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The Seed and the Stony Soil

Philip Samaan


  • January 17, 2020
    6:45 AM


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Last evening I told you the prior story but I was so excited about 2 more lessons from talking about proprietary and people asked me today many of them asked me Well did you make it right with you dog or what they mean did you did you acknowledge that you a knowledge that you ate and I said yes I did it was obvious I did well then did you tell her that you're sorry you were impatient and u.a.d. hope of Pyra without her being there I said I said that that's good and so then this morning somebody came to me and said The Isn't amazing in the cafeteria they surpass for breakfast is amazing. How come nobody told me how come nobody came to my shell is a doctor someone wake up Popeye is being served so if you are here presenting the wonderful cafeteria staff if you find in your heart and the sympathy for me would you please give me a 2nd chance and have some papaya for me tomorrow because when I went there later on the day they had nothing everybody. Enjoyed except me so I I mean I don't I'm going to make it I'm going to survive to be nice speak at this convention to apply my story tomorrow so please if you can do it I'll be very happy to do you know it and I like to eat the whole thing by the way and I hope after that if you come close to me and talk to me that are brief for the aroma of a pious. And that's a big point about yesterday is as a No I said when Christ who smells so good is enshrined in our heart when we breathe we brief both his fragrance what are wonderful gifts from God that we can breathe for the fragrance of geez what the Apostle Paul said he said thanks be to God who in Christ in Christ you cannot do without Christ in Christ always leads us he is the leader in the triumph of procession and through us you see have the inexperience and through our 6 people you cannot have a through a 6 days without the in experience and through us he defuses the sweep aroma of Christ we don't need anymore the bad odors of self we must have this with fragrance of Christ always and everywhere we need to separate Mel sweet for Jesus now yesterday we talk about the seed the Word of God So nobody's I would Jesus falling on what ground what's all wayside very hard and lifeless tonight we're going to talk about the seed of God's word falling on stony ground that's a little bit better things are getting a little bit better why because this is not as scary as we of stone know it's it's like. It's like a long extended rock and ledge if you please because if you have scattered stones and you could have some seeds going between this no no this is solid ledge of a rock and I want to over this way that by telling about visiting some friends. Who live in a beautiful house and the backyard is all going well but then when you get to the left which overlooks a very deep valley beautiful view and there's a ledge there smooth rock and they try to put some soil on the ledge few square feet and they said to me they cannot put in of soil it erodes with the rain so they have like an inch or 2 soil and the grass comes up and it was quickly and I saw that why spot with the grass and we talk about a little bit more and the heat comes from above in the summertime and from below because this sun They need of the sun not only. Impacted on the top but also the walk the ledge becomes hot issues there for temporarily you have wing grass but then in a short while it dries up but at least it had a beginning but it had no depth it was shallow it was a professional but at least the people who respond initially to God's word were interested open the heart a little bit but that completely they want by feelings by emotions that are not standing they didn't decide this based on principle just like one of my students gave them of the Dr Some Oh I'm so happy are you happy for me what's the good news she said this young man met me when 2 days ago so why are you so happy she said what he told me he gave me a compliment by the way some people are dying for compliments but I'd rather call affirmation what company they give you is all if you look so pretty we'll. Why do you say that she said you green eyes oh I love it when I was who took some oh nobody ever told me that and now I feel I'm in love and I'm planning my wedding what wedding dress I should buy it it's amazing how people think kind of immediate impulsive I said but But you know some you get to know him or he says why would I need to I like him already impulsive superficial I mean time touring in the Christian life we need to have a deep relationship with Jesus and you know something she came to me a week later and she said Oh I am so broken hearted because young man said he doesn't want to be with me anymore all my plans are dashed I said Well next time I mean I feel for you I heard for you it's hers is disappointed but next I would you please get to know the guy more so you can have some knowledge of him and you can have some debt so you can decide along the way what you want to do now then you know and why says enquires object lessons unless we are totally belonging to Christ totally 100 percent we don't belong to him at all very radical statement we have all of Jesus not half of Jesus and today in the Christian world even affecting at this church in some places we want to have a part of Jesus but all not all have Jesus we want the Jesus we like and so I tell my students you cannot pick and choose like a buffet restaurant with Dr Samantha I just like Jesus to love me but I don't want to obey Him I enjoy love more than obedience. So that's a kind of Jesus I like and I listen to a doctoral student studying theology to teachers some day in one of our colleges and I listen to his presentation a theological convention and he said I spent 4 years researching the Bible for a picture of God And after 4 years of research I discovered I did not like the picture of God I discovered in the Bible so I'm just dumping my research and now I'm going to search for the God I like and like like erosion for the loss of a Frenchman he said God made us in His image and we want to return the favor to make him into our image that's a very superficial relationship that was by the way than the past couple what a statement God made us in its image and now we want to return the favor by making him into our image and often we want to sit in judgment on God and His Word but we don't want God to be our judge he better agree with us otherwise we don't want him is becoming more and more that way when I 1st came to United States when I was a teenager a family asked me to babysit their kids you know kids who are 7812 I had no idea the meaning of the word baby so I began to analyze the English words like I mean I sit with. How do I see them I had no idea what I was supposed to do so they explained my job description and the parents went shopping always takes longer to shop We'll be back in 3 hours to feed the kids lunch at the then come back at 121 o'clock 1 32 o'clock and the kids became hungry. And I don't know how to cook my wife knows how to cook well I don't know how to cook but if I'm desperate I can always make a wonderful peanut butter sandwich and as in this like to like peanut butter right in some place they call it the peanut butter people or the peanut people because it's healthy and how many here go peanuts raise your hands be proud of it. Well I grew up on a farm we had 4 seasons we grew all kinds of crops including peanuts when I was in southern Georgia preaching and some elders brought me bags of peanuts and we roast them and we boiled them I love fresh peanuts and so but I never heard a pin about which is spinners as they are we boil them roasted and then and then I look in the covers and there was this peanut butter jar creamy and a jam jar and I took 2 slices whole wheat bread healthy whole wheat bread so you have the you have the peanut butter from the peanuts and you have the bread from the Greek kernels so I began to smear the creamy peanut butter on the whole with bread and put some jam on on it and I closed the sandwiches I gave every one of the kids a sense wish at least to hold them to Lipinski after a few seconds I look at one of the girls she was 7 and she opened this hand wish and she began to lick the peanut butter and the jam with her teeth and then she discarded the whole wheat bread I said wow that's what we do sometimes and how we relate to God we wish shallow We only want the love of Christ but not obedience to Christ and so all then. And let me use 2 words in a little way together we want this we ness of the Gospel but not the substance of the Gospel there's a difference have you ever seen people open a peanut butter jar or a jam jar and with their with a spoon or or knife they just eat it like this all I know are people who live on candy at their young age we have we have Mickey's you know Little Debbie we have a thrift store in college there and some people go and fill their cars with the Swiss stuff and I said Is this what you know yeah that's what we know it's cheap and it tastes good and it's something we are interested in the sweetness of the Gospel but not the substance of the guys with gives us depth and helps not to be shallow because these are another Guinness with nice but you've got to combine sweetness was substance what I mean by that it's wonderful to believe that Jesus is our savior that's sweet but Jesus is also our Lord he's our Savior only. We love him so that we can obey him out of love that's a balanced approach to the Gospel then in the book Christ object lesson commenting on the parable of the sower and why I said the effort to. Self I want to be loved but I never want to serve the focus on self and not the savior will not give us any results will not give us any harvest be to God to be together please let's keep the sandwich together. This we stuff but the whole we bribe but then Satan Times us the worst things some Adventists only talk about the whole wheat bread that's all you got to eat dry know and some want to only have the sweets or not have both of them the sweetness and the substance 7 the others must be the most balanced people in the world and Satan wants to push us and either extreme I really of the older I get the more appreciate the word balance I don't mean compromise balance have equal liberal him look but Proverbs chapter 3 verse 5 and 6 where this is familiar promise for us the Lord's will 50 percent of your heart we're all 100 percent of your walk because Jesus gave a 100 percent of his heart when he's given us he gives all of them so and that should motivate us to give all our hearts to Him to us in the road with all your heart when I start dating my wife at Walla Walla college we've been married for 47 years that's a long time isn't it praise God for that the average American marriage lasts only 7 years 70 years and so you know I I couldn't help myself she was so wonderful and me so sweet so God this was spiritual even I missed my Middle Eastern music which sounds strange the Western ears and she's a classical musician I said you know I miss my music I like to hear it through remind me of home and she said well I know you don't have a good voice so please don't sing can you harm me hum it to us and I would hum her to her and she would reproduce it on the piano the sound better than the original Many things do me to her and now at the end of the school year I really felt I was in love with and so one. Saturday evening before I had to say goodbye and go to court with the Houston Texas we're walking. And we were holding hands but if we want to supposed to do that now it's more free people can do that I guess but then none of that but we made sure that nobody saw us I mean we were in the gym for a program and we wait for everybody to leave everybody so we felt totally together have some privacy and I for the 1st time 1st thought of the ending of the school year I stretch forth my hand and I thought for him I said even if you can reject it works at it and she that's to my hand I felt so good and then as we were walking just enjoying ourselves not bothering anybody peaceful and romantic and the full moon was up there and I had the feeling that somebody was stalking us I just thought that you know how you feel things sometimes I don't want to look back and the woman and Sherman lady spoke with a German accent her name I still remember the Liz that after 51 years I still remember having Ishi made an impression on me and her name Mrs Hatch thoughts there's a song Gemma what. I never forget that name it sound like something menacing You know actually lost like I'm ready to kill you and she came behind us and she separate us physically you separate so and the Who said I meant. You know your your heart is hard. Maybe the most often you know how my sister. And so I am. Holding the hand of my friend and Miss Actually I was about and she we all were just 18 years old but she was like 6 the night or 7 you know and and so and that holding her hand all the way from our walk to the girl was gone and she said Young man this where you go in this where you go and if we listen to our counsel advised we would never have been married and the reason I'm sharing this with you I tried to tell you a story humor you a little bit and now I hit you with the point I said Well I hope you don't mind that I mean you might even not like it but I really love you before you leave I want you with some emotion she said really really when she said Oh how much do you love my. 100 percent I took a risk she could have rejected me why shouldn't she said Well I'm not at the point yet I said well at what point are you she's I love you with 50 percent of my heart so in my mind I just saw a heart cut in half. And it didn't feel like a total commitment Thankfully after I came back from Corp and then all summer in Texas she was waiting for me took a walk she said you know I'm kind of slow I have to think about everything I think that's good for the my hands. Should now and tell you the truth of the praying and thinking about it I love you with all of my heart 100 percent but was in a suite I hope this story helps you. In the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understand with about 100 percent not shallow not superficial not an inch of. With all your heart and lean not on your own understanding in all your ways and knowledge. And he will direct your path that's at the Palatial with God That's the opposite of stony ground 0 notice notice this wonderful promise to help us have a deep relationship with Jesus it says what he will direct our paths means God wants to guide us he's eager to guide us oh how I pray and wish all of us including our children our students with our dob this wonderful philosophy I want God to guide my life often we played by ear often we listen to our peers sometimes the blind these the blind you know when I tell my students because you know Christian education is more than giving good lectures it's the investment of our lives in our young people it's not only a meeting of mind with mind but heart with heart is not just if it's not just the cognitive it's the affective And so what it comes to that I say you know one advice I want to give you I mean they have to take notes on the professor so they can say Don't give me advice I give any I scatter the seed good soil stony sore I scatter the sea I say this one thing I want to tell you don't start having social relations with people because that's what they want I want to date I want to be a lot no don't do that unless you have a relationship with Jesus think Jesus is your best mentor as your best friend and see things from this perspective and let Him guide you in your social relationships and even I want tell you 2nd part of the advice where Jesus said you know what Jesus is sometimes hard. In my book the middle is my site I have a chapter on the hard sayings of Jesus made easy and one of these sayings I tell my young people about Jesus said If you love father or mother or brother or sister or even a spouse a girlfriend a boyfriend anybody more than me you are not worthy of me and people puzzle about this is I don't know what that means you mean Jesus and when people of my own Oh absolutely not in my culture the Bible culture and the stand that this is how we park what we need this means is Jesus telling all of us if you love me 1st and foremost outpour are my genuine I got the love in you said you can pour it out on your peers you could pour that out on your children that's what he was trying to say and so when I give premarital counseling I do a lot of that I still do oh of this lovers in my office excited about the future life together and after I chat with them for last this question I see Johnny I want to ask you a personal question your sex and what is it I said Is there anybody you love more than your girlfriend how could you ask me that question of course not I love her the most her brother were once in the room the young man admits he loves another girl more and I said we need to have some counseling you know get married that way if you do how come you never told me I don't know I'm just wondering I look at young ladies and sometimes I feel like I need to know them well there go know them then but mostly that doesn't happen he would be by that know I love her the most I said think about it is there anybody in the whole universe you love more than. You me to see Jesus Exactly. We should never ever get married unless we love Jesus more of them. For years because otherwise you depend on your selfish love the guys the pleader easily and so people come to me and say you know I don't feel I don't feel I'm in love anymore with my wife I tell you something if Jesus went by feeling he would have died on the cross he didn't feel like dying he said Father take this cup of way for me Jesus relation with his father was. Not shallow but he out of principle he was this is it oh Don I've heard the human race because the slow of a gospel is based on principle not feeling people who represents the stoning for oil go by emotion like in my feeling is very temporary We need something more enduring and Chrysler loved he said that endures that can withstand them patients and struggle and I look at this husband and says Oh you don't feel like loving you no no it's becoming stale and you know I'm tempted to go with other women I said What can I have a question you want me to help you yes so you have problem that you don't feel you have love and I'm right I said Are you connecting with jesus love I never thought of that one well let's think about this when let me help you love Jesus with all your heart more than anyone else and he'll poor out his genuine. Love in your heart to overflowing and then it will slow unto your wife I'm not talking about your mom your love is selfish I want why this love to throw all of your home upon your wife that's the way it works. And because of Christ's love the sacrificial you want to do with ever needs to be done to show your wife she is cherished she is loved she senses clearly you affection toward her that comes only from being connected Jesus so don't look for glove in all the wrong places it's only found in Jesus that's all. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and then lead not on your own understanding of music work of the mind in all your ways acknowledge Him Oh in all the ways represents the work of our hands to help us have a depth of knowledge with Jesus I talk about the 3 H.'s and the teachers who are like to help people remember like last night they saw the seed in the song of the 3 essence that help us remember 3 teachers what are they we are to how does God direct our prayers the l.s.o. is threefold number one person with all your heart question with all you have and trust him with the works of your hands heart head and hands and he fulfill his promise to you by directing your prayers and guiding you you know I like to read you something from the book I'm using for these presentation the latest book I have the Mid East Messiah cultural insights into Christ life and ministry I want to read you something from. Willoughby to shoot I don't want to I don't know why the scribes by the way in my books I use the Bible 1st and then the Spirit of Prophecy and I read many doctoral dissertations I mean the respect to be argued fees that the older I get the more I realize our only and true source of authority is the Bible 1st and then the Spirit of Prophecy I hope you don't mind if I say that. I want to make it from to make from to make a certain sound sometimes we got so lost in reading everything else and all the theology and all the philosophy except the Word of God is not. This what I want to read to you the palm tree in the Middle East they have palm trees and dates and some people tell me Well you know I cannot be deep woods just because I have so many obstacles I have so many problems how can I go deep in Jesus and I look at this reference of unwired about the palm tree a wonderful reference and I know that Brother John deicing has it in his compilations of Mrs White about a culture and this what she says upon 3 in the desert looks like at evergreen tree why though they said as I gather right and by the way if you know a desert and you go to Arizona I mean there are some plants Middle East and there's a totally set though piles of sand gather around the front though the heat of the sun a 125 degrees beat against the sand why this is the green is part of the OS that goes because if you think deeper and deeper and deeper the Palm Pre sends its roots into the water deep below to drink to drink of this water that gives it life so in spite of everything else we can stem by the grace of God who we are to the water of life and be in the rush by the water of life and be fed by the Bread of Life no obstacles stop us from doing that it says in Matthew 13 that this seed immediately quickly sprang up that's what you call an impulsive emotional temporary decision. Because when the when the kernel falls in which soil it takes time because making the Pruett I don't know if you've heard the story about this a professional relationship with Jesus and the people Aisha's a story is told of a great writer you know people got doctor a reason to know how to be waiters perfect diction perfect precipitation and he made their living by we side think that sickle works and poetry and the Bible he made a living doing it people pay them a lot of money and one time he was asked to recite the Bible part of the Bible especially some 23 he stood up to his side some point to 3 The Lord is my shepherd I shall not one it is such a great job that people are so impressed they gave him a thunderous applause and a standing ovation he did a great job he was successful and then he called to the podium and the rematch hunched over it is big very well but he knew Jesus with all his heart had a deep experience with Jesus and as he beside the same song before the same people people felt this humble elderly man really knew Jesus he really knew Jesus with all his heart and by the way it's true is that there is a mysterious language that flows from our hearts to other people's hearts are all theirs and they sense why there and then we are intimate with Jesus you cannot hide that a little while said we have atmospheres around us and these atmospheres intersect when we meet and you know this person of Jesus or his home but at the end of his about citation of the 23rd Psalm. Nobody applauded nobody stood up but every eye in the audience was worked with tears what would you rather have would rather have the applause or the conviction of the heart some day the applause will die down with the approval of God with the forever. Students there know that some are I have many of my friends on Facebook how many do you have I'm curious Oh well you know I have like 500000 or really I mean do you can you handle all these friends and they too many well know you know it's not really it's not like any close friendship if she said makes me feel good that I'm popular but you don't know these people you know I don't I don't have to know I don't want to I just count them as friends and I said well let me ask you among the 500 or 1000 Do you happen to have the face of Jesus among your friends you know so I don't because when Jesus comes in the clouds of heaven is not going to ask us how many friends do you have he's going to ask your friend I was going to find out of his friends oh here's a wonderful accurate perfect method of research you know how Jesus will know that because sometimes we don't know about each other he will look directly at our heart as a best way to research he can look that with of the heart and he will ask the question do I find myself in you is me Christ all the way when you but he is going to look at our hearts oh how fortunate we are how gracious God is we're still have time to really become intimate readers and know he lives in our hearts and we cannot our spouse cannot do this for us our children nobody our friends going to do that between us and Jesus when he looks at our hearts in the future will he find himself. As our best friend he will know and the Apostle Paul he will find Christ the hope of glory form with us does it make sense to all of you resonate with I'm telling you do you do you see what I'm telling you and then every I was worked with tears of conviction and this great all right came up to the stage he put his arm around this elderly man and he said we both we fight the same song but appear there was a difference and won't talk about this difference I know the song but this man knows the shepherd So I'm talking about going about 2 words here I call them a 2 piece What are they professing Christ with the mouse not possessing Christ in the heart there is nothing wrong with professing choirs with the mouth but it has to go deeper to the heart it cannot be shallow on the lips it has to enter the heart and so I believe in what this great orator said this man is not only professing the shepherd with his mouth but he is saying him with his heart well I pray to God He will help me not just to lecture and preach about Jesus with my lips but to possess him in my heart because I really want with all my heart when Jesus comes to look into my heart and I'm very serious about the look inside of me and he tells the truth and he's on us you know zip through and say well done I find myself in you and in spite of you and I know you want the same thing I want to read you something from the book when the 3 went 83 go who have. The shallow stony heart they lack substance. And staying power which comes only from being attached to the Savior but not attached to self by the way there is so much of self today in the world we need more of a Savior I do rather have the as of the Savior capital as there's too much of sorrow even in our Iraq thought x. Facebook look at my face I follow Look at me selfies look at myself i Pad We need more of the Savior when they hear the Word of God be taught Creech they hastily come forward to accept Jesus a Savior who loves them but not as a lord whom they obey and serve the crucial point here is that they become caught up in the appearance feet of the Gospel but not the substance of the gospel they mean with joy for a while the professing Christ from their mouths but not possessing him in the heart they are moved by Free think emotions but are not governed by pervading principle stony superficial soil means we are trying to a life on the self and not the savior to help us be victorious and sometimes we were victorious is not a good word among some Christians while you talk about victorious is not legalism No it's not in everything we want to be victorious in our business in our sports in car racing in anything we want to be victorious when it comes to our life with Jesus we don't like to be victorious what's wrong with us as a very possible would you rather be defeated but we cannot be victorious by using self we can only be victorious by joining Jesus uniting our weakness with strength you know something some people well meaning Christians. 1st of all I want to use double or now to help you when I give you a final exam so you can remember double or what are the double our revival and reformation some people have the mistaken idea I must be we for the 1st when I finish being we form then I can be we've got it's impossible it's an impossible task you can never be a way forward and as users revives you I don't know if you know their early on in the presidency of those they want to emphasize revival in their formation they still are for sizing but the 1st printings of these stickers slogans they made a mistake and intentional they printed reformation and revival and they had to pull them away and put the ones because because as wrong theology we can never be we formed unless we revived. You know this with John the Baptist said John 3 and verse 30 when he had an encounter with Jesus what did he say Jesus must increase you start with Jesus 1st not self Jesus must increase and then was the Christ because Jesus is the only power that has that can squeeze self out to become so dominant horse that he squeezes some of out notice John the Baptist doesn't say I must decrease for and after I decrease the Christ will increase and possible only Christ can help us crucify So you know Satan use the word of God but He twists and he makes it disorderly and he can use a text by saying Ok try hard to humble yourself for her to get rid of your sins try hard to decrease that's good. But you could spend your whole life trying to decrease its impossible. Just like he does with Behold the Lamb of God John 129 John the Baptist when he said you sent another statement Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world you know hundreds can push this get rid of your sins just twisting the order the order is important get rid of your says after you get rid of your says and then Behold the Lamb of God it doesn't work no no to something else he also says Behold the Lamb of God After that try to get rid of his you know no we cannot overcome the devil and sin only Christ can as we call operate with him as we provide the wise heart receptive heart for those at work Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world did you notice that subtle point here who who refers to the land of God Behold him who takes away the sins of the world so Christ not only is someone we behold but he hopes us to overcome our sins because some people say you know you behold Jesus and then you get with you know to be whole jesus you allow Jesus The cooperate with you because he is your only power that can rid us of our sins and he gets all the glory but we have to cooperate we see how do you corporate with the you give yourself you trust them all your heart so we can work within you a story is thought of a little boy who love Jesus with all his heart he was a little disciple of Jesus he prayed he enjoyed Sabbath school he enjoyed singing songs about Jesus and one time he asked his the other question because He puzzled over this question for days and weeks you know children his age 4 and a half. Can the think in the abstract if his though they develop on psychology they take things literally and if they choose a morning is a wonder of Jesus like you and he said there I invite Christ to come into my heart every day but then I need help Christ is so big and I'm so small and when I invite them to live in my heart how does that work because he used to his games you see you have a square hole here you have a square object you know they fit snugly But now with Jesus. And Great and Powerful I'm so small so when I invite them to come and live in my heart then they then he must be always thinking out of me. He saw. And he Chris is in my heart he must always be sticking out of me with a wonderful statement shard about Christian witnessing and the question I want to ask all of us what's taking all of us what is thinking of us when people see us is itself was it the Savior I want to save it's the God or me what about you you know as I look at you I can see why are you there like you know I can't even see your eyes you know I mean like I have my own but still I can but you're all there right the us and they do what I'm telling you if you do say amen Oh I know I think everybody. Cries is room so dominant in my heart and I'm sore small and he's so big. So in order for him to be in my heart yes they always think out of me was thinking of us today there's too much of self in the world please let's allow Jesus to the God of the sea only and serve. Let me let me conclude with verse illustration that we finally conclude you know some people say that some speakers and there's conclusion small letters a b. c. d. So you have 4 conclusions this if you want a conclusion based on James 47 Why because that's the only secret for spiritual victory in Christ you cannot defeat Satan nobody can. You can never resist him as Jesus is united with you so Jesus and you resist him together you know were told in great controversy. The Satan thought that his deception in heaven right in a perfect heaven were perfectly angels and he was able to deceive in the perfect heaven and prophet angels he would have much experience in deception and he defeat a 3rd of them and now we live in a very wicked world none of us are angels with somebody into that none of us are angels if you don't say a man that I think you believe you are an angel and you're mistaken none of us is in Asia will say may make it a point here if he does say for 5 days also in a perfect world he can defeat us today very imperfect human being in a very wicked world also and why I said she said you know. He trained himself in psychological games I mean you meet a student what are you measuring psychology or after you finish your bashers agree I plan to have a Ph d. you know 4 more years it's finished but Satan never finished his measure he is one of the students who come back again and again till they become 7 barrel. He's studying psychological games and he and the stand the human mind very well to deceive it and he's had thousands of years to perfect his psychological games that's why I learned why it's very kind of they don't ever try to defeat Satan you cannot you have an angel you're not a perfect work or how to defeat it seems for 7 look at James 47 says therefore submits yourself to God Ha the 1st step we take summit to go not resist the devil because you get defeated 100 percent of upon the 1st we must do to have victory in our lives and have a deep experience with Jesus is the submit ourselves to Him when we submit ourselves so we become united with him united we stand we become a formidable front with Jesus were together our weakness united with strength and say thing comes around and he doesn't see as by ourselves to mess with us he says Jesus united to us and he pays attention because he cannot defeat Christ he is only a defeated Oh are you with me that's how it works in we'll live a simple it's common sense just like when I own the farm back home in Syria my dad would build Paris's on the hills for the fruit trees pomegranates all of trees you know or figs and he would build that through within the soil and he said Son I was so 5 years old but my dad want to instill confidence in me you want to affirm me he want me to feel important that he needed my help now I understand that point I thought I took it seriously son can you please help me to pick this big rock. Put on top of the wall I leave you out. Of the wood or you imagine my dad is useless and I'm just a follower of Jesus and if so then I came down I put my little hands and the the wrong he put his big hands on the wrong and I did the best a Good which wasn't much I would never have lived the walk by myself and the walk began to move and I got me up. And together we put that stone on top of the wall he said Son thank you for helping me with it together the same thing with Jesus he's much more powerful than you and me except maybe more powerful and he's more than willing to unite his strength to our weakness but we're together we're at the me and together we double together only together and by the way who resists more who resists more or Christ why because he is stronger who pulled the walk more my dare I want to long for the right that's all that makes sense that's what helps to be deep knowledge requests and helps us to be victorious and the last step so the 1st one submits the Christ Secondly he resists a devil with Christ and what happens is that of you and me fleeing for our lives in defeat well up as Satan free it's high time for say to start pleading for a change it's high time fleeing belongs to him not to you and me when we submit ourselves to Christ that's how it works and now with a statement from heaven why did I memorize a big so important to me commenting on James 47 this what you service when you submit yourself to Christ with the whole your whole heart Satan. He doesn't say fleas she said Satan crumble and please if you ever see somebody from Blink with you like crumble in your book shake in your boots Satan is not carboy but he shakes in his books Satan. And free before the weaker soul who finds refuge in that my pet name of Jesus how many here I want to make an appeal I want to hear sometimes feel you are weak so. I do please I beg of you in the name of Jesus submit yourself to Christ and what happens are double trouble and free why because even though you might be the weakest soul when you find refuge in the mighty name of Jesus he. Well I feel like telling another story you know but I won't I have to more a tell that story to me just came to my head of an exciting story so the moral of this sermon with that story can you please stand up with me. Lord right now you see every heart you are very good researcher we cannot pretend that we love you that we pursue all our heart now you want us to be authentic transparent with you because you see us right now we complete games with you God is the. Let's really level. And come to this basic stuff someday you're going to come I hope soon you're going to look at my heart every heart you know I pray with all my heart you'll find yourself formed within us and you can recognize yourself in the Lord you saw their hands raised in your saw their hearts lifted by the conviction of your spirit that even when we feel we are the weakest. When we submit to you and seek refuge in you might in a safe then we'll have to from and free this belongs to Satan Vic to be a long story. And worthy but we open our hearts to like like the good soil the rich please won't grow in us help us to die to self that we might be resurrected in the newness of life like a plan to us and also at last the Lord what you want to tell us that you increase and we decrease we decrease as you increase in our lives and therefore we die to South by decreasing and death is good that the self is good because this is the way your life can sprout in us in victory so we can be fruitful. And blessed people and draw them close to you and do you think. The Lord. I'm doing my best to be you know my heart and united with in my prayers of Jesus in RB have take my puny faith United a powerful faith of Jesus and as your servant unwise as we pray you search prayers from our heart she uses our mighty prayer warrior draws close to us may draw close to every one of us here and was his loving human as a Son of Man. At Ground 0 even with love and compassion and he espouses our prayer quests he marries our purpose and makes. Me every prayer Quest here for being strong in Jesus for being the deep woods Jesus made this prayer Quest he Jesus Marriot and made become his own requests in our behalf and now by faith. We see these prayer of course of ours is sponsored by G.'s as a point Jesus divine on as is Severn Abel Son of God May His divine I grasp the throne of the infant for us I pray this. We pray this. In Jesus my theory. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leader visit w w w audio verse or.


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