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The Seed and the Wayside Soil

Philip Samaan


  • January 16, 2020
    6:45 AM


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Well I grew up on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and our farm extended all the way to the shore beans green beans grew very well close to the sand and have all of the sea and we grew. All our food we lacked nothing and my parents had 6 kids and I'm the youngest and with them we were 8 and then the extra produce and fruit and grain. Olives and all of all we sold. For money to to manage. By the way. When people hear my accent which is really not Southern nor the it's just a mixture of things they hear my accent especially where I live where I live in the south they always ask me the worry of frogs. Anybody ever asked you could where you're from anyway. And I intentionally do not say Maryland Texas Oregon Tennessee No I say even though I've been in this country 54 years came here as a teenager I just look at them and say I was born in Syria. And the supply is on their face some of them actually at nervous because you think I'm a terrorist from that part of the world and they say to me Can anything good. Can anything good come out of Syria. Because of all the violence civil war and problems you know I came from where the family feud the longest running family feud in the House of Aber is still is being wasted a Among the children of Abraham. So then I as I see them getting nervous and you know like being a bit suspicious. I say relax why I said you know they asked the same question of Jesus Christ by Nathaniel he told Philip who brought them to Jesus and my name is Philip he said Can anything good come out of Nazareth is not something again anything anything good come out of Nazareth can Jesus be good because he came out of Nazareth how we view people based on their background and by the way sometimes it's how we think of people they are not good you know why because they come from this background this nationality you know they're a bunch of rednecks farmers intellectuals but you know Jesus sings differently than we think is Zacchaeus I mean nothing in essence was saying to Jesus you know good because you come out of Nazareth how the Jews respond to. You remember his respond wonderful response he said you know Jesus now addressing the. He said You are a true is a light when he saw him in whom there is no guile for he was the greatest compliment the most affirming statement that if any of you don't think highly of me you don't think I have any good in me because I come from Nazareth but the Fania as I look at you I'm telling you you are genuine through thick Israelite in whom there is no god that's the greatest compliment you can give a Jewish person even though we're not good and there's a lot God in us he's believes it is for him. You know it reminds me. It reminds me of what your brother Lucia Brown an author from Lebanon says a true friend is someone into whom you can pour out the contents of your heart both weed and shaft together what with you with the chaff with a gentle breath you blow the Chaff away and you hold on to the colonel that's the kind of Friend We Have in Jesus he focuses on the weak not the chaff because all of us have chaff and wheat and if we focus on the chaff we maximize the chaff we minimize the wheat but if we focus on the wheat in people's lives we maximize the wheat and we minimize the chap that's crisis approach that's Christ method and how we impact people's lives anyway so this is a little into duction I told the people who ask me this question can anything come out of your part of the world and I say yes wonderful things come there I don't say Look At Me I come from I leave myself aside to the end I say Jesus came from there it's no wonder why Jesus came from that part of the world he didn't come from China he didn't come from Britain he didn't come from the United States Jesus came from the Bible lands so something good comes out of that the best in the old Christ is the greatest gift of heaven the quality is the best a come to this is the most and the duration is whoever he identified with us forever and I say the 10 Commandments the Bible the Apostles the prophecy patriarchs what would you do without the Bible so when I say all the things with a smile they begin to listen and they want to ask more questions and I start witnessing to them that's my effective way of starting with somebody on this note and they become very curious I never thought of that before tell me more about. Now on our farm which is not as big as your farms here this is a big country I met farmers who have 800 acres 1500 acres which is had few acres it was like a family farm. To provide us with food you know it's interesting how important to emphasize it is because you know something in times of crisis people not be able to go to Wal-Mart or grocery store to buy food they'll be such a crisis of hunger and it's really wise where everybody to know how to have a garden to survive to make it and so. We use menu. Everything was manual labor nothing mechanize like in the bible times even now you go to my village and other villages people plow the same way they sow seeds the same way the threshing floor the use the window when fork. And. I was involved in all of that my wife asked me How do you know all of this I grew up with this is in my d.n.a. How do you know how to plant tomatoes How do you know how to plant food to survive I grew up doing that and you know some more than anything in my life. Farming agriculture. Had an effect on me and my ministry even without thinking about it effects me is so many profound ways. To look for example at fruit trees and I plant through trees. And you know I have ways that this survive in Tennessee without being killed by the frost if you want to talk to me afterwards I can maybe teach you something even though you are the ones to teach me for example. The figs in the United States you know when they wipe on the tree they're sweet I mean I was speaking at the Can we bring. In Central California and Northern California. And between my presentations I would walk in the woods and there I discovered about 10 victories loaded with white figs and they're totally ignored nobody cared to eat them I said this is my chance please don't come I'm either save them all for myself and every day for the whole week for breakfast I would climb up the trays and just just go over myself with sweet figs and people say well I want you to council as a come with me to the fig Grove and as I was up there peeling them and eating them they were below me ask me questions when I lived in Loma Linda working on my Masters in Public Health Our neighbor had several and the granite which. I mean these are healthy and I love them some people think no they have seeds in them much trouble to either and he said to me one day as he complains serve my good neighbor I don't like these pomegranate juice why not he said they ripen and they fall on my lawn and mess up my long I said Excuse me you found the perfect neighbor you along will be pleased for ever. And I want on his lawn with my baskets and I got I don't know 5060 of them and they last for a long time and you can make juice out of them. And he was very happy. Somebody is somebody else Roger was my treasure. And then I lived in the Wing Girl ga. North of here and I drove 24. To Wal-Mart and they had a promotion on the best granite the best the big ones fresh ones you know they know myself or to $99.00 they're expensive but this time they have this promotion for $0.50 of a gram I said this is my chance. Brother because you know how big the cards are I feel that I think I put 75 in there and then people start following me they start stalking me who is this guy where is he from what's he doing with this. And I and the lady came to me and she won't let me she said I want to know something about your search what are you going to be spending money you have a 100 of and I said either make juice are them they last for weeks and months sometimes she said with how do you eat them I am curious to know how you read them very practical question I say take a knife and you cut it this way and this way and then with your fingers you get these out by the way is amazing how God package of granite together think about this an amazing miracle how they have their own compartments how they fit precisely and I said this whether she said you know I got one last week I threw it away I said Why this what would you should have given it to me See I didn't know you she said Why did you throw the way she said with that because it has season. Well of course it has ceased she said well I took the knife I think one of these little things whatever you call them and I try to cut to extract the seed out of it by time I try to do that I end up with nothing so I guess and I thought the way. So either was saying so I said I even know how I just question would might think they are good for you. I mean imagine have to think about every one of those things. You just even just in your mouth. It's wonderful but some people are used to eating everything without seeds they cannot manage with a watermelon if it has saved Can you imagine that great they don't want to do a great if they have seeds and I said to them if nothing has seeds will have no crops there be no agriculture you've got to have c. I'm not saying you eat watermelon seeds but you know you could extract them but especially when it comes to progress please I beg of you don't be like that lady you know you won't be happy just eat eat the things put them in your mouth and eat them so that's my experience with food with with fruit trees now which is something about elf. Because living parables give us things about practical life we learn lessons about that window when using a win win for separating the chaff from the weight what's a lesson of that the spiritual a deeper lesson. Is that when Jesus looks our lives. He holds on the kernels in us. And with a gentle breath he blows his Chaff away imagine if this is how we relate to each other. We'll have a new church or a new world if we just simply. Affirm people in Jesus to tear down build them up and I learned this lesson from winnowing. The chaff and we together throw it in there and the wind blows the Chaff away and the kernels of wheat come down and you collect them and Jesus wants us to know from this. Experience a window when. Using the winning of for is that. He wants to keep what's worth keeping in our lives the wheat with the gentle breath blows the West the way it's amazing how we own. Instead of following Christ example we hold on to the chaff in people's lives and we throw away the wheat is the interest because Jesus with everyone he looks at the potential we have so that he can grow us to be better and better. And so. I want to talk about. All of 3 how many here have all of you on your form all of. There's a certain because I can see you world I'm sure some of us you have there are some all of trees on the sea about the Mediterranean Sea a special kind of olive because you have to cure all of Bill or. A special olive tree. Black in color and you can pick it from it and eat it without being cool and tastes really good have you ever heard about that just pick it from between eat it while they're on the phone. And so when I think of all of 3 many spiritual insights come to my life and that is when Jesus prayed in the garden. With these Asian olive trees still out here today you can see that move is a very old. So that's why I think what's the spiritual lesson was living parable about all of trees well when Jesus prayed among the olive trees. By the way the place where he prayed It's called what. It's called guess 70 right. Calvary is a Greek word guess 70 is the Aramaic word Jesus spoke Aramaic because they came from Babylon the excise were there for 70 years and brought her maid with them that's where Jesus spoke aramaic the Cyprus port Aramaic they actually 3 languages their mother tongue Hebrew universal language Greek and then the language abroad from Babylon Aramaic and guess 70 literally means the oil press were the olives are pressed into pulp. What does that teach me about Jesus' sacrifice and Jesus said as he prayed passionately my soul is pressed and to death. The whole destiny of the universe. Was invalid. And he decided to give his life for us. Might have solved it spreads and today. 70 all press and my dad and I and my siblings would harvest the olives put them in sacks put up my mules and take them to the village in the hills where we have a common oil price for all the villagers all the farmers. And you have this big huge metal cauldron you have a huge heavy stone wheel to crush the olives and you have 2 horses hitched to the wheel a certain level and they will go around and around and the the heavy stone will would crush the olives into pulp at the pace the pits and everything. And then to the side there will be containers made of canvas almost like pita bread huge There's a hole in the middle and they shovel all the space inside of that and they would pile them up higher and higher full of the space this fall and the and the had while the compressor's would come down and prestigious presses harder and harder and tighter. And they all of the pressures all of oil would always add to give nourishment and life to people what a nice effective object lesson spiritual lesson from that story and that is Jesus said here my soul is pressed and to death on the cross. And precious. Crimson blood came forth to save the world we are saved by quite a show of blood. By the way here you have to be careful if you put your kids to work you can be sued for child labor but you know in my part that we don't think about it we common sense told my peers to give us work assignments to fit our age. When I was fired by peers can be something to do nothing too much but they want me to feel I was helpful I was contributing it builds your character you watch your peers working you watch farmers working and so I did different tasks when I was a child and it teaches you patience commitment when you turn the crops it teaches you discipline. And how I wish many of our young people including my students would. Experience discipline at home they give up easily they have so much potential because we have a good here we had a hard in the old country when I came to United States I care only in Oregon I didn't even know English. Was learning English but my parents taught me to study hard and to be committed to be tenacious not to give up to do my best and so I came in January to start this 2nd semester my CMU I scored and I was going to come back and finish the 1st semester graduate but I'll never forget 54 years ago and I think my teacher noticed I was studying hard. And to me the assignments were easy and you go and fill the blanks there and see if we had to memorize everything. And I did everything all the assignments. My teachers gave me a piece and said you know you're good too I said well I'm just. You know our students don't do that they don't hand in their assignments on time and they complain you're doing everything right you know what we want to do we're going to give you extra hours and classes to cover your 1st semester so you graduate with everybody else praise the Lord for that because my that taught me on the farm because you have to be patient with livestock you have to be patient with the crops you have to have a lot of faith that God will send the rain you have to depend on God in America seems like everything is so figured out you know I'm retired and now I spend almost a year trying to figure out how to plan my demise everything just figure out I mean how many have retired here so far you know what I'm talking about not only so Security Medicare Medicaid how do you want to how do you want to be buried you know to be cremated you want to be and so many other things but even with the assets. I told my wife leaves let's leave something to mystery let's leave something to faith. I mean when I die I'm something something is going to work out. And in college the Tennessee the college the church was. This counted 33 percent. There you know. Plus if you want to plan where you want to be buried then the see a chance at a discount so my wife being a Westerner. Prevailed over me because my part of the world you know we just die and they take care of us like at Wildwood have you been to Wildwood I spoke very few times people die there like. Like I remember my professor moment in the Baldwins and this to this bring some. Pine wood planks of plywood a simple casket in the care of a healing bury them doesn't cost here it's difficult to afford dying to be like wow playing on your emotions nothing your mother is worth 25000 sorry I can afford to die. So anyway we need to leave something to face. The arms say things are there not see I don't mind planning for the future but we can't just plan everything perfectly leave something to face and when there's some work so see it in the ground you got to have faith that God will send the way my peers look at me so you know if God knows we pray God will send their way in the sunshine and we'll have a good quote so we can eat but we depend on God to eat. By the way food here is so excellent such abundance of food and you know I'm supposed to be 3 times how can you do that you know it was a big plus like it is delicious affirming the cooks are delicious and it's tasty. And there's abundance of it you get as much as you want so really one meal at noon is enough for Bret 1st and for supper I go to the 1st up with you. And by the way the people here in the dining room. Believe God. By the way it was God who made our place because sometimes I go to places the food is extremely healthy but it has absolutely no taste. And if you live 10 years more. I'm glad to hear they have healthy and tasty food like a message everybody's interest but it should be tasty presented in Christ approach. And so then my wife took me to the. Cemetery in college the. Then you know I grew up in the culture we have support about you know like some people who came from Europe Asia like you don't think about that you don't want to be more with them it's not something you really talk about when you're eating your breakfast I mean it's something it's there but you don't focus too much on figure everything out in detail this is how I want to be buried this is aghast No you leave this to your loved ones to decide anyway that's Michael. The man the director of the cemetary. Took us on a tour guide the 2. And he was. Friends you know I thought as Evan is who believe in the state of the dead that when people died their thoughts and emotions pair she said good for me and this is here and this is there he was trying to find some and his with his rod and and he found a place and he said this would be a good place for you. And my wife said Look at the name of the. Grave next you know she said I want to be buried he said I don't like this guy I don't want to be receptive to him you know how much my wife. I mean like all kinds of emotions and we went down the hill and I said Ok that's a good place and the 3 of shade from here. And then but then he said but it gets flooded when it flows I don't want it to be over myself. You know I don't like anyone I said let's go let's sign the contract. You said. But you're seeming like I don't care what I've done I don't want to save anything. And so I left I said I'll think about you know when you think about having this I'm not going to do it I think just to be nice you know that night believe it or not. I had the worst nightmare. Spending 3 hours during the cemetery and thinking about all of the things I thought might mean I thought I was there I was watching myself being buried I mean I start screaming much better I said I don't want to bother with the boat hold on to me she said what happened I said was yesterday you want me to go look what happened to me. And that's. That was at least 7 years ago. And never even drove by the place. Telling about different cultures here. So my dad taught me the 1st question you asked in life what's your I think to do when you do what's right then you ask the question What's a fun thing to do. So at the academy my 1st United States there's a question I was who I think to do. Your assignment. What about when I believe in fun. As for your hard work is the philosophy by the way. Do what's right and when you do what's right the what's fun sometimes United States what's fun after you spend your time students doing whatever is fun then if you have some time and you're not too tired then you do your site. What's the right thing to do and then what's the fun thing to do. Because yes this chapter. 11 verse for the wise man Solomon says to all of us when it comes to planting crops when it comes. Comes to farming the not be too upset with the wind. And don't be too worried. About the rain. If you do that you'll never plant and you never reap interesting comes because I remember my mom saying i know the wind is blowing we don't want the seeds to scatter too far because we just use our hands to scatter the seeds but you could wait a day and then rest cloudy today you just use common sense. Maybe the preponderance of the evidence is not a perfect condition but so they see that anyway and say Lord I pray your blessings see you helping to germinate so we don't wait for the ideal condition to come before we stop working if we did we'd never get any crops and many of my colleagues and friends along the years been saying for decades and decades I'm going to write a book but they're never wrote a book quite because they never found the ideal conditions to write a book on my books perfect. Few books. John mention no people like them the cell but he's got to be a person there what do you do your best. And so here I mean as an example why do I why books many books because my that told me. Who do I think. The way about how you feel and God will bless because God bless have some faith we learn to have faith by pressing God to send their way in this sense or in the breeze. Now what do you learn from the seed. What's the seed by the way Jesus they find with us it was his word he was his soul or. And this. Was his word and then put in the soil I like to talk about the 3 S's you start with this so well. This is the that's the word of God and the soil that's you and me our hearts if there was no there is nothing wrong. With a soul or in this. Christ lives inherent in the sea it's this whole hill and that's our hearts and we can sure what kind of soul we want to have. In education. 219220 the book The Paul guy singer compiled from this poor prophecy I get this idea. Culture is the most important thing in building our character. All of this can build our character but nothing like seeing co-ops grow nothing like seeing. Why I can nothing like planting and having faith the most important thing in building our captor and she also says this what you call practical wisdom and she also before proper was them as commonsense. We live in such a complicated society so many complications. That people get about this simple. And that's why common sense is not common anymore. We consume. Confuse so much complication we forget about common wisdom common sense common sense becomes not common. By the way was Adam perfect when he came from the creative hands of got absolutely. And the 1st assignment God gave him was to be a car mechanic right. Or mechanical is you know the 1st job he gave is to build a soul to take care of the prudery. God. In his wisdom. Decided. That farming God he was good for perfect. How much more is good for us to develop. Our character. The care for animals on the farm I want to have animals on your farms. The you have lambs the you have donkey mules horses sheep goats go to vary. It really busy appear to know how to be would go for the sheep. Well one of my pets. Was a fluffy. To them. I fed them grass and he followed me everywhere I want everyone outside of course look inside we don't have animals inside. And you know something. It taught me the lesson of and could follow me wherever I want I must follow the Lamb of God will ever need me like the bible of. Animals. I talk to a pastor a passerby's a shepherd of the flock. Oh taking care of the fog was such a wonderful thing for me how it's affected my life by my ministry because I'm not perfect. Sheep sometimes mellow sometimes sheep are lost. It takes a lot of investment to take care of sheep I learned that as a child. And so I was taught this pastor. When I gave him 4 Bibles for the it was illegal for you by eager. Implements I call them to what's happening to. You I really don't want to do it when. They want to be said he said well my specialty is preaching you know that's all I do spend the whole we're getting ready for this seminar for the no pastor's jacks or crave they help people with a need to help a shepherd help the sheep and by the way he said to me but the sheep have problems I made that is this memo the church member I said you know something. How can you be a shepherd. Without liking sheep. So many people are confused about their gifts. And their job. If you don't like the shape Don't be a shepherd if I don't like to let me do something else because she have problems and they smell sometimes so a part may be very less of my ministry to work with anybody because everybody especially before God and to God no church member is high maintenance the one who took care of Mary she was possessed with 7 the means God is able to do. Exceed the above and beyond all we ask or imagine that's where the talk about the future of church members. Words a parable. What's a parable I want to read the Phoenician from my late husband Bebo so I won't be one put in on whether to say they're about to have a console as the finish of. A parable. Is an every They story that conveys a deeper spiritual truth. For example the parable of the Sower So we've seized on different types of soil goes beyond the actual sea and soil it points to the seed of the Word of God and to the Soul as a human heart why did God I mean why did Jesus speak in parables number one. To awaken interest in the us. They become curious they want to listen what's another reason. It makes an enduring impression on the hearer believe me that's true you know at the minister always in my books and experience illustrations I thought was always in my sermons my lectures and some people after 50 years come to me and tell me the story better than I could. They remember parables they remember stories makes a lasting impression and then another way of the full parables is so important and wanted and popular through. And then on the other one is very important. Rule lessons out of nature things we observe the day and we member his words by these illustrations I thought of many experiences illustrations parables in my sermons a public was in place and so I won't talk to you about them of the week I don't know if you. Grown these in New York especially in southern Florida proprietory how many have any proprietors you never heard before when we went to Africa as mission that was. We had. You know you're on. A fence around our property I mean it's really different when you eat bananas why bananas from it when you pick it yourself if I ever come to your house and you have you have oranges tangerines about as I like to pick it myself. And why different this week most of the picked the early and the ones we had with a special kind of pious look like honey do when they would be canned orange and yellow big and my daughter and. Her family would sure we love the taste the smell just. I look forward to a pious from apartment my daughter and I when he was only like. 4 We agreed together that when a puppy or wipe and on that we will pick it together needed to go and we enjoyed that which. We live in the city of Abidjan the Ivory Coast and my wife and my daughter. Down the police stopped them and that was a different story so they had to leave for them but I came from a division office where I work I didn't have lunch I was very hungry and I look at this ripe. Ripe orange yellow color. And I have nor that because I was waiting for my daughter to come but the Apollo was asked please be please pick me and folly I couldn't resist so I put the puppet. And I didn't plan on anything at all. And I put it in the phrase the good codebase really good was cool but still given the right so I took the pile I hope of the fruit. And I look at it and I was so hungry and I was some of a thing I do would please come and I couldn't call them there were no cell phones and finally I decided that is the wait I want to be useful I want to make use of my time so I took a book bowl and a knife and I peed. On a cut that there are $21.00 piece. And I just my mouth was watering and I said. If I ate one. I mean nobody would know the difference. And so I did before space it was so delicious. I think the 2nd. And the 3rd. And the 4th. And I don't know the truth I can't believe it I ate the whole thing. I felt so good to nourish and some others but I felt guilty. Because ever since the. And so I want to the boss. And wash my hands thought crimes. I want to the American priest I brought with me I brushed by these 3 points to make sure. You know different things at that point my family arrived and the 1st I heard that either come here. A terrible man spoke up. Do you know you. And that want to. Pass the. I said you know it will be myself I know. It would be nice for you to find. I distract with her toys before bedtime she would ride on the back or a horse. And her. Dog she got of my birth she said rather. Than. What she said Well open your mouth. Open my mouth. And she put her nose directly in my mouth she said in a brief before. You are the man. But sweetheart. Who is there was such a thing I mean you have no evidence. You didn't see me pick the fruit of the fruit. Why why do you accuse me of something you know what. They are they. Don't have to be with. Open you Miles again. So there you are the one who is the pope are you no one because you're full of the stuff it's in your stomach and though you're breathing about. What a wonderful lesson about. If you want to. Read. The brother's life with a wonderful people remember that. You breathe all your life and that's where the apostle Paul says we need to be we need to diffuse if we're going to rise if we we all this while in wide said when the love of cries is fraud then the heart is like to be fragrant you can the people inside so if you want to smell like results on Jesus be full of the stuff of Jesus Well I told the story so many years ago people still come to me I don't know anything about yourself all I know is about the purpose to help the witness which is what this most. Priests all is coming granted but pious. As I mentioned before the parable of the Sower mentioned in Matthew 13 think about this so as you see it is his word that is God there was in people's hearts he has no respect that the person he's got is everywhere the weight comes upon the whole world were gathered on the watch just and he says his. Stole me hard. To haul them whores the Forney hard. He's the respect of person whoever still believes can be said now you say why are some scattered on stony ground. Or what I was in the farmer and so we're careful well in that part of the world and the Bible was written up on the world that's how they sold seed my dad would have a bag in the left hand in his right hand he'll get a handful off we'd go nuts and he would scatter them it wasn't something automated or precise like we have in this country and some scattered in all these places and then. You know what it says in my 30 it says if so one to out. And if you and this then that means what outside the house little distance the soul deceive. Us One Power of Heaven to come down here as is so up to so seas of his world in our hearts what an investment in us you know something theologically speaking Jesus told her that is the vine burn no nature never to be the same again before you people are swallowed the president. Hears the voice see the by the way as this die is in the ground Jesus died and was buried in the grown and as a seed sprouts and as well as what that Jesus was was a work only for all kinds of wonderful lessons of our See So we'll see them farming and so my scar the seeds here and there and hope not too many were wasted most of them fell on the good soil Jesus invested himself as if so. Also as a seed with a capital s. to be buried in the ground. And when he was raised from the dead and went to heaven. Then now and forever he will retain his humanity he is will be always hundreds and be 100 percent human can you imagine the Son of God it Donal divine Son of God All good is that you were ever for your sake and my son that's what will be the subject of the unfallen the world's about the signs of some variation and that's why he makes you and me worth a lot we are worth his investment what was his investment his life. And you know in public schools and other places the emphasize on self-worth but it seems the more we talk about self-worth with our Jesus the less so forth we have the only we're sort of course comes from the value of Christ put on your life and mine we're worth the life of Jesus. And of that I want to say we belong to the earth. To be an integral part of our existence when I spend the day teaching. Research. Analyzing a good part of it I have to come home even though it's in the what the school I got my shovel and my pick us and I think in the ground I want to touch the soil it helps mentally to relax soil belongs to us and we belong to sword because God for man out of the dust of the ground were formed of the soil and he breathed to us a breath of life. And in the end in the kernel of wheat there is life inherent in the kernel just like in the Word of God there is life of God in her in the kernel so we belong to each other I am create all the soil and I have the breath of God in me. The birth of god bless your soul I was made although that's what I'm telling you we're not complete unless we connect with this form and this is interesting the Jesus will return his humanity that wherever you want to be identified with our humanity. And look at my watch now see that fell on the wayside you know where the wayside is if see past the Pradhan Harden past the people and animals walk on that separates different fields in that part of the world. I tell you it becomes so hard and. No grass nothing on top of just hard as hard as can be in fact one time my dad was growing plowing the plow I was. Yoke to 2 oxen powerful animals and a horn as strong them and they began to run and my dad would sit on the plow and the plow would go deep in the ground and one in that time I even I even joined by that to make Bob them and they too are with the plow through that wayside Harden wears off. And the. Plow can go through it and stop and the whole paratus of the stone to pieces very hard and so so what what is that oh that's so hard and hard people. Even my will the hard way I'm not willing to listen this and I'll be over a year I've made up my mind you know give somebody a bob somebody so I'm come visit from Bob so what I don't have to listen to that I don't have to accept it I want to live my life the way I want to live it the way side. Hard. And by the way the signature song for frocks and all the words I did it my way a lot of people in the pendant I want do things my way when I ask people you know. When Maybe always wrong where does a mother as long as I have the freedom to do it my way what don't you want to do the right no I want my own thing I did it my way that's what I want and that's a very conducive to the Christian life and Christian growth we don't do with our way when it comes to witnessing what comes to practice if we do with Christ's way. And so what happens is that children are growing up. Even after the children learned this feel lost a few I want to do it my way my parents are good and godly but that's so life I don't listen to godly counsel I do it my way and now we have I've been this close I'm just telling you about the intellectual theological landscape even our church and other churches and that is the reason Jesus died on the cross to shed His blood is because he wants to he want to give us freedom of choice listen carefully to this. And so the precious blood of Christ gives you this freedom of choice to choose anything you want be a protocol not be a part of do your own thing because the weather of course all knows your freedom of choice you know what I say to them the Bible doesn't say that we or they have freedom of choice with the many. Reasons that give us the doctor to give us freedom which I look for that we're church people construe that if you want and you know I respect the church but I have to make the our choice to begin with and if they don't you know God can hope them they can repent but one of the 1st people to make the watch was a young man young woman you can make any choice you would in the blood of Christ we are these are an Either way God is neutral. If you become a product of foreign if you don't become a color fine after all they tell me all problems come back not all products come back of a price so I bury people that accidents bother cause the hide I'm not judging people I'm saying not all prodigals come back you agree with that of all products come back nobody will be lost but the way to eternal life is narrow and few people follow the way to eternal the struction is wired and many people follow God is the ever new approach the reason and he's there were new quote because he says I beseech you please shools live don't choose the Apostle pope when he preached the gospel he said I beseech you be reconciled to God a measure of pasta not pressure gospel either way is Ok with me it doesn't matter to God and by the way the reason Jesus came to this world to sort of as a seat and Doug and be raised from the dead is to save us by the way save us we all have freedom of choice why would he come to die for some you or they have is to give us so patient his they show because Jesus for he shall save his people from their sins and by the way that's one John 316. The world is the big open he said well know in the things or. If you don't agree biblical Brut you could read from the origin it says for gospel of the world and he gave his monologue and me a song and mana me is one going to use me as carrying the 3 is one for the he gave his one of a kind son his unique Son In what way was a unique. In the fact he gave us things what they are screwed in the fact that he solved our unique problems he needs to Lucia's the biggest problems to be solved by Jesus and nobody could without his that he would never have solve these problems. Freedom of choice we were given from the God of reason but we made bad choices she's us came to give us 2 things to solve a 2 biggest problem is the 1st problem is sin spiritual cancer the 2nd problem is that. People there ways of sin is that these are 2 problems but the gift of God is eternal life if you squeeze all or so he says to us please open your heart to me Give me your sense I give you my role before just as give me your day I give you a turn a lot that's the reason Jesus came to solve unique problems there with the also. So. When people used to empower our young people to make reckless choices that's not the gospel Jesus came to give his life to give us who watch us this life eternal and he gave us the hope us make the watch was I could tell your stories a problem go. People I work with also work as it doesn't matter. How I can do my own. When I have you know them up to judge all I know is that's encouraging each other to make wise choices not to just be reckless and say God doesn't care God cares I give you I give you I but I give you life for this lesson person please choose life please through his blessings. Well. Anyway And it says the followers of the. Cave and snatched the seas and protected their worth is. Not sheltered by the blows across or their present the devil and his angels are our children protected. Are they vulnerable. Can the can they be snatched. And some people don't care and when I call so. They say well we need to expose our peers to reality you know life reality they can watch anything on the social media they can look at anything they can experiment with and if it is good for them they learn about real life is what the Bible teaches the Bible says Whatsoever things are noble of good report righteous think about these things and by the way when you talk about forming. Quick take a tomato plant for example when it's standard and young don't you shelter. From whims and from cold of heavy rains just then the you know sometimes we take better care of our commitment. Than we take care of our children so when people tell me oh you should help to you because you should expose them throughout the evil of the world so they learn the lesson the hard way whatever I said wait a 2nd why not. See why not shelter the children to live becomes stronger and more accurate and use and His word and then they can face a storm is better that's my thinking I love this from forming remember John 10th and Jesus serves the think so who snatches comes only to the story. At the steel but I have come to my pov of life and have it more a bump of the slate then specialize in. Natural and price special is specialize in saving give is abundant life and eternal life let Jesus rain not the Double that she get out. Represents Satan and let me say here you know that. We've got to protect our seeds if we don't put there are seeds we'll have across research shows when are the schools graduate from ours they leave the church. Should we look at this even say other Want to other want to have a own way saw. Other want people who are and. Satan and saves aged to snatch it away I see many and people beings that are way and I thought I would God's help to save as many as possible finally. I want to talk about the current. You know what the colonel. Who is an Arabic word. For the. The the care Pollard's I think. That's a quote from a tree sometimes called. The John the Baptist. It's interesting what comes to 3 soils they get better and better gives you hope. Harden wayside stoning shallow ground and then. A lot of problems and worries and finally we get to the best the good you know with the 3 parables and look for. Things get worse and worse just the opposite it's interesting with things getting better and better but with people things get worse and worse and worse and just made this observation because there are 3 major parables and look for. Number 1. 00 mosque Please somebody help me raise it to save the law school in the prisons the church members who are lost but don't know they are lost and if you go by the way you know oh I did know hope. There are people who are church members at that church but lost in the church lost in the home but the most difficult one is a product called son he deliberately left home he deliberately left home in that culture when you leave home before your dad gets old and you want your possessions you were saying I wish you were dead a big dog but he left it so that's what it intentional deliberate sin can God work with these people can God work with hardened Grell Yes it can work with all kinds of swords may work with the Prodigal Son I just. Well I don't have to read from the book I tell you the conclusion I came up with from the research on the prodigal son using my culture in my bag the one from the Bible. To spare his father represent our Heavenly Father. In the in the book. Which is prayed a lot because you can make things worse by putting a lot of pressure on the kids you're doing wrong why you're doing this just some people have to face certain crisis some people never come to God unless they reach the bottom of the bargain so to make the story short after he lost all his money all his money all his resources his friends left him and he was he end up. Taking care of Pigs and that was. Take care of the pegs. The lowest of the lowest. You know are I come from a country were poor when I 1st came to America. Poor and my father has the most. Muslims want to us because they know we are true followers of the Bible because we don't eat pork that's very effective witness of the Muslims and look what happened and I want to ask you a question imagine you're my student I want to know if you get the answer Think carefully Ok it might be a trick question the prodigal son was so homebrewing and he asked who the picks food and they gave it to him is that. Some people of the Bible you know something in the culture of uses in my culture when you eat at somebodies table you have the spiritual emotional bonding it's not just a meal he ate salt of my table we had bread between us now means you remember that if it is important to you and you experience some going to be emotional spiritual. Being with that person you know in America just a meal. You know to get a meal out of it in my culture you eat with people you become connected with spiritual emotional making this point one because by eating with the. Very low level of. Motion The only would be coming on the level of the. Some people don't wake up from their lethargy unless they face a crisis but the point I want to make. Believe Baba but the bottom of the bottom why because he was so hungry. That's the way the picture was starving but nobody would give it. Which means in the culture he got lower than the pigs the pigs deserve to eat pigs food but this father called son did not even deserve to be a pig and when he will lives that level he's a what am I doing. What's. What's wrong with my mind. Even the servants of my father are 3 of them much better. Being a pig lower than the pig I better go home and his father was waiting for an embrace so there's hope for everybody in every human beings you see. Limitless potential So even when I'm talking this week about different kinds of soil thorny stone and hope for everybody if there is hope for this product old son who got to the level of the pigs and even lower and we should bottom of the bother there is hope where everybody is such a great. One I hope it. Comes to Jesus and his army. We stand up in a. Loving Father thank you loving thank you for caring thank you for always believing in us against all odds thank you for investing be a lot of Your Son Jesus in us thank you in the gift and nobody else can give us we can have you here all before interest of life with them is that of our sin and how much we should appreciate them and the moment no matter what kind of song we have know whether what kinds of calls we have thank you for being with us so we're. Thank you for scatter your words as to see heart. Hyper with all my heart. This week and. Oh hoss would be so often. That you precious c will find food to ground to be buried in. Please send you to 1st thing waters and sunshine and when the world does grow and grow and grow and which are potential in you be a good example to others. There alone these help us to be divested of this the loss of food that you would move through because you know. No we have Father Mother move full of other children and they won't help us to heave you invitation to. A blessing is that true is rife not then. Please Lord help us to make the watch choices when it comes to our hearts and help us to become fertile ground for your words. Help us to die to self. Help us to be raised Luna's of life. Uses. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit w w w audio tours or.


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