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The Seed and the Thorny Soil

Philip Samaan


  • January 18, 2020
    11:15 AM


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We're talking this morning about this sea of God's word cast by the soul and chooses into perfect soil. Except it had flaws in it I thought at the end this university a logical seminary for 10 years and this fall in Michigan is the mark and which and the anything can grow there is so different then the clay soil of Ringgold Georgia while I live. And one summer I really work hard to plant a good garden variety of vegetables but because of a travelling program to preach around the country within go back to about 3 weeks or 4 weeks by the time we came back there was a lot of rain either not recognise my garden my point to meet the plants and and corn and radishes and all of that wind because then we've covered everything so you can still have a good soil you can still have a good hard receptive to God's work but you may allow sonars and thirst cells and brightest to go there to choke the Word of God where you cannot recognise it anymore and by the way as you notice as farmers or gardeners it takes effort this implement the NASA thing to raise a good crop you don't have to work at raising weeds they just come natural and some of them are so nasty it's hard to kill. I have even weeds growing through the asphalt through a quack in my driveway they come up with tomatoes never come up from a quack in the road. You notice how the parables about this so warm they either go from the worst to the best of the best or the worst things are getting better this is better than hog round the nothing growth is certainly better than the. Than the ledge of rock with a thin one is soil at least something is growing and I have rich soil. But you have phones growing and appeared nobody was there to weed I me some of you I met many of you here some of you are God there are some of your farmers how many here are committed to weeding your garden let me see your hands what was what was the matter with the rest of it you don't want to weed every god that has the wheel and I live on our simple farm on the shores of material to do are we do with my hands we are the way to do that and it weighs a come back you got to leave white so that the the peanut plants or all other vegetables will be strong enough stern enough to be able to make it. If we never watch the avenues of our souls the weeds will come in naturally without having to work at it you know it's interesting that Jesus said this is what you do with you cares and birth of Jesus always has good advice the only problem sometimes we has it and to follow his advice why not he's an expert he knows everything and he says when you have cares and question burdens and some burdens people are facing I call them to find words. Because humans cannot solve these murders only Jesus can no wonder he said now that he said the invite has come unto me all who labor and I have a maiden and I'll give you rest many of us need west and peace I meant people even here who have such heavy burdens that they are crushed under the weight and I tell them this burgers don't belong to you they be a mountain Jesus your shoulder is not big enough to carry them your heart is not big enough. To sustain them. That's what and why it's in this of Asia's Jesus is heard and of fended when we don't trust him to give him our burdens when we don't accept his invitation now I'm sure when you carry your burgers you know me to offend Jesus but that's what the Spirit of Prophecy says he feels offended when we don't trust him with our burdens I talked to a mother here this week and she is worried about her product called son so she came to me after my sermon about the particles she said I've been carrying this question Bergen for so many years and I'm so worried as stressed out and I pray and like others that God doesn't seem to answer my prayers How would you help a mother like that crash with the burdens of life crushed by these forms thistles and why yes how do you help a person wonder if you facing such a true situation how they handle that God has given us a sacred for us to raise our children. They grow up and they leave home and now you have to do the whole one thing of releasing them to God because we're not the real real parents God is a real father just released that burden to God and the mother told me but but I mean how can I do that is my son I said let me remind you he's also God God's son. And God loves him more than you love him nobody loves my son No no God loves him or do you believe there is a heavenly father and I call this the where of willing was meant relinquish been willing wish your son your daughter requests your burdens to God Give them where to go out that is the expert he knows what he's doing he knows what he is no more than costumers mother psychologists more than psychiatrists especially if not if they're not quite as centered and biblical base in their cars on I would be careful about sending your kids to some counselors doesn't matter if they have Ph d. degree is if they don't counsel according to the Bible who according to Jesus they might hurt you more than help you because they could mislead your kids and thus enable them to do more to do more wrong things. You know and why the Squire the kind of love misguided. She described being kind to some people mistaking kindness you think it's genuine love you think it's true kindness but actually it is misguided and it's mistaken that's why I mean why it says in great controversy she said. The ones who want to rebel. People with other human nature is still stony ground there is still. Hardened ground there is still phony ground this is real life. And she said this is part Council those who want to rebel those who want to go their own way not Christs way will diligently search for people on their friends acquaintances colleagues who would agree with them. They don't want to talk to people don't agree with them they only search out the people who agree with my rebellion Why so they can be enabled to do more of the same and feel better about themselves I don't want calls this kind of experience misguided love and mistaken kindness which means you think by agreeing with such people just to be nice to be politically correct you're doing a good thing oh no you're not doing a good thing. You enable them to do more of the same the wonder of what call it mistaken kindness and misguided love what do these songs in the Spiritual of the soul found in Matthew 13 and I am focusing on one verse only her 7 they see the good see saw and by the good sort he's of. So in good small and the sons. Briers and thorns spring up this verb really is very indicative they spring up like of out of nowhere I thought I planted peanuts I thought I planted to make the class i thought i Pad or corn how come this. Parable we infer says are springing up. You weave them they spring up again and then Jesus if you focus on the narrative in Matthew and Luke and Mark these songs represent 3 things at least Number one the cares of this world or the cares of this world can be real terrible forms worry anxiety stress the cares of this world I want to read you something you know the more the older I get the more I teach the more I preach the more I love to use the Bible and the spirit of prophecy in that order the Bible then the Spirit of Prophecy you know when I was young Professor Pastor I used to quote great theologians I mean I want to impress people look how much I know no call Barth. I don't care about called or I care about Jesus at all when I finish my graduate work had to be thousands of pages of all these theologians who didn't even believe in the Bible so I have resolved many years ago my greatest fear 1st in Jesus and not called what. I want to be do something people talk about that someone being an author will let me read you something from one of my books where I speak to pray. Are you ready for this are you ready. It's going to help you and help me and you know that you know this from before this are just it says worry what's wrong with worry and cares worry is blind. The like to be polite. And sometimes ice. Once in a while I see this dream I don't know why like I'm driving my car on the freeway I'm going 70 miles an hour and like for some reason my eyes are blinded can't see a thing and I've become so worried I'm going to bump into a car and then when I wake up I'm so relieved I wasn't driving is blind how can you do You were blind folded and because were is blind what happens cannot discern the future but Jesus is never blind is that good even when we blinded with tears that we cannot see even one replied with worry that we cannot discern Jesus His eyes are always open. He neither slumbers nor sleeps he watches over us every 2nd but Jesus sees the end from the beginning in every difficulty he has his way prepared to bring relief and how many difficulties every He can be with every. Product Brier and so on I have only father has a 1000 ways to provide for us which we know nothing here we know nothing we feel like we are in a prison house with no openings sick was. No escape no way out according to us but God who sees the end from the beginning or working to bear a 1000 ways to bring relief Wow Lord please apply one of the solve only need one please apply to my condition today does that work in real life yes it does this young man in my class we had prayer requests at the beginning of my classes and he said I'm embarrassed to share this with you that there's some on your lecturing about the solar and the songs and I have such a big phone it's actually and. It moves it cuts and I'm embarrassed to share it with the class but I have to ship with somebody my dad being an elder in the church I guess he blamed in a midlife crisis I mean. I don't know what it is you know I live my life you have to you trust to go and I guess I've experienced but some people have midlife crisis that's real. And he decided to chop all of us he decided to pack some stuff in his suitcase and go and shack with his young secretary he said that God love them so much he wanted to be happy you know some people actually have this kind of theology Why are you committing adultery because God wants me to be happy. Wow What about God's commandments Well these are just suggestions these ideas of nobody can reach they're not suggestions or commandments. It's not well it was absolute police I'm so embarrassed to say this I that but with this book my mother is so shocked and sad. My dad is broke. So prayed for me in class and then I kept thinking about his that in the student of mine who was terribly. The songs it was flesh and wounded his heart so I want to visit him in the evening and I don't because I do that I visit us give them Bible studies pray with them lead them to Jesus so I visited them thank you the Palm the so my friends that me can we pray again you know when I pray for people. I don't know how you pray but this is the best way for me to pray I said to my good student you know in class we thought about prayer so I'm coming to pray with you and for your dad but my faith is any but Christ faith is our focus I have decided to join my pure faith. We are coming together and then I have decided before coming here to take my. Word and in. Prayer said Jesus and me united praying for you that we know together in his room I prayed with all the sincerity I could muster as I was in the middle of my prayer I was ready to say amen but the Lord impressed me to produce certain words about his father because I was parked there with Jesus and prayed together and it's my partner Jesus impressed me the previous words that I wasn't planning on and the impressed me comparing this with. As you move into that apartment to help this father was blind it may now by your power may he lose total interest in this woman. I made a little mistake may she was told that interest in him just minor difference here and even though I'm told she is pretty and he's a big guy give her strength beyond yourself to pull away from him. And pack almost think it's any good is in the suitcase zipped up. The street and I kind of surprised us a pretty I won't play that way Norma. And once she was finished with the suitcase go back and grab him was frankly on herself and shoved him and shot him through the entrance door and then come out and make a fall on the brick steps and Bruce himself in my to name a man and I said Look at me said to you I don't know I think Jesus got into me he said Wow this was something you think this might happen I said well I don't know I just obeyed what the Lord want me to pray he said that's amazing even if such a thing happens. Well let's wait and see so the next they saw him in class that his mother called him. She said somebody was praying for you they had my prayers I told mom it wasn't my professors by the prayers it was invited prayers of Jesus is joining to the measly prayers of the simple so what happened Oh I'm relieved Oh I'm so thankful to God what happened tell me I'm eager to know what happened she said Can you imagine this young lady lost talk of interest in you that I could just pull away from it I don't want you anymore I mean I know women can be impulsive and emotional and change them. You know what this is a man here but this one has not heard it was the Holy Spirit convicting ought to let go of him. To pull away from him and you know this brown suitcase you know that takes a problem from place yes she put all his thinkers and goodies in it at the entrance and she threw it out and once you were finished with the suitcase Now she want your dad and you know that is big and she's pretty yes she had extra power and she shoved him and shoved him and threw him on the steps and he fell and broke his neck Yes and nice was it because of my Absolutely not it because of Jesus faith and he says pairs working through us i 1000 ways to bring we leave wish no nothing that was one of the ways we prayed about so please if you're facing a tough situation affording problem. To ask for one of the 1000 bring really that God has already prepared for us. Another thing. To cause worry executive a little while talk about giving all our lives to Jesus being converted and there you in the embrace of Christ protected but you said the devil is like a roaring lion he can still make noise like the lions we have on this campus they war I'm so glad they're caged. Oh by the way they don't even have to be. Evil agents like growing liars don't have to wife this because because the lion of Judah Jesus. Control all the lions and they defeated lions if we believe that they are defeated liars Satan was defeated on the cross. So she said here with the embrace of the loving Jesus we have given our life but she said the devil can still whisper that hope and this belief in our ears and hearts who we were while we are embraced by Jesus he can. Make noise. So I'm really pushing this to the end here that we have to be careful even when everything seems to be Ok and I before I just want to read it to you in my book Christ me to watch the ration $117.00 it's an amazing statement I mean are you ready for this this is really amazing I love the spirit of prophecy Can you imagine how gracious God is. He gave us such a precious gift in the spirit of prophecy for the last days to help us for the last day. How do. We precious. I mean having a look at that she didn't know she was to be involved in this and to give us your husband here who looks so much Sure does he ever give you gifts like birthday Christmas put you on the spot you know maybe he spent like a $1000.00 for a gift a $1000.00 beautiful gift you love the gift do you throw it away. And the rest of your $4000.00 and God gave us a gift. And a very small minority of 7 they have ever opened the box I wonder how God feels. About his gift being so mistreated I want to read this to you with some feeling that you know what I'm for sizing. If we educated our souls to have more faith more love greater patience a more perfect process and I happily father we would have more peace and happiness as we pass through the fuck the conflicts of life the Lord is not pleased every thought might be something like that the world is a place I want to know what I displease him with and I want to correct it right away please tell me what this means is you because I always want to please you and he she says the Lord Jesus is not pleased to have us Pret f r e t and worry ourselves out of the hands of Jesus was. The statement implies we are in the hands of Jesus with the arms of Jesus secure protected but worry and fretting can take us out of the arms of Jesus into the arms of the waiting and him so let us not fret and worry ourselves out of the hands of Jesus another one when we are brought into trial we are not the fret and worry. We should not rebel or worry ourselves out of the hand of Christ can imagine that we are in our home in our living room everything is peaceful and we are in the arms of Jesus. And we hear the whisper of Satan in our heart to doubt to be discouraged by the way every time you become discouraged remember the source Jesus is never the source of the scourge when Jesus specializes in encouragement saying to specialize in the scourge meant we are not to war. Ourselves. Out of the hands of Christ we are to humble the soul before Christ or so ago I'm summarizing here if you feel at liberty to moan and groan the words run together you know morning and groaning and you having me people like that. Every time I meet some people let's start again a new chapter groaning and moaning and that can go for quite a while and so I use the humor to get them away from them because the more you're more grown up they were. So if we feel at liberty to moan and groan over what we refinance things that are passed out of your keeping things that you cannot change or alter you will neglect the present duties. Lying directory in your pathway look into Jesus who was the author and finisher of your faith never gave up but always look up and see the light in the face of Jesus to you at this very impatient don't let the forms grow turn your attention away from subject these are the sources here which make you gloomy and sad wow to hand it is imperative times turn turn your attention away from anything that makes you the scourge and sad for her if you don't do that you become an agent in the hands of the enemy to multiply the gloom and darkness and you will make the atmosphere for rounding you. Dark and forbidden That's interesting so this in the 3rd statement she is going further she is saying if you allow yourself to go for a room and do you you keep moaning things you cannot change in the past what happened you were yourself oh of the hands of Jesus. Into the hands of the waiting enemy the devil to join him is but in gloom and doom. From the hands of Jesus into the hands of the enemy just like that and by the way God uses but say they can use us to look at Peter. You are the the song of the Living God You are the Messiah and few moments later. Jesus said and get behind me Satan be careful we can be used by both forces good and evil that quickly even as we think or how or do you know that last time we talk about submitting yourself to Christ resisting the devil for we talk about that that's a wonderful promise what do we do with this one here well I heard a story about a young girl who said was. Embraced by Jesus the devil can still talk and draw it devil can still whisper things in my ears so that's what I do I said Jesus turn your turn your attention away from the problem and focus on Jesus so she was focus and you Jesus please do me a favor you are an expert to answer the door one safe and now I hear Satan mocking his other that again he's fine and of course so would you please do me for you an expert to do it and so the door. I mean maybe that's just a simple childish example works I do it and facing a struggle and discouraging situation and I'm going to see a lot before I start working on this and turning away from deliberately turning away from it would you please answer the door because I know Satan is not I do that works for God grace of God works for me so the story goes price might his tanks for asking me I'm glad you need me I'm honored you would need me and he goes and opens the door and when Satan sees a face of Jesus so the face of this young girl is I'm sorry I got the wrong address maybe once a thing comes knocking at the door of your heart in the always find the wrong address you know something being too conscientious can be a song can be a system now Satan gets us by being too conscientious or not conscientious of all some of my students how they show up to class and don't feel bad about it save either we missed in the last 2 months really. Haven't seen you so Ok Don't worry about what he said the people might live you know no stress of ultimate live longer you know more about it I have students premed for you then you know oh Dr Simone I and I was late 5 minutes last week I don't want to do to remedy this so. I allow you know. I allow 3 obsessive I said Ok and you should go to fucking No no it's not going to and Heather a young lady who got an a in. Study of Daniel and she missed one point she got 99 percent for the whole semester. I mean like we don't give percentage you just give aways and so she got a holiday Oh it bothered her how in the world she could miss one point I want to know so I said this Ok you haven't no no I'm not worried about I'm in a store for point but I don't want to miss anything so we can do some research I spent a whole hour of my time doing look at the whole semester research papers quizzes reports. And. Finally get on the problem she messed through and force a question from a textbook it was and a lot of you did with them she said well but I don't agree with us I said well you know we have to have a standard no textbook is wrong but even if it is we have to go with the standard and the following I said I mean look I'll go ahead and give you an extra point 700 percent I mean I'm a good professor right that's not on it I'll give you the report you have another person I'm changing it why does it make a difference no I need to own it myself you thought about salvation by works no grace of all so some people are too conscientious Ellen White wants as against that you know I happen to be very conscientious I grew this I grew on a farm my parents really taught me to be conscientious that people who commit great and feel nothing about them if a student in any way felt bad in my class one time during a final exam a theology major one people recommended the ministry a senior you just make a noise doing Father exam disrupting people you can concentrate so I was put in his ear and I could still see can you come down and nobody heard us. He took the test he shoved it in my face and he said angry words and he rushed out of the class and banged the door behind him I felt bad something we're struggling with so I went to the bomb to visit him telling me I feel bad you feel bad for some reason I'm here to listen to you my ears and heart open really but some of your crazy he said I was the villain I was the one who made a fool of myself in the class I'm supposed to go to apologize for your coming to me I said Listen matter we want to make things right and so I tell my wife I haven't done enough I could have done more oh my I'm retired from teaching last year but I still go to the university campus I still counsel so as to give up a pizza for them I just want to do every one comes I want them to find me laboring for him until my last breath but I have to be careful I have to be careful of the saying get us when we're too conscientious we're not conscious of all you know what helps me I won't tell you what helps me the story of Mary and knowing he would body of Jesus she was doing her best for Jesus very conscientious but when we do our best the people who criticize us for doing our best Have you ever had that experience where do your best people criticize you and that's what happened with the church members were disciples The criticize a harshly I don't hear Mary defending herself isn't that interesting because when we criticized we become defensive you know something I came to this conclusion when we quit sighs harshly for the good we have done this my conclusion because Christ is I defense lawyer and he wants us to be his clients. And he never loses a case when we trust you never lose a case so what happened to me she was quiet why because Christ was defending her and so I can tell you the more defensive I become when I'm precise the less difference I experience of Jesus and the less defensive I am experience of Jesus the fans why in the world we should defend ourselves if Christ is the finding us how do you find her I look at the. Hebrew and Greek especially Greek and the word is translated in the and I very beautiful stop with the size of y. because she has done a beautiful thing to me. How do they find something beautiful he said because she has done her part she has done what she could when we do our conscientiously when we do what we can Christ calls it something beautiful. So how has helped me when I do my best who won't look at me says Philip. You've done your part you've done all you could you've done something beautiful to me and my friends please let's settle this if it's good enough for Jesus it's good enough or you want me if it's good enough for Jesus it's good enough and after talking about this is our ages otherwise. When we do our best Christ becomes our why just us if we do things conscientiously if we do our part if we have the right disposition if we have the right motives in our hearts. It's never perfect but steps into the fray and he compensates for the fish and says isn't that good and more I have a sermon entitled The Great compensator like with Abraham Lincoln the Great Emancipator God is a great company when he know we're doing our best we do our part we do all we can with a clear conscience with a good heart good motives he says is something beautiful and he steps in. To compensate for the fish and saves I call the theology of hope and the other theology that if you hope compensate for the fish Well I need to. And need to stop I finished my sermon this week or so or there's so many good things you know. On the floor the plan isn't the same as yours or like Are you one hour behind there which. Reaches great blessings but they can be formed in the heart and the flash people spend their time I can believe in well 1000000 is not have to Melissa stream it's not enough there is no end to making money I made as I thought I made. A 1000000 or 77 I want one of them didn't have children he had all the riches in the world he was dying he died a few days later about how the. Millions upon millions upon millions I wish they would give these millions to your organization mirrors the know what to do for money the only worth the bother who didn't use much of it just worried about what to do with how to invest in the stock market all of the hard financial advisors to take care of that. I said you know our school needs money you know there are often issues around the world. You know I mean if you're going to take it with you by the way remember especially getting older you take nothing with you my brother passed away a few months ago took nothing with him use it while you can I mean you think they don't use dollars and. There's no stock market in heaven and one people come to the end they take nothing with. In this case he didn't have children I said Uncle Sam will take an Uncle Sam doesn't mind taking money by the way they have many ways to spend it so he said Pastor some on. I grew up poor I saved every penny I got things on discount and sale I worked for every penny it's like Thought it in my hand and I can't open my eyes I'd rather God open my Here's the good to God's work oh what I need what has money from his life saving money invested his life in saving every 4 years and years and now we couldn't get that. And then. The thought of like looks as the pleasures of life leisure you know it's in we have a very sick Alcher like when I 1st get this country people tell me are you having fun yet what kind of a question is that we look for fun what kind of fun I don't care what are you having fun and this is the experience I want to share with you about fun pleasures of life God is not against pleasure God is not a pleasure killer but he focuses on genuine pleasure not. He focused on genuine fun God never focused on fake fun a lot of people are enjoying fake fun at the cost of your life you know what about fake news and to be the fake fun that's a lot of the source and for so here I'll conclude this experience the stories by the way you know if you're going to the Last night I saw you but I couldn't see you because it's kind of dark now I see thanks for being a good sport and helping my sermon yesterday so a student walks into my class last day events as a college. He was a trouble maker I could have the space for my class the 1st 2 weeks but you know something when I have a problem maker in my classes I smile because this is God's a portrait it perform a miracle and so it was the middle of the semester he was getting an f.. Because he never took notes he missed whenever he got to class it he was always late like half an hour as you walked in you start the swapping the class so now he walked half an hour it was a Friday I had my class month the ones they brought 11 o'clock he walked in my class have an hour and a half and I were late and he began to stop the class and me and so what happened I was lecturing on the cancer of sin because sin is a cancer that Jesus is a great divine and college just and his name shall be called Jesus for he shall save his people from the spiritual cancer the Bible never says he saved his people in the cancer from the cancer. Can you imagine going to an oncologist you said let's call them your cancer and thus you can say listen let's really be nice and loving to the absolutely. Dr some Are you saying this cancer as it is bad no you are dead. Because I experienced the fun of sin and. So what you're saying. It gives you. If you were in my place young lady what would you have said to such a student and they are 90 students missing what would you have said Brother John Dyson or do they have said I mean it's a delicate situation you could have a problem so for us to say this my good student I'm so glad you're in class and so you was like lead you in class and by the way you're absolutely right it's fun. What you say that the someone said since. I have a tape recorder to read the whole world that's a sum on believe. Sin is fun I said what. The different kinds of fun the fake fun that Satan gives us his temporary it leaves a bad place in the mouth and that he's in the mouth and hard and then after we have all that fun of sin Satan comes around to demand his wages Satan wants payments can we imagine being so spiritually. Can either were you the word stupid spiritual that here we have a fake phone at least about this in the now. And then at the end of our phone Satan comes and he says I want my wishes What do you want a 1000000 that know what no I want every Balgo flesh I want your soul I want your life your faith. And everybody because it was quite a penpal Now let me tell you about the fun Jesus gives genuine fun real fun it is a very good taste in their mouth it's not temporary it lasts and when Jesus comes in then of the quoting a song he said I'm here. To give you love no it was not a part of my lecture go impress me to be my nose aside and lecture this way and I said I know you're smart I know you want to join this side of the winner Jesus and the loser say that I know that and I know most good compared to your hearts right now so if you want to decide for the winner Jesus to give you genuine fun and eternal life and they reject Satan the loser who gives you the. Fake front and then he wants your life to be a payment how many will be smart spiritually to join the winner Jesus class of 9049 students came forward to give their lives in Jesus you see how God uses troublemaker to bring people to Jesus. And after class they left to go to eat and this probably young man lingered on he always left before class at this time he stayed longer that was strange and he was pacing the floor in the back of the other back and forth back and problem and I was paid a lot from him more trouble him or the Lord Oh make his life miserable miserable please answer my prayer and from his top aides say look at me points finger at me Dr Samantha you're just wrong with my weekend in Chattanooga with me well I'm sorry to have some fun but now I feel good about thank you Lord for us please feel more get you some people against kill by the way modern psychology others you know healed is an aberration Oh no no feel fortunate if you do something wrong if you get it that means there's hope for that means the Holy Spirit still open on your heart so I said you know now at this point what you do you take spiritual authority and people like young man Johnny come forward I want to pray more for you Do I have to you have to if you don't you. You came forward this is a professor and his problem student I think that's what Christian education is about so we now together put my arm around him or Dear Lord thank you for using my students here to leave 49 students the quest I thank you for how you use them such a mighty way and now the Lord you got to help him he needs help may you continue to convict his heart more than ever before May you give it absolute. Submits to you in Jesus mighty name Amen. I got up and look at this amount of prayer and I think I'm in big trouble I got to do something he went to his room he struggled with God All Friday afternoon Friday evening he was going to go to Chattanooga to have some fake fun he said I felt God was holding me in the dorm I tried to get out the door like my shoes were nailed to the floor so I went back to my room and I couldn't sleep or walk in the morning agonizing over sitting on the fence and. He said. Finally either so I. Can take this anymore and I submitted to Christ for the 1st time my life and then I slept like a baby in the morning I go to chapel I want the church I got involved in missionary activities in the after I loved it left a good thing in the mouth. This Monday morning I go to class like 20 minutes early to meet my students and he was early he was there half an hour early something changes like to talk to me and he told me the story of what happened and he said no that was some Are you mind if you give me 5 minutes. To share my test. I want to know what I got. As you could have 5 minutes it's Ok he stood up before the class if you're going to share about his life how the election affected him how he agonized over God for hours and now has a new born again Christian and he said no by the way he took 5 minutes to 10 minutes I tried to cross things out of my notes and he took half an hour and I said I have no time for that and the Lord said to me hey don't worry about him he's giving the most effective lecture and he. So I thought to myself. Don't worry about time and knows you know if you can be. So I. Give it to us at the end he said you know that. Not all of us. I was one of but now I know I made the price in my room at 2 o'clock in the morning now I have my fellow young friends the ones who didn't come forward come forward now and 24 young people came for that spot have the Father in heaven I thank you for your people. That convince people's hearts of the Lord we know it's a part of life to have phones and obstacles and. So do. My specific for. When we face with a storm and we fear for. Me then. And then of our storm as a prince of peace. And stretch for your head. Above us and Peace be still there. When we. Will be. For burning furnace. May we know that you will walk with us and you are consuming fire therefore fight fire with fire. And. In a den of hungry lions in the line of. Stand up and close the mouths of hungry lions so we can embrace you the lion of Judah and not the lions at the present evil one for my friends the appeal is heard this message. I always make appeals because it saves and makes up is all the poem is about to make a reduces in the appeal to your heart exists are you facing the source phones drivers in your life please open your heart for to us wish our producer the process the Lion of Judah the plus the Prince of Peace and if we ever attempted to be a close human about the palm of trouble we always turn our eyes away from the Hubble and focus on Jesus who will walk with us. Through the time of trouble as at the Little as a sustainer as our defense will. If you receive this in your heart as you accept the appeal from the heart of Jesus while you are the blows will you please raise your hand as I want all of her been to see if we living in the last days and we need to have this experience with Christ. Since. Jesus in. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through Frank sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen to more sermon or even the w.w.w. audio verse or.


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