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Agriculture in Our Schools & Institutions Part 1

Thom Mayer


Many schools are awakening to the fact that agriculture is supposed to the A, B and C of our education. But the question is: “How do we do that?” AdAgra is committed to helping schools with this challenge and has formed a working group that is developing curriculum and a quick-start manual to meet this need. Join us to be inspired with ways to make agriculture a viable option at your school or institution. 


Thom Mayer

Little Light Ministries


  • January 15, 2020
    8:15 AM
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Our dear gracious Heavenly Father Lord we're so thankful. For your word and for. The book of nature that teaches a so many lessons and so Lord as we look at agriculture as a relates to education. Just guide our thoughts guide our. Discussion here that we will be open to your leading and show us things that we maybe previously hadn't seen and we love you in Jesus name Amen. Yeah I think. So my name's Tom Meyer and I'm one of the teachers that Daystar admin sick at me in southeastern Utah see how many of you been to Utah or that corner of Utah that Arches National Park. It's a beautiful area we have a $300.00 acre campus. You can come and visit we have a little guest house there that's on donation basis so you can come and stay there in the guest house leave a donation or come work on the farm for a day help us out with whatever's going on at that at that time and come see the area this is the valley Castle Valley in which the school is located and I've seen more amazing rainbows in this valley than I've ever seen anywhere and this always seems like there a double rainbow. It is a beautiful place it's a desert away Sis We have 3 artesian wells on the property water's coming out of the ground just. So it's we have a 2 acre. Market Garden. A half acre greenhouse that we grow all year in unheated we just double row cover put a blanket over the plants at night and hope they make it. And they do usually grow all or green everything in there and Brian will show a bunch more pictures from the farm because he's going to kind of go into that section this 1st part I just kind of want to talk about really the importance of agriculture in education. And why we should even have that as part of our institutions and schools. We have this. Written on the back of our sanctuary this our little chapel and it says here to know God and to make him known is our business here. Listening all the time. We wear. And so really you know to know God and to make him known in our business is our business here. And when you come to agriculture really this is our our best lesson book you know for how we are to share the Gospel actually and. There's a promise in Deuteronomy we believe that there's a great converses going on right there's a struggle there's a battle around us all the time and this promise is was given to the Israelites before they went into war Deuteronomy 20 verse 3 and 4 says that you should say unto them here oh Israel you draw nigh this day and to battle against your enemies Let not your heart think fear not nor tremble neither be frightened at them for Jehovah your god is he that go with with you to fight for you against your enemies to save you. What a promise right so really in the struggle in this battle the battle is the Lord's right he is the one that is actually doing the fighting and. We'll be victorious if we just allow him to work in that is right if if we are weary and heavy laden what is my will say Take my yoke upon your right because why. His yoke as I write the burden is easy as yoke is light because he's doing the work where if you if we yoke ourselves to Christ it's him it's him doing the work through us. So really you've come here as a soldier because there's a battle going on right so each one of you with all the realize we're all Christian soldiers in the in the Lord's army you've come here. Really to learn how to be a better farmer. Soldier farmer how do those things really. You've come to this conference to learn how to be a better farmer spiritually mentally and physically going to learn some things about real farming but there's a real lesson in on the spiritual side. Like we sing a song. David was a soldier he's got his hands on the gospel plow So here you're a soldier but your weapon is. A plow. It's kind of interesting So what are you planning. That's right welcome. So what do we plough it was we're going to kind of break down this analogy here spiritually speaking. The soil of the heart the the heart is the soil and we all have a field of influence that we're working in your field is everybody that you come into contact your field is every bit you come into contact sometimes our fields overlap right but sometimes. Those people in your field you're the only one that can reach those people and so we're called to be a farmer to work with the heart and look at what well 1st the Bible and Jeremiah for 3 tells us to break up the fall of brown and so not amongst the thorns right there's a science to farming just like there's a science to sharing the gospel. To work with the soil the parable of the Sower in the seed. Is that a so are we now to sow some seed and some seed. Where in the wayside on the path over here some seed fell. In the rocks some seed fell in the thorns in unprepared soil but is that where the where the solar went did he go to sow seeds on the path in the thorns on the rocks. Now that's just on the edge of his field of influence where those seeds fell outside of where he's prepared. To feel very safe where he's worked with some of those people that he has influence over. Christ object lessons I can't recommend enough one of the it's just an amazing book as we listen we're listening to it on the way here we have it on on. Audio and it just it continues to amaze me this quote here where she talks about the sowers at uni. The soldiers of the seed have a work to do in preparing hearts to receive the gospel in ministry of the word there is too much sermonizing and too little of real heart to heart work. Lot of talk. But there's a need for this heart to heart work so there is a need of personal labor for the souls of the lost in Christ like sympathy we should come close to men individually and seek to awaken their interest in the great things of eternal life. You think about. A farmer going through his field he's it's a relationship he's building with that soil he's going back and forth and he's seen where the rough spots are and he he's taken a soil analysis and he's sending that off to the lab and he's saying where is this. Soil deficient you know sprain Lord what what what is created the condition in this person's heart bring the nutrients and the minerals in the things back into the soil the organic matter that needs to soften this person's heart to go she says their hearts may be as hard as the beaten highway and apparently it may be a useless effort to present the savior to them. To mean something to him and I don't know this person is never going to. Get get this message Ray. But while logic may fail to move an argument be powerless to convince the love of Christ revealed and personal ministry may soften the stony heart so that the seeds of truth can take root in it. So there's really this preparation you think about before before you even open the thing up she's saying there's a preparation and that preparation comes from us knowing this. And allowing Christ to work through us to affect that person started to really come close to somebody and and for them to realize that you really do care for them on a differential. To care for their their soul. And then when you bring this out you we want we want to be successful farmers right we want to be successful seed Sowers I mean this is the best lesson book there is I love the title of our of this conference this year. A living parable this is the living terrible. So that was Christ object lessons give you just give you the reference there page 57 Ok. So the plough. Through purchase the Gospel Plowright the gospel is the central theme of the Bible the restoration of God's image in the souls of men that's Education Page $125.00 that is the purpose of the gospel is to restore that image that God created us to be which is a likeness of him right. And each of these seeds in here if they are allowed to take root in our life we. Truly understand the principle behind a certain truth that will grow into a garden in our in our hearts. Let's say this tree here that I have on the screen represents my belief in the Sabbath. I was raised Adventists I went away from the administrators during college got sucked in to Hollywood and was in Hollywood as a camera operator for 10 years making reality television and I worked a lot of Sabbaths and every Sabbath that I worked I knew this is the Sabbath I should be here the more I did it the more that kind of. Got less and less but as I came back into the church and realized wow what a blessing the Sabbath is I mean there were there was few few shows where I would work 30 days straight no day off and then you get super discombobulated you know you know what date is. That that rhythmic cycle of the Sabbath is such a blessing you know and I remember when I my mother in law's a Jehovah's Witness and we were over there one time and we were talking about things and and. She's she said let's have a Bible study I said Ok let's have a Bible so should you come with whatever you want to talk about Ok I'm bringing the Sabbath. I had this 2 page thing every show I'm sure there's no way she's not going to see the truth in this when I get done with this Bible study right. So we sat down and I went through everything was it was that and it was as if I went over to my tree and I kind of just broke a branch off and I just kind of a wall of water over the head with it really is what ended up happening an argument ensued. A sword fight. And I was like man what happened. And then you know I realized later did I prepare the soil was that the sea was was I planting that seed in the right season. Is that is this what I should have started with and I realize whom I think I kind of planted you know a tomato plant in the fall and then the winter came or you know whatever it was it was the wrong timing the wrong seed to start with with her and I learned a lesson there you know that there is a science to sharing the gospel and that preparing the soil that heart to heart work like really how do we how do we. Come close to somebody so that when we do plant a seed and we do bring out the word that we're successful. We just came from g y c This guy here is named Dean colony and I just took a screen shot this is on You Tube This is your homework assignment. Please everyone go and listen to the great gates of hell Dean has an amazing testimony of coming out of the advantage which he just finished seminary there at Wiemar Academy and is the Dean Dean the dean and Bible teacher at Wiemar Cademy and he was the me the evening speaker at g y c this year and. He's ringing a warning bell right here in this talk all about education all about the situation we find ourselves in because I mean we've all heard right edge agriculture to be the A.B.C.'s of education I'm a product of admin ascetic ation I went through all our schools and by the time I got to college I went right out and that's what he's talking about here the great gates of hell it's from a quote from Martin Luther referring to universities that if the Bible is not central to every subject we have just created these gates to hell. Yeah I fear that they may become the great gates of Hell are speaking of our educational institutions Cullinane c u l l i n a and e. Dean calling. I didn't learn the A.B.C.'s of education going to schools and I'm not trying to be critical of the teachers that I had and the institutions that I that I went to but it is what it is and what I left high school with was. And education in competitiveness I played games was what was in place of something that would have otherwise been agriculture or farm or some industry learning that I just was. Thrown a ball through who've been catching a volunteers playing involves was was what I was taught and it created in me such a competitive spirit that I actually hated my own brother because he was a better best ball player than me and he got on the team his sophomore year and I didn't make it in team till my senior year and there was a it pitted us against each other to the point where we hated him. And it wasn't till way later that we came back together and I praise God that you know both my brother one ended up in Hollywood we ended up working on the same stuff because he couldn't get a job as an actor and so I pulled him on to a bunch of the shows I was working on and hired him as my assistant and we started working together just being around each other more and and realizing that he's in the same town and we don't even like hardly ever see each other and. And then it was a friend a childhood friend who shared with us some Walter vice videos he planted some seeds he kept calling us concern for us and out of that came a little Light Ministries Little Light Studios we created a whole series of talk called Battlefield Hollywood the whole war for the mind and that's basically how I came back so the seeds. Like the like that quote that Larry shared last night right from from Christ object lessons the germinating principle in the seed the seed in and of itself is just kind of sitting there this is just a bag of seeds. And we can look them over and we can compare Ohman but until they're planted in the heart they don't come of anything right. And that coal Aber with with Christ to work the soil to work the heart I mean Christ is this you know the so are that so it's a good seed is the Son of Man right and we are all called to sow seeds are all called so that gospel seed no matter what our age is no matter what our occupation is you know so far focus when we go to school and go to colleges just to get a degree so we can get a career so we can buy some nice house and have a car and you know we're career minded I mean look at how they are look at how even just our schools have changed all the names what they used to be what was and was in part of the name of our colleges that was always there missionary because that's what we were about it was about training young people to be missionaries and then that kind of. Not call it that anymore it was just call it university level law. Because what's represented by these plants what what is actually growing in the heart another quote from Christ object lesson says that every seed bringing forth fruit after its kind so the seed under right conditions mean you've prepared the soil you know the the time the seasons when the plant at sea and it will develop its own life in the plant receive into. The soul by faith the incorruptible seed of the word and it will bring forth what a character after the life after the similar to that of the character and life of God because Is that not the purpose to recreate the image of God in the souls of men and that's the purpose of education they're one and the same. Because we all want to bear fruit. And really look at what the fruit is what's the fruit. What is contained in the fruit the sea. The sea and sometimes like these pepper plants here on top of her plant Man what a season I wonder how many seeds are in here so I start counting them. There was over 300 seeds in one pepper plant that's going to create How many more peppers with how many more you know packets of 300 I mean look at God's economy isn't that amazing to me thing. Because our calling is the same as Abrams calling Genesis 12123. And the Lord said into a broom get the out of I. Country and from the Kidron from my father's house unto the land that I will show the right. And I will never make that I name great. Let's have me he's going to make him famous What's the name synonymous with character I'm going to make your character great why. Says that you know look the verse continues saying that I will curse them that curse at the end I will blessed in that bless thee and in the all the families of the earth how many all the families of the earth shall be blessed. Were called to be what. A blessing were called to be a blessing that's what the fruit is the fruit is a blessing that's it's not just here let me read you something it's let me share with you the truth let me share with you a blessing that comes from the Lord and that comes through the garden that God has planted in each one of our hearts and it's such an amazing parable it is it is the living parable. Quote from Education Page 1516 this is framed in our add building there we walk by it all the time and I snap a quick picture of it to. Remind us here that the purpose of education here to reste or in man the image of his maker to bring him back to the perfection in which he was created to promote the development of body mind and soul that the divine purpose of his character might be revealed this is to be the work of education of redemption this is the object of education the great object of life. I work at a school but I'm very aware that I am also at school. I'm not saying I know everything I tell my students hey I don't know everything I'm here learning to let's learn this together you know let's figure this out. And then to bring it just a little closer to home right not to just lean on the on our institutions of education but the institution the family right look at what she says here in 4th volume of the testimonies page 30 feet 304 the greatest evidence of the power of Christianity that can be presented to the world is a well ordered well disciplined family. This will recommend the truth as nothing else can for it is a living witness. Of its practical power upon the heart. Because oftentimes I'm talking to myself. We don't. You know we don't represent Christ like we should especially to the ones we love the most. So oftentimes after ask forgiveness Lord forgive me for the way I speak to my wife and my kids because that's the witness I mean that's what other people are looking at. And Matthew $513.00 it says you are the salt of the earth but if the salt has lost its savor wherewith can it be salted it's henceforth good for nothing but is to be cast out to be trodden to the seed of men and I remember reading that scripture in going was at me you know this salt will lose its saltiness. But what do we know about this about the sea it's not just sodium chloride is it it's actually 92 minerals in very small amounts trace minerals there in the ocean in this perfect balance. And the really interesting fact is that that balance is almost nearly identical to the trace mineral content of your blood what's in the blood stream. They knew that in World War 2 And actually they were taking seawater when they ran out of blood in the South Pacific filtering it diluting it out to the human salinity the oceans twice the salinity of of the human system right and putting straight seawater into his soldiers veins and saving them as a blood transfusion with seawater and they were taking coconuts because the coconut trees drink in straight seawater same thing like blood plasma injecting it directly into the vein from the coconut i.v.. And I would share that a farmer's market I have a little bottles down there of sea salt c c 90 but always bugged me that there seemed when they came up with it they thought there were 90 minerals in the in the ocean and and there's a 92 and so I made my own label says ocean's 92. And I would tell people that a farmer's market and a god yeah all the evolutionists you know I ask that because we're from the sea. And I would sit there and go let him just smile for a little bit longer before I drop the next question on him and I said well no that's not what I said I didn't say you like to see I said your blood was like the sea. I said you know what you're like you're like what the soil I go because the Bible tells us that man was made from. The dust of the year and we're sitting on the best evidence for creation known to man again the living parable was speaking to us saying no you're from the dirt. And if we follow that mineral content down I mean it's nearly identical to the most abundant element in the soil should be calcium there it is in the body. And we get that balance right in the soil the plants uptake that nutrients and that benefits us in a powerful way. Had the opportunity of. Predicting With little bit when I lived in California he was in Placerville and I was in paradise and. Went around and helped him on his in his garden classes and learn the Ellen White method of tree planting from him he learned from her but Clarence White her grandson when he was a young boy went home and planted like 50 or 60 trees in his backyard with a shovel and it's a 3 foot by 3 foot by 3 foot deep hole. And then everywhere he's gone he's planted trees that way and he saw in the beginning that the difference in those Sequoia redwood trees that they planted is a demonstration behind the Placerville church. So this all right again it's a. Not just to bring flavor if the Bible says Ye are the salt of the earth. I mean God put Adam and Eve in a garden and he gave them a task to do right that we have translated that into English to dress and to keep. The garden. And it was a garden that God planted himself right and that what the Bible tells us and God planted a garden eastward in Eden he didn't just speak it into existence like he did the rest when he came to the garden he planted it it's kind of amazing really the Creator. I mean if you created us in His image right put us in a garden he's a gardener he's a farmer he he created all the stuff he enjoys you know it's just every everything is an expression of his thought and why tells us right that we see but if you look at these original Hebrew words they're better translated as to serve and to preserve. To serve and preserve. Give this little bit more insight into the right to serve and to preserve and the savor the salt there were not just to bring flavor but were to bring a healing element to the heart. To serve and to preserve recalled to be servants that they were called to be called to serve each other to I mean look at look right what Christ was like he didn't even have one pair of clothes didn't own a home didn't own a donkey you know and and it's like oftentimes a good so caught up in in life and I mean there's so many distractions that are not right what are we really here to do because we know there's an enemy out there and he is sowing seeds as well as. The sea his seeds are like seeds of the word they've been genetically engineered. Modified. In such a way that they and this is the say where it always used to go into a discussion about the seeds that Hollywood is planting in all our minds the message of look out for number one right do your own thing Frank Sinatra I did it my way because how many songs are talking about follow the heart follow your heart what's good for you do for you don't don't try to tell me what to do you know do what you're going to do and I'll do it I'm going to do and that's good for for all of us there's no rules that we need to follow I mean is that Disney's message. Right follow the heart. Follow your heart let it go. Over and over and over again that's the mantra of Hollywood trying to. Implant a message that say tannic basically into the hearts of men to get us to forget what God created us to be. I want to share with you now just a quick little video that one of our students Gideon cut together for. Our mission trip that we just did we just we have our group as a Jew I see and then on the way from g.i.c. to here we stopped in Tennessee and we did our mission trip at Beacon academy where we helped them set up a greenhouse and get a little micro greens farm started and kind of hung out there for a few days and helped us cool off a small little self-supporting academy that started in 2015 with just a few ladies and basically their kids and a couple other kids I think they had 6 students that 1st year and this year they have 69. And and this and the school is like. I mean they're doing it and they don't even and he just got a piece of property a little while ago and there was a house on it that they converted into the one through 5th grade and then they they've gotten some other buildings that they poured a slab and they're getting those building set up and so the high school and 5th 6th 7th and 8th grade are all over in a rented Baptist Church nearby So this. Beacon Academy. It's right there in the wall 5 by college Dale. And it was totally by providence that we even came to know about this school when I 1st called her she was like yeah actually agriculture is something that we would like to do We were kind of a project based learning that we cater to a lot of kids have a.d.d. And so we try to do the you know more hands on type of learning and and yeah I've been thinking about this and this is what I want to do but I don't know if we're ready for it can you come next year and I said no no you don't understand we're on our way from g.i.c. to the ag conference and we're coming through your area these are the this is the week we will be there do you want to come to your school it was basically how I put it to her and and she called me back yes please please come and so they weren't even really ready for it you know they're like we'll let's put the micro greens here and we'll put the greenhouse there I think we're going to have it over there let's just put it here for now and we just set it up there and and you know we're just we got we just a little start. And then the 3rd day we went over to their. Other locations of the gym in the Baptist church we had a few stations we set up our distiller and. Lydia the jewel. Got to practice the presentation she's given here on how to how to make lotions and Zab And so we did a little demo for the lotions and sass for them he really enjoyed that left him always like some samples and. And then we had a station in the back with micro greens so we. I planted a bunch of Mike Green just before leaving the g y c and left those at my mom and step dad's house and I'll tell you a little story about that after this is over but we so we brought all these in and so we showed them how to harvest. And then we brought a lot of those down here and that's what we're serving as our side salad for the duck car we're telling like 3 birds with one stone here. And then we left them with all the trays and the rocks and the lights and everything in season and so they could do and then they helped us process all the carrots for the hotdog cart So Mike how am I going to get 70800 carrots made for this event here you know so they help us size them all we got them all steamed up and dropped in buckets and marinated there and then did some fresh carrot juice like we'll do here as well with the p. extra pieces. And then serve them lunch with that as well we've made up a batch previous so that they can try it out as well and. Try to carry. On some of these kids like they. Like one girl she comes up to me and she says you know I mean I had to really like hot dogs but those who are really good. And so is kind of fun we do a corn dog as well with the carrot and. A carrot juice was phenomenal We got really lucky with the carrots they were just organic carrots from Costco and they were really good carrots. And Bridget Tagliaferri you know might have you heard of the agriculture conference and she kind of heard of it and I talked her into coming down here I think she's actually showing up today she was going to come Friday and she texted me hand coming tomorrow so I think she'll be here and she'll give a little report at some point from up front as well and so. Really this kind of came out of last year's so many different people are coming hey would you come and help us out you know we don't know where to start and and we're like you know what let's make our mission trip agriculture focus since we're an agriculture school our focus is agriculture everybody goes to the polls or program which is make that our mission trip you know so I've called and left a message and she's called back and now I need to call her back. From Maranatha and they're doing a big building project in India they're building a school for 600 students and I said hey you build put in a farm at that school will come as the school will help but in the farm while you're there building a school so that's you know that's kind of the the plan because every other year the school likes to do a mission trip local in the States and then one abroad and every other year kind of go back and forth that way so that's what we're looking for for next year to pray for us because we don't know how all those details are going to be worked out we don't know how the details of this is going to be worked out we do know we're going to stay. And. It's totally God working out the details we've got my dad works at Southern I called and said Hey Dad we don't have a place to stay where can we stay with a check around well usually they resurface the gym floor the week before school starts or they did a week early and they used to. Laugh or this time it was water based because usually can't be in there for a week after they paint the saying well it was. Totally done ready to go we could be in that gym for free use the kitchens of stairs and be able to to be there for a week so that we could we do deferential or it was totally a God thing and it really worked out this media was brought to you by audio perhaps a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen to more sermon please visit w w w dot audio Verse dot org.


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