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Spiritual Insights from Plant Health

Matthew Dealy


In this class we will take a deeper look into how a plant functions and then compare that to our spiritual walk.


After working at several different farms since 2008, Matt and his wife, Deidre, are currently in the start-up phase of their own small farm in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Their primary goal is to establish a lean farm, enabling them to homeschool their four children and make time for family and ministry. 


  • January 17, 2020
    9:30 AM
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Dear Lord are so grateful that we can be here and we pray that we can learn. Powerful things that would stick with us that we could apply in our lives and that would become real that they would become. More a part of our living parable that you are trying to guide and direct Lord and we thank you for each and every one of us here and we pray to use in your Holy Spirit to guide and direct and use in every pray human. All right so God has surrounded us with nature's beautiful scenery to attract an interest the mind it is his design that we should associate the glories of nature with his character if we faithfully study the Book of Nature we shall find it is a fruitful source for contemplating the infinite love and power of God and. So we're going to talk some about photosynthesis and I'm not an expert on this I'm learning. But I think there's a lot of valuable lessons so we're going to talking about it basically the goal here is we're going to talk some about the plant photosynthesising and the person photos of something. So in this scenario which we're going to use quite a bit and we're going to kind of build and expand upon it we're going to say that this is a church building and these green dots are the people. And then we have the sun which I spelled s o n right so you guys kind of get where we're going with this. So. I have some videos that are going to talk about excite couldn't get it all in a Power Point. So how do you guys think that we create healthy plants do you think as to the soil or. Through the plant. The soil. Death passes way. So basically we put fertilizer we put. Amendments we do these things right and that creates a healthy plant healthy soil maybe I should how do we create healthy soils that through the through the plant or through amendments fertilizers those kinds of things in the ideas to soil like the tomato plant. The tree or any kind of plant. All right so we'll go on to the next one so how do you create a healthy church through the individuals or through the group. Individuals right. So. It's interesting or I think a lot of things that we do as a church is more geared towards the group you know we have evangelists that meetings and things that we sometimes I feel like we have Angela stickman used to try and encourage the church members to come and. You know but we don't do we don't do a lot of things necessarily that are that are focused on the individual you know and I I think some things we could do is like. You know we have Sabbath school and we encourage the little kids to memorize their memory verse. But why don't we as a church have a memory verse that we you know every week we say as a group there's a lot of things we can do that encourage individuals. So here's a video or then jump right and and this is by John can't he's a he's not an average guy he's self-taught Amish man and I've I've watched a lot of his videos he has a lot of webinars online he's got podcasts and. There's a lot of things that I've learned and there's a lot of things that I think are pretty easy to see the spiritual. Comparison So we're going to I think this one's about 3 or 4 minutes Ok so did you guys catch you catch that you can you can get to the same place both ways. But and as in to go a little more into detail the next. Video but it takes decades to get to the spot and you know I kind of think this is similar to. You know the. You know when we become Christian there's lots of things that the Lord calls us to do you know he calls us to healthy eating right to dress a certain way to talk a certain way to do these kinds of things and when you do these things. It helps in your spiritual walk right but if that's your your driving focus your your goal it doesn't get you down the Christian road nearly as fast as Christ coming and doing those things for you right and you might not ever get to the same same place. So he talked about photosynthesis and basically the only way from what I understand that new energy gets into the soil is through photosynthesis it's from the sun so. Without the plant all you have is this is sand right. Because the plant is what brings the energy am if feeds the biology so the question is Have you ever been in a church this full of sand. Right for some of you we had a picture appear before where it had a bunch of plants and without the plants. Photosynthesizing eventually you get sand. I think that what happens in our churches right they get smaller and smaller and eventually we just get passed and. It just grinds on your right hand just. A good place to be so. So this is the organic matter paradox. The question is how did mom told me how to present a crowd by a mile the road in the form of Ruth and Renee at the same time we also frequently hear that they cross including Meyer and the questions that I have in years have been both of these be true the same time there's multiple multiple answers to that question but it really is the cause of absolute questions lead is. To the other a reason ruined by the research which I believe in the all aligns very interesting new products and services so. To me. When you look at it was told to the productive over the course of this entire trial time that folks were productive from the moment to see that 1010 because higher levels I was 500 we considered the whole charade of being a total 100 percent. That whole of 100 vs is divided into 4 or will it in a go chorus and I just pulled out of the well there is a variation here a moment different crowd ties the reproductive verses that is covering up the so there can be the differences from one side of the next but this is a general guideline fold to a jury that is awesome you are using it in the old. So the Holy Spirit of the body for all identical pieces where we have presented the role of will service and particulars of those errors but then present the way the rules are those invited into the room by where 25 percent of those who were production is used to deal with violence and 25 percent is sent out through a ruse I read a few days to evolve biology. Of Oh the folder was 25 percent it's used in the old plan by. And 25 percent is you mind to you'll serving that we have a reduction from. Now this isn't really the interesting information and when we consider that 6 percent of the whole sugar production of oil every reduction in those low profile. They're going to and then another part of a grid in the wild with demand another shooter in the soil so there is no way we have a really healthy crop we consider the amount of violence that every crowd produces We need to put on enough organic material that we can put on a novel I suppose or no sugar or no Unix and economically to match what a really healthy crop can accomplish. So the people like to point out however it is the others doing theirs sure profile whereas with total one another reason is divided into born equal pieces. That distribution doesn't all happen. At the same time there is a very vigorous didn't find involvement in which the shooters are patterned differently from power compartmentalized in different. Places in different pieces so the gathers in the fight is all and during the season is nice when one of those small there's a generator the sugar production and this is going up words to never buy the plans to build find bombs and Oliveri and rows of these for Korean it's going to the roof of saloon not in fact I say where we work 30 percent of all are going. To stay here and into the river system but none is needed to bring all that growing up of oil is going into violence whether the minute we got a little the lawyer when we begin entering the breeding stage we now sure production in the various sugar same story in 3 different directions we have Mr Singh of the House of wine which is the commerce of where we are building a fine high amount then we have a revival and in those polls are those the real the hows and the ruling today and we have the surest compartment was in the region for introducing. When the life begins and during the branding and acts we get to the point where we have very rather find it dull and. A smaller amount of the finest polish your production is going to plant bombs and when George is actually going to that is point so this is a very critical thing to find evolve from the status. One of the question one of the fires is building for very very rapidly at this stage why is why are we sending a minority group full of Iranians on a production to should receive a hotline. And what is happening here is that the final toll free number of an actual number is increasing very quickly because we have a larger plan by Hamas so out of one frame of mind Florida begins producing very large quantities of sugar water sugars and actually needs to build the plant bring insults in strengthening the shooter down to move them in and out through the roof as we did today this is a very critical season by the government because these were there when we have this bridge and we have 70 percent of the whole holiday for the most crop at this out roof and there was a of the tremendous investment that that point is making that it hopes to recover in this year when it is going through and this is going to the public for another. But this is really about the piece because this is how the final absolute losers in the soil accrue from out in the then tap into literally. When it's acting to loop through has agreed with greatest number of the greatest moment of the. Sort of this stage planning stage of climate back to front and then the wind joining other sugar production into the river system and not going to $5.00 that might be expected. This continues. As we reach the pollination and the initial reproduction stage. On this score one for example as was. Something you wish to get emerges the year and start you know how soon we see how to stage it at this stage we now have very little energy being used for clients with almonds and rather that energy has shifted to Roosevelt and the worst of the planet is still transmitting the water in the sugar out through the cities of this age the same just radically at the next stage of finds all and where the climax of the year is those 3 water they give the crew members are actually absorb nutrients are absorbed very rapidly and very aggressively from the soil for a while and transmitted to the grid so this is at this stage the lower one is when. The clans. Need to be able to tap into a new reserve that is created during the freedom to loosen issues out to the system as nectar days so they use the come from one of the nation to use sugar then these 4 different areas happen that there is a need to find. The devastated plant of all of them learn to use it. Well look at this really interesting observation that what we have Those are all of them not all plants are full of the deciding to have their full capacity. Made plans to make the house so we observers you know are only one of the designing. A very small proportion of their own house and in many plans while as much as the Midlands costs for only for the. Head of the person $500.00 much is 20 percent of the 4 of that potential. They're not getting anywhere near the level of sugar production and sugar volume that they have the support of so well we have the product. Little business of both of the sudden very rapidly. The leading liberal of the large jar it was legal for me to resist. The cross little while I was a boy did. These foreclosures only by everything only those 5. Percent of their careers. For us thank you learn a thing. That's where I had to I had to watch the small times but there's a there's multiple things that we can extract messy others on the spiritual side there's things that. You saw most of it the majority of the time most of the energy was going into roots and rejects today it's it was below the surface right if you look at our spiritual walk and the majority of our energy should be going into things below the surface right that nobody sees you know studying prayer service these things right. And I was and I was else thinking about as I was watching this as. A mother we're told that before the child is born as some much more important then after the child is born right if the mother's not laying the groundwork the roots the root exodus to where she can draw from. She's bearing fruit and beyond she's going to get to the spot she doesn't have energy reserves. And that affects the whole life of that child. You know. And I've got another little video that's on corn this pretty fascinating but. So what if a field was full of healthy plants right what if back to the spiritual side what if. Christ was coming into the church and we were photosynthesizing Foley right this is what it would look like and we would be putting out roots in all directions and you know basically what the plan does ascent sends out the roots of the root system grows stronger and it puts out root acts a days that it can draw from later and how it builds healthiest oil faster is that if a healthy plant if it's healthy that's photosynthesizing over 65 percent like you said it will always put out more than it produces. So it's going to put more than it needs which will build up things around it which will build up biology and as over my head I can't explain it but basically things you know goes down the cycle it turns into fat which turns into. Humus eventually so you know and he was saying that you can never compete with plants as far as plants will always out produce what we can put on their compost through all these different sources so. As the same thing in a church right if you get one person that's on fire. Man change the world right the world was turned upside down in 12 people and that's happened multiple times so is this your church and if not why and. So here's a quote I'm sure all of you have heard it but it is a solemn statement that I make to the church that not one in 20 whose names are registered upon the church books are prepared to close their earthly history and would be as Verity without God and without hope in the world as the common center they are professed of they serving God but their earnestly serving Mammon this half and half work as a constant denying of Christ rather than a confessing of Christ. So many have brought into the church their own subdued spirit and refined their spiritual taste as perverted by their own immoral debasing corruptions symbolizing the world in the spirit and heart in purpose confirming themselves in the lustful practices and are full of deception through and through in their professed Christian life living as centers claiming to be Christians those who claim to be Christians and will confess Christ should come out from among them and touch not the unclean thing and be separate. Because of probably all heard that quote and when he was talking about photosynthesis he was saying that the majority of plants are not photosynthesising correctly and you have any idea or a guess of what percentage a typical plant is photosynthesizing at. What needs to be 6 the I think it says 60 or 65 or higher to be to be working correctly so the average and he's a small consultant and he's all over the world doing thousands and thousands of samples and basically he says the average is between and I think you talked about here a 2nd about 15 to 20 percent of plants are photosynthesizing where they should be so I think it's interesting that it's not quite the same correlation but it is fairly close. So another one here says I laid it I lay down my pan and left out my soul in prayer that the Lord would breeze upon is backslidden people who are as drybones that they may live the end is near stealing upon us so skillfully so imperceptibly so annoyed Leslie like the muffled tread of the thief in the night to surprise the sleepers off guard and on ready made a large grant to bring His Holy Spirit upon the hearts that are now at ease that they may no longer sleep it is as others do but watch and be sober. Saying. So I think this is more the reality of most of our churches you know as we have a few in our church right that are actually bringing in the sun you know it's coming through them and it's going out to those around them and yet you know we're late a c. and we think that we're focused on society and we think that we're you know we're doing a good work and. So this is really. You know. This is what a healthy planet looks like and I think this is what a healthy Christian looks like you know if we put all our energy into bearing fruit and we're not putting our energy into group bio mass into the word into. All these different areas it doesn't work and one of the amazing things that it's another video that. I'm not going to show but one of the the biggest causes for soil deficiency you know if you're deficient in calcium or something. Isn't that you're deficient in that but that you have an excess of something else right it's usually the farmer that causes the problem so it puts on too much calcium. Right and it causes a deficiency in another area and this is the same way in our life if we don't fold it real health if we don't have temperance access in one area the cause of the Depression seen another area. And that happens over and over again really is the observation of what we have a field of the whole planet are photos of deciding have there or how did I made it why was it made the drugs that we observers feel for all of us the design in. A very small proportion they're told of how the man finds one of the large as the doorway once in a house but only for the designing 10 percent of some time as much as 20 percent of the errors for that potential. There are not producing anywhere near the level of issues or production issues or volume that they have the potential for so whether we have a product that has complete poses and photos and deciding very rapidly we can see that within this rather than a large share it will be we have 4 different pieces. This is a really devoted Cross Blue Light and the disqualifier needed into these 4 different stages of 25 years and we always have those plans plans for all of the siding at 50 percent of their capacity or maybe are. Bad enough housing as for the majority that approximate today when we have the only usuals and a set of those wind up with a much smaller quantity of 2000 reduction. And because we have that was more quality people to the production. That showed up and all those little engine for equal of those now. Being played by a lot of the final 3 in the group will actually absorb the great proportion of the shooters and that as long as we do a lot of fun and the result is that we have the muscle of the bottom of. Their little shooters. As we did a. This is true the. Players need to utilize all the shooters was all we had little poses that it didn't really need and it is a little love with. The players will utilize the majority of the shooter is pretty easy to still find a great. Story think when he said that you know with the usual photosynthesis that the plants will use the majority of the sugars for themselves as I ran I got to use that because that's that's us right we have a very small sliver here that we're actually that's below the soil and we're using all this energy above the soil right which is what people see and it doesn't work right that's not a self that's not a system that's going to build and grow it's going to create healthy soil. So again you know there's a shortage for themselves. Yeah it's like a sugars that goes out and feeds the biology. Yeah so I'm not an expert but the question was whether it actually had some very sacred expertise go out they feed the biology and the biology is what breaks down the rocks you know the organic matter and things which in turn feeds the plant. So it's kind of odd if you're not if this plant isn't putting out those things to feed the biology to break down the feed the plant it's kind of a downward cycle right. Then you're just going down down. So I thought this was interesting it says not everyone say a sun I mean Lord Lord shall enter into the kingdom of heaven but he that do with the will of My Father which is in heaven many say on to me on that day Lord Lord have we not prophesied in the name and in it and I name have cast out devils and then I name have done wonderful works and then are professing to them I never knew you depart from me that work and make these at work iniquity and. You know I was thinking that in that Pipex or the majority of it wasn't a fruit and biomass but not into the roots and you know the roots I'm thinking ours is the Word of God So here's another video that takes a little different twist. And I think this was really fascinating to. The for. The 1st it was hard for a little girl very narrow windows it was a great deal of a coffee to read because the teacher was made because of the reader a little. The teacher the reader the potential of the. Needs of Israel over. Its uses. Cronan example look at the various groupings of corn when we have these critical points and with the various growth this is research some of them back at. The university in the early ninety's and they've been a few. Women night and told they have a core of determination that. Small simply isn't the number that you could potentially have not that it will. Potentially go that is really what they have a very discerning the number of rows per year could potentially have and then 4 into the 4 tonight they are a nation this is harming the number of girls per row. And we know obviously seeing these will better pre-term and is also an on having adequate rest of the really good growing conditions no question and all the correctness for filling that genetic material that we trim and in the 1st 6 weeks to the point where. We look at these There's some interesting observations in these critical points and diagram how why the corner 1st or if I really doubt that we have is looking at the Narrows of the window. You have another person when you have 3 days in the night it's called a window. If you met through the window that basically there was a scribe. That of course he went in the night before the theory is exposed to any rules for us that's going to that we're back on the number of years that play could potentially house so we have a narrow 3 day window if you meant the window we have struck and we can come close. Congress Treasury prove that or the structure of our significantly by ensuring that group attrition to talk about for hours the crisis that has you know stress if you miss the window by a single day tomorrow lose the one you know move one unfold the window to the forty's for the one day window. When off an opportunity to have an impact on the price each year you'll essential. The 2nd interesting point with that is that they agree we're all. Clear in the future genetic happening to dream about to use the term and earlier in the planet wide So for example when I was rolled the window it would have been blue ones in that window and increase the number of millions of years but one we're going to have a much clearer it was then a simple increased number rule to be greater than the rules. So the key to reducing your loss is simply reducing stress these critical points and ones and this is a very key phrase certain reducing your want the reality is that we use the same 2. To improve it with one on one as a sort of one of the other. Whenever we see a your response the reality is that we have not increased the ills we had that lead us to need Ross. I didn't know the various could a point within the most trying to understand what are the primary he was. Very consistent across different sides and what do we do with them and I quickly began to see and urging to fight for different groups the the balloon with one of them was the 1st c. but when it went the stage and similar to the coining of the whole grains for a. Greater role of essential to determine who is in the plans why this thing is critical for 2 reasons 1st it was. But the group is well known genesis of the term the sea and the 2nd reason it has found a small planet cannot handle same rules for a word when we want to show the Lincoln Tunnel to muddle through. And then we go where the same way we go. The same goes for us so there we go. We go so. The Pharisees so great one of them loses will find the way for him to see the moon but when we go with a horn quite a reunion so one of the. 60 or so we want to point to and the other one is only somewhere to go $31.00. In the next 6 weeks quite frankly the moment it was I was going to be an issue a lot of reproduction of a lot of things happened during a lot of my friends we have a lot of credit for her in the 4 days the very critical point I didn't lose only going. To see some fruit now on the prairie she recently instead of one of. One of the sure we used to be friends corner store you know we had a very good for one of the for the 4 Seasons in this mood I lean on them especially to see it come from here and then when I. Do not add a good friend the reason for this critical one and was. Role is. The lead story so we're told combine the 4. Could afford lawyers. In various places. A lot of different jobs. In the world. Through our part of the stress hormones which is better for the future of the world. So these are the 4 critical points events warrant and I'm going to kind of compare those to our own life you know. I think it's. Pretty fascinating so I've kind of just thrown some numbers appear these are. My ideas trying to get you guys think and supplanting and transplant team I'm thinking this kind of maybe from conception to 12 years old. Filling plant frame is maybe 12 to 25 years old filling a fridge is kind of the. You know child bearing years 25 to 50 and 25 might be on the higher side but somewhere in there and finishing for it maybe you know 50 to death and you know some amazing thing is. You know he said the greatest level of growth potential for crop yield is early on you know basically $9.00 to $12.00 days after you plant the seed if you have a corn stock that can produce 5 years you know but only produces 2 your yields have gone way down and I might just be because the soil see colder because of a storm or too much rain or any of those things. So when you when you look at a child right I believe that's when you have also have the most potential and I think this is why we're told that children should be able to run freely outside and enjoy nature and explore and all these different things. 10 years or older older So what happens if the devil comes up with the planned to put kids in school at 3 years old their developmental hole trajectory like everything changes and now the thing that he said was interesting is you can't all the things we do don't increase yields they just prevent loss right so a child has a certain amount of potential and our job as parents as grandparents as church members is to reduce the stress as much as possible so that the child can thrive and this isn't only. Little children also new people that come into the faith right we like to hammer him and we like to do things but they're on the same. Path you know we need to be gentle with them so I was going to try and find some stick man but I I can go to my computer because it's going to show that you know as each person has their own developmental stages they're overlapping with you like as I'm having kids you know I'm going to certain stage of my childhood is at a stage and. So this is just kind of showing our church again and that you know there's different people at different stages all around us you know so if we have a young family with small kids. You know and I was just saying about this the other day too is that you know we're told that what's the most important job in the world the mother right. Well that I've looked that might be the most important job at a school right but but but the most important job in this world we're told angels you know are even lower is the mother right because she has the most influence so in a church setting if the mother has the most important job what should be the most important job of that church. Should be supporting the mom right and oftentimes what we do is we say you're young you're full of energy we need can you do this can you do this can you do this you know and you know and she's at that time where you're on that chart she's like consuming all this energy to develop this fruit and you know so you might be in a different stage in your life where you're finishing a fruit and you can step in and help us mother and there's all kinds of ways that we can do this. Yes the comment was the importance of the man being a part of the house the husband house band to support the wife and. You know look you can you can kind of go on with the scenario you know but we're another county forgiveness that you know we should do things to help reduce the mother's working on this might be kitchen items simple things you know but. The mother has a very important role and you think about that. The amount of energy that it takes. So God has given us everything we need we don't need Miracle Gro. You know the goal is to reduce plant stress in all stages of life the early stages are the most critical in life and the Christian walk. And nourished with food and water. So you know I just brought it back to the slide again and again I think that this is kind of the one in 20 scenario here and. You know this is what happens when somebody else around that person starts photosynthesizing you know their roots aren't going out all the way up but they're starting and they start building up those around them and more and more and then the church starts growing right and starts expanding. And then eventually they get too big and they take some out in a transplant somewhere else and they start building up the soil around it. Yeah we'll come back to can you hold that question Ok I think we're almost done here sorry this is the. This is the goal right is that without this you know below the surface you just have a tree and eventually without a stronger a system it's just going to weather and die and you might walk by and say wow that's really really nice but it might only have a few roots down there and when the stresses come when the storms come when drought comes when all these things come in our life if we don't have the root system. You know for not building up those around us we have nothing to draw from and I think this is also amazing part of you know being at an average historic Christian is that you know I put energy into people in the church and people in my community all these things and when I have a day when I have issues in my life or I have a struggle you know those that I've built up around me you know they they jump right in and they help me if you don't have a support system which is what most the world doesn't have you know if a drought comes you just where they are and I and I think that's my last slide so we have a few minutes for questions so. Well so. That's a good question the question is what happens if you have too many plants in a field and. So from a market gardener standpoint you know if I'm growing turn ups you know if I grow them if I just throw like a whole pack of the seeds out of one area they don't develop a nice turnip you know they get taller and taller and lanky and they're all trying to fight for the sun and but if you space them out you know a couple inches apart they can grow nicely and develop and they develop quicker you know so some people actually hand transplant carrots and turn up some things in a market garden setting. To know that they're spaced evenly apart so they develop fast so you know I've had plants come from for example that I tilt up I didn't know was there and all they do when you have too many they're all growing up quickly and they're all trying to compete for the sun they all get leggy they don't produce much so I think this is. You know I've heard the analogy of. Ave Esther Christian will just say I haven't asked her like. Composter are manure right. If you put in a pile of stinks and you spread it out. It does a lot of good right so if you answer your question if you have a question or you raise your hand this or any other thoughts or things we can add to it. You know yes I live in South Dakota and we have Ponderosa pine and you know if you let them grow they just get a scraggly and close together and you know as a as a steward of the land you go in there and you you pull out all the ones that are split you know that are deformed that are close together you know and eventually over time you get big nice tall straight trees. And at this when you're doing that when you're taking all the junk you're also get rid of all the bad genetics you know and then eventually these big tall straight trees produce good tall straight trees you know which is our children right and. That's yeah you can go on and on and on and it's fascinating the deeper you look the more you learn but the I think as we go back to our churches the best things that we can do is make sure that individually you know we're photosynthesizing and not a 60 percent but 100 percent you know and when you're doing this you're not focused on. You know how much are your neighbors photosynthesizing you know you're just you're doing what we're just called to do and if you can't help it right when a healthy plant is producing healthily it gives way more than it needs. You can't you can't hold it back the sun comes and. It goes out and. One other quick comment is. You know unfortunately I've heard this a lot and in the avarice world is that you know I have a property that I've bought in the country and when the time comes you know when I see on the news I'm going to I'm going to go out there right. And it doesn't work in the scenario because you don't have the root system you don't have like the virgins right they didn't have the oil they didn't have the established routes they had the above the surface crop maybe it looked good but when the time came they weren't prepared. So. There's. There's there's some other lectures that he gives that are really good it breaks it down really clearly but. So basically for a plant to photosynthesize correctly it needs like 4 or 5 main elements you know she says potassium and magnesium and I can't remember it's been a while but. So you can do and actually they have a newer test called a plant 7 analysis where they take the leaves and they essentially juice them I guess and they'll tell you exactly what the plant has and this is also an amazing thing is that you can literally. If a plant is missing magnesium every day and again I'm not an expert but every day the plant brings in energy as simple and it turns the simple sugars right and then every 24 hours they converse it to a. Protein like a complex protein and then puts it down the roots if it doesn't have what it needs it stays in the plant as a simple sugar. So then you have bugs like a fed and all these things that only seed on simple sugars. So they come in there gobbling up the simple sugars if the plant has what it needs and it converts it to a complex protein that protein can't eat it anymore for the a fatal whatever can't eat it just leaves so in a matter of 24 to 48 hours he has the implants that or infested with a fed. Where they are now gone. And this is you know he goes back to saying you can do it you know takes 20 years and this is the same thing with our spiritual walk right like you can get rid of sand maybe buy yourself buy these things that you can these rules are going to make and you can avoid it but when Christ comes in and right he can change it like that he can take your desire and change it and so basically that. You know once you figure out what your plant is lacking. You know then you then you can know. What to put in the plan and there are some things you can follow your feed the plant tore it up takes an instantly as starts getting the cycle going faster. Yeah. So I would encourage you to listen to some of John Kemp John camp. Casey m.p. it's got all kinds of webinars on You Tube and I really like him because he's a self-taught man and it. Is really easy to understand this media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or you would like to listen to more sermons leave the w w w audio verse or.


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