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True Education in the School Part 3

Eleida Feliciano


In this seminar we’ll share some of the cores principles of True Education and how to apply them in a school setting.


Eleida Feliciano

Principal for the Wildwood Adventist School


  • January 15, 2020
    11:00 AM
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The alert on Heavenly Father we just pray for you continual guidance and for Hearts to be teachable that we may hear your voice and we may be able to learn particularly what you're trying to teach us individually in Jesus' name amen. Ok so I left there now another opportunity we have for building with the building of a tree house and let me tell you the. Testimony I am when you try to do when you are trying to do through the cation there's so many things of all sometimes you feel like how do I do this by and but if you move forward to do what you can with what you have to lower all of the Sunstar sensing people so one day I'm at the school this town a man he came to volunteer at Wildwood as he said Dr and he was not there very long and one day he like to exercise a lot not very many people make it to the elementary school psychosis on the other side of the campus. But he was there walking in made it there and we got to talking and I don't know exactly how the conversation went and why I mentioned the fact that the children wanted a tree house and so he said Never that I suspect this of a doctor oh I can build stuff I can work on up there with the kids because that's all them they wanted than I had been looking for someone who could lead up project. And our maintenance department was just really overwhelmed with work so they couldn't do it so he volunteered some of the Lord's a son of their I didn't even look for him and so there he came and what he did at 1st he came to this school and he started working on the plants and so he taught them. Why he did what you do and how you decide that. The materials that he used and all the math involved in determining how big a. Of house to make and where the door needs to be where the windows need to be everything they were part of the whole project now unfortunately he had to he ended up leaving what was sooner than he expected and he was actually not part of the project or building but once the plans were made the kids heart was up in the main department feel bad and decided to give us some help and so they did come and they work with the children and they build all the walls on the ground so that the children can be part of that and they were part of every aspect of it except to put the walls up there because that was a bit enters but they they were part of this project and this this is now appealing that is part of our school and they were able to build it I you know so a lot of times you you were think well how do you do all these things but if you do what you can with what you have the Lord will provide another so mean that you have to do all these things but like I said if you follow the principles do what you have you will be in the right track and the lawyer will provide people who will help you. To do other things this all the practical skills that are not necessarily mentioned. Other classes and practical skills are not necessarily mention and there's fire writings but the idea the principle is that they learn things are useful and so you look around and your community and where you are what would be useful and give them those opportunities because we are on a campus that has so many things we made our whole campus our school so we took the kids to their shop where they sell all the herbs and Vida makes and vitamins and things and they work there once a week for an hour and they would go and help with organizing their think taking things out of the boxes that were shipped in there and putting prices on them and putting them on the shelf and they also worked in the back. Putting the herbs in the little back and they were supposed to put a certain weight there so they were using math as well for that they had to put precisely how much it needed to be and they had to be very careful with these things because we were selling it to the public so they couldn't leave the back all full of dust everywhere they had to be very clean and neat about it and they really enjoyed doing that and we also took them to the helpful store where they helped out in many different ways in the stock room in the room where they bagged the seats in the us and all the things that they sell there they also work and they're cast as a certain I If you've been to the wildly helpful store you know it does not look like this anymore this was my 2nd year teaching there and they have remodeled the whole place and it looks totally different but this girl was so excited because she got to run the registrar that day and for some reason these this pricing machine gone and so sly the finest thing for these kids to do so they truly enjoyed it now the little ones I take them they're patriotic commute they don't have a fine time when they go. But the they all the class schools they're weekly and they work for an hour and so they are like workers and they wear an id and they go around and they are taught that if you see someone that looks like they need help ask and most likely ask if they need help and most likely you're not going to know but you can lead them to someone who knows and thought they are there and they need to be paying attention so that they can be a witness of the people who come into the store and they really enjoy them and know their paternity that we have us to help out in our laundry Department this is we're they take care of all the laundry that's used at the lifestyle center now if you know anything about how your therapy there's a lot of lonely that's made with that so they go there they help with putting in the washer taking out the washing to the dryer and then pulling it into the room where it's folded and then they have to. Sorda to what belongs to the men's Hydra Department latest 100 department and well goes for the guest rooms as well and so they also when they are once a week the older students and work there this is them folding and sorting the laundry we try to do some industries as well things that they can make and sell for funds for our school and of course everything we make has a purpose. And this is one thing that we learned in our health class at a loss of health and the one about air. We teach about here and a lot of times we think is just go outside and brief period but the air inside our homes needs to be pure air as well so we taught them how important it is to make sure that we're not pulling the air inside our homes with all the chemicals and unfortunately nowadays everything is chemicals and a smell so good we don't realize that it's poison and so I can feel so full of very dangerous chemicals and so we burn an amount home and it smells so good in a Makes they feel like pure air but it's not here so we taught them how to make candles out of soy and to use seeing a sensual oil sensitive chemical we call fragrances and so we made them they each get to keep one and then the rest they all have to make 2 we always teach them you know and that is not just about themselves we need to share so they May 2 sometimes depending on what it was for the candle so we made to. A multiple once they get to keep one for the rest this to give back to the school because the school is they're teaching them so we sell them to provide for the school to continue running and so they know they're part of every aspect of the school not just cleaning but also provide even funds for it. And here we are learning how to make lead bombs which again the bombs many times have chemicals and preservatives this is very simple we use Cocoa not. Born modder beeswax and then peppermint oil and we sold these 2 and I bought some and gave it a gift a Christmas that year and my mom loved it and she was so excited she's like I need to buy more from the kids and she did buy 3 more. Because of the peppermint when you put it and it just feels really nice and a lot of people love in this and it's very very refreshing and definitely more striking as well another. Area of study that all schools should have a specific gene we're told. In. Which I can remember what book that is right now c.h. 38 becomes the mind that will see. The council so and help us what it is. And it says a practical knowledge of the science of human life if necessary in order to glorify God in our bodies it is therefore of the highest importance that among this study selected for childhood busy alone physiology should occupy the 1st place Ok so we teach our children from very young physiology to the extent that they can learn it we teach them about our body their bodies and you know one year we did this class where they trace their their body in a piece of paper and then we were learning about the organs and we drew the organ we colored they were going we put it there and I round the organ we. Glued pictures of foods that are. Helpful for that organ right and of course you find that many of them are the foods us God made them not the processed foods that we make right so it was the 1st the vegetables the grains and not and so they were learning you know how to keep their body working properly they were we learned about the skeleton as well. The end of the cation 195 is that the mind and the soul find expression through the body both mental and spiritual big or in great degree dependent upon physical strength and that. 70 why every promotes physical health promotes the development of a strong mind and a well balanced character without health no one can I distinctly understand or ask completely fulfill his obligation to himself to his fellow beings or to his creator therefore the help should be asked faithfully guarded athlete character and knowledge of physiology and hygiene should be the basis of all educational means. So teaching them to see ology not just from the point of the parts of our bodies and how they work but how they help that goes with and how to keep the body working properly is essential because the connection between the physical and the spirit right in like I said before everything God has given us is for our spiritual growth everything nothing it's on essential that God has given so here you see the body a little bit more in the skeleton then we put the organ sound on top of the skeleton the upper scrapes class who is learning the different parts of the body and how they all work. And what they did as after they learned that they had our students that these are the younger ones they came in and they taught them what they learned and we did this a lot where we had the older ones and sometimes even the younger ones go to the oldest class and teach them what they learned when children have to learn something to teach it and really make this more meaningful to them and they learn it better. And so here they they have little stickers all over there by with the parts the talking to the kids about the parts this student was teaching about they each year and he has been there water in a bottle and he's showing how it moves and the part of the inner ear so they're showing very practical things to them he's talking about the mouth and this of the student that this is still the ear and the balance that goes with that this is a. Well the I and here they showing how the light changes the put Pew poll so they were able to listen and also see in practice on Tuesday meaningful to them especially because they're being taught by their peers this they enjoy going to the upper class and being taught by their older students. Another subject of study in to the cation is medical missionary work. And Avonex home page $489.00 it says here in our church schools children are to be instructed in this special truth for this time and in practical missionary work there to enlist in the army of workers to help the sick in the suffering children can take part in the medical missionary work and by their thoughts into it alls can help to carry forward by them God's message will be made known and his saving help to all nations and so we teach them different simple remedies here we doing a hydro treatment now when I did this class I remember back in and public schools we were supposed to teach the children about cold and hot and I don't know why but it didn't hit until I took this class that we were teaching that from paper and so they got this pictures and they had to choose local school but they never really touch cold and hot and so when I did this class I was like wow this is a practical way of learning cold and hard so what we did with this is they hand we had a bowl of ice water and they had to bring from home 2 pairs of songs one was supposed to be a thinner Pierre and the other one a more thicker here so that then the pair would put it in the ice cold water and so we put it in their feet and then we put a plastic back in then we put the take stock and even though it begins with very cold it ends up being very hot and so this active AC collation the body would. Increases. That stimulate their new system so when you get you think you do the 3 simple remedy that you can do on yourself and that's why I told them that one because it's one they can do on themselves they can easily do in someone else. And but when they 1st started the treatment and the kids were very doubtful like how in the world are we going to put freezing cold on our feet and it's going to be hot and I was like well let's just try it if you don't get hot you can take it off right software they're like oh this is so cool but very soon it was like it is hot and so here they have a very real practical way of learning hot and cold and and now they're able to use it and you know even though I learned a lot of hydro tear therapy treatments from the wildwood school the training there this treatment I didn't learn it from them this stream and I learned it from my niece I was then my nice house I have 3 sisters and one of them is an advantage this is the mother of my my niece I have to see has 2 little girls and the other 2 are not in my youngest sister who's a doctor not an admin and so was visiting and we were all there and she was saying Oh I'm I'm coming down with a cold so my knee said all the I have that's how we call on t. in Spanish the I have something for you I'm going to do it treatment and so here is this this young girl is going to treat the doctor Ok so she goes and of course I mean aunties going to let her do whatever she wants to assist the cute little girl and she's so nice but you know she's not really trusting the thing so says it's in there and my niece goes and does the whole treatment and of course she does feel the Honduran and then she said people know you have to lay down and rest and so she did and a couple hours I mean she was not laying down a couple hours just a few minutes but a couple who she was like and the 2 men really helped I'm already feeling better and. That was a witness for her and I was like well that's just a simple treatment how come we never knew about treatment because I've done the multi-member not with the socks and pushy did it with the socks very simple and to mean that a child can do and that can astonish even a medical doctor. And so we need to teach our children simple thing that they can use this lady she used to be in charge of our shop and she would come from time to time and teach them different natural remedies and they got to try him out that ng always liked them but it gave them an opportunity to know how to treat to see. Here we are making chocolate charcoal poultices and as you can see they're having a lot of fun so we had to make it and then they had to apply on each other so they have to work on putting it in the other person and they didn't have anything in their hand but it was the way to try it out. And which considering how messy the charcoal is we actually did very well and we didn't make a bigger mess later on we had this lady who lives on the their basement of our elementary school she does a more. Professional Tarka poultice and she was going to make one for herself because she had sprained her ankle and it was swollen you can see so she came upstairs and she said you know I have to make this thing for myself do you mind if the kids. Calm and and watch me do enough that oh we would love to and so we went down and she has all these little things how she makes that very neat and but the best part is that they got to see that before and after because she put it on herself and then a couple of days later she coming up to the school and show us how it was so they got to see I mean before they had practice on themselves but they didn't have anything to see a result so they got to see the results. And later on the the upper greatest teacher told the kids Ok now I want you to teach these things that you're learning. So part of the year afternoon class which all afternoon class for the older students are practical skills they have to make a video where they were teaching these natural remedies and so they worked in pairs and one was doing the not to remedy the other one was recording and she actually has posted this of course with the permission of the parents and a You Tube channel and so she that the one was doing going through the whole thing is a lot different to learn and do it for yourself and the band to present this so they really had to know it well and help them to use language in meaningful way to learn how to present information and they really enjoy doing this and he's doing again the charcoal poultice but now he's the one teaching and. We're blessed enough to be in a health institutions that we have many people that can come this was the director. Instructor for. 2 the medical missionary students and so he would come to our elementary school and also teach our students methought And of course he didn't do the whole thing that he does with the olds but the ones that they have children to learn. And this is one of our ladies and I campus she helps out and defend areas here and there but mainly she raises her children but she came to the school several times also did some natural remedies and you seeing food on the other lady would do some more herbs and she would you think are leg the army ends and so they got to see ends on then they had to make and and then they had to treat each other. With those can other parts. Than to we need to involve in our schools this campus thing and other times we think children cannot do some of these things but to a certain extent they can do most everything that the older students can. And so when I saw the school I decided our children need to. Do this this is in. From them in this thing. P m. Publishing ministry I think it is. Page 363 and it says God decided that the sale of Chrysler took lessons shall be recognized by all people as his method of relieving our schools from debt it is because this plan has been neglected that we now feel so keenly our lack of means for that Banfield work. Had the schools of veiled themselves of the provision does made for them there would be more money in the school treasuries and more money in the hands of God's servants with which to relieve them the cities of other needy departments of the coffee and best of all teachers and students would have received the very lessons that they needed to learn in the Master's service. And a lot of times we don't use him the same because we want to find an easy way to make money and canvassing is not easy on and it doesn't being bring a lot of money right but it brings money and. It and it brings character right not just to the students but he says teachers and students will have received the very lesson said that they needed. So it's very very special for the children to take part of this now when I started this now I have little little children and when you see a canvas is very complex so I started thinking Ok How can I make these campuses simpler so we started with just 2 books and because she mentioned specifically here Christ object lessons we made that one of the books and and we tried to have one health book one spiritual book and my health book. And we did different books the front time so we start with these 2 and we just simply taught them to teach you how to share 3 things the title was the book about and the cost so we kept it what's the book about very simple and they are 1st with sand then sometimes they would freeze and nothing anything they just my own the other one was like Come on see I don't know what to say and some of the people really knife and try to help them come down but as they did it more they got more free and we had a lot of people that come and tend impressed they were and many of the people that come to help us or I not have been and so they were very impressed and we had one levy to was so impressed that only she buy the books but she came in she says I want to give more and so she gave us $200.00 just because she saw what I school is doing for the children and she's not even an avid it's just to see a school that's helping children to be this useful you know she was very impressed at this and so here you see the children would go also to the people who are driving by and try to sell the books to them they didn't miss the farm manager say he drove his backhoe he went they went over there swell and they sold him a book. Not serving others this important part of character building that we need to learn in our schools and by the way character building it's the most important. Lesson that they're learning in all the classes whether it's math with us reading with or in especially in the manual classes they can learn a lot of character building we need to focus on this area because as we saw on the 2nd on the 1st presentation. The purpose of education is truly for salvation and so that helping the characters the important so here and. I don't know why I didn't put. These names a book c.h.s. to all 6 Christian service the children should be so educated that they will sympathise with the aged and afflicted and will seek to live being their sufferings of the poor in distress. They should be taught to be diligent in missionary work and from their earliest years self-denial and sacrifice for the good of others and their advance min of price cos should be in co-locating that they may be laborers together with God Now usually children don't tend to you know now they suspect children though want to be around adults especially not around age people. And but in the bible times they were always were with the older ones they were always together now we separate by age and and the children don't see the value anymore and being around those who are older more experienced but we need to bring them back to them and recognise that they gave their lives to serve others and now we need to help them because they're not able to do a lot of things when they're in this picture right here we went to an apartment of one of our elderly people and I campus she actually was a teacher and worked in our school for many years and now she's retired and I visit her quite often and one day she was selling me how she can't see very well so now it's so hard for her to clean her house because she can. Can't tell if it's clean or not and so we decided this is a cool school to go including our house and so the children here I cleaned her apartment for her and then afterwards she told them some stories of her experiences when she was a teacher in the things that her children did who are other people as well and here we have this sitting on the other one of our elderly she actually passed past the way already. Now she lived with her daughter and son in law so she was taking care of but they all need some joy and companionship and so we went to sing to her. Older people love the voice of children singing and so we really. Try to do that quite often around the campus this is another one of our elderly another man that has passed away now but he loves gardening he loved gardening and but he was getting to the point where he can do very much and so one day we offered to come help him and he was so excited because there was so many things he can he wanted to do and work on on kept because he couldn't keep up with it so we started going actually When couple of times to help him in his garden. And this is how in the community this couple that you see in the middle there the elderly couple they are Baptists and they live in our community a friend of mine and I have made contact with them and we visited them. And. You know I share with them that I was a teacher the elementary school and they loved music so I asked them which i'm like to have the children the elementary school come thing for you and she was like yes and so we went and the ones that knew how to play an instrument played and we stand and they were so blessed they really loved it we had invited them to several programs in our church and they have never come after the children went there the next time we invited to the program they went right and so all we need to teach are Tilden to go and serve not just the community not the school but the church so here the children are actually doing out in Sabbath school and it is not on 13th out at this just a regular Sabbath school and they took part in everything they let the song service they read the scripture the mission story everything. And we teach them by behavior in the house of God as well. Oh what happened. Oh no. Sorry my my computer somehow got disconnected from the source of power and I have a very old computer. So anyways what this comes about because it's going to take a little bit that picture there and the lifestyle center we would take the children there they have a session of 2 weeks where people come and they are the year because they have different lifestyle issues and doing those 2 weeks they learned right habits of eating and exercise and all the a lot of health and the spirituality especially. And so what we did and every one of the sessions we would bring the children. In our class we would make different I practice for them so they we make something that has some sort of a birth or promise you know that would encourage them. And we would pay a bill into school for the people and then we would go there and have a musical program and I'm not musically talented person I'm not a choir director so I never really had acquired thing we just stand for worship and so whenever we went to these places to think we were singing their worship songs were singing at worship time so when I when they I told them we're not doing a performance we're just sharing worship with you and and the children. Would And we would go there and they would sing to them when they were done then they would go and walk to them and give them the kids that they had made for them and one time we had a lady that she came to the program and then she came back a year or 2 later and she especially called elementary school is that I want the children of the children coming because I want to see them enough that yes we're coming such a such a date and when we went there she had the crowd that she had received when she was there and she told the children how much it meant to her and how much that promise had encouraged her when she had gone home and that she more than anything coming back was looking forward to seeing the children again and that was very meaningful to them to see how they can plant seeds of joy and peace in the hearts of people when they share the word of God with them and one day there was a lady which is the one that you're going to see in the picture once I get this back up that was there because of depression and she got really discouraged at times and so they called us and they said could you come because we would come at the end of the program could you come to this lady's room and sing for her and we did and. You know this is not one and we did and she was so I mean her whole face was different when we and that and the whole time that I saw her the After that I was always very cheerful So it really ministered to her heart what the children did going there. To sing me find my place again. Sorry about that Ok so this is. Ok this is the lady I just told you about this is her room we just went to her room in the last. Center and we sang to her and spend some time with her. We also visited the set and here is Pastor cook. And he was sick and had been really his health was really struggling and he was becoming a bit discouraged Cosequin do the things he usually did so we went to sing to him as well to encourage him. And serving others we learn to use this self-denial box and I got that from Child Guidance page 132 says children are to be educated to deny themselves at one time when I was speaking in Nashville the Lord gave me light on this matter if lost upon me with great force that in every home. There should be a felt Denial Bob And that into this box the children should be taught to put their pennies. They would otherwise spend for candy and other unnecessary things and so since our school if we run it like a home we decided well we need to have a felt the Nile bought and it's not really a box is more around than anything but this is actually an old meal container and so one day I told I share with them that code and I gave them examples you know sometimes you might get some money to go buy ice cream and you might think you know I don't really need ice cream maybe I'll give I will deny that's what the 9 is not giving what you have left is communal something you want to help someone else and so we usually have someone in mind that they would be given to so that they would think of that person when they're giving up what they have. So this year. The 1st year that we did this there was a one of his there teacher that was teaching the revelation from class he actually had cancer and he was going to have a treatment in a health institution that specializes in that so he was receiving treatments with us but there it would be a little bit more intense natural remedies but nonetheless more specify for people with his condition but he's been a missionary for many years so he didn't have the money and I just told the kids you know. That he's going there and he doesn't have the money what do you think if we give the money from the self-denial box for him and they were of course they loved their Bible teacher so they were like yes and then some of the girls were like but. Because we was leaving on the Friday and they were like but can we still bring more money in the chair of course we have until Friday so that they are I went to schools over and they were getting their backpacks to the students who were in the hallway and they were talking to each other and one of them was like I've been saving this money to buy I don't remember what it was something that they had saved for a long time and and she said you know I'm going to give it to the self not box so that Mr Robert can have it for his treatment and the other girl was like happy thinking for a watch I'm going to keep it long takes this little one because the parents are not just given the money for things family making them earn their money and for them to make that a stymie I was in tears when I heard that. And of course so with him when he found out how the money was collected and granted all we had in the air I mean all we have is a lot of money for children we had about 70 something dollars that they collected to help him and I wasn't nothing compared to what he had to pay but the Lord provided the rest but they had a part in providing for his treatment and that is. Net they see opportunities to deny to give others and like I mentioned character development is the most essential part of via 2 cation and the reason why we exist on some just going to share a few quotes of character development Child Guidance page 82 it says one of the 1st lessons the tawny still learn is the lessons the lesson of obedience before he is all enough to recently he may be taught to obey if the child does not learn how to evade his parents and death or before them they will not obey God So parents out let their children disobey the my teaching them to disobey gone because the parents stand in the place of God on to their all enough to understand to God it and so this is obedience is a very important lesson and we don't recognize how much it affects their experience with our. Council superiors teachers and students page one and 23 says children are not to be allowed to think that everything in the house is their plaything to do with as they please instruction this line should be given eat even to the smallest children by correcting this habit you will destroy it got the fines that they per 1st Cities natural to childhood shall be rooted out before they become habit so times we think will do just children will fix that later but later is already become a habit and need is not impossible but it will be very hard sometimes near to impossible so when their little children they can learn that know not everything in the house is for you to play with and they need to understand this because also we create very selfish individuals when we think that they can do whatever the one with anything around them. In the same book. 1123 continues mothers should guard against training their children to be dependent and self absorbed never give them. Cos to think that they are the center and the air and that everything must be balled around them now when they get teenagers and we're like why do they think that the world revolves around them because we taught them that when they were little and continue some parents give much time and attention to amusing their children but children should be trained to amuse themselves. To exercise their own name and ingenuity and skill Thus they will learn to be content with simple pleasures they should be taught to be or bravely their little disappointments and trials instead of calling attention to every tripling pain or hurt divert their minds teach them to pass lightly over little or no interest and discomfort now this is not to say that you should not. Put aside to really do some things with your children but this is not to go to the other extent where parents are like always interrupting what they're doing to attend to whatever they want and try trying to find so many ways to entertain them and then it creates in the mother Zire for entertainment all the time but if we let them learn to amuse themselves then they will be content with simple pleasure. And then again you know to not rescue them from their difficulties but to learn to crawl through them. Now of course all these things are important but we are not to leave the other things that math and so I think and accounts as part of. Truly cation training as well in any case from page to 39 s. that in the 30 l. figures the work should be made practical. Let every wolf and every child be taught not merely to solve imaginary problems but to keep an account an accurate account of his own income and outgoings let him learn the right use of money by using it whether supplied by their parents or by their own attorneys let boys and girls learn to select and purchase their own clothing their books and other necessities and by keeping an account of their expenses they will learn I think could learn in no other way they value and the use of money we usually try to teach the value some money from textbooks but this is the most practical way in our school. Teacher had a whole economy system in her class the children were earning money by the hours they work at school. And they were docked money if they came late to school if they didn't have the work done and they had to pay rent for their desk they had to pay an electric bill because there's electricity in the school and but they had she had a store in at the beginning when they started getting their money this I spending in the store and when he was time to pay their rent they didn't have money so one day I went to the playground and I see one of the kids with their backpack on why did you bring it back to to recess and he's like I'm homeless so you mean you're homeless you say well I don't have money to pay my rent and I got evicted so when he got to school that morning he had an eviction note and his death and so he had to carry his stuff with him the whole school day and he had to do that until he was able to pay his rent now that he learned a lesson or yes he did never again did he spend all his money without paying his bills 1st right and still make it as practical as possible this is a very important thing about education whatever you teach if it's not profitable it's not useful they don't need it there's a lot of knowledge that we never use and it's a waste of time. And so teach them things that they can use and make it practical. History and prophecy and this is the only one that can be made very practical in testimonies volume by page 525 assessed profit in history should be form a part of the studies in our school. Education to $38.00 as with language so with every other study in May be so conducted that it will tend to the strengthening and the building of character of not study is this true to a greater degree than a history that it be consider from the fine point of view so when we're teaching history we cannot teach it like the World Teacher thing we need to teach them the hand of God in everything that is happening we need to teach them to effect a why did this happen why our wars because of the hopelessness of man you know when we learned about the Trail of Tears. We had to we ad to bring the principles of heaven into that and teach the children you know why these people were thrown out because people were so selfish that they wanted more for themselves so then they were moved out of their land so that they can have morning and that's the 5th mislead suits because they 1st saw all they were and all the people that die in the process and your life also started why would they do that but you know he would do the same thing because we have selfishness in our hearts of we don't correct that we would end up doing that so they need to see these principles being played out and they need to understand the principles of heaven everything that happened in the hand of God especially in history and education to 38 as too often taught history is little more than a record of The Rise and Fall of kings that in that there intrigues of courts the victories and defeats of armies a story of ambition and greed of deception cruelty and bloodshed thus taught is resold cannot be cannot but be that from until. The heart sickening they ration of crimes and atrocities then nor Mitty's they cruelties portrayed plan see that in many lives bring forth fruit in a harvest of evil. And it continues far better it is if that to learn in the light of God's Word the causes that govern the rise and fall of kingdoms let you study these records and see how the true prosperity of nations has been bound up with an acceptance of the divine principles let him study the history of the great reform it from reformatory movements and see how often these principles though all this spice and hated their advocates brought to the dungeon and the scaffold have true these very soccer Feiss trying to write so and needs to be very practical a true value behind not just history as we teach it normally. You're graphy a mission. So when we teach yoga free we need to link it to something that's valuable and so what we do we try to help the children understand us children of God I doubt and assume bring the Gospel to the world so was the world this learned about the world and the people that are there. As a case in page $269.00 says it is up pointers that awaken sympathy and Sympathy is the spring of effective ministry to awaken in the children a new sympathy and the spirit of sacrifice for the suffering millions in the region and beyond let them become a point that with these lands and their peoples in this line much might be accomplished in our schools instead of dwelling on the exploits of the Alexanders and the Paulian of history that the people study the lives of such men as the Apostle Paul and Martin Luther as Moffatt and Livingstone and Kerry and the present daily unfolding history of missionary effort instead of burdening their memories with an array of means and theories that have no bearing upon their lives and to which ones outside the schoolroom they rarely give a thought let them study all lands in the light of missionary effort and become acquainted with the peoples and their needs. So what we do when we teach geography usually each year there are certain countries we need to cover we talked about those people their costumes especially their religious believes and one thing I keep the children is God created asked us humans after his image because the sin we have of the image of God has been. Destroyed and us but each human being the big regardless of culture has something still of the image of God And so we look at the different cultures and we look at the good things of the culture and we look at the bad things of the culture why because they need to understand when we become Christians now we have a different culture now we are citizens of heaven and we need to look at our own culture and determine what is the image of God in our culture and retain that and what it which is not let it go but also we teach them especially the countries that are not Christian. Countries how they are deceived to believe these. Different things and and you know it's interesting because a lot of times they don't understand how hopeless and how empty the lives of these people who believe in other gods it's because their gods are not loving us that want to interact with on their gods are only ordering them to do things and if they don't do them they get in trouble but they can pray to the gods and talk to them about what they need right and so we talked about all these things so that they learn and then when they need on that country and how God is suspecting us to minister to them because they're brothers or sisters so this last year we were learning about Africa and one of the countries who are learning about Congo and I have friends are in Congo they started to education school there and we decided as a school to use our self in our box money to send it to the students so we were learning about Congo we learned about the countries and the mission ministries are there the people are there we also mention the ministries so I told them about this school and it's that these children they're not Christians and they come and they're learning the things that you're learning how special that they can have that but they are in a country where they are very poor and many of them have nothing to bring to school you bring with you pretty crayons and markers and all these things but they don't have those things because they can't afford them to so you can give up something so that they can have something that for you is like normal you have it all the time for them it will be like Wow And so that's what we did that year and my friend sent me this picture and of the things that they bought with the money that we sent and of course they had these little lines and the language in English as well thanking us Ella Why would Lemon Tree school these are some books that they bought this little girl she's holding coloring pencils not that it's like an amazing thing for them our children take it for granted but for them it was while they have coloring pencils and they also bought this animal with that money because. They needed it for their i.q. cultural program and they had a breakfast for the children many of these children can afford to have a very nutritious breakfast over the money that we send so the children got to see how their money was used in another part of the world that this is a real way of understanding other people's their needs and to be until learn to be more grateful for what you have because what you are complaining about mommy and daddy because you know have this toy this kid to even touch you you know and their school I didn't have pictures here but I show it to the children when we talk about Congo then you have florist dirt floor they go to their floor noise seeing their own heating and they sit there. And with very simple thing and they love it because they are getting an education many children this country can't even afford to go to school. And this is the case is given to them free because they wouldn't be able to pay anyway so how important to include another topic that we're told another subject of study thinking. And education pay $1168.00 it says the value of song as a means of education should never be lost side that there be singing in the home of songs that are sweet and pure and there will be fewer worth of French or and more of cheerfulness and hope and joy that there be singing in the school and the pupils will be drawn closer to God to their teachers and to one another you know when we do music class which we don't have a music teacher so I teach music class and I don't know how to play instruments so we just think. And what we do I share with them the life of Jesus and how he used thinking when he was working in the workshop and when he was sorry with the when when he was a share with the people in Bed people around them were cheered by hearing his thinking they were incurred by and so I encourage the children to do that and so we're told also when we when darkness is over and we discourage that we start thinking it will lift our spirits up so singing is a very. Precious Gift that we can all have not all of us can play a piano and a violin but singing is one that we can all have and it's the one that got Celsus children to be taught. Another thing I do with thing is before we start learning a song we learn the words of the song in the meaning of the song and I teach them about the song of most of us in that we're told that Indian times we're going to learn a song that no one else is going to be able to sing why this song most us with their experience in Heaven you don't thing whereas you memorize it is your experience you can fake it because nothing fake exists in Heaven so we have to learn the words and we have to ask God to help us to to live this word so that we are singing something that is true in our hearts and I told them always when you sing you have to do your best but it's not how well you sing that such a Scots heart is that what's in your heart when you sing if you mean it is this pure in your heart it will bring joy to the heart of Haven't even if you don't if you sing out of tune right now of course we have to do our best and so now just listen Porton as that is to learn what should be part of to the occasion is to learn what should not be part and I'm not going to go over a lot I'm just going to mention 2 things because I have seen them to be the most. In schools and it tends to be part of our school systems a lot including our avenue schools. One of them is the reading of fiction. This pair see student council through the church page 170 he says those who say magination has not become perverted by reading of fiction will find the Bible the most interesting of books so the reason why you are bored by reading the Bible and the writings of l. enjoy g.y. is because their minds have been fed fiction and now they have created and a craving for on natural excitement and things are not true now the problem is many times we think that we can separate one thing from another but when we teach it we let children be entertained with things are not true we're teaching them a lie that's exactly what we're doing and they need to learn that life I'm not in any way. I encourage you to read the chapter Tucker $37.00 in ministry of healing is called the false and the true in education and it goes more in detail about the dangers of fiction reading for our children and you the other one is competition in Philippians $23.00 says let nothing be done through strife or vainglory but in the limits of mind that each esteem other better than themselves now when we're competing with one another we're trying to be better I want to be faster I want to be quicker I want to and I'm trying to get you out of the way so I can have the goal but this is not the spirit of heaven and so if we look at the principles of heaven we know it doesn't fit there. Here this school it's. Ok this is the side of ages page $435.00 and he says the savior gathered his disciples about him and said to them if any man this size to be 1st the same shall be last of all and servant of all Lucifer has said I will be like the most high and the decider for self expel Taishan have brought strife into the heavenly courts and hatband this multitude of the host of God continues He thought for himself the highest place and then every being who is actuated by His Spirit will do the same the last alley me a sion discord and strife will be and will Dominion becomes the price of the strongest the kingdom of Satan is a kingdom of force every individual regards every other as an obstacle if not this what competition is about your mind off the ball in the way of his own on batsman or a stepping stone on which he himself may climb to a higher plane. Very tenderly yet with Solan emphasis Jesus try to correct the evil he show what is the principle that bears sway in the kingdom of heaven. And in what true greatness consists and this made it. Us estimated by the Fandor of the courts above those who were actually weighted by pride and love of this tension were thinking of themselves and all of that we wore they were to have rather then how they were to rent their back to God the gifts they had received they would have no place in the kingdom of heaven for they were densify with their reigns of state now this is serious in and when we allow this kind of spirit to be developed and their king it will be part of their life and it will show in their interactions with one another. And sorry about once repeated. Galatians 519221 says now the works of the flesh are manifest which are these adultery fornication uncleanness lasciviousness idolatry witchcraft hatred variance and you'll ations wrath strife seditions heresies and beings murders drunkenness reveling and such like of that which I tell you before us as I have also told you in time past that they which do such things son not inherit the kingdom of God and the word Their me elations. If an effort to match or suit path a person or achievement typically by imitating them so you're trying to do what they're doing but be better than them right in their regional the work in the Greek is an envious and contentious rival league or jealousy. Ok now reviewer Harrell. March 25 1928 delivery Howell in the road this concerning a competitive game. This is not con there's another kind of thing the world calls play namely making the often use loosely a game proper is a contest this spirit of it is the spirit of competition of beating the other fellow either by surprising him in exploit or bad pain even that ultimate of putting him out of action. It solves the factor and humiliates the looser one natural play now see the difference what the call close play but is namely the game and then he says while natural play is an imitation of work this artificial play re pre-sent that in the game is an imitation of fight an imitation of war the spirit of natural play is the spirit of work the spirit of the game is the spirit of war if you notice a child without teaching them these games naturally what they do the girls will start wearing non-students and they start at playing cooking in the got it guys are plain driving crooks why because naturally the endor to play are supposed to be learning how to be adults and so they play being adults and this is natural playing. But these games that come and they bring an excitement in and a craving for something that was not meant to be any changes on La Toya they act there is a book call no contest is I can't remember who wrote it but it's not a Christian Islam and fossil Selig has studied society and he study how competition changed our society and how people used to work in communities and help one another not work it was about working together to attain a goal and then it became because of that spirit in these games became part of who they were they were starting doing this at work in other places and it's all about now climbing the ladder and you're putting someone else down and there's no unity and so there's less really accomplished but we see it as a good thing and this spirit we have brought into our schools because a lot of schools are doing it and so we're looking at them thinking we're missing something but let me tell you something what I have observed in our school we still used to have a soccer ball and a basketball even though we didn't do the competitive games we lead we thought well they can play ball but some of these kids have learned the competitiveness specially soccer because we have a lot of people from South America and they did not playing it friendly so a lot of times they were fighting and argue with each other and so I decided bulls are gone so we put the ball so way and the air hole interactions with one another's changed now they're helping each other they I mean I didn't hear as much arguments and fights and they're not being nice and none of this is all stop and they start helping one another here they this is a little. A little hill that's behind us our playground and they started going down the hill in this lead there was no trash lead and they use it as a fly in the sliming down there they got me to do worse you can see at the end there and I became. To do it and I was like No way I'm doing that but they finally convinced me so I threw myself down there. But what happened some of the kids would go down and then they couldn't go up and so they started making a chain as you can see here to help the kids that couldn't go up to bring them up now before it was that I know we have to stop this to come help you now it was something they like to do and they were so happy that their friend made it up and now they can go down before it's like they can go up that means I can get down faster and I can do more times while they're trying to get up in the a totally different attitude totally different. And so the question that that is left to us is will we believe we'll believe got Swain's or will we believe the world swayed in 1st Samuel $157.00 and says But the Lord said unto Samuel Look not on his countenance or on the height of his stature because I have refused him for the Lord see it not as man see it for man look at on that were appearance but the Lord look at the heart so we look at the outward appearance in the world the school there soon so will we have to have that but God is looking at the heart and for him he's not looking at how schools are looking but the heart of the school. Right there 558 and 9 says for my thoughts are not your thoughts neither are you waste my ways said the Lord for us the heavens are higher than they are so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts. And this one I don't have the book either and 57. 1910 it says it is. The most good releases 50000. This. Account here because I got it from the 112 I side and the I usually write the name of the book on my notes but I don't have it in my notes and I'm but this is very important because when you do it through the kitchen in a school a lot of times we're looking at success by the number and if we're looking at that we're going to become the square and it is not the largest number of students but the spiritual atmosphere that will prove that success of the school and this is true about every ministry the success of our church the success of our health center the success of whatever we do is not in the numbers if we place importance in the numbers we're going to compromise principles to police the people and bring them in the problem is because we look at the outward appearance you know how many people are so proud that our youth this and the church they're lost but they're in the truth. But God doesn't see them many are sitting there he says The ones are saved when we do to education there might be less there but they will be in the kingdom and so what if you have a 1003 will be in the kingdom out of that 1000 but you have your little 20 and 19 make it that's a success but we don't see that. Because we can't see what's going to happen later we just have to trust God so you cannot go by what you say you have to do the right and leave the results with God somebody so she will see others until we get to heaven we won't see the results but we have to trust that if we do God's way there are always success and testimonies for your 531 if you lower the standards in order to secure popularity and an increase of numbers and then make this increase our costs rejoicing you show great blindness if numbers were evidence of success Satan my climb preeminence for this for in this world his followers. Are largely in the majority it is the degree of moral power prevailing in the college that is a test of its prosperity it is the virtue intelligence and piety of the people composing our churches not their numbers that should be a source of choice and thankfulness. Testimonies volume 6 page 140 says obedience to every word of God is another condition of success so it's not been the numbers that used to say it's obedience to every word there is are not gained by ceremonies or displayed but by simple obedience to the highest general the Lord God of heaven he will trust in this leader will never know the feet the feet comes in depending on human methods human inventions and place in the divine secondary obedience was the lesson that the captain of the Lord's hosts sought to teach the vast armies of this real obedience in things in which they could see Knox of that obedience in things in which they could see no success when there is somebody else to the voice of our leader Christ will conduct with that also in ways that will surprise the greatest powers of earth and our last. Flight sorry not 1530. 5 of the testimonies page 137 we have wander away from the old man's let us return if the Lord because there for him to bail serve him which side will you be Ok so we're going to close with a prayer but I want to let you know please don't leave without the handouts we are here and please take us many of these magazines as you can the creation magazines. Take nature and spiritual lessons out of them and they are very high quality and so take as many as you can I want them gone. And so we will close and then I will let you go sorry I took a little bit longer than I should thank you Lord we're so thankful that in new we can always have success help with your have the faith that we need to trust in you and in your ways and to follow them we Karla's the weather we can see the surface and give us with some an understanding how to be students of True the case and how to teach others this system that will be. Jesus. 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