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Market Gardening Part 5

Matthew Dealy Deidre Dealy


There’s more to growing than meets the eye! During this class the Delays will share knowledge they have gained over their last nine years of gardening for market. They will cover topics such as planting, seeding, weed management, irrigation, etc. 


  • January 15, 2020
    2:15 PM
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Satisfy the market so. There are areas that are fire produce so there is a sale community supported agriculture program. With the. Ok. Ok so let's have more people buy a share on the farm and I get a box once a week throughout the season. Foreign markets more and more people are doing online sales you see that reflected in a lot of retail industries and it's really that's like the next wave of small farming and the like little food you can do you pick programs you can have a far more recent work with the food that you take food to and then they redistribute there there are probably more made to specialize in flowers The Florist I don't know it all kind of depends on what you're specializing in. So if the new market really takes time but is often the long run. About. The wholesale getting back into farm in the South Dakota was probably our best security blanket or everyone call it because they were consistent they would buy what we had. To hold wholesale customers appreciate dependability and consistency. So we don't recommend getting into wholesale in the 1st year or 2. Because it's hard to be consistent you know if you're out there or need your crop dies because you're gauging failed or. You didn't succession plan because you didn't know you needed to write. Because you know if you had let us you have to plant another one. How many times you guys heard sight somebody at church or wherever say I got my garden planted for the earth. Does I really or growth markets are named so. I said most things you don't know until you learn so we destruction I'd recommend getting a couple of years under your belt get some of those pickups out of the way and then go talk to them. So I think outside the box of who your customers can be so they can be resale retail establishments like co-ops small local grocers campgrounds. I think in our in our area we could sell quite a bit to campgrounds but we don't really have the need to expand our markets but we have campgrounds that are in the Black Hills that are like I don't know there's thousands of people that are all the time and we have lots of those so. We can almost go through there was like a little ice cream truck tried to make us but. You can sell the schools we've done that in the past and that's worked well restaurants. And we're looking for restaurants to look for all kinds of different varieties so whether one restaurant in or of a city the spot of chili and they're in Tallinn restaurant and Italian restaurants use a lot of plays all right. I know but now the other restaurants we sell to really want a lot of angel we can maybe sell a pound here and there but this restaurant will go through like 20 pounds a week. And we're selling our bodies well for $16.00 a pound so that adds up pretty fast. So we can. We can live a good part of our expenses a month on baseball if we had baseball every month which is pretty amazing if you think about it. We had found the stylish clients already. So. I don't know what that is so wholesale accounts I think is. I guess there's a knack for it but I think the knack is. Consistently pestering or you know you just have to keep calling them keep calling them and asking for the owner or asking for the cook or asking for the best person whoever you can get ahold of. Because a lot of times they're hard to get a hold of I've had I had one restaurant like bought of jelly I knew she was interested because I've heard I've heard from somebody else but it probably took me 2 months of calling to actually talk to her. And then you go down and talk to them and there's like your best friends right any time you call they answer and well I would say that's not really true but they they respond and they order. So I resell a retail establishment for the produce manager so if you're going to a co-op you don't ask for the owner. Of the produce manager and you basically are just trying to see what they're interested in him all the time if you go into a co-op or somewhere you will say grown locally and you can pretty quickly assess what time of the year and what they don't have you know you can say. Are you interested in carrots I see that it's summer and you don't have carrots or fall or. But the goal is to kind of see what they're interested what they don't have. If I don't have expressed interest then you just keep pursuing them. So for example bought a telly the restaurant we sell to. The daughter was running that and for whatever reason she left the mom came back and I called her thinking you know great We've been selling them for a couple of years and she answered the phones like Who are you you know I don't buy I'm busy. You know and we had planted. Essentially 2 full beds a battle for this restaurant who is now telling me we don't want your product and it's a different person what am I supposed to do. So in that case I just give it some time later get in there and. A month or 2 later I I just kind of swung in there and I had some basil and Terry tomatoes and I said Here you go you can try these and. You know I called her back a week later and she's like well we can try some and so I brought her a total baseball which was like 10 pounds $160.00 for us and I think we charge her for it but and I called her a week later and I said How you doing and she's like oh we're just we're all sitting around here look at your bagel in an online. And. You know but I was just persistent and I just took some product down there dropped it off and now she can't get enough and she buys are solid she buys cucumbers she buys cherry tomatoes all kinds of things and now when I talk to her she's like What can I do to support you. You know and she's wanting to put our picture of the farm in her restaurant the walls and all these things and. That's great stuff. So basically what you want to do you know the other restaurants that I've tried to get ahold of when it finally get a hold the person I schedule meeting and basically you just want to sell yourself and you want to find out what their needs are you want to come prepared you want to show them some varieties of what you grow you can show them pictures pictures of the farm priceless success or a. You don't want to overcommit. And basically what I try to do is I'd try to find one thing that you can sell them on so if I don't have anyone growing salad mix for them then just trying to us out next and when you get out next in the door then I'll probably ask you for tomatoes or cucumbers or other things but don't go in there saying I can try to sell and make some tomatoes and cucumbers and strawberries and on and on right because there's a good chance you can't maybe you can but. And I know one thing that we didn't put on here but. For me I feel like I know when the Lord is shutting the door right so there are some restaurants that we've talked to but there's one in town that they have like a rule of salads and certain things and you know talking to them it's just like you could I just knew that I didn't need to be pursuing this you know and other ones they just open up and so I would try and let the Lord. Lead because you don't want to find. You don't want to find a restaurant that doesn't want to work with you on trying to work with them is just way too much work so. Find one thing you want to. Consistency and flexibility are key for wholesale customers so you know sometimes. You know Rush I'll call up and say I didn't order enough had lettuce and I'm out and this is a lot of o'clock in the morning and we have lunch hour coming up in 2 hours what can we do you know if I'm like well sorry guy you know you should done better. It's not going to work so. Sometimes we've said well we're too busy right now but we can get ready if you can send somebody out over call people a neighborhood and say hey are you going to town we've had people that are going to town or you know one time I told the restaurant owner I can't comment but if you know somebody and she knew somebody lived right down the street and she came over and picked it up and. Yes I'll just be flexible and try and figure it out and show them you're not a novice even if you are. And you are trying to give them the earliest access to seasonal flu as possible you know so restaurants especially are always looking for the next thing you know at the end of tomato season they're not looking for tomatoes they're looking for soup stuff pumpkins right because people have in their heads that it's getting cold we need warm soup we need whatever and the spring time they're not necessarily looking for. You know other thing is they're looking for radishes in a regular and bring back something so. Trying to offer them things so that they can offer their clients new things so here is one this is just a simple wholesale price list that we have you know you can take this to them and. You obviously don't have all these things at the same time. And this you know we have that goes with it which is talked a little bit about us who we are some of our growing practices so. Once you have this you can just keep it and give it to whatever restaurant or wholesale person you want to. I think the biggest thing with wholesale is just go in there and say you know I have faired and for us it's easier than you know. Like when I was in Seattle at the way harder for me to go in there because there's a right so many restaurants for so many farms. In our area it has not been a challenge but. I would say just one thing get in there grow well grow well and start selling and these are going to talk about. As. So I'm. Religious are. How many of you go for market anytime. How many of you have a program. I mean you just love them. For the things Ok so the answer is no for community supported agriculture and so it's basically your customers purchase a share of the farm up front on the season and then they receive a box of produce of whatever scraps on the farm the suspicion a model of a c.s.a. program so he doesn't come around like anything else the pros and cons so the nice thing about that is they are giving you money upfront and so at a time of year where you're not really making much and but you're having to buy season and most types of things. You have a really money in the season so that's definitely one of the biggest advantages to running a c.s.a. program can guarantee sales for the season so once you sell your c.s.a. shares then you're you know you have the money. We've found the we're able to up still a lot of our c.s.a. members and so they have that share but then they want more say as to if they buy that initial share or they come to Farmer's Market whatever. You get some pretty amazing people and c.s.a. programs people that love food and they love locally grown food America cited about it about what you're doing and that's really encouraging when things aren't always going so well. And basically free marketing like we run awesome c.s.a. posters hanging around town until the sells a lot of we have a lot of customer retention and then we have word of mouth like that also other people and I'll sign up. So he. Didn't get here it's a new roof when you have it available so sometimes he'll have a blow to something and it's not necessarily selling a farmer's market and the c.n.c. right now it's not like you don't want to just upload stuff that you can't because you know from another company I know you're listening to my house all the way down here and the lady must say you know I have this big bill of sale and I didn't want to waste it and so we would have been you know a she said it's kind of like having the guilt when you just put it and nurse to go they are every week and then they can't use it and then they feel guilty for not using it and so it's not to do that but just you know sometimes you can be a greater quantities of her and I was at the time. Going to disagree sometimes never is so willing to try to do tomatoes or something every year and we may not have a large quantity of that but we can grow something and it's like especially if you're a b. like you look at this and it's something new and different for them so they laid out. On the downside of running the program if you like the people giving you their money and the. Product to them every week for however long your season is running sometimes there are 8 weeks 12 weeks 20 weeks. You are liable. To take a certain amount of variety on your farm so you can grow 3 items and I expected the successful as a program to fire during and let us drivers and deliberately. So you have to have a certain level of array that you're growing to be able to pick up yes a program that can be stressful can be stressful it is for us all and that's why I'm Since I'm not this. I was it was local in the us the same program sir. I kind of like every year like I do media. But. There's other times that it's really great news you know but it is stressful because you want to get the best. You can get the wrong people so there are great people and there are people that never side of crazy as a program and when that happens you have to be flexible. And sometimes you can dismiss it. Because it's not worth that. And also takes management you have to make sure that you're planting crops in time of writing you have to coordinate this year so you have to be organized with all that stuff and it just takes time. So are they basically a little worried that you would be put up and says you know Mr Carr. We're going to do a larger c.s.a. and we got like 12 people and we're like well but we're told never give you more than you can handle so I guess that's our letter out and it was really good we didn't have more than. The 1st and. Capability as you know is that for every hour that we're getting a success it is not just the Lord can do for you we need to have far less confidence in what man can do with far more confidence in what God can do for every believing soul you long to have you reach after him. He longs to have is that the great things for you long to give you understanding in a temporal as well as spiritual matters you can sharpen the intellect you can get time and skill and talents into the work an outsider with and it will be given here. So that I don't. Say so in no other area but are still pro se for sale or to tell have been able to. Get a program because you get into them. To get their boxes made really great friends through this channel and so it can be a huge blessing so. You recommend Now if you're starting a specific program especially if you're a beginning bar then you do not start with more than 30 diversity of a program and even 30 is quite a bit so this year we have 30 members and week out that about we don't want any more and I guy at least 10 you mails and people asking you just how much more you can just add one more that is very tempting but like I said it gets really stressful if you have any trouble throughout the season it's just better. Than happy customers come back. To some of my taking on a season so you're borrowing the money I would. Suggest or recommend that you don't spend it all right upfront that your 1st year you know I would save some of that valley or something happens out of the season you're not just like well you know risk sorry brew it was you know I'm going to try to make good with the people that have paid you. So much of the worship and remain in place others are more of the brands so worth 100 times of Perseus same program they sign an agreement that says by you know late by joining our c.s.a. program you're basically accepting part of the liability of the farmer and that we're going to do everything we can to provide you with fresh produce for the season but. You know circumstances change and they can't control the weather and whatever and we're usually more than happy to do that. So don't overburden years over the last Friday if it's tempting to want to. Go something new when we try to do something different every week but. You know you don't have to hunt like 7 different varieties if you can. You know Senator kinds of greens and it's like people like some things that are new and unique that they really like what's there to them to and so you know give them a leave of the Year think he was in that role and some really fun things for them too. And like I said of my doing that for everyone to be flexible if you get someone that just totally gainsaid and work with them and try to make it work for them or. Give them an out. So it's important to streamline the process somehow have some kind of a software or spreadsheet or something that helps you to organize how. How will this all into work I'm going to talk about some of those different things. And then consider product education for your customers so I know a lot of c.s.a. is still putting new slayer in the box we do that every week open a newsletter or say this is what's in the box this is something you may not have seen and this is how you can use it there's a recipe and this is what's happening on the farm. And you know sometimes the earth is only the educational portals so you can go to their website and click on like videos all show you how to use certain things or how to photo you know Green said you can use them almost every day so just giving them the resources to make a successful marriage. So you want to turn a profit for your c.s.a. So there are traditional styles hearsays which basically they are the seasons so saying we have a 4 week season. Yes $300.00 to $300.00 and every week they get a box of whatever you decide to. Deliver. For the model and it works out great for some people so we have about how our c.s.a. memberships are traditional and the others are a market style or a combination between a market sell in a farmer's market credit so those people say the same amount for the c.s.a. share they pay the $300.00 and we issue them a credit and it's a $360.00 friend so we give them a 20 percent increase for prepaying for the season. And we will get online and they'll build their own box custom box and they really like it that way because it's flexible they're only getting the things they want think if they're going to have company coming they can build a really big box when we can and in one week they're going to be out of town so it's a much more flexible people and then the 1st one reason they were town so they didn't order a box that they make it home they can come to farmer's market and they can pick what they want and then we just take it off their credit so some people just choose to do that instead of ordering online they like being able to see what we have. So it works out really nice and we have found that the market's down the worst that we have. We tend of sell them and we have some people that they'll buy the credit and then within 4 weeks it's gone and so they buy another share not buy another share or we have people that will buy one traditional and one market style and you know it's just. The people spend more money. To make up for those so it works out really nice. Online sales like alluded to that being more of a thing but coming around a curve and we haven't really gone that route yet and then when you consider on delivery when we were in you know we did on delivery. Because of the way we. Come up with people or say if you're going to do that you need to really. And small radius you know you're not spreading all over the countryside. So I want to talk about. Being an organizing your c.s.a. program. So probably the most important thing is having a successful c.s.a. so. It can help you support meeting your sign up and member management so all of our 5 of us are handle online. And then is managing your orders the financial trappings I keep track of how much of their balance they spend how much they have left and they can get on there and check. It produces orders he's part of those pick ups to use and insult those member reception and a lot of the programs that are being developed are really focusing on that member retention because traditionally the essays don't have very good member retention and it's probably because of a thing that kills a spark. So one of the business problems that we've seen him will use are probably Harvey farming go which party was formally small central is the one that we've been using since we've been farming and doing c.s.a. z. is small farms Central. And they started working on a new developing a new platform called Harvey and then they've been friends a snake everyone over the r.v.. And I've heard great great things about them they really help with the times and. It gives you a way to customize their blog without having to get online and order but the victims every week so when they sign up for the day. The questions like what kind of missiles do you like Ok so I fail and made a kind of us will you not like I don't like to use the carrier and so when you get in to the system what you have available but I we will custom build everyone boxes based on their program and so that is also a memory system so that's a really cool program. For me to go to the harmony that there's so many out there and I don't know as much about those I do about r.v. but they all have like little things that they specialize and other really. More like a virus a car. You can use more of like a pay as you go thing or is it and then you can have like if you have. Location for that too so you can kind of this be online sales because you get out of dollars you have a model and then you're in you know about like really nice. They are in the know. Space It's off the leash and so you need to find out what your market like and what you think you can manage and go with that. Oh we're going on your program so our program is as well these programs and like I said the capital 30 members we manage. So the Small Arms Center a little and we offered the have a cause for additional market share so another thing about those is having both types some of the pressure so in a traditional model if we have 30 boxes then we would have to make sure that every week whatever was going to the boss we had to have 30 of that 30 in the same kind of has that 30 is 30 times the strawberries 30 watermelons whatever it is when you have said that we only have about 15 of all those things we really have some of that pressure and then whatever you have left you just put on the on the store or whatever and they build their box for whatever else you have available so it's a lot fresher than the traditional model and some people like the traditional model of even have markets I know people so every on our online platform where they order we always offer it for additional boxes one of the options that they can get for the week and we have people who just get on our orders additional box every week like you know Marcus but they do it so. We have a I have them a long line and we have them pay with a credit card fees or they can balance back if they don't want to. Pay with a credit card but if they had a party charge a processing fee and then we always charged so because we deliver the c.s.a. in reasonable and we expect them to bring us back every week and they don't always get returns so we just pass some of that stuff to them. So. Kind of the Super Bowl of this is how it works for the week for us so we will often feel weekly and we the size of what we're going to have a traditional fashion and then we're going to estimate our deals for what for everything that we have and never in a while we're not getting in the traditional boxes everything that we have left of we're not taking the farmer's market and we're going to put those on the market so store and like I said we always offer some traditional boxes as well. And so we're marking the numbers we have them that inventory online and then I open up the c.f.a. store and they have basically assumed a window 48 hours from noon to place the order that we and then the next day we deliver their boxes and so the store goes noon and then that afternoon and the next day we are to pack everything and deliver it so and you can choose what window you want that to be you want to have a longer window between ordering and delivery. So heartless and orders user generated automatically using the. Previous quarter and then we. During the harvest sometimes for pickup if it doesn't it a location. So. We have our general members to get about every week in the markets the numbers only give off a big order that. Like I said a lot on the order we're going to be out of town and something we have to pick up a syndicate of more or less basically are those on the farm or one of these and around the city which is about a half an hour away. But you always have to come on available there. And you won't want to make the incumbents there. Ok so you remember Housman there are so you know they are up and down is a member of the house and they've agreed to run things are up for us so they make sure that everyone coming in finding out their boss and returning their old clothes and then when the show up they call them so our policy is that if they don't look to get their boss if they don't call then we don't need to receive the family and that's just part of the operating agreement that I have for so and we just put everything in their box and put their name on the when they come because they are out there by. One of the consumer when they're going about will they programs are like all these 4 hours early always late they'll be on time basic customer service to be on time if people going in there I'm. Sure there will be a little boxes are. In them right and it's a new member because like I said they can be 3 weeks in opportunities. Of talking about farmer's market but this is our 3rd major outlet because I will tell us about the essay a little bit about our room. So I was I said earlier you're going to improve the quality of your produce you. Only mean that. So when you're farmer's market there's a lot of variables you want to refute the crew of the school children from when and sign the one to get in there and get it on the table you're your volume going to climb right you want to think about I'm grading in the labor here we have been and I was that we didn't have a post under the bed of water then or had lettuce and water so they can be hydrated most of the really breathing we have a spray bottle so we can miss things so they don't get wealthy just think about how you're going to eat the quality of your privileges and if you want to present that for a customer again like most of us will we have equal parts of me those wish if they're right all the time a very nice thing and I just want to like trying to find out of those one that's going to mate out of it since this is great my art and then they're like we see around the house my answer is a boy of ours so you know either through packaging or something you know which is. The Spurs don't risk damaging approach as much as possible. So helping your marketer success so you want to start as early in the season as possible to this thousands your customer base you'll find you both under farmer's market and if they're regular in the farmers' markets will show up and they'll make a beeline for their vendor they want to look at anyone else we're going to hear 1st to see where they have and we have found in our market sort of where on our way from possible at the end as far away from apartment to things you know some people have to walk by everyone else to get them. And I don't you know while they're there but they will they're you know we need to be for them I'm going to. So you just want to use basic result building Mercer you know the customer is always great. Give them product education tell them about your stuff all about growing practices come. I see your food. And engage your customers but also be aware of their body language and like their interests Well some people come to farmer's market looking for one thing in your food they don't want to engage you but of the most honest answer and then the look. And you can say hey you know I have the greatest doing that you can. And then think oh it's not uncommon in the blue and you know sometimes and also just because you know against my conversation and was not pushing that you know. This is one business rising very personal here and well being here Reggie is a great a farmer's market there are so many vendors that are farmer's market like I said we're here. For cattle country and most of the people show up when they're for example. Or their knowledge and there are those among the good old boys those guys are proud of them for the county down and read a book. And they look like they just brought in the barn and didn't grow their hair and so you know I'm in the business and you want to appear to be professional and clean and work and eyes and you know I think in a moment when there were a lot of hands of us you know you don't want people running out of your food you want them to think well this is really all of you and rushing clean and so your personal theory and your body language fail us but don't be reading a book I'm going on Sheryl Lee and games on your phone there have been signs that I've gone to some of these foods at the farmer's market and I was at the blue and the. Credit is like a I don't know it's like a funeral is running the work of the Stanford as long as the didn't feel like it is literally sitting there reading a book like this they're probably 5 minutes using the look about me and it's like I have been so through knowing so you know and gave people. And then also all those who remember you remember their names I'm terrible with names but you know when they were in their thirty's I look at their name and when they are you can say I think everything is like you remember race so you know what they like but we have some people who come every week and they didn't have that I was a little bit and so you know it's you know they're coming down on all the baggage for the show goes forward then you go and you just make their day. And then it's on the phone in a very something you have yourself on something to remember about him and I like that just little things make a big difference and returns us for. This latest you. Like I said as you might your You're full of nice and I'm like just back in your truck up on the delegate downgrade the nurses on the place for that too but if you really want to rock the farmer's market you want to have a nice looking there and so. I was I was that's why we can have I don't like Paris on the table and they will typically selling like hotcakes that you can down to the last one or 2 bunches and they will sit there for the rest of the market I don't know why but people just don't like to buy it it looks empty so sometimes when markets things going it's been about 5 hours and I don't have very much so all markets I'm like restocking reorganizing and pulling things and if I have a smaller amount of something like I have to think about because of all the smaller basket out and put it in there as the not about to look all of the what we have to see. Those things like that and then you have. To do you need things and I like those because these onions flowers they're beautiful they're funded to bring one of those dollars for garnishes and my son hasn't wanted to sell them but it is pretty tasty and it's just like q. and. It's not a simple but. There is a move last year. We got a lot of commerce. Obviously you want to make sure your prices are clear and. You're just orderly and you could simply go and when not with orders we display a product things that seem insignificant. Like urgency for instance we have these long linger groupies and we pick them I pick them I'm one of those do you like this and I don't think but I think that was all of them when and when I link them in the bottom of that so all the Phase one and. Because I'm going to go to the farmer's market when I go to farmers markets and I put them on the table and they're all like night people are like any of these beautiful images of going to the ground in the disco reading at that time where is there all this like Rome and they're all wonky it's hard to get them in the bag and you have these only people make it i bring me and he was hurting my name like the room in there like that like in your zeal and I didn't like the. Oh those little things like that that you know they need to look nice I'm Fredricka. Yeah whenever they go to see you then I think I'm almost done wrong and it's a lot easier just chop them up and the ending is. Oh remember if I go you want to have this on because the sounds for them so individually packaged items are better than having to weigh every single thing you know instead of doing washer cucumber by the pound just say it all or if you cover or like I talked about we've prepackaged season house on bags instead of selling them by the ounces they're easier to because people know what it's going to cause. Some people like them because in their prices. We have done both. It's nice because this is yours out in your head if you included the brown This was the best thing is I'm just thinking a little bit of a loss of weight and we used to include our prices are actually prizes but then we realized we had not raise our prices for like 10 years this last year and the amount we pay in sales tax is pretty ugly because costs are actually saying to the person that I should be paying them. And so there's your research on top of our our prices and it was really hard on those people are finally retired techs and some you know most people don't say anything with people are really annoyed by it but. You can remove the standing to create clothes if you have a bigger market you know you can have kind of the reserve money and naturally aligned will form and it will work their way through and how. That works pretty nice and then what kind of image you get that varies in and able to act or not it will just as a lot of people who a lot of people don't worry smaller communities a little people who are a farmer's market will take a chance for the bigger credit card whereas we we run kind of ours with quarter and. The last. To the point that. One side of our little farmer's market has been are they going to ours. Or is going to have that you did the program and I'm a little bit about something kind of hard because we where. We have found that it works really good because they don't charge if you're not used again it's not like a traditional credit card model is really easy you know you don't know their job it's like you're going to build. And then the health of the cocktails you can go on and look at your is work throughout the day you can see like Oh we've already sold $500.00 and us up from this time last week you know it'll give you those closer. And then. It's also better armed with as we can pull up other words from last week that we can say this is how many of each thing that we sold the farmer's market last week so we're going to harvest the ruler or if we know that we ran out of something on a resume or something. If you don't that's Parsons just the way that they're doing a lot of people there standing just doing that everyone takes credit cards and we were the saloon sales we didn't expect credit cards and there is an illustration here so I have one transaction this lady did not want cash because $59.00 recruiting was the worst part of the 3.6 percent fee for a transaction so we paid them like $1.64 but we made $50060.00 and on the sales and I would have lost. If I didn't make a card because mostly because we have the cartoon cash so it is going to bring that down when you say or you know we may have lost $0.50 there will be we made more Lou we were not expecting it in the community to expect. So basically through mobility and the environment it breaks down to 40 percent of our sales we sell wholesale. 30 percent. Farmers Market and you know that's going to be different for everyone but we've come to my son to have all of our eggs in one basket and we cannot just Tiger we can move different produce through different streams so like we could never sell 20 pounds of bass or farmer's market but we can sell that every week through wholesale and so. It kind of you know gives you some flexibility when you when you go versifying there are some there who just do c.s.a. is and they do really really well and there are farmers under the farmers' markets and so there again what's going to work for you. So this is this year. I'm drilling more than ever to have you ever be the manager will fill orders but we've got to end with the fair we manage our c.s.a. with small farms Central Park grammars market where and then they're all separate and all over it for the sale that we've done really here like you know in the Get at it we're going to take me and a lot of have fun playing at the age of these differently put together explain to my height. So we're looking for a more integrated software program and the advantage of all of these different Rev a free one place and not for Libya developing and online sales but for. Our And we really want something serious but for and we again I say that again so. We've done this with a focus on for sale for a visit so the c.f.a. are really helping nothing of what is a great info this media was brought to you by audio person they website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon please visit w w w dot audio Verse dot org.


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