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  • January 18, 2020
    9:15 AM


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Our Heavenly Father we realize our hopelessness when we open your word because we look back through history and we see that there have been many people that have read your word and it never changed their life but there have been many people that have read your word and as changed their lives dramatically and so Father we pray that your word would become living in our souls this morning as we open it as we read it as we study together that your spirit would fill our hearts and in light in our minds in Jesus' name amen All right Sabbath school this morning our theme while our theme for the conference is a living parable right and 1st Sabbath school this morning we're going to be looking at the theme the living parables and context of our personal life and so I just want to ask you to begin with what is a living parable What's the difference between something that's living and something that's dead life so several people have said life what's the difference between life and death growth and growth in growth means that there is some type of activity right it's it has the ability to effect an influence what is around it right something that is dead cannot actively influence what's around it and change so a living parable if it's applied to our lives is how our lives affect and influence other lives around us our family our friends our community right so we are going to be asking ourselves we're going to be studying to parables this morning and would like to put ourselves in the parable fill in this blank for me because there's a theme with the parables of Christ you all so far and in many or if not most of the parables of Christ he begins it by saying the blank is like something who can fill in the blank. The Kingdom of Heaven exactly the Kingdom of Heaven or the Kingdom of God is like such and such and so if you were going to put yourself in that parable Wouldn't it be wonderful if God could speak down and say the kingdom of heaven is like Natasha the kingdom of heaven is like Susan the kingdom of heaven is like John the kingdom of heaven is like James who seeing the homeless man on the side of the street did such and such the kingdom of heaven is like Jacob who when his neighbor became angry and killed his dog that he had raised from a puppy he responded in such and such a way the kingdom of heaven is like so we like to put ourselves into the parable this morning are you ready to do that together. So I remember my own Ok I remember early on only right thinking gaged we were having this discussion we were studying 5 and I remember I just looking in studying were talking about how marriage is marriage is a parable right of how right response to the church and how the church response to Christ and I remember thinking about that and praying about it when I thought. What you were thinking it would be if we could be so viewed with the Holy Spirit so so given to Christ that when our children are growing up we could say you know honey if you want to see how Christ loves you watch how Daddy truth mom watch how he how selfless that even if you want to know how you respond to Christ watch how delighted Mom and Daddy walked from the door that is a very very high calling and so often so wouldn't it be so wonderful if we can and our lives were stone Butte with the Holy Spirit that we truly reflected the Word of God in everything we did now that's a very high calling but aren't we always striving for the highest calling for with the Word of God has to say so this morning as we're studying these 2 parables we'd really encourage you not just to look at the parable from the perspective as we break up an interest groups risk going to break up into small groups and discuss and we really encourage you not just to discuss it from you know we have a lot of Biblical knowledge in this group and we can have a really rousing conversation theologically but let's actually put ourselves very personally and practically into the parable and say you know how how could this actually be a nun ca did in my life in my circumstances and look at it very closely and personally from that perspective. Ok so we're looking at 2 parables this morning this one's attached to you 2 so I'm missing a senator here and. So we're looking at 2 parables and. We're going to begin with a parable parable found in Mark chapter 4 so if you have your Bibles we're going to turn to Mark Chapter 4. And verses 26 to 29 now children youth kids you'll have your papers. And if you can find a pen or a pen soul. Perhaps mention that but I think that many of you can maybe find one with your dad your mom if there's any one that needs a pen or pencil I don't know if there's any extras but children you're going to want to pencil and we're going to be reading this parable together and what I want you to do as the adults are discussing it suggests or I want you to take one side of your paper Remember we're using 2 parables I want you just to say one side of your paper and I want you to draw and illustrate this parable the best that you can on that paper you guys got it and as you're drawing it I want you to think about how can this apply to my life as well Ok so you've got it you draw one side of your paper the parable and think about how it can relate to your life and have your Bibles Mark chapter 4 and we're going to start Thank you Dick and it says as if a man should cast into the ground and should sleep and rise night and day and the seed should spring forth and grow up he no it's not how for the earth bring it forth fruit of her self 1st the blade then the ear after that the full corn in the ear but when the fruit is brought forth immediately he put it in the sickle because the harvest is coming. So the question was What is the farmer doing in this parable and we're going to allow an opportunity now to raise your hand and share some of what you discussed in your small group does anybody have anybody would like to share what they discussed right here on the front. I notice that in chapter 293 Verse $29.00 there's a word immediately you don't want to wait once the grain is right you want to harvest it and obviously you wouldn't want to harvest it before so it implies that there is a very critical moment at which someone needs to receive that call to come in. So you have the farmer at a very specific moment making sure the harvests on time very very interesting anyone else I can see. Is the field and God created created us and he give us he give us the work to do and we have to do it by faith. To plant so we can make it made since it is good that has deported. But he has they too since. We since they can sit on the speech when we like to put the seed he brings fruit I did this in that we preach the gospel and then good spirit we walk in the person and we get you know book and the same thing so I can see that what I'm using for me is because the Bible said that the verse 29 and I think 29 said. The farmer did not know hope you know we do not know hope but by 5th we have to do. This horrible that was something that really stood out to me as well that the farmer does not know how it is growing. Does not know how it is growing but it takes someone over here Larry Lester at the front and then we're going to take one in the back yard your next there's a microphone in the back there with the blue well take you after lecture. So I noticed at the very beginning it says so is the kingdom of God and you brought that up so this is telling us how the kingdom of God works as a man who cast in seed this is a parable of the plan of salvation it seems this is how the kingdom works I notice that powerful so this is and I like is to keep that invest in context as we go to our next question as well thinking about how this is specifically talking about how the kingdom of heaven works absolutely. I think there was a gentleman in the back that had his hand up the other thing that I'd like to be thinking about with this parable as you think about is what we mentioned in the beginning as well putting your own name in there how how can this be a parable be fulfilled in your life personally yes or. Have a Sabbath have is that one of the things that we discussed would we notice that the former just cast a seed upon the ground indicating that there was really no preparation made to the soil but the soul to see able to germinate in bring full results we also looked at how to obey him when it's like this is like the 2nd coming of Christ gone she was already to be harvested immediately sticking to the end of Sickle and homocysteine. Yes Absolutely all right we're going to have to talk about one more question on this parable and then we're going to come back and talk a little bit about it together as well and then we'll kind of wrap up this parable and go to the next parable. So the next question is. The if this goes forward how does the seed grow and bear fruit you don't explain that a little bit a 100 what were I can so as we were talking about the what is the farmer doing please he rises you know by day there's a farmer just sit all day and you absolutely nothing crap in a farmer forces crop to grow you cannot. Facilitate the conditions of life fertility to life giving environment for that planting only guide to grow so as we look at this question let's look at how does the seed grown bear fruit the seed in the ground but also that the parables referring to the growth but right back up and also the seed in the whole heart the seed of the Word of God in our own hearts how does that bring up and grow what can be done to contribute to that process was discussed that a little bit and then we'll come back in about 3 minutes yeah so here's the context of. This parable actually is in the context right after the parable of the sower and the seed who sews in the different types of soil right so put yourself into the parable and say the kingdom of heaven is like your own name the kingdom of heaven is like Paul who is seed was sewn into his heart and it grew and he knew not how to let me ask you how does the seed grow and bear fruit you've got 3 minutes to talk together and then we'll come back and share together all right all right I think we're back on. So the question the question is how does the seed grow and bear fruit and would like to specifically apply it to our own lives how does that seed grow and bear fruit in our lives. Anybody we're going to take a few few comments from the 4 yes there's one right in the middle here. So we were discussing how does it grow and it was mentioned that in verse $27.00 says he doesn't know how does a know how it grows interest so the farmer is putting the seed in the ground and that's an act of faith. Because he doesn't know how it grows he can't explain it but he knows that it will grow. And also there's the he there's human effort because the farmer he he plows the ground he gets the ground ready he casts the seed but the farmer can't supply the rain and he can't supply the sunshine so there's a combination of human effort with divine power whom that then produces the harvest so if we want good fruit and our lives we have to recognise that there is human effort we need to do and then we need to combine that with receiving the good yaps that God gives us up a man a man you know let me ask you a question Is there anywhere else that talks about fruit in the Bible. Somebody I heard somebody talk about the fruits of the spirit is that the kind of fruit that we want to have in our lives do you want to have a harvest of the fruit of the Spirit in your life. So any other want anyone else has something specifically we're going to take a gentleman in the back here when I see there is that one thing that happens that the seed is so on. But they don't do anything that blocks its growth to scroll through other words they allow that seed to take root in the heart and in it bears fruit I believe on a personal level that oftentimes we want we want to grow or fruit to grow in our lives but we're doing all kind of things to hinder its growth. Thank you for bringing out that that point you know have you ever experienced perhaps you realize that you have a problem with patience with your children for example and you really want that fruit of the Spirit in your life and you strive after it and you you work as hard as you can to try and build grow patience in your heart or piece you realize that you just do not have peace and you work to try and have it as hard as you can you do all of these different things one thing that really stood stands out to me in this parable is that the fruit is something that happens when the soil is right right. It says they don't the farmer doesn't even know how it grows he doesn't know how it happens but there are the blossoms fruit when when you're in the garden do you ever strive and work to make that tomato plant put out and tomato. You just wait for it to happen right. Fact is. That again I don't think you know but you do everything you can to protect that plant and to provide the conditions of life like the gentleman mentioned to prevent it from being sabotaged along the way to prevent the miracles from being sabotaged exactly have you heard where in the Bible talks about resting in the power of dawn there is a rest therefore for the people of God to rest in the power of God to you so let me ask you just real briefly enough I know we have so many other people that have comments but we need to move on to the next parable just keep this in your mind is it worth striving for the fruit or do we strong I have to have a heart that is free and clear for the spirit of God's work and the fruit will happen as a result of his working not out of the result of our striving after it. All right so we're going to turn to the next pair of all and is found 13 versus 6 through her 9 and children listen carefully you can flip your papers over and draw a whole new picture of this next parable on the other side all right Luke Chapter 13 versus 6 or 9 he spake also this parable a certain man had a fig tree planted in his vineyard and he came and sought fruit there out and found none then said to the dresser of his vineyard the whole these 3 years I have come seeking fruit on this big tree and finance cut it down why cumber Is it the ground and he answering said unto him Lord let it alone this year also till I dig up out it and dung it and if it bear fruit well and if not then after that the shop cut it down. So the 1st question we're going to ask about this parable is. Someone can advance the slide there we go how can we be a living tree. That is possibly cumbering the ground how can we be a living tree that is possibly cumbering the ground because the interesting observation about. The tree is come to the tree 3 years in a row he wouldn't do. Is come to a 3 year road. From next year is there if alive but there's no fruit and finally get the point where it is like how can we be a living tree we are alive but still covering the ground there's an extra verse on the screen that you can look up as you discuss together as well from Isaiah and we'll go ahead and start 3 minutes of discussion on this question right now Ok we have our microphones ready. Does anyone have. A thought that they were inspired with from this parable how right up here in the front go ahead and raise your hand yes I was looking at it in it made me think about Isaiah the 5th chapter where guys said you know I had this vine this vine that I have had to have protected have given it every benefit that it may bear fruit you know that it's good loamy soil you have the sun assigned you have the fertilizer and showers you have everything and when I come to you with the right season you look like you should have that love that joy that peace that longsuffering all the fruits of the spirit but you have none and you know but you look like you are Christian. I'm thirsty I'm hungry and I come to you for that strength and I get nothing I leave with nothing that's how we can become a living cumbering tree I think it's also important to remember that. You know if you were to go into my garden right now it's wintertime in Indiana and my true none of my fruit trees are bearing fruit and are these important remember that sometimes we go through a dormant stage sometimes the ebb and flow of life doesn't. Produce the fruit that either I want to see or others want to see in me and I think in the big picture about Agra and outreach we need to remember that those trees that we are reaching out to May not be producing the fruit that we want them to see right away we may think they're cumbering the ground but I think that's what makes this parable important is that God is telling us to please give them time feed them the fertilizer of my word give them time and I will produce the fruit in them how do we relate to people who are cumbering the ground or cumbering our ground I think there's a lot of times when all experience. I hear. I think there are. You Hear Me Yeah I think there's moments when we've all experienced or we're like oh this person in my life you know they may. Be alive but they're not eat that food and then you know them down I think all seemingly all of hearing that. Humanely action to somebody. And so we want to spend a little bit of time this time not discussing amongst ourselves but just taking maybe 2 minutes to allow the Holy Spirit to speak to us very personally and to give us specific names of people who we've had an attitude of cut them down there come bring the ground. To bring those names to arm into our mind and then to impress us how can we drop most of those souls and you know dig around and further love and nurture and minister to them specific to your situation let the Holy Spirit speak to fix your situation is pathetic to my situation and what are the names of those people in your life and secondly what is God specifically asking you to do to feel like the gardner in to be a living parable to be like the gardener in this parable digging around that tree and fertilizing it and wondering and doing everything we can to bless and so we're going to take about 2 minutes to do that just barrier head right where you are God speak to you he'll speak to me think to us live here 2 minutes and then we'll bring this to another thing that you can think about with that person or people in your life is Who is it that when you come into their presence all of a sudden you lose your peace or you lose your joy those fruits of the Spirit. That are in a sense cumbering cumbering your ground. Is something that stands out to me from this parable number one is the mercy of God to that tree that was not bearing fruit but number 2 is that God did not just ignore that. God did not just I mean in the parable you know the farmer or the. The landowner did not just immediately cut it down but he did something active to that tree he dug around it or the caretaker did right we're going to close with a quote here from thoughts from the mount of blessings that ties into this because this parable is specifically about the character of God. And in fact one amount of blessing page $75.00 at the end of the chapter it says the children of God are those who are partakers of his nature that's what it means to be a living parable isn't it Jesus is the ultimate living parable and when Christ is in you then you are as and my lives become a living parable says it is not earthly rank nor birth nor nationality nor religious privilege which proves that we are members of the family of God Do you want to know what proves we are members of the family of God. It is love a love that embraces all humanity. Listen to this even sinners whose hearts are not utterly closed to God Spirit will respond to kindness while they may give hate for hate they will also give love for love it's pretty easy thing to do even a sinner can give love for love but it is only the Spirit of God that gives love for hatred to be kind to the unthink full and to the evil that means to be kind to someone who never is kind to you in return that's what I'm thankful person is they never even come and say thank you do that to be kind to the unthinkable and to the evil that's even the next level to do good hoping for nothing again is the insignia of the royalty of heaven the sure token by which we are the children of the highest by which the children of the highest reveal their high estate. And that your desire to be a living parable this morning was Neil together as we close our time to our gracious Heavenly Father it's very easy to look at our own lives and to realize where we are lacking of your spirit of the fruits of your spirit. We realize the many times that we fall of Father your word encourages us that the righteous man though he falls he rises again and we pray that you would fill us with your spirit to rise again and lean on your word. To realize that there is nothing we can do to struggle as we can strive we can we can. Work as hard as we can but we can never produced the fruit of your spirit in our lives. But we can be willing to humble our hearts and allow you to break up the soil of our hearts center prepare our hearts for your seed to grow and that your fruit will blossom there and I pray that you would place into each one of our lives that insignia of heaven that. We would have the love of God. That was kind to the unthankful and even to those who are evil to us in return. We thank you for this time together and for that you continue to fill this place with your spirit as we worship you today Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio 1st if you would like to listen to more service leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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