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Strange Slips: The Parable of the Plant

Larry Lesher


This class will dive into how Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) work and their effects on plant physiology, the human body and the world around us.


Larry Lesher

Owner of Eastward Gardens in Indiana.


  • January 16, 2020
    10:45 AM


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Heavenly father we think you that you are. In control of all of these things all the things that are happening in the world you knew from the beginning all this come and nothing has taken you by surprise so long as we look at some of these things that can be a little intimidating or frightful I pray that you would help us to realize that you have all these things in your hand and you are in control that we can trust you and you have ways in which means by which we can. Be safe that you will bring healing that you will protect us and that you have made a way of escape and so help us to keep our mind fixed upon these things that you have you have given us the health message you have given as tools and resources by which to have a clear mind that our physical bodies can be healed that you've made us fearfully and wonderfully so Lord help us to realize that in spite of some of the information some of the things that people choose to do in this world around us that we can still choose to serve you and that in the service you have made a way of escape from the things that are going on in this world that we may suffer them we can still find joy so we thank you for it in Jesus' name and for his sake we pray Amen. All right so this is titled Strange slips we reap what we sow I promise you this is a guarantee you will never ever so a seed that's broccoli. And get an onion. You will get what you sow. So I want to start with a quote here because that has forgotten my God Of Dice salvation sorry because the has forgotten the God of dice salvation and has not been mindful of the rockabye strength therefore shout that all plants pleasant plants and Shell said it was strange slips in the day shout that makes I plant to grow and in the morning shout out make dicey to flourish but the harvest shall be a heap in the day of grief and of desperate sorrow. There's a lot of stuff going on in this world and if we're not careful we will end up with a bad harvest and you know it requires as to sacrifice some of the things you will have to do are inconvenient they're uncomfortable and when you're eating somewhere and you can't eat it people often ask me what do you do. And I say you're bought with a price you don't have a choice the body is not your own you're the temple of the Holy Spirit if you think you've got a choice here and is your heir you don't have a choice but you have to be love you know you have to be gracious and you have to have a reason for the faith that is in you so when you go somewhere in someone's upset because oh you didn't eat the potluck or you didn't eat the whatever you just say it's nothing against you I have restrictions dietary restrictions there personal restrictions and if you would like to know about them I'm happy to share with you but you know we're we're all just trying to just be loving explain to take time to work with people you want them to work with you right and if they don't love them anyway but this is easy enough in my mind. So most people may not notice g.m.o. is it's a genetically modified organism does anybody here know g.m. I was. Now you know Ok So Jim has a genetically modified organism what is a gene and what does that mean we're going to get into it a little bit we'll explain what that is how many here think g m O's are good. No anybody thinks humans are bad humans are bad. I've done this once before how many people have g.m.o. this morning. Or. Something to think about. How many. Last week nobody ate any g m O's last week praise the Lord. All right. Genetic engineering is a key component in modern agricultural biotechnology the 1st genetic engineered plant a tomato was developed in 1982 so this is a relatively new not that old I mean I recall it has been going on for a long. Since the garden. And this is been since 1985 I'm older than that and I was just on the youth panel. Right so it's fairly fairly new. 1905 the u.s.d.a. had approved for releases of g.e. g.e. which is a misnomer if anyone has ever heard of a g.e. do you know what g.m. stands for. Genetic engineering it is far cry from engineering engineering engineers build bridges right do you drive over those bridges why. Because they're a person and they have science and math that tells you that it can support your weight it's Gary you know you can do what it's supposed to do the 1st time or the 10000 try. If you knew the bridge had about is there going to be about $10000.00 tries before the bridge probably will work right would you drive over the bridge Ok well n.g.a. this so-called genetic engineering it takes about 10000 tries to get it right so I it's a far cry from engineering in my mind but sometimes it's called genetic engineering So these are the g.e. organisms for testing that was 1905 commercial use of g.e. crops began in 1906 so they're officially released in 1906 so again since these have been on the market how many people here were born before 1906 that's a lot of hands this is a very fledgling science does that make sense to you Can you see that does that resonate with you I think that's pretty straight to see so this looks pretty interesting doesn't. Anybody know how there's several ways genetically modified genetic modification can happen does anybody know how any of those ways that one person back here to people about 2 people in the crowd know how g.m.o. is made well the 1st thing you have to do is you have to identify what you want to do and by what you want to do I mean for instance if you want to make a plant resistant to an herb herb and herb. A weed. First you would have to have something that wouldn't kill that weed but would kill most other like for instance brought the plants and so then you would isolate the gene in that plant that resisted being killed and you would extract that gene and you would insert that gene into. Your plants of choice corn for instance so beans cotton then you could take that herbicide and you can spray that plants and that gene is now in that plant that resists that herbicide just like whatever other plant you found that had that resistance that makes sense to you Ok so it sounds like you would be very precise and you would know just in the d.n.a. Strand where you wanted to extract the Allen and you would personally place it into the d.n.a. strand of the other one and you would be very as we know we've mapped the genome we know all about this now right it's very precision but it doesn't work that way at all you see this little thing here this is called a gene gun now that's not really a gene gun that's like some side gun but that's the principle So what they do is they take this to take a metal pellet titanium gold some sort of microscopic pellet and they attach to that that d.n.a. that little piece of chunk that they got out they attach it to that then they're going to use a virus most of the time and most of the time it's some something like a collie follower mosaic virus or something like that and then they're going to also attach a and about a gene resistant Mark Ok so they take those things there on these pellets and they shoot it into a petri dish will the cells of the particular plant that you want then they're going to take an antibiotic and then to put it in that Petri dish because everything that did not receive that casette they call that a gene has said into its d.n.a. will die while the die because it's not antibiotic resistant if you follow me if it received the antibiotic Gene resistant marker then that thing becomes antibiotic resistant and so you can kill everything and everything now in the Petri dish that's a living. Has received the g m o cassette does that make sense. That doesn't make sense raise your hand I want to explain it again Ok so if Let me explain it if you have a g m o and you put an antibiotic resistant marker with it and I put it in a cell that means I can put an antibiotic on that cell and it won't kill the cell that makes sense if it didn't get it and I put the antibiotic resistant gene you know but it didn't get in there when I put the antibiotic on it that will die does that make sense so do you see how it works then at least moderately Ok. So so now they've received this gene cassette so you have all these cells and we're going to the cell here is the key before they could do this they had to know how to take a single cell and grow it out to an actual living organism whatever that cell was so at the end of the day you take that thing and then they reproduce it after it's been a plant and now you have a genetically modified seed and then they can patent that seed because it's now never been in existence before it's a new creation and as long as it's a new creation you can patent a life that you know that that is crazy. That is absolutely in sane in case you're wondering you cannot patent a life this is a fundamental human life it's like inalienable rights you know what I'm saying like we started the country because we have in alienable rights that means the rights that cannot be taken from you plants cannot be patented they're living organisms that's in fact it's such a farce that if you are in a lawsuit with a company that has a patent. They're going to say that it's it's. Substantially equivalent as the term mill use. We'll get to that later I explain with substantially equivalent is but it's going to say it's substantially equivalent but at the same time the same product you can't sue him because it gave you cancer but they can patent it because it's so unique it's equivalent to everything except it's patentable because it's so different than everything double speak so very very interesting stuff now once this happened you can kind of see the trend lines I wanted to show you a little bit here. All the slides will be on the Agra website and so you build it to download them and have this like it soon. So this is Can everyone make sense of this have you ever seen graphs So this is the years on the bottom this is the percent of plants and acreage that. Are being planted in the United States. So you can see the trend line so h. t. is Herb tolerance bt is bacterias there in Gensis resistance so it's it's a. Bacteria it's a bacteria that they've inserted so they've inserted bacteria into the cotton plant that kills past bacteria so they're in Gensis this one is generally life to say to anyone familiar with life it's a Roundup Ready Roundup Ready resistant so it's Herb tolerance. And so this is the track of soybeans cotton. Cotton and corn. And. Her. Probably like life it's a Roundup Ready corn. So this is these over here this one's for cotton This one's for corn in the United States so something interesting they've done because they're so good at this right 10000 tries or 20000 tries to make it work what they decided they could do with now they could stack these genes and now they can have more than one and now they can be bt resistant and. Handle the life of say 4 to 40 which is basically agent orange so well you know let's be careful one molecular structure differences is substantially different but you get my point. So this this here is telling those that this is now the vast majority of the plants are actually stacked meaning they have multiple genetic shifts in them and this way does that make sense to everybody. Know that they have a bt resistance and a good life it's a resistance so they have to and it could be they can be more than they'd stack in the different ways it's not they're not all the same so different companies do different things but the general theme here is is that this most of the thing to this is if something is her collar only you can see it tracked in these years that was sort of the scale at which it was happening and then it kind of dropped down and then for the bt use it was here but the vast majority is got stacked tree does that make sense so right now currently in the United States just to give you some scope of how difficult it is going to be to avoid this like it is it is ubiquitous almost currently up to 92 percent of us corn is genetically engineered as are 94 percent of soybeans and 94 percent of cotton cotton oils often use in food for about products by the way it's not just your clothes you're wearing. It has been estimated that upwards of 75 percent of processed foods on supermarket shelves from soda to sow crackers condiments contain genetically engineered ingredients your batteries soups corn that I say something else of so suet sorry. It's in your soap too that's why it's. It's in everything it's in your ethanol gas that you just got on your way here it's in everything that any corn product pretty much we've ever had corn you know those containers that are biodegradable So they're good for the environment they're corn toners they're from g.m.o. corn so when you drink out of it and then use it in your car and you see the sun melt it down. Think twice scary scary stuff. By removing the jet and genetic material from one organism and inserting it into the permanent genetic code of another the biotech industry has created an astounding number of organisms that are not products by nature or have never been seen on the plate These include potatoes with bacteria genes. Super pigs with human growth genes fish with cattle growth genes tomatoes with flounder genes corn with bacteria genes and thousands of other altered and engineered plants animals and insects as an alum at an alarming rate these creations are now being patented and released into our environment and our food supply so how many people here on a plant based whole food diet Ok if you didn't raise your hand come talk to me afterwards. Even if you're not. I mean you hear like strawberries. Like strawberries. Yes you know that they have problems they freeze and you can lose your flowers they have problems because they're early kind of plant and you can lose your crop real easy so they had a really good idea you know flounders or fish that swim around in freezing waters but don't freeze so we can take a gene out of the Flounder that doesn't freeze inserted into the strawberry and you have frost resistant strawberries it who wants some. You want something so we're not just talking about plants with plants you understand what I'm saying see should produce after their own kind anybody ever heard that. I don't even know what you call that. That's just not right oh. Has anyone here ever heard of amalgamation the common. It's interesting and so and this is going to be really hard for some of us does anybody know itself fusion is one person one person has heard of cell fusion how many people are in here. 50 people are in here one person has heard of cell fusion and we're educated right a lot of people in here are educated on g m O's of that. What is cell fusion. Cell fusion is a genetic engineering process they don't call it genetic engineering in the United States by the way it's not considered g.m.o. in Europe it is in Japan it is in the e.u. you know Australia all the 1st World countries most of the 2nd world countries they're going to say this is genetic modification but here in America it's not so keep that. In the back of your head. Cell fusion is a genetic engineering process in which the nucleus is removed from a plant cell and replaced by a nucleus from a different plant that might be from a different species or Gene g.m. Gene general let's say that right John thank you. Thomas l. 3. This creates a new plant with mixed genetics it contains the mitochondria and chloroplast d.n.a. from one cell and the nucleus d.n.a. from a different one this is typically done for the purpose of creating cytoplasmic males to realty. So we have a sterile plant what in the world do you want to sterile plant for why do you want a plant that doesn't reproduce that's bizarre right well there's a good reason. And here's a good reason that's not really that's not a good reason to do that. Which allows hybrids to be created reliably and inexpensively and prevents anyone other than the seed company from creating the variety this purpose is also called so keep this in mind you want to know these terms because when you're buying seed they will tell you what it is and be some magic fusion it can be pro plastic usually. Or it can be subtle. Cytoplasmic sterility the plants created by using this technology technology are sometimes called transgenic cyber ids so you can get and listen to me clothes you can buy organic seed that has been through this process. You've got to hold your questions to the end ma'am. All right so my wife says her heart rate is starting to increase and she's getting a little bit concerned pardon me. I will we will we have solutions now let me tell you and I told you at the beginning of this we're do the world folks if you think this is going to be an easy journey. Get ready get ready get ready. Because we are watching the closing scenes of Earth's history play out and if you don't believe that if you don't think that's true if you think we can be comedians and think we can get up and laugh and I don't have a message for you that's life and death I'm not here to talk to you I'm not here to make you feel good I'm not here to make you think life is good I'm here to tell you we're at the end of the world and we need to be on our knees and we need to be searching our hearts and we need to be knowing what's going on in the world around us because the devil is trying to destroy our minds this is a direct assault on your mind that you don't think right and I'm not trying to be dramatic but we can't have this comedy skit stuff going on here to sell fusion compatible with organic standards already answer that question for you it is. It is scary right. If you go to a grocery store you can buy yourself some organic cabbage and this can have been the parentage line yeah because in America this is not g.m.o.. Life just got a lot more difficult than that. Here we go the discussion at the conference center around whether it is appropriate to use this sort of genetic engineering and certified organic production of fruits and vegetables and how the industry might adapt if the standards are changed cell fusion technology is currently being used extremely extremely extensively in the production of both organic and conventional foods did you catch that. It's currently being used extensively in the production of both organic and conventional foods I have been writing about this topic since 2011 now that I have now that it has gained national attention at a major conference attention bought by many of the proponent prominent observed by many of the prominent players in the organic c. movement we can expect to see it become a common topic of conversation it is likely that the u.s.d.a. national organic program will take will be asking for public comments on the issue patents for living organisms and you can there's a. Link to that Mother Earth article for those guys talking about this in 20111 person here knows that this even existing. Substantially equivalent We talked about the few moments ago this is the definition in food safety the cons the concept of substantially equivalent holds that the safety of a new food particularly one that has been genetically modified may be asserted by the company. Assessed I'm sorry may be assessed by the company. I can almost read it may be assessed by comparing it with a similar traditional food that has proven safe in normal use over time it was 1st formulated as a food safety policy in 1903 by the organic by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. So g.m. owes Fumo corn looks like corn grows like corn tastes like corn it's still corn paste disgusting but it's the same thing substantially equivalent so says them. Over them are. There's another method though that the rest of the world has adopted besides the United States it's called cautionary method it's been around for a while. Some might notice the scientific method crazy idea. Is a strategy for approaching issues of potential harm when excessive scientific knowledge on the matter is lacking it emphasizes caution pausing and review before leaping into new innovations that may prove disastrous The principle is often used by policymakers in situations where there is the possibility of harm for making a certain decision i.g. taking a particular course of action the conclusion evidence is not yet available conclusive evidence is not yet available for example a government may decide to limit or restrict the widespread release of a medicine or new technology until it has been thoroughly tested the principle acknowledges that while the progress of science and technology has often brought great benefit to humanity it has also contributed to the creation of new threats and risk it implies that there is a social responsibility to protect the public from exposure to such harms when scientific investigation is found a plausible risk these pro protections should be relaxed only if further scientific findings emerge that prove sound evidence that no harm will result now that sounds reasonable doesn't it. You know were a public re we live in a republic the United States you know that means very. It means that your government that means that you're responsible means I'm responsible these are serious times I want to be clear I'm not promoting our involvement in government at all you realize you're a child of the king your home is not here side no so patterns of living organisms. Among the many contentious issues related to genetically modified organisms under public discussion legal issues are in the spotlight there is debate as to how much patent protection if any should be granted to g.m.o. companies and whether the patent rights have been utilized rightfully against farmers listen to the last sentence the courts seem to be by and large standing with the companies. There you have it we're talking about amalgamation earlier it's almost like I could read your minds. Made Scripturally 16 page $247.00 Christ never planted the seed of death in the system Satan planted the seed be tempted out and eat of the tree of knowledge which meant disobedience to God Not one noxious plant was placed in the Lord's great garden but after Adam and Eve send poisonous herbs spring up in the parable of the Sower it was the name of this conference. A living parable. Was the 1st with the name of this lecture. Strange Phyllis living parables. Are mad not one noxious plant was placed in the Lord's great garden but after Adam and Eve sinned poisonous Herb sprang up in the parable of the Sower the question was asked of the master this so good seed and I filled it in style so good seed and I filled from whence then half the tears the master answered and enemy has done this Matthew 132728 all tears are sown by the evil one every noxious Herb is of his own sewing and by his ingenious methods of amalgamation he has corrupted the earth they are. Strange lives. Every seed sown produces a harvest do you know what Monsanto means I don't have this on there I was asking because it's just an amazing concept to me how many people when you do studies in the Bible when you're doing you're not your surface reading but your deep studies right when you're mining out those gems and jewels that we do. It means holy mountain that's right Monsanto means holy mountain you know the etymology of the word is who here speak Spanish on singular Santo Saint deity or small god Monsanto has said I'm ology when you do your deep studies in Scripture where all the names mean something right. Are you in Israel lite Are you one who has wrestled with God and prevail Yeah right names mean something I don't know how they got the name Monsanto and it doesn't really matter because it's all by the providence of God and I don't know that Bayer means I haven't looked it up yet but I have something has to do something with the Bay I'm sure and an Earth is like someone in the bay and I'm telling you if you're waiting for the latter rain or the early rain you better know that water means something. Because there's a false outpouring in Revelation 13 fire strange fire coming down out of. So horizontal gene transfer becomes an issue and there's a lot of debate and speculation about this and there's been some some research and it's you know whatever you want to give you a look at that this is a complicated subject I'm not going to get too much into it but I'll read this to you when you let me just say this just think about it in order to get that gene Cosette into the plant What did they put with it a virus What's a virus do it's a vector What's a vector for because it enters into your cells right that's how you get sick. So they've created something that has this propensity right they've genetically put them together so that it has the propensity to be able to cross into other genes doesn't that sound like a really bad idea. I mean you know I'm no scientist but I can reason from cause to effect is that are we not cause called to be able to reason from cause to effect. Trans gene transfer from plants to bacteria has been detected under greenhouse conditions with specifically selected donor and recipient organisms. But without anchors sequences sequences transfers could not be detected so they have an anchor saying now this is all being done in a lab this is a research study they're trying to find out if that will do this in fact with trying to do is to see if they can use composting to destroy genetically modified material that's what they're trying to figure out but what they found was they could get and about a gene resistant markers to show up in the bacterium of the of what was digesting the stuff in the compost pile scary thought well it's not that scary it's actually more common than one would like to believe genes they do this. So anyway in spite of these experiments that stimulating an environment under optimized conditions for h.g.t. horizontal gene transfer to occur transmitted in a construction or genetically modified recipient strains for example plant bacteria h. e. t. events remain undetected under field conditions so what they are saying is they were able to do it in greenhouses under controlled conditions but they couldn't they didn't see it happen in the field now when they talk about looking in the field they're not really look and that well according to the understanding of how the most of these studies are being done I'm not going to read the rest because that's the gist of what I want to get from that study they could they could see it happen when they did it under controlled environments so it can happen. So h e t. Of the introduction introduce genes from a g m o to other organisms has been commonly cited as one potential risk however it is important to note that h.g.t. is not an adverse effect as such but an event that may or may not lead to harmful horizontal gene transfer and wise is widespread is widespread in nature and in some cases occurs frequently all organisms have a history of horizontal gene transfer and every gene including those introduced by gene technology is capable of being transferred between organisms by h. e. t. the transfer gene could confer a novel trait to the recipient organism which may result in negative neutral or positive effects for example by a remediation of contaminated ground water or waste water maybe Igs enhanced when catabolic genes used for genetic modification reside on N.G.'s and can be readily transferred to endo jenius bacteria so we know that it could be good bad it could be indifferent but it does happen and it happens often and it's common and so we know the gene transfer can happen now let's imagine this. Maybe we should imagine this but this is the one of the major concerns you know that you are primarily a bacteria and you have a micro biome and in your gut you have all of this gut flora Well this plant in the bt resistant plant has bacteria is there in Gensis. What if that was to gene transfer into your micro gut flora and all of a sudden your your stomach bacteria start producing b t does that doesn't sound like a good prospect right. And so this is serious and they don't know and we're the guinea pigs I don't think we're the guinea pigs I'll be quite frank with you I don't think this is that they don't know we know we just said it happens all the time this is a common occurrence bacteria do this it's no it's no secret now most of these things and you saw earlier in the slide most of this is actually the primary culprit is be. Roundup Ready corn soybeans and cotton Does anyone know roundup is as good life as a Does anybody know a good life to say it is. Not fertilizer. It's a nervous side. It was a key later for boilers we're going to get into that life to say is do you do you see this this is life this is a. Not much it's an organic compound with a phosphate. Pretty simple stuff. Let me see here it is thought I would remember the glycine this is the glycine part here and this is the phosphate see the p.c.. And so these are 2 carbon molecules so it's through carbon molecules that are glycine with the phosphate that's all it is. Phosphate is a mover though. It moves really well. I had it on the front that's why I couldn't find it in my nose glycine to carbon amino acids with a phosphate group a synthetic amino acid it's a synthetic amino acid. Turns out it's the most used herbicide ever in history. We're saturating the world with this product. I mean lots of it. In fact we use about 300000000 pounds of life estate in the USA every year year every year it's a lot about 5000000000 pounds. Worldwide. A synthetic amino acid. Every gallon comes with natural Some anything sent some in some in means natural some means I'll get it out here a 2nd every gallon comes with means the carcinogen into bacco products that can't be removed they have a message in this church no tobacco products because it's what they're carcinogenic they kill you their cancer for me. But we can use Galactus thing percent of us acreage was sprayed with lifeless a so they told us when it was introduced it would lower the use of herbicides as you would not use it as much you could be more precise. That's almost straight up you couldn't even this is Roundup ready crops introduced in 1906 were 2010 on this chart and. We're off the charts. You see that mazing. Life is a is a broad spectrum key later that equals you can grab onto essential minerals than immobilize them so that they are not physically physiologically available what do you think that means when you eat something that has life on it. It actually robs you of mineral nutrients you are not helping yourself become Why do we grow all this good food we want to be what mineral ie dense food we want large levels of secondary metabolites in plants right. Why nutrition what happens when you rob the ground of nutrition. What if the plant lives. What do you do when the earth is saturated with this stuff with 5 was it 5000000000 pounds every year strange times we live in the 1st pattern in 1960 clean steam pipes and boilers as a desk then desk and. So are in 1964. I cannot. So it's key leading boilers you know when you have a boiler if you get buildup in the boiler of mineral content from the water going through you need something to scrub those walls down what they came up with was the lifeless 8 so when you put it in your fields What do you think happens you bind up and lock up all those trace elements copper nickel zinc Boron manganese you know what the center of a chlorophyll molecule is magnesium what happens if you lock up all your money z m you have to chlorophyll you have a chlorophyll you got it you know you know what you have to have in order to get new energy into this system that we call Earth. You have to have chlorophyll because that's how plant photos synthesizes if you don't know about the parable of photosynthesis you should come to my lecture later this afternoon. 174 patented by Monsanto is a broad spectrum herbicide killed everything it was put on unless it was Roundup Ready not then 2005 patented by Monsanto is a broad spectrum of antibiotic. Problem is it kills the good pathogens in the environment and our gut bacteria but stimulates the bad ones many of the bad bacteria can use it as a nutrient source What was it it's got a Foster who phosphate group phosphorus and nitrogen it's a phosphate group they can strip out the still the phosphorus from it and use it as a food source that's your anaerobic your bad stuff that's you know the nasty stuff that you don't want to your stomach when you take probiotics we're trying to do you're trying to outcompete the bad stuff in your gut right so this oughta be really good at destroying people. You know never want to store the the sort of the image of God in man and his new evidence that. A synthetic amino acid can be incorporated into our own proteins in place of glycine member told you it was a go icing but it's got this phosphate tag hanging off the back of it it's a synthetic glycine molecule what happens is in all read this to you it everybody here know a prion is you heard of mad cow disease. I'm going to this totally destroyed Jacob's crew since you heard of that. What they said. Take up job screw Yakoub screw so the disease. Disease I told you had slaughter it that's mad cow disease for humans effectively Yeah it's a it's a poorly formed protein molecule Listen to this prion diseases also called trends. Spongiform encephalopathy this and sup aloft that these are novel. Degenerative diseases in which the infected agent is a misformed protein prion zur believed to be responsible for. Who is right. There you go that's what it is. And Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy this b.s.e. well we'll call it b.s.e. mad cow disease b.s.e. 1st appeared in the United Kingdom in 1906 after the life to say it had been used to control weeds in animal feed for at least a decade while b.s.e. is believed to be caused by Feed contaminant with the brain spinal cord and digestive tract of infected. Carcasses there remains the open question of what caused the original appearance of misfolded proteins to in in testifying to initiate infection prion proteins contain glycine hydrophobic region that shows almost perfect concert conservation cons conservation across a wide range of species this region appears to be important for the in this folding process and prion propagation It seems remarkable that a highly can conserve region of the protein an altered by genetic mutation could be the source of the toxic toxicity the normal form of prion proteins p.r.p. is rapidly Khattab allies do whereas a pathogenic iso form p.r.p. is highly resistant to proto Lissa's portal isis a subsequence containing only p.r.p. contributor to fiber old geneticist engine in a city that has a high tendency to aggravate into sheet structure for mean and Lloyd fibrous in vitro. I say all that to say this I'm not a scientist I'm a farmer. Because the proteins the fold in a way that causes problems simple terms and there's the same sense that this is what's actually happening in the Bovine Spongiform it's a protein that is not functioning correctly and it damages the brain of the animal and so there's major health concerns with what life is Sayed In fact I don't I don't think it's actually I think they know this is probably the root but we don't talk about it. So one of the health risk and shall physicians continue this is the same statement from earlier. From manuscript release 16 page 247. Then shall physicians continue to restore to resort to drugs which leave a deadly evil in the system destroying that life which Christ came to restore Christ remedies cleanse the system but Satan has tempted man to introduce into the system that which weakens the human machinery clogging and destroying the fine beautiful arrangement of God the drugs administered to the sick do not restore but destroyed drugs never cheer instead they place in the system seeds which bear a very bitter harvest. That was exist when I read the statement about him out of nation this was the next paragraph. It is 1135 I think Ok I have 10 minutes. This is how sure we are the association with cancer and the life of say a jury in Oakland California ordered Monsanto on Monday to pay a couple more than 2000000000 in damages after finding that its round the killer caused their cancer the 3rd jury to conclude that the company failed to warn consumers of its flagship products and dangers thousands of additional lawsuits against Monsanto which Bayer acquired last year are queried up in state and federal courts are cued up the couple Alva and Albert Tilly oid used to round up in their Northern California property for decades in the 2011 in 2011 Mr Bill oid now 76 was given a diagnosis of non hodgkins lymphoma and 2015 his wife who is 74 learned she had the same disease the jury in state court. In Alameda County reached its verdict 2 months after the federal jury in San Francisco awarded a 1000000 to a man who claimed that Roundup had caused his non hodgkins lymphoma in August a state court in San Francisco found that Roundup had caused the cancer of the school grounds keeper awarding him 289000000 a judge reduced that figure to 78000000 that verdict is being appealed That's from The New York Times. For reading this stuff you know when they did testing on products coming out of Canada you'll never believe what you think had the most amount of go ifas a left on it here loves hummus. Garbanzo beans. Or bonds over its bomb or. Hummer all of a sudden the organic price doesn't look so bad does it. Does it have life saved on it pretty pretty sure that anyway maybe but probably not. Research has also shown that life is saved as an indifferent disruptor you know it into this rep or the destructor does you can't think straight. This works for your mind. Meaning that it in fear interferes with the proper function and production of hormones in human cell lines it's not yet clear how much an impact the life of say has had on cancer rates. Newsweek. Where you go what's the say thyroid cancer incident rates. G soil in corn crops blueline life state applied to corn soy redline cancer rates. Strange trend. Just. What else diabetes strange trend lines. Hypertension what we hear all timers disease remember that voting protein freons. Intestinal infections anybody here know somebody with like intestinal problems. Celiac disease can eat wheat anymore. Everything to aborted animals that they're having records of of miscarriages aborted infertility came get pregnant animals massive massive amounts what is this. All tism. I'm not saying that this is calls and these diseases I'm saying that's a strange line the correlation is strange there are other factors the world's not a singularity in this world where we're getting hit in every which way current g.m.o. crop. Alfalfa Apple canola corn field and sweet corn cotton papaya soybeans squash sugar beads if label the sugar it is from sugar beets if you're eating sugar almost certainly if it doesn't say cane it's coming from sugar beets and they almost never say cane anymore so if you like sugar this sand and if you thought you were going to get away with it with that now there's all these processed side of things and so we can read this together processed inputs including those forms of synthetic biology g m O's also sneak into food in the form of processed crops derivatives so this comes in a process derivatives that does and inputs derive from other forms of g.m.o. such as synthetic biology some examples include hydrogen hydrolyzed vegetable protein and you body that corn syrup anybody anything with corn syrup in it molasses sucrose texture rise vegetable protein for Avery you ever buy anything that has flavorings in the title vitamins anybody here nutritionally East. Yeast products anybody here make their own bread with the anybody bread with yeast in it. Microbes they genetically modified micros enzymes flavors oils and fats proteins and sweeteners my wife says Be positive. She can give you her recipe about how to grow our own yeast so you can make bread without buying but. How do you avoid g m O's. It's really simple we have a whole food plant based diet all those little funky ingredients at the bottom they're not in broccoli avoid packaged foods you want to know you don't want to get the the cell fusion broccoli at the grocery store grow broccoli seasonal these are not novel ideas it's been going on for thousands of years we are novel what we're doing is not normal don't think it's strange but recognize you shouldn't be doing what the world is doing show them something better you know the watchword of true education is. Something better. On g.m.o. project labeling this helps I'll tell you this point 01 percent they improved it used to be point 05 we looked it up last night point 01 percent can be genetically modified. There's shame on them but this you wouldn't have the product at all because you can't get corn that's not genetically modified you want to know how crazy we are we don't eat corn we don't eat soy we don't eat cotton or anything that it's got 9080 percent genetically modified just it's gone it's boys and it's dead. Don't let it overwhelm you. Pray before you see God's in control but you have a part to play. You have a mind you have a free will you make choices you do the best you can with what you have and that means you actually have to do the best you can it doesn't mean it's too hard it means you actually have to do the best and then he will make up the difference and he will make up the difference and we can rest confident assured in joyfully eat our food. Non g.m.o. project so there's a labeling and there's an app you can get the app to app is loaded with all kinds of useful information that can help you avoid g.m.o. this. And remember astrally if everybody here had a hole through a plant based diet this help animal products including aqua culture due to high levels of g m O's and eggs milk and honey and seafood you cut those out a lot of problems or resolve it simply that's what we need to do it simply this media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader visit w w w audio verse or.


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