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The Seed and the Good Soil

Philip Samaan


  • January 18, 2020
    6:30 AM


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Loving Father thank you for being with us. All these evenings and now we come. To the last one. I'm beginning to like these people and feel comfortable with them and I'm going to miss them so may our past cross at some point. I know one thing as we think about nature and gardening and farming we know in heaven we'll be telling the story like. When Eden lost will be restored in Jesus' name amen. Because I don't have much time tonight because of other things but I just want to. Finish my sermon today. And I want you to know farming at home following the example of my parents was such a good example to help me in my ministry in my life. For example farming taught me integrity. This is the. Honest I'm writing a book how to revive vanishing values such old fashioned honesty and courtesy and respect. What do I mean by the well the Bible says. When you sell a measure of wheat it must be shaken well and pressed down. That's what my dad showed me by example the virtue of integrity and you know that. If you work with wheat you could fill the container with weight and it's. All the way to a top but when you shake it well and President it comes down few inches. It fills the spaces between the grocery and my dad would never sound weak and less he presses it hard and he shakes it. As a good example and then the other example from farming and. When my dad would sell fruit be the figs family Granites. Apples oranges. He never he never. Put the best food on the front to attract the customer and then in the middle it wasn't as good quality he said that's not honest I want people know what they're buying what they're paying for so he put good food on top good food in the middle good for the bottom so people are not surprised. I learned from him to apply to my life and ministry. Then also. In working with 3 and pomegranates and all of he used to do a lot of grafting. A very interesting size the graft. And we do it together. And after a few weeks we go back to check what happened with our grafting and they're all be sprouting with new leaves but then one of them will be dry. That how come all of them are life except this one is right he said let's find out he know why let's find out so we take the piece of cloth from around the branches grafted in the 3. And then be a separation between the branch. And the. 3. That's the answer when we are separate from Christ the true vine with dry up and remember full of this text when Jesus said without me you can do nothing divine and you are the precious unless you connected with me you go on dry up and die because without me you can do nothing that's how my Their talk me we do things and they got the farm together and he will always be less. And the question becomes. I grafted into Jesus. Is Jesus life throwing through me. Is my brain's totally dependent on the vine. That's a lesson I learned from helping my dad with his who trees. Now. Even watching my dad do the farming help me in my preaching in my calling to preach. How because my dad told me you believe that God is calling you to preach the Gospel Yes there I believe that I believe that from the time I was a child God called me never hesitate to believe in them he said Ok look at this look at this all of 3. Look at this apple tree. Look at that. You see a sermon should be like a 3. Well whatever prepare for a sermon I think of other 1st of all your ideas have to be rooted. In the Earth solid rooted roots and then you sermon should be specific. Don't preach many sermons at one time there was 131 main idea. You know some preachers want they're here and you don't know how to follow them you know you've got to have when main idea. One trunk. And know there's a trunk has branches these are secondary supportive ideas the branches also don't forget about the Don't forget about the leaves these are 2nd the real ideas don't forget about the flowers the flowers a very important flowers promise we're going to have fruit and the flowers represent stories and the most gracious to brighten up their sermon to open some windows for fresh air that's why Jesus told many stories and parables my dad taught me to tell stories computer you tell a lot of stories it makes it interesting that's true because my dad taught me to tell stories and parables and experiences and then finally. You got to have some fruit in your lectures in your sermons fruit every sermon should be fruitful. And the fruit means we have results that people draw closer to God and feel they want to follow she says commit themselves to Jesus every sermon should have an appeal every sermon. Because a good 3 has proved a good sermon should have through and by the way you know that Satan makes appeals all the time to us 247 to seduce us to this is. There won't be except Piers for us to follow the ways of Satan is that high time for us to make appeals for people to follow Jesus and be saved there was. A conference. A 7th Day Adventist come for I want I don't want to be specific. And they invited me to speak at the can meet. And he said that to some and we hear some rumors that you like to make appeals for Jesus I said I plead guilty for that he said Well I mean that's Ok but you know our people don't want appeals so can you just preach interesting sermons. But don't make appeals are people do not want a fear of accept Jesus I said well I'm sorry you feel this way but he see this is a part of my ministry I want the fruit trees to have some fruit. Not just the flowers when flowers are nice they look good but you cannot. Leave just on flowers you've got to have the fruit can you imagine if you want to a dining room for lunch today and all the cooks presented were some flowers. Look somebody said he said I like pomegranates I said Do you have one he said No I have the picture on the wall well you know something flowers don't nurture and figure I mean some of them do but I'm not talking about the top or the real fruit. I mean they have way fruit in the cafeteria and I appreciate that because a variety of I tell you that this food he's amazing their intention about make it healthy and tasty and plenty of it they don't just have. And by the way I don't see any cookies I don't see any cakes and pies and and there Twinkie. And. You know all the stuff. I see fruit pears strawberries blueberries teachers I mean what else do they have grapes I love this place. This is good. And so I told the Congress President I hear you but you know the devil is making appeals for people to follow and it's high time for us Christians to make appeals to follow Jesus Yeah I know it makes sense but our people are touching a sensitive. And I said well you know. If you don't let me make a piece of not coming you don't mean that I mean it I'm serious. But we have nice hotels for we have a high on there I am. And told me they are. What we treat you like a cane I said even if you treat me like a king if I can make the piers I can't come my sermon will be complete. I said you know I'll have to come you know think about pray about so I took this committee prayed about it thought about he called me back and said they're willing to tolerate 2 appeals if you present them in a loving way that don't hurt anybody's feelings don't make anybody feel uncomfortable I said I believe in this approach I mean I believe in being loving but you got to speak the truth in love with tears in your voice it's interesting my 1st sermon was about Repent for the Kingdom of God is at him and he said that you really want papa to repent as I said yes and present a very loving way but I mean that's kind of a hard subject our people haven't heard about repentance for years I said this the reason what we should hear about. And I presented we paint this is such a loving caring gentle way that they want us to touch people's hearts and I made an appeal at the end if somebody desires to repent. It seems common sense but common sense not common anyway and believe it or not their Holy Spirit touch people's heart as so many people need to replace. At home as a people came forward to repent. What are we afraid of then you know on our farm in Syria we had to deal with bugs. Do you deal with bugs or is your farming so perfect the bugs don't come around is that the case. All kinds of bugs different seasons the from bones and we were dealing with bumble bees a bumble bee. I'm not calling about you know just a bumblebee and my dad said we can develop a lot from the bumblebee to help you reach Well when you become a pastor what do I learn about he said look at the bumblebee 1st of all to start with it has antennas for him to see are you voicing those this is John and that can hardly see. The light anyway but I believe you I believe you are there. And is that your son next to you is that Caleb Ok. And you the same way that was said here every night. And I met you and there's a diversity. He said When you start with the bumblebee when the is the head it has antennas you know what to discern how the audience he is what the audience needs and then yes that's why you saw me the same Talking walking around all over the place talking to people getting a sense of my audience I do this all the time and I would have stayed there for a while but you know very disciplined Pam deicing a leader she told me to come in and stand for me to speak and she was walking so fast why do you walk so fast and I was wanting after you to catch up with you. Is funny to look an old man like me 70 years old chasing after your wanting to catch up with you you catch up with her sometimes job. The head with listening eyes and they had this introduction some passes have a deduction is not think the whole body knew it a doctor should be small in proportion to your son so head and what comes after the head the neck. And the next is the transition of point between the introduction and the body of the sermon some sermons have no knocks. Might be heard and the body blend together and you try to get the listener. From the introduction to the body of the men and they have to there is no space to jump What else does the bee have what this is. Oh yes you know what it has it has of course the body the main ideas the main branches of the sermon the body and then it has wings. Every sermon should soar some sermons never get off the ground. Every sermon has to soar you know just let people think about God's love how a place think how exciting they soar with excitement and joy but some so. So but they never left. Like you you take a flight from here to Chicago and the plane saw us with its wings but it can never land and there's a crash every sermon. Because of the wings and every so must learn which means feet I should say legs to be anchored in the reality. They can land their real their practical they work that's why the sermon I said let me tell you how this works for me I cannot talk about anything unless it works for me. And what's the last thing about a bumblebee the very last thing. This thing to do save it and that's when figures think of. Every sermon must have us think. Why because it won't of God is a sort of 2 edged sword you see you cannot end a sermon without the Holy Spirit convicting the heart strings you to make it effective and appeal to so you can open your heart to be cut by the homeless. So I learned this from nature you know. College Day Oh and when the college there I work to invite doc to join Nixon an African-American to be the pastor of the universe the church he always made appeals for people to get their hostages and we had very serious I mean he really wouldn't stop preaching wouldn't end the sermon without making an appeal for people to come to Jesus and to repent and make things right with God. Then he was called the School of illusion where I work his office was next to mine and one time he share this experience with me he said. I was shopping at Village Market if you visit Southern there's a village one where you buy groceries and things he said one of my sisters from the church one of my church from before starting pitching religion she said Oh Pastor Nixon I am so happy I am so happy and would leave for you and for me he said Why sister so happy she said Whatever you preached. You made me feel convicted you made me feel uncomfortable I come to church to relax and enjoy myself and listen to a smooth Suman so I don't have to bother with my conviction you make me feel uncomfortable. And I said to him. The Sabet complement here we see. You're preaching appeal to my heart to convict me to repent and summit to Jesus but I didn't come to church for that I just as just came to church just relax and hear sermons that that is my feeling other want conviction I want conviction. Every be in you feels and farms and God must have a stinker and every 3 must have group lessons from farming for my calling to ministry to preach you. Now that the secret of all what we're talking about is you got to hold on to Jesus for dear life if I ever were to leave you one sentence hold on to g. is the national tenaciously for the. I love the word tenacity. As well chambers in his book My atmosphere as high as the find the NASA the as. Not. Not holding on. For the fear of falling off but the nasty is embracing Jesus refusing to believe he'll ever be conquered because he is will never be conquered you will not be conquered because you attach to him. No one No No one the Bonhoeffer said through discipleship is as he was the Christ and he said. To Jesus. I'm saying this because I want to be realistic we're going to face difficult times challenges obstacles you've got to hold on to Jesus a story is told about a preacher the hobby of collecting shelves only Shaw. Where he lived. You know shelves represent us. Represent all it we're all shells some of us are bigger prettier but we're all shelves and shelves are stepped on have been stepped on before people walk on shelves sometimes they're buried in the sand sometimes they are pushed back and forth by the waves and the wind shows represent us what the shells do by itself as he walked further collecting shells he saw a rock in front of him situate between the crashing waves and the sand. And maybe there was a mountain beneath the Prague and he saw on the top of the mountain a shell he liked. Pretty show casually he tried to pick it and walk away and the shell was stuck. He tried harder he couldn't get it looks he put all the shows aside with both hands now with his fingers try to pry it loose but he couldn't. Because the shell was stuck in the wrong. Leaves. We stuck on many things through the above on the stuck in Jesus. Where I shall but if we're stuck in Jesus we become immovable like we walk. We become a part of the rock. That's our hope well let me conclude. With this news item. I saw it with my own eyes on television so please believe it it happens. I'm talking about being attached to Christ attachment and here with us that's our only hope there is no the hope. And so this pilot took off on this. Small plane. With his copilot alone on the plane. The plane to 5006000 feet and then the pilot heard some noise in the back of the plane and he asked his co part to go and check the problem. When he went to the back appeared the door was open. And as a plane was moving this way and what he was such other the plane. And the senior pastor saying your palate realized that he lost his copilot he waited the towers had I have an emotion I got to go back and then I lost my pilot So what happened in reality as the copilot was sucked out of the plane he grabbed on. To the landing gear of the plane grabbed on for dear life. And he wrapped his legs around the landing gear. As if a was going back to the airport because of emergency workers at the airport saw an object entangled in the landing gear of the plane. When the plane landed. They realized it was the copilot alive healthy or shaken up but Ok. And they tried to pry his hands loose. From the hard cold and was boss of the cold heart and response of holding on to the cold and responsive steer for dear life he won't let go. And I thought to myself. If you want to make it in this world and be ready for it's coming if this copilot to make it how the on to this. That they could not get his head. To let go of that how much more. We should grasp the loving womb responsive. Hand of Jesus not let go that's what Jesus said. To come to me I'll hold you are the firm grip that will never let go. They're going to have a prayer session I'm going to be going to appeal to you. Home and here as we come to a last summer and want to allow the loving responsive warm powerful. Had of Jesus grasp your hand and walk with you from day to day and how many say Lord I believe you promise. If you hold my hand. You hold me with some of the Bloom I want to be the conscience you would use. In the. Movie Business. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse for you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit w.w.w. dot audio Verse dot org.


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