only sent to kill those in Butler. Who do could you answer me. Are he began to say well I said Good question Ok. And he watched the other and say what brother. Are you really give the place. Is you know is it's a good question and you going to be tomorrow here I know what happened when that happened. You know I am going to be here but you. And I say something that day. I was Faith No I was not Italian west we are in India. I said How in the will you are going to teach without knowing that I was sure to question. Well tomorrow we're going to be here unwilling to clarify this and we're going to help you regarding that topic and we are going to show you everything about that the rubber tomorrow I'm going to hit and 2 more camps is 24 hours by the way they were shot one time none of them were coming back none Ok so I was with our 2 missionaries I never meet before and they say to me you have a question yes and what is the question well I have the question for those friends yesterday yes but. Give me the question to me. Which is for them but they are not going to be here what. They told me they were going to get back that's a reason why where we are here on oh no no I need to talk to. So I say what happened with them well. With a soft group. The dullish guy went back to Denmark and the other is going to be in another place and that there is a long story that I've been seeing across time. Really and I am very sorry for you know but but the point is not one of them mark and the other front USA The other is the other big questions over here that that that that is the problem is not the person. It's not the missionary is that they are convinced something that is in contradiction with the Bible if the same seeing regarding their scriptures between the Book of Mormon and doctrines and Covenant and the Book of Mormon and the Bible or doctrines and coven and together or against or in relationship with the Bible that is there is the point let me tell you the Bible the reports that are north or provide this through the testimony of witnesses a crypt a reference places and so on and when you compare those things with the Book of Mormon you're going to be in a very big trouble because the places refers in the privacy still exists. And you say nothing and you go into the to that place you say Jerusalem you're going to to go to the place you say River Jordan you're going to be said the place but in the Book of Mormon there are places cd's locations with names nobody knows where. You understand the topic. So I saw some terms. The tax reveals a big dependence upon upon the Bible also because the tax is going to give you the Book of Mormon is going to give you the most fear off of the linguistic. Of things but when you enter into the deep into that you're going to see that the Book of Mormons the baiting grammatical structure of unpolished English is king Shane's version. You know it is it is it is very clear but our thing contains an acronym that made its information dubious no questions about duck. And there is no reliable evidence in history that may support one single piece of information provided in the Book of Mormon by the way that is not by only a statement Smithsonian is why and I don't know if I'm going to reach today about that it's only an instant that it is going to Sion is going to have you die all sciences and disciplines related to history like archaeology chronology and others can also or are going to bring evidences Regarding in the Guardian the UK and this is I will say this is critical because what moment say. Regarding the inhabitants of Judea that is spoken Reformation Egyptians and built civilizations see these towns and there were battles and hundreds of people thousands of people were died. When you look for the places no not traces. All No he story no background but the. About that they mention coins money but there are no $1.00 died that is going to be used in America in those day and the Book of Mormon speaks about engrave him a scripture is in golden plates in middle place and so War every since disappear. So there is no evidence decide the nomination so is spiritual that there is not traces of material evidence even. Disappear that that that the thing I think that there are 3000000 people 15 millions according to statistics that need work. And that that's a reason of this so what are the sources of moment is I'm going to start this point I know I'm not to morrow I'm going to do to give you this. Let me let me refer about or introduce the topic of this. Edition to man here is is the writer of this the Book of Mormon Studies on the book of moma this is Brian Henry Roberts Brighton Henry Robert sometimes you're going to see the name b h Roberts Unisa y. respected historian in the morning born in 1067 and died in 1933 and was a Mormon leader a story I'm a politician and he published the charge of Jesus Christ of leather date and also a star of The Book of Mormon and where he this cast a believe it the of the Book of Mormon and he was denied a place in the United States Congress because he was practicing polygamy. For wife by the way of 47 like the former. But for now that. And he and he began to to to give you an idea on this isto these and he began to say and to build up some kind of Polish ethics for the Mormons. In connection with another book that he's bew of the Hebrew. Bew of the heat. Of our north or and he began to do our kind of comparison in between and I'm going to share with you about this let me let me a balance today in order to shorten the time because probably tomorrow I'm going to enter into more detail you know of things but if you can you give me if I reach 30 you can give me 5 minutes 5 minutes no more than that can you give me 5 minutes the same price I'm not going to charge for that. So it's quite interesting when you when you compare the dig the book be you off the Hebrew yours and the Book of Mormon 1st of all this book that is front it on its means from Ethan as me yes thank you. This is a writer and he published the 1st edition of the book in this in 1823 taking count that the Book of Mormon is going to be finished in 827 but there was an addition all view of the reviews in 825 The point is in 23 and 252 additions Ok you're going to see that there is some what I will say crucial elements in between both of them. One is publish in post name them on. The other is published in Pan Myra. Norton. New York. One books ace in. Israel and Letitia audition of the American Indians both books are with that idea and destruction of Jerusalem and the scattering of. Israel both books are going to have this idea of the future gather in a feast read and restoration of the 10 Tribes bowls books the beauty of the Hebrews and the Book of Mormon I'm going to have these ideas. Both books are going to use. Some of the elements of the prophecies of Isiah and there are going to quote sometimes long tacks and sections and chapters of the book of Isiah both one and the other both appeal to the Asian tiles of the new wall like you know. Appeals or something you know compelling people to take this is just Both books are going to take done before the immigration there was no population in America both books stay the same thing the journey from from Israel or Jerusalem lands into the new wall wass told the North Both books are going to sustain that there were similarities of lames of the leaders in both books. About the concept of Lost Tribes we're divided into in America both books are going to have that 11 group became indolent and Lacey counters and the other work refine and Coulter. Develop in the art and civilization Both books are going to take the same vision there were war between the barbarians and the civilized people both books are going to sustain. The educated develop arts and writings and navigational skills and work it iron and metal all books are going to have that Bishan this same crate theory of Russia unity in America should always dependent both books are going to have that vision one race populated all the America both books are going to have done Ok. Let me finish here because maybe 2 more I'm going to expand a little bit before the comparison I'm going to yes after finish before the comparison. Bryggen 100 Rowarth says this The material of Fitton is me 3rd book is a fact character and quantity to make are grown the plan for the Book of Mormon it supplies a large amount of material respect in America antiquities leading to the belief that civilized and so my civilized nations in a nation time to comply the America continent. And then after the comparison because she isa in between bases 24241242 approximately I have to dance Ace can such numerous and his darling points of resemblance and suggest if contact the really going. Can be so critical question if this does justify a Smith No nor about Dio of the here. Because what what if you if you read quite well he says that their limitations destructor of the Book of Mormon is space upon bew of the E.V.A.'s by the way the cover to the right is enormous and you can get that on Amazon and you might be able to compare that because that is very clearly in a study space to 40 Ses they like to Who'd of Joseph Smith and his family contact with it on a Smith book and other books dealing with American and take with this has been insisted upon he says that and the question is did he just of his made the profit of more money was acquainted with the book of the evil. Because if Joseph Smith was in knowledge then it is not only absence of origin ality but his pretended condition a prophet is a race less to say. You know so here are the potential evidence one there were 2 editions of the view of the evil to use. 183-118-2318 Extension 25 that precede the 1st edition of the book 2nd between 821 could endanger into this and 1826 Ethel it's me it was the pastor of the congregation a pastor of Oliver called the re that used to be the clerk the writer of The Book of Mormon that Herb Joseph Smith to finish the book. Ok 2nd 3rd point from April 7th drawn 1829 cause he acted as a primary scribe of justifies me if I'm from the moment he started sussing very few most the Book of Mormon was accomplished this so this is telling you this is telling you that there is I will say surrounding evidences that justices need to know the book. Excuse me bew of the of the Hebrews to build up the Book of Mormon This is what I wanted to say. Until one night because one night in which sometimes my wife is questioning what you are doing and I were searching searching enter into the brain and Young University for some reason appeared to talk and here it is. The point is no longer a question just of us meet new the book I He closed the book in a menacing of which he was near the door in chief called the times and seasons by magazine located in the intersection of water and brain a street in a wool county that is in Illinois the same where it's located the car tag precent Illinois USA and it's printed in the edition of 1st 842 between pages 18131814 this is the picture here in this here is the magazine and here is here is the time and see some is edited by hook shots of a Smith I hear meat view of the evening news page 220 no question he knew she knew him in whom I didn't say he copied I say she knew more about Doc. Thank you for that one point I think into that yes. Short time listen I'm a little. Yes yes yes yes yes it is so here is here is the evidence and that is there is a point I am going to put in the book so you are the 1st starting they got into and I think that is there is good information they are than there are in this topic thank you for your time. I'm going to I'm going to take just the time to do a prayer because let me tell you that these people need some work. And I guess that we might be able to provide that because we know what is going on or what happened in 1904 and they are going to happen something with them in sas we. Were speeding through charts or is kingdom in the last. So let's pray together Father in heaven thank you for. Your guidance thank you for the Holy Scriptures the Bible thank you because they are telling the truth and there is no the Gospel than your gospel for salvation and help us to share these things with our friends. And family members maybe that are drawled in some kind of for these activities to tell them that there is no other gospel done Giorgos in the parish in the Holy Script Jesus name in. This media was brought to you by audiotapes a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about the universe or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave to visit w.w.w.. Dot org.


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