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Entrepreneurship: Why & How?

Larry Lesher


Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business? If so, this class is for you! We will be talking about the blessings and advantages of being self-employed and sharing lots of resources so you can run successful entrepreneurial business.


Larry Lesher

Owner of Eastward Gardens in Indiana.


  • January 16, 2020
    9:30 AM


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Heavenly father we just thank you for the day for waking us and keeping us for the messages we've heard I pray that you would be with us now that your Spirit would guide and direct my words that they be your words not mine that as we contemplate the parables that you put forth and what those parables mean how they apply to us today that you would teach us that we would have an open mind a mind that you could speak to us that we might hear your voice that we would walk with you but we not just be hears of these things but that we would be doers. It's easy to. Have a lot of knowledge to learn a lot of things. But if we don't put them into action then it is for not so Lord I pray that you would help us to not just be hears but doers. I didn't direct those according to your will and purposes I pray in Jesus' name for his sake we pray in. So this is kind of a very common quote you may hear and if you ever hear people speak on education it's from the book education it's on page 13 in the 1st paragraph it says our idea of education take too narrow in too low range there's need of a broader scope to hire any true education means more than the pursuit role of a certain course of study it means more than the preparation of for the life that now is it has to do with the whole being with the whole period of existence possible to man it is the harmonious development of the physical the mental in the spiritual powers it prepares the student for the joy of service in this world and for the higher joy of wider service in the world to come. So. When we talk about education we're not talking about something that's to help you get a career not that it wouldn't help you get a career but education is about personal development it's about preparing us to be fit not just for the service here for the service here but not just for the service here it's for Paris for our heavenly kingdom and your service there which is an amazing thought that we will be doing service in heaven. And this is kind of our preparatory work so that's really to me a wonderful thought and honestly I think that it's a parable in and of itself if we were pause and think about what education is doing the purpose of education it's a parable it's a parable about the heavenly work we're learning and we're growing to come into that place to learn what heaven is about so that we're prepared to do the work that heaven is going to be about. Education Page 30 says this. In the highest sense the work of education and the work of redemption are one. And that's a profound thought. When we go to school college undergraduate. Elementary. You realize that we're. Working redemption Al and. I don't think we think about that too often and how profound education is it's shaping the mold in our minds how we think how we view the world how we reason. To receive Christ in it or is it a means to an in. Is a means to an end but what in. So. I took this quote There's a little book by Sutherland studies in Christian education and this quote she takes to Ellen White quotes and what I want to do is read these how he framed it and then look at these 2 quotes for a few minutes and and kind of see what the context of these 3 quotes were and how he framed them and it was it was profound to me what it said it said now as never before we need to understand the true science of education. If we fail to understand this we shall never have a place in the kingdom of God. The powerful thought. And that's from Christian educator August 1907 then he goes on to to this quote from 60 page 131 it says the science of true education is the truth. And the 3rd angel's message is truth. Do we have we fully digested have we fully taken in what it is we're doing when we go and get an education we send our children to get an education when we ourselves are raising our children with education we're educating them to what ends. For what purposes how are we doing it Bob Jorgensen used to have a class and he says are we doing. How do you set. Public school at home when we do homeschooling. Or just take in the world's models and adopting into what we're doing or do we fully do we really understand what it is worth about what we're doing when we do education and again I'm going to bring this back I think this process of education is the parable it's a living parable because it's a life lived what we live in front of our children in front of our friends children our nephews or nieces our neighbors the life we live is education to them Do we follow the counsel do we believe the council enough that we actually apply it in our lives and not just intellectually know it. So this is going to be the Christian educator pages $8.00 and $9.00 so we're going to go back and look at what Sutherland quoted from it and where it's read that's where he quoted it so that you can kind of follow what what the quote is talking about and where it's placed in the quote where it's underlined that's me highlighting things. And this age is never before when the 2 great forces of the principles of heaven and the principles of hell have met and decided conflict our youth need instruction in Bible principles Now let me ask you a question. How does a you. 12 the thirty's are you. In contrast to enough quote to use. It. To Enoch. I think we all are that's the point of my question. So when this talks about I'll sometimes reframe it and I think that I asked the question because I want you to refrain what's being said we often put this in the light of young children or teenagers college age. But I think we really need to be taking this to heart. Of what this is going to do for me and you because where does it going to start if we're going to train them or do we need to start in our own hearts. So. Keep that focus. Are you our youth miss you our youth need instruction in Bible principles. Like the branches of the true vine the Word of God presents unity and the and diversity. There is in it a perfect superhuman mysterious unity it can to make contains but divine wisdom and that is the foundation of all the truth all true education but this book has been treated indifferently how do we treat this book indifferently. We cannot read it that would be treated you know it's like a a doorstop or you know it's a good luck charm on our bookshelf or something of that nature. We don't think about it. Our rules are pro child we approach it I think this can be a fundamental problem if we have a Greek education in whatever that means we can all decide for ourselves to some extent what that means but if we have been taught how to think. From a worldly standpoint do you think when we come to the Scriptures all of a sudden we have a heavenly perspective. It seems highly unlikely. And so we may. Need to re approach how we read scripture even. Because I think all of us have been subjected to this end. All kinds of different ways to the extent that maybe we even just got that kind of education and that's how we think. Now as never before we need to understand the true science of education if we fail to understand this we shall never have a place in the kingdom of God This is it this is life eternal that they might know the the only true God in Jesus Christ whom he now has sent if this is the price of heaven shall not our education be conducted on these lines Christ must be everything to us. To be fully digest these things. Now listen to this top line here underlined embolden right this is the great subject that underlies all true sink to sanctified education so we're going to look at parables and a lot of the parables are obviously Christ parables But you know the parables go far more than that and when I say is talking to us and he's telling us about a virgin birth he's talking in parables. The real understand what he's saying to understand that we're talking about how we're going to understand a parable what's Isaiah actually saying to the nation of Israel what's he talking about because if we if we don't have some scope of what he's talking about it's hard to make a political or apply to us right. And so these are parables because what is he doing he's talking more for whose day he's talking more for our day than he was for them we're told right. And so this. Is how we have truth this is how we come into true knowledge and understanding and this leads to true sanctification. When this is made the theme of our conversation no idle common talk will fall from our lips justing and joking are heard because the Soul temple is unthink to fight an unholy God the everlasting Father gave His only begotten son to the world that all who come to him might have everlasting life and in this gift he opened to was a channel of the riches and most and exhaustible treasures this sacred thing should be the food of our minds. What did Jeremiah do what it is equal do what it Joe and do what they all have in common can anybody tell me what I'm asking for after reading that. They are something when they eat. A little book scroll or roll now. This is to me. A profound idea a profound thought what we're going to talk about here with this bread of life we should satisfy our soul hunger if we do this. We cannot hunger for the world the excitement or grander our religious experience is of exactly the same quality as the food we give our minds. And I mean we just heard a sermon last night how much are we looking on our phones how much are we inundated by the world's food the Worlds. Knowledge and education that we take for granted we don't even realize what's interest into our minds because if we're going to understand the parables if we're going to be able to go into the garden and make application of the things that we're taking in the things that we're doing with our hands. How we understand the science when you saw I don't know if anybody was here for Alan's lectures talking about soil science and when he was talking about the soil science these are not simple things and they're all a picture every single one of those details is a picture of Christ in the plan of salvation. And so how do we ingest those things to be unjust and from a worldly point of view or is that food going to be food that nourishes for keenly a world a world beyond this world. All right. Go on and this is still from the Christian educator the truth contained in the scriptures are grand elevating uplifting and Noble and at the last image of God is restored in this world these truths must be cherished you know it means to cherish something we never had something you just can't wait to get home because you want to do it you want to play with it you want to use your new tool if you want to you cherish it you don't just beat it up you take care of it you make time you cut time it's a priority when other things come about you're like God that's great but I want to do this because you cherish that you hold dear and close it's important. Is this how we do our time with our Savior. If the last image of God is to be restored in the world these truth must be cherished their grace with their grace with such simplicity that they could not possibly have originated in any human mind a so are from a higher world went forth the soul the world with seeds of truth. This is what's before us bullishness in truth. And we make a decision moment by moment day by day. What do we want what are we going to digest what's going to be food for our minds. Only this higher phase of education is able to prepare students for the higher school where Christ in God will be the teacher and where throughout eternity we shall learn how best to magnify and glorify God's name. And men men who are not burdened to learn Greek and Latin may yet possess a most earn a zillion to prepare in this life to receive life eternal and it turns into the higher school taking with them the results of their studies in this world. When they reach the heavenly school their education will have advanced just in proportion as in this world they strove to obtain a knowledge of God and the world's Redeemer. Think about that. What you take time to do here to put your mind to feed your mind upon has a direct correlation to what you will do in heaven what you will learn in heaven your capacities to learn and of and to a certain extent to a large extent maybe. What blessings we have before us. She said we may be sending forward our investment in time we read earlier about indifference and in that indifference we don't realize what we're losing and losing this grand opportunity. I see here when they reach the heavenly school their education will have advanced just in proportion as in this world they strove to obtain a knowledge of God in the world Redeemer and just in proportion to the van spent they have made in seeking God and His Righteousness will they be rewarded in the future in mortal life. So. This is the last bit of that quote it says the scheme of redemption is not a common study had it been so many souls would not have been disloyal to God in types and shadows parables important truths and mysteries that needed an interpreter were veiled the shadow pointed to the substance and when Jesus came to our world it was to let spiritual light shine forth. In. So. We're going to look at 60 the 2nd part of the quote that we read from Sutherland and this one is just a short little clip I didn't feel like we needed as much context the other one had a lot to it I felt like that at 2 what he was trying to infer in that statement that he made. 60 says this page 131 point one We know that there are many schools which afford opportunity for education in the sciences but we desire something more than this the science of true education is the truth which is to be so deeply impressed on the soul that it cannot be obliterated by that error that everywhere abounds. The 3rd angel's message is truth and light and power and to present it so that right impressions will be made upon the hearts should be the work of our schools as well as of our churches. So do we recognise that the education process is the 3rd angel's message and bearing in truth you know that when they say in verity Verity means truth right the 3rd angel's message is righteousness by faith in verity there we know that quote In truth the science of true education is the 3rd angel's message in Barrett t. it is righteousness by faith in verity do you see that. It's profound. So Sutherland after he said that statement he framed it in a certain way in his own words so this is a Sutherland here it is taken for granted that all 7 Day Adventists believe that Christian education in the 3rd angel's message are the same truth did you take that for granted. I mean can you imagine he just said that every 7 Day Adventists take this for granted it's just a given this is everyone knows this right. And if you can sit here and say oh I didn't really know that or it doesn't seem like when you know that something's changed something has changed. Mary that again is taken for granted that all 7th Day Adventists believe that Christian education in the 3rd angel's message are the same truth the 2 are as inseparable as are a tree's roots and its trunk and branches think about that. All right. So we're going pretty prepared right parables. Living parables meaning the meaning our master in the garden to walk with him and learn from him. We have the Christian educator 1112. So here we are Christian educator pages $11.12 how the system of education generations back been conducted upon altogether a different plan the youth of this generation would not be so to pray ved in worthless now she's talking to people that aren't alive anymore and I'm just saying what do you think your chances were by the time you arrived on this planet if it was in that situation then what do you think our chances were pretty slim pretty slim Yeah the messengers and teachers of the school should have been those who understood physiology and who had alongside it the managers and teachers of the schools should have been those who understood physiology and who had an interest not only an educator and not only to educate the youth in the sciences but the teach them how to preserve health and order to use their knowledge to the best account after they had obtained it so hold on we were supposed to learn what. What is physiology. How your body works. What do we need to know about our body we just do whatever we want the only we wear what we want we sleep what we want we eat what we want no no this is not this is not reasonable. We are not our own we've been bought was a price. But what was the problem. Generations back what was the problem. Depravity depravity is worthless it will never solve your problems it will never elevate you to a higher understanding of God and who God is and what he has in store for us he has a great plan for us he has amazing things he wants to give you so amazing that in the space and despite of all the suffering that life might throw at you and upon you you have joy. You will count it all joy. All right life sketches 355. The hope of advancing the cause of God in this country is in creating a new moral taste in the love of the work which will transform mind in character how many people here love to go on vacation. Alla affair Fairmount love to go on vacation there's nothing wrong with a vacation. So. I asked the question about vacation because vacations supposed to be a recreation for us right. But recreation is really creation so we take a vacation or we try to get away from work. Because work is a blessing right work is a blessing but sometimes you need to have your batteries recharged because work is work you get tired you know you need change in life you want a little variances So it's a point of view very how do we view these things how we thinking about work how we've been trained in our children that work is a drudgery because when they go in the garden is that is it just some torture or is it a blessing do they see the blessing you know how they'll know if it's a blessing. Well the way you see it will be the 1st thing and the 2nd thing will be is when you went out there with them did you make it drudgery for them or did you make it Joy for them because how we train the child has everything to do with how they feel about things and if we show them the joys and wonders in the parables and how Christ has given us this work that we might learn of Him that we might glorify Him and we instill that in their hearts what are they going to do what are they going to think how they're going to feel about it. Genesis 317 and 19 and then to Adam he said because the has hearkened them to the voice of my wife and has eaten the tree of which I commanded these say Thou shalt not eat of it Cursed is the ground for. That I say. You learn with her that last night if you were here. In sorrow shout out eat of it all the days of the life we know the rest are at this all and so on and so forth and so why do we get the thorn in this or was the garden so difficult it's a parable. What's the parable. Ok so we were down to the well we teach our little children we're whole and out the sins in our lives heard this right it's true it's so true. But if we stop here if this comes the extent of our parable understanding and we're still it 47 years old 30 years old 20 years if we're 15 years old we're still holding out the sins in our lives and we haven't understood the more complexities what's the problem I'll put forth that our education. Has not been what it ought to have been we've been sidetracked somebody has been deceiving us my incursion into you is. It's never too late. God wants to come today and open our minds up. And he wants to pour in the Holy Spirit overflowing. Because why because when we go there it's an act a service we serve God we serve the micro biome the soil micro biome we serve our community live how what do you mean. Because we're there as a tool in the Lord's hand and he has a purpose and he didn't pick an arbitrary work he put Adam in the garden you could put them anywhere but where do you put them in the garden you know God did all these things he spoke them into existence he did wonderful works you know he planted a garden eastward in Eden with his own hands he's a living parable and then. Then. The same power that will let me see education 99.3 the same power that upholds nature is working also in man the same great laws that God a like the star and the atom control human life the laws that govern the hearts actions regulating the flow of the current of life and to the body are the laws of the mighty intelligence that has the juice. Jurisdiction of the soul from him all life proceeds only in harmony with him can be found its true sphere of action for all the objects of his creation the condition is the same a life sustained by receiving the life of God a life exercise in harmony with the Creator creators will to transgress his law physical mental or moral is to place oneself outside of harmony with the universe to introduce discord and Arkie ruin. Whether we know when or not reality always works itself out. He will wink at our ignorance but we will still suffer under the weight of that in ignorance to him we're going to keep going near to him who learned thus to interpret its teachings all nature becomes illuminated the world is a lesson book Life a school the question may be asked. When we became farmers a lot of people I know and they became farmers have a good friend and he's not to administrate I don't I don't think he's believes in God He became a farmer he sits next to me at my farmers market and I was talking to him and his whole family told him he needs to quit doing this he's quit Farman get a real job this is ridiculous this isn't real work people do that now I said I said Listen man. This work is noble work. We are here support you keep your hand to the plough don't look back and they tell you that just smile and show them something different. This is this question the question may be asked how can he get wisdom that hold of the plow and drive of the oxen by seeking her a silver and searching for her as for his treasure for his God does instruct him to discern to discretion and teach him this young man has no idea what's going on out there in the garden but you know unequivocally without question he is drawn to the garden because God is drawing him. So what's wrong with us. One percent of the population is doing agriculture not all avenues and even if it was it would still be a sad set of state affairs. Not that we all need to be farmers but we should all be growing stuff because this is the schoolhouse this is the we're going to get to it but what do we say this is the what a b. and c. a through education now you know a b. and c. is not the end of the alphabet. It's the beginning it's the foundation but it is not true education it is the foundation of Georgia cation So anyway. We go on he who taught Adam and Eve how to tend the garden would instruct a man today there is wisdom for him who holds the plough and plants and sows the seed the earth has its concealed treasures. Now what do we think a concealed treasure is I know we're plowing and we find a box of gold. So then we take all that we have and we're going to sell it all so we can buy that filter I have never heard that then it must be true. Right. It's a parable but it is true if you found a box of gold in the field you would do that how much more is our heavenly father going to give us a box of gold to stay in here on this earth. But what you will find when you go plowing that ground is far exceeds far far exceeds a box or gold. Even the gold of all for its going to rust can carry melt away but you and I have the opportunity to obtain something that will last for eternity. Wow Who wants to go plow this bill. When I move on here. And read this highlighted portion. Many farmers have felt to secure adequate returns from their lands because they have up and undertaken the work as though it was a degrading employment they do not see that there is a blessing in it for themselves and their families all they can discern is the brand of servitude how often do we deal with that and I mean I have a farm if you have a garden you may not feel it as much but there are certain days when I'm like. It's really hot today. I mean I've gone through 345 shirts in a day just sweating it's brutal it's rough and sometimes I'm thinking man this is this is raw. What I'm a missing. What's wrong with my thinking. You don't understand the parable we don't we're not making the application of the object lesson that we're experiencing. Not saying I want to go out there and sweat but if I'm out there sweating God is ordained every action nothing touches me that is not for my best interest and so what am I supposed to learn what do I take home if I fail at planting onions What should I do Michel. Why. She said if I don't plant the onions I won't know if they work or not you know what I told her we felt it on us for years you probably heard the stories you've ever heard me speak before us a couple times. I said if I don't plant them of already failed. If I plant them I got shot. By God's grace what's the problem the problem is is being taught how to grow and because I don't know how to grow into obviously. And who's going to get the glory. Why because clearly I don't know how to grow and so when they work what can I say look at what I did no. Man God is gracious praise the Lord and it doesn't mean guys going to do Superman magical you know he doesn't work that way and I go over Brother swing 1000 Burleson to be like Hey Larry look at this and I will I need to get that book and I read that book and I go Oh God show me how to growing and I do it and implement it and if it's truth may not work right away. But if it's true that will work so. I'll read the underline portion there farmers need far more intelligence in their work in most cases it is it is their own fault if they do not see the land yield its harvest they should be constantly learning how to secure a variety of treasures from the earth whose fault was of the Newseum work was my fault it was my fault I came to this piece of ground it was ruined by the people before me a planted it didn't work. I'm learning something but I might it might not have been that I needed to learn how to fix the ground to make the unions work I might it be humble I might need it all my neighbors walking by watching me fail might add to my need to know when I succeed that he did succeed somethin has happened on that farm no man can do because they're all watching as you know. They're all watching us had a little girl walking by for a year watching me I made $4000.00 the 1st year we farmed I planted about $80000.00 worth produce and we had $4000.00 that's about it filled I probably said that source those are general terms of vary that number somewhat from time to time it's just a. Kind of or you know a plant the $80000.00 or the produce and I got $4000.00 out of it. 18 I plant the farm I don't play the garden I plan to farm it literally turned purple and ingrown other leaf that's the kind of land I came to I came from a place where the 1st year we made 80000 dollars 83000 dollars and a 100 and some $1000.00 after that and then I went to the Black Hills Health and Education Center and we did really well there more than they've made in the history and also on and you go on and and we came to our farm and that's what happened what I needed to learn something then that. I was a little too self-confident thought I knew how to farm in the Lord said You don't know anything Son let me teach you something. Method father here I am many times I've cried in a furrow or what in the world is going on how do I feed my family was my wife got to go to work while I stand here and ruin this land what is happening God is good God is good. It is 1017 so I'm going to jump through some of these to get to this one where do you start we came to peace a groan and it was grass you call that follow then worked and nothing's happened to them oh to cut it took the day off that's about all they did do it Hosea $1012.00 so do yourself in righteousness Rebin mercy break up your fallow ground for it's time to seek the Lord. Till he comes and rains righteousness upon you but what does that mean. We're going to break up our fellow ground we're going to reap mercy. They're reaping mercy break up or that make any sense when you break up follow ground you're supposed to plant seeds get broccoli rain the lettuce. You know to. It's a parable So where we start in agriculture we start with follow ground right I think that's important should we recognise something in this. Review and herald March 12th 889 and paragraph 5. It is too late in the day for superficial work it is time to rise and shine for the glory of God has risen upon you it is too late to play into the hands of the enemy the plow share must go deep the follow ground must be broken up we need to have our hearts broken we need to fill how offensive is sin before God where to keep the heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life do we understand what then is. The answer has got to be no right because if we understood what it was we would never jump in the mire would we I mean if you were on a farm and there was pig slop in there wall in the mire you don't go away let's everybody go jump in it's going swimming in. No we would never get in that filth it's disgusting it's disease ridden it's it's death. But yet. We make all kinds of excuses about thin No We make all kinds of reasons why I. Didn't mean to as if we don't have a mind because if we don't have a will we need to break up the follow ground of the heart because we have a hard hearts our hearts need to be broken. We need to fall at the foot of the cross and contrition. And do not understand what we're doing to our Savior break up the fellow ground. Him or 11 page $177.00 as they cultivate the soil students are to learn spiritual lessons the plough must break up the fellow ground it must lie under the rays of the sun and purify and purifying air then the seed is to be I'm sorry then the seed is to all appearances dead I'm sorry let me read that then the seed to all appearances is dead is to be dropped into the prepared soil trees are to be planted seeds for vegetable soon and after man has acted as part of God God's miracle work were God's miracle working power gives life and by tally to the things placed in the soil in this agricultural process there are lessons to be learned man is not to do small for work he has to act the part appointed him by God his industry is essential if he would have a harvest. We have our part to play we have a free will we choose and when we choose What will God do he will change the heart you cannot change the heart tries to object or steps to Christ 46 I believe 4747 tells us we cannot change the heart. But we can put our will on his side. While part of me. Laugh when I think we're gonna I don't know if. I did it on that slide but I'll have it one slide somewhere. So we have fellow ground we're going to plow that fellow ground. And what's it say up there the plow on the altar this this struck me so what do you see there you see an ox a plow and an altar this is an l m I had to say about it I have seen a device representing a bullock standing between the plough and an altar with the inscription ready for either. Amen. Willing to swallow the swelter was that I had how many times I have to change my shirts 34 times swelter willing to swelter in the in the weary for her oh or to bleed on the altar sacrifice this is the position the children of God should ever be in willing to go where duty calls to deny self and to sacrifice for the cause of truth. Amen The blessing is in the work Amen whatever the call are we prepared have we been so consecrated to God have we had seen so much of the living parable there were so settled called the death we lie on the altar called the toil in the fur of. We counted all blessing. The plow Romans $1310.00 and the love work with no ill to his neighbor therefore love was the fulfilling of the law what is that got to do with the plot. And on let's see. How many. Artists Let me read this how many are deficit in love oh that love my eradicate I'm sorry eradicate Yes eradicate from the heart in your late any elation and strife and roots. And let me read that how many are deficient in love oh that love might eradicate from the heart hatred and you lation and strife and the root of bitterness whereby many are defiled never can the love of Jesus be received and shatter brawled in the heart until in the is feelings hatred jealousy and evil surmising are put away the stuff needs to be cut out turned over those roots need to die. Read the highlighted portion that's underline the plow share truth must plow deep furrows in our proud hearts and tear up the sod of our unsanctified natures that the spirit of love that the Spirit and Love of Jesus may be planted in our hearts we go out there and we do this work we should be seeing what God wants to do and as now this is where I was going to find the filled the plough but it really we've got about 4 minutes and I want to get to an object lesson so I'm going to I'll just say this if you asked what the plough was I believe it's hard work and I think it's got all kinds of applications depending on where you're coming from what your context is and what story you're applying it to but I think it's hard work and I think if you look at this text I'll give you the text it's sons and daughters of God page $49.00 I really hate to skip it because it's about pure love and what that all does for us but the field is the heart. But we also know the field is the church because Christ told us that we also know that Ella might tells us it's the church in the world. I think you're right but it all has its different application so these are one parable what are we learning parables can be multi-faceted it depends I say to my life she says when you do this what's my answer It depends it depends context. So I'll structure this is wont to get to how many people here have seen this this before they may know it as you know what it is you've seen it this is this is an ideal sort of structure so the structure changes all the time it's not a set standard it's not a set way but this is soil this is how so basically works and so I want to read Genesis to 6 to 7 I'm sorry in the Lord God for man of the dust of the ground and breathe in him the breath of life and man became a living soul now when you start look at his soul structure when you start farming you start thinking about social structure because you need to have the breath of life in the soil if you don't have the breath of life in the soil it's all about and up locked up you know that the soul takes a breath every 24 hours it has a cycle where it takes a breath and it will pull in all that nitrogen a push out all that carbon dioxide in the plant needs the carbon dioxide and it put us into sizes and gives us oxygen and so on and so forth but if that soil is a structure correctly it won't be able to accomplish that task right going to bring in nitrogen all these things that. This isn't all that biology down there is going to fix nitrogen is going to do it's work right so this is kind of what it looks like and what you have there you can see if there's 50 percent mineral 22 percent water 2022 point 5 percent water 22.5 percent air and 5 percent organic matter and again that varies in changes slightly and or a lot sometimes but this would be a good structure that was basically functioning correctly so. What is mineral matrix 50 percent of the soil structure is mineral that's your mineral matrix that's the rocks in your soil that's the minerals that arms water soluble they're not in solution they're not available to the plants right it's just the the parent material in the soil. As the dust of the earth. Let me ask you something Christ he breathed on his disciples remember that what it what was that when he breathed on his disciples when the world when he breathed on them. He breathed on them the Holy Spirit you know that was the early rain right and what came out when he breathed upon them the breath what's in your breath you're going to clean your glasses you. Water now you think about that what we have. With the breath of life and. So you know that 5 percent there is organic matter you know organic matter is made up if you come to my next class I'll tell you. It's amazing it's amazing the organic meat there or it's Empower full stuff that's the glue that's what holds the soil together that's your stuff that's what holds this stuff together so doesn't blow away in the wind and so on and so forth and I'm going to tell you. If you come to my next class thought explain how that works. And the next time I have this parable class 3 parable classes so Number 2 I'm going to go into photosynthesis What's that. Yeah. And so we're going to talk about photosynthesis a little bit we'll talk about a few things but one of the things that the photosynthesis and I'll explain to you live I think that's the Holy Spirit. But I'll just tell I'll give you a little hint it's primarily made up of oil. And so what you see there. I think you see that. God took the dust of the earth and he breathed in the breath of life. And everybody's got a conscience. Even if it's a seared conscience born in sin the Holy Spirit speaks to us. Oh father we thank you. For your blessings how you love us You haven't left us here in abandoned us to ourselves You have given us so much evidence so much teaching of who you are and your love towards us Lord as we look at these things as we dig into the sciences we recognise that we don't want the fullest miss of this world we want to understand true science the science of salvation the science that you have given those that draws us to you that shows as this beautiful picture of what you'd have us to experience on this earth that you want to take us back to that state before Adam chose to partake of sin and knowledge of sin. That you want to give us a right spirit. But you want us to stand in the fullness though we may stand in this fallen flesh the sinful flesh Lord we know that we can look to our Redeemer and know that he has stood in the sinful flesh and that he has overcome for us and that we can be just like holding. As we come to the 2nd book all we can do is but see so we think you for changes as we. Think you in Jesus name his sake we are him in this media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more service lead to visit w w w dot audio verse or.


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