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Effective Evangelism - Part 2: Proper Preparation 2

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan




  • June 17, 2019
    9:45 AM
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Father we just pray that you would be in the hearts this afternoon and also more importantly in our in our in our midst here that you wouldn't just be in the room you would draw us close to you help us to gain the tools that we need to be effective in our churches thank you for your kindness and your goodness or come in Jesus' name amen All right so yesterday we covered a number of things we went through the website and we talked about how to navigate through that making sure is there if there is there anyone that has not logged on their site yet a sort of ask that yesterday so if you have not been able to log onto your site you need to come and see me after we need to get you connected Ok are you guys the coordinators. All Ok. No I just meant like have you been able to are you able to access the website with your username and password Geez I'm prophecy website. I see Ok Ok yeah ah gotcha Well if you if you need to get on you have maybe get on then come and see me Ok so there's some things that I wanted to mention here before we get into some other things on July 10th. I want to write this down on July 10th from I know it's in the mill the day but from 10 am till 2 pm there is a young man from the center of online evangelism and told you guys yesterday about the online advertising that we're doing and then some of the speakers speakers have been invited to actually do a personalized advertisement video for their local site here does cost a little bit of money there's a young man that has a very good talent that he's doing that but this young man part of the I member told yesterday paid for them to do the advertising for us they're going to do a how do we call Facebook advertising Web n r So he's going to tell you the most effective means of. Advertising through Facebook and social media that's on July 10th from 10 to 12 now if you miss it he's going to record it will be posting it on the website so we'll be recorded I know a lot of people are working at that time but that was the best time that he could do it and that we could fit that thing together so but if you can join live it's online so you can just do it right at your house. And we are I will put the link on the website but if you actually see if I can see what it says now. I might have said tended to I apologize if I did it's 10. 10 to 12. And it may even let out a little bit earlier before that but let me see if I can. If you want to write this down you can but also post a link on the Web site it's w w w dot center for online evangelism. Like all one word but many words center for f o r online evangelism dot org forward slash facial Facebook Dash not slash dash advertising Desh web an r. and that will take you to sign up but I said as I said also post it on there so if you're interested in doing your own local Facebook advertising or social media advertising you can go on there and he's going to give a little course on what is actually the most effective way to do that because a lot of people get on there and they spend money and they don't know what they're doing and it becomes a little bit cumbersome and it's not super effective but this young man has really been very impressed with him he really has studied and researched the very best ways as. His name is Chris and math you know Chris Yeah he's the one he's already doing one here but he's going to do one specifically for us as well so if you'd like to join that yes. He. Will Yeah he does and he's going to cover some of that as well yes or. It's is center for online of vandalism dot org. Forward slash Facebook dash advertising dash weapon are all right I'll post it on the website as well so you'll see it on the updates I just want to mention yesterday I didn't mention this but we are striving to put a strong emphasis on prayer before the series and I mean there's more to do than pray but if we do all those other things about prayer so how many of you have seen or familiar with the prayer plan card that we've had of you have you passed it out your churches or have you have you not ever heard of it or Ok so the pastors are supposed to bring them back to the church is everybody's for me with that I just want to remind you to keep that prayer plan going I mean I'm hoping that you know on the card there are 2 sides there's a. There's a church prayer plan and then there's a personal prayer plan so at the bottom there there are some suggestions for that just not that you had to do these but you could do them there just ideas or daily weekly and monthly prayer with your church and you know I'm not going to go through all of that but I just want to remind you about that to keep pressing that even more so as we're now about 3 months out from the series encouraging the church to come together I wouldn't courage trying to schedule special times to do it but put an emphasis on what you're already doing a prayer meeting at Sabbath school at church board meetings after the worship service spend some time together praying specifically for Jesus on prophecy for the interests etc Ok then. You know in September there are some suggestions for a prayer chain and other things that you guys can organize locally you know the way that we would I would always do it as I would have a 36 hour 48 hour prayer. Again and have 30 minute or one hour intervals so that people can sign up and then they're responsible to wake up if it's in the mill the night and pray during that hour then they go back to bed but everybody has a few got 4 or 5 members in your church you know you may have to figure something else out but you just kind of cordon Ada based upon the size of your church and also that 23rd of every month a day of prayer and fasting not to say that people have to you know do without food or whatever everybody can do that on a personal level simply or do without or fast from t.v. or whatever but some type of prayer and fasting where you're able to. Get rid of some ordinary thing in your life that you do daily such you can take that extra time for prayer and thoughtfulness about the series then on that personal side you member there's the 5 names that people were courage in the members to write and they should have been doing this way back in January February praying for those people every day and then beginning August ish we're going to be inviting those folks Ok just to remind you of that now the other thing I want to talk about now is the 7 points invitation plan and. For those of you that were at the rally you heard me talk about this but it's very good for you to hear me talk about it again so we're going to talk about it a 2nd time because this is. I believe a very strong important piece of our advertisement which is our members inviting people to attend Ok so if our members are not doing this than the meetings you know other Finley gave a devotional today to our staff and he was telling us that which we already know that public advertising is becoming less effective it's still a fact of but it's becoming less effective I mean and the eighty's and I wasn't even in the church then I came in the church in 2002 but in the eighty's and ninety's you could send out you know 20000 handbills and get 2 to 300 deaths on your opening and now you send out $20000.00 handles and you might get you know $15.00 to $20.00 I mean if a $25.00 to $30.00 would be an excellent result sometimes you'll send out $20000.00 and get 10 or 12 and so public advertising is becoming less effective social media is relatively effective. Now however a lot of people. They don't want to come to stuff anymore unless it's a beer fest you know that they say will send me the link and I'll watch it online when I'm in my pajamas at 8 o'clock you know they don't want to be dressed up and come to the meeting and that kind of thing and have to drive every night and they just want to watch it in luxury home so but here's the thing I mean I was talking to someone about this earlier I mean let's say you have 50 people attending your church and you mail out 30000 handbills how many voters are going to get from the. Well $20.00 to $30.00 right typically it's about one per 1000 sometimes half but what if Yeah but what if every church member brought just one person just one. I mean I have to say that it's actually more impossible for a person not to be able to bring one person than it is for them to actually bring one person 0 setting I mean it's not that hard to bring one person to the meeting and if we all were able to do that I mean it doesn't matter if you had you know if you had 10 people in your church and everyone brought one that be 10 visitors then you do your advertising you get you know 51015 more and then you have you know other elements where people may may come other strong tirade or whatever and you could have you know 20 to 30 people to meeting just by members bring one I believe that this is a firm conviction of mine that God is forcing putting the church I'll say forcing this God doesn't quite do that but he's putting the church in a situation where we can't get people to anything unless we actually do some work ourselves or the church is actually having to say if we're going to have anybody here we're going to have to do it we can't rely upon male outs anymore we can't go there was a pastor there's a news article I won't read it to you but there was a news article in the I think the Kentucky times or one of the papers from Kentucky it was like he was a Baptist pastor and when he came to pastor his church he had about 25 to 30 people attending his church he went out going door to door every day for like 2 to 3 hours every day 6 days a week. And he would knock on doors and pop the people and visit them and spend time with them and he grew his shirts in 6 months from about 20 to 30 so almost 300 people with any answers and all he did was go out knocking on doors and inviting people that's mind blowing and the thing that he said was it was incredible he said he said people were shocked and this day in age of technology and social media an online advertising in mailings and all the stuff he said people were actually shocked that I as a pastor would come to their house to want to talk to them personally individually face to face and he said people responded incredibly And he said Now my church is growing all I did was not under orders now he I'm sure he got quite a bit of rejection as well but nonetheless it worked yes. Yes yes I can do that in fact I could probably see if I can so tell it to you right now and also put it on the website. If you want 2nd here it's Kentucky today dot com and sports last stories Well there's a lot of there's a lot of stuff his name is one second is. His name is Mark Bishop Louisville pastor at the high view Baptist Church that ties 37 new believers and as a scene attendance triple to nearly 300 in 6 months he knocked on 200 doors a week for 6 months Mark Bishop. I mean it's a remarkable story I mean it's incredible So I'm just saying that the more that we move along you know why people sit around and say evangelism doesn't work because they don't work because they're sitting around and I'm just telling you we can and we can do this flurry of activity to try to you know get things moving but until the White says that when the whole church begins to move or at least half the church God's going to start pouring out His Spirit and so we need to be encouraging people now one thing you cannot do is stand up from the front and just bark of people. We need to do that when you do that you need to go to people individually and say hey I need your help with something and you come and help me with this we need to do this and talk to people personally that's we're going to get your best response they are right what's gone. So the 7 point attention plan I do not have these printed yet but they are because they're Hamelin is printing them you're going to get them in late July but you can access it on the website it's on there in a p.d.f. So if you wanted to print some you could do that post around church but the 7 point invitation plan is very very powerful there's a little quote there and. It just says here it's time to invite those who've been praying for Jesus on prophecy use the 7 point imitation plan is an effective way to encourage those in your circle of influence to pre-register and attend is ideal to invite a number one those of a relationship with including friends family neighbors and coworkers number 2 acquaintances or divine appointments that God will place in your path if every attending member brought one guest to the meetings would have over 15000 visitors at G.'s on bras or do I get that number because the membership of Michigan Avenue stretches is a little bit over 27000 and we know that somewhere around half of those people. Actually attend maybe even a little bit less so it might be more like 1215000 however you know how many people how many non Abas we had and the to unlock revelations that we did 2016 and 17 when you combine both meetings together we had roughly about 5000. Which is a lot as is a lot of praise allured we had over 10000 members attending those meetings but. Or who have 15000. I would have I mean just think like what if what if just half of the members invited people that be like 7 to 8000 ad that be almost twice as many as what we had in 2 meetings for one c it's not really that and when people come in they hear the word being publicly proclaimed it's life transforming for them now not everybody responsibly in fact passive Finley told a story this morning about a lady that when he was 1st starting in ministry he was giving her Bible studies and she went through those Bible studies and he was just getting started and he felt like it was the worst set of Bible studies ever gave and she never responded and she didn't make a decision he just thought well God gave me some money to practice on and then 10 years later he was doing in a man just meeting near that area and guess who was there on the 1st night of the meetings it was that lady she said I saw your picture on the flyer that I got in the mail and I came to the meetings you've seen every night and she was baptized is a then is is is incredible and so we want to really encourage our members I mean as the quarter nater you need to be emphasizing this to the church board you need to be emphasizing it. If you're an elder in your church have the elders promote it don't wait for the pastor I mean awesome a saying that anything negative about the pastor but don't wait for the pastor take initiative these are things that anybody can do and then so every Sabbath you know beginning late July early August be emphasizing over and over again every Sabbath in the mornings when the pope in the Sabbath school classes you know gather your saps who teachers together and talk to them say hey we need ever but I we need you as teachers to be emphasizing this in your classes the kids can be inviting their friends right this is a plan that everyone can use so let's quickly go through this plan number one beginning invite number one beginning August 1 or even before I mean you don't have to wait til then but even a little bit before now what you can do between now and then you can still invite people you can still Guy them to the website you can still give out tracts and personal potations cards and whatever but beginning August 1 we want to draw even closer to the people that we're interacting with so mention Jesus on prophecy and the start date with a few details so I've given an example on the car of how to do that you know it's just this is just you don't have to say it exactly this way but this is just a sample there's something I've been wanting to mention to you that I think you'd be interested in it's a powerful Bible study series called Jesus on prophecy that will be over at over $100.00 locations in Michigan starting September 23rd it compares events happening today's world with what Jesus said would happen in our day many of found hope and answers to lifelong questions about the Bible would you consider going with me don't just say hey I want you to come but would you go what I mean I'm telling you that one question is huge rather than saying I'd like to invite you would you go with me. That's comparable to if you want something done in the church you stand up and make announcements about it you're going to have one to maybe one and a half percent of the church that will respond to you but you go and talk to people individually you get 506070 percent response that makes sense just by how you word things just how by how you approach it so if you go to that person say would you be willing to come with me it's harder for them to say no. So I will have more information soo much you can visit the website now G.'s on process dot com Then in that 1st invite you give them that go track for that personal invitation car and just say here's a little piece of information about it that will kind of get to start it's got the website on c. there if they express an overwhelming interest they say I've been hoping for last year that something like this would arise somewhere right to learn more about the Bible if they were to say something like that what do you say well I'll talk to you about it again next month and say oh well why don't we just why don't we take a look at the Web site right now show them the website go to the website there say you know you can pre-register right now and reserve a seat for yourself and you will get a free gift on the 1st night a free d.v.d. by Pastor Doug Batchelor So they say oh yeah let me do that they say if they respond instead by saying something like Oh well I'll think about it I guess I was go to the Web Oh maybe not I'm going to come back again right but just gauge on how they respond All right invite number 2 would be 2 to 3 weeks before opening night which would be about 2 to 3 weeks after that 1st invitation Ok then on that 2nd invite Briefly remind them of opening night and give them now a brochure I've given them a glow track or an invitation card now what I'm not going to get what am I going to give them. A brochure right so the actual meeting point them to the website where they can pre-register and offer to help them hey remember that seminar I told you about the G.'s on prophecy series I mentioned before here's the flyer with some of the dates and topics a little bit more detail the method we call repetition and expansion is God use that method in the Bible. It does as any use it in the Book of Daniel he's in the Gospels use it in the Book of Revelation repetition and expansion they look very interesting and then you can tell them a little bit about the Speaker our speaker is whoever you tell them a little bit about that when you pre-register you'll get a free d.v.d. on opening night if you'd like to go with me I'd be happy to pre-register our pre-register us both I think that's just so easy right and if they say Ok fine you'll come back again. But if they say Sure I guess I could try it out taken to the Web site show them what to do write show them how to pre-register you can do that both offer to take them if possible or appropriate offer to take them to lunch or eat together as a friendly gesture don't don't use it has all fly by you lunch then you have to go to the meeting with me right which I have loved to take you to lunch and just just visit let's just chat about wife or kids or work or hobbies or whatever you know just left to spend some time together be mindful to show genuine interest in their personal life not just their attendance at the serious number 3 invite number 310 days to one week before the series starts warmly let the know that you're looking forward to attending with them remind them that they don't want to miss getting their freedom of the day if they haven't pre-registered once again maybe they've If they've already pre-registered then you don't have to say all that if they haven't again offered to them Don't be too pushy but kindly and gently encourage No we don't want to be annoying now have you signed up yet you know we're not doing that but hey I just want to remind you did you get a chance are you thinking about attending with me I would love to have you have you had a chance to pre-register yet if not why we if you're planning to go let's go ahead and there here's a little example I'm looking forward to attending the series together believe it's going to be a once in a lifetime opportunity I really think you're going to love it. And buy for one week roughly at same time before opening night mail them if you have their address just thinking of you card to say hey I was thinking about you praying for you or let you know I had a great time having lunch the other day just a reminder of our meetings coming up. And. Looking for to sitting with you during that time Number 51 to 2 days before opening night now this sounds like a lot but when I'm talking about these I'm the tases these invitations are taking between 2 and 4 minutes you understand it's not like I'm standing there talking to them. You know just just kind of overwhelming them for an hour I'm talking 2345 minutes unless they show more interests Ok Number 51 to do days call or text them all the people you've invited and remind them of the opening night starting tomorrow they just want to remind you that the 1st night of the meetings is tomorrow looking forward to seeing you and starts it ext whatever time your site is starting 7 o'clock or whatever and then remind them of that invite So those are the 5 invites before the meetings Hey now I'm telling you some people would say well I don't even feel comfortable inviting people one time sometimes we have members at think I'll make that one of the Taishan they say how it's good to see today here's some you might like a see you later. And then I think. I've done my duty I've invited him now now it's all in his court now I don't have to do anything else right I have you guilty of that. These kind of hurry or maybe even make a paper airplane is kind of throw it out and there were no hits and there's like Star whistling you know. Yeah I'll go in a ho now just put it on their doorstep and though they were know who it came from and then they come to the meeting sin they say oh it's you so so yes so don't be bashful I mean train your people get up on Sabbath morning and train them Ok use that personal ministries time of that ministry moment that you have you know take some prayer meetings and train those people that are there and try to do it you know you can do kind of a general it's shorter training during the church service that takes me 58 minutes you know maybe at Sabbath school you can take a little bit longer time 15 to 20 minutes maybe during prayer meeting you can do the same and just keep working actually you know like during a prayer meeting or a Sabbath school you can do the training and then actually have people practice on each other right just to practice it I mean it's totally not natural but even if you do it an unnatural environment when you're in a room by room and it still helps you and so do that so those are the 5 invites before the meeting number 6 is after the beatings begin if that person doesn't come pay. And that person doesn't come on then I usually will after the 1st 2 nights if they don't come the 1st 2 nights are bring them a study guide and a cd or d.v.d. of the 1st 2 nights that they miss and I say hey you know I'm sorry you couldn't make it to the 1st couple nights but I just wanted to give you the material and maybe you know on your way home or something you can pop a cd and listen to it if you enjoy it then you can you can still come and just say I just give that to them after that I don't love them. I don't bother them if they don't come the 1st 2 nights unless they bring it up again. But if they don't come to the main series you know later down the road you can invite them to do Bible studies or something else Ok or maybe even come to the phase 2 but I usually don't pester them if I've invited them in and they don't come the 1st couple nights I might remind them and say you know if they come and say Oh is that thing still going on yeah you know we're in Night Number 4 or 5 but it's not too late to come if you want to come. Phase 2 is I'm going to talk about later in the week but it is the series after the series it is our we used to call follow up now we call phase 2 so it's kind of what people go through after that so does that make sense to everybody any questions about that and it's the 4 of you that read this research indicates that about 80 percent who come to Christ do so because of a once personal invitation I said this yesterday but I'll say it again if you're waiting for 3 b.n. are amazing facts or strong Toretto or a Bible study offer dot com or whatever else to do the work for you all these things are simply schools that God has given for you to be more effective than doing the work it's like you know it's like a it's like a company that invents all of these machines and all these different things to do a lot of work you know they can maybe eliminate certain jobs but you still have to have a certain amount of people. And the reality is that the tools we get can enhance our work but they're not replacing you and doing the work you understand and so we still have to do that we're ready type of event so when I say any type of that I'm talking about you know like a an Aerosmith concert or a county fair or whatever it's doesn't matter what it is it typically takes $4.00 to $5.00 than the patience for it to be most effective so sometimes people say oh well you know to invite somebody once is bad enough but 5 times. Well research has indicated whether it's a religious or non-religious event it takes 4 to 5 in the patients of reminding people what's coming up before it actually begins to sink into their heads that makes sense so so we're not doing we're not heckling people anymore than directv to us. I get those things and they go straight into the trash every time I'm never going to order this. Most people don't use remember with just one it takes every minute for it sticks we don't want to be overbearing but sweetly persistent and balanced Amen All right so that's the 7 point imitation anybody have any questions I know I'm going fast here. Either I'm a very good teacher or a very bad teacher I don't know which one but. Hopefully that sunk in so those cards you can you will get after Mr o. be printed the passes will bring them home and I would encourage you on that on the very 1st Sabbath of August in fact actually let me just rephrase that the last couple Sabbaths of July I would start that training in your churches on Sabbath morning and say we're going to be getting these cards they're going to be available the 1st Sabbath of August that's when you'll have them in your hands and your churches and what we're going to start the training now so that you're prepared and if you want to print some off from the website you can do that now also on the website there is a. There is a power point that it's located right on the website find the right side here. This cause called g.o.p. afternoon train This is from the rally they're here it is there's a power point and a keynote presentation that you can just download it right from the website and you can use it in your church's day so you want to put that up on the screen in use it they're welcome to do that Ok you guys are doing Ok sure all right good all right let me talk a little bit now about departmental resource planning. How many of you have your teens already organized when I say teams I'm talking about you have a person you're the coordinator most of you you have the person heading up your children's meeting you have someone heading up your registration table you have someone heading up your greeters you have someone heading up the ushers that kind of thing how many of you have done this and they just come of you don't know if your church has or not I'm of you know that you have not all right very good so let me talk a little bit about that and you notice and pulling everything off the website you noticed that So here's the speaking part in it or handbook. In the handbook on page. On page 9 you'll see there the team responsibilities now there's a lot of jobs here but not all of them are totally necessary maybe you have a church of you know 7 or 8 people. Like. Michael Tanney here from Williamson Well actually you probably have less than that I think but. But the main I mean I'm telling you when I did the meetings last year Williamson those of you the were here yesterday I did a series of symbolises east of lancing miking Tammie or at that point visiting the church and the church had about 4 attending members on a regular basis and I had a couple visitors that would come on Sabbath so they usually had you know $7.00 to $10.00 people my continuance to visitors so I had one member at the greeter at the door to greet at one member at the registration table and 2 in the sanctuary my contend they were actually helping with the meeting and they were not even members yet you could say and then I would be taking care of that at the end of the series they got baptized and now they're planning to coordinate the next series in their church. So all of these things you may not be able to fulfill but I'll tell you the ones that are very necessary today the ones that are very necessary of course need a speaker right you need a site coordinator which most of you that's you the health presenters is optional. If you have a person to do the platform host that's good but if not the speech can do his own hosting Ok I've had to do that before and I've done my own hosting but. It's up to you I would not do without the perk ordinator I don't care if you have 4 people I would not do without a proportionate or someone praying every night for those meetings had upon. The Visitation poured mayor can be the speaker of the pastor the advertising cordon it or may end up being the the actual site coordinator for the children's program it depends upon you if you're gonna have a children's program or not. I've finding that it's getting less and less that you have children at the meeting and something we thought about doing is we may we may move on in the future is actually develop. A program for kids by kids in other words have the older kids in the church put on an evangelistic series for children but do it like right after school I mean isn't that be a good day. And doing it like maybe a 330 or 4 o'clock after school before supper and then letting the older kids in the church actually do the programming and the speaking the younger kids will be there going kind of like what Pastor Doug does a similar concept but. For a local church to be able to do that all right. You're you do need to have a greeter and you need to have not the grumpiest person in the church as the greeter Ok or at the registration table you put those people in the back room is the prayer coordinator getting yes or. Yeah well. At different times you mean I'm not. I was talking about a different program that we're thinking about doing yeah yeah no problem no so you're you're parking attendant I mean you could use a deacon for that but one of the key areas is the registration table and we have registration cards that we've had just like all the last times you want to make sure that you are entering all of your attendance in your database Yesterday I talked about doing all that to the Web site we want to really encourage everyone to use the Web site for their tracking that way we can have all the accurate numbers up on our website of how many visitors we have attending Ok. Registration is very important so I'll go through some of that here in a minute your row host I mean you can have a couple of deacons do that the resource table where have you remember unlike revelation where we sold and gave away literature remember that and it's very important I'm going to be I will be doing this very soon but posting up a schedule with material that you can get about the Firth 1st of July you're going to want to order that material or even the 1st of August but it's getting time to make those orders saw have that list up on the website soon I mean I'm telling you this is why I'm not giving you guys handouts because I want you to be going to the well I meant that I could print all the stuff off but I don't want to it's troublesome to do that you can go to the website and get it for yourself Ok I'm not saying that being mean I'm just saying that because I want you to we need to get into that mode. You know some of these other janitorial music those things are not necessarily necessary your freshman table ordinator if you provide refreshments that could be your Deaconess or whoever. And those are the main areas but you know it talks about having here talk about having evangelism Committee which is usually the person ministry director the secretary if you have one pastor an elder if you have any of these other things maybe you don't. But this is the group that would meet outside of the board Now ideally Ideally when I spoke to the pastors in January I told them to go home and to appoint a meeting coordinator a speaker and a prayer coordinator. And then that coordinator was supposed to then begin forming and setting their team way back in January slash February and there was supposed to be in every church a monthly meeting from early in the year all the way till the meetings begin so that way you have much of your going to zation much of your planning and it's cetera finished or at least moving along as you get closer to the meeting rather than in August or early September trying to scramble and people are making for hey I need to do this and people get stressed out and they don't want to do it and that's why people they get that's why people say what I don't want to we don't want to do 25 nights why are you going to share a message in 2 nights tell me how to do that people people all the time say well we would just rather do 3 or 4 nights maybe a week at the most passive We don't want to do you cannot share our message in 7 nights now you might do some other format you know I've done a format where I've done like 7 to 10 nights and then I'll do one night a week for several weeks but you can expect to actually do if a true reaping meeting I mean they used to do in the old days you know 6 to 9 months you know 4 to 5 nights a week and people came and the people would have what's now and we're not trying to do that but we keep trying to squeeze this thing down until we're going to have a little special weekend and it just doesn't work so if we plan ahead then it's not so stressful when the time comes Ok All right. I want to jump to here the meeting coordinator it says they oversee the smooth operation of the series of the go to person often the person astri's leader or an elder but it doesn't have to be and be sure to list recorded and contact in the full website which you should already have that they are now let me just make a notes about something that I like to do my meetings is if you follow the training center center church model you have some of you may have one elder in your church some of you may have no 0 elders some churches have 345 elders other churches have 10 or 15 elders the really big churches or however many elders you have and I'm not talking about meeting it right this 2nd is talking about church function you should have every department in your church overseen by an elder that makes sense so there should be elders that an elder would oversee the women's ministry men's ministry Pathfinders health ministries personal ministries you know or some other areas deacons and deaconesses sad a school every department in the church should be overseen by an elder and what happens is as that we've gotten so dependent upon the pastors that the I got to be careful when we get off preaching now but the elders I mean to say this the deacons and deacons deaconesses do what the member should do the elder does what the deacon should do and the pastor does what the elder should be doing and then we hire a Bible worker to do with the pastor ought to be doing. If you read the church manual or even read the church manual cover to cover I don't mean like a paragraph in some piece you're looking for cover to cover one of the most interesting books in our nomination the church mail. And fact I used to I used to have a recommend a book of the month in my churches I just put in the bulletin if you're looking for a book to read this is a great when I put the church manual in there we had a visitor that been tending our church for several months who went down to the a.b.c. and bought the church mangle she was an engineer it was. Jason's wife listening so the mine devil and she went and read that whole church manual and she came up to me and said I want to be that ties in this or. She said That book is so amazing she said it's organized and she in her mind worked that way being an engineer and she was baptized because the church man you assume evangelist above a man that's got all of our beliefs Senates got over but if you look at the job description for an elder elders have a huge spiritual authority in the church they can share business meetings they can share board meetings they can baptize with some certain limitations they can not just a system but actually conduct Communion services they can do all kinds of things they can do virtually everything the pastor can do except like perform a marriage they can actually still perform a marriage ceremony they just can't sign the license but they can do everything that a pastor. So what I'm saying is that our churches need this transformation where the elders are actually leading the churches. And the pastor then becomes more free to do a different type of work and not hover over the churches So anyway that's my high horse of the day but. What I like to do with that concept in mind every department of the meetings like registration readers etc I like to have an elder also oversee those pieces now if you've got one elder and he would oversee if you got 2 elders you know if you've got 2 hours in your church you take all the departments in your church you divide them and happen each one takes half you've got 15 elders in your church and probably one over each department you've got one elder is a lucky man or woman whatever. But we want to have organization in men and this grows people as leaders All right so we're close to out of time here but let's go on I don't want to go through all of these but you can read through these there the visitation coordinator really organizes the visitation and the weekly letters that go out and also now with the website as I talked about yesterday the weekly e-mails that would go out and that person works alongside the speaker to make sure that every person gets a visit now tomorrow I'm going to talk about visitation and a visitation plan and so for. You know the advertising corner which may end up being the site coordinator make sure make sure that all of the advertising a set in place and everything is where it needs to be from the glow tracks to the yard signs and any advertising that you're doing and you've got your children's program your greeters hero host. Your resource quarter nater I'm not going to go through all this but you can you guys can read those things for yourself but I want to make the point that probably if you don't have a lot of people the greeters the prayer quarter nater registration Those are the most important pieces if you've got those pieces you can do a meeting. Ok if you don't have you have limited resources in your church but I would I would I would really encourage people to help don't just use the same people all the time when I was at the Lansing church I would tell my departmental leaders my head Deaconess my head deacon I would say I once I said I know you always have your go to people that help you all the time I said but I want to challenge you to actually go to members who do nothing in the Church except attend every Sabbath or some sadness I want to feel to encourage you to go find people who are in active in our church I say an active they may be attending but they're not active in the church and recruit those people to start helping because that's the best way to have total member involvement is when we get when our leaders look out for people who are looking for people to recruit them to develop them into workers and then they develop into leaders a man all right so it's important if you have not formed this team yet it's important that when you get home from Cat meeting you format immediately because July is going to fly by we're going to be on vacation and then they're going to come back in August some of them some of the new come back till right before school but it's important to be moving on this right away if you have a if you have that continue meeting with your team you may want to increase those meetings as you get into August and September to make sure that everything is ready to go Ok All right how do you feel. Sir. You have the perk ordinator the psych ordinator registration and greeters. Those are the most important. The rescue the rest if you had to you can do without but those you need all right let me talk I mention the resource table. I'll talk more about that tomorrow. Let me talk a little bit about the nightly handouts there were and then we're going to be done for the day it is almost time to big to be done but so we have some and Dowsett of the special for the series and sure in a pool. You know. The Eric this and the signing and so we have these handouts that will be used during the series they are the actually there they were written by Mark Finley and we're going to use these. But there is so this is what they'll get each night when they leave they'll get it's a single sheet it will be folded in half and it will have this it will follow the sermon exactly but always be on the same topic and then they can go home and study that on their own so they'll get this so when you you have ordered through Hamblin the nightly handouts this is what you're going to get Ok you're going to get a pack of these one for every topics there's like 3 or 4 nights that hack the have to hand outs but most will have one really going to house. Or. When you when you did sure your site order they would it would have been on there with with the on the Excel spreadsheet of. Yeah let me but let me show you this and so we had some we had some complications with some things so we had to go a different direction but let me show you what we have. Otherwise. This is what they originally look like but we redid them for jesus some posse so there's a 3rd page for each lesson that we are not printing because it increases the cost dramatically to try to print that 3rd page and they have to actually staple it or thread it together so what I'm going to be doing is he's taking all of all of these 3rd pages and he's going to put the Jesus on prophecy stuff on and I think he's almost already got it done and I'm going to post these on the website and then you guys if you would like to use them you can print them Ok and what it is is it has every night a quick little quiz and then it has a list of the Bible verses that are used in the study guide and and so I have so here's another one so there are some of them that have quite a few verses and then there's this little quiz so there is a Bible study but I'm sorry Bible School card and I have the rections and all this on the website for you but what I like to do here's what I find whenever I do a meeting if I have a Bible school resource table is good and it's important but people are going to read so much but if I have a when I have a Bible school and I have some kind of lesson for people to work through the people who work through those lessons more kinds and not end up being that size. And you'll find that probably anywhere from 20 to 40 percent of your attending this will do the bible study says so and I use all I use all kinds of things I mean something last time I did a meeting I think I did the it is written lessons and sometimes it is amazing facts ones it doesn't really matter what you do just as long as you something so what have these available that you guys can print and then you have a table set up that's a Bible school and then you know you explain it from the front every night you'll get this little lesson guide you take the homie fill it out look the verses up you bring it back and you turn it in and they do that every night and then the bible school coordinator grades it and then they give it back to them and then they get the next one and when they go through all of those they get some kind of gift you can give them a book or a Bible or whatever you want to give them the video or whatever and then I have for the a ha I have all these instructions right now for you they get a. They get a certificate at the end and I will actually put in my budget enough for some frames I don't buy $30.00 frames you know I don't buy the 50 cent or 9 cent ones either I buy ones that are 2 or $3.00 that are pretty decent and I put the frame and put it in a frame and Scott the name printed on it and I sign it as the speaker and on Sabbath morning I present them with those certificates and you'll be amazed how many people just as they just they're just thrilled I mean they're just there is excited to get their framed certificate and then they get their special gift and many of those people ultimately make decisions for baptism those that actually do the lessons rather than just coming to the meetings and listening Ok so I want to encourage you to do that in your and your and your sites. So if you don't have enough people to have a separate Bible School table you can just have the registration people take care of it they can just exchange them every night is part of their job day. But if you do that it's very simple and I have these little study guides on there if you'd rather use a mother's lessons you can do that to it you know I I'm not the type of person. I like to provide a system for you. But if you have another system that you prefer that works by the 100 ways is the right thing the bottom line is we want to always be working with in principle a man so I don't try to say you have to do this but I will try to provide something for you to use you can use it or do something different Ok so that's the bible school so I want to encourage you to do that you'll find that the people that do those lessons are always more and soon they're more old then the more in arrested and more of those people end up making an actual decision about times are right so let me just scroll quickly say what are we doing tomorrow so morrow. We're going to talk more we'll talk some more about the resource table we'll talk about it's your organ we it's important to have in or a final organizational meeting before the series starts I'll talk about that and what you need to do during that meeting I'll talk about visitation to morrow I'll talk about Probably it's all we'll have time for but I'm going to give you a very simple layout of what to do in your visitation each week and then I'll teach you some basic fundamental principles of there's a Taishan and what to say what not to say and how to ask for decisions and that kind of thing some of that may end up spilling over into what is tomorrow Wednesday so that may spill over into Thursday but then on Thursday we'll talk about follow up and a little bit about discipleship phase 2 and and then be done so I hope that I wish what I should have done the should have done 2 hours a day for 3 But that's Ok that's all right we'll get through it and many of the things will be on the resource just a reminder if you're interested in the Cuba mission trip that we are doing through the event as an apartment next year March 11 to $22.00 on Friday in the same room the same time $215.00 we're having information session on that so there's several different things to do there you can preach meetings you can get health tops there's construction projects there's children's programming that we do. That's a health clinic there's a health clinic. And so we're going to be dealing with that on Friday if you like to come and get a brochure or you can do so all right any questions before we go I know it's time but I apologize we're leaving. Which web site. Jesus on prophecy dot com But if you if you have it your site is planning to do the meeting and you have not been able to actually get on the website yet if you don't have a username and password to come see me right now and I'll set you up with that Ok and make sure that we've got that but I think some of you have actually been on the website you've logged gone through your search site and you've been navigating stuff if you haven't you need to do that come in scene All right very good let's pray Father we thank you for this time we ask your Holy Spirit to be close to us and as we continue to labor and prepare for Jesus on prophecy may we go home from can't meaning in rally the troops in these last few months and Lord pray that you will earn into the hearts of your people the conviction of soul winning and being willing to be used by you and laboring for the last and we pray that you would continue to bless us and for a and abundant harvest this fall thank you come in Jesus. 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