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GLOW 2010 Literature Evangelism Testimonials, Part 2


  • January 10, 2010
    2:45 PM
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at the seminar on time or least closed on Sunday this is the surprise of speakers seminar where we have actual people who are actually glowers from actual churches who are later actual tips on how to actually go out and get people actually glowing my name is Bill Drake and I'm happy that you're here at the seminar and we have four or five separates presenters who are going to give quick shots on how to do it practically the first was Thomas rideable Praeger Gizmodo Thomas owns or manages a machine shop own the machine shop manages a machine shop in Madera California he is not a paid representative of the church he is a hard-working volunteers and law Sabbath at church with his children and his wife and lead the glow team at his church so he had to talk about how to blow on Sabbath afternoons before we start I have a quick announcement from Amanda about small little piece of paper something about question-and-answer time talked with you if you notice that can be small pieces of paper that's a Brian of handing out if you have a question or if you have something that you'd like to know temperature question and your e-mail address on their undoubtedly don't have time to actually answer any questions in that seminar you can still receive answers guide there a few people out there I'm here for you the people days if you have questions right on the newspaper with your e-mail address and it will be answered digitally okay there's lots of seats in the front that you are rolling in or happy to have you and were just about to pray for his present or is Thomas Rheingold Madera California let's bow our heads and pray thank you for this low rally hundreds of your people you arrive your church who want to be active and activate others bless us Lord help us it will take things away from the seminar an hour from now fifty minutes from now and actually apply them in the weeks to come greatest in the name of Jesus bless us and personal I want to welcome everybody here I'm glad to see that were beginning to pack up and hear and ultimately I think that this meeting is really really important if not one of the most important important meetings Africa's great and awesome speaker Macintosh is that all have really hard moving things but one thing that we're here for if I'm understanding this will route it correctly is to learn how to go out and blow out overcome some of the fears and things and how to organize in some of these that we need in order to be able to get going I wanted just for those of you that don't know me which is a lot of you my name is Thomas Randall I live in Madera but might my home church is the closest church and we have a pretty outstanding voting and two years ago my wife and I we had sent me a come back to the church I know I've been in the church about twelve years and I love for maybe maybe might have the same kind of testimony were in and out you know we had our ups and downs and we kind of this kind of fell at a church for allowing our family and a lot of things going on in the we had been really impressed to return our hearts that God is just really so Gaylord here's my heart do something with it and justice to stay your stay here and so having begun the tentacle discharge we began to really understand in our minds you know the you will have issues with Sabbath keeping Sabbath observance you know how to liking salads right what what what you know what the what am I supposed to do below is a really fantastic way to help you and it's not a substitute effect not a good if you're going and you know you keep the Sabbath and keep the Sabbath is is something to you in the Lord but when the Lord is using you that's what he wants in on Sabbath is actually okay to be used by the Lord so we were invited to blog blowing my soccer and some other friends and human shopping eminent feasible leader at the time and the blue outline we had a fantastic expense and when we were kind of like to know what this is if we could do this every Sabbath activity keep fighting to keep Sabbath right now but it wasn't just about that was really cool about that we haven't these amazing experiences and it was just one door after the other one person after the other note to say no one really glad that you can use tracking I was I was thinking about this her notes also died or whatever happen you know that's basically how my wife and my family and I really became involved heavily in glow and over time of the opening open up and I by God 's grace was allowed to become shucked his counterpart in shock and I now aglow leaders for the Clovis Church in California first Alec of a couple things on the cover on how to share the easiest way to share and it's not a secret you're almost think that it's a big secret no of these big names out there they have all that they have the secrets we know how to share it's very very simple we pray we say can't hear my send me and got was a wrestler it's not about us about eight yeah we do the rewards are not even about us the absolute blessings first will this share what God is putting in the hearts with people in the best way to do that is to basically unified me I noticed that my foot in my mouth so that the glow track to the talking for you and often times we really don't have the time despicable sermon to some of the less than be able to read on their time cultural people 's times so sharing it has nothing to do with you the only thing that has to do with you is and being willing know we are all here because we share Jesus in common excuses in our hearts and that means he really wants to shine out of our hearts in the shine out of our hearts basically blow is a tool that can be used up how do we prepare for Sabbath afternoon outreach there are many of you been gone up to the front is financing the finances can sit down there are many many of you Levin visited by people such as Nelson who come and talk about Logan was started the program started in your churches and then you're left with the okay well we want to glow we want to do this and we need to get organized highly big leaders and word we have this in no this is all the stuff we get all these great testimonies about these things that are going on again it's very simple the most excited person in the group is generally going to wash out as the leader we are very excited in a shop and I walked around it's like we are just constantly going there everywhere we go in our personal life and the medicine show the lot that are personalized God has made it a point in our lives to just share and we know I have so many different expenses I can't even begin to share I'm a machinist by trade and I been doing machine for about eight years and I remember what in the first like four years working I remembered every part I made an end and I was like all never forget our member this part of the setup for this for that matter that I have made so many parts now I have no idea all the parts that made let's can happen with the testimonies even have Sony testimonies it is our even though Gagne breached only people with me I can't even begin them over them and I so how to get the word out indentures now were talking I didn't organize how many of the world our church number one all of our pastors have been given to us by our God in order to be able to know spread the word to us did a good relationship with your pastor and I'll ask him out you know we've got dismissed the school team can we please get some time up front in order pastors they they usually do a lot of the work if not more work than it should be doing that anyway yes you are a couple minutes up front I had the monitor and edit people out there don't always listen people get people up and get them excited make sure that the truth is being shined out nonstop awesomeness I falsify the stuff you know love is not something at the fake out the fake being your friend I think it's simple Jesus loves me loves you and here's the track no this read it and you'll find out all about the general questions number how do we decide we're going to be going there are so many people are just one of you could stand up the bulletin is not just a suitable team 's business just that it's a team everyone's opinions matter everyone should be given a chance to share their experiences encourage one another remind one another the prior expenses that you had is when our so there is no right or wrong we know right now no right place to go this is simple let the spirit moves you there is always we serve a God of order or organization that is necessary we have to become organized so Odyssey women have a leader yes John yes he has a SIM there is a writer based in Lausanne said as I write this a wilderness where you are and it's right now is absolutely correct when talking about is our Sabbath organization as we doesn't mean organize the people there is no listen to each other work with each other allow God to work through all of you what is the best time to go out the best time to go out is the time when you have people at church began to go Sabbath afternoon blowing the side of a time is for our church leaders we generally go about two hours prior to Vespers we have invested really have every Sabbath we have a potluck so after Pollock will kind of talk a little bit about what it do whatever will gather team up and we will meet in one room set aside a special room for a note and just get excited because God is about to use you as so awesome and really really is I have no reason for being up I am not special ed all I am no a you know high-profile speaker anything I'm just like his matter-of-fact I should be sitting out there we has sitting and eventually you guys be up here speaking other people do not expect that a suspect is really having outflow tracts that you going to talk to people and it's okay if you do that drop in you know I mean a single signal you know whatever it's okay to start that way but eventually it is not a reluctant Senate patterns using heart is not containable there are however some days where we had this feeling inside of us just the woman gloated a man know how we deal with those days I just don't was there no bass just our human nature coming up no mind lazy whined to does not do anything that's okay with human however no we are called to do something about that so what we do we pray to Samaritans about Mister Lord look I need your help I really don't want do this and she make me willing and advisable to make the unwilling willing so that's okay those days will come and what do you do if no one shows up reinvest days was just shocked that his wife myself and my wife and was staring at you than the face the clock was here three thirty fifteen the loser we can with two options at that point we can get discouraged and so you know what that's call it the awash amount and not go out and I'm not going to lie we have done that and we all learn from mistakes and all of my experiences and it was good was good you know what additional time that we said the squad anyway we go out anyway we pray and and you know what God gives us the divine appointment absolutely awesome and work with that doesn't generate excitement and with that excitement is up against as it becomes still it generates inside of you people see that we become you come back what you do while you smile my glowing like that it was up with you exactly what you glowing and didn't just next to the Muslim asylum alarming one quick verse here as their prophecy and minimum output had passed the mic on it is our duty now to employ every possible means to help the proclamation of the truth when you are riding on the cars visiting conversing with your neighbors Wertheimer you are the shine forth and out the papers and the tracks to those whom you with whom you associate and speak a word in the season praying that the Holy Ghost will make the seed productive in some arts this work will be blessed of God when we go out when I first started going out chocolate always say that what you're going to blessing and especially awesome of all beauty the reference as soon as I get over there many and as Michael thank you very much did you guys like that dropping and you don't drop razor hands I noticed a done drop that's okay you know the thing about what I love is that it's accessible it doesn't matter who you are you used to be that if your literature evangelist you sold large hardcover sets there were hundreds of dollars and that you can do that you would sell the small Magnavox door-to-door the ten dollar books ideology that you just go door-to-door to hand out literature for free if you're scared to go door-to-door he just looks on the face and took it eliminated the phase this link somewhere and right as well it doesn't matter what you can does not accrue you are low is accessible so we all denied that reluctance doing that the last presenter today is going to talk alone but more about that reluctance which is really good for us to think about because all of us have that raw human beings right next A Shaka Dixon Chakraborty got there is any desire out large gathering of this is a rush if you never anything like this this is a rush how to get out a huge number of piece of literature ever a small amount of time Chuck Butler shot is is again not a paid professional pupils and students as a student and he is a faithful church member spends all day Sabbath the church is like his buddy Thomas present Doctor him him him hi people forgive my Symantec because I really really excited his listens numberless concert hereby below anything like that it gives me this punk band downgraded out yell at all especially talks about large distribution together and really gets me excited because this is totally awesome illnesses white actually tells Marita uphold us used to pastoral ministries on page three forty seven Mrs. we should improve every such opportunity as that presented by the St. Louis there at all similar gatherings there should be present in whom God can use leaflets containing the light of present troop should be scattered among the people like the Lisle model to many who would attend these gatherings these leaflets would BS the leaves of the tree of life which are for the healing of the nations a man and not only is the tracks are the tracks special for the people who receive them before the people hanging out these tracks the Lord a fire inside of them that you would not believe I'm here today okay because of brother set that came to me and asked me to join in on any night before sites on efficient renal knock on doors will savagely go about in our daily life was so important about these large gatherings across over the question how many traffic and you and a group of friends passed out in our a good group of men a lot I'll say a thousand percent thousand tracks a good group of euros our many tell you about a time when he and a group of friends and I align passed out over five thousand tracks and up thirty to forty minutes by housing the church for about two months my friend Eric units and crazy idea came up to me is a shocking you know the promise keeper you save my center have an idea what I'm doing when they let all those people out the stand at the door and pass out literature meet has a litter talking to people all they seem unfairly in the church underlining the Lyons the mascot I get a chance I get just because he tells me we go out there waiting the cars were waiting and people start coming out the doors and UNIX items in pump in the letter he has been passes on my car I recently merges wages relax for a second essay are I okay okay and all the sudden the doors open down enough lot of people come out and enough lot of people thousands of people song coming on double to launch boxes loaded down with a genre noted are undecided I plan and I'm passing out literature I passed all of your people are coming on one in their scene onto hand on passing also many people are cut off just letting you about legality after lighting a reseller and sank assuming people are surrounded I love easily take this thing is people are grabbing from the over my shoulders any of you have a expansion what England Lowell knocked on doors the way Jesus works through you and excitement and if you do try this large distribution ten times this is the shell is failed in the shell this is a show I get these in a large gathering worshipers who were Christians are gathered their ready go I have a little bit alike were so share the rest of the whole truth with them I have brothers and sisters tonight that quick question how that while I'd want to pass notes other denominations as I don't honestly redo that they are charged to each their own out about other churches has all but the sulfide of Europe Hilton head of the figure since Cathy Park on their brother and there I is my job it does not respect our notes their doors and do that yes ma'am sometimes you do run into action when back to that in a little later just hold on and let you know about that right now I believe would we go to any other churches and hand out literature at their front doors that I suggest not to pay but off-site all hands-on I ended and we have any conflict we're going to these places that an answer and a second I would here is the advantage also of the large gatherings I did a short amount of time you'll some people like to go into County fairs Internet where there's a large amount of people and that's great I love Christian event is asked that earlier puberty have a small piece of what is going to share the hope I would come the whole aspect of how Jesus loves a lessor but it do you know it's an easy introduction to glow that's why I'm here today my friend inviting me out there in the gene in just thirty minutes out there were passed out or five thousand he's the guy can use me to do this what else can he do this weblog and try something else and the Lord got to do that's how I am kind right now the site a little of this why not cause I do something with an already know I don't help there a shot in the shot would never believe we have her talk needed right now but Jesus is so good he's eleven so excited so fine so the audio it out they decided to study this on his bumpers and sisters is a good rushing on always been on the sciatic place for symbolic link Jesus has a place for us he says no meticulous world precedent brand-new for you you would never sacrifice anything for Jesus I I know I don't get to a few do 's and don'ts is rated to the practical aspects of very thing the do 's and don'ts you know first thing and you have a solid piece of paper gather as many people as possible the amount of the literature you will distribute depends on the amount to hand you have the passes out are going to be people coming out the times we went there is the past one or two people within four before walking by me you know anyone again a moment to change a Hamas leaders of the keep working I and my number is on that piece of paper and I promise you give me a call I went out to meet you but I guarantee at least bring out five extra people for you to give me a call own troubles of one of our services out of an area stop by but him out of the Central Valley yacht show up and down I did organize is very important to be organized when you're doing these large events organizer people scout the location know the of the primary door for people are going to be exiting so that you can have your people at all doors networking others were maybe two at this door the area okay find a great parking spot where you can have a van maybe you have your literature seeking come back and get your literature is very important as you're going to run our lives we need to have runners the goal is bringing more literature this is going to come and have literature at your disposal okay call and find out the ending times might be out there exactly are led almost Christmas they write a little order to have an idea of when this thing is going to answer you can be prepared going to sit out there for hours I and most importantly pray pray pray pray a prayer walk their lightest owning a bona fide walk around and grab wonderful testimony about fellowship because of my time but at shortly we prayer walk then went for specific things we prayed about what we are walking happen exactly that next they went out there and it had even be patient 's attendance the patient people know him immediate sentencing but be patient and wait scout it out and be for certain what is one on around you bring enough literature people bring enough literature it's wonderful to get out there and pass all five thousand piece of literature meeting in ten thousand piece of literature once you get up in your pass out literature and you run on you realize that hey I carried out five thousand interviews litter but I ran out you can never over prepare you can never overeating never bring too many resources with you bringing not enough and you don't cover the debt was downgraded pass up Fidelity's ledger is awesome is wonderful but when you get a pass on any setting is a low damper on it try that I have a couple of the McDonald's just a couple of dollars and that is how jumped the gun by accident legal team has been a sailor in that nine of the realtors a Christian and I went out on at nine fifty nine twenty nine thirty I have learned this is experience that I've had we went at eight fifty color people come out made at nine nine o'clock you want to be detecting you see those people need on my summer hyena on him I see there like a sales no zebras walking across him on the cliff and I want to get ammonium jump in I want to get them on my eighties and my people my fairy like just displaces weight as well I knew I was all right but you got to let three hundred Goldmine seeking get three thousand does that make sense items that you jump the gun that's when you will because he had a question about that about once we didn't even haven't people say something to you yes if you jump the gun you will be kicked out and when Holly hurts that's happened to me we jumped the guy at times we got had only about two hundred people within a kick us out of our walk avoid the flood was open and there are thousands of people that we've missed and all I want to cry honestly I also want to try in the next being do not so too do not don't call in after permission you know not how to be conniving I like them or secret agents for the Lord SI see her secret is reliably have a mission to learn operatives I like the Navy SEALs for the Lord and if you call and you asked for permission and they say no as a Christian I feel there's no possible way to view out there there he told us know if we go out there were passed at the literature massively massively but not going to the passive literature finals just a couple of coping that want to share my brothers and sisters on Jesus loves you that's neither here and wants to using just like to go to the we we went to the mall you did the mullet was astonished to zoo them all of us just is just as crazy in the mud wallow it was great we did we got up Powell literature one line canvas Merry Christmas and in the Valley they said I took a negative discourse is a you can't undervalue tonight is upset that they can take our next vendors Street team from LA would like to have allies responsibility eighteen million people including the own empire a lot of doors not there to talk to us about some crazy ideas that have been previously fine I'm idealistic left this is Israel's amen is radius that I say our Israel it's not an especially fun the Bible we could ask me where it is after this but as my name and I have the privilege of working with glowing the Southern conference and on what we start and basically what were you due right now is share with you how was shock and Thomas said how we put it to practice we sure how we put into practice now we at global rethinking okay we we do some occurrence with use or know how much time doing with your summer promos with you through reaching all got different community communities but some there's a group of people we have difficulty sometimes reaching an something leave and failure Al Qaeda like intimidated and that is a rich so we start thinking how can we be of a region rich the affluence so start thinking you know we don't we want to be able to scale choose an event or a day in which they are in a call the cops on out of nuncio in other there they're not in a no not your day went to the doors are open enough bottom have dates and one alley so we have Beverly Hills young and all right okay how can we know so as I think in the Lord impressed upon us Halloween what would I sincerely know out of all the days of the year yesterday when people even the rich expect someone to come through the day when they dare not afraid to open the door they now sit and talk to strangers so we went we came out with glow in the dark glow-in-the-dark cells are you recording my and we team up with street team so we can even do this event know just to give you some information you know we have sent them on the go we have Hollywood we have Beverly Hills around their so we decided to do this the thirty first that night so we chose three ways to do this one way we we could be able to get members children which participate is by for them to get literature to give it out to people who come knocking at their door 's sake only they could participate is for themselves by literature and go door-to-door given it out and that their way was to have children was come to some central locations where you have in which we're getting team up group of people get together and go to a central location one of one of those locations of Beverly Hills in which I participated in and then he participated in and it was such a huge blessing that they also nervous but we got our next amen number one thing we pray we pray pray pray that I may use us to prepare the people were in the know thing we did we scouted I went one day took a day off in the week and went to the territory checked the streets in a look at what houses a note did not have fences what's reason could be averted in do we had maps we made sure we had transferred as for people who show up and also we also have estimated a time to go out in a time to come back to set it can't determine that we would all be in the same page with everybody's cell phone we are leaders so we actually an appraisal of God Lord moves in which everything was organized fifty people showed up just for the Beverly Hills event we had other two events are ranked so this is what happened Danny Wright is in a share a couple experiences that happen on the field Hilton thanks Fred we were really nervous like Israelis said but we pray and the Lord delivered and it was just amazing we had says one of the plays were together was the central Spanish church in Los Angeles which is right between the convention center in USC and we had says had a powerful speaker and all people from other churches were to be there I mean this man was all over any of us on Facebook goes on MySpace I tags all my two hundred contacts on my cell phone I e-mailed everybody I can't hold all two hundred of them make sure the door and been unable to come in they came and can you imagine two hundred young passionate people for Christ rates take the streets a lot of in Lahore nearly baptized after we had had a revival a couple weeks one of my friends was actually just coming from his baptism I think his hair was still wet and he became the is just amazing and the Lord your really used Israel is enough to rally the troops up lurches there were praying you not leave the young adults were very supported they stayed in the church and they were praying as all these young people got in their cars in the caravan the streets of Los Angeles on the way to Beverly Hills we got off our cars then you know we prayed even more in the first door is always the heart one laundry hall the first was already open we didn't have denied in the not basic triggered tree than name we gave Arkansas anyways reducers up again I'm a little treat they smiled once when they start it was that simple in the Lord soft in the hearts of the be affluent people in which is gone from door-to-door time was upon his week versus power locking through all Azores and the stepsisters amazing and you know one thing on the Lord has given everybody talents without a doubt and I certainly knew that because stopped in being Latino you know i.e. in Los Angeles you know Ball had something to make their profile in so they might not open the door so I use the talents of my partner who happens to be a very beautiful young lady immunology at the phase you had the boys in the also see that the canvas and I just passed by the track in Nazi campus I gave the track that give the truck I knocked on doors and she can visit was just amazing we just moved image even a C memorize that then her smile just opened those lower services beautiful allure was working and you know something that Tom is then non- shot guy at emphasize was to have fun in on our way here you know we brought one of our church members and uses like if it is beautiful you know are going to this wonderful event digging is just sure with me that it's amazing that people think that Christians are the Christians are boring or not more elites online fun you know there just hasn't had attracted this event and you know we saw some young ladies they were teenagers and were like you know we would never reach this teens at the mall never so me and my friend were like hey girls we got some treats for you immediately like magnets they came over to us and stuck her hand in her pocket and then done some gloves and their bags moved onto the next him since amazing my pastor share with me leaving when when as you knock on the sidewalk there was this group of people and leaving the front was a young man dressed like Jesus Christ as my processor was logging on this reading is a very false was coming this way in anything Jesus Christ and I smiled Inc. is put some bugs in his and his bag is just all about having fun beloved you know the kids were opening the doors like here get this to your parents my friend were just yours is hopping along the way and you know it's amazing how one last story my friend and I know my friend and thinking myself because my name then my friend Danny and another friend of mine they want to adore and they had a huge silver platter on the front door and I said take a tree but they were all out attending so the layer whole stack of gloves for the next person to come and take a tree this is beautiful but but the root but the beautiful thing about these massive events is that the results again people were calling me and said thank you Danny for inviting me know what I was really becoming oxidative I had a knock on doors for the longest time and in other calling I got my churchgoing noun going to the conference in buying workload tracking I want you to come up to my church this week a friend might just call me hate out what you come your Pathfinder uniform knowing and new notes each my pathfinders at my church he known how to how to canvas how to glow you know when it hit everybody going and that my friends is a reward you know getting these leaves of autumn since everyone's hand and scattering all abroad especially in that large county in which we live remember amen and amen it's so beautiful to give it to be used by God to take him into what the were all Eagle celebrates you know take advantage and is enough to resist Satan with the hardware and that's a high one happiest day of the year for him on this evil has been celebrating death spiritualism but we praise on my desk as we live a huge den Satan 's kingdom that day and that night and the results were that of all the locations are hundred fifteen people showed up with the one Santa Monica one Beverly Hills in one small town to have to be we add on at the end that we had five thousand pieces or just by that these numbers are just on the track that went out in these events the ones that were sold to be given out in their own private homes five thousand tracks it went out in thirty minutes to forty five minutes and I've got really blessed and is so excited will ice there were not just and by way of anything I'm a human being I'm just like you I get nervous you know Canada's I've been a chemistry for a bicycle for forty three years I still get nervous and empathizing as we have to realize we are in who we represent were not just any ordinary person going and having out any kind of ordinary nature were ambassadors of the teams were delivering a message to prepare people for Christ second coming and as we do so we are not only saving others overseas intercepts and working the bigger blessing same courage you participate get involved talk to the pastor you put these tools to practice and got to move mightily in payment thank you imagine again the challenge of a facing Los Angeles the illusionist 's records on telephonic conference has divided up Los Angeles and into segments and he wants to reach the city somehow that impossible but it may get you he's he's praying about how to get that this is a man to go to a man is a graduate sold less like his rest and she's working as a helper at the glow programs the conference she's volunteering this year she's a talk about social glowing anniversary about social blowing sounds like social drinking but it's not the drinking although it is not addictive she says and I made something really positive unlike the drinking so I tells about social glowing and you happen awry I learned something RNA and I like the fate of an island funding today to really weigh well when I first heard about Isle of Wight birth of engines they got some afternoon to knock on doors of really grave outcome of Gary actually identical but are brought to life when I realized I like what it is not a valid option activity and cannot outreach opportunity in a life and something that you do in your day-to-day life I know the house those on Halloween but you cannot love the darkness hides a high note the big event with conflict and things like that but my Christmas and Thanksgiving in your life now you sound what happens when you're not in a glove function what happened when you're just out and about where somewhere that you see people why claim you can visit divisive for every week of the all time in a convent in the intervening time you have to know that means you go usually to the same place to get into a routine and some are loved one we only got their light wind how often everything flying out of Thanksgiving without I like now ironically something that the person can remember for the rest of their life and they remember me in my name and I learned very well if they become invisible something you have any incentives and I will actually happen with Blake I knows is for you think I can get the manager will say that when Callahan designed their luggage in a long time in outline make eye contact and you feel like this is the I have five when anything is game of life another thing that you cannot be a bad person chapter five hundred forty fifth and forty seven forty one Hamlet 's love you while I warn how do you do not even the public infinity and if you delete your brethren only if the only people that you now what are you doing more than other people do not even Republican things out and he was saying even if you just hot to you if you just talk to those that you know everyone outside Sofia with extraordinary value in the here and open your mouth when you're at the grocery store open your mouth at where you are and can be a witness that way so there is no mall on Linda McCullough and then the drop in God 's guide another length and I say anything on an Iraqi engineer at five something I I started thinking about why is it that I'm so nervous to hand out a piece of literature why am I so nervous about having someone a piece of paper what is it this feeling is not Neil the people in the old are in the Bible actually waveguide element and you know they had the same feeling when they read it to end John Chapter twelve verse forty two forty three it says nevertheless among the chief ruler the event like the pastor of the time among the chief rulers many believe the RNC that but because of the Pharisees they did not confess to what they should be put out of the synagogue first forty three of burn on my memory for they love the grave of the men more than the praise of God that is why whenever I realize that is why I don't like passing out while it because I'm thinking what are they thinking why are they I hope that they don't think I'm some religious I hope they don't think I'm weird oh that they didn't like lunch at length way back in the old time by not funding people do now I went I would propose of having to minds want to get changed my mind that you're not there to leave the person standing at the cashier in America worried about what they're thinking of you honestly there thinking the same thing that thinking in it but they think of me it now everyone has been this thing inside of the net that once the praise of man but an endless chain I are way of thinking to a quantum improvement when I think alliterative of person I want God to smile one I can guarantee one thing you start thinking way it easy it's so easy because anything that person anymore you think Dominic hi5 for anything only to see that he wanted to I can't believe I even hesitated at any an incoming concept like naturally I guess I am the best lover in the world the backplane of partisanship open your mouth and you and as you do it like you said with his with his shot after of you time to get the suddenly they start rolling it actually starts on getting involved in doing it more often and it comes more naturally that they went to Trinidad and just like knowing who this guy every week when I come here I don't want to give language track but she felt like the Spirit of God was saying you may not get another chance now I know that sounds weird because you always be people you always have attempted while by what she was saying to me when she related experience she said I felt that if I didn't do it this time the next time the Spirit of God within its author and then if I been doing that kind of spirit out of minutes of the Willamette soccer until she couldn't hear anymore of that time may be the only time you have the experience and move you got that strongly though please just do it when you feel moved to do it in a way mere last time and maybe you guys a meeting with you to work with sound exactly namely Natalie loud and almost premonitions like I like many lies you want me on the landing and I got in and you and you are you now they want me it's not as scary human being when you just do it when you do that what makes it awkward is that he may get awkward honestly on this what can I not just of people use the one for me maybe twice a week but a lot of people use the free gay in the workplace you go in and out of the work op-ed pretty much every day Muni allow young brown line yelling pretty much everyday by when you see those people it's really hard to get drop comedian again in the next cubicle cubicle painted here are many but not really awkward and how to practically new social with people that you interact with every day there's the reeds he waved the witness while you're at work the first way is to just be social and canaria quote here I know the data though not but does try that try to listen we should all become witnesses for Jesus the next two words base social power there is actually a power in you being social social power things applied by the grace of God must be improved in with a winning old to Christ let the world see that we are not selfishly the work in our own interest but that we desire others to share our blessings and privileges let them see that our religion does not make it unsympathetic or exacting let all who profess to have found Christ minister as he did but all who profess Christ minister as he did for the benefit of man we shouldn't have earned ever felt powerful pass that we should never get into the weld all the impression that Christians are gloomy unhappy person people how can we profess to have Christ and go around thing I find the last Lord of fifteen and I just wish that I could share more but I have something I need to do but I hope you are black and white I was really glad things the following over gas filled in tragically shall not be Christianity any suggestion and maybe about half of you that I naturally did finally I know you don't feel like you're not my idea I know you feel like I'm not reversing that your people that like that I only wanted and I afterwards actually he is the mother of all the positive I cannot against the Nvidia batlike anatomy and physiology here that you're smiling muffled and just use without thinking about Reagan's show that you're happy the way in a practically other than smiling and talking them up a family talking to them about their hobby if you work in a secular environment you can recall what Gwyneth did under the weekend you may just get lucky and they fell while you know into the text of the family and open don't you like my English is not my church to go to actually really interesting things rendering of a person you now and it should open the languages are asking other family about their weekend different things like that of a practical way to be social the last two things are very important first well-versed in the social affecting you want to pray for opportunity islands when you do not do this if you don't want opportunities ending of the willing wanting and waiting to answer that prayer I want to put people in your way you can read someone I can you can read someone that no one outlets and Henry's South praise the opportunities that are later found in a position where God can use you need to pray for an opportunity and enclosures of the club and big pond where I'm saying is that he witnessed being inhabitable pocketful of glow in there on how you will like to open position were not heeded it's really quickly awaited it is his know what the track say actually read the track that you carry because it you may not think that funding is relevant in them but when they say it when somebody says something to you it'll trigger for the track and you can share it remember what common sense for you is not common for them and many who are then left to darkness and ruin might have been helped had a neighbor comment and women that feel that seasoning these are common men and women come to them with the love of Christ and glowing in their heart and put forth personal efforts for them many are waiting to be addressed that personally that people like you that the financial help they demanded you flukes you uphold assisted before all the serotonin community we should not reluctantly including we should one think it's been really helped me she got this from my mother-in-law this is the canvas that I use when I shared low tracts of that hope all you guys have one of these plastic packets to protect your tracks the meter bought back pocket of fifty cents or something businesses this is revolutionized to get on the bombing of a busy guy might have stuff to do so identify me to run my Carlton you'd like to cover at the Globe booth I believe you look globally complexities of the users are requested to do so I just like this I decided to extend mild autistic you read that if you're afraid to glow I challenge you to standard although undersized for something theory but the next session starts in about thirteen minutes at the main sanctuary of us are hence thank you so much Lord for what we learned today in the seminar the real issue is not here and even today people around but it's when we leave and go home in the next few weeks give us joy in serving you are weak we love you and we want to please you and you want to make you happy and we know you love the people who don't know you and so please send your Spirit Lord and give us that boldness and courage help us to remember the practical things we learned from Thomas a shotgun and the others must remember that just when we need it do this lousy go into the final moments of the rally in the special challenge at the ends Lord we must say yes to you what you're calling us to do thank you Lord in the name of Jesus on


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