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Effective Evangelism - Part 3: Visitation & Decision

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan




  • June 18, 2019
    9:45 AM
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Father in heaven we thank you for the great privilege of being here together and we just ask your spirit to guide and direct us today as we continue on this preparation process for the meetings coming up this fall we ask your Holy Spirit to guide our thoughts now we come in Jesus name the man Alright so we want to talk a little bit today about organizational meeting and this is very important thing I think a lot of people miss and don't do but all along the way. You've been meeting with your team members you've been orchestrating things you've been preparing things you've been talking to people from the front doing training with then you want to do kind of a final run through kind of a preparation of the preparation sort of speak and you want to meet together about one week to 2 not wouldn't even say 2 weeks but one week to 10 days before the meetings begin and it's very important that you do this because this is where everybody kind of comes together and you go walk through everything and you don't want to do it too far out from the meetings because you don't want it people to forget what happened and whatnot but you don't want to do it really the night before the meetings either because if there's something you missed it was something you have to change or address you want to have some time to be able to do that Ok so I recommend typically about a week before the meetings is usually the best sometimes that calendar is allow you may need to do 10 days or even if you can even if you can a week which you can do 3 or 4 days ahead of time very important to do that so here is some of the things they cover in that meeting it's very important that you. That you don't get to detail in other words you don't want to go through every nuance of every department such as registration you don't want to talk about every minute detail which you want to broad stroke of that Ok so I I usually go over some very general things 1st and then I let the departments talk about what they're going to do so I will be posting this on the Web site as well so we'll typically have a prayer and welcome which you don't want to do is have you know a 25 minute devotional Ok because people are already waxing I just do a quick prayer and a welcome and we get started right away and so what I often like to share is a summary of the meeting and what's happened so far you know I just kind of talk about what we've done for advertising maybe you know you've got some testimonies of people who are already signed up pre-registered you know maybe you went door to door and you met somebody who was super excited about the meeting and I'll tell a few of those just to kind of get the people pretty stirred up and excited about it I think it's always important to continue to share testimonies and then I'll talk a little bit about the the volunteers in that we're all volunteers and how much we appreciate those Everybody basically who are church members who are supporting efforts to supporting in that meeting and we want to thank them for their time and their service and their sacrifice but really it's a joy and then we're not doing this because it's a sacrifice we're doing it because we're compelled by the love of Christ to win our fellow man to him and so I remind people that as soon as people say well we come to the vans with sick meetings and we always hear hear the same sermons the same topics well that's our message that's our fundamental message and we have to remind people that these events will stick meetings are not specifically like a week of prayer they're not. Pacifically designed for church members although church members are blessed every time we hear the messages were revised and were drawn closer to the Lord but the preacher is not crafting these sermons and designing them to reach the hearts of avenues they're reaching the hearts of the visitors right and we want to remind them that visitors will be coming to the meetings because you know we're advertising and inviting and so forth and how they see us is how they'll see Jesus Amen so we want to remind the members that this is not a time to get grouchy with people or to you know guard the seat you sat in for 30 years or what say right. Well we want to get grouchy of the devil right. But you know I remember a couple years ago we had a unlock revelation in the church I was fast ring in and this one lady said you know this one man came in on the very 1st night and he sat in the church in the seat of the church where I've always sat and she said I almost went right up to him and asked him to move but he said but I didn't I just went up and sat beside him and I said Praise the Lord and you would be amazed what happened with that because this lady began to attendance at the sign this man every every night. And this man began to make decisions for Christ his wife began to be transformed and it took him over a year and a half to be ready for baptism but he came to church every week and he still sat in her chair unknowingly for a year and a half that he was in her chair and she began to invite him over for a Sabbath line show every week or with her family and that was there and her and her daughter began to give this man Bible studies as they went through and eventually he was baptized and then they went through the side of Chapin book together when they got through that they started going through desire of ages together and it was just a miraculous thing and so you know we want to just constantly encourage the people these may be your friends for eternity Amen and make sure that we were we tell and remind people of that and of course we want to emphasize the importance of prayer so then I started getting into some of the nitty gritty with people you know I'll and you'll see a number of these in the following questions when should I arrive the 1st 3 ninth's you know typically whenever you're doing an evangelist if any you're always going to have people showing up early for the 1st the 1st few nights and so I always recommend people to get there about at least an hour ahead of the. Starting time at least an hour ahead of a starting time before the meetings begin for the 1st 3 nights after that you can you know come about 30 minutes or so ahead of time so it's especially important that greeters and registration people arrive early why because a people come in there's there's just no one at the door then you know that's obviously a problem. Of a good. That was almost was a problem with the Lord help with them we plug this in on the other side here all right. Scroll down here yes certainly. You know that was pretty good we have been there it was there are so is there. To you this is a reader's need to remember. You know we need them then to. Just reject. Yeah. Are you are you saying like just a list like the. All yeah yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah we can actually that's a good idea we can make go I mean I often make those by just make it for my meeting and usually delete it but we can make some formal templates I'd be good if you want to send me your results use yours and save me some time all right. When should I arrive during the rest of the series I have a specific time on here but you know which is usually 30 to 45 minutes I have a meeting what should I say what should I do I mean I'm I'm talking very generally here to my to my helpers but I mean you'd be amazed most of you are the common sense workers in your church but many of the members have no idea of some of these things I mean they just don't even think about them and so it's important to emphasize you know we greeting visitors with a smile handshake your name and welcome Hi My name is Wes It's good to see you welcome to Jesus on process we got to change that from the last meeting I did get to know them ask them questions like How did you hear about the series are you enjoying the series What is something new that you've learned so far what's been your favorite part what do you do for work what things do you do as a hobby and not that you would ask all those questions in one night but you know use kind of get to know people in each night you might ask them a different question right and so encourage the members to be engaging with and interacting with those visitors make sure they're doing that and if and if you do as the coordinator you know if you see a visitor just kind of standing by themselves or whatever don't just always be the one that goes over there go over there take somebody with you say Hey come with me real quick and take them over there and say hey the you know what is your name of greet them in a cell this is my friend Bill and and then I let them start to talk together and off I may say you know. Let's say the visitor's name is you know him I say to him Have you found a place to sit yet tonight well no I was just coming into a bill would you mind if Tim set with you this evening you see it I mean is kind of facilitate that and you make sure that you all those visitors are connected with members and push them on the members sir I. Remind them to remind the members to register for the meetings all the members should register Why is that important what's that. So the guests are not singled out we don't you know I mean imagine if you're in this is happened before. You have the registration table and there's a guest stand there filling out the card and you know one of the deacons walk by and they say could you come and register they all know you know I'm a member here been a member for the last 20 years I don't need to register and they'd keep on walking was never that are going to feel I don't want to register either you know but everybody registers same thing with decision cards. I think I can't remember 5 minutes of the day I mentioned it somewhere but whenever that time comes for a decision an invitation in appeals and that person is sitting there and there's this moment there's this window of time and every evangelist tick meeting where people have that conviction upon their heart to make a decision for Christ and especially when there are those decision cards when those cards are placed in their hands. The slightest distraction can mess with them it can throw them out of that window a complete row them out of that woman's and they can just it can be very difficult for them to come back to even if at all and so if they look over and they see you or someone else take that decision carding you say well I'm a member so I don't need to do this and you just take in 7 your Bible and put your bible there and sit and smile the rest of the appeal what you think it's going to encourage them to do. They're going to do the same thing I say well he's not alone out when they look over this way oh she's not alone and else so I don't need to be there I'm not going to worry about this because there's that pressure to make a decision right so we're just going to put that away but if they look over and they see you is it good for you to make a recommitment to the Lord during those meetings as a good for every member to recommit their lives to Jesus and if they see you checking off yes I want to accept Jesus yes I want to recommit my life to Him Yes I want to keep the Sabbath or whatever and they see you doing that it encourages them to do it as well so encourage the men verse to fill out those decision cards and also the registration also encourage them to open their Bibles during the meetings please don't overwhelm visitors or too many people at once or a row people should feel welcome but don't overdo it right I mean you know especially if we're a small church we have maybe 789 members and we have just one visitor that comes in it can be easy to just kind of latch on but we don't want either end of the spectrum we don't want them stand there by themselves and we don't want 5 or 10 people on them at one time either. Making sure that we're not congregating with each other but connecting with the visitors we don't want to congregate we want to connect Amen. Be watchful for visitors avoid using absentees even even on your Sabbath morning taunts you know I typically do I start with the very 1st Sabbath of the meetings I will do my personal testimony now invite people to come and sav morning I don't treat it as a worship service I treat it as a meeting and I usually like to share my testimony and then I have a lunch afterwards for the people and we usually cater that in you guys know we did that as well because I want to get that I want to get the people used to coming on Sabbath mornings and so I usually do you don't have to do that but whenever you do do it I don't say happy Sabbath until after I cover the subject of the Sabbath right is have to be very very careful l. White says l. White says with a spirit of prophecy says of the mark of the beast as of the enterprise I remember I was doing a presentation on the anti-Christ and I always do it in 2 parts I do the I can reveal all the characteristics and I reveal and I was cut I went to the end I said you know we've seen all the all the points and I wonder some of you here may know who it is and somebody some some one of the members crawled out it's still cloaked like that I mean just you know that out of the meeting and I'm just thinking man I'm excited about isn't this the asm but. You know I've one of the people think about it overnight right and so we've got to be careful how we do that I remember when another lady she was a sweet member and there was a visitor in front of her in a visitor behind her and I was doing one of the early meetings and I was talking about something about all the crime and violence. As on television or something and she comes out she says I'm so thankful she says Sr White says this and says that in and I threw my television away years ago and I just read the Spirit of Prophecy all the time and all these visitors are like What is she talking about you know so you just want to be careful you want to encourage the members the reality is that no matter how many times you say it there's always going to be somebody that still does it so you just have to monitor don't don't come down on them but encourage them. You know be Care encourage the members not to get ahead of the speaker in the subjects even if people ask sometimes people think that when some of them might be off you might be a night number 2 and someone ask about the Sabbath they think all of this is my chance to tell them everything what we we don't want to do that we want to follow the speaker just remind the guests that hey we have a future subject coming up on that I think the speaker is going to cover that in upcoming meeting why don't you put that question box. Very important I mentioned not getting up or moving during appeals is very crucial that you do not do that and encourage the members not to do that because it does create that element of distraction. If you know that you have to get up towards the end of the meeting or maybe you have a. You know a bladder problem or something you have to get up a lot make sure you sit in the back so that way you're not going to be doing that causing a distraction what should I wear from helping you know where need pants on the clothing where should I park you know whatever your needs are you'll go over that with a church what with a nightly schedule b. I always go over the nightly schedule with them now you may not you may not start at 7 o'clock you may start at 630 May start at 715 I always like to start my meetings of 645 because it's late enough that people can get there after work but it's. But it's early enough that we still have a nice cushion if I tend to go over which I often do. So go over that with them the nightly schedule not to know exactly what's going to be happening if you're going to take up an offering talking about that talk a little bit about the greeters and what you may be able to do is let your head person your head greeter come up and just talk a little bit about the greeting and then your registration person but they shouldn't talk for too long but you want to just let people know what's going on with the greeting and make sure that everyone's clear on that the registration side as well you know we have in the in the in the the coordinator handbook there is a section on greeting and there's a section on registration and it tells you exactly those jobs to do I explained the bible school I talked about live it about the Bible School yesterday that you can have a table set up for people to come in and do the Bible lessons each night encourage the members to also do those to say these are not just for the visitors but you'll also gain a blessing out of them so I encourage the members because it gets them studying the Bible every day for some of them they're not doing that and explain the process. Of how that works that they'll get a special gift I still get even if the members go through the lessons I give them the gift I give them the certificate because sometimes they'll get mad if you don't. I explain the free guess you know you might be doing a nightly drawing each night you might just be doing gifts by attendance you know after 5 nights you get a Bible after 10 nights you get a book or whatever I usually will try to. You know it depends on my budget but I tell the members look if you've if you've already got it. Let me just explain it this way there are members that are very faithful and they will come to every evangelist sic meeting and they'll come every night and we praise the Lord for those and there but there are some folk who come and they want to get all the gifts and they would they would they would sacrifice a visitor just so that they could get that gift you know they would rather have it in the visitor and it might be a desire of ages but they've got 14 of them home on their shelf they say you know the last 14 years I got this same book every time and I got to keep my collection going and so with those folks I don't try to fight them Ok I'm not trying to fight them however I encourage the members not to take the gifts unless they just feel a burning in their heart to take it I don't shame them if they do I'm not going to pick on them but encourage them we want those guest to really trying to go to the visitors. At the genuinely use it or give it away to someone else then find they can take it but just do that the resource table we mention I'm going to put that up on the website and you want to be ordering those items coming up in July and August you want to order those items for the resource table some would be free some would be as a small discounted price for this you can earn back some of the money that you spend on those and it's not very difficult to do you have the table up people in common and get that you have a person manning that and if you know if there's not enough people in your church you can put that little table beside the registration table and let the registration page people help with that and take care of that but you want to make sure you always have some free additional resources and then some for sale there's something about selling things that times people value that more so than even sometimes free things. Visitation We'll talk more about this but the during the series you're going to want to be taking people packets and lessons and C.D.'s that give them the information should they miss and I It's why it's so important to be tracking your attendance today tracking that online you'll be able to do that I'll talk about I'm not going to go through all the rest of this so detailed Lee but talk about the baptismal classes when will people be baptized when we have fellowship meals during the service the Phase 2 meetings I'll explain what's happening there you know every new baptized member will receive the welcome book on the site of Handbook the vamps as I'm each member will receive a tour of the church and be introduced to the various aspects of the church each member will be used to do that whenever we would have visitors that were baptized a give them a tour of the church we give them a church directory we give them all the things they need to be set up they'll be counseled to be involved in service of ministry and boost to the ministries the Church of be assigned and mentor will meet with them weekly and go through the side Chapin book together Wednesday night Bible study early part of their discipleship process so I encourage the members to be coming to walk to prayer meeting. All right then I take 2 in a we have a special season a prayer then I encourage the departmental leaders the registration people the greeters the children's people whatever to be meeting together to make sure that all of their things are taken care of that make sense to make sure that their stuff is in order and ready to go and again you may select some of those leaders to give a little brief report on what they're doing and how they're organizing things and it just brings a sense of unity when everybody knows what others are doing nothing they have to know every minute detail but when they know generally rather doing it brings that sense of Hey man we're we're part of something big this is why like a Vangelis to meetings some people say oh here we go with a 2020 something Knight campaign again but this is what I love you have men's ministry you have women's ministry you have Pathfinders you have whatever else you know and all the departments in the church with this is the one time outside of the worship service service on Sabbath morning when we actually come together in every capacity to do a united effort for the Lord's work to make sense I mean is there every department is doing there and so we may do some things together we may do some outreach is whatever this is where we're coming together to do a collective unified effort and take every piece of the church Amen amen and the questions about that. Yeah it talks about that in the handbook but roughly about halfway through the meetings that you will start to schedule the baptismal classes and that in the handbook they're broken up into the different baptismal classes there's usually about 10 or so but when you get about halfway through you'll start doing those about 15 to 20 minutes before the meeting begins on the same night for the meetings and you'll cover in your baptismal class the subjects that you've already covered in the meetings that make sense now if you're doing a really small meeting and you have like we had only a handful of people coming then I was usually meet with those people either individually or just in a little group I don't always make a big fuss about it if it's a smaller meeting so it just depends upon your series I mean when I was at Lansing we had you know 50 guests coming and 10 or 12 people interested in baptism so we had a class and I would always invite It's very important to do that invite all the people to come I say hey you may not be planning for a baptism but you may just one of review the things we've covered in study a little bit more You're also welcome to come you don't have to be deciding for baptism but you know later on they may make that decision and they've already been through that that makes sense and so I always make sure that I invite everyone to come to that I am by the members as well of course in the meeting you don't want to say in the church members should come to but we just say we want to buy everyone and during my organizational meeting I let them know that during that his will meetings they should and are encouraged to come for those. That help answer your question or anyone else this will be on the website so. Yes. Yeah yeah they cannot it was. Register and you may have to take that registration card and translate it. I I don't know can you one and so hard for me to rush to the translator Yeah but you can translate that and then you know on your make your own little card and then print those off and you may have to do more of the bare bones things when you're translating but your registration card and you know the about dismal. Class items you know like as far as the nightly handouts of things if you have to have the time translated great but otherwise you may have to give them the English one and then encourage them to have someone. Yes that's right that's right. He's talking talking about printed materials Yeah. So let's go on and talk a little bit about visitation a visitation is the thing that people tend to shy away from and I think all the pastoral take care of that right but I really want to encourage you to be a part of that because and encouraging your members now you may have some people in your church how. That will quickly volunteer to do visitation but you kind of have to qualify them. Not everybody has that gift not that and let me just say it doesn't take. There's not us a few elite people that can do visitation I would say the majority of the church could do visitation However there may be some in the church and probably should not do visitation Ok and and and the way in the best way to handle them assume not just say no but just say you know I really need some help with this Could you help me with this that's where we really need the most help in this area that makes sense now we don't want to hurt people's feelings and want to be having the love of Christ but we gotta you know we also gotta be mindful of folks that do that but when you look at the topics really of any eventual 6 eries those topics get deeper and broader as you go along in the meetings and typically the series can even be broken up into segments of of of topics that really kind of go together and that are drawing people to certain decisions I make sense and so when you look at it I've kind of just have this little visitation guide here it divides it up by week end topic and this is on the website already and it kind of gives you the goal for each visitation now I don't typically visit people within the 1st couple of days of the meetings I don't when it says here Week one I don't usually visit people until I'm getting towards the end of the 1st week Ok but in the 1st week you have you know these 5 topics. These unfolds today prophecy unfolds today which is signs of the times the final world superpowers of Daniel 2 the 3rd one is on the great controversy this is on salvation and this is. This is on what's at. Yeah I think that's what it is it's the 70 weeks I'm trying to figure out. Yeah yeah that's right that's right 70 weeks and 2300 days thank you and so the visitation goal you can see here invite invitees or pre-register answer of not come so in my 1st week I'm still trying to get people in there that have been and I've invited or that preregistered who haven't come. So what do I do the 1st couple of nights after the 1st 2 nights I have a letter ready and I'll mail all my pre registrants a letter this dream mind them to come the 2nd thing that I do as I'll call those people if a pre-registration Pericles you'll see all those on the website you have a list of those if you see people on there that have not come to the meetings I give them a quick call Hi this is Wes from Jesus on prophecy and we saw that you had pre-registered on the website to attend the you know the poor Santa lack sight and we just want to remind you that the meetings have started on Friday or Monday night and we would encourage you to come tomorrow night's topic is this and given of Ro quick phone number just let them know that the meetings have started we would love to see you in our future topic as this makes sense. And I can have a little camis on the website as well people who respond so those are the that's the 1st group of people that we're trying to visit mostly I don't go to their homes I mail them I might mail them a letter and I give them a phone call Ok 2nd group of people are people who respond to the decision card on salvation so there will be a decision card I forget think it's the 4th night maybe and there may be people who respond to that and they accept want to accept Jesus for the 1st time. I will go immediately and start to visit those people and so as a coordinator you're going to work with the speaker to decide who's going to do the visitation of what names Ok that makes sense and you're going to divide those up amongst the people who are able and willing to go visiting guest who who miss 2 or more consecutive meetings so maybe you have some people that come the 1st night they come the 2nd night but then the 3rd night they're missing what are we going to do. Note. We're going to pray for them I don't typically call or visit people who miss one night because you don't want them to freak out and think Oh if I go make it one night they're going to show up at my house you know I mean. Because if they but when they miss tonight's then I will try to visit them stop in and when I say do a visit I think it's right here this is a brief casual pot visit at the door I'll bump buy their plates I'll have in my hand the lessons in the cd or d.v.d. that they missed and I just say hey you know exists in the neighborhood but I'd stop by I wanted to drop off the lessons that you missed We sure have missed you the last couple nights and hope to see that tomorrow night or whenever the next meeting is we're going to say and then I tell them what that study is Ok it's a good opportunity to get acquainted build friendships always I don't know why that got cut off but I always leave don't wear out your welcome always leave pretty quickly from those visitors so half of them those those materials drop them off to them and careers and come back you may. You may find one out of about 20 people that are not happy that you came to their door but you'll find that a lot of people don't mind especially if you will as soon as you as soon as you get to the door and they answer the door it's a Haven West from these some prophecy and they may say oh or they say oh oh wow wow I can't believe you come visit me or they may say oh it's weird that you're here most people don't say that but I always preface it I have had people say that I have had people say that but. But most people don't but I preface it by saying you know I can't stay very long but when you say that it just instantly relieves all kinds of things Ok I can't stay long but I wanted to just drop off the 2 study guides and and C.D.'s that you missed the last couple nights here when I encourage you to come back tomorrow night we're going to be studying this and we hope to see it there if you have any questions please feel free to give us a ring and and then leave that stuff with them and go Ok All right so that's the 1st week those are the 3 categories of people that are trying to visit those that preregistered but didn't come and again those people get phone calls not so much a visit people who responded to the decision card on salvation and people who have missed 2 nines now tell you there's been times when I've had like my best interest at the meeting coming every night and then we had a real crucial subject like the Sabbath or of the mark of the beast or something and all of a sudden the next night they're not there and I'm just like sweating bullets and I'm thinking oh lord what happened you know maybe something after them and not my chem patient is to call them or whatever and then I pray and then you know like the next night is a night off and or whatever and I I might give them a phone call they don't answer and I leave a voicemail and then the next night I'm thinking you know they're just gone there they are at the meeting Oh yeah you know I had to work late last night and I couldn't make it and whatever so don't don't try to read into things you understand just keep praying keep trusting visit at the right times and ask the Lord to help guide that process all right now so out of these 3 groups which one do you think is the top priority. Yeah your top priority are always the people that are currently attending and who are making decisions even out of all the people that are attending. Out of all of those your highest priority are the people that have made decisions and they said yes I want to do this or I have more questions or I have I'm having a struggle with this or whatever those are your top people the people that attend and never for a lot of decision carved there are a priority but they're not your number one Parsi have I mean as it's not like we're dealing with you know. Quality control on a car manufacturing plant but nevertheless you do need to do what we call qualifying or categorizing your interests who are the people that are the highest potential or the right this fruit we like to call and those are the people I want to focus the most of my time on then I spend some time with the others in a little time with the next group and on so forth that makes sense all right so the 2nd week. We have new topics we have the the judgment hour which is not a row huge topic but it is significant news on life and opera pocket c. is going to be on sanctification G.'s number in the passes on baptism Jesus on the end of Christ is what it is and then an a crisis in the is the 10 Commandments Ok so it's not a huge week of objectionable or difficult topics for people to make sense of but these are topics that are important that are preparing people for a future topics Ok So how what's my visitation go on week to those who have responded obviously to decision cards always those who have requested a visit on some of the cards they'll say I would like to have a visit or. You know if if it if your decision if you use a different set of decision cards and it doesn't say that you can have people flip them over and write v. on the back and that means I would like to visit with the speaker or whatever but those who have missed 2 consecutive nights always those who have requested baptism or a baptism obviously we're covering that subject so that a person requests baptism we want to follow up with that and affirm that decision with them begin to answer any questions that they have and remind them that the baptismal class is going to be coming up very soon make sense and the questions about that support yes. It will be it will be yeah it will be Usually I like to do that in tonight's book but we cuz we we had to condense yes or. That. You know if if I've invited them if I've stopped then and. And I've connected with them and invited them back maybe they came back $19.00 and then they missed another 2 nights I probably would go visit them but you again you have to gauge it depending upon your time. You know and you may. That may not be a visit that the speaker would make I'm going to visit as the speaker I'm going to visit those people that said yes I want baptism or whatever but that could be a visit that some of the other members could make to go and encourage them to come back and build that friendship and you're going to have people that will sporadically come to the meetings I mean They'll come they'll come on night 2 and then they won't come back to my 6 and then the come back on 911 and they're there is hit and miss you know and so you know we want to connect with those people but they're not on the highest priority now we'll try to do Bible studies with those people as we get towards the end of the meetings. So so the other thing is that if they have. If they miss 2 nights and then they come back and they miss I could also call them if I can't visit them that's another option as well all right so the primary purpose for these visits is to get better acquainted and ascertain the interest level. Again you know if people are really excited about the meetings you know they're saying man I'm learning so much and I want to follow Jesus and these things are great Obviously those are higher interest they're coming every night they're making decision they're filling out the cars even if even if they check on the card you know oh I have accepted Jesus but I want to recommit to him or I've been back I've been baptized but I want to rededicate my life those are still decisions they may not realize at that point in time that God is calling them to more but they'll see that later on you see but you can gauge and I'll talk a little bit here. Maybe tomorrow about the level of. The different forms of conviction that come upon people's hearts all right then you go into the 3rd week now Jesus on religious tradition part one into what you think that might be that policy think amendments it's going to be the Sabbath now is that a subject is going to start. Like whoa there something I haven't heard before you know there is something that that I could see is going to start impacting my life right and those you go on to this is going to be Babylon the Rapture death is a huge one for people. I think it went to my screensaver the 1000 years in like a fire that's not so much but the Sabbath and death are 2 big ones for people now I found very interestingly that the Sabbath is can a used to be years ago that you get to the Sabbath and you have a huge drop off in attendance it's not so much the case anymore for most speakers. The Sabbath is easy for people to accept it's actually the keeping of the Sabbath that they struggle with and I don't when I say that I don't mean like buying and selling but I mean like actually revolving their life around not working not seeking their own pleasure in that kind of thing but death is one that is really huge for people people struggle with that more than almost any other subject that I found. And the reason is because the increase of spiritual isn't this taking place in the world the movies the television you know the books and all kinds of things that are out there is really I mean you can see I mean I've been doing meetings for I don't know 15 years but in the last 5 to 10 years you can see a real shift and the way that people think about it I mean and I've had people say to me Pastor Wess I have no doubts that what you're saying is in the Bible but I have trouble believing that it's like what do you mean it's in the Bible but they're like what you say makes sense what you say is written in scripture I can see it from the very lips of Jesus but I know that my grandmother appeared to me I mean or whatever they say I I cannot accept that my dead loved one is not I mean just spiritualism them is pervading more and more and it's preparing people for exactly what the Book of Revelation says is going to happen yes. Yeah oh. Yeah. Well I tell them they used to believe that like us and if you look at most of the. The churches in the 18th hundreds many of them believe that truth you can find great marks in everything else. You know. Yes. Oh yeah absolutely there's people that will accept it. Yes yes yes but this will be the subject that you find people have the most disagreement on yes. Yeah I mean I know the subject will talk about it briefly but we don't have an individual topic on it yeah I think you're right maybe even as a priest subject even a priest subject to that and then kind of recap it after I don't know. Well let me explain this to us and no. I we were planning to write a whole new set of sermons and have a whole new set of slides as we got into that we realized that we were because all of us have other things to do not just write sermons for 8 hours and hours a day which if we did would be easy to do but. We try with that schedule we tried to pack about a 2 and a half year thing into about 6 or 7 months and that didn't work too well so we are doing some sermons that have been preached before by other people that is written has a as a set that's new and it's pretty nice to have nice graphics and things so I'm taking that set and I'm adding elements to it. What do you mean. Oh there is a letter there are lessons that go with each topic and I was showing those of a day and whenever you order the nightly handouts from Hamlin That's what you'll get and but the lessons will line up with these topics Ok All right so in the week 3. We are looking at those topics again and those who have responded to decision cards those are requests to visit those of Miss tonight's those who have been regularly attending and those who have been requesting baptism a re baptism Now when it comes here I strive to visit every person especially after the Sabbath I strive to visit every person because I want to know what do you what are they thinking about the subjects that they're hearing especially the Sabbath and so I'll you know as a speaker I'll try to you know on the speaker will usually visit the highest interests and I will you know when I'm there I'll ask them if I can meet with them I'll try to schedule a lunch appointment with them and I I want to find out what questions they're having What doubts and tomorrow I'll show you some things about how to do that how to figure that out. But I try to visit every person and they may have questions they may have objections they may have troubles that are hindering them and you have to work through those things with them that make sense and I wish I could save more about that but I can't say more actually going into the depths of it which I'll do a little bit tomorrow yes. It's. Yeah. It's. Fun. It was a tough one for them right now yeah you're going to have people that that struggle with that and you do the best you can to connect with them and try to answer questions for them and help them see in just encourage them to keep coming say hey you know just because you may disagree with one doesn't mean you can't keep coming but you can still calm you can still learn and we can talk through these things and and you try to your best to keep encouraging them you don't want to try to argue with them but some people just have that but most people these days will keep coming I see it over here Ok yes. That. Yeah that's that's part 2 is the change. Yeah. Yeah that's right that's right Yup it's the next night and we'll have a decision card on that night and then the next night kind of talks about. Babylon and how their system relation 70 All right so then you move into Week 4. And again those are always your top priority of those who are responding to decision cards a request to visit those who have missed 2 meetings and so the primary purpose of these visits is to clear up objections again decisions begin preparing for baptism so this last week is very crucial because you you know you talk about the issues at the end of time and then when you come to the true church it's very important because you want to emphasize to the people to be there for that night because that's the night when everything comes together and they see that all these trues that they've been learning about that may be conflicting with their church or conflicting with other ideas they've had before all those troops are coming together in one place at now they know where they can go to follow those Bible troops. And so it's very important to after especially this topic well the mark of the beast and. The true church topic that you are in the homes dizzying with people who are setting up appointments with them in some capacity to visit with them by this time I mean your crowd has dwindled when people say well why we must not be doing something right because we start out in this big crowd and then after the 1st week it keeps going down you never read Matthew Mark Luke and John you know the Bible talks about when Matt John chapter 6 he had some hard sayings many of his disciples turned and walked with him no more it says John 6 verse 66 I call it John 666 right at so that even happened to Jesus you're always going to start with this people and they're going to drain it but you're going to find the people at the end that have a real spiritual desire and a real spiritual interest to do that so then Week 5 you know the same thing we're going to you might have a couple extra subjects there and we're going to continue to work with those people you know people you'll find that as you build relationships with people they will be willing and open to. To dialogue with you and you want to reason and I'm telling you like there have been times when I have when I have I don't want to say this pull all of my tools out of my bag. And I have given all of my points I use all of my little bit political techniques to call them to decision and things and they're just not there and they say I just and I spend like the whole mine and pair of them the next day I see them come to that place and there is a there is a power that God can the god can provide to move upon the heart that you can't do. Has to be God that changes their minds we're going to present the truth and we're going to point to them the Scripture we're going to show them you know what God is asking them but it's only the power of God that can transform and change the heart and time after time I've been in the homes of people and there's been times that I haven't prayed as much as I should and I've lost the battle just because you lose the battle doesn't mean you didn't pray enough though case I don't want to think that they don't make a decision doesn't mean you did always does something wrong but I'm just telling you when you press this Roman God you'll see him move hearts you'll see people come back to the meetings I mean you'll just see miracles happen and it's always amazing when you're when you are the quarter nater of the meeting area of the speaker of the meeting and you're just kind of watching all these people they can't see what's going on but you'll see that many times all hell will kind of break loose when people are coming to the meetings in their lives I mean they'll have their vehicle will break down the hot water tank will bust or you know something happens and you'll see it happen to multiple people and you know what's happening that's a time to go to the knees I mean their cousin their 3rd cousin that they've not seen in 35 years will show up and say whoa what have you been doing lately all over well I've been going to the last 2 and a half weeks to these meetings Well what meetings Well they talk about this all of those people are admin is there a culture you shouldn't go there they haven't seen this person in 3 decades and all of a sudden they show up their house right in the middle series I mean it's just mind blowing the things that will happen and that gives me as a speaker more energy and more zeal because I know that the great what sat there right at that point and I know that great controversy is as as real I mean it's taking place I mean those things don't happen by Cohen city. Once you understand and it helps me to realize Lord we're in a spiritual warfare we're not just doing some nice little q. meeting here but we're in spiritual warfare and we need to be on our knees pleading with the Spirit of God because he's the one that's going to give the power he's the one that's going to change the heart it's not going to be us if we just go through the meeting and do our own little thing if we just kind of it's awkward when they come in and take pictures of you but. Don't worry about a brother it's Ok but if we're just doing our own little thing and we're not recognizing and understanding the fact that this is a serious issue then we can go through the whole meeting and put a whole lot of work in to have a very little result and the result may not always come right at the end of the meeting the results may come later on down the road but God is faithful elations 69 says Let us not grow weary and well doing for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart Amen you have to remember that during evangelist meetings we're not simply reaping we're also so also sowing Amen and there's a lot of coped evading to do after the meetings for those who come to the meetings right off the street and so it used to be years ago I mean years and years ago you could do these meetings and at the end of the series you'd have this crop of people who just came from night one and they were ready for they were ready for baptism in 4 weeks but these days people have all kinds of issues that have to be worked through it's a very much a longer process and we need not become discouraged by it we just need to press forward across the throne of God Amen amen All right I think that we are out of time for today so tomorrow I mean it goes by quick I know but tomorrow on going to take you through some very key. Principles for doing visitation and then we'll also talk about what to do after the meeting and towards the end of the meeting Ok All right so what's have prayer together guys and then we're going to we're going to close up Father in heaven we thank you for this time we ask your Holy Spirit to be with us as we continue to prepare and we pray that your precious blessing would be upon us and Lord that as we labor for souls that we would have a rich experience and one that draws us and them closer to you that we would gain friends for eternity this is our prayer in Jesus' name. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader visit w w w audio verse or.


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