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God's Plan in Marketing

Gabriel McClover


Come learn practical ways to implement corporate sale/marketing strategies while spreading the gospel. In this class we will share how we have leveraged our knowledge from the corporate world to run a plant based restaurant while spreading God’s Health message.


  • January 16, 2020
    10:45 AM
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Father heaven we thank you so much for this opportunity to come together to learn about marketing but not just marketing in Worley's perspective but in a biblical perspective so we pray that your Holy Spirit be with us open our eyes that we may learn something new and same we pray Amen. So a little bit of back for guys it and read our bio My name is Gabriel Makhlouf or my wife on l. and I we own and operate a restaurant in Somerville Georgia called the vineyard vegetarian cafe and juice bar but prior to that I spent almost 10 years in the corporate world I was in various sales and marketing positions I work for 3 Fortune 500 company 3 Fortune 500 companies doing various sales in a lot of different positions marketing different with c.r.m. packaging which is customer relationship management so I got I got a good experience on working territories developing marketing strategies and how to penetrate so and I think what makes me to call it that qualifies me to teach a class like this is the 4 years that I. Were running the restaurant because i were able to take principles from corporate America and then mingle them a mix them with. Doing medical missionary work and doing God's work so I want to share these things for you as we go along you can hear testimonies I like telling stories you can hear a lot of testimonies of what we do in a restaurant but I know most of the people who come they they want to if you if your market gardener or you somebody is interested entrepreneur interested in and marketing business these are some of the some of the goals that I would think you know grow my business game more customers expand new markets add new product offering is that you think that is that pretty consistent with everybody in here. Ok so when I think of marketing and marketing my business these are the 1st things that came to my mind when I opened the restaurant right so how do I grow my business how do I gain more customers right how do I expand new markets What products do I add what part do I to do I do do I offer on the menu you know what So all these questions are coming in my mind and the Lord reminded me of a text and we all know that text is found in Matthew Chapter 1928 verse 19 and 20 and what does the saying Go ye therefore and teach all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the name of the Son and the name of the Holy Spirit teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you and lo I am with you always even and to the end of the world so this is no has a great commission so we said I think a lot of people said this class marketing class I want to grow my business the main thing that popped in our mind was what grow my business game more customers spin new markets and new product offering but nobody said anything about the Great Commission. So the question is you know how the devil likes that we like to like to rationalize things you know well you know maybe. This is only for ministers or disciples you know ministers and you know and Bible workers and those type of people those type of people does the work I need to run my business business is business and a separate right I thought the same thing and so are we to separate business and ministry no. I hear no yes no. You know because the title of the class is God's plan and market so obviously there is some co-mingling that's going to be taken place but we think about market in we think about marketing business these things don't the goal of the soul never comes up we think about growing our business how do I get more get more customers how do I gain How do I gain How do I gain so here's a here's a quote so should be business in miniature be separated I like to give some back up this is from a view and herald 5 or 20 for 1st 1893 paragraph 5 God has given to every man I work to do in connection with this kingdom each one professed in the name of prices of being interested worker ready to defend the principles of righteousness the work of the gospel is not to depend solely upon the ministers every So should take an active part in advancing the cause of God just talked about that but instead of this how many in our large churches and small churches come and go like a door upon attendance feeling no responsibility for the progress of the work no interest in the salvation assume souls for whom Christ died they do not dream of weaving their religion into their business they say religion is religion and business is business they believe each has a profit sphere but let them be separated but in whatever calling the Christian is found he has his work to do for the Lord and representing Christ to the world so. As we're in this class and we may have a business. We may look in the open a business. But we need to make sure that we are incorporating what the Lord and so to do in our great commission so this is going to be the kind of thing in the class I wish I had a driver a sport because this is going to be that what I got highlighted this is what we're going to be I'm going to be highlighting this throughout. The lecture so whatever calling the Christian is found he has work to do and Lord represent Christ or up whatever may be your occupation we are to be missionaries having our chief aim the winning of souls to Christ so we think of chief aim is that number one number 2 number 3. Best estimate objective through as I'm. Figuring out ways to grow my business and I am I figured out ways ideas maybe to start a business my chief goal is for the salvation of souls the goal is the soul so if this is not interest what do we do we rob God of influence of time of money and effort in withholding our heart service from Lord we fail to benefit our fellow man and does rob God of the glory that will flow to him through the conversion of others this is removing Herald. February 21st 893 paragraph 5 so we rob in God So God has given you a you know this is even folks in the corporate or even from me and when I was in the corporate world got in place me there and give me that job open so many doors for me to sit at a corporate table or go to a lunch and just sit there and just eat all the food that they eat and do what they do know God has placed you there to be a light into the world. So our businesses our market gardener or whatever we whatever we may do it needs to have our chief is for the salvation of souls and obviously we've got to be very practical with this right you know going to go there and start past and I'm going to appeal and every time somebody comes to the restaurant I did that didn't work. You know it was funny because you know we started off and we were so gung ho you know we're like yeah everybody come here to get an issue of healing. And what we found that people people probably didn't just want to say was I didn't want it in one you don't want religion right now I just want to sandwich you know so we had to scale back and I had to and I said you Lord you know what am I doing wrong or wrong and I found this quote We all know the school right price method alone will give true success in recent people the Savior mingle with men as one who desired a good he showed a sympathy for them minister to the needs one their confidence and then he bade them follow me so I said Ok Lord how can I mingle with somebody if I'm throwing a book at their face and telling them to read it and it just wasn't right time I'm going straight home skiff and all these steps and say Hey man you can follow Christ let's go. But I like what it says right here it will give true success I mean my pastor he he was preaching a sermon he uses and he says there's a difference between true success and perceived success. Big difference so we may look at is a while a Kaminey people have been baptized Wow Look at that and it looks on the outside is perceived success but is it really true success because when they come next year most people got baptized not even in a church so is it really true success so the savior mingle with men is one desired a good and we're going to talk about that as we go along because this is how I were able to market our business in our in our in our community. And he showed his sympathy for them though I said sympathy what does that mean because a lot of times we kind of skip over this you get a sermon is that we minister into needs or showed a sympathy and we didn't follow me want to confidence and move on like what the sympathy me so I started doing some research. And this is what I found. So what is sympathy I mean if we love Jesus we shall love to live for him to present our things offerings to him to labor for him the very label Labor will give will be like for his sake we shall covet what. We don't Christians that we don't want pain so that we don't want no pain of it you know it come at me with. Pain and toil and sacrifice most folks who want to sacrifice nothing toil hard work oh man is hard work and we talk about it to morrow to morrow morning about hard work and overwork there are 2 totally different things. We shall feel the same tender heart we shall sympathize with his longing for the salvation of men we shall feel the same tender craving for souls that he has felt. So as we go to Christ method alone. And we see Ok we're Mingle is one is desired a good that sympathy is as I'm talking to them as a mingle and it's a hand how can I connect this soul to Christ what can I do what can I give up what can I sacrifice. Is there something that I can do for this soul to be in the kingdom that is what Christ desires of us so with that in mind that in line as we as we are moving along in this in this discussion and as we are as we're thinking about growing our business as we're thinking about doing market gardening all these different things if we don't have this we need to actually offer this every single day you know one of my prayers of say Lord you know what I'm talking to somebody because one thing we do in a restaurant and we go a little bit we do what we call a 10 day health challenge we call Let the healing begin to end they help challenge and we work with bought 500 some people just me my wife in the in one employee and but we work with 500 people out of 5600 health consultations and as I sit now with somebody and I'm saying how do I connect them to Christ and you see and you see feel the suffering in the pain and you like man if they can just get to this light you know and it's it's quite a it's quite humbling it's quite humbling but God is calling us to greatness. It's called us to greatness and when I think of greatness you know one thing I when I was in the corporate world one thing was very difficult for me was to praise right you do good you do you you meet sales expectations and they and I quote you just you are the best salesman ever. And they put you on stage and they give you a war and I'm like This is like I can't deal with this I told I can I do with this and so it's not greatness in from a worldly perspective right and it was it was very tough for me and the Lord had to show me that it's not that I'm not doing it for the praise I'm doing it for the glory of God I'm doing it until Lord and you've got to put that all go at glory go goes a lower but so what is the Biblical definition of greatness we know the worldly definition of great is all that man's great because he got a lot of money or he has a big business or whatever whatever he's a great man. The biblical definition of greatness he who is greatest among you shall be your servant So this is amazing and you know the disciples were talking about who will be the greatest who will be the greatest in the Cain and I want to be because they think in a more Worley's perspective oh I want to be elevate I want to see a right hand I want to see a left when I want to be great I want to be great I want have the biggest business I want to get on stage and I want to say look at what I did this year oh I'm great and gas is not a greatest among you will be the greatest serve in the greatest service so to think about this and we're going to talk a little bit more as this go along what did Jesus do right what is used so that even the Son of man even a sentiment came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many so again all this is in light of market garden and all the market I mean marketing your business right so these I want to set the foundation before we get into some very practical things so to serve others this is Christ crisis our example 1st John Chapter 2 verse 6 he says he had a body for me on himself to walk even as he walked this crisis our example we followed his example and as we're walking in the footsteps of Christ what it cries do x. 1038 it says he went about doing good. And we're going to talk a little more as we go along I'm kind of but so so let me just make sure we got this foundation we talk about Ok let's do this by way of review right what is our chief aim. To salvation of souls right do I need to go back to the quote I need some unison man I'm going back to the core. This is this is that we go back to the quote so whatever may be our occupation we are to be missionaries having our chief aim what the winning of souls through to Christ Ok I'm a keep on coming back as we leave this class is what we want this is our chief a game while we grow up while we grow a carrot. When supposed to tries to know what we do want to know what we do that is our chief aim that's our number one goal so it's not well how many pounds of you know that we make this a look at how much we know how many how many souls do we win this month did we have any Bible studies that we have by any anybody with a house like brother Lucas in this morning that we do we do we show the love of Christ to somebody this should be. So as we move along don't make me go back to that slide so he who is greatest among you shall be a servant right and we know crises are example and so this this is all the context as we move on to some very practical things so Ok. So question what do these companies have in common before they open location into it when we see all these different symbols so we know who these places are what do they all have in common before they open a new location in mind was that. Demographic. They do more what they call market research market research so we're not going to places that's where you go when you see Whole Foods around you like Whole Food wise Whole Foods not in the middle of the country in the mill and nowhere who was not a bunch of dollar generals around here right because Whole Foods know if I put a put a 5 put a store here nobody's going to come because everybody used to going to get in dollar you know a bunch of stuff with high fructose corn syrup in g.m.o. So they're not going to put their business there invest a lot of money there what they're going to do is they're going to find. A particular area that is their median income has to be a certain place they've got to make sure that when more women demographic are there Jim in the area where are they are they healthy options in areas Ok now this is the place that we're going to drop our restaurant our our our store so I know you did this is this is found. This is in Luke Chapter 16 verse 8 for the children of the war of this world are in this generation wiser than the children of light you know sometimes you know I go and we go to different churches and you know we do tend the challenges and different things in the churches and it's like Ok we don't we want to do something in the community and they were like well we're going to go out and we're going to pass out surveys and we're going to get the information and we're going to we're going to develop a program and then we're going to hit it that's a great idea in 1905. Just keep it real you can just Google doo doo doo doo doo and you say city data dot com or something like that and you say Tell me what's going on in this city. Oh they break down demographics they break down you know even health how do people get diabetes and people medication how do you so you get all this information so how much easier to go to go to go to door and say hey here's would you like to fill out a survey I'm trying to go and want to know and I'm interested no no no I'm not interested Ok in the get and then in line on the survey and you come back you got some not not very good data and you're trying to develop programs for that or you can just go do your research and say well 80 percent of this community has diabetes Ok some Going to the door hey we have a reverse and b. is program are you interested in coming up yes I have diabetes how do you know. And we try to do things so we everything is hard why would make things hard do says person is he see easy so if we use in the technology using the tools it's just very very very simple and now as we do our market research even if we were growing I mean in our area don't even know what Cayless are you hear you say would you like a a what is k l o l Kale is but here we are you say well I I came to it at Agra and they make a huge margin on kale so I'm going to I'm going to grow kale but your market don't even know what Cayless. But we need to do market research and be wise so what is market research so this is a definition of market research. Market research is a process of collecting analyzing interpretive data about your target market consumers competitors and the industry as a whole so here this class in the context of a market gardener Ok where is my market within where am I going to be selling my produce right you can grow food the problem always is I can grow a ton of food who don't buy it well how do I get how do I get get to the consumer right so Market research is very important you know and I always tell people like someone asks a question we're doing a seminar and I was like well what do you guys charge for your 10 day challenge I said well the market dictates what the pricing is right I can't go in my town and somebody came here said Well I get $5.00 a pound for my tomatoes you can get that in my town. Every life does a chase you have to tell it $5.00 but in other areas that's a bargain so you've got to say Ok if I'm going to be a market gardener what areas do I want to hit was the median income very very very very important again we need to be wise as we market in our businesses as we're trying to introduce products we want to be wise because if you're not going to waste money you can waste time so this is a little graph so you've got market planning so now with all this information that you grab There now you can start strategically plan in the market. So here this is me you know so we had a restaurant and here we go and we had partners and they they had to go to China on a wonderful mission so we had the we took over the restaurant and here we are so we're doing this thing and I'm coming out of corporate world and I'm like Ok We're going to make this thing work you know I'm a pretty determined guy and I said we'll make this thing work so I'm started said what do I do Ok I'm thinking about this and think about that and I'm praying like Ok Lord how do I do what how much money I put in Mark and did it in guys like just do my work and get all the marketing you need so. So I took a step back and I said Ok so I went back into that quote the chief aim is for the salvation of souls Ok I have something that the world needs which is a health message they just don't know they need. Like everybody's name or plants and vegetables they just don't know when it's a how do what how do I connect that dot so I started doing some research and I said Ok and. There was a lady who came she just came from a lifestyle said I know Barbara O'Neill So she went to she came back from Barbara was in living Springs over in Alabama and she came back and she had fire mileage and she just had amazing mazing results and she was going of all the medications she was gung ho and she came and sat in the office and I was like This is amazing and I'm like yeah you know you know you hear live and it just was rejuvenating as I'm as I'm trying to do research in all this and I was like wait a minute you know the people that work in the community they all need to go to a lifestyle center. And I said yes like yeah yeah but I'm like but the people we talk to they can't afford it and we are median income in our in our towns like $24000.00 a year they can't go forward $56000.00 in some of these places and to go and to get rejuvenated and refresh and then I'm like Well I think they can even get off work for $7.00 to $10.00 days and still have a job when they come back this is the problem so I said maybe if we can again my idea is how do we win souls to Christ right this was this was a main goal I said how do we how do we get them help message to bring down this prejudice you know I always say as anybody you know my family you go to a barbecue you know you know there's some liquid libations going on and everybody is all of this and that and you try to get them to calm down you might try to argue with somebody who's drunk before. It's just it's just not it just really unproductive you might get somewhere they might they might say you know yeah Ok but it's really difficult hard to argue some I was wrong but don't you know the Bible says that the nations are drunk their wine therefore the nations are mad Jeremiah Chapter 3051 verse 7 says Babylon has been a golden kept in the hand of the Lord who made the world drunk and that the nations have drunk of their wine therefore the nations are mad so everybody's drunk with the wine of Babylon and here we are we say you know you know when you dead you're dead right you know do you do you did no no anything and in there they're literally drunk and you're trying to give them the truth so God has brought the health message to clear that money I don't have time to go in to get in the mind connection but you clear that mine now they're able to receive divine truth. So the health measures as one of health measures the right I'm going to gospel we've got to leave with the help message that's why this conference is so important that is. So important to get so excited. So market research going back in appreciation get attention when I was going Oh how I one done it so talking about so we were developing this program I said you know what how about we do this I said how about we put people on a plant based diet for a certain amount of time and see what happens and they're kind of give me the facts of a lifestyle center but they're not a lifestyle setter and we like us and we started developing a plan and we say Ok so I got to my local church I'm like Ok this is what we're planning you know you guys are doing a health expert how about we how about we just say we're going to put somebody through this plan for 10 days when a plant based diet and we're going to put them through God's plan I'm going to see what happens and they were like that's a great idea how do we how can we were part of and I said Ok and so they end up sponsoring some people to go through the program and we develop this program and we say Ok We're going to we're going to do this because the goal was a so we went out we had a Health Expo we had a 100 some people come out in a little town of some of Villa 400 people I mean 4000 people I'm sorry I mean that's that's a big big chunk we had about 50 people said I want to sign up for this 10 day health challenge like Oh Ok so we would have that number always down to 15 we ran through the program God's plan and the people were tremendously blessed we had people who I mean average weight loss was about 7 or 8 pounds a whole group lost like 50 some pounds together and it just was a tremendous a tremendous blessing and guess what after we did that program the worst sort of spreading but I'm going to show I will go on the share with that little bit later so a little bit about some of it. From Somerville also so health and community is definitely an issue median income 235340. You know getting $5.00 a pound for tomatoes their depression is an issue 95 percent Southern Baptists you think that's important. I think that's very important you know because now you've got to say Ok what what did not this was 95 percent Catholic now you have to go in there but you know it's your strategy as a church or as a business changes with the demographics so 95 percent of the people are Southern Baptists Ok so now Ok now we're doing I'm going to understand that people may believe in speaking in tongues they may be doing this you know so as you're talking with people in the community you understand it not a pretty much not a 10 people or so the Baptists right. 80 percent of the people in our community approximately are on some type of medication can we help out with that with the help message oh yes we can help out top 10 in common lifestyle disease in Georgia and the access to healthy food is very limited so you have all these things in the place right so I sort of get so as a red star to get I started to get involved in the community started to assess what's going on and one of the things you need to develop as a business is going to give it a speech in my head elevator speech before so if you don't have one is as a business you're really doing yourself a disservice because you need to understand when you're talking to somebody who's I got 3 different elevator speeches I'm talking to if I'm talking to somebody who is churched I've got somebody who's an atheist and I got one for corporate America you know so so for us is that you know like the you know for somebody who's atheist right s.e. you know so yeah you know I said you know as we as were mingling with Ms wanted to start a good right so I'm going into I'm getting involved in local meetings and wonder what was going on in this community is that I mean I'm going to just go sit out most of it as is what evidence want to do we got all the truth. So they go to a meeting to say I go I want to talk I want to I want to play some I got so much truth I want to throw up on you right. Instead of just going there and just sitting down like my grandmother said Go sit down somewhere. So I will go sit you just go in there and you sit down and you look for opportunities to serve just sit down and look and you just say Ok wow there's no exercise program here. Ok that's something I can do Ok walking club maybe your idea is to start a population in for this particular area so it's no cookie cutter thing because every area is different you sit there and you just get involved and not try to it so if you go into all the guy walking club don't go say hey you know what the 7 is church has been we got to help Mrs eighty's and we know all about this no no no no just go there and just walk just walk and then as you as you start to get to know people being within 11 is are they good guess what they're going to start sharing more things with you and you going to start to gain more and more influence tell this quick story yes tell us quick story so we were we were. We were. We were working in the community and I saw they didn't have access to food healthy food so I said you know when you start a community garden here that would be pretty cool. So I just kind of threw the idea out I said Man I wish you could you know I'm just thinking about it and then one day a lady comes in a restaurant out of the blue and she goes man I would have a little piece of property in town it's about a quarter of acres fenced off or I would love to do a community garden there sometime Here's a here's my name and number and just let me know so I put it under the register right and then I just was kind of you know you get busy right and then somebody else a couple months later said community garden I said wait a minute because we had a group now because I can't manage everything you can't do You can't be Hercules and I do everything so I said you know what So I said I like the man and I'm like what you said Ladies number I called around and I said oh yes I'm still interested so I just put on Facebook anybody interested in community garden come to the vineyard and about 30 some odd people showed up like whoa Ok so now we got this thing going right and I'm like Ok so now we're now we're now we're now we're now we're getting into the nitty gritty and then all of a sudden we we didn't we need funding and people want to donate money to us and I'm like I'm not and I'm not for profit I'm not a nonprofit so we got in the getting the government involved you know it happens then everything just halts. Which is really really frustrating so that you had all these momentum and it just and everything just just halted but long story short we end up we had a we again this 32nd elevator speech right so somebody came into the restaurant this is a couple months ago and he heard about the community garden and he comes in there and he comes in he goes what tell me what was going on so I give him the elevator speech about this and that this and that and he goes so sick of the government how how much how much is it I told the prices I write a check for I make this thing happen. And it's like Ok so now we saw a need and so what do we do we so there's 2 things I like to say and I believe you know when Christ taught he's taught with such simplicity that even a choice you can understand so I ran it by my kids 1st before I bring it Yeah right a giver or a taker pretty simple right a giver someone who devotes himself completely there are no greater givers and those who give themselves take are a taker a person who takes a specific thing so giver and a taker so is your business or are or whatever is it a are you or giver or you a taker are you somebody who adds value. To your community or you some says you know I just want to sell some produce make my little money and say yeah I want you to be healthy from before you just buy my produce and go be healthy you know this is these are 2 totally different things so me and my wife we got a few got to fight me because I like to add value you're going to fight we go to people's houses and I like hey could you come and eat I said Ok we'll come and I got a big family and I got 5 kids so you know we got an army you know we got to they like a locust they'll develop food so we bring we bring enough food for ourselves and we bring enough food for the people there because yeah you know going to you're going to fight me to add value I'm going to add value and I were I go right and so even if the people comes a don't bring nothing I gave you better bring lots of fun and I'll come bring nothing so when I go we go down the aisle I we sit down and we just look for opportunities to serve. And we got $11.00 family they got a height they got to hide the broom and the rags from us because we're going to clean it up it's all about it's all about adding value so all is your business adding value to your community there's a good way to check out if some of your business was taken out of your town. By a notice. Oh such I think somebody who sells and produce around here remember the name of the tomato show was good and that was it no impact tomatoes as good but new as a person no no impact. So adding value is very very important so with this community garden before that so this is what before that guy came in a row to check this is what this of a reason I was telling the story so we came in there we were talking about opening a community garden there was a lady from the north Georgia Council Cancer Coalition they were applying for a grant they heard that we want to do a community garden they put that in the grant letter and guess what they want to grant $100000.00 grant. Because we want to do a community garden so you think we had value to this community when you get a $100000.00 grant didn't give us no money for the community garden but they got the grand they put in other places. But they know who we are in town and they know that we care for the community we had a lady who invited us they have this big fair and we do kids cook in schools and they said You kids cook in school for this county fair but we know this what he said We know that you're not going to do anything else out on Saturday so we've already prescheduled and clear out the schedule so you can do one Thursday and you can do one on Sunday because we know you're not going you know on Friday night and Saturday how do you know that now we don't go and say we're 7 days a bit is what is it and no no no we don't tell anybody but Word spreads because we tell people we're close and sadly like why you guys close the access so you know we're 7 to having this like that and guess what people do. I did. 7 They haven't it's all we keep the Sabbath you know sometimes I keep you know I'm 70 have been is you know you going to go Jim is it up to the night to you still most of them innocent just people got Google Now you just Google and they so they know all about it so they like I heard you guys you know they heard you guys of 7 m. people call this a happy sad of to us not even so we this is this is the impact that you can have in a community when you do marketing God's way so getting involved is very very important so marketing when you think about marketing. People think about you know how much of how much money do a can I've asked you know there's a lot of the you know marketing dollars I like the same time well this is saying time is what time is money so if you equate Now I knew when we were in we were in when I was in the corporate world was sales sales executive we would literally calculate the our how much we make in our in the sales we like that we make it more than doctors. Because we break down how many hours we worked and what our salary was like well we making more lawyers this is pretty cool so time is money so on the farm I know if you can say if I don't have to weed all season Wow How much more time when I have right and I can do other things so now you being more efficient on the farm I got more time to go out and mingle with men is one is are to good go into the homeless shelter and donate some food. I'm telling you these folks are you know they get food like this one homeless shelter in town see I'm telling them we're just so connected anybody want to hear anything I go anywhere and everywhere people tell my story as I as I'm doing as a matter grocery store we have a conversation while you're showing a lot of vegetables there yes yes ma'am you know you got to also what do you with this but then I just I am you know did it up you know boom but then I was Ok and you know it's got a little hooks in there you know political people people so I give an example right so I got this so we do a lot with that and they challenge you right we do a lot of like wealthy worldly with it well educated people right so we go in there and it's all going to one guy's office about because his room and we're sitting here and we're chatting and he says you know I'm like you know I'm like you know. What you know what you know what do you do because a guy referred me guy came in and he said hey you know so what do you do I say you know because the guy said hey tell him what you're doing because we're working him and they tell us that we're doing God's plan and nutrition you know his little hook and he said was that classic you know since yes and I sort of go at it through and we started we started in all these different books were there and we started having a conversation we got some Bible different bible topics right but then he wasn't really interested when I'm doing the healthy healthy aspect of it and gave him the health message and he's doing a lot better but we to get back to what I was talking about Time is money. So we can take our we don't have the necessary invest monetary things but we can invest our time in the places there was a brother monies he goes around he preaches and he says you know I haven't as is known to give a lot of books. So yeah he says you know what that reminds me of is it reminds me of a parent who gives a child toys because they don't want to spend time with them. And I was like man I'm taking that when I said that was travel with me read I was this because this right we would say Oh here's a book Go ahead read it you know here's a book Go ahead read it but if you're talking to somebody like how warped how much more powerful give a ministry of healing or you depress me every minute you're feeling it or you talk to him and then you and you find trying to find ways and you ministered to him you showing concern you show no sympathy for and he say listen if any chapter in this book that you want to read his mind here this chapter will help you so much and you slide the book you know you know and they say Can I follow up with You Can I pray with you how much more powerful is that than just say here's a book Here's a book Here's a book I mean. I go out we are in the country every 7 knew me and my parent me and my kids we go out to some of the rule districts and we go pass out books because you all can't get it and that you know you're way out here in the sticks so we go out there we pass out books so there's different ways to do it but you know we have to be very very sensitive. So we talked about this how Jesus went around. Doing good and healing all there were press by devils for those was with him. So one of the things that we talk about if you if you are one of things that we did in our in the restaurant is that begin this 10 day challenge and 1st and they challenge that we did we do absolutely no marketing for our program. We don't we don't you go on our website you maybe have one flyer about it and they challenge not much details you want a Facebook page because we know if we market it we won't be able to deal with the people who are going to be coming because this is more of an individual want to one type of thing so all of our customers have been word of mouth you're talking about 10 or 15 or 20 people a month all word of mouth and when you do it that way when you do good to people the word spreads that publishing So this is this is what this would use they would use when about doing good this would happen say Charge them that they should not tell no man but the more he charged them so much more a great deal they published it is a return to own house and show how great things got have done into the and he went his way and published throughout the whole city how great things he's had done unto him Luke Chapter 8 verse 39 x. 1037 that word I say you know which was published throughout all Judea and began from Galilee after the baptism we shant 3 and lastly x. $1349.00 and the word of lore was published throughout all the region so if you do God's plan in marketing which was taking market market research developing a strategic plan not only to grow your business but also to let people know what you do and that you care for them. People start publishing Can you imagine you go to the homeless shelter and you donate food and they say why you don't you know where you get this food from why go to Farm What do you do to farm what we believe that you know the bodies on the hill itself and we know the body will not heal without nutrition so we do provide high quality nutrition to the people in the community and just leave it at that wow what else you guys do what we provide these boxes that we deliver every single week you know if you're interested here's my business card and guess what is going to put right there you know I mean who deliver death and these people right here deliver the food man's as much a great folks and I was and did you get a ring yeah I was on the homeless shelter and they said they did it and you got 15 people and I'll send you the network for just one act of goodness that you did that's what happens because when we did our 10 they challenge man I would say that 1st man we were like we were never doing this again it was it was a tremendous stress we were dealing with some transitional type things we had we had the air condition go out we had a lady night and they challenged daughter went missing and it just was all these attacks man when the AC guy came up with the AC was out for 5 days he comes up he parks up soon as he's put his car in park the whole power in a block went out I'm not even joking it was like boom and I was livid that we got to pray bad is like in the at the can they tell us we had great results it was worth it and literally out there by left we just literally just fell on the floor we had a lady and we just like never doing that again but what happened it got published. So this is a restaurant this is me my wife and these are some people who went through it and they challenge and were like oh man so they got it. I just read a newspaper article. Actually I was it always said it's in a newspaper we're like oh boy and I was like veggie dad a success then yard cafe provides 10 day health challenge and rely Ok so we got people call we did next and they helped out like we never do and that was just. Just a one time thing. You know maybe in a few months it was we had no interest in doing again and then the phone couple ring and phone kept ringing me like I'm not my mom it's like oh I'm not doing that again and I said Ok and then I was on our neighbor comes in and she you know lower just know who to send it never comes in I didn't know I didn't know that I know eat veggies vegetables can do that type of stuff she goes I got diverticulitis she's I can't even go to the I can't even go to church about run to the bathroom and she this was her exact words if I don't find a solution I just want to die. You should you know have a note in the hotel as I looked at my wife and we just looked at each other and we just knew. We'd start one next Thursday. And she's like yes so she thought and guess what the whole class filled up and we've been doing ever since and it's big and easy and easier but by doing that the Lord has opened doors it's just been published and published into the fact that we deliver we actually deliver food from our location in Somerville Georgia which is 400-4000 population. Pretty much in the middle of nowhere it's not one of many main roads or anything but we deliver all in Chattanooga going to cars still going to Darton all we know from George in Chattanooga So people who are interested in doing a plant based diet and they help challenge we we use God's methods. Which is using using the Gospel we don't hide it you know this is God's plan nutrition I'm no atheist you are you one atheist go through the program and he was man a blood pressure went down to feel great you know lost a lot of way you know I got all down to my reach my goals but man I'm just I'm just so perplexed Mannings every time Turkey returned news and I came to deal with this stuff man how do you do it well said yes. And then you go through bible study believe you know you know I don't worry about who's in office because I believe in that says you're making up things so I'm like it's not even me who's voting if I vote it's not just God who's in control so I don't even deal with it so I don't worry about it because if he's there he's got put place in there he's like oh yes I'm in a Bible prophesies all this stuff is going to happen too so all these perplexities you happen with these wars and rumors of war all the stuff so you have it about was that he's like really really atheist guy and it was like and you know you plant the seed I call it stress free evangelism I play the seed you do whatever you want to do it you know it's like here here's a pack a season and you do whatever you want to do you can plan or you don't and I call stress free evangelism So he so he comes back months later and it was so funny because he was talking about so he so through this he knew that we like to help people in the community so there was actually a school in town that deal with at risk youth and he pulls he goes Well you know I don't read the Bible enough and I don't read the Bible not him but I know somewhere the Bible Jesus always dealt with the people who were at least you know he wasn't in the palaces and stuff like that he seemed like to me the folks over in. That room over that school over there needed love Jesus and he's atheist so he said. So he say so this this what happens when you work community not let me so we we as evidence we like to go in there gung ho and you go in there and you dive in and then after a month you like and you kind of go back and regurgitate back to where you were at in the next year 0 of New Years resolution that will go do it as you go but gas is less not be where you're well doing for in due season you should reap the fame not it took us about a year year and a half to penetrate this community. People are like Ok Are you a give or take are you just trying to open a community open up a restaurant take as much money as you can from us and go home and make your money but you don't care nothing about us so I thought your head consistently we're cooking classes at our restaurant 1st because we have one person most of like fellow you're not doing it again did it again next month and the same passion enthusiasm Meanwhile I have for one person you know we just recently did a class 150 some people we've been in corporate settings doing cooking class corporate America so it's so beautiful when you have. Kind of a you know it's like a little more restaurant. With God's plan you know so I'm able to get into doors that the church can I get into right now doesn't call the health ministry leader over it such as church say which could you go to come to my business and do a health lecture and I started to happen because they look at us and we don't bring a church here but a business I'm a business that has been administering abs so I'm able to go into different different I mean I just tell you this quick story we actually look through word of mouth through just I don't do no advertising word of mouth we got into one of the large the largest in this particular vertical industry the largest in the world they called us and said we've got a problem in our company. $18000.00 people are filling their health physicals every single year. Can you help us. I don't say no to nothing I said a lot open a door. Has been this is unable to see what happens so we go we meet so I mean with they have a whole facility just of physicians just for their company so all only patients only people from their particular business comes to this so we put all their doctors in it and they help challenge so they want to see how when Soja Mays I'm sitting there I'm like I'm not a physician I don't claim to be a physician I'm just a business owner and he's asking me about how much water should danger in a day Doc I said well you know 2 and a half leaders of you know I'm going to well you know why this and what is the difference between acid and alkaline how do we do as I'm answering all these questions I'm like here I am you know this somebody is and I'm sitting here and I might well look at look where you have brought me and I get a maze like that almost every month you know I'm sitting in like I said I'm sitting in a huge building I mean huge office about the size of this room he's got a couch area over there he's got a workout area over here is Desk is computer screens about this big and here I am saying though is that since there were you know go and we have a conversation about God's plan and help I went to a financial firm you know I'm a sales guy you know so I'm going. Yeah I'm here to present you know and so I'm going to invite everybody so here I am in their corporate corporate boardroom going through my prayer presentation about God's plan closing them and all I'm signing for it in the health challenge I'm delivering food to them you know this is this is amazing is always word of mouth so because it was published because you did lawyers work how much time do I got some open I'm going to finish over this last slide because I can I can do 8 hour course on this. So Avondale college Avondale school so this is this is the this is the crux of making an impact in a community when I found this quote It just blew my mind so we all know a son in law is coming to have it as we believe we believe is coming so that it actually was agitation happening in Avenue so this would happen at our Avondale school near a cornball in Australia about the Sunday question came up for decision is seen to the lines were soon to be drawn so tightly about us that when we should not be able to work during Sunday our schools were situated in the heart of the woods far from in the village a railway station no one was living near enough to us to be distributed in any way I mean disturbed by any way by anything we might do nevertheless nevertheless we were watched the officers were urged to come around to inspect our premises and they came they could have seen many things if they had desired to prosecute us but they did not appear to notice those who were at work has so much confidence as a what people and so great respect for us on the what account of the work we have done in that community that they believe that they can trust us anywhere whoa son it all leave them alone they help my grandmother. Don't even bother them as many recognize the fact that the whole community have been transformed since we went there a woman who was not a 7 figure said to me you would not believe me if I should inform you fully in regard to the transformation that has taken place in this community as a result of your moving here establishing the school and holding these little meetings so we take it big mean as little meetings. And you know if you study Avondale college they did they did you know they they went door to door they started helping people a good Christian helped work one thing we got a friend over and we mark college and he does name is Nolen that was a he do total campus involvement so he gets the students once every Wednesday to go out and they go into communities start doing good you need you need some help move and yes you go help you and I'm going to tomorrow we're going to be talking about is a quote and I'm going to pull it up is that most people won't be reached unless they have dissed interested service. This interest of service so I asked my daughter you know always look good and I try to run things about my kids before I come in prison it and she always disinterest in me and said hi and then we started just thinking about oh it's that giving and expecting nothing in return you know we is all we did this hell we did reversing diabetes when you got to come to my church Here's a letter to say we want you to come so our whole outreach is come to my church please when you go to come to my church verses do good God bless you move on do good God bless you move on that's vest what we ought to do. So keep this in your mind about your particular business your particular aspirations your farm or what have you are people saying about you say man this community has changed because you're here your families here on our block just our blog just localized to your neighbors your neighbor saying I don't leave we're going to miss you we had a late Sunday e-mail to us and Somerville and this was or even she goes my neighbor is selling her house and it's not on the market yet. I said I would love to have a 7 day evidence as my neighbor because every one of you about met it was a nice people in the world I would love to have some of them is my neighbor she said his e-mail says please send that out to all your friends out there I want to 7 devils Naver. And that was through us and through the community our church members as well share a love of Christ because we work directly with our church in a lot of different things too so it's like I want a 7 am is my neighbor because the good that every one of every one of you have met has been nice people in the world this is this is the type of impact that we need to have in our community so to me yes we can go we can grow our business great how's it going to get us closer to going home if not now we can talk about market strategy we are going to spend a whole hour on ours to say Ok this is this is the market knowledge is how we had Facebook and we have Facebook pages really you know I'm not really all you are going to pose a blast poses and somewhere in the summer somewhere I mean just saying we close for the day you know it's not really on it but people communicate we understand people do communicate on Facebook so we do have a Facebook page of people communicating and we do need to get more active with it Instagram all the different stuff but I'm just not there yet so let's have a word of prayer Father in heaven we thank you so much of looking at a different perspective of marketing and how you are called us to be witnesses to you in this world even through our business and we pray Lord as we leave this place that we can take these principles applied to our lives our businesses our streets our neighbors even today this is a prayer to sing in this media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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