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"Unity" in Living Parables

Gabriel McClover Vonnella McClover


  • January 17, 2020
    8:15 AM


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The tenor of this morning is units. I have a clip that works. So we hear from several Georgia where we operate the vegetarian cafe in juice. We were here about 3 years ago. And the sermon was entitled I have a dream and one of the things he said in a seminar resonated with me he says I have a dream one day there will be a. Restaurant being supplied by at the discredit. Her that I said we're kind of doing that on a small very small scale so I'm going to tell Janice I'm give you a proof of concept I'm the see how it can be practically done and that was moving 1st because I know. That the secret of the health message lies in the people in this room. This healthy organically grown food mess restaurants now they give some type of meat and they throw some bad with you sauce on and they try to charge you $12.00 or $15.00 for and that's that was the design. So. We started 4 years ago by God's grace we've. Been several trials and tribulations. Some more absurd letters a. Lot of different avenues this isn't a public school and. We do something at the restaurant. And so we put. 500 people. Where we do. And we're going to share a little bit as with. A plant based. Cooking class and. This is a path of. Doing that to people that. Has a rather sad. These We know these people these are busy these are the cushion folks are just people and their business is trying to help the community. In our school so this is. A particular school that we went to and as you can see over here you know if anybody ever dealt with anybody teach Sam school in China keep some fabulous. Entertained for an hour so. You can see we have some the basket there is for boxes in there so we guess what's in the box and wheat you know we have Coca-Cola in there with and we do things in the report like a teddy bear to say you know we just had a good time and the kids were very very blessed we also did so we back. Into this program where things we did was trust trust in divine power right so how do we do trusting Pat So we think and we brainstorm and so we do is we have some in tears we said in fact my church when a volunteer just never. Said. So we blindfolded tears. They had to go through an obstacle course and the people were hurt so bad. So we had them volunteer on that in the gym and we had a volunteer blood fairly had to come and go through an obstacle course so he had to focus on the various other volunteers to go through the obstacle course and they had like. I said give me 4 kids and just sit around and tell the girl every way. And so there are 3 reasons let. Me. Just say but the point of it was trust in authority so when interest in our teachers and principals and we're going to have a lot of this around us is going to tell us that a wrong thing so that's what we did and we had a great a great time doing that and we asked the funny thing about this so they didn't we are showing him how to eat healthy. And so we have to have a smoothie and we're going to smoothies So we're going to make us. Yesterday what about spinach. And Spears and then we blow up and then leave. And you can see the kids they were smelling. And then they tasted it and this is reaction they were like this is this is incredible and you'd be surprised how many people came to the restaurant just because we went there that the kids the kids brought their parents some of. The nag effect and. That's a that's right you never see a. Commercial when you're watching like Jeopardy. So the kids do. This to a man who just said they were this way this or this or the company there's a. Lot So they're saying their mother their neighborhood because they're fine with it that the facts so we can use it and that's where we're at so it really is a. Passive bringing to the restaurant assuming. This is a red bed that we've been doing we also do cooking classes. They help challenge people how to cook so literally every excuse in the. Service is and we've done so many cooking classes over the last I mean over 10150 I don't have a good class we've done but the rest of the kids cook in schools so this was fun so we had a church contact say because you guys were kids could describe never done it said no but we'll figure it out. And this is where we said we just want to do a cooking school everything we do is try to. Focus right so we say. We do it through school. And the last day we're going to have a banquet and we're going to have the kids invite their families to come to the banquet to see what they did so. Again the net effect on players and they say may become become become so people say the thing that I went to my bed with me and tell me I need to come to see what she made and then this so that I got the. Presentation and the front of the church if it wasn't for this program but. Through every way that's 83 I said the station was so they can bring them in here. So we had 33 different stations. That British troops and we can use an arm bearer and things like that and we're like Ok we have like a really sad brochure who's going to make the biggest mess. With. The Web So we're ready for the clean up but it was in the us was actually the nearest I've ever groups. And it was that Mexico just was like. Just a mess but it was it was incredible time and they actually surf. And this is just a way that we were able to outreach so they were there and we did it and it was just it was amazing amazing time let's go to cooking school so we don't cook in school with one person at 1st because schools with one person. And we like and we had passion just for that one person it was and then that's going to last it was one person. And then we kept on going to the Bible says let's not be we will do it for him to seize and share repurchase you think not so that telegram. We got invited to do cooking classes we've done cooking lessons over a 100 people there we don't couldn't class in corporate events I would literally have been into corporate settings doing cooking class so it's just been amazing how the Lord's been open and Doris classes that we've done. This is a restaurant here and some of the joy of it is one of the cooking classes that we do have and so we we you want to speak to any of the any of the pictures here. Well for their cooking classes we do the cooking classes to educate the community and we do it free of charge so there's no obligation when they come in they're able to get the taste to see out and make it and take it home their recipes home so they can do it for their family and it's a tremendous blessing because they share it with every this and they continue to come back and say Ok I can do this it's easy for me it's not hard that's where we found that if it's too hard if the ring through want to make the change funny you know somebody came and said Ok in the restaurant and say I won't you won't you guys serve these you know these particular burgers I'm not going to mention them and I say you know we try to make meals that you can replicate at home I said in order for you to make these certain means you can have to have a laboratory in your garage so we don't serve and here's a here's a simple burger that you can go home and you can make because everything we serve we're trying to uplift the body to reverse disease so we're very very very strict on when it comes to that. The picture is not good past we've done I would like an class I want a place where we want to get into our topic and get into a little bit of our testimony and you can see I live in parables and. We're going to focus on 3 different things the 1st one is family so unity in the family so what that about unity I found a verse and it was in Matthew chapter 24 of. Matthew Chapter 24 so you have your Bible Matthew chapter 24 and 1st 14 Matthew chapter 21st for 14 if you get there please say Man that's where the Sabbath preached in the well for a witness until adolescent. Saturday and come. Back that's a that's a tax that bet that came to that amount living parables and they said this guy is more like a mystery priest for a witness to all the world and then surely come. Great in communications and one of the things I learned was this that 90 percent of our communication is what nonverbal So I'm saying Ok let's this instead of this is something else 90 percent of our communication is non-verbal how do we really bad to disguise where we came to this priest or witness and I said Hall so it's not what you say it's what you do so if you look at the folks who live there that you and you're saying you're a Christian are the same question they see then action and so you know we have to cut their way out of a pact to stay with me stop and we move on so I was listening to you and I was reading that there was a minister of healing said when Christ taught he spoke with such simplicity that even the children can understand so we're going to do illustration here. About what we just talked about this 90 percent of our communication is non-verbal So that's my right to question and we're going to dissect this not the communication here so so so so how are you doing this morning. 5 Ok. So we see that. I'm ready to see some training and. I say this straight it. Sounds like. There's a. Cross was a system this morning so they said this is very strange to say but it's a question again so how are you feeling this morning. The way you say that you see very clearly what was said right there she's doing fine but she is she. And that's not so bad and I think that Sarah Palin that 90 percent of our communications nonverbal sir as with the bat of course as we were looking as we were as we were on our own journey I said. Well disciplined family tells me and behalf of Christianity that adversaries that can be preached such a family gives evidence that the parents have been successful and following God's inflow and borrowing guides influence grows. And there actually could you read it for me my glasses as there is very much before me and the children will serve them in the church the influence. They receive to impart again the father the mother find helpers and the children who give to others instruction received in the neighborhood in which they have they live. They have become in the rich for time and for eternity the families engaged in the service of the master and the example others are inspired to be faithful and true to God in dealing with his frock his beautiful thought so this is this is a powerful testimony so when appropriate when we do a ministry with family you know we we've we've brought our family do in class you know I got 5 kids we didn't mention that we have 5 kids one is 13 Elizabeth was the other ages I don't. Mean it so for me it's pressing this this and this 3. And so we got it in for then the teenager and it was so funny I tell my dad you know there's different versions of tantrums right is this what your version of tantrum is there's a 30 year old there's a 36 year old. In this and then the it is another another go through. So the greatest. The greatest evidence of the kind of Christianity that can be presented to the world is a well ordered well disciplined family this will recommend the truth as nothing else can where it is a living witness of its practical power upon the heart the best test of Christianity of a home is the type of cat to be gotten by its influence actions speak louder than the most positive profession that actions speak louder than most. Most professional Gallus not in our particular test more than we have we may well have not been I've been to several life we've gotten came to the church 5 years ago so we came to church 5 years ago also but the 1st 7 years we made 12 years we wouldn't have been us I mean no one could call itself Christian at that so there was a lot of things that we had to learn and we had to become unified and so old. It was important for us to be unified because we were coming. From my background where the 1st events is on both sides of our family so there was a rather a tension in kind of a conflict going on. To kind of step out on the sea just real quick just you know because really the short amount of time I grew up as a Pentecostal movement can print a consequence of appreciation and you go from most stay in my parents' house is about 12 years ago I go from. Going to church every Sunday to pull him back because I saw there was a consistency. That were to say the Bible and as I'm doing this a coworker comes to me and tells me about a documentary called Food Inc So I looked at a documentary and I said they're trying to kill me as a My wife is like what are you talking the child of the documentary really had a profound effect on me so with. Me I did a rice and beans for like 3 years as a write something. Then from there you know my brother there me and him was studying the Bible so intensely that we would call and ask questions constantly about different things and he called me one day and asked me about the Sabbath and I thought the Sabbath was Sunday don't waste my time liberate them don't waste my time give me some good to stay like everybody knows this so low so sure I said it for about 10 days and I came to the conclusion that Sabbath was actually Saturday and we start me and my brother started keeping the Sabbath I believe we thought we were the only person on the planet that was 70 percent. And that and that was for 33 years that we were keeping the Sabbath had no clue of a 7th Day Adventists and then one day the Lord to his providence we got a hold on the great controversy. So I read the book and they can confirm it all things that we study so it was a tremendous shift into what we were we were doing before and so we stepped out in the truth may have a right to life got actually got baptized together on the same day and it was a class that was associated when we stepped up we understood if we stood for the truth boy we just can't our family everything is going to all these different challenges that we're going to face or just sit back and just be comfortable and do it so when we decided to be an advantage we said you know what whatever the spirit Bible tells us whatever spirit positons by God's grace we're going to try to do it with all our might so that that's a little background just of us. So after we got baptized I'm going to share the story with you you know so I had was study and so intensely for years and I got to the point where I got baptized and I was like yeah. I'm going to read church so. I'm just going to read this book. So that was a step back from the amount of intensity of study I was doing and then the Lord had to bring us through a trial and I was I was a corporate sales Guy Macon a lot of money and nothing on my credit report pretty much debt free and then all of sudden it was $1.00 day we went to the country just so funny we moved to the country we thought it was a country so. Right now from Miami Fort Lauderdale area so we. Because we read the book country live and then we said we got to move into the country so we thought we were moving to the country we moved over to the west coast of Florida this is the short story and it was in a subdivision. Subdivision that was built for like you know couple 100 homes and it was like 10 homes in there so it was open land and I'm like I'm country I live it with my code to get in the gate right. Access. To this and that. But we were able to meet a couple that told us around the things before we moved to the country because if we went from the city straight to the country I believe it would be back in the city so the lesson is private is that we have built a little step little jump over there for 6 months and then move to the country because we have some stuff to learn. But that let's go through a trial so here we go 1st of. All of the bills are paid getting paid I checked the account to see it was free and clear everything attached to my name says. My counts what is going on here so I called the bank I said I think what's going on here my bank I know I got a lot of money in there or your council been frozen. Here's a number called My but it's my money so just nothing we can do about it and I didn't know what to do there was a there was a debt that wasn't even on like none of my credit reports and somebody a lot a lot out of this to happen because it woke me up like nothing other did because I. Was money. Like. Hell for. Life. And I'm like most What am I going to do and then I say but it was bastard child before so I was like well what are you trying to teach and we're going to help somebody moves a little have somebody move up my plan is what you can do is going to help me move so I would help move and I came back and I went up stairs and I started praying I said What are you trying to show me and it was as loud as you possibly can that you do not have as much time as you think you do and then. When he was 117 being one of god of things not seen as yet moved with fear to build up to the saving of his household I said what does this mean in this time and it's all about country living telling. You if you disagree with it I was like man I we go that's it. Man on the no. Good not this. Is a clever way to suit every single day at this wedding. But thank the Lord that he changes so we've got unified as a family country living and this is where as we move into the country we said Lord send us where you need us. We are so sick of looking at military and. Their service we need to reduce in this way the estimate the cost of the country and we just as soon as we. Within a matter of months we got popped in the summer to Georgia and I said well we're here also so it must be needed and that's where we started getting really really involved in the community so we don't look at this we're going to transition now to so unity in a family is very important now that we're going to talk about unity among different ministry lines Ok there we go so this is a graph that my wife had drawn drawn so she's going to speak to a little bit so as I was praying and preparation for this. Like when we stayed at the restaurant and I was in the verse and then we came I was reading down 155 where he says I am the vine Yeah the branches he thought about it to me and I him the same bring it forth much fruit for without me you can do nothing. And it saddens me because we cannot do this without with this and so. As we're aware. And open the rest of time we have to impress that we should open the rest of the rest was impressed we must work together with their hands of work that God has set out. And somewhere there is where medical missionary and agriculture and corporatism canvassers and the church. And if we went together then we can quickly finish this work and how it went together is what the restaurant will have its entering wedge to the heights of the people and we can use that the current sure as well with the restaurant we're using the foods that we're bringing in from the guy and we're working with the other farmers and giving supplying those who are cut. Summaries and as we're doing they are right some softening in asking inquiring more questions about Ok so you do this and they get into fights that we're going to have a question in. The medical missionaries come in or I need help with dealing with this and their help the natural many things like that and then they also. Call part of that they also have a resources for them to help them right on their journey and then the church is there for support and so all of these weapons again that we saw after how it impacts the community in a great deal in a short amount of time you really can turn a city upside down it's all of these working together very very quickly and we believe this 10 day challenge that we do connects all these things together and we've seen it over the last 4 years so this is a quote this is unity in diversity and said What kind of unity is spoken of in these words unity in diversity our minds do not run in the same channel and we have not been given the same work God has given to every man his work according to several ability ability there are different kinds of work to be done and workers of a cake various capabilities are needed if our hearts are humble if we have learned in the school of Christ to be meek and lowly and we may all pressed together and narrow and there in the narrow path marked out for us so unity is so vitally important and I think we kind of got that last you know sometimes we go to different conferences and things like this and and we see all these ministers doing a great work by themselves. But imagine if we looked across the aisle and say you know how can we work together is it is a very practical for us to work together in this particular line how can I help you be all you can be and then you in turn help me be all that we can be this is this is what we are and there's a different gifts and this is one of the gifts I wanted to to illustrate this is. Me as blood bought Souls Alike dependent upon one who had redeemed them to get to God The Lord has lent him talents those whom he has intrusted with money bring their talent of means to the Master so when I read that sentence those who hasn't trusted with money bring their talent a means to the masses so this isn't this isn't gospel workers and it's said that there is actually a talent of means so some people say my well you know what I don't I don't I'm not really an entrepreneurial thinker type an individual I don't really have a path a burden for agriculture I don't have a burden for restaurant work but listen trust you with me and we are told that we have to have well organized laid out plans that we may present these plans to the people with means and God may impress them too to donate to see the work go forward so these are. Other things so for the 2nd time to go through these things I want thing that we've learned about hard work like what I was really. When I was little my dad taught me the value of hard work and I remember one time when we were coming up and we were on our bills that were coming up my debts and we did make some money so it's like cars going to go out and washing cars and I'm out there I'm like 10 or 11 years or middle day but I'm getting tired man it's how I don't want to go back to my dad he said something to me he goes Listen we don't stop when we're tired we stop when we're done. And I said Ok And at that point even though I was taught it at that point by hearing that it allowed me to push myself a little bit further and I was able to finish a day off and that stuck with me so as I'm getting as we're working through the Lord you know and you have a definite aim to stop in time to stop when I'm done and so this is this is and then a bad time in this sort of process about that I would become Co-workers with Christ will have a great deal of uncongenial uncongenial labor to perform and their lessons a construction should be wisely chosen adapted to the to the security of character so we see the benefit of hard work. So as we move we going to going to talk a bit more about. More direct labor so the more direct labor for our fellow man the greater good will be accomplished You must come close to those from whom you labor and they may not only hear your voice but shake your hand learn your principles and realise your sympathy many can reach only through what. This interested kind this I was like What is that as I thought of thinking about it as a stop at there this interesting kind is in that I was even made to curb the physical wants must 1st be relieved as I see the evidence of our unselfishness it will be easy for them to believe in the love of Christ and this is what we've what we've seen and we talk about Christ method alone bring true success of the people and we know the square and but that we're sympathy sometimes we skip and we're sympathy means. What is a real sympathy mean if we live just as we love to live for him to present I think our offerings to him to labor for him the very name will be like for his sake we show up at what pain. And sacrifice we shall sympathize with his longing for the salvation of men we should feel the same tender craving for service that he felt so as we're serving the people as we're doing in consultation with somebody this quote comes to mind we have people who literally don't have consultations with trying to get them to make dietary changes and they say you know what I'm going to wait until 10 the challenge starts in a couple weeks that's when I want to make my change and I remember I was doing that one of the opening presentations and I showed the story earlier and I have a side this is prevention is better than cure right and as I and I said the best slide because this guy that was that I spoke to he was supposed to be at that meeting but I thought it was one of the latest on the Metaxa Centex was daughter like you guys coming and as I got to that slide a text from my phone I said let me check this really quick and I looked at it and I said my dad is not coming he just had a massive heart attack and we rushed him to the hospital. So as we're sitting down with people you got to say people are literally dying in your area every single day God has given the health message to relieve the suffering of humanity and if we don't have any sympathy for nobody we go about our business we grow food we make money for ourselves make sure our family is awful our selves and our neighbors our family our community people are dying left and right with a message that we can give them to help them and this is this is our message that we really want to bring today the sympathy so we want to do a quick testimonial so we bring in so we had we do this in practice we just don't talk about we we do it we had an individual who came with us we had we we wanted to really test power just when they challenge on a bigger scale so we called a ministry called Thrive there in Kentucky and that was the director and we say could you bring some Could you bring some missionaries out to us how many you need how many you got. So that when we got 14 men off watching so they came and they they came in and they had a tremendous time and this is one of the testimonies I had you know Christina she's actually here and I had a how to write write something not you read it for I have the commitment to me here for 210 days challenges that the vineyard cafe in my experience I was able to see how effective a set of influence in the city can be this was more than just a business more than just a restaurant I saw a ministry and I like I said a hometown being revived with the hope of healing as I read with the different parts of Spencer the 10 day challenge it was encouraging to see growth and how they choose to do things that they have never done before so I hope in their faces I saw a willingness and I saw a search for more I enjoyed being able to go to their home so often making a very personal concept together lasting and I enjoyed being able to see their lives day by day the interest for mentally spiritually and physically. And we had a mission that was going to leave and they were these these individuals for 10 days really exercising with them taking them to the grocery store doing cooking classes going to their homes every single day words of encouragement and we had one family come back to the living today I mean to come them their dream about 30 minutes came to the restaurant Louis hope everybody's in there who came to the house about 3 times crying or. 3 times just like I don't understand who you you know just lost of words and they still asking for the asking they've had such an impact every time you see it tells us as we said we had said hi and this is this is what we do and go to the next life for me so this is their this is a group of missionaries are taking a family to the grocery story teach them how to shop and it's coming close to people you come in close to people that is the key people this is such a careless world nobody cares but if you show that you care is something to serve unique that you stand apart Bible says we have chosen generation and we're really the person that the holy nation a peculiar people not a peculiar people you know I'm wearing a hat there's a giraffe I wanted to kill you it's but it's peculiar as if I'm doing something against the norm and the strangest something about you so just you know we have a few minutes left and this quote Can you guys go to the next live place right here the power of unity this quote is like to me one of the top I got a top 5 course the Spirit of Prophecy this is the hearts of those who are united who have been converted under the labors of the Apostles were softened and united by Christian. Despite former presidents all were in harmony one with another this sentence blew my mind certain. That so long as the union continued to exist he would be right powerless to check the progress of gospel truth and he sought to take advantage of from my habits of thought and hope that thereby he might be able to in introduce into the church elements disunion So you wonder why Jesus and John 17 was praying for unity. Because you know if that the church is unified the gas was going to be spread and the devil cannot stop it so the devil say I'm going to try to do disunity opposite of God and Paul as ministry was so successful because he said I will not ignorant of the devil's devices so we know that we all need to work together. So we may have differences of opinion we know that the devil is trying to get us to be disunion we need to press toward unity even though it's very uncomfortable it can be very uncomfortable trust me we know very very uncomfortable but we have to do it so we've got a few minutes left I just want to close with this anybody here. So that what happened you leave it there that's a powerful quote we just leave it there and then we'll go to the next one there was. Another anybody heard this news article was a guy in Texas that lives in Texas and he was sitting at his table eating ice cream and I was certain somebody busts in the door and shoots and kills a person have to be a police officer so here we are and there is this huge tension in this particular community and the officer in the going to trial and she has been convicted. So it's something saying there are opportunities for the family to come and share their thoughts their pain and suffering and you had all these family members come in someone very nice to the lady and then his younger brother came on the stand as anybody heard the story his younger brother came on the stand if you've seen the video is very emotional he gets on the stand and he says. I'm speaking for myself but you know you know according to the Bible we ought to forgive and my brother would want me to forgive you so I just want to say I forgive you and I want you to give your life to Christ I'm speaking for myself and he was like I'm not speaking for my family I'm speaking for myself I want to see you in the kingdom I want to I want your soul to be safe and then he literally begged the judge can I give a hug please please please please can I give a hug and then James and then we do she will start to cry. He comes across and starts embrace this lady saying I forgive you for giving the lady broke down crying and I'm looking at that what a manifestation of God. I was powerful it literally broke the Internet that one act everybody was talking about it here we are we have a brother brother brother Clinton our church he president wanted to hire a lawyer present to go house to house to study study and we were in a house a small group Bible study in the middle of summer with George in the backwoods of the country here we are talking about this event now we're talking about it in Somerville we're talking about all over the nation one event the act of God's love. Can you imagine and then actually thread my heart if it were my heart and I looked around I said wow this is a glimpse of going to happen in revolution 18 that the her earth is going to be lighted with the glory of God. Because if one person sharing the love of God and love in their enemies Imagine if there's 810-0000 this quote and this quote right here if Christians were to act in concert moving forwards run on the direction of one power for the accomplishment of one purpose they will read. More of the world and look at this and I say you know right as in close and I know I got a minute or 2 left and I look at this and I see this tremendous manifestation of God's love and I said wow and I'm like and look into our church and it's so easy to say wow look at he actually forgave somebody who did such a horrible thing to his brother but yet in our church we can forgive somebody we disagreed with in board meeting and I'm like Lord we need some help we need some help so. I I have an appeal and we have we have a short short time but we know we didn't want to nowhere near the some of the things that we that we wanted to go to but the Bible said there's no greater love than this that we lay down your life for your friend and I played football in college and it was something about. Doing something for my brother you know we're all that we all we have we go through all these trials and tribulations and we go through this suffering during training camp and we have to build this camaraderie and it's like I don't want to let my brother down so I'm going to kind of do my job and then I take that and I look at Pat He takes the same illustration is about running a race so if you have that same training and everything for a crown that's uncorrupted Well how much more should we have a for a crown that I mean a correctible crown how much more should we do for uncorruptible crowd. And we look at Christ we're told that we are to study the life of Christ specially close and scenes and we see that there's a closer closer seems like Christ invention he died on the cross the same happened in the going to get somebody I think we overlook not only Jesus died on the cross he actually died to self and they got to get somebody so that is a greater love than this that we have down our life our brother not only our physical life but self we need to and it and I mean my wife will like when we're going to let God uses that we can die to self and we let our brothers and sisters down. We want to let God work through me and that we can do our part in this big tree that the law because imagine if you look at the tray you look at the body of one person doing his job the behold he suffers and this is how we have to think in order for us to come together to to have this love so every I cruise. And I just want to have an appeal. As we close Lord. I want to I want to I want to have an appeal and is there anybody here that would i was willing to say you know what I need more of Jesus. I would ask you raise your hand and we see those hands and is there any anybody here who has maybe something against a brother or sister that they need to go resign off. This is the time the Lord is calling if that is you. We accept you you raise your hand and we see those hands so let's let's let's see all this in prayer if we can all bow or kneel as we approach a lot of poor and we close father heaven we thank you so much for this presentation you know as we shared our testimony we pray that folks were inspired and we hope to learn as we leave this place that we are challenge not only to do our part. In this gospel work but also to to show this brotherly love one to another or you saw the hands of folks who who may have something on their heart to the need to go and clear up with their brother their sister and we know a lot of this does not happen we cannot be saved but help us not to feel for ourselves that we can hold bitterness and anger and strife in our heart and still make it into your kingdom Please Help us Lord to surrender fully to you that you do your work may be accomplished in this world we see it in that one act of love from that brother in that corporal and we pray Lord we can show that same love to this world but 1st to our brothers as well. Please learn as we transition now from the business of agriculture into a spiritual aspect as we move into the Sabbath hours we pray that you prepare a Hearts to receive the message from the speakers and obvious and all of a different breakout sessions. This is our prayer in Jesus' name amen this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit w w w audio verse or.


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