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Effective Evangelism - Part 1: Proper Preparation 1

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan




  • June 16, 2019
    9:30 AM
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Father in heaven we thank you so much for this privilege to be together we ask that your Spirit would guide and direct us and that you would open up to us the important aspects that we need to understand and that you are dross close to you and to each other we pray this Lord in Jesus' name amen All right so some of the things that I want to cover with you is some things maybe your home of you came to the rally in April. All right quite a few of you good. So we covered some things there and some things might be repeated so I don't want you to of me prostrated with that but I do want this to kind of be a dialogue where I'm not just giving you a presentation but you're actually asking questions I want to make sure there are certain details that everybody understands and preparation for the series and you know if there is something that I'm not covering then please feel free to ask me Ok so it's not more of a seminar it's more of just a dialogue to make sure everybody's on the right track so what I want to cover today in part is I want to make sure that everybody is familiar with the website and the functions they are in the features there and then I want to cover some of the things that very briefly that probably you've already done or if you haven't to make sure that you know you need to do them and then I want to cover today some of the things that are going to be leading from here to Jesus up to Jesus on prophecy Ok then tomorrow we'll probably depending on how much we get done today we will continue that tomorrow if we've come a Who good about it today then we'll move on to the next thing one of the other things I want to cover is. So some of the different aspects that go on during the series and then I want to cover some elements on doing visitation so I think that that's probably an area that kind of falls by the wayside so I want to talk about the different types of visitation that we do during the meetings on talk about what type of decisions you're wanting to ask people for a various. Times in the meeting of various scenarios and then how to continue to follow up with those interests after the meetings and we'll talk a little bit about phase 2 as well. And then the last piece is the discipleship after the meetings making sure that we're getting people connected where they need to be with mentors and they're getting the resources with the handbook but what about even after the handbook I mean the science of Handbook is a wonderful resource but there's more to discipleship than even just that so we'll talk about some of that so that's kind of the vision that I have for the week I want to know if there are any specific areas I mean there's a there's a lot more detail in those pillar points that I mentioned was there anything in specific that you can think of right now that you'd been arrested me covering either today or sometime throughout the rest of the week not right now but you'll have questions as we go along so I as I don't cover certain things right all right well that's we had prayer already correct Well let's go ahead and just talk a little bit about the website if you go to the how many of you have been navigating on the website you've logged in and you've navigate how many you have nots All right what's at. All k. I want to make sure of your the coordinator that you understand and know how to navigate through this because a lot of the stuff that people have been e-mailing me about and asking about is already there on the website so when you when you go to now I would do that just as I kneel down to. 2 to get on here when when a when a guest goes to the website they're going to see. Of course this page now what we've done is we have actually set up some social media advertising that's actually starting this month and we actually have 5 that is I'm spending for social media and Internet advertising I'm spending about $40000.00 across the state to advertise We'll also have billboards a loss will have strong tower radio I've already recorded I just recorded last week several ads for strong tower radio and they're going to start playing those this month and they'll play them increasingly next month in August and September up to the series so we'll have that I have a little bit of I may have a little bit of budget left I may do some other advertising but that between the social media and the billboards that kind of took up most of my advertising budget I had about 170002 spend on advertising and it takes up quite a bit so I want to show you guys one of the things before we actually get into the website that we are. That we are doing in addition to the top of the other promotional video so if I kin. So let me show you this thing what we did is we did 52 minute videos and I talked to a gentleman named Chris Matthews who is the basically one of the he's a he's become an expert on social media advertising and he said one of the most effective means of advertising now is actually the there is where you do a series of short videos that lead people to whatever product or website you're trying to do and so what we did is we did 52 minute videos and you guys may want to do this on a local level as well but 52 minute videos that talk about a certain viable subject and then it points them at the end of that to the website where they can go and think about pre-registering So I'm just going to show you one of these Let me just. I don't know that we want to do all of them but I want to see them warm. The swim. Fast internet so suppost or. Come on now. Which program. To play these this is just off the website to me oh yeah yeah may not do it and maybe To me see if I think. Yeah if I get on the. I don't have a password for all that Miss if I can if it makes a difference on my phone the problem is the cell phone service inside this building gets really bad so my phone's over by the window it's on thinking maybe it'll Well anyway I guess I can't show those but. I'm going well maybe this will work losses or. You know it's doesn't look like well anyway. Nonetheless we did 5 videos 2 minutes on. On Daniel 2 signs of the times why is there evil in the world the 2nd coming and I forget what the other one was I think it was is kind of a wrap up but we've already had people hitting on it and people are already pre-registering on the site because of those videos and then I don't know if how many of you were here on Saturday night I showed the the 2 minute video did anybody not see that you can go to the website and see it but there is this 2 minute video that really is very nice of you know this from a play there either but. The the other ones the sutta 5 there they are being put on advertisement we're paying money to be paid so I'm trying to get it set up so that we can have links of our members can share as well but I'm still having him get those for me but currently there are being set on Facebook Twitter you know Google so people Google things they type in Bible whatever they're just popping up as advertisers and I'm telling you like $40000.00 for a Facebook advertising goes a very long way I mean because they only. They only charge us like when they click on it and so forth anyway let's come back it looks like we have enough internet to navigate the site but not so much to play the videos so when you go to the site there's actually part of the will always tell you I hired the center of online evangelism I paid them a certain amount of money and they are monitoring and promoting all this marketing all of this advertising and so they're spending about 20 hours a week between in June and July and August on monitoring and just doing the marketing for the all the advertising then in September up to the series they're going to spend 40 hours a week. Increasing that marketing so one of the things they're doing here is when people go to the website they'll see this instant messenger and they'll be able to ask questions and this is I'm talking about the public and they they will respond to that they have the scripts and things to know what to say. Also we're doing the administers Information Ministry again so that way when people call the 800 number they have people people they can talk to so when a person goes to the site they'll see this they'll see the this is the 2 minute video it's very nice for those of you that sawed if you haven't seen it go to the site when you're outside of this room and do that we also put on their Bible so they offer so that people can request Bible so you guys ahead of time now whenever they click on locations. As you can see here they'll they'll see the map and they'll type in their zip code or whatever. This is my zip code and it'll show the sites that are the nearest to me. I don't mess that up so there are several sites near me and then they can click on one I'm doing the I'm going to actually be Cope reaching the Shar lat site so if I click on that then we'll take you to the local site and I'll tell the local information right now that's what the public sees now when you log in. Can somebody let me use their. Their code. Because I have mine but there are things on mine that you don't see. Are is a Jackson ass word so nobody go to their site and long on Ok. I don't feel. And I'm going to save it on my computer All right so whenever you go and law again you have something called the dashboard and this is where you control your meanings and you will be able to go in here and actually add all of your meetings Ok so right here it has the 1st 3 you go into here and you click add meeting and. It'll take you to just loading here. I would recommend you do it sooner rather than later just because. Well when you do it here the people will not see all of them actually you know what they will they will forgive me but you add your meeting here you had your title there your date and time and then a little description and you click save and then it'll it'll put that I'll post it on there I would go ahead and least put the 1st several. What's that like the 1st 8 to 10 whatever's on your brochure if you want to add all of them you can I don't think it hurts to add them you know it used to be that when years ago when we do meetings like this and you would you would tell them all the topics upfront people would be scared now these days I mean some people still kind of get nervous when they see twenty's on the topics but now these days a lot of people like to plan ahead of time so you show them all of them and they say oh yeah I'm going to plan my schedule around that so I don't think it hurts at all to put all of them. One. Yeah. Yeah there you go there you go absolutely. Amen amen. That's right so over here once you add a meeting then you can go in here and you can edit the meeting you can add and edit attendance you can scan attendance now so once you once you add it so let's say that tonight September 23rd we're wanting to record our people we go in here and we click on that meeting and we click you know add add people Ok takes it a 2nd so it'll tell me the the total tennis is 0 currently and it tells me a test because I haven't added any Ok supposed to have on here. Work. Yeah that's that's that's the reason it has 0 there is because we haven't had any so musical back here to show you how to do this. Yes Yes So when you go when you go to people on your dashboard. You cook added 10 d. or add member so let's say on the 1st night you know you have 40 something or distribution cards let's say 20 of them are members and 20 of them are visitors you're going to want to go in and click add attendee for the visitors Ok so I click that just takes a 2nd to load here. And then I'm going to type in their name if they have a if you're using the bar code so if you're ordering those you'll type in the number so that it will have that number for that particular person all their information and how did they hear about the meetings and then you put say so let's just I'm just going to Cicero you have to go and elite this but let's just say I have what's at let's have her. Judy. Or just pretend like you have one we want we want to ask for your address 66 known on the skidding. 1260 pioneer way Jackson and then state Michigan which was up. The phone number 123-456-7891 extension 0. And we just won't put the e-mail let's say she heard about it those ways I'll click save and you want to say add in the you know. All right 10 d. Jennings has been created so you only have to enter them one time then when you go back to meetings. And you click the 1st meeting there. And it shows a way to you know when I click the wrong button there are. Back here I'm going to click at people here. So there's her name so if she attended night one then I just click here and click save. And then we come back to so then there's my attendant Judy rice or she does so let's say $12.00 or going tonight to this to add my attendance. Same thing I think you know again and then there she is so I'm going to have a list of all my attendees and each night is going to click the ones that were there and it's going to create a list now it's not up yet he's still working on some of the features that will be useful during the meeting but I'll actually be able to create an attendance list of every night of who was there dislike and assign fools. You know. Yes I believe so if you click on people and click on Judy. I believe there's no it's. So I can go in here and I click back and I think click you know what decisions they made how interested they are and then I can make my own notes and I can say that. So we've really tried to enhance the Web site so that everything is very useful Now if you go back to this. You should also it's not set up yet but this little thing you should also be able to. Click on your nightly meeting and then you should be able to each night you won't do it the 1st night but on the 2nd one on scan them in and if by some reason it doesn't work then just do it manually and go back and add them later wouldn't it doesn't take much I mean really the way that we have this set up to add them yourself is almost just as fast as the scanner but for some reason this is it or is just like they're just like all about the scan and they just love it and they think it's cool and they they think of professional use Makes you don't give them one that's a 666 you know and you'll have some people that then they struggle with that. But I'm excited about this because I think it's really nice. Yes Yeah that's right we're going to give away a $500000.00 after at the end of the series now a lot of people have called me and said hey I we we write a new member of the site registered dot prophecy or Jesus on prophecy dot com where you actually write is for your church so to participate in the series a lot of people have thought that once they do that they will automatically be up on the map I'm of you are on the map on the you're not on the map and your you don't know Ok when I say the map I mean local When I showed you earlier locations and you click on that and it shows all the locations it takes 5 minutes to put yourself on the map you know that you do so you go to right here location and we'll see if they've done it you. Are there on their own. So you go to location and you'll click at a location once it once it pops up. I may need to go back to the other Internet here are home moments gone so then you use go on here you enter your location your address and all that information and then the introduction that you want there is there is this kind of a template there if you want to have if you're doing the it is written children's program you click that and then you click save and it will take you back to the location page and then you click if it says publish that means you're not published if it says unpublished it means you are published so if it says publish you need to click that and once you click that your location will go right up on the map and people can see your work your your localized site that makes sense so if you're a coordinator you need to either check with your pastor or double check that you have done this otherwise you'll be doing all this stuff and nobody will see you on the map Ok it takes free minutes to do that but it's vitally important the same thing we did from like Revelation. Ok so let me jump back here to dashboard and so that's the features of the dashboard and there may be some that are added but you can control your meetings you can insert or. Register your people and then keep track of your attendance and also your location Ok when you go to resources you go there and there are lots of things that are already there they'll be of more things that I'll continue to add how many of you have completed your Hamblin order. Anybody that has not done that today because we have we have about a 110 roughly churches that have completed their orders I'm sorry that have registered to do the meetings but only about 82 that have completed their org And I have a list of those I haven't but I don't have it with me but it's on my computer Why yes I do have it with me but you know Stan I'm saying I'm not going to take time with it up but we need to get those orders in so if you have not place that we're Make sure you do that and the the budget form is there. So that's the thing there is some of the training materials there's all the information from the rally is there the power points are there if you want to do training in your church I'll talk about some point with patient card later there's all the graphics there if you want to do your own localized. Advertising through social media or whatever it's there letterhead stuff is there for letters to mail out to your interest space which I'll talk about the j g some frosty prayer card is there. And there's a lot of stuff there the schedule is there the visitation plan which I'm going to go through this week and some of the slides are there so. That's under resources so all that stuff is already there online I'll be adding the sermons there soon I'll be adding more materials that will be you'll be needing as we get closer but there's already a number of things right there. Yes. There are. Are No we have currently we have glow tracks and which your church hopefully has ordered and. At the January ministerial I had several 100000 of these that I that the pastors took so hopefully your pastor took some if not then ask him but otherwise you can get some through him there is there is some there's about I brought about 10 boxes that are up at the a.b.c. that you can pick up that you need some more you haven't gotten any the other thing that you can that you can be giving out is the personal invitation card which is you know the glow track you Conahan people or but if you actually engage in a conversation with somebody this is a more personal way to do it where they can you can actually write your name and your phone number in there and give them you know hey come be my personal guess that he's on process similar to the glow trackless a little different format. Should already have them. If you if you haven't you know the pastors I had those available there I had them available at the training weekend but you can order these also from Hamblin with your order so that's at this point I don't have any more I have do have a few right here I have a couple packs but other than that you need to get them from Hamlin Ok alright. And then we'll talk about the some point invitation plan probably tomorrow. So that's 3 sources and so you'll want to keep checking back on there because I have I'll be posting more stuff that you'll need. One of the main let me just point this out that one of the main resources on here that's important for you as a coordinator is the I'm he supposed to adjust this so it won't be so scrolling. Or is it here there is the G.'s on proxy speaker coordinator handbook this tells you a lot of information that you'll need in preparation for your series kind of step by step month by month breakdown of the things that are important to do Ok And we'll go through some of that probably even today all right then the communications this is one thing I really like is that it's not set up yet but he will so have a set up by the meetings is where you'll actually be able to send an e-mail to all your attendees. And say you know hey. Tonight we studied this and this and this we want to remind you that this is coming up or you know we have faced 2 coming as you get towards in the meetings but what I would not do is send them an e-mail every day but I'd send them maybe one or 2 a week to of be the most per week that I would send but at least one for sure and I'll talk about this too but I also send every week I send a snail mail letter to people as the speaker to all my attendees I even send them to all the church members and at least the ones that attend and I just tell them what we study courage them in making decisions for Jesus in those truths that they've been learning and then I think you guys remember last year let me just introduce you this Mike in Tammy I don't mean embarrass them but last year we had. In a vandalism series in Williamston church and they had been already attending the church for through several months and the Lord moved the pawn their hearts and they were baptized but they were helping with the meetings even before they were baptized pretty exciting and the Lord really used them and but they came every night and they were just hungry and they were hanging off of every Bible verse and now they're going to be kind of quarter Native the series for G.'s on prophecy in their church. So they remember I did I did the meetings there and you remember I got a letter every week and I timed that letter you know I usually take 2 to 3 nights off a week depending upon how I do the series I do either 4 or 5 nights but I always time my snail mail letter to get there on one of the nights off so I always test how many days of the take in this area to get a letter saw a mail letter to myself and and I I find out how many days in. One time that you know if I'm taking off on a Tuesday then I'll mail it out on like you know Friday or Sabbath so that way it gets to them and taking off on a Thursday I make sure because I'm trying to maintain regular contact so when I'm not seeing them I want them getting something from me in the mail Amen all right but you'll be able to actually e-mail your attendees so what you could do is you could you could do your snail mail letter and then just copy and paste that into this and e-mail it to you may want to send a different message but you've got to be careful to not over there then yes. Well I'm just saying it's up to you but you've got to be careful what you say you don't want to be too too good Shion you know churchy that same time just reminding them what I typically do as I remind them of what we studied I encourage them to make a decision and follow what we have study and then I remind I let them know what's coming up and so you know if you're going to do that it's important during your Vangelis to meetings to make sure that you are consistent whatever nights of the week you start with you need to go all the way through with that makes sense if you start the 1st week on a Monday Tuesday Wednesday Friday sabot you need to do that although if you don't be changing things up don't we change in the time of the days. But sometimes you do have things out of the ordinary like whenever you start asking them to come to church on Sabbath morning so I always emphasize those things that are out of the norm that make sense and that's what you want to do in your letters you want to communicate communicate very thoroughly Yes. I'm trying to remember how he's going to set it up. I think it comes back to male Jesus on process will have to figure that out I'll ask him and I'll have an answer for you tomorrow the next day all right then when you go to results what will be here is as you enter your information for your local site. It will be actually uploaded to this page that will show the results for the whole conference the hum of you record letters for unlock revelation remember you had to enter in our your stuff and then you had to go in there and say this many people attended the 1st night this many people this is how many uses we have the way we have a set up as it's going to cockily all of that for you and it's just going to automatically put it up so whenever you 1st night you type in all we have $53.00 guests the enter the mall then it's going to automatically update it and so you'll be able to know your results for your local side but you also see the results for the whole conference so every church will be able to see what's going on across the comps you won't be able to see every church as individual numbers but you will be able to see them collectively Ok so that will be pretty I'll be able to see them but you guys will and then updates almost see if this has sent a Yes amen I have not I had not checked this but other dates as where I will be able to send you all as the coordinator information Ok so I'll be able to say hey I just posted such and such in the resource section check it out right and so it will send you it will send an e-mail to the person who's list is the coordinator Ok and it will say you received an update on Jesus on prophecy so then you it should send you the message in the e-mail to that any time you go to the website you go to the Update section and it will have my updates posted that's exciting I just think. They're putting one out oh oh there you go yeah that's right that's true. Absolutely so you can see I just posted this this morning I didn't check to see if it went up I just sent the e-mail out but I just wrote on here to remind people about the seminar so you'll be able to see things on there now. You should have gotten an email nuts What did you get one Ok so your spam because you got one you got this email you did Ok so no at least it went out it may have gone to your spam so if it did you need to make sure that whatever e-mail is coming from I think mailing Jesus on prophecy dot com is what it comes from. Yeah so you'll need to make sure that it's not. Yes yes that may be the one because he's my graphic guy that does all this yeah. Yeah so make sure that. It's not in your spam Ok. That. Were Never would you were never the person who ever read of the pastor or the lay person that registered your church would have put in that contact. So it may have gone to him as if the whole write. Jackson Ok so I can look at it for you after the meeting because. There's only one and I've asked him to try to set up more than one but. It's very difficult to do that so what you have to do is if it's your pastor and the speaker and you have to share the password because so. Well we can set it up so that it goes to you I can change that so if we need to change it we can do that not a problem. Yes the person that is going to be logging on and dealing with this the most needs to be getting the e-mails Ok that's usually the coordinator I mean it. Has ice i'm has a 10 in saying this because sometimes the pastor just wants to be he has a coordinator but he wants to do it and so you know as every church has to work that out. We'll have to set up 2 accounts Yeah your reports right yeah well I have to set up 2 accounts already talk to him about that actually All right so. I have to double check this and get back to you but I because I asked him about and I can't remember what he said but as I recall you'll let me just see if. There's supposed to be a way that you can respond to me. I think he's good he's working on setting that up so that you can actually respond to me through the site Sol All right so that's the features that will be available to you. And some of the details of those are still getting worked out but they'll be worked out by the time the series starts and. You know the next time you know when he did it was interesting because when we did unlock revelation I think he kind of rebuilt the website for the 2nd Alok revelation and then he rebuilt it for this one but for the next time I can tell you in 2021 we're doing Geez on prophecy again because it'll have been 2 years it'll be long enough that we can do it again then we'll probably go either back to Marketplace or something else. But we're going to use the same format and keep building out any questions about the website try to make a simple but also helpful All right let me go now to a man William 15 minutes left no he goes by fast no questions then right Ok All right let me go to the handbook and I want to show you a couple of things that we'll talk about more heavily tomorrow. I want to go here to the to the calendar. So we're in June now. And you know I know July gets crazy and a lot of your local churches so it's quite you know people on the cation and whatever else but we want to encourage you to keep promoting it in the your church now I have and Ricky Carter is working on for me and update video that I'm going to play on Wednesday night he's finalizing it I'm going to play it Wednesday night at the main evening meeting during the announcement time but once he finishes it oh also posted on the website so that you'll be able to show it in your churches Ok what I would encourage you to do is whenever you get back from Kant meeting. Either the last Sabbath of June or the 1st Sabbath of July or both I would encourage you to show that video I would even show it to times because you know how churches you have certain people there one Sam of and the next We're also going to have 2 more update videos one that will be for the beginning of August and that will be very important because in that video I'm going to explain the 7 point in the Taishan plan. I don't know if and I don't have that car I have an electronic copy but I don't have they haven't they're working on printing them now I don't know if your church is order those or not but if you did not you need to order them call Hamblin in an order them because they are very crucial and I'll talk more about that tomorrow but it 7 point the Taishan plan begins August 1st and it is the plan that we're using for our members to invite people to the meetings Ok All right so in July and want to continue with you know the glow distribution and really talk about and pump up the meetings that are coming up encourage people to put the yard signs out to share the glow tracks to point people to the website where they can watch that promotional video they can just take that website Jesus on prophecy dot com and post it right in their Facebook status and it'll put the website there and then people click it and they can go right to the video Ok so we can be doing that. And all that during July beginning August 1 is that 7 point invitation I'll go through that in detail with you tomorrow. We don't have enough time today but there's 3 things I just want to mention for August and that is one the 7 point imitation plan to it is that we want to begin and inviting and encouraging our Bible study interests in all of our contacts from the church. We want to begin promoting to them Jesus on prophecy we don't want to wait till 3 days before the meetings now we used to do that years ago because we didn't want people going to their Sunday Pastor and and most people today don't go to church. If you ever go out to some a vent or something on a Sunday morning most people are out doing their deals or golfing or whatever and. And so I don't worry about that so much anymore me were advertising in June July and August and people today most people haven't heard of Adventists even a lot of Christians have never heard of admin and and so I don't worry about hiding that kind of thing anymore. But we want to know if you have a church interest list how many you have that in your church on the on of you know you don't like you know Evan knowledge that we did not have a church interest list Ok I'm of you're not sure Ok so some of what that. Ok well. Yeah Ok well you may have to you may have to prioritize that and categorize it. I mean you guys have a lot but lancing ours was like 800 or something and it was a large thing but you want to take those top interest the top interest would be the people that are you know already attending church the people that are doing Bible studies the people that are have attended any type of event in recent months and you want to visit those people and. Engage them and invite them to the series using the 7 point imitation plan I know you can't visit 10000 people but you can say hey we can we can take our top 50 people or a Top 7500 people and we can get little groups out to go visit them and invite them to pre-register Ok The other thing that is which I'll talk about more later this week is the visitation of missing members and you know I have a whole class on that if I can if I can squeeze at least an abbreviated version of that in I will strive to do that this week I think at the Emanuel one of the Emanuel classes are Howard's going to do that class but I have a class on that and I found that in every church I've been in we've gone down visit the missing members and there's a certain way that you do it but it's not very difficult and that you'll find people that will come back to church I've had people that said to me I've been waiting for 9 years for somebody from the church to come see me you know I just stopped going one Sabbath and I mean you almost want to say don't do that to the people but you can't say that they say but they'll say like I stopped going just to see if anyone would come and visit me and it's like what do you say why would you do that don't do that but you can't say that and then he say all you know brother themselves but I've had people say I've waited for years for something home visit me and so visit these people and encourage them to come back but encourage him to come and attend the meetings and we've had people that have come and were baptized because of that very important then also in August a lot of the a lot of the billboards in the lot of the other advertising will be going up an increasing during that time one thing that I've done many times as host some kind of special event of the Brighton church is actually done a. They're to ing a a golf outing and they're trying to restore their now I know some people may have mixed emotions about that and I'm not I'm not saying it's a good idea or bad idea I'm just telling you what they're doing they're doing a golf outing actually to raise money to reduce or they're stained glass windows in their church or and so historical thing or whatever so they've gone out to the businesses in the businesses have sponsored the golf outing and they've purchased holes in the raising money through that and also the registration and they're going to do a principles of health and they're going to tell people about Jesus on prophecy encourage people to sign up and potentially a 10 Now one thing I've done is I call it dinner with the speaker and I've done it both in the States and I've done it abroad Cesar do it abroad because it's cheaper but so we rented this this restaurant type place and we had a banquet it was like an 8 course meal it only cost like $4.00 per person but we had this really nice. Vegetarian. Entourage of food in and over in the some of those places they really fancy it up in they'll bring it out and special plates or whatever and we invited the students that were out doing outreach we invited all of the interests that they had been working with and we had the church invite the guests and visitors we had about 300 guests they came to that. We we fed them all now that may not going to translate that into us terms here in a 2nd but Ok but I did those 300 people we had about 150 people that came to the meetings from that then and then about 40 of those were baptized and so it's very powerful because we have the dinner we have live music playing if you don't have live music play a cd but classical music and people just enjoy the dinner Yeah someone there do sit we're so glad you came for the special banquet we just wanted to give you a nice dinner away from home and we'll be talking to you more in a little bit so people will get their food the eat and you have tables set up and you have members at every table you know that can talk with the guests and they have their eating and as you get towards the end the meal then the speaker for the series will stand up and say how to enjoy your meal and everybody thankful and cetera et cetera and then. You start talking about the series we want to tell you about something that's coming up called G.'s I'm props and I usually would give about a 10 or 15 minute talk on you know something related to Bible prophecy like you know it seems like in the world today there's so much chaos going on in that set or a little presentation like signs of the times or something that been arresting to them and then I invite them to sign up and what I'll do because we have online pre-registration as well actually have a computer set up or actually a couple of computers where they can go right there and pre-register for the meetings Ok Or you can have cards and then you can enter them in as well if you want to just pass out a card where you'd be amazed how many people sign up for that now we've done this several times in the States as well and you know sometimes you don't have the budget to rent a restaurant all that kind of thing in Australia Santa but you can do a nice banquet at your church. Or even at someone's home you could invite people to your home and we've done of the church and made it nice you have to you know you have to be very cognizant that. You have to prepare food that those people are used to eating you can't make special k. loaf and that kind of thing you know it's got to be like Well as I knew or some kind of Mexican food or you can even cater food or however you want to do it but it's got to be good food that people can relate to and so my point is that whatever you do you could do a dinner with the speaker or a golf thing or whatever but to do some kind of event that you can invite your people to ahead of time and then promote Jesus on prophecy that makes sense. And you know we're in June so you still have a little bit of time repair you could do it in late August early September you still have time for a pair but do some type of social event and call those people to come all right. 3 minutes. Also in September I would encourage the churches to do a special communion service just to kind of consecrate themselves. We also want to do that mailing a bit of an invitation so I mark here September 9th which is about 2 weeks ahead so here here's the deal if you visit your interests in your bible studies and you invite them to the meetings you give them a. You know you either give them a glow track or you give them an actual hand bill and then 2 weeks ahead of the meetings you mail them another in the Taishan right and so they've gotten 23 or 4 invitations that is not bad at all don't invite somebody 6 weeks ahead of the meetings give them one hand build say hope see there they'll forget about that thing a few days but that's the purpose of the 7 point in the Taishan plan which I'm going to be talking about tomorrow and because you give the multiple invitations and it may seem intrusive but if you do it in the right way it's not at all and people actually will appreciate the reminder and you do it the reminders different ways so that it doesn't become annoying you seem like a pest Ok. Absolutely absolutely and so we're using that math is very very important. So we'll talk a little bit more about that letter of invitation tomorrow as well but on the 3 Sabbaths of September during your worship services you want to really be emphasizing Jesus on prophecy you would have a special prayer time during the service or after the service you want to use you if you do like a ministry moment or a ministry spotlight you want to use those 3 spotlights to highlight the aspects you know on the 1st Sabbath I'd remind them of the point imitation plan courage them give them practical ways that can they can invite people to just spend the even the sermons of in the church should focus around you know evangelism and that type of a thing and really let the holes month of September be a special focus of you have schools then you know have the kids going out sharing and let the kids come up and give a report you know try not try to bring the whole church together it's not everybody doing their own thing and preparation for but we're we're we're all every department of the church every minister the church working together towards this series. You know as well special outreach is you know I would plan an outreach every Sabbath in September and probably 2 in August to be going out and then the 2 in August could include the visitation of the interest of the taste of the missing members but I'd be planning several outreaches now and I'd be advertising them now I'd have a list of them in a half sheet that I'd put in my bulletin and that way people know and they can plan for them you make it the same 3 to 5 people they always do but hey you know what at those go out praise the lord amen we'll work with what we got we're not going to complain All right we're one minute overs and we have questions yes. You know. We don't have bumper stickers I didn't do I don't think we did those even from like Revelation we did magnets I think but I don't know how many people actually got them I didn't think it was that many and. You know but you know we don't have those now sorry and the other questions yes just because yeah. This particular story dory a particular corporation hired you've been very quickly and. You know. You can help me with yeah there you know and the president saw that he just went there. Too long and he said these are special interests for yeah it's a guy called everyone that's incredible and then yeah yeah he was sure that happened yeah that's right and that's right there's an idea if you don't have an interest left south it's right down the names from the phone book brother so are you coming back tomorrow. All right good so I he said you didn't bend on our we did the day but so tomorrow we'll go through that 7 point invitation will go through several of the things I want to keep progressing throughout but here's what I would encourage you to do so 9 as you're thinking about things you may want to go to the website and start looking at some of the resources if you have questions write them down to 9 or he think of something write them down and we will definitely take time to answer those Ok Just let me mention one other thing real quick we do have our evangelism Department is going to host another mission trip we want to Ecuador we served about 8 almost 800 people in the medical clinic we had a lot of construction projects we did evangelist meetings every day every evening at the end of the series we had nearly 30 baptisms and people each day as we as part of the program I did some training that they could they would use their But also could bring back home to the local church so if anybody has an interest on Friday this seminar goes Monday through Thursday but on Friday at the same time $215.00 right here will talk that we're going to be giving information about the trip so if you I gave these out on Sabbath but if you hit didn't get one you're welcome to come pick one up and come be here on Friday let's have prayer together yes yes. You mean for. Yeah. You can put you can put the presenter on there and let them know that yeah there's not a thing there's not a logo or anything that you can listed on there. Yes she's going to send me she's going to send it to me and I will put it on there. Yes Absolutely thank you. Here the I don't know what happened here this. Was Yeah this is the handbook so it's on the website when you when you log in it's on there. You. Know all you will get Ok I miss mention this all the printed stuff that you ordered the pastors with picking that up at the ministry will retreat at the end of July so those Bible studies will be there they'll bring them back Melissa Bradshaw is is going to be here I think. Yeah they're doing a seminar you have to check the book and I remember what time it is. Yeah. So they'll be talking up. Yeah so they'll be talking about that or if you have gotten that Mandelson it is written as piloting with us a child evangelism kit and every church that that does that is going to get a free one once it's finished So all right let's pray Father we thank you for this time we pray you will bring us back tomorrow and just thank you Lord for the privilege of service where we want there to be a harvest and board one thing we are sure of is that will be preaching the Word of God and you promised they would not return to you void so help us to do the proper work ahead of time help us to be ready and more that we may be as efficient as possible and that you can bless us with that harvest we pray thank you for each one here today give them a good experience your Jesus name Amen this media was brought to you by audio post a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen to more sermon please visit w w w dot audio person dot org.


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