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Baking Bread the Old-Fashioned Way

Lilia Perlee


In this class, I will be sharing lessons and insights that the Lord has taught (or is still teaching me) over the last 20 years as we have walked and worked together in the garden.



  • January 16, 2020
    10:45 AM


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My name is Lily Apparently we've been baking at the farmer's market we've been baking the farmer's market for about 4 years I have been baking bread was just a regular commercial East for about 20 years or so so but I would tell you that there is never a time when you feel that you've got it was still learning I'm right here with you learning still I just learned a new thing that to big the bread was especially with the the old fashioned way with the leaven you have to use distilled water if you live in the city because I was visiting and we were using the starter in that snow working very well was just. Chlorinated water because the closer you have something to do with bacteria so you will hear more about the started so but I will start. With the bread of life because God is our bread of life and there are lots of things going on about bread that we should not be eating bread if Jesus would think it's not edible he would let us know he would not call himself the Bread of Life next we all have to ask next so leaven in the Bible. I'm sure you read this verses before and the people have to a big job before it was leavened haven't they needed bowls bound up in their clothes on their shoulders x. are those 12 already for Jesus spoke partial unto them the kingdom of heaven is likened to leaven which a woman took in his interest 3 measures of meal till the whole was leavened though you know that the little leaven leavens the whole lump So what kind of leaven are we talking about. Next please. Is that the commercial East that we know did they have this leaven in Biblical times I'm sure you say no of course they didn't so in leavened bread an ancient Egypt and Egypt hopefully I am block and they were I don't know where to go. Into each of the words for bread was the same as the word for life Emma we eat them barley by far the most common grains of ancient Egypt while are the writings of these species and some millet have been identified in the beginning the simplest addition bread was made from flour mixed with water and salt patent a flat circle with hands laid on the hot rock next to the fire took up close tortilla bread in the days no leaven and it's believed that Egypt produced the 1st leavened bread maybe by accident one theory is that easily and that on some dough left out the gluten in the Flour went to work and the bread volved up a summer job was employed full leavened bread that's what people call it solid over it and will go over that a little bit more remnants of a previous batch of dough was mixed with New Deal and allowed to from Mint or sour overnight next please so what kind of leaven though we're talking about and what is the difference between different types of East salt for going to this it's very very important to understand because I am a symphony Adventist and I was when I just came to us my new mother in law said we're not supposed to sourdough bread so I never questioned that and then when the lots of talk started coming around. Levon starter questions start popping in my mind and I praise for 4 months to the world to show me the truth and I was directed to search the history because do they want what is to use and so on so this is very important for us to start with their juices did not have East sealed in full pads or jars you know do the Pilgrims or circulars So we do the families through history get east the answer is simple from family from community just like I shared with lots of people just give them a spoonful while the use is everywhere in the air you breathe on the bark of trees on leaves ever see in the white film on the grapes that's wild East and many times those start leaven with the wild filming for the just for the whole group in the jar with the flour and water so the same film can be found on juniper berries for centuries both berries have been used as natural start for bread the east natural East the sometimes refers to sourdough but with the right story of East it doesn't have to be sour so this is the time when our pioneers lived and started writing the health message until the 19th century homey these was the only kind there was an $857.00 lose 1st to discover that living organisms East were responsible for fermentation he looked it up in the microscope. So in the us compressed East you can see that's how the very 1st commercial use was available compressed East flakes. Was introduced to the lesion at Philadelphia Centennial Exposition $876.00 so. In the Us people for the 1st time saw a commercial East and 1876 was just 10000000 visitors when American troops World War 2 East companies developed dry East for the military which did not require refrigeration and then in 1904 a rapid rise in the East was invented in the Us 980 also saw another trend the beginning of continuous spike and disease the reason why because the commercial East does not break down the gluten that's why there are lots of issues with gluten intolerance. Gluten intolerance acid reflux disease diabetes and we have allergies there is evidence that using natural ease can help combat these problems the slow rise in process of natural East has many critically important health benefits natural East which what I use as a natural ease slows they gesture to help you feel full longer it making it natural and so you don't have to eat so much friendly bacteria which are slacked of us so us which you buy in the little in the health food store in the. Capsules So that's what's in there naturally I don't put it in there neutralize fight it pass it that otherwise prevent minerals found in the grain from being absorbed properly and then also pre-date just the gluten and that's the key because that's why many people can tolerate this bread when they cannot tolerate the commercial bread me the commercial. We in the farmers market we have followers for 4 years now they even asked me to deliver bread in the winter because that's all they can eat they cannot eat bread that does not break down the gluten Next please. So this is the glycemic index of various breads and grain products and you can see that this is the sugar if this is a grams of sugar in purple and just French but get look at is almost And while not double but almost 40 percent higher glycaemic index versus just sugar white plain sugar and the sourdough bread is only 30 so it's much better for people who have diabetes and sugar problem in their blood next please everybody to picture so Ok so this is a level of regular one to breath commercial bread and you can see I'm sure probably not many people here eat in that kind of bread just wanted to point out that it's not very good and next please now this is interesting because this is what you find sourdough bread. This commercial This one is a from the health food store and this is from like Walmart recall as sourdough bread but look at the ingredients there is no way are you can find. Starter or level the go under different names a while the east the that is they have east and then either side by side to produce that sour taste that was vendor not in the health food store this is what you find with organic ingredients again East organic apple cider vinegar and there is no way on the label actual starter so Ok So unfortunately this is a mislabel a lot whole idea of solid all because really sourdough is just vinegar added to our bread but the bread this means with East next please Ok so this is what I was facing is an aside bread for us I mean that for us can you hear me now or so I'm not going to read for the sake of time because we will have demo I cannot read the all Elin's you are its resources but I'm sure you probably can just on your phones or computers find out all the resources the Lord impressed me that what everything that I've read she never said sourdough bread she never said sourdough bread she always referred to sour bread heavy bread. Every time you can find a reference to this this reference is about throwing you probably remember reading it sees through. Hired girl me the batch of sourdough and it was so heavy that she had to throw to the swine and it says sour heavy bread will kill swine this on we should not eat it next please not again there are several of. Its writing in bread heavy sour partially big next from poor heavy solid bread poor hand and so on lead. They lead the bread of sour before baking and you know if you had it done before when you baby bread you leave it on the counter and for men's too long then the kind has that sour taste a little bit so Next please. Now this is very interesting this is nothing to do with Christian book is just found online it's called The Book of bread it was released and $886.00 that's pretty much when our pioneers lived and this is let me read this because this is I think will open their eyes what was going on during that time. So all in Simmons the book of bread $886.00 analyzes various breads from bakeries across the whole of England Scotland and Wales a bread made with 8 ounces of extract an 8 ounce of East Simmons described as a miserable low to be guarded against worst seen for a long time poor flour poor process poor skill and other local baker's bread was likewise described this poor loaves overworked bad flavor bad smell and called of and largely contributed to and sponge to the lawn so you live for man for too long other loaves range from atrocious sour tasty discolored Fortunately elsewhere some were described as beautiful excellent but finding good bread at the end of 1903 was hit or miss doesn't sound like what you read in a spirit prophecy is the same. Some of the commonly used additives were added to bread in 1000 since we were actually a poisonous to whiten bread baker sometimes added a loom and chalk to the flour while plasters of Paris calcium soffit mashed potatoes pipe clay and even saw the us could be added to increase the weight of loaves. Draw powdered beans were commonly used to replace wheat flour and the sour taste of stale flour was then disguised ammonium carbonate so it gives a little bit picture what our pioneers were going through what kind of bread there was actually a big time. Now what kind of pioneers use we know that they did use leavened bread and some people I heard the said. Leavened bread represents sin so when I'm going to eat in 11 well in the Bible in spirit prophets it would do read that they eat they ate some level of bread so sweet so this is actually found in the health of how to live page 34 Paragraph 6. It was written by a compilation of pioneers James why put this book together its was not written by a wide but by her husband father together so here's a description of leavened bread how they meet it back then sweet brown bread take one quarter of arrive flour 2 chorus of course Indian meal one pint we've meal half a teaspoon of molasses of brown sugar in one go potato East mingling grievance into as stiff dough as can be stirred with a spoon using warm water for wedding lead it's wrong several hour or so over night that's the key if you have Easter bread some of you make an Easter bread if you let it rise overnight what's going to happen it's going to be extremely sour it's not edible it's going to be flat as a pinky because the East will buy them consume all the sugars and flour then put it on the large d.p.n. and bake for 5 or 6 hours next fleas. But dear what kind of potato hop is that's also found in this quotes found them health or how to live ph 35.21 so how they made their east did they have commercial is very good then we already went over they didn't so that's how they made it wash fearing great $1000.00 large potatoes boiled 2 large handful of hops and 5 pints of water and strain it on the grade of potatoes add a teaspoon of sugar and one I have teaspoon of salt but all in the tin pail opinion and certain the kettle of boiling water and stir occasionally to frolic up when the cool air the pint of good the east and let it rise one tablespoon of this is a sufficient for ordinary loaf of bread if in their cool place it will keep several months in summer without souring now around this time that's when the large fresh cake East was introduced the one that I showed you in the picture they did not have a refrigerator at the time yet everything was kept in the basement so I checked out the fresh caked East that you can still buy online it can be refrigerated only for 2 or 3 weeks and then goes bad so it's very highly perishable because of high moisture content in it so bad then of us probably difficult to find if it just came around now what did she mean by good east I interpret it this is my personal opinion that you can take the east and put it on the other end make another batch but if they had commercial is just around the corner maybe they did that you know the East next please. And this is probably the last one that we're going to deal with a history I would like to show you and this is a book that was very instrumental for me when I started making the bread and I would strongly recommend this book it's very simple it's called the r. and b. King with natural ease by Caleb war in Iraq and Melissa Richardson it's a highly illustrated book it's very easy to read is she goes a little bit over the history by the staff by staff how to so for me as a beginner there this was the book I believe the guy the answer so here they go and you get it all be on the table here if you have any questions afterwards I will be available here till Saturday night so you can always come in if you have celiac disease or you know somebody the gluten free bread baking book has a section has a chapter on how to make your own looking for a starter and make with a start if you want to avoid the commercial East problem will continue because I do want to go to demo. This is very interesting quote that I found Elway it was right in 2 has been that was preventing the wife from eating white bread and he and she wrote to him a lot in 1870 a moderate amount of milk and sugar a little salt white bread raised with East for a change Graham flour prepared them a variety of way by other hands than her plain cake with raisins rice pudding with raisins palooza figs occasionally in many other dishes I might mention would have answered the demand of appetite. This know the date 870 and the commercial compressed cakes was not even introduced until 6 years later so from this quote You can see that she called East. Was and that was not commercial East it was the East they use low potato Easter hobbies so we I don't want to go to minute to minute details you're going to hear about the guy for saves and so on they do. This really bad and dangerous for our health. Next on police as you can see the tumors of the so desiccation a weed and other crops Unfortunately they spray our unfortunate they spray our weed and other grains and. Beans and lagoons with Guy for see it's called desiccation for the reason too I mean I'm not going to stop too long on this topic. To dry it out uniformly at the right time just like schedule c. section when that's convenient when it's low humidity in the air definitely the wheat and then the harvest stays in the storage for a long time high profit I mean that's what the farmers have to do for the sake of their own interest is it good for us to spray our grain with a guy for say it's not even Cheerios as Guy for say it's residue so as far as I understand if you buy organic it's not allowed in the weed and other crabs so around our president in our food we're told this guy percent residue I too small to matter by can we believe that I think everyone even farmers that use a lot of golf or say would rather not eat a loaf of bread of life or see it in it consumers don't realize when they buy wheat products like flour cookies and bread they get in glyphosate residues and those products would have seen an explosion of gluten intolerance what's really going on can you imagine the public's response if they knew the guy perceived as being sprayed on the oats in the Cheerios only weeks before it's manufactured next. Everything will be available on a dagger website this whole presentation you can review it later whatever you missed round up on the food non-organic cereals and greens the most commonly common foods with Guy for face and there's a list even potatoes sprayed Britain. So this I want to stop on this is very important what I found out that just blew my mind away. Bass company it which is a chemical company it's not a food company bath in 2003 introduced Clearfield wheat which is talo into the propriety herbicide beyond much like ground operate a cornerstone of life for say it they proudly proclaim that the wheat is not the product of genetic engineering engineering but the enhanced traditional plant bleeding method the technique is called chemical mutagenesis and might be worse than g.m.o. engineering using the highly toxic chemicals sodium as our eyes as well as Gamma and exploits for the ation they expose the wheat embryo mutates after further experimentation tests and development Clearfield we emerges in the tolerance of beyond herbicides Clearfield is not supply than 20 varieties and nearly a 1000000 acres are planted with it in us in Canada so if we buy we don't know if that's what we're getting in the regular bag of unbleached. Or regular we've always so I believe this is just a sign of Christ soon returning because what's happening without food I believe is just pretty much just like right before. The flood happened next some place and now we're going to talk about the practical aspects of baking so it tips to prevent fowl of bread. So the key to your bread is of course is your starter and this is like becomes your it's like my little baby or like my pear I have to watch it make sure you stay healthy stay fed all the time by looking at your starter soon you're going to recognize how it should look like now I will just tell the simple if it has a lot of bubbles it's healthy if a dozen have bubbles as can flatten the perience it's not healthy it needs to be fed so regular feeding. A starter that active mother culture which is here. Contains both while these the beneficial bacteria called Life of us are less. Regular flour feeding organism fed and balance but missing if eating gives the bacteria a leg up East run out of food when the simple sugars and flour are all consumed and they start dying off by the bacteria still have food to eat they either expose expired East along with the East's waste and continue to produce lactic acid or. They mean that's what causes the sour taste so if you don't feed your starter regularly you will end up with a sour bread so if you don't like the sour taste you need to feed just starter often how often twice a week does what I do if you prefer or. If you started selling your bread as a farmer's market you can feed it every day now I would not put it in a refrigerator if I feed it every day of the commercial bakeries they just feed it whatever's left over I will show you. They feed it and they leave it on the counter or maybe in the little cool temperature but not refrigerator if you bake it only once a week just at home you can just keep in the refrigerator but I would recommend twice a week if you want to avoid the sour taste now lose the hoods it's worth I will show the picture I have of bring it on the very top of your starter you will have a. Clear liquid there's a little brown is slick with it right on the very top that's a byproduct. You don't want to use if you're poor that at that point I would not even big the bread I would just take the whole thing and start over the feed in the again to make it healthy in other words if I see the hoods at that point I will not big bread it's not the bread will be heavy and of will have the sour taste to it so I would just not even the tempted at the time. So we talked about the hooch and I'll show you the picture of it now the shorter rising. Hine let you go so that's a perfect again to prevent a soubrette will want to sort of rise in time let you don't rise for shorter time rather than longer souring this develops over time as the while these consume the simple sugars and flour they produce acid the acids give the correct serious 6 hour flavor so less time less our ideal rising time just remember between 6 to 12 hours. Ok cool arrives on location if you don't want to rise in the very hot like a nothing beyond 7576 if it's 80 it goes very rapidly develops our tastes so if you can find a cooler location for your bread to rise the deal. And use more starter sometimes it is the recipe calls for half a cup you can add one cup says rise is better the next one Ok so this is the picture of a hooch I hope the lead isn't about as I can see this is a healthy starter frenzy a lot of bottles you can seize this one is kind flat as my the one or 2 bubbles in right here is a by product it's mostly alcohol so you want to pour it out and like I said because there are no bubbles your bread will be flat heavy and maybe sour next on Ok so. This is my favorite thing I know cost money but if you want to do commercial baking or farmer's market you really it's very difficult on your hands Hobart is wonderful and save enough money for that because I'm real I'll go in this because the demand will come the Lord will bless as soon as his start helping people with baking healthy bread for them people will come that's what we started with I still have it I didn't bring it here because many of you don't have it I will just show you by hand how to make it so to start it now you will see this. Danish Wisc that's advertised research is that it doesn't fit on the core of jar if you want to buy the whisk to mix your starter. It just the sizes too big you have to buy another jar which is fine you can buy a big special glass mason jar that fits over the whisk next. So to me. I will show you 2 ways how to form your bread but. You probably have seen cast iron that's heaven and it means gorgeous loaves because it traps the moisture so the crust outside of your bread will be nice and hard inside the bread will be nice and moist so it's just perfect beautiful loaves and the technique for that you were pretty heated for 30 minutes the dutch oven then you dump your bread your dough you will let the rise in the basket like this your put the dough here and I'll show you how and then after 30 minutes preheat you dump your dough in one of those Dutch ovens and close the lid big for 25 minutes at 400 degrees then you take the lid off for another 10 minutes so it develops a beautiful golden crust on all sides crispy golden quest is this beautiful they are a little bit heavy but for home baking this wonderful if you would like to made friends begats I mean the possibilities are endless people do love their sub sandwich stuff like that this particular piano I bought but. Little by little aluminum is coming off I don't like good side just put the parchment paper over it and it works great. Or you can make them nice and thin just just anything you like next turn. Ok so this is my basic bread recipes that's what we use and there are so many recipes online there are lots of those so now I'm going to step back and I'm going to demonstrate that for basic bread recipe for full loads it's one cup of starter 1st you want to remove the bubbles from your starter 5 cups of lukewarm water again non chlorinated if you live in the city police use distilled water because it's. Just not working out I tried it and I'm glad they're trade it because we use always well water for 2 spawn of sea salt 12 to 12 and a half cups of flour and for commercial use I use 50 percent of whole wheat 50 on bleach it's possible to make it all 100 percent whole wheat but. You need to put maybe like olive oil a little bit just to bind it you can put the ground up flaxseed I do add molasses sometimes sometimes have a see the mixtures for pizza dough though you want to reduce your starter by half whatever recipe calls do have because otherwise the pizza crust gets too many bubbles it's very difficult to make that you know to put the topping on top is just like big waves but the other half of the amount of starter turns out perfect Ok let's maybe. Ok left over you can make waffles in this particular recipe I'm not going to read it at all be available on the dagger website there are lots of recipes we do on the. Bread for marketers a little Swede with a starter also. What else do we made we made cookies also made a little leaven breaks down. The gluten so people can eat also we. Will let it sit only 4 for our school key so you don't want them to make it too sour by the waffles there is a recipe. It's also you can let it fit after you mix of ours and then you and you bake. Putting your star in a hole Ok we'll go without so we're going to stop right here take a pause and I will show you really quick how to how I made the bread and the beginning will want to stir our starter a little bit and again you can get the starter online or buy it for free. So I'm going to make half of that recipes. Where did I get my 1st start I actually bought the book right here at this one and you can write to them and they will send you a free sample. Of the reason Noah and. I will show you how to actually send me a little some here in the little Ziploc bag of us like this that's all of was and I never believe that it actually will survive but they did survive and as you can see you can multiply and share with your friends and everybody else so I just put half a cup of starter. And 2 and a half cups of water just with it all in the bowl with a starter and I will tell you compared to regular commercial bread where the starter is not as finicky So I do put salt together with a starter I do have some samples of the bread in the end for you to taste. And then just pour over side don't put too much salt I do want to level I measure salt carefully because as you know it interferes with it yes so for this I'm just making half today so for half a cup of starter to have cups or one water 2 teaspoons of salt. I want to mix it well. To distribute the starter evenly in the water. And you don't have to wait for it to rise. For the regular East I love the spoon and that's what I use all the time because it fits in a jar really well stands up it's only like $3.00 in the Amazon is a company a Lindsey's it's a stainless steel just be careful not to bang on the jar I broke 2 jars doing that so you have to become like careful when you mix it in then I hope you don't mind but well I don't want to put this in my dough so I just use like this. Right. So I just measure for now just half and half so it will be 6 all little bit more flour and then I will show you the consistency in the lid to touch the consistency of the finished product this very important to know how it should feel to the touch. It's pretty much similar like a regular. Bread this one I ground up my own. That makes Hughes the difference when you grind your own berries it will not have the. Bitter taste of whole grain this is a wide berries white spring berries and the bread turns out to really in the eyes it rises well but if you like red berries it's good too it has a little holes more for some for it so I will just mix it and it depends a lot on the humidity in the air where you live. And I will tell you ahead of time that whatever starter sample you are going to get is going to change their tastes in the beginning will taste one way and then become was sour or less sour my starter is very mild there are 2 different types of starter one this mild and one this more sour it depends like California San Francisco bread is more sour because that's what they have in the air so if I bring my starter from Russia and this really sour it over time it's going to change to a mild where I live. So I just add flour till. It becomes more firm and then I would need it for 10 minutes. Approximately I don't time myself so I would strongly recommend to get. Meal to grind to a grain I love neutral mail that's what we have it's worked for many many years it doesn't break in the grinds very well neutral nail. Ok as you can see my dough is a little bit. Wet. So I would put a little bit more so I did but over 6 cups so far. Floor this humorous So when you travel in the bread for your relatives you just have to play with it and see feels like but the more you need them the more elastic it becomes just like with regular commercial at this point they're probably add a little bit more and I'm not going to need it for. 10 minutes for the sake of time. On Maybe I can ask but hasn't to come I need it so you can feel the end result Fred please so I can talk and show you how to feed the starter. Fred did not know kind of what you're on the spot but I think it would be. Ok the bread that you're going to taste today I washed my hands. I did not do and this is another tool that I strongly recommend It's called dull scraper because bread me the worst leaven is more wet then your commercial use dough so this is very handy tool just scraping. After Ok next after it's from into it and ready to go it will be wet to get it off the ball excuse me just your crown will have to scrape it like this to put it on the board. So it's getting c. as you can see it's getting more uniform and my son who is sitting right now I'm sorry I'm going to put you on the spot to histo teen years old he's been baking bread for farmer's market so anybody can do it involve your children the love to put their hands in the dirt and that's what we've been advised to do Ok I think it's Ok clean enough for now or worse it will take long time now we have the starter that's left what we're going to do with it right away will want to feed it just like a pad once you know they need to be fair they need to be taken care of I do have quite a bit left so I'm going to this is another thing that you will need to have for sure you need a scale not this particular company and just digital scale I like to work with because grams are much more precise. So if you don't have one and you're looking for one purchase the one that has grams. So I'm going to put in the scale and I'm just going to tear it to bring it to 0 and the key here is when you feel your starter you want to feed it the same measurements flour and water so if you oppose 50 grams of water you want to put 50 grams of flour I never did this by a scale friend of mine though I just do by feel but then I said tonight I don't have consistent results with my bread so I start using the scale and I love it because it's always comes out the same it's called 100 percent hydration you've probably heard this term hydration is in a way I'm not going to go into that just make it simple just use the same amount so I'm going to put 50. 50 about 50 grams. Of water and 50 grams of flour right on the same you can tear it or just make a 100 so it's always you always want to make sure that at least one tablespoons of starter is still there at least you know if you have like me I have other quarter of a cup left it will mature faster if you have very little starter left it will take you longer to make a back so you can bake again. Actually you know it's hard to cover everything because it took me 4 years to get to where if you have any questions I'm going to have my e-mail in the very end. And I'm always thankful for you too so if you have interest in this topic I'll put that very useful website that has lots of videos and he goes into details and everything Ok so we're almost there. So I'm making about 50 grams of water 50 grams of flour Ok that's good so and I'm just going to mix it. Gently to being on the glass. Ok so it's pretty stiff I just want a share of our take it out see it's pretty stiff where the falls it's not runny and that's what 100 percent hydration start to looks like. Now just gently scrape it put it all in there now it depends on how much star you want Let's suppose someone 4 cups of starter tomorrow morning so I have to plan ahead this will not me for starters I mean it will probably double That's all I'll get one cup of start of from this batch but if I want 4 cops I can duplicate I mean I can. Take another jar I can do for jars him to jars and just but one tablespoon to each jar and feed each jar separately I will have 4 cups by tomorrow morning and I will probably take the starter out there were a fridge a reader tonight so it matures by tomorrow morning doesn't make sense so you just have to play with but what you want you get in the morning you take out the refrigerator you look how many bubbles it has it has only one or 2 your bread will be heavy and sour it will not be nice and fluffy of bread. The more bubbles you have just remember the more nice and tall it will be. Ok so we have 15 minutes a problem I have time for questions if it's Ok now thank you so much. My dear husband do all the hard work for me at this point I can dump some Cs if I want by the molasses and olive oil you add with the rest of the ingredients like liquid ingredients in the beginning with water and stuff like that but I could after I put the seeds in there I would mix it for about 2 momin it's wanted to make sure that even the distributed in this just dump it I use it for commercial when I buy a farmer's market I. Weigh it I weigh and the evenly divide between my p.n. forms because you want them all rises the same time uniformly instead of one very high one this low so but I would just for home use its Ok to cut it. And then there is one kind of bread This Is Us a bread pm There are different ways of doing bread with Levon some called stretch and fold but my for my husband did all that stretch. Stretch and told us a little different every 30 minutes you need to come back stretch and fold and so on would I don't do it and I can't get away with it the bread still turns out pretty good but I just shave it in the bowl put it to rise so will just let it rise it depends again for Holland maybe at least one hour maybe one the have depends on the temperature where you are on humidity and so on and I would cover it so it doesn't dry up the crust. One more on this one the one that's I showed you in that's when you want to flower very heavily because this is just a linen cloth. And it's very nice Fred it's very good it's not sticky when I put it it's not stick and I'm going to save a little for anybody who wants to touch should feel light. And I made it into a circle. And they pinch it on the very top so that will be the top of your bread it will sit like this in the dutch oven but all the seams will be on the very top put it here again I would cover a little rise this will rise faster I don't know why it does. So at this point after 2 rises you want to preheat the oven to 400 degrees when it's ready and the bread probably doesn't rise as fast as the Easter bread much slower which is good because it needs time to break up the gluten so it will rise and then Preheat the oven to 400 degrees why why is it so high because the high temperature when you just put your bread in the oven will give additional lift to your bread so it'll make it even lighter I never knew the concept to me go higher and better loaves but one of the Baker told me to put a $400.00 degrees for 15 minutes it will give initial lift to your bread and then after 15 minutes you reduce the temperature to 350 to 360 you will have to adjust according to your oven and then that will stay that way and then for $350.00 the rest of the time so 15 plus $25.00 gives 40 minutes. I think. I think we're covered on the one thing the last line well we don't have to yes fleece. Things we have to have now we're gone vacation I'm here in Florida I did bring it here but not everybody can travel with a starter because we have to know fridge or radio so it means you have to feed it more often without refrigerator at least once a day if it is refrigerator you know once or twice so. I have a little bit now you don't want you don't want to use this new starter but the one that was left a little bit them with sure one we can preserve it and make it into a dry flakes where we're going to occasion lots of us were gone 3 weeks vacation nobody is there to watch our starter Ok one before that. I would just step back right here so let's suppose this is the mature starter that I have and you don't need much maybe like a tablespoon or 2 and you're just a parchment paper and spread it on the parchment paper. Kind of like uniform so you don't have too many clumps in pretty thin I brought the starter from a stand which is the. Central Asia that's what they used over there and I just use regular people for it didn't have it will work but parchment paper is nice so all you do is spread it out dry putting your star in a hold this is from the website of King Arthur dot com drive the starter completely until it's brittle it will completely dry flaky break it into pieces and store it air tight give the drying a cool dark place bring your starter back to life and here is a recipe one ounce of started chips with 2 ounces of one water stir the mixture I can usually about 3 hours feed it with flour one ounce coming tightly keep it warm let it rest until the bubbles feed it again and again and again till you see more bubbles and you start it will come back some people as when I started doesn't look good do I need to put a lot of us Silis in the open of the capsule I used to do that but it's not necessary as some people feed it with. Pineapple juice it's not necessary the key to your healthy bread is to feed it often and Dong let it sit on the counter 2 on bread not to go rise too long and stuff like that I think and the last one please bring it back so people can get my information that's my main this is the Web You can email me you can talk to me here very useful website of bread topia dot com bread topic topia come. Ok now I can take question good question a question or comment I did forget I mean so much to cover how do you want this is a white starter How do you convert it to spelt I want to tell you that spelt as one of the best brains to use the more I researched and why I found out the way God made our bread in the very beginning in the Garden of Eden it was inquiring in corn or I'm corn. So that's what you me then hybridized worth while gold grass now we have m.r. and different types of this natural That's which is good committed it's also very good bread grain to use spelt and then the hybridization made because they wanted to Shell very easily of the stark grind and have the we planed down so it's all short now easier to harvest but that hybridization changed the chromosomes and the gluten never been really tested the hybridized is not many people can not digest the new gluten that was developed in the laboratory so the more ancient the grain the better it is for us God knew what he was doing and so spelled organic spelt the sold in Country Life is what I'm going to use how I'm going to convert my started to spelt I would just take it out just maybe leave 2 tablespoons of what I have and I would feed it with the spelt flour 23 times and you're bacteria and while these will accept your new flower that you're going to use but it will take time so don't plant to me. New bread with new flour right away it's not going to work very well because you can like introducing new food to your pair it takes 2 or 3 times to accept the new food so why do I use white and set of whole wheat we do I whole wheat at home I talk to commercial bakery and I said you know my bread is a little heavy for market in this said you need to use white start a 400 percent whole wheat bread it just gives better a lift and for farmer's market we use 5050 and people just excited it doesn't this one is 5050 that you're going to taste what kind of do we use the best is Convention convection oven that's the best. Recently we've purchased Blodgett convection oven that made huge difference because in the regular Ivan that we have a Tom only 6 loaves of this size will fit nicely so you can put the loaves a little bit apart you don't want them to close of course like this convection oven allows me to use 6 but 16 loaves of bread in the same time we don't have double just simple larger than another question the question is. The spelt flour that not I'm just going to start changing now my children know I have lots of jars in the refrigerator one is white one is organic one is will be spelt and so on so you can keep them separate but you have to feed each one with separate flour like spelt it would have to feed with a spelt. The question is why not to have all bread organic because some people just cannot afford it. People just came in so that I'm so thankful you sell your bread reasonable price for 575 so people just cannot afford Oregon and bread and I would rather than have that bread then commercial bread but then I would have organic growth separately and then spell bread separately so for farmers markets. Country white the whole wheat German which is similar like arrive bread then one out Razan. Pilgrim bread which olive oil in molasses in the seeds and just simple would call 5 c. bread just with a little whole wheat and probably 25 percent whole wheat and put seeds this mixture some flowers flax seed poppy seed Cheers seethes and. Flex flex or sesame I'm sorry so those 5 C's are just come by and makes it do I owe my pants this one you don't have to oil it's nonstick it's heavy it's really nice but whatever can you like just do your own research is the reason why I use this for commercial use because it distributes the heat evenly I don't have burnt spots anywhere so the comment is that started from the very scratch you can make your own star and. It's a good idea you can make it all the instructions are in this book that I showed you in the beginning I don't have handouts about all the descriptions how to make your own starter and this book on the website I'm so thankful for you too for good reason because you can do anything in the days you can learn anything I probably watch. You Tube But everybody has their own way and that's Ok we all can make bread different ways so they do have instructions here how to make your own you can start from scratch or you can just have somebody give you a little starter and feed it on corn flour and corn is a little bit I think of high and gluten vote it's a beautiful bread. Any other questions yes when you vague you want to preheat the oven that's very important for at least 15 minutes to 400 degrees. Bread is not there yet you just preheating the oven to 400 then you're going to put your raised loaves of bread I do spray a little I forgot to tell you I missed it was a little water when that's really low humidity like in the wintertime sometimes the breath comes out of cracks so some facet of the lower oil like olive oil or just spray it with a little bit oil that prevents cracking after you bake so I just put my loaves in there for 15 minutes and then after 15 minutes are over and I lower the temperature to about 35360 according to you have been make another 25 minutes take it out and read this media was brought to you by audio for years a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about you 1st if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit w w w dot. Org. We're.


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