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Grow Grow Grow: A Living Parable

Scott Ritsema


Scott Ritsema

Founder and Speaker for Belt of Truth Ministries


  • January 15, 2020
    4:30 PM


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Father in heaven we thank you so much for the opportunity to seek your will in our lives and in our practical endeavors in our entrepreneurial outlets and everything that you've given to us to enjoy you and to live for you in service to the God of heaven and so Lord as we seek to understand this concept of the living parable we pray that you draw us closer to you closer to your creation and closer to one another and we pray this in Jesus' name amen. A living parable I am a strong believer in the mission of ad Agra and this is about really. Committing communicating the everlasting Gospel to the world in this generation you might say well where's the connection there I have to tell you right out of the gates that what when we talk about matters of of agriculture this is not simply for earning a living for doing something productive Those are great things but what it's about are character development and that's what this living parable is about we're going to get into that the last half of this message grow grow grow but 1st what is a living parable we're going to get this phrase from you know what a parable is of course a parable is a teaching a teacher will use an object or a story from everyday life and will expound upon it as a spiritual lesson so a every day occurrence will be used to teach a spiritual lesson and a teacher is teaching the parable so a parable is taught by a teacher what is a living parable then listen to the statement in testimonies volume 6 this lend about the school speaking of Avondale is to be reserved as a school farm it is to become a living parable to the students the students are to look upon it as a lesson book notice that look upon it meaning the farm as a lesson book a farm is a living parable the farm is a lesson book open before them which the Lord would have them study. Its lessons will impart knowledge in the culture of the soul so the farm itself is teaching lessons did you follow that a teacher teaches a parable a living parable is teaching through nature its lessons the farm's lessons are a lesson book and I love teaching I have a teaching background so I will joy teaching but even better is when the divine voice with the presence of God through nature is communicating to us and I don't mean that in a New Age sense I mean that in the divine biblical Spirit of Prophecy sense like it says in job here now ask the beasts and they will teach you and the birds of the air and they will tell you and the fish of the sea will explain it to you go to the end consider her ways that's from Proverbs Now this is taken from a testimony on Education Page 17 where the rest of us says this We are not merely to tell our children about these creatures of God the animals themselves are to be their teachers this is another concept of a living parable the animals the farm and all of the beauties of nature and the lessons embedded in nature by God's divine wisdom are teaching us directly even with the children isn't that something they can allow the animals to teach them themselves he desires us to read his message in every Lily and every spire of grass Christ object lessons page 19 on the holy rest day above all other days we should study the messages that God has written for us in nature living parables and Christ has linked his teaching not only with the day of rest but with the week of toil and notice specifically what kind of toil in the ploughing and sowing the tilling and reaping He teaches us to see an illustration of his work of grace in the heart then our daily toil will no longer absorb our attention and lead us to forget God. Our daily toil will continually remind us of our Creator and Redeemer the thought of God will run like a thread of gold through all our homely cares and occupations for us the glory of his face will again rest upon the face of nature we shall ever be learning new lessons of heavenly truth and growing into the image of his purity thus shall we be taught of the Lord and in the lot where in we are called we shout abide with God putrified I can't say a word to add to that doesn't that just fill you with inspiration to spend that time in that toil in that garden and hear the voice of God and have his golden thread woven through all of our daily tasks when we allow the living parables to teach us now what a contrast that is with this generation this concept is totally lost upon the culture around us who spends all their time indoors so many hours playing video games and other media in fact do you know how much how many minutes of screen time the average American consumes in 2018 it was 666 minutes of media per day and you look at that number you're going whoa that's a ominous number from Revelation 13 this is not a fulfillment of Bible prophecy of course but it is an ominous number and a very large number at that that's an awful lot of numbers of minutes a lot of awful lot of minutes per day this one right here by the way as you watch the the role transpire here I want to tell you half of teens now admit that they're almost constantly on their devices yet the falls are right in the hole and those who are listening are on the live stream not watching it guy walking down the street on his phone right into the hole the manhole he goes right through the barriers walk straight through it falls right in. The average American touches taps and swipes their devices $2617.00 times per day I wonder how many times we touch tap and swipe the things in the real world I'm talking about the plants the soil the physical objects wooden nails anything real Are we even rivaling that 2617 figure for how many times we tapped our devices and yet what you're seeing right now is image that this one on the news this was a baby you see the baby swiping and playing with the i Pad here well then they they give the baby a magazine what is the baby trying to do with the magazine who doesn't know how real magazine works trying to spy swipe it this is sadly kind of cute and funny on one hand but very tragic and pretty fearful for this generation we're wondering are we losing a grip on what it means to be human teens now consume 9 hours of entertainment media per day parents are just under 8 hours of entertainment media per day they are spending twice as much time just watching Netflix then all quality time with their children combined the average adult spends more time looking at screens than sleeping the average American spends 65 percent of their waking hours consuming media the average American now spends 4.7 hours on their smartphone per day checks their phones $80.00 to $150.00 times per day and still somehow manages to watch 4 hours of television per day so we're just adding in piling and piling on 3 quarters of children spend less time outdoors than prison inmates spend outdoors and we're talking about living parables that's lost on this generation if we've built for our children and ourselves a virtual prison. In the last child in the woods a book by Richard Luis goes over a study he explains a survey that was done of 11 year olds and it discovered that the majority of 11 year old kids today have never climbed a tree before never once and those who had climbed a tree when they were asked subsequent questions they would say oh you know really I just want to get back inside and get back on my videogames they asked the same children hey how many of you would be interested to go to the park when we're done only a 3rd of them were interested in a visit to the park which I would have figured 99 percent it's like a rover want to go for a walk and you know he's going to jail he's ready to go isn't every kid always ready to go play on the playground only a 3rd of them the average child spends twice as much time just playing video games alone then all outdoor activities combined. Dr Nicholas Carr Doris states in his book glow kids kids raised with screens were almost universally what I like to call an interested and an interesting bored and boring they lacked a natural curiosity and a sense of wonder and imagination that 9 screen kids seemed to have they didn't know or care to know what was going on was happening around them in the world all that seemed to drive them was a perpetual need to be stimulated and entertained by their digital devices so we can sum that up by saying the media mind is bored and boring the mind of Christ though is fully alive the media mind is immersed in the counterfeit reality but the mind of Christ is awake to the wonders of nature the media mind is enclosed in that virtual prison but the mind of Christ is free is free to seek and to find from the living parables all around us let them learn to draw lessons and discern truth for themselves in their gardening question them speaking of the children question them as to what they learn from the care care of their plants do you notice already in this quote It's what they learn let them draw lessons you're going to see one of the most important reasons we have living parables right in this quote as they look on a beautiful landscape ask them why God clothed the fields and woods with such lovely and varied hues why was not all this somber Brown teach them to notice the evidences in nature of God's thought for us the wonderful adaptation of all things to our need in happiness children should be encouraged to search out in nature the objects that illustrate Bible teachings do you hear in this quote a whole lot a living pair. Bulls talk where Nature itself is teaching them it's great to have a teacher but it says here let the children learn to draw lessons for themselves ditch or discern truth for themselves ask them what they are learning teach them to notice themselves and they may search out in nature the objects so the number of 1st reason of 3 here for living parables is the 1st benefit that we may become thinkers not mere reflectors of other men's thoughts because when we're challenge to probe in to investigate and to seek for ourselves the mind is quickened the young people's and all of our minds are able to discern and think individually as led by God which is going to be very important in the last days by the way right I mean we're dealing with deception and all of this but the problem with this modern culture is it takes some time really to to to have these things sink in to ponder them to probe them the average human attention span in the industrialized world is now a mere 8 seconds long shorter than that of a goldfish Time magazine you now have a shorter attention span than a goldfish whose attention span is 9 seconds that's an extraordinarily long I guess compared to our 8 seconds now the average person 77 percent of people admit that when nothing else is occupying their attention they just pull up their phones see what's on the I didn't even get a notification there's just nothing immediately occupying my attention so I've got to be on their something's going to stimulate grab my attention and they're right. But the reality is if we want to be thinkers the average person has the big lightbulb moment where it's like yes the creative thought just happened or problem solving moments or I just came up with a great idea it takes an average of 15 to 20 minutes they say in studies for people to have that big moment the aha moment 15 to 20 minutes is like a 1000 seconds and we're never going to get to that if our attention span is only 8 seconds. The Book of Nature is a great lesson book so there's a living parable language again did you notice that nature is the book it is doing the teaching and as the works of God are studied the Holy Spirit's flashes conviction into the mind. It is not the conviction that logical reasoning produces That's key will come back to that but unless the mind has become too dark to know God the eye too dim to see him the ear to build to hear his voice a deeper meaning is grasped a deeper meaning is grasped and the sublime spiritual truths of the written word are impressed upon the heart so the written word the truth is there in our impressed upon the heart as the book of nature is open before us we always think of this as a book number one book number 2 but they actually integrate together the truth of the written word are impressed upon our heart as we allow the Book of Nature to live in parables to teach us now back to that part where it says this is going to be a deeper meaning and it's beyond what logical reasoning can produce it says it is not the conviction that logical reasoning produces and nothing against logical reasoning we just saw the number one reason is that we can become thinkers not mere reflectors of other men Staats logical reading reasoning is essential but a deeper heart conviction is needed so that's number 2 living parables take us even deeper than logical reasoning to the heart conviction when the Holy Spirit flashes that upon our minds and I do need to say as a matter of emphasis that this is a generation that has lost the capability of reasoning as well in disc 5 session 5 of the media mind it's called people of the book in the age of the Act I don't have time to get into it but unbelievable stats. And alarming eye opening information about how this generation is not reading deeply its spurts and bits and jumping from this to that on line and we're not reading books like we once did I won't get into the whole thing but I do need to make a pitch right now for book reading yes the 1st book and the 2nd book the book with a capital b. and the book of nature do you might be aware of the fact that there wasn't book readings though for the 1st you know many hundreds of years of the human existence as did Adam and Eve have have books in the Garden of Eden. Do we even as human beings have like a reading gene in our in our d.n.a. No there's no circuit in the brain that's a dedicated reading circuit that you're born with the reading circuit in the brain that we developed through learning to read actually involves and integrates 2 hemispheres of the brain 4 lobes per hemisphere and 5 layers of the brain so God made us fearfully and wonderfully in one cubic centimeter of the brain we have enough connections that would equal the quantity of stars in the galaxy so wow God foresaw that we would be doing this but they weren't they weren't intrusively reading why you know you have Adam and Eve there in the garden they have the Living Word Jesus right there with them and with them and the in the Angels as well and of story right well there's more I always figured it was just the written word wasn't needed because the presence of Jesus was there but there is more Christ object lessons again page 18 in their original perfection all created things were an expression of the thought of God So all of nature is expressing God's ideas to Adam and Eve in their Eden home nature was full of the knowledge of God teeming with divine instruction This is living parable stuff again isn't it Nature itself is instructing is teeming with divine instruction the knowledge of God embedded right there in the beauty of nature in the incredible science of nature in all of the object lessons to be derived there from them wisdom spoke to the eye and was received into the heart for they commune with God in His created works now I know that they walk with God in the midst of God's creative works in the cool of the day but this says they actually commune with God in His created works so they had. Both the Living Word present with them and they. What we call the 2nd book although I guess it would be the 1st book in chronology because there wasn't the written word yet and they had the book of nature before their eyes and they commune with God in nature through the lessons taught with the divine instruction and so when we read in Genesis 215 that the Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it think about that what we are doing in our orchards in our gardens in our berry patches in our greenhouses in our little vegetable pots on our on our back porch from small scale to large scale we've inherited atoms farm haven't way God put men in that garden before sin before the written word. God was communicating through nature and through the toil of daily life in these lessons direct from nature there is a simplicity in purity that makes them of the highest value all need the teaching to be derived from this source so you might have heard those other quotes about the children and figures figured that only applies to the children and in education in the schools now all of us need the teaching to be derived from this source the lessons direct from nature this source simplicity purity the quote goes on Christ object lessons page 24 in itself the beauty of nature leads the soul away from sin and worldly attractions and toward purity peace and got too often the minds of students are occupied with men's theories and speculations falsely called science and philosophy they need to be brought into close contact with nature thus the mental powers will be strengthened we covered that the will we will be thinkers and then it says the character developed the whole life ennobled So there is number 3 the 3rd benefit of living parables the simplicity and purity of Nature's Lessons and Noble the character so there is the 3 summed up in one word thinking conviction and character and speaking of this character issue this also has a lot to do with nature and media and the contrast between the 2 in this culture the prefrontal cortex of the brain is where we regulate our emotions in impulses where we exercise wise judgment in planning where we have the fruit of the Spirit which is self-control you exercise self control and live by the spirit right there in the choices made in the executive center of the prefrontal cortex of the brain it's also known as executive function. Executive notice this word attention now didn't I mention earlier we have a shortening attention span all of us and a 50 percent rise in actual diagnosed attention disorders among children a 15 percent rise in just 10 years so the environment is inducing us into this slow attention span state so what's the antidote Well the antidote of course is nature you put children in a playground surrounded by birds and trees and grass and all of a sudden you see their attention spans lengthening witness in studies and then you put the same kind of kids with the same kind of playground equipment but put them in an urban jungle surrounded by buildings and on the pavement and everything and their attention spans aren't lengthening like they were with the nature setting this is a study that was done in Sweden that shows it's detaching from media is only step one you have to replace it with nature or you only got half the battle won and interesting Lee did you know that simply the act of watching fish swim in a fish tank in length and 0 tensions which gives new meaning to buy beholding we become changed we hold the fish and we may be able to achieve the 9 2nd attention span that the fish has hopefully will go far beyond that behold God's word and behold nature and be made in the image of remade in the image of God once again as our brains are transformed and renewed so that executive center here's here's the here's the punchline we're executive attention in the prefrontal cortex is the same area for all those character development traits that I just mentioned self-control and regulating our impulses and emotions and the ability to think critically all of that is happening in the prefrontal cortex and when we're struggling with our attention span we're also going to be struggling in those other areas so that's why when you hear from the Spirit of Prophecy that nature is going to improve our character and our thinking well that's known now in. The neuroscience we call it being transformed by the renewing of our minds that's true healing salvation some other good news when you take children out of Los Angeles out of the urban schools and put them in a into a 5 day nature excursion camp setting you look at their emotional intelligence before the 5 days begins and look at the emotional intelligence of these 5th graders after the 5 days is over and you found just 5 days being media free and a good being in nature in team building in a High King in archery and all sorts of things that they're improving their emotional intelligence in just 5 days of detaching from media getting in nature Dr Victoria Dunkley has treated hundreds of children with previously diagnosed disorders from a.d.h. d d m d d this is called disruptive mood dysregulation disorder depression anxiety bipolar and on and on and on and on and on and she's a psychiatrist a practicing psychiatrist but people come to her practice to get a alternative prescription What is her prescription it is not a pharmaceutical answer she puts the kids in the youth on a 100 percent media abstinence 0 screen time for 3 weeks the results of this practice are astounding hundreds of children have undergone this treatments replacing media with nature and 80 percent of these kids have the majority of their symptoms disappear. Let that sink in I mean that is astounding right there right there being the 50 percent of them have all of their symptoms disappear totally cured although we're not allowed to say that I do not intend to treat diagnose or cure any Bubba block but that's what's happening 50 percent of them have all of their symptoms disappear screen time is a contributing factor to virtually all of the children I have treated she says then you get social media with the particularly the young adults college students University of Pennsylvania found all these problems with depression and anxiety and loneliness going through the roof I don't have time to get into it all there's a session in the media mind called anti social media you definitely want to view that session belt of Truth dot t.v. and look at the disconnected childhood and how to be human again and digital pharmacopoeia And of course people of the book and the age of the at 5 sessions the media mind the probably the most important stuff that we've put out as a ministry people are telling me it's more important than media on the brain media on the brain obviously is calling people apart from the world and Hollywood entertainment music industry video game addiction and all of that but we're dealing now with a generation that is totally struggling with mental health Did you know that one quarter of college students are now diagnosed with a mental disorder like what a quarter of them yeah the counseling offices at university campuses are inundated with young people they can't even handle it all and your 2.7 times more likely to be depressed if you're a heavy social media user than if you use very little social media so University of Pennsylvania put them on a 30 minutes a day max social media for one point for one week a Denmark study did a similar thing for one week but they said 0 social media for one week for these young adults. They found loneliness dropped 36 percent of people's loneliness scores their depression rate according to the diagnostic criteria that are used to diagnose depression dropped 33 percent after one week of no social media amazing so I come at this from somebody who started to catch on like kind of late in the game you can see the image on the screen there that's me and my family just a few years ago we moved into the country and we said the Lord is calling us to something different we picked up this book called Country Living and Wow Ok it's time to go soon as the Lord opens the door of the time is now out of the cities and enjoy the beauty of God's presence in nature and agriculture so in 2013 my family moved from the city to the land of living in parables that's me and my firstborn son their home in the garden beds getting them ready for our very 1st garden now growing some of our own food has literally been a living parable to us I want to teach you one lesson from the living parables this evening it's about growth it's about a growth mindset that's a phrase I'll use a lot growth mindset but 1st have you ever tried this one with with plants this is flowers house plants poinsettia anything you know your garden you name any growing living thing your fruit trees and your tried to have it thrive but not grow it like what are you talking about here is a hypothetical question can a plant. Say the exact same size. Not true but still be thriving The obvious answer to that is no a plant cannot be fixed it cannot be in a set Stace is in a fixed non growing condition and still be healthy it either grows or dies you heard the song The children sing read your Bible pray every day and Joel grow grow grow as in nature so in grace there can be no life without growth the plant must either grow or die. As its growth is silent and imperceptible but continuous so is the development of the Christian life at every stage of development our life may be perfect yet if God's purpose for us is fulfilled there will be continual Advent Smits continual advancement and that's something we try and we try different things like New Year's just happened I put on this thing called a pedometer it's the continual accountability partner attached to my belt and I look at that and see Ok My goal is to do at least the $10000.00 steps per day and I like big numbers so I go Ok multiply that by $365.00 days in 2020 I want to walk 3650000 steps that's the goal it sounds impressive it's not really that big of a deal but that's one way you grow in other areas one thing my family we've been working on is we've got these 2 clickers that you wear on a lanyard or you put it on in your pocket or on your belt you know what I mean by a clicker kind of like the referees would use in competitive sports and it's a counter Ok every time you click it adds one to the tally is a little counter and we said all right we got to clickers one for every positive. Expression of gratitude and praise to God that comes out of any of our mouths. The other clicker is we have we ever complain like Did I really need to say that you know negative thoughts and it's expressions of a negative feelings it's like we want it we want to diminish and actually you know what not diminished we were like what you want Goalby like $10.00 to $1.00 and then the scripture flashed upon the mind do all things without murmuring the Bible says so not like 90 percent of things without murmuring So we want to approach 0 on the critical negative you know tally tally clicker and giving thanks always continually as the Bible says so our 1st duty toward God and our fellow beings is that of what's that word self development no idea when you 1st heard that our 1st duty toward God in our fellow beings is that of I would have figured it is love God with all your heart soul mind strength love your neighbor as yourself the 1st duty is to die to self to live in whole hearted service to got our 1st duty is to worship him. Well yeah but there's a prerequisite to all of that this statement actually takes us a step before that before I can live life for God but where I can serve my fellow man it says our 1st duty is actually actually self development no Be careful with that phrase my i Tunes on my computer popped up a while ago and this book right here this audio book appeared self development and there's a picture of the New Age meditation taking place and apparently that's a trendy thing out there in New Age circles but 100 years ago what was this for well here's the rest of the quote When Ellen White wrote this self development is described not as some New Age you know trendy thing it's every faculty with which the Creator has in doubt us should be cultivated there's good agriculture language or cultivated all of our faculties need to be cultivated to the highest degree of perfection that we may be able to do the greatest amount of good of which we are capable so a life of service is live on the heels of us growing developing every faculty so our 1st duty is to ourselves notice this phrase development that term development sometimes flies in the face of the way we normally think usually we're accustomed to thinking of natural and down months genetic inheritance I have got a natural ability in this I'm no good at that she's definitely gifted at that he's good at that he's not not cut out for that but you know the quote doesn't say to dwell on the natural abilities which do exist of course but we way way over rate those when we see somebody doing a row a great job at something Wow they were just you know that's just came naturally to them and you know what this book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell they were looking at this in corporate settings in the world and they what they found was the people who are the. The best salesman the best artists and painters and musicians and the best as I mentioned corporate leaders business leaders entrepreneurs the people who are the cream of the crop like the names that you would know as the best at that the best at that the best that you know how they got to that level it wasn't being born with that these people on average spent 10000 hours they call it the 10000 hour rule in the book 10000 hours invested in their craft in their skill in their calling it's a lot of time is that I mean the average young person actually spends 10000 hours playing video games by the age of 21 so maybe we're wasting our lives when we could become great and service to God but the quote doesn't say to do well on just natural endowments and like we're in a fixed state it says development are defers to the it self development of those 2 different mindsets that I've already alluded to here a fixed mindset and a growth mindset I'm trying to get us into a growth mindset because a fixed mindset will say things like you know you're just smart or I'm just socially awkward or she just has a green thumb and notice the language freezes you into that fixed mindset but the growth mindset says no no no that's not how it works you acquire agricultural skills not just he has a green thumb you were born with and I wasn't we can acquire agricultural skills you develop intelligence you cultivate social skills every faculty must be developed through self development as our 1st duty now there's amazing research on the negative power of a fixed mindset they took children into a classroom with a little experiment that gave them a test and the test wasn't the experiment the kids thought but that taking the test was the experiments but they're actually going to give some feedback to the children after they score on their test to see how they. Do In subsequent activities after the kind of feedback they're given so one class one group of kids is going to be put into a fixed mindset with the kind of feedback that they're given by the researcher the other classroom of students is going to be given put in a growth mindset I'll get to them in just a 2nd so the 1st group of kids they score on their test and the researcher comments on and they go oh Johnny you got a 7 out of 10 that's a really good score you must be very smart. Oh Suzy you've got to you've got a 9 out of 10 there that's a really good score you're really good at math aren't you. Oh Joey you got an 8 out of 10 they're good score you're just good at school aren't you and they would put them in might say well that's also good nice thing to say to kids that's encouragement is the wrong kind of encouragement watch this these kids after this test was over they gave them other tests and opportunities to try other challenges these children number one stopped enjoying their work too didn't want to take on more difficult tasks basically for a feel of fear of revealing their weaknesses because they'd been placed in this fixed mindset and their performance on subsequent tasks even dropped so their i.q. went down I mean this is a temporary thing it's not like this afflicted them for the rest of their school year or something but in the moment when they're in that mindset it's really messing with them so we don't want to allow fixed mindset grow grow grow the living parables have taught me about growth the plant either grows or dies let's focus on the growth not focus on simply the natural endowments of the fixed mindset types of language so the power of the positive growth mindset and these kids the other group of kids we're told who is 7 out of 10 that's a good score you must be working really hard at your schoolwork lately who a 9 out of 10 good score their little guy let's see I'll bet you you've been studying hard and working hard who in 8 out of 10 you're really developing in your in your bent in your schoolwork skills aren't you so they put them in a growth mindset by talking about afeard talking about growth talking about development instead of just you're smart you're this and a label and what happened to these kids they enjoyed their work more they wanted to take on more difficult tasks and their performance increased so their i.q. went up now most amazing of all the kids who were put in the fixed mindset when they were told Ok now this this study is over you're going to take take this piece of paper and write a letter to children at another school who are going to do the same experiment tell them what you what you did. Not how you did tell him what score you got and we'll send that off to them Well the researchers then look at the scores of the kids and what they wrote to the children at the next school and they found 40 percent of these kids in the fixed mindset group lied about their score. This is Carol Dweck author of the book mindset who conducted this study she says we took ordinary students and made them into liars simply by telling them they were smart now I would add unhappy fearful less intelligent liars like man you can really mess with people in the negative way or we can go hey let's not let's have them be honest intelligent courageous motivated happy by the way that we know by the way this is not just some psychologists idea it says in Child Guidance wherever we go we see children indulge petted and praised without discretion self will and pride are evils that turned angels into demons and barred the gates of heaven against them and yet parents unconsciously are systematically training their children to be the agents of Satan is like don't just sit there and heap praise in judiciously upon children or upon anybody it will puff them up and you know about the ninety's self-esteem movement that was the big trend it was well intentioned we just kind of you got to do it more smartly you can't just be praising what happened with the ninety's you are so smart you are so amazing Oh you are so incredible and then that generation grows up and becomes the most insecure narcissistic least empathetic generation ever recorded so we have some wisdom from Child Guidance there we've got to think about how we praise but that's just a point the bigger point here is getting into that growth mindset which by the way I have a whole lot more info on the growth mindset concept it's on the new series called remnant rising. Excuse me belt of Truth dot t.v. you can view the session called grow grow grow and you'll get everything that we're not getting to hear but what does the Bible say about growth Romans 12 years to our minds should be transformed and renewed right that's growth mindset language press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. Growth language right this is really gross language till we all come to the measure and the stature of the fullness of Christ unto a perfect man that's growth right there up until the harvest throw aside the sin that so easily entangles and run the race fixing our eyes upon Jesus we're running the race we're advancing we're charging forward with growth and then here's my favorite one Hebrews 5 or say that tells us us when he was on this earth had to learn obedience Jesus learned Ok yeah he never sinned but he even grew I mean didn't we read at every stage of development we may be perfect but there is continual advancement Adam and Eve would have advanced continually in the garden in an atmosphere of no sin so grow grow grow it will continue for eternity but the reality for many people in their fears and feelings and insecurities we been given the concept of the fixed mindset that you are this you are that well let's say I've been told Ok you're smart Well then if I mess up what does that mean oh everything is fixed I mean the smarter not so if I fail at something you know this is terrible for myself worth so the fixed mindset person fears failure makes me feel like I'm worthless when I fail it's a fragile way to live I mentioned the insecure generation. The growth mindset though says no no no no failure or mistery stakes failure or mistakes just give me feedback about how I can improve a mess up doesn't define me any more than a win defines me it's all the work in progress grow grow grow is what the living parable of nature in the garden taught my family when we moved into the country now who is this man this is Thomas Edison. You probably heard that after spending hundreds of hours in a seemingly futile attempt at inventing a light bulb Thomas Edison famously stated I have not failed wait did you invent a light bulb know what do you mean you have not failed Did you invent one now what is he talking about a futile attempt at inventing a lightbulb concluded with this I have not failed I have simply found 10000 ways that won't work I've found something I've discovered something 10000 fruitless attempts no they were not failures they were discoveries 10000 discoveries another time Thomas Edison stated by the way he did eventually invent the light bulb if you don't know the story of Thomas Edison in life but I think everybody did that probably went without saying but another time he said you know if something works for me the 1st time that's a problem for me because to Thomas Edison he valued the trial and the error the rigor of the struggle the learning that goes into the process of not of not succeeding immediately he valued the process more than the final product. So he said it's a problem for me if it works out right away most of us would be thrilled i give me the easy way out right speaking of the easy way out I used to teach high school right and. I would I would what are you guys doing for the summer you know you going to do a summer job I'll get back to that story in just a 2nd I've got to take you back to 3rd grade when I was a kid in the eighty's I was told that there's this great investment and every quarter I could get my hands on I was that a baseball card store upper deck in my home neighborhood and I would be at upper deck by on those baseball cards stockpiling as many 1988 tops as I could but I ran out of money quickly and realized Ok in order to achieve this great investment that I turned out not to be a great investment at all but I was told to get investment love baseball cards I want to buy more so I put my mind to it and I mean my neighbor my friend in 3rd grade we started a snow blowing business we get we gave ourselves a name s.j. snowplowing Scott and John snow plowing and we went knocking on doors in our neighborhood. Hey who were s.j. snow plowing we will snow blow your driveway every time it snows by the way I grew up in Michigan snows a lot there was no boy your driveway every time it snows and it's 10 dollars The person at the doors like $10.00. Dollars each time you come home no no no no just $10.00 for the whole winter. We're 3rd grade we have no concept of the value of money and their eyes open what $10.00 for the whole winter sign me up that's what we got a ton of business when we were no go in driveways by the way isn't that a bygone era 3rd graders driving around with not driving up pushing around their hand held a hand push push push us no blowers there would it what that would be child protective services would get called Perhaps today I don't know anyway I do not recommend anything that would endanger children's life limb or happiness you know what happiness actually is not found there is a great danger in children to sitting and playing video games when they are you know break a wrist once in their childhood or something like that this is less harmful then a childhood full of inducing them into an addiction so just food for thought there I was a lot more to say about that you know that childhood injuries I've increased since the safety phenomenon I wish I could get into the whole thing just view disk 2 of the media mind the disconnected childhood and Disc 3 anti social media belt of truth on t.v. so we needed to learn though trial and error here but halfway through the winter some of these people that we were snow blowing the driveway for they sed they started going and you know you really should charge more here have a little bit extra money they felt bad they felt guilty well the next year we wised up and we went Ok we can charge more than 10 dollars for the year let's do $5.00 per time and we did it made a ton of money and I have a piles and piles of useless baseball cards to prove the success of that business endeavor but back to my young people might might my teenage students I'd say a guy's going to do some work over the break or over summer. Anymore when. The siren turns on I'm like What are. Are you a victim No the fixed mindset is passive and powerless It's like there's no growth there's no ingenuity there's no I'm like Guys I was in 3rd grade and doing snowballing and I'm not an exceptional or special to do that I was knocked on doors you see a need snow on the ground people want to remove it's not and not that much genius behind that but the fixed mindset is passive and powerless and victimized by circumstances the growth mindset says no Abdu minion over creation God put Adam in that garden and I sometimes feel like the garden has dominion over me in the weeds or conquering me but we can have dominion get those power tools out if needed get the muscle and blood sweat and tears in by the by the by the sweat of our brow as God said Adam will do this thing having dominion of creation and here's a great phrase for you for the growth mindset to so that you can happen to things instead of being passively recipient of all of the circumstances that will get you down it says in substance everything depends upon the right action of the will because listen we've been given a power akin to that of the Creator the power to think and to do dominion over creation Adam in the garden and us in our agree agricultural settings sent in every area of our lives as well well I did end up getting a job at age 15 started wise and ing up and saving and working hard and interestingly here I am at the agriculture conference is a picture of the green house where my dad worked when he was a kid so that's from 1960 and then I went to work for that little kid there he grew up and was that grown man there with the points that he is that haven't turned red yet and so that's that's my boss Dave and his that is the older gentleman there that had been my dad's boss Ok this is a family tradition I'm going to work at Loomis greenhouse and how many egg. Where I have no I had no idea I'd never heard of 7th Day Adventists had never heard of the book education Elegy white true education there was no agro this was 995 and I've been thrust into this and I had no idea what a blessing a benefit this would be in my life but the reality is I did have a lot of fear and trepidation going to the 1st job I mean I'm 15 I'm one of 3 so a freshman working at this place and the other 2 knew how to do some things I knew how to do nothing I'm tempted to have a fixed mindset here and be like oh I'm just not good at this like they're going Hey Scott go get the board stretcher. Like what's the board structure Ok I'll go get it and that's not a real thing it's a prank very cruel and mean I think Scott go get the phillips head are you pulling my chain again no no Phillips head Phillips head what is that no I wasn't quite that bad but almost so I'm not very handy Not really I'm going to work and I don't know how to work and this is you know I did some snow blowing I did some lawn mower going but this is intimidating to me but I was taught to look the boss in the eye show respect when he calls you over you walk fast you don't just lollygag around like a bomb so it was funny he would wave you over and if you just walk normal speed he'd give you a 2nd wave a little more aggressively and you're 50 yards away 100 yards away down the Green House Bay or whatever and he's waving you know 3rd time you run and by that point I quickly learned when he waved just run so he'd also have this this phrase that most of the other young guys would make fun of He'd be shouting and shouting with this kind of you know crazy voice break is from 121015 not detained 16 that all the young guys would repeat that make fun of it and I said Ok I'm going to be done by break in 1015 but I said so now I'm as you're going to do shoes here I just want to have a job you know this isn't a time in my life I was actually. Kind of rebellious against my parents and living in the world but it's like Ok I want to earn money is just rational to the boss said break his intended envies I'm done I punch in on time remember I'm probably the worst worker on staff but get this and this is not bragging because believe me when it comes to me and manual labor there's nothing to brag about but I was one of the very few who was kept on later in the summer because of the work ethic because of the commitment because of the growth mindset so the picks mindset is always would rather not try something new I'm afraid it won't were I can't do it but the growth mindset and this is what a lot of us are doing here right let the living parables teach us about growth and trying something new is a great opportunity to learn something new yet to go ahead and make some mistakes and fail a few times and hopefully learn how to do it and it doesn't reflect poorly on me or define me as a failure or I'm bad at such and such grow grow grow September 7th 2018 our little guy Silas turned 5 while we were traveling to Colorado and I was speaking to even Valley for a time and then we were heading off to Rocky Mountain National Park after the conference I picked out the perfect hike there in Rocky Mountain National Park the best hike in all of the part maybe the best hike that I found well ya get to that in just a 2nd it's called the mills Lake hike 2.8 miles up the mountain with a stop by Alberta falls on the way out of the lunch at MIL's lake then 2.8 miles back so Ok it's morning kids are up wherever directors are getting ready to go mom says the little guy who just turned 5. Hey you're 5 now you can go on a 5 mile hike and you know what his face was like. He was whining like a 16 year old I mean it was like oh no what have we gotten ourselves into here we've got to get this kids are fired up for this like it was I get very good at school so we get on the bus you know the shuttle bus to go over to the trailhead It's like our right you sit next to me body we're going to get our mind off of the fear is get the inner growth mindset going so here's the pictures of the family on the bus and we had it off when we were all ready to go enthusiastic I'll tell you it was on believe about the I can't come up with a language to describe the feeling I mean it's sense multisensory not only what you see and what you hear in the sound of the bubbling brook and the effort of the rigor and the endorphins from the climb and the smells and the sounds in the sights and the relational connectedness with words can't describe it these pictures give a little glimpse of the fire and the running and the climbing and the joy that we experienced on that hike and the breathtaking beauty a hawk you get up to that top and you see the lake Wow I didn't know something this beautiful existed God's Living parables communicating of his glory it is his artistic expression and love for us that he would make such an amazing place with such grand juror in his power that made the mountains rise so all of us agreed at the end of the day. This is maybe the best day has a family have ever had There's the little guy on top of the Rock little almost literally on top of the world feeling it no doubt he did it and then on the way back down that's easier going down hill and then at the end of that Haleigh stewpot for miles around that lake over there that will give you a 6 miles at age 5 so you try something hard and sometimes you slip and fall and fail but when you know that you've done something you've taken on a challenge that you didn't really want to do how great is that when you can give thanks to God who gives you the victory and the same kid didn't want to learn to ride a bike all right were put in the pedals on the bike that's how we did in our family we didn't do training wheels we did Strider style so they can learn how to balance and Ok We're going to put we didn't buy a striker is took pedals off of a bike and then all right we'll put the pedals on now it's time for you to ride the bike you. Can't Well yeah you can and here you go down the hill you go there was not all perfect but he made it on that for inaugural ride there and all of us can remember learning to ride a bike Smalling in skinning the need there was a book published a while back called the blessing of a skinned needs like hardships is something that is for our benefit right what does it say about Adam and the curse upon the ground it says God curse the ground for man's see. The ease and convenience and comfort and no difficulties life is not actually a benefit the challenge is the tough times are what grow us so there he did it the 5 year old bike rider actually was 4 at the time now here's the baby girl she learned a major life skill around age one right there so here she is off she is walking oh it was Mona visit Oh no. And she's a terrible Walker isn't she that's ridiculous you wouldn't say that but that's what a fixed mindset says the Bible says that a righteous man may fall down 7 times but he gets back up we keep on pressing on toward the goal to win the prize we keep on fixing our eyes on Jesus he says I'm going to pull you up out of the muck in the mire none of us were born with the ability to walk it's grow grow grow what the living parables teach us and as adults we even fall down sometimes we had in Michigan we have this substance when you would be familiar with it down here in Florida probably but you know water. H 2 o. when it gets below 32 degrees is called the freezing point and it turns into this substance called ice if you have you heard about the read about there maybe seen pictures of you guys and so spoiled on your journey because we are going to get it started by I thank you for embracing me in the beauty of January when it's 70 degrees down here 80 degrees 65 degrees I'll take it. Ice I'm on the ice and I'm walking as carefully as possible and I grew up on this stuff right yeah I lived for 5 years in California but we're back in Michigan I know how to walk on the ice maybe a little overconfident and one day I fell down 5 times but it but he gets back up the Bible says. But he rises again and another time I was getting groceries and I was coming home in the dark at night so I came back from a speaking appointment and I usually stop by the grocery store on the way home my wife doesn't need to make the trip into town and I'm kind of do the grocery shopping for our family so but I'm getting home after the family's asleep and do you are you like me where you know every corner every wall every light switch where everything is in the house so this is no problem I'm walking with my groceries in my hands I got like 6 bags in one hand 6 bags in the other all stretched to the max and I'm ready I'm in the kitchen I know right where I'm going to put these except me. Little did I know my wife had added a piece to the house it was a crate of cucumbers that she had harvested in the we're laying right on the ground next to the island that I was about to step next to in the kitchen so the crate is there I have no idea because it's very dark so I'm walking in the crew and the bags go on the ground the armor coddles come flying out of there bouncing on the ground like basketballs and the cans are making a loud noise and it's like that was the loudest noise I've ever made at night during my children sleeping nobody woke up amazingly but it was the lesson it I've literally fell down on the ground in my own house it's a silly story to illustrate Hey we all fall and by the way don't take that analogy too far to excuse sin when the Bible says a righteous man may fall 7 times he's righteous because he has the blood of Jesus Christ on the merits of Christ's righteousness that he pursues in re Penton it's in confession and it doesn't excuse or normalize or or make us expect sin we can have the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ is God willing to give us the victory is he able to give us that victory. So but also at the same time don't let the accuser get you down if you've messed up he delights in just saying God can't forgive you one more time he's too distant from you you've alienated he you couldn't possibly love you you couldn't possibly go to him in forgiveness that's the accuser's mindset puts you in that fix mindset of I am a sinner I am lost no Jesus says I came to save sinners and save means healed and healing is a process yes he puts that robe on us and we have His perfection in the moment where we failed and fell and came out in repentance but also we can grow up to the measure and the stature of the fullness of Christ now on that thing about hardships the fixed mindset says hardships and difficulties are to be avoided at all costs but the growth mindset says No Try aren't things no pain no gain look at this mouse utopia this was the most utopia experiment done many decades ago they gave these mice the most cushy lifestyle possible all their food provided easily for them plenty of mating opportunities comfortable bedding and beyond abundant food no hardships no effort no challenges within just a couple of generations these mice started acting totally crazy some of them isolated themselves socially and others and there were mothers attacking their babies other mice just randomly starting attacking each other violently for no reason the kind of sounds like our society by the way doesn't it that's a whole nother message on the social commentary of this degenerate age but but the lesson here is these mice had it too good and those in the Bible talk about Laodicea and words we think we're so rich and good like I don't know to need of nothing but hey wait you don't know that you are wretched miserable poor blind and naked. Did you hear my mom's words to me when I was that little 2 year olds shooting the basketball by the way if you can see the clip. Of the 2 year old shooting that's me shooting the basketball and it barely gets above his head it's like and goes almost Scottie almost And then I said it again because then you make it almost at the almost the end not even close but it's a growth guidance that you have eventually you'll get it up there and then the big brother's ball smacks me in the face. But the words of my mother it's Ok you try again it's Ok you got a little bumps and bruises along the way in our agricultural endeavors in our careers and relationships and we messed up a ridge wrap the ball or we've failed at something I have not failed. Because grow grow grow works in our allies to live the biblical way and by the way the dad you didn't see my dad in the video because he's always behind the camcorder and I have no pictures or videos of my dad he was always the one taking them but occasionally once in every blue moon he would sit me down. Scott come come into the living room or the dining room would be like the room that we hardly ever go and where we have been a Sunday dinners and grandma grandpa come over but random random you know Wednesday evening or whatever come sit down Ok while he must have something important to tell me about here maybe I did something wrong or I don't know what's going on so he's got my attention I'm sitting there with him he gave me a few of these chats during my childhood and he would he was say these phrases that I still remember to this day I don't remember all the illustrations in applications and he talked for like 20 minutes I thought I'd hear these phrases over and over and over again. You can become anything you want when you grow up. Open your mind to bigger possibilities. This is growth mindset language isn't it that I didn't even know what a growth mindset was until I didn't you know recently study this and Carol Dweck and all of that and by the way the some of there's some new agers who get on to this weirdness like the power is within you and all that so be careful if you look into growth mindset take a look at the Bible it's the ultimate growth mindset treatise from from God Himself but my dad was giving that to me and as I look back I mean how deep that goes into your heart and maybe maybe some of us didn't hear that kind of stuff another one he would tell me is don't take the easy way out you see the hardships and difficulties and press on through it it will strengthen you but I'm telling you something the Father in Heaven is speaking to each one of us for those who need need to have that that void filled by a father if you know what I mean the the Heavenly Father says to you you are my beloved child in whom I am well pleased and you go and that's what he said that he doesn't say that of me I'm not pleasing him. Read in the book desire of ages it says that the words of the Father spoke to Jesus apply also to us and this is when we are seeking him you know submit to God you were adopted as his child when you surrender to him and now your adopted did you hear the word Jesus was not ashamed to call us brethren It's as in Hebrews So we are now children of the father with Jesus our elder brother in the human race and the words of the Father Jesus are now applied to us that's amazing so the father says I approve of you because he sees Christ's righteousness when we accept Jesus as our Savior and we grow in grace and the knowledge of our Lord and Savior so God puts us in the growth mindset and says I've called you by your name now are mine. You can be transformed and renewed press on toward the goal to win the prize and you know we're through the hardships of it pop Paul in 2nd printing is 12 when he says I did light in hardships he's getting right to this point as sinning and Romans 5 says suffering produces perseverance and character and as I mention Genesis 3 God cursed the ground for man's sake and Hebrews 5 where Jesus learned obedience he learned obedience through the things he suffered so are we willing to accept this living parable of the grow grow grow concept let's get out there in the garden of God experience the living parables reaching as deep into our soul and heart with conviction that that logical reasoning can't comprehend it will improve also our thinking that we can be thinkers and not mere reflectors of other men's thoughts and it will grow our character as we get ready to bear the fruits and to the harvest at which time he will come and claim his people as his own let's pray. Father we thank you so much for Jesus the one in whom we live and move and have our being and just as Adam and Eve walked in the garden with him may we have his presence with us just as Adam and Eve before they had the written word had the book of nature the 1st book that you revealed yourself to them through. We pray that we would see your messages to us also in the living parables in the growth concept and in all of our endeavors and in working outside and labor and toil and also in enjoying the Sabbath day and beholding your creation Father we thank you so much for nature for for agriculture for calling us to a way of living that will bring us a a sustainable walk of joy with Jesus I just lift up every person in here with every struggle that we face may we overcome by the blood of the Lamb the word of his testimony then we take hope and take heart that Jesus has gained that victory and that you are going to finish the work in us that he who care who began a good work in us will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus we just surrender and submit to that right now we surrender self and wanting to do with our own way we said I will be done On earth as it is in heaven in Jesus' name amen this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit w w w audio verse or.


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