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What to Do When the Mark of the Beast is Enforced

Ron Kelly


Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan


  • February 8, 2020
    2:00 PM
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Lord we are in your house on a Sabbath afternoon we truly do want to do justly love mercy and walk humbly we're here before you now and we're asking that our hearts would be sensitive to your impress mine as the prompter the Holy Spirit is the ultimate prompter all of us Lord as actors on this divine stage where the battle is being played now please set a watch before my lips in the garbage for my mouth and I pray also for the holy boldness I'm going to preach about in the end Lord May we all wrestle with you and take comfort in you whichever the situation is at the end of this message now Lord our lives are yours may we be the living sacrifice me the world take note we've been which Jesus and whose name we pray Amen you should probably get a little contextualization on me before I start to preach I was not raised a 7th Day Adventist I was raised in a backsliders home my grandmother prayed for me and my 3 siblings my mother was expelled from one of our institutions about 6 weeks before she graduate it was her own fault she's a wonderful lady she is the hero of my life you could pray for because she's got a major medical dynamic in front of her but my mother was a rebel she was a fighter but she had her own her own system of right wrong which was quads I what Jedi wanted that was her name and cause I what she was taught is not the way to live life the way of rebellion is hard but she knew some point time that. I wasn't going to the public school so she started telling my dad who was raised a nominal Catholic very very nominal that when I'm the oldest of 4 when when the kids when Ronnie gets to going into 7th grade they're all going to church school my my dad said no they're in hot. But this is one of those moments when the strength of my mother's personality kicked the end and she said yes they are long story short I did and in that 7th grade year I met Jesus Praise the Lord for church school teachers have minor leaders adventure leaders you're making a difference be sure you're in the spirit and I gave my heart to Christ what my mother did not know is that she had a young pastor in her house now I didn't know it either but I had seen the dysfunction of the world and I had seen the beautiful functionality of true Christianity and I'm sure in that church in Peoria Illinois there were people that were less true than others but Christ gave me eyes to see the beauty of who he was and so these homes were warm and sweet I gave my life to Christ and then I found myself contending with my mother telling her no I'm not going to go to the store and buy you cigarettes anymore and things along that line what I didn't realize is that not having a mentor no parents to guide me what turned out to be one of the best things for me now my teacher became a mentor showing me a principled someday have is Christianity if there's anything I'm going to talk to you about today it's principles 7th day and the evidence Christianity now some of what I say you'll like some of what I say you probably won't like because I'm sure with the message God has given me I'm going to cut across the grain of some bad 7th Day Adventists habits before we're all said and done and but I love you and as far as you know me and I know you can love me in Christ too I'm a brother and. You know I I went off to Andrews University but I spent a year at home I went to church school went to Broadway academy then I stayed home for a year it was a very bad year I went to college but my walk with Christ got so bad the only reason I didn't go to church was I didn't want to tell my mom that my walk with Christ had about died so I kept going praise the Lord but I decided in the spring of the year probably about this time late winter early spring but I was going to Ender's I went I tried to do everything but Ministry my church school teachers had put a mantle for ministry on me I had done a little sermonette up front and clearly got a gifted me to communicate he was giving me an experience out of which to communicate you know a gift is one thing but you have to have an experience and that experience was coming to my home as I was really feeding on the Word of God and discovering a very real Jesus you have to have a very real Jesus to face the coming trouble. And I tried medicine I tried engineering and all these things and science Lord I'm going to quit trying to run away I gave my heart to Christ I went to Johnson Jim and it was they were on the quarter system then I said oun and I told one of the professors. You know I'm going to go into the ministry and he tried to talk me out of it I'm not sure why but I told him it's too late I've already suffered too many things you know I had wrestled it out with Jesus rededicated my heart and my life was his now in the midst of that journey I only want to quibble quarters before I was asked to leave school because I didn't have enough money. But you know all of these things were preparing me for the journey that I would face in dealing with admin is Congress geisha. I love my church I've loved all my churches I haven't started out loving all my churches and they haven't started out loving me but as we've been committed to Christ and to each other we've had a very deep deep bond which has allowed us to do more than some people are able to do because of the level of principled Christianity that's underneath our ministries so I never left Andrews University because of money can you say men. You know you can't you can't take a course that you think is going to work out right you have to take the course that God is showing you to take and so this morning I want or this afternoon I'm used to preaching in the morning typically this morning I want to talk with you about holy boldness credibility and influence in the time of the end so I want to start by saying that holy boldness is something that God wants each of us to have but it's not going to look like the world now if you've been following the news you saw on the news recently that our president said I don't like people who use their faith as justification for doing what they know is wrong and when I hope heard those words I felt like I was staring down a gun barrel. Because it's some point in time those who are true to conscience and will be as true as you know the needle to the pole they're going to look like they are using their religion for a type of independence that's hurtful to the larger whole and so when we look at holy boldness it's very important that we look at it through the eye lens of faith not through the island lens of the world and so I want to go through 5 significant points that I think will allow us to get the attention of the world because listen friends we're not here just to hold church there's a world to win and there's too many administrators that are conveniently plotting their way towards the future they do want to be in the boat but it would appear that some don't care how many other people get in the boat and that's a that is not a principled approach to the sacred treasure of knowledge that we have we are actually supposed to give them a Savior who when he's in the vessel we can smile at the storm Amen so this is the journey so let's look at 5 things that I think are exceptionally important to having this holy boldness and the credibility influence that we're going to need in the time of the end there is a purpose we are to win a lost world so the 1st thing you need to know if you're going to have a holy boldness as you need to know you are in God's will you need the presence of God right by your side I think about 2 people in the Scriptures well sought and Jonathan Saul started out I think with a sense of holy boldness but along the way his eyes looked to his own greatness prestigious position and pretty soon he had become big in his own eyes and God had to get smaller and of course the prophet would say this to him you know you are a really great man when you were little in your own eyes his son however captured the journey of David he was a man after God's heart God's own heart too and so whether it's you know climbing up and you know taking battle with the Philistines or whatever it might be. Jonathan is a man who had discerned how to sense whether or not God was in it David would write for by you I can run against a troop and by my God I can leap over a wall but to being God's presence you have to be able to hear him you have to be making a priority of a personal walk with God Now some of us think we're too busy to do that in the beginning of my ministry I think I thought it was mechanics in motion that made things work but I got a little book by many imbalance and am bound said it's not machinery that God's interested in God works through men and God doesn't need better methods he needs better men better people and so it became very clear to me early on that it wasn't going to be up to about the mechanics of the structure it was going to be about the ability for me to know I was in the path of blessing so being able to hear God's voice is exceptionally important as you prepare for the end and being willing to obey God's voice is whether or not you're going to be able to hear because if you never let God have perfect permission to say whatever he wants you won't listen take for instance the Apostles how many times that Jesus said I'm going up to Jerusalem to what to die did they get it no Peter will argue with him right up to the very end so I have to be open to whatever God wants to say to me now the 1st church I got on my own was a little church in North Central Indiana called Monticello and Indiana we call it Monticello it's not called Mona cello and in the midst of that church I came out of my seminary training ready to make a difference I mean I believed I was a principal Christian I thought that God's people would want to rally around his cause what I found out is that God's people have gotten discouraged and they would rather be secure and comfortable than take risk and so I want to have a video seminar by Larry a girl young Grief Recovery The only problem was when you do video seminars. I need a little bit of equipment Well they had some equipment they also had some money they had $10000.00 in the bank and they didn't want to touch their $10000.00 that was their rainy day fund and when I tell the story I tell people the clouds were gathering it was getting ready to rain they had a little 13 inch black and white television and they thought we should do the video on that and I said there's no way I said if we people have better televisions in their own home we can invite them to God's house and show them I mean I'm old but I'm not old we're black and white is what was going on to begin my ministry and you know I said we can't bring them to do this and they wouldn't budge. But I was going to budge either so I went but myself back in the day was a big purchase with the big screen I bought myself back when they were still cathode ray tube I bought myself for God a 25 inch color t.v. and we're going to show it on that well you know what I think they didn't think anybody would come but when God sent people guess what all of a sudden start taking him self maybe there's a better way to do things we not only had people come but we marched on to other things we went on to do a prophecy seminar Well you know so little town kind of like Newport although you have a much bigger church and we had there I think at $25.00 people coming to church and you know they weren't too excited of spending more than $10000.00 but by the Lord's provision and their pastors leadership by coax them into it it was going to be a $3000.00 budget on the day we were to start we got a check in the mail for 2000 and before the series was over we got a check for another 1000 now friends 2 and one adds up to what 3 the budget was 3 God was so good to those people that he basically said Yeah take a risk or 2 and see if I'm not in it with you but make sure you're letting me lead you when it was all said and done they wanted to give me. Well they wanted to give me something because they knew that I had helped them over a little hump and they offered to give me that black and white t.v. which I don't know that I actually ever took it. When I met my wife in Andrews University I didn't make the very best impression on her I was a pretty young insecure guy but I knew I had found someone who could be the one I wanted to tell you I figured it out really fast she does not like me like I like her so I had a weapon in my arsenal. God. I knew I was going to need a wonderful life partner but it was for love not as much for partnership although partnership really matters an advantage home and these books for our young people we shouldn't marry somebody that will help us make a better partnership for Jesus so I knew she hadn't fallen in love with me as a matter fact she told me one day she says I've lived to regret the words around but I can remember walking up from the dairy up to the university campus proper and she said I don't want somebody to ever need me I thought this is not what I signed up for and every night I go over there by Berman hall between my own Burman home they had a track and I'd walked at tracking your I prayed every night the same prayer and prayed one another girl had broken up with me I was an academy senior and I thought maybe I hadn't you know connected on the love of my life but she decided no I can remember driving home in my car in my uncle's house praying Lord change your heart change your heart but if it's not your will don't do it and you know it he didn't. But this time I was thinking I'm going to pray that's a prayer again I got out and I walked that track over and over and over and I prayed the same thing for months I don't have time to go into it but I'm here to tell you what through a crisis that built that bore a new relationship instead of the old one where I had a little confidence which is what she was looking for a little independence the ability do some leading She fell in love with me in this June will be 35 years but I tell you I prayed the same prayer Lord Turner hard towards me but if it's not your will you know I started find out is of God could be God I could learn to hear him he'd stand right by my side I didn't need to be afraid there are a lot of people approaching the future and they're afraid and I'm here to tell you they God does not want us to be in that group when I came to each of my churches as I was in to supporting this I've only pastor in 3 districts on my own I was mentored in South Bend I was mentored in Indianapolis and then I had 3 districts I've been pastor in for about 30 years I spent 3 years in my 1st one where we had the $3000.00 on the black and white t.v. I spent almost 20 years in my next one and I've been 6 years here in the church that I'm in but what happened is that at the beginning of every At the beginning of every passer at there is always a crisis that defines the relationship now listen God Himself architects crises. It's not a parent's job to remove every crises from the discipleship of their young men and you're there young women there are some things God let's come to us because it's like weightlifting he's going to strengthen our muscles spiritually to be ready for the bigger crises that are coming as a matter of fact when I think about the journey of the Israelites out of Egypt did God create crises he certainly did there's the Red Sea There's the bitter water there's no food there's no water and all of these things were designed to do something they were designed so that God's people could have this growing confidence that he was with them wherever they went Now if you've ever read the 1st verses of the book of Deuteronomy you read a very sorry epitaph of a journey that lasted 40 years. That should have only taken 11 days Moses opens that book and he says it's 11 days journey from basically horrible up to Canaan Instead they went $38.00 and a half years after a horrible added up to the 40 years God actually intended that along the way they should come out of that Egyptian experience and come up to the experience Erick a desk Barney on the 12 spies and say hey gods with us we've got this now listen our churches are the same way this church and every church represented here today so we need a sense of God's personal presence the 2nd thing I want to talk with you about is prayer the holy boldness we have to enter into this encounter with God where he can be God and we can actually be listening if indeed God can do whatever he wants and we can let him out of our box will actually get somewhere we'll actually have this sense of confidence and we won't go quaking and trembling up to the future when I was. A counselor at little grassy lake in southern Illinois I can remember getting these inner city Chicago kids and I learned very fast that when I had an encounter them when I walked up to them and we were going to have a a little moment like like these great patriarchs of the Old Testament whispering prayers you know before their asking for the king to help them I would whisper a prayer I say Lord touch their hearts and Lord touch mine help me not to say the wrong thing these are the kind of things where I began to see the practicality of prayer of course there is a prayer journey that's a little bit harder for us and it's like that moment on the side of the Mount Transfiguration where Jesus had to tell the 9 that this kind comes out only by prayer and fasting so I want to ask everybody is this to me here today are you so committed to hearing God's voice that you would turn everything off and even limit the food intake that's coming into your body do you desire to actually hear God enough to where you would say God I don't want anything except to be sensitive to the press of the Holy Spirit this is a big deal because without God's presence you can't future face the future without shaking in your boots. The news headlines are terrible right now imagine what they're going to be when the winds of strife are let loose and we don't know where our next meal is coming from now I'm going to cross over into some of those points that are a little harder because as that minutes we've gotten into a few bad habits I want to talk about corporate prayer it appears to me that as 7 they haven't as we've gotten to the place where we think that prayer meeting is only for the old people or the people that are busy or the people that don't have kids. But I need to remind you if you want to have holy boldness not only as an individual but as a group you're going to have to come together and bond in prayer in the book of Acts the Holy Spirit was poured out on groups not on individuals primarily I'm not saying he never did come by lay down on an individual but the primary message of the book of Acts is come to gather and I will come into your midst so whether it's accepted to or actually after 4 it's important to know I was talking with somebody the other day and they said you know what arm evangelism method is our vandalism method is prayer Now listen if you've been in the ministry as long as I have and you've sent out enough colored brochures and you ever ties on Facebook and everything else you found out there's a little bit of a spiritual hardening going on in our society everybody's afraid are going to hook him and reel him in but I tell you what the Holy Spirit still moves on people's lives and when we come together with a burden for sauce God actually changing us as he's moving on people's hearts and they'll take a step I had a church once actually I'll just tell you which one it was it was that middle one I spent 20 years at when I left there were lots of tears and it was sad for me it was sad for them so I had about 20 year run with people that I deeply bonded with but I would tell you in the beginning they had lots of challenges and it was primarily because they had never really faced the kind of crises that could be precipitated by a prayer journey where you could know God was saying yes I want you to do it and no you don't have the money but do it anyway now that can be manipulated and that can be abused but the truth of the matter is the person that the person that I am is and I'm not asking you to do anything without me doing it too so I'm going to ask you take a stretch financially I'm going to lead by taking a stretch financially we said in one of our early board meetings and the vacuum cleaner and broke now this is a church of $400.00 almost $400.00 members back then and I kid you not for almost half an hour we talked about what we were going to do about the broken vacuum cleaner. What was so inappropriate about it is that almost anybody at the table could have said I'll write a check for the vacuum cleaner could we move on the problem as there is a world to win and a lot of us have been reduced to mere existing when if we were individually corporately following God and we knew it was in our midst we could go like a mighty army moves the Church of God Brothers were treading where the saints of child we are not divided all one body we one in favor and doctrine one in charity and by the way a love for the last is going to be one of God's instrumentalities for creating unity in this church and we are to go back to it before I was up we were all done in that community that church board got to the place because God kept giving a little crises lift these weights I'm going to put together they look too heavy for you don't think but try would you and before we got all said and done that church would start asking itself not can we afford to do it but should we do it and I can tell you at one point time they raised $350000.00 and by the way they were as broke as broke at be even though they were big church and beginning but they raised $350000.00 to build $25.00 churches in India and all those churches one placard on the wall an old evangelist meetings friends we have to gather to pray corporately we have to pray individually you're not going to get a group of people to have more faith than the individual faith of the people sitting at the table so if you don't practice that they've privately you can expect your church to blitz very many whites and get a lot of confidence to go for but I want to tell you God wants the world war and he wants the world invited he wants the world to come into the ark and the state. The 3rd thing we'll have to do if we want to holy boldness with credibility influence is we will have to operate by precept m. principle so this has to do with our witness and this has to do is our relationships there is no hypocrisy in our lives it is one of the saddest things for me when I run into a woman and I found out that the husband is one man a church and he's another man at home it's a terrible thing or the wife how do you expect kids which is where the 1st line of credibility influence is built how do you expect kids to rise up and say I will nobody follow Christ and serve this church when they see that kind of hypocrisy we can't live by that we live by Christian principle what you see here is what you get there and I've always told people having 4 children 3 of them boys if my kids and my wife don't want to listen to me why should you and I want you to think about this by God's grace some of my children have made a decision for Christ all of them at some point time some of them are living by now in some art but I tell you what By God's grace He's allowed me to maintain a position of credibility and influence in their life because they know dad is who dad says ias by God's grace this is exceptionally important turn taking a Bible turn to Hosea chapter 5 who want to show you a very important principle that matters so right after the Book of Daniel. The book of Hosea Hosea chapter 5 verse 4 now reference to a lot of scriptures some of them will look up some of them we won't close a chapter 5 verse 4 and I'm going to tell you I love the King James version in the New King James version but I have the New American Standard here and I want to assure you God's Holy Spirit is guiding in His Word so please let's avoid the conspiracy theories which will rob us of credibility and influence compare Scripture with Scripture friends are and I'm telling you it's one now before I got up here today I got on Bible Help dot com and just looked at what they all say and I've preached on this before indeed this this translation is better than the King James version and I want you to hear what it says in his in Chapter 5 verse 4 Why do the precepts and the principles that guide our Christian living matter so much this is Hosea as epitaph on the spirituality of the Israelites in his day is says their deeds will not allow them to return to their God Now years doesn't read quite like that but the meaning is the same their deeds will not allow them to return to their god for a spirit of are the trees within them and they do not know the Lord let me give you a principle that I hope you'll take away with you because it will help you build that spirits of confidence for the future here it is do we need is becoming see. How did Michael Jordan become such a good basketball player. He shot a lot of basketball hoops didn't he dates me right and I know he's not the latest But the truth of the matter is doing is becoming in the Christian walk to so when we abandon the precepts of the principles of our Adventists history and we don't gather together and we're not living by principle we actually become more like the world almost by default doing is becoming now doing is not saving myself doing is simply working out the salvation Jesus is giving me it's not working for it it's just working it out it's protecting the relationship now I'm going to go over a list of popular admin a sense that I think are not principle and I think they're warring against our witness and our relationship both to the world and to each other number one Jesus said to Matthew 24 verse 26 he said if they say I'm in the wilderness why don't go out Why did he say don't go out because your senses could be overloaded by what you see but I'm here to tell you today 7 am and it's are too often a little bit more interested in the empirical information than they are an inspiration. I'm calling you today to start looking deep into the Bible in the spirit of prophecy for what the inspiration is behind the statements and not wait for the data to wear our fragile corporate psyches our individual spiritual journeys are too afraid to say you know what if reading the Bible strengthens my intellect and she says so I'm actually you believe she goes farther than that reading the Bible will strengthen your intellect like nothing else so you may not feel like you've got a strong mind you want to get stronger go back to the Spirit of Prophecy we're waiting to be affirmed by the world when in reality we ought to be ahead of the world and be the head not the tail The 2nd thing that we're not doing what to say in Hooper's 102425 that says don't forsake the assembling together somewhere in the manner of doing but all the more so as you see the day approaching and if you put 24 in there you find out it's to stir up love and good works now listen I want to tell you there's a plague cross this nation Cross 1st world Evan to them and the plague is a plague of comfort and convenience and pleasure and other interests and we don't come out to pray together like we should pray but I'm here to tell you today the world is missing out on power we are missing out on power we are not bonding because if we were to come together and pray we know each other in a completely different way I once prayed for 10 days with a man he was a man that I did not naturally like he was an older man and some bad habits I had been told about it. But I prayed with that man for 10 nights and I would say every night he prayed for me and I just want to tell you my heart opened up to that man and I bonded and I want to tell you something if I'm actually going to come live in your house or you're going to come live in my it might be good if we weren't strangers and we actually liked each other I want to think about this friends we got a press together and the best way to press the gathers draw into that spiritual bond we share in Christ the 3rd way the 3rd one of the 3rd dynamics that's making us an ready to witness and unconfident for the future is that we're spending more time listening to Fox News or Facebook or whatever it might be and by beholding we're becoming changed and I would tell you we're aligning with political parties whichever White says we don't do so we may value what this party does and some of what this party does or however it might be and I won't tell you by the holy we're becoming change and our appetites for the interesting the salacious are being developed by all the things they're doing they've studied the human mind and we're going to have to stop and live simple lives and our kids by the way should not have these devices stuck into their hands very early at all I want to say I kept them away from my children for a long time and even when they got him it was a battle and I want to tell you if there's a blight on the parenting experience of this nation it's the fact that this Trojan horse can go by all the fire walls of holiness I've tried to put up in my home and can get in my kids' minds in addict them and by the way. There was a podcast done called the reins of your brains. If you go to the village church website it's still up every parent ought to listen to it this is almost what you thought I was saying in the beginning you know I'm not against imperial science when it affirms inspiration but I'm not waiting for empirical science to affirm inspiration since they haven't live a decade longer not because they waited for the science of tell it was alright but because they follow the inspiration of the Spirit of Prophecy now in parenting I'm here to tell you our children's lives to be simple and beautiful sweet and harmonious mommy and daddy should love each other and the home should be a little haven in a sanctuary but if you want some good support for dealing with your Adventist friends who are more broadminded in quotes then go listen to the reins of your brains get on the village church website and listen to that pod cast every parent or listen to it it talks about digital addiction and what they do to get him off and by the way what do you think they do to get them off one of the lady says of course they take the phone away for 90 days but would you be surprised having ready in the spirit of prophecy that they use nature to undo the addiction France by behold it would become change your kids don't need these in their hands what they really need is learn how to talk to real people all right nothing wicked will vial before my eyes someone a one verse 3 and when Tennyson wrote the poem about Galahad he said my strength this is strength of 10 men because my heart is pure Now in my church back in Berrien Springs up on the walls I have Revelation 1217 which says they keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus I'm here to tell you today we say we believe in the spirit of prophecy but most people aren't reading it so I find those 2 things hard to reconcile. And I'm going to tell you what if I have a life and I choose to walk in darkness I guess I should expect to stumble but this ministry of the spirit of prophecy which is not limited to our white but is certain I mean your pastor out to preach with the prophetic spirit I mean the gift of prophecy if you read 1st Corinthians 14 is for everybody not in the sense of telling the future but I want to tell you my mama was a prophet and when I spoke the wrong way I got Lama my lips and you know it wasn't the kind it comes from volcanoes it was a kind of wash your hands to it my mom had a prophetic spirit and she stuck to what was right and she wasn't raising me with this pseudo self-esteem psychology of the modern day and this was all giving me confidence for the future so actually I could be here 55 years of age and talk to all of you today I'm preaching out of a journey of growing confidence as time goes by because I believe in the administration the Holy Spirit for my own life and I believe it for my church and even though it's a little hard for people in the beginning if I had time I could tell you the stories I'll tell you want the church I pastor as a 1000 plus members but it was so broke that they were putting lights all the lights in the light fixtures so the great the great the great goal of the Finance Committee was to save money they say even rats of a and sinking ships. And so after waiting for about a year I didn't rush in to create a problem I thought I'm tired of doing this plug in all here and plug it all here it's time for us to call out to the Lord of the mountains in the Cal and find out what he wants us to do which I had been doing both way and slowly preparing them for but it's now time to draw a line in the sand and that is we're going to keep stretching because God was already showing us a little bit of what he could do we're going to keep stretching I'm here to tell you today praise God that church has increased its revenues by probably one and a half $1000000.00 in the last 6 years and it's because we're committed to 2 things the message and the mission and that's local and it's a broad in affirms me very much to see you out here trying to raise money for Peru and take care of your own sidewalks etc Listen friends this is God's church I mean his honor is our honor we're to do nothing in a slipshod half hearted way but I tell you what we need to be reading what she says because most of all she encourages us and yes sometimes she challenges us all right let's go to Matthew 1921 Jesus is almost at the end of his ministry and there's a young man that comes up to him and what does Jesus tell him to do I know I'm not going I've got a lot to say you can look it up we know this story the rich young ruler comes up to Jesus and he says oh lord what I need to do to be saved was Jesus tell him go and what sell all that you've got give it to the poor and come follow me the sad thing is he doesn't do it now the good news is in the book of Luke he's followed by the story of Zacchaeus and Zacchaeus does do it but I want to tell you something 7 day Imus are going to have to start living more modest lives I'm not talking about the length of your skirt or I'll take your clothes off I'm top of the that's worthy of a discussion at some point time. But I am telling you this is that. It grieves me the school I was one to Christ in is closed the academy I graduated from with 70 other kids is closed and if you think that your church schools and your academies are immune You just wait it's not my job to make my churches comfortable and to make their lives convenient it's my job to call these churches and today all of us and you to me and whoever listen on the internet to call you to a kind of a holy boldness to where the future doesn't make you afraid because you've got a Christ to solving crisis in the Now this is our journey and God does not want us to fall across the finish line gasping for air and indeed some of these places could keep going I had a man in the last church I was in I think he thought his one job was to fund everything we did He was a one man walking philanthropist and I want to tell you what it's like that farmer story when he was asked how he got so much he said well it's like this I shovel into God's bid and God's got a bigger been any shovels in the mine I'm here to tell you this man who today is still acting the same way and still blessing lots of people the people in the country and Central America came to him and said we need some churches he was thinking themself now he's a fairly sixty's quite successful person he thought well maybe we could do 5 at $10000.00 apiece they said we need $25.00 he thought himself. Well I'm here to tell you today over 100 have been funded in the last 6 years and it's drawn people out of their convenience and when they've given up something so it could go into the work they had a joy that was born of go on. Let's do one more in Daniel Chapter one Verse 8 we know that Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not be defiled with a portion of what. The king's delicacies I'm here to tell you today we should not be having to watch ourselves slide back to social drinking flesh eating and admin a cigarette you know what had been a cigarettes are it's spelt s t a r b u c k. I know I'm not so talk about that in mine except I've had to smell fact I preached on lifestyle last week at my church and between services you never get the same sermon from 1st serve 2nd service it's substantively say but between 1st and 2nd service I had a lady at the end of the self school say to me my girlfriend called me once up and said Oh I says drinking caffeine is a sin she said no it's not she said check she did she quit she was testifying to me Now listen our minds are to be clear and pure for what the impress of the Holy Spirit right are they to be reworked by all this digital you know wizardry and then all of the chemical dynamics of of not being able to slow down and think and be still before God we're to hush our souls before Jesus why because we've got a we're all do we hand and we have to have a holy boldness and people can now find chinks in our armor Listen I live next to an academy for almost 20 years some pretty unique things happen but the thing I dislike the least as when they call me up and say we have a student here from so and so and there we think they're demon possessed would you come over and pray with number one I take no delight in exhibitions of evil and I realize like the 7 sons of Siba I better not show up to one of those events waiting to be embarrassing to God and embarrassing to my church and embarrass myself. There's something about walking and a life of obedience there is empowered by Christ in this song you sing them all was exactly the right song for my message that actually gives us the confidence to face off with evil and it's not about us it's about Jesus I've bowed before the Lord I've emptied my heart and now I'm going to go forward trusting that Jesus who was with Shad wrecked me 2nd and then ago will be with me and you know what when we walk into the jaws of the lion we don't have to be afraid Jesus is already shown us he can handle that but the point is this there is an identity about me and there is a freedom about me and there is a growing confidence in Christ as I follow a principle and precept or teaching driven lifestyle that actually makes me unafraid I've had moments in life when people have wanted me to do their visiting flying on airplanes I'm with a group on a mission trip also it's so appear as spiritual questions why don't you come talk to them there are there moments in my life when I sensed I was not spiritually free and by the way one of the ways you can test and it's not the only way but one of the ways I've found you can test your level of spiritual freedom in other words the uncompromised untrammeled connection with God is can you freely talk with somebody about Jesus I didn't say God Anybody can talk about God Can you talk about Jesus do you want to talk about g.-d. do you want to sing about Jesus if the answer is no to these things I mean spirit probably steps a crisis quite clear who do we love to think about how do we love to talk about I have to ask myself this I mean I've got a son who's very successful in business already and I had to talk to her day and say Son be careful that we need to say wants to fertilize the weeds of wealth in your life so that you have an interest. Only I can be honest and by the way little tidbit for all of you pastor and for these last 30 years I've had some very unpleasant jobs one of them is dealing with homes that are coming apart and I'm going to tell you this in all my years of ministry I've never met anybody who has an idol in their life nobody by their self definition and I've never met anybody who was blurring the emotional bonds of their marriage either nobody so I've met a lot of people who were what it made it I actually had one couple once they denied it carrying on a conversation we found out that actually embraced and shared a kiss and I'm thinking to myself What is this about how do you get that far off but you know God handles those things I actually went down to the in Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra take my wife out for a day you know and all these little kids is probably 20 years ago and God loves you so much he does this kind of stuff don't bank on it but this was something you did for me and this was something he did for them so here's this couple that's not supposed to be a couple and they're down at the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra I didn't know that they went to the show and before me or the the performance before me and there are moments when it's a pass you'd like to slide under the rug and as I'm there with my wife and I've been married to for probably 10 years at that point time we're on a date here they are coming down the aisle with each other I soon since I'm on a date they're on a date but one of them is married and one of them is not. And I want to tell you it was a very uncomfortable encounter but it wasn't a duck and run moment it was a wake up moment God loves you enough of all the millions of people that live in central Indiana God ordained that we meet here today so your eyes could be open what's my point when you fall in love with the world you deny it and when you don't come together to be with people who love Jesus you don't have an accountability system but I'm here to tell you probably $0.81 who isolates themselves rages against all sound wisdom we come together so we can get close enough to get feedback from each other the Bible says the wounds of a friend can be trusted been an enemy multiplies kisses I need to be your friend because I might need you to say to me Ron I think you're changing off here just a little bit around what's wrong you know and this looks kind of off God is actually calling us into a deep bond with him and with each other living by principle well and precept so that I don't go blind towards the future thinking I'm ready but I'm not because nobody can get close enough to me to tell me the church needs to think about this this is prophetic lifestyle this is prophetic preaching my lifestyles to be a witness It is not the method of getting into heaven but it is a strengthening of my person James Dobson's father was a minister and he had this advice he said don't tell anybody you're a minister. But don't let them be surprised when they find out and the same kind of thing could be true for us as Christians of course God's looking to build that Shadrach commish act they had a and a bit ago they had a beautiful modesty they were respectful to the King they had a holy boldness that was built on many chapters some written in the Bible some not but I'm here to tell you today in France they were faithful in principle and precept Babylon wanted in them and Babylon had them in it but bad land was not getting in their head pure and undefiled religion before God in the father's to visit the orphans in the widows in their trouble and this part of the verse is always left up and what friends to keep yourself unspotted from the water off think about it I mean it's as if the devil is driving the big semi truck of impurity around everywhere and splashing everybody all the time the 4th thing you have to have if you want to have a holy boldness with credibility and influence is you have to have a purpose now it says in review and herald May 22888 no one who professes to love Jesus can long retain the favor of God If you feels no interest for sinners around him those who see did you hear that you cannot retain the favor of God When you make religion about yourself and by the way friends when you pray please do yourself a favor and quit you can ask God for what ever you can talk to God like a child talks to his father so ask for what you need but if your whole paradigm is about you isn't there a problem there and by the way friends being ready for the mark of the beast for the Sunday laws is a fantastic topic but if fear is driving it you need to know something that's what the how the mark of the beast works is fear so we've got to fall in love with Jesus again this is the message to the Fijian and it's a message to us. We're going to come back into a principle beautiful relationship and by the way I do marriage seminars of my wife and I tell everybody your marriage is like a car how many of you remember you goes in May remember the Hugo's the Hugo's didn't go that's why they're not around anymore some people are driving you go us but I tell everybody I'm driving a Lamborghini and it's very expensive it's built on principle and precept trust and respect I'm very close to my wife she's very close to me but I want to tell you some of the marital ordeals of communication and the anguish of intimacy has been so difficult that if there wasn't this Jesus with this tremendous love and this sense that God put us together we could have come apart but I'll tell you it's more than worth it because love is the engine here those who seek merely to save their own souls and are indifferent to the condition and destiny of their fellow men will fail to put for sufficient effort to secure their own salvation in hiding their talents on the earth they are throwing away the opportunity to obtain a star Jim crown how many of you listen to your story hour and if you know your story you gotta listen your story oh I'm going to describe this with one of their stories it's called the empty sack Have you heard about the king who wanted to pick a king he had no heir so is going to pick among his knights he gave them all 3 empty sacks 2 of them came back with riches in their sack and one came back with an empty sack. He used his empty sack to feed and clothe and his sack was worn out and full of holes but you know the story is is that when the king watched the others he understood that their greed and their avarice and their selfish ambition would make them poor leaders and carers of men but the man with the empty sack was transformed by the Germany France our preparation for the Sunday laws starts to deign in our homes in our churches processing with God's presence being men and women of prayer acting by precept and principle and having a divine purpose the generous soul will be made rich proverb says and he waters will also what the water himself listen the desert can be parched and brown but along the canal the trees are bow growing beautifully if I had one thing to do over with my kids I sought to raise them as a principle father I'm at the age where I can look back and have all my regrets although for all you parents I tell him there's one regret and one mistake I didn't make I didn't fail to love you the best I could but I'm here to tell you this I would put my kids in touch with the broken the lost the downtrodden and teach them to love them because love is what has to flow through us to a broken world and that love will turn out to be sacrificial l.-y. talks about this is the love of Christ and the love of Christ is not that different than the love for lost man it has a purifying power to the soul and what's more than that as we're drawn out in acts of faith and commitment to the broken in the last we're going to become stronger and actually less afraid in. During the ages of spiritual darkness acts of the Apostles 12 point one The Church of God has been as a city set on a hill from age to age through successive generations the pure doctrines of heaven have been unfolding within it's borders here we go one of my favorite quotes what kind church you go to of you've got a problem with your Pastor you've got a problem with the head over you've got a problem with this you've got a problem with their own the church has got problems start by looking at you in feeble and defective Oh I'm going to buy a car tomorrow it's going to be and feeble and defective. In feeble and defective as it may appear the church I know she's talking about not just the people but the organized church the church is the one object upon which God be stows in a special sense is supreme regard it is the theater of his grace in which she delights to reveal his power to transform hearts what is your commitment to the church friends nobody's going to heaven on their own all I know every earthly human support will be removed at some chapter and you'll just have Jesus would be enough oh yes more than but I'm here to tell you on the way we're supposed to have each other you lose a job you lose a spouse you lose the understanding of your circle of friends what Jesus say you lose all that tell you what you've got you've got houses and lands and people today how through the church this is what we're to be to each other we must have a purpose as a church and it's not to keep the lights on and the air conditioning going if I never heard an appeal the brought those things up again I might be tempted to do a backflip. Could we not set our sights a whole lot higher and talk about a world full of broken people and we better get some rigorous funding going on in our church and I'll tell you once the ball starts rolling oh my it's the most exciting thing to try to keep up with when you actually have money to do things and you're not begging I don't beg by the way. But I was pastor in this church I would never ask one of you for a dollar except for what I would do by asking all of you and God from the front there's a holy spirit is alive he can speak I've watched a little kids get out in front of the the financial fate journey and lead by emptying their piggy banks and I would say our face going to become as little children I know people that are selling their extra homes and selling off their properties I don't know if it's for you but I know this in their mind I had one in my office last week want to know what to do a 10 $1000.00 I love these kind of problems I'll tell you what to do with $10000.00 we talked about and on Monday night when I have a board meeting part of his $6000.00 is going to go is 10 is going to go for 6 for for a project we don't have to be in feeble and defective if we'll live by principle if we'll love each other if we'll learn to trust God if we'll fly higher I used to tell people at the village church I acted like I was a captain I said Hello this is your captain speaking now Jesus is the captain Alright I'm just an under officer in the army and like we're flying a 747 it's a bigger plane almost a 1000 members back and I said we're just flying above the trees how do you feel. It's nice to get up to where you've got a little room by the way I was on an airline won't tell you which airline the other day I'm away till Salvador and there was this big cock and the plane started vibrating and the lady rushed back and look out the window. She went I'm going on the phone and she sat down and like jumping pussy don't I'm thinking I need to pray. They landed their plane in Little Rock Arkansas and I've never been escorted by those lime green machines with the red bubblegum machines on top before but I tell you what when you lose an engine it's not wise to keep going that way. But we've lost a lot of power friends but we need to make sure that the people sitting up front are reduced to being peddlers of the Gospel by begging for money the money's out there and more will come we need to have a purpose that draws us out of it. The last thing I want to talk about before I sit in on his piece you will attract no one for long without it holy boldness gives you peace it's not a braggadocios Hey I just walked into the room with swagger no it's Emma take a little seat in the back corner but I know God asked me to be here and whatever he asked me to do on Monday do it she says in selected messages many will look away from present duties duty we live in a consumer society nobody has duties do they I mean everybody's a customer they get what they want but this is a church it's not a business many a look away from present duties present comfort and blessings and be borrowing trouble regarding the future crisis I love this quote We're borrowing trouble in regard to the future crisis this will be making a time of trouble before hand and we were saved no grace for any such intice a payday troubles it's important for us to stop and think about is my life lined up with the eschatology that's a big word with what we know the prophecies say about the future is my life lining up with it and my building up a big nest egg in my plane I have this house and that house when I get away and rest make that ski trip they have done good with all those beautiful blessings that come from my parents teaching me out a live the right way but I don't want to be quite as committed as them I see at 3316 says this He will dwell on high his place of Defense will be the fortress of the rocks bread will be given him and his water will be sure and if you want something even better go to some 119 somewhere in the early one hundreds and the writer says you are my hiding place now what is reasonable to do to get ready think about these principles that have been shared just don't act on any of them. Without going close and deep with Jesus because adman to some has a blessing and a curse if you know the future without knowing the one who holds the future you've got a really tight little dynamo of fear operating inside of you and it's going to ruin you and ruin your relationships and ruin the people around you because at the end of the day what you need is going to come 1st no matter what I promise you fear is selfishness on steroids animated by biology and psychology and fear is not our motivator as a matter of fact we are to be able to stare into the jaws of death do you think Daniel if he would have had Facebook would have gone on say watch out friends there's a 100 other of these lines around babble and so make sure you don't Daniel was a very respectful man he had a holy boldness and I don't think you'll find a person in Scripture save Christ and Joe's of the most innocent a few others who had more credibility and more influence than he even when negative as his grandson is on the throne and they should have been able to read the writing on the wall I wonder if they could read it but were afraid to say what is said I'm not sure go get Daniel he was marginalized for his convictions don't kid yourself he was honored by never can answer but the preceeding generations didn't want him around but God took him out of the market balls and put them right back up on the pedestal I said I don't want to be the kingdom I'm done with that there were still chapters of divine impress on he even minds because this man actually was principled in a man of precept he moved with purpose he had peace the presence of God was with him he actually lived through his own time of trouble like maybe none of us ever will I don't know I'm here to tell you day God's going to architects and trouble for you. Are not in a bounce but. Chambers my upmost for Assayas beautiful principle he says every day is divinely architected by God its engine near things that came to you that day they didn't come by accident the people you met it's not co-incidence. Every day is engineered because God looking to build a house hold of faith in your heart friends we want to move forward to the time of the end but I tell you what everybody else's heart is going to be feeling for fear but not us not us now the gala more refer to this in his message today I'm going to get a direct quote signs of The Times October 9th 1001 the nations are in unrest times of propensity are upon us men's hearts are failing them for fear of the things that are coming upon the earth but those who believe in God will hear is a voice of Mrs storm saying it is I be not of free the world is mine and wickedness in apostasy rebellion to God's law seems almost universal but amid the tumult of excitement with confusion in every place there is a work he's got his back on our purpose again there is a work to be done for God in the world so in my last minutes I want to take you back to May 5945 out in the Pacific Ocean $180000.00 people were floating on boats around these islands it was the largest and feared b.s. effort of the War of the 2nd World War It just so happened that the companies and especially company b. they had people that. Well it seemed that people like shooting at the people with the white crosses on their arms and so in company b. there was one man that one medic left and all the people in his company wanted him to go into the battle the problem was it was Sabbath he was not on willing to go he wasn't necessarily planning to go but when all the men in his brigade came in his company and said to the commander would you see if Desmond will go with us today he said. Jesus healed people on the Sabbath and yes I will go but I'd sure like to finish reading myself a school lesson before and. How many thousands of people were floating in boats around the island of Okinawa and only a few of them knew they were waiting for one corporal to finish his time with God It was called the typhoon of steel it was an $82.00 day battle this was the middle of it the made a scar that would be known as hacksaw the ridge Captain Vernon personally as dust and then he passed that request on up through the ranks to a a current all and when it was all said and done he granted it and there they were waiting the whole entire United States Army to go ashore one. Watched the video friends this is holy boldness and credibility and influence and the people who hated him and made fun of them this is the price you'll pay to live a principled precept your life but I'm here to tell you it's worth it your kids need to see it working your pastor needs know your behind him people have to come together and like each other it will start by enduring each other. Sometimes. In 1996 our daily bread put a little story out there booklet group of innocent English there they were I don't know exactly where along the Jersey Shore's where I don't know but these steep cliffs and one of them peered over the side and saw a specimen they wanted so they hailed to a local boy and said Would you go over the side and get this if we tied a rope to you and of course you know the story the boy ran off and came back with another man he said I'll go over the side if my dad holds the rope now I says this manuscript released number 3 number 305-1006 the time of trouble trouble such as was not since there was a nation is right upon us and we are like the sleeping virgins we are to awake. And I love this rest is just this one sense and ask the Lord Jesus to place underneath us his everlasting arms and to carry us through the time of trouble before us I refuse in the name of Christ to interact with people who take that same name now I try to be wise but I try to wait till the Holy Spirit says this is the time because it's going to be underneath the impress those spirits and it's an engine is it just be quiet but when I know God is prompting and the time is Ray and the person can trust me I refuse to be a part of an organization whose mandate is so high holy and noble but is reduced down to the barest and meanest existence of barely surviving I by nature I'm a fearful person but I can't stand living under the stress of fear so I'm going to pray my way into the presence of God since He knows every thought I think and I can't hide anything I'm going to be in a principled surrender to you I'm going to listen to what his purposes and do and in the end I plan to walk into the future like David what he say at what time I am afraid I will trust in you but I don't want to be presumptuous So there's work I asked myself how much food should I have at my house this is what I came up with may not work for you but before there were refrigerators and everything else before you could run down the one you didn't make sure you had enough from the end of the harvest to the next harvest beyond that appears to me to probably be hoarding and manmade salvation as for me having a place to go in the country I'm in it already if I need to flee somewhere else which I probably will because my house is not going to be my human support. I trust that one of you would love God enough to take a risk unless somebody and I also like to be submissive enough to where when God says All right Ron you're not going to need their 403 b. which is what nonprofit workers here take it out and use it to advance my cause and make a few plans because you can see troubles coming there's a lot of ways I can be principled but I'll tell you what all the people I work with I tell the people I work with I'm married to you we're not just work associates we're brothers I want them to speak their mind with me I want them to love me enough said think you're on the wrong path yes show respect to everybody so they can hear you don't make it more insecure not rush up with a club in your hands the friends I want to see Jesus face to face I don't want to be so worried about the Valley I've got to walk through especially when he says I mean that's the blessing of the energy of Deuteronomy there is the blessing to Asher there's no God like the god of gestural who writes the class. Underneath are the everlasting arms France the prudent Don't be foolish with God spoken today in the midst of the sermon about a an appetite a lifestyle a decision the omission or commission that's not in a principled walk with Christ for an Escalade eschatological in time group then let God be God and given the power to change but the last thing I want is for so I tell my coworkers this I live where there's there are 7000 administers there's 20 some churches right around me I tell them they may not like what you say but make it awful hard for them not to listen to you. In other words be loving and humble and principle and not negative. Even though sometimes the truth seems a little negative do it with love believe the best Don't let pride sneak in there and I'm better and you know France I've never found any guide quite like Jesus you know when Edson Edson was a little bit of a challenge on the dock that said in a way. You ought to read the letter his mom wrote to him when he was managing Pacific press in Oakland California she basically said you've made a mess and I can use my good name to get you out a lot of tough love she loved him deep read some of the other letters she's written later in life she wrote him letters that Edson you need a counselor cannot hear because you don't know if the circumstance you're up against is God turning your way or the devil throwing down stumbling block the end of the day friends here's what's going to take us through the sweet humble obedience with the knowledge of the presence of Christ and you're going to hear we're behind you. This is the way. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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