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First the Blade, then the Ear

Larry Lesher


This class will look at understanding the order of the way-marks in a parable — developing skills that will help you to apply the principle of the right arm of the gospel.


Larry Lesher

Owner of Eastward Gardens in Indiana.


  • January 17, 2020
    3:45 PM
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Heavenly Father we thank you for the day the opportunity to be here to hear different messages to get different insights and how to grow in knowledge of who you are and how to apply this model of agriculture in our own lives that we might be able to. Know your calling for us to understand the education that you've set in place and that we might be prepared for the work that you have for us here in the higher work above. Settle our minds Lord as we look at these things I pray for your spirit to guide and direct to fill the hearts of the people that are in this room and those that my hear it later that they might be told of you that you would hide me behind the cross and it not be my words but that I would be a tool in your hand to speak to your people and we think you that you are so intricately interested in our day by day walk that we can share each of our concerns each words that we hear all those things that were going to say that you will guide and direct as in these things that we might walk according to your will and your purposes to be with us now teaches in leaders in God isn't all truth I pray and again I ask that we not just be here but we would put these things into practice that you would that you would help us to have courage and strength to apply these things though they may be new and strange and difficult you will give us the tools we need and you will make the way so we think you forward in Jesus' name and for his sake we pray. All right. Well. This. Lecture is titled 1st the blade in the air than the full corn in the air. People are probably familiar with that statement it's a popular statement Mark $428.00. My thoughts on the statement will kind of see some of them but in general my thoughts on that statement is this is a process of maturity are supposed to mature in Christ and so we will take a look at that as soon as we look at the parable of photosynthesis. So. I'm going to start with this statement. In the growth of the seed in the soil a man cannot see the working of unseen agencies that develop the plant to perfection bringing up 1st the blade then the ear than the full corn in the air but the young in the faith you may know that you have passed from death on to life if the fruit of the spirits are made manifest in your life if you are growing in faith and hope and love you may know that your spiritual vision has been cleared. If you delight to do well upon the planet salvation upon the glorious manifestations of the divine character if your heart in contemplation of the love of God glows with ink fullness enjoy you may be sure that you have been illuminated by the beams of the Holy Spirit and heavenly agencies are bringing your character up to maturity and Christian life you may not realize that you were growing up in the Christ your living head your part is simply to submit your ways in your will to God you are to trust yourself fully to God knowing you cannot make yourself grow so we're going to look at the process of maturity and we're going to do it through the parable of the plant because yesterday we learned. We see Christ in every spiral grass we see him in all the things around us and so we can learn of Him through plants their nature through the living parables that are all around us like I said we're going to we're going to this is more about this statement goes along with this particular lecture but I'm going to step back and we're going to look at the parable of of. Photosynthesis. About that. First we'll start with John John 14 In him was the life and the life with his the law was the light of men and so we were looking at photons yesterday if you were here it would be posted up but we were looking at photons and how photons are have kind of this door reality they have there are a wave in there also a particle and how that symbolized Christ is physical and spiritual and so on and so we were moving forward from that and we read this quote this quote would be from sons and daughters of God page $281.00. The Lord has made every provision so that we may have a rich abundant joyful experience. Or give us a 2nd here let's. Let them come in. Below everybody. All right and I'll start over the Lord has made every provision so that we may have a rich abundant joyful experience and not a wonderful thought. In spite of all the crazy things that go on in the world and in our own lies even in spite of the bad decisions we make ourselves sometimes he's made provision for us John writes concerning Christ said John writing let me rest John writes concerning Christ St In Him was life in the life with the light of men life is associate it with light and if we have no light from the Sun of Righteousness we can have no life in him but this light has been provided for every soul and it is only as we withdraw from the light that darkness comes upon us Jesus said He that follows me shall not walk in darkness but shall have the light of life in the world about in the world about us there can be no life without light where the sun to withdraw is shining all vegetation all animal life would have an end I think about that. Did everybody notice I pointed out yesterday before all the new folks did you notice what kind of son we're talking about. Who wasn't here yesterday raise your hand does everybody notice what Son we're talking about. We're talking about Jesus Christ. Righteousness of the Flies it's spelled s.-u. in. Why is the Sun of Righteousness s u n. We need to be careful about that revelation warns about jots and tittles. Let alone letters so I and this struck me I'll just say this struck me it's always been something that I've kind of wondered about why the son of right we're not sun worshippers are we anybody know we're not sun worshippers and so why the Sun of Righteousness it's very intriguing to me anybody else here intrigued. Now intrigued they them they're intrigued are right so. I've said I'll leave off at the bottom when they're. Ok on there but this light has been provided for every soul and it is only as we withdraw from the light that darkness comes upon us I read that already but do you catch that. Now hold on. Do you ever feel like you're alone. Now how could you possibly feel alone because the only time the light leaves you is when you do way. When you walk away from it. So if you're feeling alone that should be a warning sign. You need to have reconnected with the Sun of Righteousness. That's because the Lord is reaching down into your heart that he's trying to. Grab hold of this each one of us. Someone to pick up where it's underlined and highlighted down here at the bottom. In the world about as there can be no life without light or the sun to withdraw all his shining all vegetation all animal life would have an end now if you were here yesterday and if you were here yesterday to talk about the photon you know the photon is if you were here yesterday you can't answer. But if it's a light wave from where from the sun. And that light wave isn't just a wave it comes in discrete units What's a discrete unit. It's a particle if you're here yesterday you know. It's a particle in a particle comes in discrete units which means it comes in packets which is not a wave a wave comes as a continuum and so light we don't we know very little about light but as we try to explain it this is how we explain light and so we can recognize that light is different it's unique and it has this duality just like Christ had a duality he was that with one hand he had divinity and with the other hand he had humanity and he was that connecting link between our Heavenly Father and our sense that condition right so it goes on this illustrates the fact that we cannot have spiritual life unless we place ourselves under the beams of the Sun of Righteousness if we put a flowering plant in a dark room it will soon wither and die and so we may have some spiritual life and yet lose it by dwelling in an atmosphere of doubt and gloom. Well we're going to find out a little bit about this life. This is. The last part of this verse sons and daughters of God page 281 we are called as was John not to take the place of Christ but to witness to the light to direct the mind of others to him Let no one who would witness for Christ make himself prominent and seek to attract the attention of the people to himself but let him strive to lift up Jesus. You know. You're a star as what's a star it's the sun. But if you're on Earth. And we go to Hollywood what's the star. Of the what's the City of Lost angels. We think of things in terms of. Of self exaltation of lifting self up but when we see the Sun of Righteousness shine upon us we're not to lift self up or to reflect Christ right or to draw men to Christ not to self I said I think it was just I said one of my classes we went people to go with what we went into. What we win them with if I win you to me you're lost. If I win you to some methodology if it's not Christ method alone you know off we need to win people to Christ. It goes on humanity has in itself no light apart from Christ we are like and on kindled taper like the moon when her face is turned away from the sun we have not a single ray of brightness to shed into the darkness of the world but. In that a great word especially when something seems so. But when we turn towards the Sun of Righteousness when we come in touch with the with Christ the whole soul is a glow with the brightness of the divine presence. We can rest in Jesus Christ though we may be all this stuff may be new all this stuff may be frightful and fearful How am I going to make all these transitions and changes all these things are so new to me he says child I have you in the palm of my hand all you have to do is put your foot in the water and I will part of the way Amen. So photosynthesis. This is a profound thought because photosynthesis is how new energy enters into our sphere this this earth I was reading a book the other day and it talked about entropy does anybody know what entropy is interplay is the unwinding of the sun and saying that in an artistic way. Entropy is went in or g. is dissipated it's to it's form where it's no longer useful to us and it's dissipating off and it goes out into the solar system to never return and so we need new energy on a constant basis because we take energy we use energy and we use that energy up and it never goes away energy never goes away it transfers a transfer you get this and that energy goes into something else right transforms it moves but ultimately when it comes to its end it's going to dissipate off into the atmosphere and go out so as it goes out there something constantly coming in and that happens through photosynthesis. Photo means light synthesis means to put together which means making things with light. Now that's kind of might not sound like that big a deal but it's actually a really really amazing things because what happens without light we just read it all things die. Everything would die without this every animal every plant and does. It's all about life the New Age movement is all about light that are there you know I think they see something they're confounded and confused about the reality of how it actually works so photosynthesis is c o 2 plus h 2 o. plus photons because everybody knows c o 2 is carbon dioxide h 2 o. water photons we learned yesterday photons are. Light particles and waves in something like that. So when photosynthesis happens. There's these reactions we call light dependent in light independent reactions or light reactions in dark reactions what that means is there are reactions that are dependent upon the photons depended upon the light and the other ones don't happen in the darkness but they don't depend upon that light for their work that makes sense. Now photosynthesis is extraordinary Nely complicated like probably graduate work has been done on photosynthesis and we still really don't understand it really at all so I'm going to be pretty vague and pretty simple so things might not be fully explained but we will get the point of what we're trying to get to is that fair Ok. One of the things we'll want to know is that photons plus water. Is water will be a process called Water hydrolysis where the water molecule is split. And when that happens it creates products like a.t.p. and in a.d.h. an a d p h and what it does is it a.t.p. as I did a sin triphosphate and that is the same energy you use when you move your arm or when you stand up or run or walk you use a.t.p. you convert sugar into energy with phosphate group phosphate actually breaking off a phosphate group of that identity and driving 3 phosphate groups to have an adult adenosine molecule with 3 phosphates attached to it when you break a phosphate off there's more energy released so you have energy now the o 2 is going to be broken out. H 2 o. right so we're going to get this. Sort of the carbon dioxide the 02 is coming from there. There's another reaction called the Calvin cycle which happens in the dark reactions are the light independent reactions and they create this slice there or have a saying that right earlier Lister aldehyde 3 phosphate So this is another form of energy and so this is how we create energy but ultimately what we want to know you don't really need to know all that but what you need to know is that we're going to create. Carbohydrate their body know to carbohydrate is carbohydrate is a sugar and when we make that sugar the O'Toole's going to be left over and we call that oxygen molecular oxygen so carbohydrates is the fuel for all life it's the basis of all energy storage it's the simplest form does everybody here have you ever heard of. No. Nothing. When people have heart disease oftentimes they have high triglycerides. Triglycerides and things of that nature are. Part of the conversion of sugars to fats right and so we have long term storage that is fats and we have short term storage that are in carbohydrate form it's obviously more to complicate it than that but that's the general thing this is the fuel though the essence this is where all our energy comes from in photosynthesis and then we have the o 2. If you were going to be on an Adkins diet what would you not eat. Carbohydrates and what is everybody on the what's the 1st thing they say they can't have bread why do they say that because bread is fundamentally carbohydrates and that would make bread a carbohydrate which would make carbohydrates the bread of life now I'm just suggesting that but we'll see if that plays out. In John 631 through 52 it says this. 5152 I don't know I must have written that down wrong the 3 is supposed to be a 51 and 52 Sorry John 651 and 52 it says I am the living bread which came down from heaven if any man eat this bread he shall live forever in the bread that I will give him is my flesh which I will give for the life of the world anybody ever read that So Christ is the Bread of Life photosynthesis comes from the Sun of Righteousness. And it creates carbohydrates which is the foundation of bread. And and also in John one is says in the beginning was the word in the Word was with God in the Word was God because the bread of life is the Word of God and we talked about yesterday his equal or Jeremiah. And we talked about John and what do they eat what do they the scroll to the little book the roll you remember that So what do you suppose these are parables right so parable we're getting the parable of photosynthesis and we're seeing that photosynthesis is really talking about the plan of salvation but what are we supposed to eat. We're supposed to eat the Word of God What happens when you eat something in the health message what are we told you eat something what happens to it. It becomes your blood and we just read here they were supposed to eat His flesh and drink his it's not there is it but it is you know you know the text where you drink his blood. Amen but you know what that o 2 is. If you don't have 02 will happen to you. You will die because you need the breath of life. You see that and that amazing. What's the breath of life here prayer Amen. The breath that comes from God. Life. Look at what it could be. A living soul and look here John 2022 it says and when he had said this he breathed on them and said into them receive ye the Holy Ghost. We talked about that yesterday you talked about the breath being the water in the breath you know when you want to clean your glasses you. Breathe on them we get a little moisture on em. And we were looking but we were looking at it today what in the morning yesterday we were looking at the structure of soil and how soil structure and how that's the breath of life and. What that was the other part. The Holy Spirit is the organic matter but what was the 50 percent the dust of the ground and the dust of the ground and the breath of life and the holy spirit breathed into him that's how soul structured you know. He didn't see that go back and check out that lecture I'll tell you something else about a plant after Does all this photosynthesizing it's got all the sugar and it's it's going to was stored all up put it into barns keep it plants give back 50 percent of all they produce as root exit dates they push all that out into their their community they give. It takes to give Where do we get it though where do they get all that to give it. From the Sun of Righteousness from the Holy Spirit right that outpouring of the spirit that overflows member I talked about the organic matter was there anybody remember what I said organic matter was I don't maybe I didn't get to yesterday look at this I didn't get to yesterday it was in the part that we didn't record says when this process works correctly the plant will produce high levels of secondary metabolites Does anybody know what a secondary metabolite is. From it's the immune system of the plant did you know plants that immune systems the secondary metabolites or things like this such as like a pain rest are very trawl everybody you know Reza very troll like a pain those cancer fighting agents all those things that are purple the red the lycopene is red and tomatoes those are the the any oxidants. Those are the things we want so that we have strong immune systems. When that happens in the plants functioning at a high level and it's pushing all these these root exits into the root zone like. We're going to find out here it will produce lifted Does everybody know what a lift it is. It's all it's fat and when we're sick and we have a sore throat What do you do. You don't go to the doctor. We read a quote yesterday about the doctors the new way. We use essential oils things like what Reagan all oil where did original oil come from. Oregano right obviously. And so they start producing these the oils and we see these are powerful they have great medicinal properties and they start pushing these out into the root zone and they start exuding those these live is out into the root zone in such large concentrations and I'm going to finish reading this. That it was read them into the root zone and the fungal population will begin the human vacation process as anybody know what humidification is. When it breaks down the soil. And what's a breaking down. The lids the oil it's going to take that oil and these these these all this fungal hifi all this fungus going to digest these oil over and over and over and it doesn't give it back it just keeps re digesting it and this is the human fixation process and it becomes humus who's heard of humus who's heard of human substances. And you make substances are. The most there are who's heard of full Vic acids and Hugh make acids do you know that those are full of acceptance is but there's another full Vic substance there's no way I'm finishing this. There's one called human. Did you know there's an element called human h u. H u m i n And when you use. Alkali substance to extract to make substances from the soil it will kill the human substance it neutralizes it but the human substance has an everybody here notice c.e.c. is a cat ion exchange capacity that's the positive there cat ions in your soils those are cat ions those cat ions there's also in an ion exchange capacity which is the negative charge I'm giving you too much information Michelle you can rewind and listen again go test it all and prove it but that usually is a really small percentage of the soil structure but this human substance its almost equal with the cat I equivalent in your organic matter your capacity to hold nitrogen which we would off gas and we leeching to the water supply all these and phosphorus which is a very very when it leaches into the water supply is very toxic it's one of the worst things we get algae blooms and we have these dead zones in the Gulf but when we have the human substance in there it has a really strong and I am holding capacity and it will hold those substances so we don't lose them and that amazing. So because the plant does all of this it creates this substance in the human substance organic matter only makes up about 5 percent of our of our soils but it's the glue that holds our soils together it's a literally the glue and it's things like glue male and get it glue male and it's the glue in our soils What's the glue that holds us together. It's the Holy Spirit did we did the soil profile because what's the oil. The Holy Spirit. Aren't these parables just phenomenal I mean they're just a mind boggling and they're amazing So once we have this photosynthetic engine process going and we've got these rude exit dates we should probably look at Roots shifting away I mean it just seems so natural and proverbs $123.00 a Says a man shall not be established by wickedness but the root of righteousness shall not be moved to. Man and that beautiful and signs of the Times March 27893 paragraph 2. 1000000000 this helplessness do you feel your help. I've had a lot of people tell me a man can learn so much it's almost like overwhelming we don't know what to do next and you're right we are supposed to be the right filling his helplessness the young Christian is to place himself in the channel of light and improving all the opportunity that our gracious are graciously bestowed upon him that he may give a deeper that he may gain a deeper experience and to and take deep root in Christ as the plant roots in the soil his faith must increase his consecration be maintained. His love be made perfect as is represented by the blade ear and the full corn in the air his ill did you see that word Zille someone asked me today do I have ups and downs my Christian walk you know you're on fire for the Lord sometimes and sometimes you're not. I want to share something with you. If you're having a rollercoaster experience it's because you're having a bad experience it's because your lower passions are in control of your higher powers and you're making your decisions based on excitement and emotion. And we should be principle our higher thinking our higher powers should be in control of our lower passions. Are higher passions are beautiful and wonderful Christ had them but if they're in control you are out of control because you have to be in control of them will move on his faith must increase his consequence his consecration be maintained his love be made perfect perfect as is represented by the blade the air the full corn in the ear his ill should be argument and tireless and with unwavering trust in Christ His growth may be on marred did you hear of. We move with all that we are we sell all to buy the filled only. And where to buy that Pearl of Great Price the Pearl of Great Price Christ did you know that Christ went to the market and he bought that pearl and it was you. And he wants you to be an Marty he wants you to rise to that high Colleen you know the problem. You can't change your heart but you can put your will on his side you can take your higher powers and you can choose by principle to do that which is righteousness and not let those lower passions control you. And you can be marred it is a promise you have to do one thing you have to put your will on his side you have to remain connected to Christ every thought every word every deed. And this is what you get. He goes on to say this for a genuine experience will result in the development of a Christ like character a man brothers and sisters the parable of Agriculture is teaching us something Christ once used to be a blade and he told us it was perfect in its fear but it is a process of maturity and you were perfect all along the way and he wants you to bear full mature fruit and he said I will do this in you. He loved us so he sent his son that he might be our example and you know what Christ had he never once ever had his lower passions in control of his hour powers. Maturity. Christ object lessons page $8293.00 the gradual development of the plant from the seed is an object lesson in child train their spurs the blade then the ear then the full corn in the year are we talking about 3 year olds yes we are. But are we talking about 60 year olds yes we are. He who gave this parable created the tiny seed gave it its vital properties and ordained the laws that govern its growth this is a parable about a seed about a child. You're his child no you not that you are sons of god daughters of God sons and daughters of God What a lovely thought he who gave this parable created the tiny seed gave it its vital properties in ordained the laws that govern its growth your growth is ordained of God. And the truth which the parable teaches were made a living reality in Christ own life and his own life it seems he's not asking you to do something that he himself was unwilling to do in both his physical and his spiritual nature he followed the divine order of growth illustrated by the plant did did you just hear that the plant is the illustration of the order of growth that Christ had. As he wishes all youth to do him in. A minute. Mark 428. For the earth bringing forth fruit yourself 1st the blade then the air after that the full corn in the ear it's a process of maturity yet I don't have the quote on this until we get to the end I forgot to put it in my notes must have missed that sorry I'll give you the quote After we finish reading it what I have are many pages this one takes he who gave this parable created the tiny seed gave it its vital properties and ordained the laws that govern its growth maybe I messed up here. To put this on there twice I apologize that was the last one so that Ok let me skip had 5 lectures sorry. And they skip over that one to the next one all right here we go and I still don't have that one I'll give it to you only get to the end of it the parable of the seed reveals that God does it work in nature. So we were talking about the seed in the last quote rain. There is life in the seed there is power in the soil but unless an infinite power is exercised day and night the seed will yield no returns every seed grows every plant develops by the power of God We've learned that all along the way as we've been going through these classes if you've been here with me or you've listened you can go back and listen to him Who's to see what we just learned the seed was. So word of God What if we just learned it does Christ the child that the parable of that see was a child or a we just read that in the last quote then we not. Part of. It is implanted in a point implanted in you what happened. It bears fruit so when it's implanted in you it's Christ in you in Christ is that child and he's the model of what child his brothers and sisters and he's your brother and sister and then Christ as our brother. Let's finish this every seeing is Ok the germination of the seed represents the beginning of spiritual life and the development of the plant is the beautiful figure of Christian growth as in nature so is great show so in grace there can be no life without growth the plant must either grow or die. You're either up or you're dying. We have this experience. We're having a dining experience as in nature so in grace for that as it as its growth this silent and in perceptible but continuous So as the Delta Development of the Christian life at every stage of the bell development our life may be perfect at full maturity it does not say that. What's it say that at every stage of development our life may be perfect theoretically perfect kind of sort of perfect in a. No no we can abide in Christ. Part of. It's in him we abide in Christ. And. First the blade then the ear then the full corn in the air we're told it's perfect and it's fear it's a process of maturity. But we can be perfect in ours here with all that we know we can be obedient yet if God's purpose for us is fulfilled there will be continual advancement sanctification is the work of a lifetime as our opportunities multiply our experiences will enlarge and our knowledge increase we shall become strong to bear responsibility and our maturity will be in proportion to our privileges Amazing Grace October 2nd that's the quote the plant grows by receiving that which God has provided to sustain its life. This is what you are inferring our connection with trife the plant grows by receiving that which God has provided to sustain its life its sins down its roots into the earth to drink in the sunshine the do in the rain it receives the life giving properties from the air so the Christian is to grow about cooperating with the divine agencies as the plant takes root in the soil so we so we are to take deep root in Christ as the plant. Receives the sun shone the do in the rain we are to open our hearts to the Holy Spirit by constantly constantly. That word means with out in a constant by constantly relying upon Christ as our personal Savior we shall grow up into him in all things who is our head. What happens when the head is below the body. What happens when we put the body above the head. Our lower passions are in control of our higher powers Christ is the head Christ is supposed to be in control of our lower passions. What brings maturity what brings the fruit to ripen. The Holy Spirit Amen how do we read it the latter rain last day events page 192 it is left with us to remedy the defects in our characters whoa hold on who is this left to. To us. You have to put your will on God's side. This is your work he will not force your will he will not take your will we pray Lord take this from take do it for me he says I love you. And love is a free will offering he cannot take it from you you have a will and he will not take your will from you. It is left to us to remedy the defects in our character to cleanse the soul temple of every defilement then the latter rain will fall upon us as the early rain fell upon the disciples on the day of Pentecost and did you catch that. It's it's $452.00 I believe. I have to 5 All right we've got a few more moments. This is on the latter rain here this is from review in Herald March 2nd 897. Many have in great measure failed to receive the former rain they have not obtained all the benefits that God has thus provided for them they expect that the lack will be supplied by the latter rain when the riches abundance of grace shall be bestowed they intend to open their hearts to receive it they are making a terrible mistake. The work that God has begun in the human heart in giving his light and knowledge must be continually growing forward going forward every individual must realize his own the sesame the heart must be emptied of every defilement and clinched from the end welling in and cleansed for the into elling of the spirit it was by the confession and forsaking of sin by earnest prayer and consecration of themselves to God that the early disciples prepared for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost the same work only in greater degree are you ready only in greater degree must be done now because we will only be ready if we sow a seed that is equivalent to the harvest we desire. Then the human agent had only to ask for the blessing and wait for the Lord to perfect the work concerning him. Let me read that again I want you to think about that the same work only a greater degree must be done now then the human agent at that time at Pentecost then the human agent only had to ask for the blessing and wait for the Lord to perfect the work concerning him it is God who began the work and he will finish the work making man complete in Jesus Christ but there must be no neglect of the Grace represented by the former rain only those who are living up to the light they have over see greater light and less we are daily advancing in the exemplification of the act of Christian virtue we shall not recognize the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in the latter rain it may be does everyone know this. It may be falling on hearts all around us but we shall not discern or receive it. It goes on at no point in our experience can we just dispense with the assistance of the of that which enables us to make the 1st start the blessing received under the former rain will reign our needful of us to the end so there will be no great outpouring at the end that will be lacking the early rain if the seed doesn't germinate can it bear fruit. If this recede if it goes into drought halfway through the season will the plant produce fruit. Is the parable true. Yet this alone will not suffice while we cherish the broad blessing of the early rain we must not on the other hand lose sight of the fact that without the latter rain to fill out that year and write in the grain the harvest will not be ready for the sickle everyone's familiar with Revelation 14 and the labor of the Sower will have been in vain Divine Grace is needed at the beginning divine grace at every step of the dance and divine grace alone can complete the work there is no place for us to rest in a careless attitude we must never forget the warning of Christ watch into prayer watch him pray all the way. There is this is my words we read earlier. Go back and listen there is no room for jesting in joking when you're it war it's not funny. We are soldiers of Christ and it is by constant connection everbearing understanding of the battle that we are in because it's not so much about as it's about the vindication of our Heavenly Father's character. We have this high calling. That we can glorify God that we can show a dying world the character of Jesus Christ. We must never forget the warning of Christ watch him to prayer watch him pray always. A connection with the divine agency every moment is essential to our progress we may have had a measure of the Spirit of God but by prayer and faith we are continually to seek more of the Spirit it will never do to cease our efforts if we do not progress if we do not place ourselves in an attitude to receive both the former and the latter rain we shall lose our souls and the responsibility will lie at our own door. This parable will not fail you because Christ gave us this parable that we might know him that we might know him in such a deep way and such a profound intimacy that everywhere we look when we are walking around we will constantly be reminded of our connection to our Heavenly Father and that what Christ has done for us is in. So much share Michelle is making reference to Mary Magdalene when she poured out that oil and she took her hair and. Cleaned the feet of Christ and Judas Iscariot you know he held the bag. He wanted that money the value of that oil and Christ said Let her alone. And when everybody abandon Christ and he's hanging on the cross We're told that all alone the father is back turned. He could smell that the 19 because he was anointed for his burial. Mary Magdalen not like Joseph Verma Thea not when he was of no value to Christ when it was he's dead and what's a value of anything to a dead man but while he was alive. She poured out all she had on. And you too when that time comes and you hang upon the cross because you will be lifted up as an enzyme because it's Christ in you and if you be lifted up of Christ be lifted up he drawls all men unto himself. It's that oil all those treasures you've mined out all that time you spent in the scriptures all that time you spent in the garden learning these things understanding these parables those are the things you're going to cling to that's the gold it's going to be the Pearl of Great Price a connection with the divine agency every moment is essential to our progress. And then. In Matthew 617 it says you shall know them by their fruits. Sorry Matthew 716 you shall know them by their fruits dooming gather grapes of thorns or figs from the souls of you and Herald September 18 1900 Thus Christ present the false union with himself in contrast with the truth those who have not a living connection with Christ May 2 outward appearance be in fellowship with Him their names may be enrolled on the church books but they are not members of his body they do not bear fruit to the glory of God you shall know them by their fruits Christ said dooming gather grapes from thorns or figs from thistles Even so every good tree bringing forth good fruit but a corrupt tree bringing forth evil fruit a good tree can not bring forth evil fruit are these parables true. When people tell you oh no don't be so hard on yourself brother don't be hard so hard on yourself sister. We should be weeping over our behavior we should be broken. We should be on our knees pleading for our hearts to be changed why do we have a love for this world why are we attracted to this world the only way we can be attracted to this world is if we do not know something more beautiful. If you don't know something more beautiful you have not met Christ. Even so every good tree bring its fruits bring it forth good fruit but a corrupt tree bring forth evil fruit a good tree cannot bear for bring forth evil fruit Neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit a mind of red that a good treat cannot bring forth evil fruit Neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit every tree that bring us not forth good fruit is hewn down and cast into the fire wherefore by their fruits shall you know them. Crisis provided means whereby our whole life may be unbroken be an unbroken communion with himself but the sense of Christ abiding present can can come only through living faith there must be a personal consecration to him self must be hid with Christ in God then the Grace received will be constantly imparted as a grateful offering to God in this union Christ identifies himself with man before God and the heavenly universe but as many as received Him to them gave he power to become the sons of God even to them that believe on his name our sins are reckoned to Christ. Listen to that. Our sins are reckoned to cry his righteousness in peace is imputed to us. We are made the righteousness of God. Because of his atoning sacrifice our prayers go up to the father all laden with the fragrance of Christ character and one with Christ we are accepted in the beloved Christ connection with his believing people as illustrated by this parable as by no other we should study the lesson that we may know what the parable So what the parent stock is to the branch and in what light the Lord regards those who believe in abiding Christ let all contemplate the completeness it is their privilege to have and ask themselves the question. Is my Will submerged in Christ will is the fullness and richness of the living vine his goodness his mercy his compassion in love scene in my life in character. When men see you Daniel was humbled into the 3 familiar with this thing a chapter. In your chapter a he's beholds Christ and he's humbled into the dust it's a vision he has is called The more a vision the more off. It's the same word that they used when the women gave their looking the lasses to make the laver the more raw The more a female masculine and we behold Christ we look into a mirror and what you're supposed to see when you look in that mirror is Christ. Because it's Christ in you the hope of glory because when the world looks at you and shouldn't be you Heavenly Father you're waiting for us you're longing for us to be a people you want to. Do this work and us Father help us not to kick against the pricks let us not fight against you. Lord help us to see what you're offering let us consent to put our will on your side that you might do this work that you might finish this work that you would prepare a people to stand that this world might see something in your people Christ and His people the last message to go to a dying world that they might choose you that they might have opportunity. To become sons of God with much knowledge comes much responsibility father you have given this church you have given this body so much light so much knowledge let us not squander this great gift for we will be held accountable Lord forgive us our sins cleanse us search our hearts see if there be any wicked way and us that these things might bubble up and come to the surface you throw. You cast no unworthy stones into the fire so Lord I pray you would that we would choose. That you might purify is that we might do if it best so I pray. That you might do or by that not an. Ingenious name for his sake. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio 1st if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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