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What Makes America Great

Peter Chung


Peter Chung

Gospel worker evangelist: Revelation of Hope Ministries.  History and Government teacher: San Gabriel Academy.


  • July 6, 2019
    12:30 PM
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Father our Father God in heaven Father we thank you. For the trials and we thank you for the trial. Follow we pay for the trials to remind us that we are nothing and we need you in everything. We thank you for the triumph because it is your glory that we get victory as a father today a man of dust the flesh mortal father and fallible so fall in spite of myself. As he filled me with the Holy Spirit. Be a blessing on a curse your people as a father this is a sensitive topic as a father give me wisdom up on high to use your words and not my words. That your people be blessed by the preaching the word this we pray in Jesus name Amen. On April 29 2019 the president of the United States asked the Department of Homeland Security to develop proposals and pouring those that are seeking asylum to pay a processing fee for their applications. And to severely limit their access to work permits Now what's interesting is that asylum is a legal status granted to refugees. Most likely refugees do not have money to pay for these processing fees. Now refugee is a person outside of his or her country of nationality who is unable or unwilling to return to his or her country of nationality because of persecution or a well founded fear of persecution account of race religion nationality membership in a particular social group or political pain and this is from the Department of Homeland Security and this issue of asylum and immigration has gripped our nation in a profound way. This topic is a very sensitive topic of mine because my parents were once refugees. When the Korean War broke out 69 years ago my father this family was displaced from their whole escaping from the communists for the Communists were there to murder all the Christians that they come across and so we praise God for the United States allow an opportunity for those in different countries that are oppressed to come here for a new opportunity but what's sad is regardless of the political divide some of the sentiments within 7 badness as I scour social media in fact this one 7th Day Adventists were prominent influence I'm not going to mention his name but he said this is very sad in my opinion he said this quote people who enter our country illegally because times are tough at home all eventually have no compunction about entering your home illegally when times get tough here this is from a 7th. That believes that professes to believe the 3 angels message that talks about things that we need to be this thing then we must be added to this is what he said in fact there is another some of them said in social media and at times I have engaged in these conversations that said that if they found the 7th Day Adventists undocumented immigrant they were turning them into homeland security and pray for them on the way there this is the sentiment that is displayed was some of our people within our church and it's sad that partisan politics either from the left or the right have penetrated even our church and so on our afternoon study if you want to remain will be dealing with how similar having this you react to partisan politics. As we approach in the election now it's very interesting that asylum is given to those that are escaping persecution in fact there was a group though unable unwilling to return because the persecution of the Bible says in relish in chapter 12 verse 13 and 14 relish in time for 12 years 13 and 40 shows a profound like situation where there were a group of refugees that were seeking asylum for a preferred it can invent that happened a persecution the Bible says this and when the dragon saw that he was cast unto the earth he persecuted the woman who brought forth a man child to the woman were given to wings of a great eagle that she might fly into the wilderness into a place where she is nourished for a time and times and half a time from the face of the surface and so we see here that a woman is being persecuted by the serpent and she is the wilderness for a time and times and half a time now we know the woman represents the church and Bible prophecy in fact it gets more specific in the Bible knows what the Bible says in which we talk 12 or 14 we identify that the woman is the wilderness for a time times and half a time and I was students of Bible prophecy we know that this is 1260 years from 579 the year of papal supremacy where church and state where the government and politics merged and that led to persecution and intolerance. And we see here that the woman was nourished for times times I have a time now and down Chapter 7 1st 25 The Bible says this and he shall speak great words against the most high if you were out the saints of the most high and to think that change consul laws and they shall be given into his hand and to what time times and dividing of time notice same time period time times and have a time time times and dividing a time here it says the woman here it says the saints of the most high so we can conclude that this woman or the seat of the Mossad represents the church the Bible interprets itself so the church is being persecuted and is in the wilderness for 1260 years now when you look at the Bible and you look at sacred history wilderness represents one great trial the children of Israel were in the wilderness for 40 years was a cake walk you know where there are trials was there challenges and there are tribes who look at Jesus in the wilderness for 40 days with their trial with their temptation so while the list represents and temptation and so the woman was in trial and temptation for 1260 years or the church was in trial or temptation for 1260 years and so God's Church was being persecuted now what was the method of the church being persecuted because there is a method that this persecution those the Bible says and Roshan $1215.00 the Bible says this and the serpent cast out of his mouth water the flood after the woman that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood so the persecution of the serpent or the dragon was water as a flood. Now there's water as a Flyer represents something very significant and also the Bible says a brother $1715.00 the Bible says is the water which is our saas were the horses that are peoples of Malta to send nations and tugs but it gets deeper the Bible also says floods floods represent the Psalms 18 for the sorrow of the compares me and the floods of ungodly men so on godly men of peoples more to do in terms sought to destroy God's church by the method of persecution from the dragon so the serpent attender destroy God's people with water water represents people from many nations now one of the most diverse continents on earth is Europe now in the United States and North America we have very few languages diversity we have English and we have Spanish and we have Portuguese in Brazil 3 languages but in Europe you had different nations many nations and you had different tones in different peoples in fact the language of Europe include German I talian English French Russian Romanian Slava Servian Greek various languages various nationalities so we have to conclude that this is happening in Europe see the Bible is logical and so we see here that for a 1260 years that God's Church was being persecuted by different nations peoples and terms of the ungodly men and women that demonstrate intolerance with every persecution God has a deliverance point for every trial God has a way of escape you know as humans we want things instantaneously we want things that. But God's timing is our time in God time is happens at the point where we're either parent defi there's with victory. And so if you're in a trial right now and you feel that everything is going down in your life that you feel like you're about to give up and your apparent failure know this ultimate victory is coming in the right. The church only appeared about the fall for the world that for. You see look at Jesus on the products it was apparent failure for Jesus all the cycle for circum and left his ministry was gone he had no supporters he was dying as a criminal but that apparent failure was ultimately victory because after is dead he was resurrected and the apparent film movement became the greatest moment of every human is. So if you're going through a trial right now know this victory is coming God is seeking to develop patients through this trial so that we can develop trust in him if things happen instantaneously we take it for granted that's human nature and so God prolongs trials so that we can develop patience because the polity that we need to be prepared for G.'s the car is patients here are the patients are the same here are they that keep the commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus and love in Dura thought beings hope with all these love suffer along and so when someone is irritating you God has ordained that person or that individual to prepare you for Jesus the coming. Of the wife that you get fights with your husband and wife is integrated system and for yourself vision that God uses. To prepare. That develops patients because patients come from not good situations but unfavorable situations you don't develop patients when things are good because you enjoy patients that response to unfavorable situations and so the church was enduring a great trial because God was developing patience in his people but God will also delivers people when a looks like it was apparent defeat ultimate victory. And so God does something special when the waters of persecution came in to look like the church was about to be destroyed if else like God's truth will be destroyed if felt like this wasn't the truth from the wall then says on down to the Protestant there was great persecution and look like a parent a fee but God said help to the church and those in the bowels of the religion 1216 the Bible says this and the earth what is the earth to hell but woman and the earth opened her mouth and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out as a mouth in other words. Have the earth which is symbolic of somebody help the church when the floods on godly man were sobbing seeking to destroy the church open up the flood and rescue the church this church of refugees now Water and Earth are 2 different elements is that correct we have water which is where Earth which is dry now the Bible says in prophecy that water represents a heavily populated area and because the earth is opposite we could determine conclude that is a lesser or least populated area so this nation or this geographic area is opposite to that of Europe. And what area allowed for Pozen tism true Christianity to develop and thrive to allow refugees to seek asylum to a particular place what area was that it is the United States of America or North America God will delivers people whether looked like they will be destroyed and we know and I say this there's 2 holidays that we can agree and celebrate you know some people debate whether or not we should celebrate Christmas so people debate whether or not we should celebrate Easter I will get into that when there are 2 holidays that we're sort of the out of this could just celebrate without a guilty conscience Thanksgiving and the 4th of July. You see what happened here was this when the Pilgrims came to North America that was the fulfillment of this prophecy of the woman being held by the earth because the Pilgrims were escaping persecution now the bible says there's a provision for 17 that the woman had the remnant of or see right a remnant of a seat or a offspring there was a very significant passenger in the Mayflower or the Pope when it came notice James White autobiography Life instance page 9 my father descended from one of the pilgrims who came to America on the ship Mayflower and landed upon Plymouth and so on a very sure was the ancestor of one of the founders of God from the church the ship itself was one of prophetic destiny and so. God established this nation or this your graphic area for our silence for our Christian refugees or religious refugees to escape persecution from church say systems. And pilgrims came and they established their community in New England and now granted the pilgrims also had elements of the spirit of the papacy because what you see is what you think yeah we see where you get you develop what you see is what you believe and so they came out of a system where they too were intolerant they were intolerant to the Native Americans they were intolerant to various other beliefs that were contrary to them and so God was still refining them from their earthly this from the legacy of being in a church state system but as a United States develop God sent more people to hold and develop and refine America you see one thing that I learned as a teacher is this Nothing happens overnight everything is a process we need to be patient and so yes America did very very terrible things in the Pats and it does very many terrible things but God is still trying to work enters the work castle where one flaw in our lives or what we do in the past how many of us can be said. We should extend that same mercy to one another. And so. As the pilgrims developed and process and took root God sent a Baptist minister named Roger Williams and Roger Williams as one of my great heroes in American history because Roger Williams established the idea that church and state should be separate that no government should be involved in the church and no church should be involved in the government in fact Roger Williams says that it seems to my nostrils if church and politics mixed together because that was the persecution and on the other thing is this Roger Williams he dealt with the Native Americans very humanely he didn't take their away and he bought land from them so he was a true Protestant true Christian at his word and so the United States started developing in this battle call Protestant and Republican ideals one that separated church and state a where where people who are oppressed can see go silent and to freely arrive this freedom from persecution this freedom from oppression because the church never told churches how to think the churches develop their own idea and the true Protestantism is this causing concern in the soul essence is this everyone is a priesthood of believers everyone can study the Bible to themselves and everyone each individual can arrive true by the end of the Holy Spirit a pastor doesn't have to aid the person you yourself when you study the Word of God guy can speak to you as an individual that is to process this and to present ism that the Bible of the Bible only the just shall live by faith revolutionize Europe it challenge the church state system because the papacy says you have to believe how we believe or else you die. You have to conform to the way we can for in order to have a standard of living that is a little more prices and says this We don't need a priest we don't need a government we don't need a institution to tell us what to do we have the Bible we are saved by grace as individuals and we as individuals can arrive to truth in our own and the see the process is I'm led to democracy I mean us history teacher. And so Protestantism developed in America and then the Revolutionary War happened and we had a declaration in the pens of fat July 4th that America's birthday it was where America declared independence if you will get 10 they call America's birthday is when the Constitution was ratified that's in May So maybe we should have another holiday in May with more of it I like that but so we have here pilgrims came process and develop then you had these different churches coming out believing different things because the Bible is clearly tot America's established Revolutionary War happened America becomes a recognized nation and then in the 1800s you have what's called the 2nd Great Awakening in that time period Christian movers thought that they could transform society so you had anti-slavery movements you had temperance movements temperance is banning alcohol and tobacco because they recognized that alcohol was contributing to families being destroyed at that time as it is today they had health reform they had all these different movements with Christian principles and within that 2nd great awakening came what's called the middle right way. And we know that Miller Right Movement 844 they predicted that Jesus the car but there was a great disappointment but in the shattered remnants of that Miller Right Movement coalesce to the 7th Day Adventists movement that was founded in 1983 a small pocket of believers in the northern United States that began in New England then in Michigan now is to the whole world. In this incredible almost humanly impossible that a group a small group founded by teenagers and young adults relegated to New England and then in a little bit of Michigan in the space of a 100 years is now worldwide absolutely impossible unless it is from God. And so God the stabbers of the United States so that prosecutors would develop freely to incubate his last remnant prophetic church to preach the gospel to all the world for the next superpower a nation to come on the sea which is the permanent superpower a nation which is the eternal superpower a nation which is the kingdom of heaven and knows what inspirations America page $193.00 of the purpose of an asylum for Refugees no one inspiration says the Lord has done more. For the United States therefore any other country upon which the sun shines here he provided and what I signed for is people where they can worship him according to the dictates of conscience God designed that this country should ever remain free for how many people on all people to worship Him in accordance with the dictates of conscience he designed that it civil institutions and expand the productions should represent the freedom of God's purpose that is the purpose of the United States of America. So that the truth can be coalescing established so the 7th day of the church can rise to prepare a people for Jesus to come this nation was prophetically establish and also this notice free for all people that means Muslims there escaping ISIS that means Buddhists there escaping oppression from communism that means all religions this nation is stablished so that people have the freedom to choose God or to reject God because God is one of choice and not a force and so there was a secret power for the prosperity of the United States of America because it's incredible just like that avenue woman was incredible that was relegated to a group of young people that expand to the whole world the United States was founded by a group of merchants and foreigners. And nerdy philosophers. Were no professional army. That the feet of the most powerful nation on earth that is by God's providence that that happen and there is a secret power behind the United States was the power that lay behind the United States notice what inspirations says great conversely page 441 paragraph one. And the Constitution guarantees the people their right of self-government providing that representatives elected by the popular vote show on that in minister the logs freedom of religious faith was also granted every man be permitted to worship God according to the dictates of his conscience Republican isn't Republican isn't is that the people can elect leaders on their behalf and if they don't do a good job you can vote in new leaders that's Republicanism and process isn't what is proselytism you can believe how do you want by studying the Bible for yourself you have a mind you know God by your own personal relationship that you arrive in true so you have Republicans and process them became the fundamental principles of the nation these principles are the secret of its power and prosperity the oppressed and downtrodden throughout Christian have turned to this land with interest and hope millions of sun and shores and the United States has risen to the place among the most powerful nations of the earth so what made America great. Was freedom for people to comment or to worship freely you want to make America great again allow it to continue to be a beacon for religious liberty for those that are present to come here to worship freely that's what makes America great prophetically from the Bible and so what will ultimately happen to the United States it was I will say as a religion 1311 the Bible says this and I beheld another beast coming out of earth. Represents the popular area beast represents a kingdom or a nation and he had 2 horns like a lamb and he spake as a drag so we have established that the United States in its infancy in its incumbency when the Pilgrims came it was established with Protestant ideals it was Christian lamb represents Jesus so it came in the stablish Christian true Christian principles. Not false Christian principles false Christian principles forces people to believe against their will true Christian principles love their neighbor as their self and they give people a choice in invitation not by force and so it came out I got a lamb towards like a lamb but spake as a dragon now was a dragon do know is how the bomb went to Prince of the Bible says a relative $1213.00 the dragon persecuted the woman so the dragon persecutes. And what else a dragon do Revelation 1217 and the dragon was wroth of the Dragon is angry with the church and when to make war make war the dragon declares war against the remember Seawitch keep the commands of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ So unfortunately this nation will automatically become intolerant and be a persecuting power that will declare war against God's people now we know what really Chapter 12 The Bible says that the dragon sought to kill the man shout and we know that one government side he killed Jesus when Jesus of war was Herod represented role so it's interesting how Rome parallels with the United States Rome began as a republic then it devolved into an empire but even though it was an empire and overextended itself and there was a lot of internal strife within and outside forces were valuing Rome and Rome decay from the inside and outside people were more concerned about going to the theater and going to watch gladiator games than working hard and making industrious living it was corrupt from the inside and the outside and it fell apart the morals were going to out natural disaster happened sound familiar. Automatically wrong devolved into ceding to people Rome where the papacy came in and took over the ashes of the Roman Empire and established an institution of church and state the United States' Republic the United States today has a bit of imperial or empire characteristics you know I think ultimately will also see to Papal wrong history repeating itself and so the dragon persecutes and the dragon is wroth and declares war against God's people the dragon persecutes What is the root of persecution What is the root of persecution What is the motive beyond persecution Why do nations persecute I would argue the root of persecution the motive behind persecution is intolerance your intolerance towards someone different from you you're intolerant to a different nation therefore we're going to persecute or destroy That's the root of persecution and on us what inspirations is great conversely page $442.00 about persecution of intolerance such an action would be directly contrary to the principles of this government to the genius of the 3 institutions to the direct and solemn of vows of the Declaration of Independence and to the Constitution the founders of the nation wisely sought to guard against the employment of secular power all a part of the church which is an urban of all resolve and tolerance and persecution all in flagrant violation of these safeguards to the nations liberty can any religious observance be enforced by civil authority but the inconsistency of such actions is no winner is represented in the symbol it is a piece whether lamblike or it's a profession pure gentle or harmless that speaks as a dragon so. The problem Gore says that intolerance is connected to persecution and our nation right now be it the left or the right isn't tolerated it's growing intolerant so if we are subscribing to a political party we are in trouble because both sides are leading this nation to the precipice of intolerance and persecution you see you have the Democrats or the liberal left and then they are Chapter 11 you have what's called the king of the South that became the south is represented by Egypt Egypt was a kingdom that denied the true God Egypt was a nation of hedonism Egypt represents secular humanism licentiousness do whatever you want do what feels good will give God out of the equation human beings can educate themselves and be better by their own straight that secular humanism that is the spirit of Hollywood that's the spirit of the Liberal that is the spirit of the left if you believe the Bible your old fashioned if you really marriage between a man or woman you're a bigot. If you're trying to 1000 Christian club in one of our you see university California systems then we're going to give you a hard time persecution from the left but the Republicans or the right is no better because the right the conservative is the king of the north the king of the north and Daniel 11 represents. Babylon Babylon evolves into Rome and Babylon and from the Canaan North represent the system of church and say and so you have the papacy in the merger of the church and state and you we have here in our present administration we have our own administration right now very very closely tied to evangelical Christians who want to legislate morality so when the left. You have persecution because they're against our morals and what we stand for as a people on the right you have persecution because you have the administration catering towards the very group that wants to influence government and their agenda to make a Christian nationalist nation that is intolerant against every other religion and where Christianity supersedes all by government support and where the 7 there in this fallen we're stuck in the middle because we attack both the left and the right but sadly here today we have 7 that have this either supporting this social justice without medical missionary work because through social justice is medical missionary work that's a social justice that God is ordained to give us or we describe to this thinking because the morals are declining because abortion and all these moral decline is happening we need to support this because God ordained this to happen both is wrong and so what is the power alternately do Revelation 1312 the Bible says in the exercise all the power of the 1st piece before him and cause that earth and then which dwell there and to worship the 1st piece whose Deadly Wound was healed so the lamb might be exercise all the power to the 1st piece and causes them to worship the 1st piece which is the papacy and how does the lamb live beast cause the earth to worship the papacy verse 15 and he had power to give life into the image of the beast that the image of the beast should both speak and cause that as many as would not worship the image the beast should be killed for stewardship you know what makes them or going to be the mark of the beast listen very carefully brothers sisters m I sound like an apostate but I'm not the market of peace is the market of peace not because of a certain day it is because of the forced worship of that certain day. That's what makes the mark of the beast the mark of the beast notice as many would now worship that image would be should be killed so if someone is worshipping on a different day today they don't have the mark at the same man but when you're forced to worship against your will on that day that is the mark of the beast the mark of the beast for it's Sunday worship and so the United States develops into a worldwide superpower after the Civil War It is 63 the center of the church was established formally during the Civil War and after the Civil War America starts of spamming completely from the East Coast the West Coast fulfill what's called Manifest Destiny and after that as a proto 20th century it started expand outside the United States to Cuba to Puerto Rico to Guam to the Philippines and America started expanding to an empire parallel to the United States expansion to the rest of the world that Abner shirt was established in $853.00 and it started to expand from the east to the Wes and expanded as America spends the rest the world Adventism expanded to the rest of the world as America became a worldwide superpower the 7th ever searched are expanding to a worldwide church so God established this nation so that the administers would become a worldwide church to prepare people for Jesus to come. And as the United States was developing to wipe our what other world wide power was developing the Bible says a religion 14 for 6 and 7 the Bible says this and I saw another angel fly in the Messiah heaven having the everlasting Gospel the preaching to them that do on the earth and to every nation in Kandor then telling the people same with a loud voice fear of God and give glory to her for that our judgement is car and worship Him that made the heaven and earth and sea and the fountains of waters the 1st angels must. And so the everlasting Gospel was preached to all the world so the other service starts expanding to Europe with Jane and us and then in the late 19th century to China to Japan to career to the Philippines to Latin America and so this everlasting Gospel this church was developing into a worldwide movement as America was developing into white power and the message of everlasting Gospel is this fear of Darwin's fear God Proverbs 13 fear God as they hate sin we only hate sin when we love God you know what true fear is when you heard disappoint someone that you love the fear of God is hurting your disappointing God Dear God and give glory to him for that hour his judgment of what is God's judgment is the investigative journalist of 1844 if you look at Great conversely what is the basis of the best good judgment whether or not he repented of your sin is because when you repent of your sins God to see him to forgive and forget your sin is you get the merits of salvation so the whole point to invest your judgment of whether or not you truly repent of your sins it's a gospel based message his judgment ours come and worship Him that made the heaven and sea and the found of the water technology God is a creator God bring something out of nothing God will bring our life in from nothing into something and so the admin the search became a worldwide moment now what is the message being preached Matthew 2414 we know this and this gospel the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for when they're sent to all nations and then shall be in a car so a kingdom as a nation. Now a nation has law. A nation has a government what is the nation knee even though the house was and government wasn't nation needed in order for it to function people. Nation is people so the world one message is an invitation for people all around the world. To receive and become citizens of God's kingdom and there's no portal immigration in God's kingdom. The Lord is only not that any should perish but that all come to repentance and it's very interesting the United States developed into a war why power because of its military might its political My But also there is an element that makes the United States very popular its popular culture you go all around the world American movies are everywhere in fat in my Us history classes I teach on the service of the United States a film about prophecy I have a lot of international students from the forty's from China Vietnam and their communists and I told them this straight up the fact that you were Captain America t. shirts the fact that you were Avengers and Iron Man and he watched those movies show that America has won America's already defeated Captain America is a symbol of the United States Superman is a symbol of the United States and when we have communist kids or in this paraphernalia which already shows that America is already wired so they want to think about the media noise that these nations will overthrow America they will not withdraw America because America already defeated these nations by their minds and their hearts are likewise as the United States expanded so too adding to some expanded so you have 2 parallel tracks you have a worldwide nation and a worldwide church so a nation needs people in order to function no less what this kind of inspiration says in the vandals on page 570 I find this very fascinating God. I would be pleased to see far more accomplished by people in the presentation of the truth for this time to the foreigners in America than has been done in the past as I have testified for years if we work quite concerning the opening provinces of God We should be able to see in the multiply opportunities to reach many foreigners in America divinely appointed means are rapidly extending the 3rd interest message into all the nations of the earth God in this province has brought men to our very doors and for us them as it were into our arms that they might learn the truth and be qualified to do a work we cannot do and getting the life before men of other times so immigration the purpose behind it in God's eyes so that people can learn every last thing gospel in a place of freedom and then teach it to their family members that in their home nations now I'm not going to debate even legal and illegal immigration that is for the politicians and that is for government to decide the fact of the matter is undocumented immigrants are here and what saved them meant for evil God can mean it for a good and so because they are here we have an opportunity to share with the everlasting Gospel not to turn a bit and then we have an opportunity to minister to these people. In fact when I was in Hawaii. I learned of this special young Hawaiian where his name was Henry Aha he was the orphan hole Wian who ended up in New Haven Connecticut where Yale University. His parents were murdered by a rival whole tribe and he somehow sold it to you to worship any arrived into New England and there he was taught English he would associate with people from the early universe you know Yale or Protestant Bible College back as he was learning the Gospel his desire was to return back to Hawaii to teach his people about Jesus and I was not a written language so he's trying to make it in written form for the missionaries so they could return back with missionaries to teach them about Jesus by the age of 26 he contracted typhus fever and he died before he could return but in his death these New England missionaries came to why to teach the people about Jesus God brings people here so that they can learn to expand the Ministry of the everlasting Gospel of the Thuringia immerses to all the world that is God's divine plan so how should we preach to add to this kingdom knows a lot as a new chapter for Chrissake in 1000 almost on the bubbles as is the sparrow Lord is upon me because the other people anointed me to preach the Gospel to the poor he has sent me the human broken hearted to preach deliverance to the captives and recovering of the sight of the blind the said that liberty them that are bruised to preach the acceptable year of the war so how do we preach the gospel preached to the poor to heal the broken hearted to preach deliverance to the captives freedom from sin. To heal the broken heart of that Jesus can heal us from our brokenness because we're all broken people. The recover the sign of wind to give them new eyes that although this world is dark and dreary that we can see the eyes of glory the eyes of Jesus that soon and very soon God will make all things beautiful in this time. And the priestly except for you in the Lord we have to preach a prophetic message that is the message to invite people all the added to God's kingdom and as effective for 6 and 7 we expand on this is not the fact that I've chosen to lose the battle we can this turn do the heavy burdens and to let the oppressed go free there you break every yoke is a not a deal by bread to the hungry and that doubt bring to the poor that are cast out of the house when thou see is the naked that thou cover him that Tao hide not thy self from our own flesh and Isaiah 58 is this chapter on Sabbath before and the connection with that to help the oppressed now our church is doing wonderful work or pathways to help free medical care in different communities were no questions asked we will treat you and heal you that is the ministry of Jesus. And we are sent there Agnes have a solution to life's problems outside of politics for homelessness there is a lot of this wealth we could establish food factories you know beyond me is very very lucrative vegetarian meal is very lucrative right now let's do what we fail to do establish these businesses and hire almost people to get back to their feet to give them job training because the spirit probably says giving them food and giving a water is temporary the true solution is made themselves to fish with his 1000 businesses to help the homeless abortion is a huge issue abortion is a moral issue and the set of go into government in seeking bans on abortion regardless of that you can do that if you want some of the advice of the orphanages. To give them an alternative How many orphanages are there of the United States of America we should establish orphanages in America to give them a loving environment so that people will have an alternative instead of abortion but to give them up to an orphanage that will give them godly homes where they can have a happy life and we can have that ministry in fat I've returned from South Korea this past March because last March there is a missionary name Mrs Grace through her husband was a doctor and I was doctor after the Korean War You had many illegitimate children fathered by American soldiers and Korean women and they were considered outcasts if there was abortion then they would've been aborted but Dr Ruth why Grace Group established an orphanage work thousands of orphans were led to godly Christian homes all around the world we too can do the same here in dealing with a horse and drugs in our all we have a drug and alcohol problem we have a medical missionary work and we have the message that God can give you victory over since we could address life's problems by the preaching the Gospel and the ministry that God has given us cry we have a problem of crime we can teach them the law of God to love your neighbor as yourself Jesus has already given the solution to the problems of this nation why resort to politics when it will fail so will happen once there is a people for God's kingdom the Bible says and Daniel $727.00 The Bible says and the kingdom in the Dominion and the green is the kingdom under the whole heaven shall be given to the people of the saints of the most high whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom and all diminish shall serve and obey Him God is not one Lee inviting you to be a citizen of this kingdom God gives you His Kingdom. There's a difference you know we can we go to heaven we're going to be see this is the heaven residents you know God is making you court rules with him and religion chapter 3 verse $21.00 The Bible says that Jesus will share his throne with us a throne is a seat of authority and you and I are invited to rule the universe which Jesus. That's a beautiful invitation and so this Gospel is preaching that a superpower a nation to true when of the free free from sin the True Home of the brave will be established forever which is the key number then. There will never decay. Free housing in a gated community. Free healthcare eternal life. Free food the tree of life is not socialism it's God amen. And one of the characteristics of this nation religion point one percent war and gotcha what we all tears in their eyes there's will be no more death neither saw nor cry neither shall be any more pain for the former things are passed the way. God is going to stablish a superpower a nation free from sin and its oppressive consequences so God ordained the United States to be establish for a will is liberty for the Adam movement to rise to preach their last and gospel to all the world that is the purpose of the United States but soon. The United States will repeat every element of its constitution because the spirit of intolerance both from the left and well from the right and I'll speak as a dragon the United States developed a worldwide super power are the 7 Family Church develop into a worldwide movement that declares that Jesus is coming soon and establish His kingdom and nation on this earth forever. One will morph from freedom to intolerance the other will advocate for liberty a conscience and a heavenly kingdom free from sin and it's a presence of Quinces God established this great nation as an asylum for religious liberty her probation will close what she repeats the Constitution you see what causes the nation's probation to close is how it treats God's people you look at Sodom almost on his probation closed it was not simply because of its immoral lifestyle solid probation close when the citizens of Saddam sought to invade lots home and take the angels when they sought to persecute and destroy God's people that's when Saddam's probation closed Angel surf we had enough when destroy the city that was the point of no return was the point of no return for Babylon when Belshazzar was seeking this on and got in his kingdom that was the point of no return what about the Jewish nation what happened how they didn't cause the probation why that stone Stephen and such to destroy God's people was the point where Rome's probation closed while the persecuted people and it fell and when the probation of the nations on the earth close when they saw it this Troy the remnant church in a small bag before he is caught that's when probation closes but we have an opportunity here today of freedom to declare something better the true and the free and the home of the brave or we can be declared to have asylum here in our church to the route to be citizens in the kingdom of heaven to be part of God's government to rule with them forever. In closing I want to read a statement from one of my favorite in this Arthur's a t. Jones he writes this. Patriotism then being love of one's country and the heavenly country being a Christian country Christian patriotism is nothing else than love of the heavenly country the laws of men do not subscribe or see the laws of God And so today God is inviting us to be part of his true nation the true land of the free and the home of the brave and God is established this great nation to be a nation where freedom of thinking and religion would develop so that the Avid movement for declaring the message for the whole world so that we could then buy all the world to become citizens of his kingdom and God has brought people to the shores of this nation so that they have the opportunity to hear the gospel preached to all the world and I got that from Honolulu and Waikiki I notice this young people all around the world in the war little segment that one little piece of beach people from all around the world there was a great opportunity to reach and teach them about Jesus God is bringing in so many people for us to finish his work not only by point oversea missionaries but even doing ministry here in Los Angeles in New York in the great cities of the day and God is inviting us to be representatives of his kingdom to be ambassadors of his nation to invite people to his and to see here in the church to gain citizenship so that we can enter and together in the King over. The true superpower nations come. Might be painful situation right now. And he calls us to be patriots. Our Father God. Father we thank you for establishing the United States of America as a beacon of religious liberty and freedom to draw people from all around the world to learn about your. Father we just ask that you be with those that are suffering and we just as the be with people from both sides the spectrum those that are on the left and the right. Maybe find mercy and truth and tolerance of one another and maybe truly 5 you want to mercy and justice. And Father we just that each and every one of us be faithful to our calling to be ambassadors to be. That we be representatives of your kingdom above every other nation and government that we are connected and brothers sisters as our heads are about to close. Is there someone today that says father today. I want to represent your nation. I want to be a patriot of your nation I want to receive the citizenship of your nation to invite others to become citizens of this great nation called the Kingdom of Heaven if that's your desire I ask that we stand. Committed. That Today we want to be represented as the best. Of the keno have to align our patriotism. To the government of Jesus Christ. Father in heaven we are standing here today and I am standing to be naturalized citizens are here again. To be commissioned to be representatives of the bastards for your kingdom. The colors of the whole world a limitation. For people to become citizens. Of the greatest nation. In the history of this universe which is your god. As a father today we are standing to give us wisdom in our all of the visual seers of efforts to do our part to invite people to be citizens of your kingdom this week for. Jesus that. 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