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The Parable of the Flower Part 3

Michelle Lesher


The objective of this class is to equip you with details on how you can successfully grow flowers in early spring, summer and fall. Michelle will be sharing her favorite flower varieties and other tips she has learned through her farming experience. Whether you are just starting out with growing flowers or you have gown them for years, you will enjoy this class full of so much lover for flowers.


Michelle Lesher

Registered Dietitian and Registered Nurse


  • January 15, 2020
    11:15 AM
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My absolute favorite thing to do is to make bouquets So a lot of people grow flowers for a florist for a wedding designers I started off with just making the case for farmer's market and that still my favorite thing to do I love to make the case they just bring me so much joy picking the different color schemes the different flowers and I'll tell you I had 0 formal training I never took a class on how to make a bouquet so I'm no expert. My flower bouquets are quite different than most people's because they're just kind of my own thing so you know you're going to develop your own style which is really cool because you know everybody's different and unique in your eye for something's going to be different than mine and the colors that you like together going to be different than the colors that I like together so I would encourage people that it doesn't have to be like this textbook perfect I have you know a certain amount of this kind of flower in a certain amount of this kind of flower to make this perfect bouquet. Some people work better under that kind of structure and if that works better for you that's fine too but for me I just tell you a small testimony. Growing up I was a troubled youth and I was not good at school I was not good at textbook things I struggled with you know usually in school you have. You have a class that you're good at like oh I'm good at math but I'm not good at English or I'm good at social studies and I'm not good at math but for me I was bad at everything there was no like class that I was good at so growing up. I got into skateboarding and I was an Ok skateboarder I mean. I was like one of the only girls doing it at the time so people thought I was really good but I really wasn't all that great I was kind of average I always felt like just sort of an average person which is perfectly fine it's Ok to be average. But then I started growing flowers and I never thought of myself as being artistic I cannot drawl I try to be crafty it's not my gift to be crafty I'm just not really that great at artsy stuff even though I like it it's just not my strength and then I started making these bouquets and people are saying wow your bouquet is really lovely and I like the colors that you put together and I really feel like at 43 years old I finally found the thing that I really feel like is a strength like a gift and so I think that's pretty cool to might have to have waited 43 years but I'm really thankful that I started growing flowers because I feel like I'm artistic now which I never had that ability to do anything like that before so it's an art right growing flowers and making bouquets is an art it's a beautiful thing so. I've really become fond of it now I'm also a lover of cats I love cats and cats love flowers this little guy is no longer with us his name is Monty and he died this past fall but. He picked flowers with me every day out in the morning he was right there with me walking the beds always with me when I was picking my flowers every cat we've ever had has been like that they love to kind of walk the beds with you when you're picking so supplies for picking flowers we talked about the I put Clippers there but technically they're called snippers snips so you want to have this really pointy nose that's why they call them snips not clips. You want to make sure you have buckets it is good to have rubber bands we already talked about good times to pick dawn and dusk and the different flower types which ones you want to wait til they're fully open and which ones closed I just wrote again on here and for those that you have missed it you can access all of these slides at the Agora website under 2020 handouts on the menu bar so you don't have to write all this down but the cooler varieties that do well are Dahlia kosmos sunflower the ones that don't are the zinnias and the drying flowers we talked about we've got straw flower. And we've got all 3 of them in this one so those are all good for drying Here's a little video of our cooler this is in the spring. We have produce on the shelves in the flowers on the floor and it gets pretty packed in there. In the spring time so our cooler is how big. We have a 12 by 8 foot cooler having a cooler is really a luxury if you're able to have a cooler it really makes for a longer life of the flower it's hard when you don't have a cooler if you're wanting him to last a long time. Some supplies for making bouquets rubber bands I always put rubber bands on the bottom. And this is masking paper you can get it at Lowe's you can get it on Amazon I get the 18 inch by 100000 feet sorry 18 inch 5000 feet. We also had these stickers printed off that have our farm logo and has the Bible verse where we get our farm name Genesis 28 and the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden and there he put the man whom he had formed this becomes a witness for us at every bouquet purchased has a Bible verse on it and people look at that and it's kind of a neat way to to witness to people. You can use jars so when I started off I always harvested flowers and put them in jars and transfer them to market in jars and sold them in jars and boy was that cumbersome it is hard to transport all these little mason jars with all these far because you don't want to damage the flower and I was just so set that that was the way I had to do it I was not interested in doing it this way at all my 1st year then Kiersten deicing or help me because I struggled so much with how to wrap of bouquet you would think it is so basic but it is not basic So I'm looking on line I even message standing farms only show me how you wrap years and all this stuff so I have come up with a way that. It kind of is the easiest quickest way to do it some and show you that in just a minute with this so you can also do ribbons you can put pretty ribbons on the jar you can wrap them in paper and then put a ribbon or twine or something to make it look pretty some people you'll see at the booth I have I have hole punched cards with twine you can do that around bouquets. The unique style that I have which is very different than a lot of people is I say my K.'s are all flour with no filler most people make bouquets they're going to put greenery in a bouquet it is an inexpensive way to make it big or green looks pretty There's a lot of benefits to it and I'm not saying that that I wouldn't necessarily do it is just the resources that I have on our farm we don't grow a lot of the filler stuff and if I have a limited amount of space I want a girl that Dallas I want to grow those in his I don't really want to grow the grasses and they're pretty and I'm not saying that they're not but it's just for us and what works best for us is. To do all flour no filler and I'm They sell really well my bouquets go for 20 bucks a bouquet at the market and we sell out almost every market I mean really we do so it's kind of like why change it if it's working it's kind of where we're at with it but it doesn't mean it's going to work for everyone and it doesn't mean that's everyone's style we have a farmer a flower farmer that does that for a living right where we live and honestly her bouquets are all filler with very few focal flowers so you would call these all focal flowers they're all bigger focal flowers and she uses almost all filler flowers she has a lot of greenery and a lot of the smaller flowers like me the cosmos and her flower so wonderfully so don't feel like it has to be this way in my mind there's a lot of different ways that you can make a bouquet and yes there's kind of the standard like you need to have so many of the pointy they call these the spiky look for depth depth perception you know you want to have the small with spies' in the big focal and that does make a beautiful bouquet No hands no question but this is just kind of what we've done because it's what we grow and it's what works and I guess I just like big flower so I just put all the big flowers in there and it seems to work so that's our style hello to market your flowers so this lady has an all vegan Raul organic restaurant in Louisville Kentucky she buys a bouquet every week and she sets it on her counter she says so many people ask her about the flowers she tells people about our farm we've got customers because of her so you can market them to restaurants you can market them to hotels we even have a condominium of people that like flowers this year that's potentially going to buy flowers from us for the. Condominium. You see there farmer's market is probably where we sell the most you can do a flower c.s.a. you can have a weekly pick up you can have a bi weekly pickup you can have a monthly pick up you can get really creative with it and just have a standard you can deliver flowers you can have a pick up site where people come pick up their bouquets. Really any local business one time I had a lot of Willy of the valley bouquets all at once and I took them. The local health food store bought some and I had like 10 left over I literally walked across the street to this kind of outdoor shopping kind of place and I went in to every shop and just said hey I have Lily of the valley bouquets would you like them for your store and the everyone said no the last of her I went to was a. It was funny because it was like a locked door because it had like high end furniture Jory in it and I knocked on the door and the lady opened it and she bought all of them. And I was so happy like yeah I don't have to go home with me so you just have to be you know resourceful and you know every book a she got a Bible verse on it and I got to interact with her and it was you know it's really kind of an amazing work and they smell so good so you know your blessing her whole experience that day with lovely flowers we just started selling to a florist last year for the 1st time so before it was strictly farmer's market and just people that would come up to me and say oh I have a birthday party would you make flowers for it or I have this would you do flowers we tapped into the forest because I had a lot of or none Kulas that spring and are flower farmer neighbors gave me a few names of some Florist That might like them so we now sell to about 3 florist and about 4 wedding designers and they just love the local flowers and they're you know I'm getting to educate them about the chemicals that are sprayed on the lot of the flowers that they're getting shipped in and they actually really want local They prefer local and I get I forgot to mention this to you all for the dinner plate values you get 3 dollars a stem and the ball dahlias depending on the size is usually $2.00 a stem so here's just a few more pictures of the bouquets that I make. Of all of them this was my favorite color scheme because it has peaches and cream in it and I love that one but you see how I have like the oranges and the whites and the limes together and then you have more of a pink lime and why and this is more of the darker red and you kind of come up with a different color schemes and they look so pretty together so different things to consider so this is I did struggle with this at 1st and it's really important to keep in mind you don't want to go to a market and undercut people always always keep that in mind if you show up at a market you're new there and someone selling flowers go talk to them ask them what their They're selling their flowers for you want to be equal. You know it depends on the flour in the value of course there's variables there but you don't want to show up and start undercutting people when they're selling things that a certain price does that make sense to everybody what I'm saying it's it's sort of a respect thing that you do for even your produce you know we have people that might come and they have full time jobs and they're growing cucumbers on the side for a hobby and they're selling them for pennies so we kindly go over them and talk to them about that and say we understand you're not doing this for a living but we are and your your food is it has a value and if you're selling it for pennies then it decreases the value in it for everybody so growing food and flowers is a valuable trade and it's worth something there's a lot of work that goes into all this stuff and it has a value so I'm very tempted often to. Price it down prices down prices down and are met and I neighbors that are of value farmers that's what they do for a living they told me you cannot sell a dahlia a dinner plate Dahlia really for less than $3.00 a stem because that is the going price for them and if you do that it will undercut other flour farmers and it will undercut the florist because the florist are also making flowers for. For a living so you have to be mindful of that and be respectful of kind of just what the going market price is when you make your flowers and you make up the prices that you're going to do so where say it Dahlia is $2.00 a stem the size I'm using for my bouquet and I'm making a $20.00 book a farmer's markets a little different than selling them to a florist florist is going to get a higher price mark for a bouquet than I am at farmer's market so if I sell her $102.00 dahlias That's a $20.00 bunch I would make my bouquet a little bit bigger for market because a farmer's market person they're not going to pay like I would put probably more like. $15.00 to $20.00 stems in there I would never charge more than $20.00 at the farmer's market for a bouquet no one will buy it it's just a different market does that make sense so you also have that variable there I had a florist approach me you know I'm telling her my bouquets are $20.00 she says at my florist I would sell that bouquet for $50.00 and I explained to her. At a farmers market you just can't get that much money for a bouquet of flowers so there is a variation there a little bit but overall you want to make sure that you're pricing them according to the market and according to what the other flower farmers at the market are selling their their stuff for yes ma'am. She does which she does is she sells a mation jars and her bigger mason jar with mostly filler is a $15.00 bouquet where mine is all flour like more flour and I sell them for 20 so this size is pretty similar and where I have more focal flowers maybe it's you know $5.00 more valuable but I said it I would say it's very comparable you know the size Yeah perfect Sure so what was said is a s f g c Sorry say the whole name out again. Association of specialty cut flower growers I always get that mixed up you can join that it's a little pricey to join but you can join that and they have a lot of resources for you they will have a list of like a start point for how much a flower goes per stem You can also resource e.u.s. da and they have a resource for pricing so it's going to be the same with produce $2.00 sometimes it's hard to know what to sell stuff by the pound for and you can also resource there is a resource in the u.s.d.a. for that as well. Great resources thank you for that that's wonderful. Ok so figuring out what you're going to charge is important colors available is important types of flowers available so this is where I wanted to share with you the different types that are recommended to grow. So we have the bold focal flowers are going to be like the Dahlia is the sunflowers and this is Anya's and then the filler and Spike flowers are those slow see a gum for Ina and tuberose cosmos Queen Anne's lace is actually a weed on our farm that I do pick and put in bouquets and people love them. So you see here I do have some gum Freenet coming out and so I do use some of that sometimes I'll use some of the cosmos but often times I will cut cosmos and bunch them all in a one variety of like cosmos and wrap them and sell just cosmos alone or Also the gum phrenologists all by itself alone so I tend to do that more then putting them in the bouquets they seem to sell better that way for me so that's why I do it that way. So here's another picture let's see if Larry says this is a video let's see if he smiles. So then. So these are just of group these are all going to farmer's market and you can hear me but I'm just so excited and Larry's got this very straight face the whole. Right so I was going to show you them oh that's Nicholas isn't so pretty. So here's Sendai singer help me figure out part of how to wrap a bouquet so this scene is going to look really simple to you then you're going to go home and try and you're going to live the lives of so hard so I figured out a way to do it just really fast I'm literally in the washed ation I have all my buckets I'm taking them out I rubberband and trim them and then I put this on my legs just like well I should say this 1st so you're going to cut it in a square like this Ok and then you're going to fold it. Like this. You put it here. And then you hold and you kind of make a triangle Thank you. And then you wrap it and stick or it. Just like that the super is not going to stick as well but that is easy is that it took me like a year and a half to figure that out no kidding. I have not measured it but we can measure it. So it's 18 inches this way. Yeah a lot of people have also seen what they do is they have an extra step in there where they do this and they use a stapler here they'll staple it right here and then fold it over but that's like another step in the process that's too much because I'm trying to hurry. So this works really good with the sticker so it's a little messed up because I have tape on I right now but so that's the best way that I have found to wrap them with the paper and then you know you've got your your logo there and it looks really nice this kind of protects the flower too so that in transport what I do is you saw all that last video. I have them in buckets I can fit about for $20.00 in one bucket and then we take these crates which were given to us. There. They're plastic crates I have some at the booth you can come look at if you like you can fit 3 buckets in there to where they're tight they fit in there very tightly and then Larry is the master Packer for market so he puts all the produce boxes and everything 1st and then all these flower totes go on the top of them so and it's worked for us so far so hopefully it continues to work and so this is my favorite part of all the presentations I decided this year to snap some pictures of some of the customers that we have and we have been so blessed by some of our regular flower customers. And it just people just are so happy when they buy the flowers so I mentioned to you earlier we give one bouquet away a market at least one sometimes more it just depends and that has been a real ministry for us. A lot of times. I have made it a very intentional thing to learn the names of people learn the names of your customers and really become friends with them because they become friends with you they come every week you're going to be talking to them about their children their life their health their struggles and. It's just a real blessing so. Always remember why you do what you do it's all to me ultimately about sharing the beauty of God's creation in love with your community so here's a few pictures so this is really cool these are produce customers that we've had for 7 years never bought a flower bouquet the 3 years we were doing it they never bought one and that's totally fine you know some people are into flower some people are honestly before I grew flowers Larry never bought me a fire because he's like that why would I buy you flowers they just die you know this kind of his mentality so I get it you know it's not for everybody so one day this summer they're like looking at the flowers I'm like are you going to buy with Kay and she's like it's my birthday and so I was so happy that they had ball on and he was like you know happy to buy it for her so so. You know it was touching to me is he was probably the type of person I didn't want to waste money on flowers but we've developed a real good friendship with them and then when he goes to buy them he was really happy to buy those flowers for her because he knew he was supporting us and he knows we're trying to do a good thing and I think he found joy and buying her flowers who knows maybe for the 1st time I don't know but it was a really cool experience so my next slide Larry I need to show them a picture. Of the little girl at the flowers imagine a little girl holding flowers that's my next picture so this is also a really cool story because. My sister has my sister unfortunately divorced and her ex husband's family one day shows up at farmer's market and I'm like wow I mean I had missed seeing them I hadn't seen them it's like his extended family like his cousins and so they show up at market and they start to become regular customers and the mom works as a dental hygienist and I just decided one day to say you know why don't you bring a couple bouquets to your office where you do your work she's like it's just a really good idea so I gave her a couple bouquets and that's her daughter there holding them. She was really happy to get them and then. After that they become they became regular customers they would buy a bouquet for her office every week because she said she brought him to the office and everybody loved them and it just made everybody happy you know a lot of times in office settings the morale can be low right because you're in an office you're inside you know a lot of people working don't really like what they're doing or maybe they just wish they were home with their families or whatever there's a lot of different circumstances you put this big beautiful bouquet of flowers in the workplace and it makes people feel better and so that was a really cool testimony so this family I love this testimony their regular customers they buy from us every week they both. And I'm sorry not both of them she lost her job and so at one point they were buying 2 cases every week consistently every week he was like I love my flowers sometimes I'd buy 2 and then one day they come and they're not buying flowers anymore so I'm like So how are you all doing you know what's going on and she shared she lost her job and I'm like Ok well that makes sense that's why they're not buying flowers and I'm like oh well here's a bouquet for you don't pay for it and they're like lots and I'm like no it's fine just take it and I think I gave them a free bouquet for about 5 weeks because they bought it every week they wanted it they just couldn't afford it and so at the end of this market this is so touching so. They made me this thing that was framed and it was a poem about a farmer's walk through the garden that he hand wrote and I have it on the wall at home very touching this gentleman he's like my best client of flower farmer he was buckets full. And I'm like Larry here he comes here he comes in he buys so many every week and I'm just always just so shocked. He has become a friend to. You will get all walks of life fine from you and you will make a connection with people that otherwise would be kind of hard to do and. I have we basically and of market if I have any flowers left over I text him and he will buy whatever I have left almost every time. Scuse me this testimony is that my bouquet perfectly matched her jacket which I thought was really cool. So I had to take a picture and then this young girl she this is so touching too because she falls me on Instagram and I didn't know it it's one of those things 1st you know somehow she found out she had told me she had been watching my flowers and waiting and waiting and she finally wanted to come by one so it was something that she was kind of you know maybe a little timid about it 1st. But look how happy she is she's just so happy. So. This flower is from the compost pile this was a tumor that I thought was dead. That I went over to the compost pile and I'm like that's the biggest Dahlia ever got it was so big that's Linda's baby in the compost pile so here's a few resources that are really good Florette is a very popular grower designers that does amazing work she has a lot of videos on how to grow or nunc Ulas how to grow an enemies how to make a flower bouquet with the best varieties are I have used her as a resource a lot used our Mennonite neighbor friends probably more than anything so it's good to try to tap into other local farmers that are growing flowers because they have experience in a variety that work they'll be able to help you. Also I really like Bear Bear Mountain Farm I didn't put them on here but there are really good resource they do Youtube videos on how to plant like step by step by step different varieties of plants they're in I believe they're in Washington or in Oregon so the climate is a little different but they do a lot of snapdragons and we're Nunky less than an enemies and specialty flowers as well so. This book here is called Flower colored guide it's a more expensive book it's about a $30.00 book but I really like it because what it does is it actually lists every flower you could ever imagine in groups of coloring so all the whites all the purples all the pinks all the yellows So if you're trying to come up with different color schemes for your bouquets that's a good book I just enjoy looking through is a pretty. So I am going to allow We have we still have about 10 minutes so I'm going to take that time to answer any other questions that people have does anyone have any other questions that's also a good question so the question was what would be a good budget to start and have you ever shipped so a good budget to start it would really depend on what you're wanting to do so if you're wanting to do it just to enjoy flowers for you in your family or if you're wanting to do it to just take a couple bouquets to local markets in order to go to a florist you really need to have a good amount of flowers you know they're not really going to go for like 3 or 4 flowers you want to bring buckets full for them to choose from so if you're kind of wanting to go to that level so it's going to kind of depend on where you're wanting to start out seed packets are pretty inexpensive overall like in the whole scheme of farming and gardening the seed packets are probably the most inexpensive thing so if you're you have a budget to start I would really start with like zinnias and sunflowers and just make it small at 1st if you're just trying to get your feet wet to see how your ground to see how well you can you know maintain it and everything. But I would say overall you could start with a pretty small budget. Worst case scenario you can't enforce afford the Clippers you get scissors you know there's ways around all this stuff a lot of us to do this started off with not a lot of money so and we still don't necessarily put me there so you kind of pick and choose what works but that's what I would suggest those easier summer flowers to start because you don't need the bag so you don't have to have all these special things to cover them you just start you know real simple the 2nd question about shipping I've never shipped flowers Well I take that back I have shipped dried flowers as like gifts for people in my family dried flowers shipped really great misfires fresh flowers I have never shipped but you can ship fresh flowers. Stand to be farms I know is experimenting with shipping flowers so maybe you guys can connect and you could share with her anything more that you know about it but certainly people do ship fresh flowers I think it's a you know you just have to do it in a way that it doesn't damage the flower and the other questions yes ma'am. Sure so for our little farm what we do all just give you our experience so our 1st year growing all be honest I didn't think it would work so I didn't keep track I was just presently surprised that it worked and they sold the 2nd year I kept close track and I made about $7000.00 on that little area that we grew and that I shared and then the 3rd year this year I made 17 $1500.00 and it's basically the same we haven't expanded much in space I would say what we've expanded in is doing more of the specialty flowers verses the you know the smaller flowers so if that helps. It's a quarter an 8th of an acre we made $17500.00. Yes ma'am. Yeah so that is that is not including cost Yeah that does not include any of the cost of the tube or the seeds that's just what I made. Yeah yeah so mass not my thing and neither is accounting so I just kind of keep track of it kind of helps me to see if it's viable or not now the amount of work that goes into it also I mean this is a labor of love. If you really broke it down to how many hours we're probably making pennies an hour no joke but that's not really why we're doing this did you see all those smiles and happy faces on there I mean certainly you wanted to be viable you have to pay your bills and I'll tell you Larry and I are doing this full time for a living we don't have any outside income at all it's taking us quite a while to get there it's been 2 years now we've been able to do that as a family him and I together so it takes some time but it's a lot of work but it's such a blessing because we're outside every day we're together every day it's I wouldn't want to be doing anything else but we're not by any means rich So does that help to answer the question yes. No not even close you know we we save all of our own tubers and so we actually you know a lot of my 1st 2 years were free and so. Yeah so I. We did not spend a lot of money on tubers we try to save our own in trade and stuff like that. It costs $2000.00 for our corms. You get about 3 flowers. So roughly you could make about $12000.00 and spend 2000 on the corner not including the labor so that's a rough and that's a really high in flour so you're going to make more of a profit the dahlia tumors are pretty Now I forgot to mention this in this is very important to mention you're going to have local American growers for dahlias and you're going to have overseas grower for the tubers to buy the tubers you buy locally in America they're going to be a higher dollar price but they're going to be a better quality tube or we can order from Holland and you're going to get $25.00 to burgers for about $20.00 they might be like a dollar a tuber which is much cheaper but the quality is not guaranteed when I got them in a box I was shocked and like these are what we paid for they're all like clumps and broken and just like a mess because they use mechanical digging so they're digging up these big clumps mechanically so you order $25.00 and they're going to stick like extra in there because they know there's going to be damaged ones and then you plant them they grow a fine plant they do but you're not going to get as many Tubers that are like really good viable tuber So it's kind of a a weight that you do so do I want to spend more money on an American $1.00 in the support American growers which is a good thing to do but there are some of them are $5.00 to $6.00 like the Mara in that I'm selling at our booth are $6.00 a tube or an online they're like $8.00 a tube or so it's a lot but if you think about that one tube or you plant it and I would say just estimating one plant you're going to get like 2 flowers a day at least. Like on the low end through the whole summer from one plant so that's a lot of you get your investment back really quick with a dahlia So does that help does that make sense Ok. So the tumours are not like. You can resell any to where you want the key is that you just want to you want to research how much they go for and you want to keep it around this like for instance I'm selling more and at the conference and they go for about $5.00 to $8.00 online so if you want to search Martin tubers every company you have will be somewhere around that range so you want to fall somewhere in that range when you sell it but there's not a patent on any Well I shouldn't say that there are some that you have to to make sure so the etiquette indel You Tube or sales I would say it's really important to know your varieties you can really mess stuff up if you are selling Marren and it's not Martin you're telling people this is m r and out and it's Nicholas and then you get this whole group of people growing this and they're thinking it's something else it can really mess stuff up in the industry like you want to try to keep things true to their name and true to what they are and around the same price range that they're valued at for the industry just sort of out of a respect thing so there's you know I'm sure of course people make mistakes it's not intentional So you mark something you thought it was something else I've had that happen. For instance I bought some from Holland and I ordered Cornell Braun's for 2 years I was telling people it was Cornell bronze I never resold the tuber but I definitely told people in my bouquets that this is Cornell bronze because I was new at this I couldn't tell the difference so I was seeing a flower farmer's video of Cornell bronze I said that doesn't look anything like a pike or no bronze so I sent her a picture she said that's not Cornell bronze That's Martin and I'm like Oh so I called. The company that I got them from and explained to them what happened and then he refunded me the Cornell Bronte sending me them for free because it was their mistake they mixed it up so it happens but there's not like a patent on them there there is. I forget the name of the farm it's in California K.'s flowers where they will develop new dehli of varieties so that's possible and I've never done that I've never grown a deluge from a seed but you can do that and when that happens people it's more of like their name is on it they somehow name it they brand it in so like the flower farmers that are biased the Mennonites they the lady that patented it are not patented but named and created that Dahlia variety she lets them grow it as long as they sell it under her name does that make sense so that's how that works I don't know a whole lot of depth in that but I know that they're not patented the same way as like a run on Kill is does that help. So generally speaking though Larry there's not like a tuber that Spencer that you can. So I would say instead of the word patents maybe more like program like around the name of it so basically how it works and this is just really simple understanding of it for disused as as an example so they have developed these ridiculous varieties and it's taken a lot of time so they like a what a patent means is you can grow it and you can sell it but you can't. Take it and replant the corn and sell it again a 2nd year that's what that means so with a Dahlia there's no restrictions on it as far as this Dahlia the one tuber that I plant is going to make 20 Dahlia tubers there's no restrictions on me dividing that in replanting 20 seeds and then really growing that flower and selling it does that make sense so that's the difference in in the 2 you know there are some or none Kulas that are not patented that you can dig up and replant and grow flowers and resell. And really those are the only 2 that you ever really have to even really concern yourself with because other ones we're starting from seed there's no real patent going on with any of that does that make sense to people it's kind of complicated I don't really even worry myself with that much because it hasn't been an issue I think the biggest thing with Dahlia is this is trying to keep them true to the variety that they are and if you don't know you to say I don't know the variety that's Ok to say if you get a pretty Dahlia like sometimes I'll just have this random one in there that looks totally different than all the other ones and I love it and so if I'm going to sell it I'll just say I don't know the name of it and that's totally fine to do you don't have to know every single name you just say I don't know the name but I love it it's a pretty we'll just call it a white Dahlia you know something like that does that make sense yes ma'am. I have not ventured into roses at all so people love roses and if you like roses I would encourage you to try it but I've never grown a rose. Any other questions. So who here is going to grow flowers this spring raise your hand. Who here is going to call me if they need help figuring something out because they can't remember what I said here please please don't hesitate terrace is called Me I've called her Kelly's called me I've called her I've called Kiersten I've message Christina through Instagram before and we all help each other because there's always questions that come up and I'm really excited because I really want day started grow flowers so we are going to help Daystar get started on some flowers because there's a lot of people interested in that and a lot of students that want to do that and I really hope that that happens this year so I'll have a booth at the in the blue section please come look I have tons of flower pictures and there's of They'll be dried flowers there and 2 birds there and let's end with a prayer together. Dear Heavenly Father we want to thank you so much for this day and for this opportunity that you've given us all to be here in Florida at this time. Lord as we reflect on the blessings of the flowers and the garden and all the things that you pour out to us Lord we are just so grateful I pray that you would help each person here each child here each mother each father each grandfather to contemplate planting flowers for. Their yard this year and whatever that looks like whether it's a pot a big backyard a small backyard a farm whatever that looks like Lord just plant some seeds and watch them grow. And remember that the story of salvation is in the flower grave and. This media was brought to you by Audioboo a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or you would like to listen to more sermons leave a visit w w w dot audio person dot org.


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