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Effective Evangelism - Part 4: From Milk to Meat

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan




  • June 20, 2019
    9:45 AM
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Father in heaven we thank you so much for this opportunity to be here together we ask your Holy Spirit to be with us for one final day we pray that you would draw our hearts close to you help us Lord to understand the principles of visitation and follow up in phase 2 discipleship these are all very important aspects so we pray your blessing in your spirit be with us in Jesus' name amen So just for the recording once again this is Chris mats and he's orchestrating our Facebook social media advertising for Jesus on prophecies going to give us a little bit of a snapshot of what's happening. Doesn't ruin doing today. So like Pastor West says My name is Chris and this year I'm doing the online advertising component for Jesus on prophecy so I'm not sure what he's all told you about what's going on but we're actually running Facebook Instagram Google search and display in view to ads for Jesus on prophecy This year we're doing a series of videos where Pastor Wes has been in those videos with Jermaine gale and also Judy Ramos and how many of us have seen any of those ads show up in your News Feed yet very good will praise the Lord is working so. What you'll notice is that there's multiple ads right there's multiple videos and we've done that by design what's happening is we're taking people through a process where they're getting familiar not only with this idea of Jesus on prophecy but they're getting familiar with. The organization that you know is putting this on people are actually seeing you know people not just a billboard not just a flyer right there seeing people interact with them showing them information about their For example why does God allow suffering or how do we know Jesus is actually coming back and things like that so it builds report the audience in positions you know Jesus on process and that's credible in the community people are actually seeing that you know this organization knows a lot about the Bible they know a lot about Bible prophecy and so because of that when we start putting up all the Billboard You guys are starting to send out you know mailers hanging up the hangers on the doors people now have one touch you know they're already seen some of the ads show up in their news feed or on youtube or something like that so they're a little bit more familiar they're warmer to the idea so when they get that invite they're warmed up in the respond a little bit better so that's the whole idea behind it now you guys can be doing this from your local church to encourage you guys as site leaders or as pastors who are leading this out. That you can also create some videos you know give them a little bit of context of you know who you are and what you're doing and give them some little spiritual nugget show them that you know what the Bible says on these various subjects write your positioning yourself as an influential person who now be speaking at the seminar so when they receive the fire in the mail it's not just a random fire but it's a personal invitation from you right so that's the whole idea behind it and we praise God for the conference and for putting on this amazing initiative were hoping to you know win a lot of souls as here so we continue to keep the campaign in your prayers as we continue executing it so any specific questions are you're going to be. A very good point so we're going to be having a wedding are coming up we're going to be doing that on July 10th and that will be at 10 in the morning I want to say from 10 to noon but some people may have some questions we may stick on a little bit longer than that so we're actually covering how do you set up these in a Facebook ads how do you get your video out in front of your community so you can start building a relationship with them so Pastor West has a link to that he can send that out to you guys and love to see you guys on there so. We. Were Ok you know like a joy. Ride a truck we're going to. Watch. It. We realized why. Yeah right early. Why. Exactly exactly. And so I'm also doing a seminar in the mornings over an administrative building and we're talking about Facebook ads in this context of where the work in the country got out as well that they. Q All right Chris so much and on the board seasonal tell us quickly said Are you now worth 1000 likes on yeah so we have over a 1000 likes on the Facebook page. I don't I haven't looked in the dashboard to see how many people we've reached in total but we're reaching thousands of people with these ads you know across all these different platforms so far so the awareness is there you know where Mrs there and you know we're we're going for conversions so people who are registering and all of that good stuff so yeah I think so you know I don't think we've ever done advertising this far out in advance and you know years ago you used to try to get your hand bills you know used to strive to send them if you were starting on a Friday night you try to get them in the home during the week after the last Sunday before the Friday that you would start because the Sunday pastors would stand up and talk about it I mean that still goes on some but it's not nearly as much the majority of people thank you Chris the majority of people have not heard of 7th Day Adventists they've not heard of these so they're more open than they ever have been before even I mean there are many pastors I even heard recommending encouraging their members to go to the meetings some still discourage people but some encourage So you know I think we're in this day and age if you want to compete with everything else that's out there you have to hit it hard in the long so so we have a hand up and go. Yes Oh he answered it well yeah. All right well let's dive end here to our subject for today follow through and I have I talked a little bit about this at some of the trainings but it is very much worth doing it again and if you've heard it before because. You know I found that sometimes people will say well I've already heard this before but then they're not actually doing it you know something you've heard is only effective when you actually begin doing it is a it's. You know we've heard the message of the Bible all of our lives we're not fully living up to the what the Bible says so let's talk about this a little bit just a couple of quotes here evangelism page 336. Talks about what happens after the meeting and says the laborers who may come in after an interest has been created may be men or women who have less ability than those who have started the work so this is a very interesting point that I want you to notice here that many times whenever we do evangelists to meetings unlock revelation G.'s on prophecy we have you've done your local church in the past we do all this a Labor ahead of time we're maybe you know preparing and organizing and cetera and we have the meeting and then after the meeting what a pity church members typically do oh Lord we made it tonight $25.00 were go in now it's time to take that trip to Hawaii or wherever right they said Now I can give my life back I can I can get back to my have my evenings back and get to watch my favorite television program again but in reality in reality. We ought to actually be exerting at that point even more energy more focus and more work in laboring for those people that have come to the meetings to realize that and many people think that all it's the it's the evangelist job to do that but notice what she says right here the laborers who may come in after an interest has been created interest has been created is referring to meetings member meetings aren't just harvesting they're also was there also sewing. Maybe men or women who have even less ability than those who have started the work who's the one that started the work that's the evangelist or the speaker. So who then are the men and women who have less ability than those who a start of the work that doesn't necessarily mean you have less ability but it just means you're not the speaker so it's talking about the church members who are left behind who are not the speaker but when the speaker leaves or the speaker is done that it's that time for those people to come in and do a work but can't be done by the speaker yet. Said. Oh absolutely. You got it if we have already done our job before and during the meeting then we're already connected we're already attached those people right and so we need to be drawing close to them during the meeting but not a bad ending them after the meeting right now is what she says here she goes on but if they are a humble bit of God any time she says men she's talking about mankind people so don't become caught up in the Ok they may present the truth in such a way as to rouse and impress the hearts of some who have hitherto been untouched. So there might be somebody that has come through the meeting that apparently made no decision has not much interest but the so the evangelist leaves but then that person who's left behind the church member comes along and begins to share with them and encourage them and study with them and now their hearts become Tuss Isn't it interesting so don't think that it's the speaker who does all the magic tricks or whatever to whoever is not there no you can actually drum up interest when the speaker is done very powerful on the war reveals truth to different minds in different aspects so that through one man's presentation some point of truth is made clear then through another man's presentation and for this very reason the Lord does not permit one man alone to do the work of dealing with the human mind so in other words the evangelist is not the only one but if the people if the members work with the evangelists. How many think that powerful things can happen you could have twice the results right. Now I'm not just saying this to use the coordinator so that you will know this alone but you need to be reminding hoo. Ha you need reminding your churches as you are training them and preparing them for the series of these things that it is of vital importance I mean if I were you I would not be just speaking these things to the church on Sabbath morning I mean I would be but then I would ensure that I have at least a minimum amount of people who are committed to this you understand I'm saying and I would go to them and recruit them personally you could pass out cards to the church and ask them if they would who would be interested in. Doing this followup work in that kind of a thing so very important she goes on our efforts are not to seize because public meetings have been discontinued for a time so long as there are interested ones we must give them opportunity to learn the truth and the new converts will need to be instructed by faithful teachers of God's word that they may increase the knowledge of the law of the truth and may grow to the full stature of men and women in Christ Jesus they must now be surrounded by the influences most favorable for spiritual growth notice that once the public meetings have been discontinued really that's just the beginning they need to be what surrounded by the influences that are most favorable to spiritual growth which is what or rather who it's you it's me it's everybody notice what she says one more she says here much depends upon the work done by hooves. Doesn't say the pastor does it but it says the member of the church in connection with and following the tent meetings that shall be held in our cities during the meeting many convicts are convicted by the spirit may be filled with a desire to begin the Christian life unless there is constant watchman assume a part of the workers who remain to follow up the interests again who's that that's the been members right the good impressions made upon the minds of the people will become indistinct So in other words you could have Mark Finlay you could have done the bachelor you could have John Bradshaw you could have Sean Boone straw or whoever else doing your meeting but if they can then and leave and the work of the members is not done it doesn't matter how good your evangelise is it's not going to be nearly as effective you see that So where's the greatest work lie lies in the hands of the members. The enemy full of subtle reasoning will take advantage of every failure on the part of God's workers to watch our souls as they must give an account now how do we gather up the fragments you know when Jesus I usually will but for sake of time I will usually talk about the story of Jesus feeding the 5000 and then they have fragments left over and Jesus said Gather up the fragments and they put them in the baskets and there were 12 baskets right one frees up the sign Yes And so how do we gather up the fragments at the end of the meeting Well number one we want to faithfully continue and attend the Phase 2 meetings right don't just think while the main meetings are over so we're done so now we can go on to back again once again back to our own lives but there is a phase 2 it's typically slower it's typically less intense maybe one or 2 nights a week we want to continue faithfully attending that and encouraging our visitors to to attend that as well correct one invite them to come Number 2 we would baptize the clear and baptize those who are ready to number 3 assigning mentors for new members even before they are baptized so every new member ought to have a what mentor and they begin going through want. But a cyber ship handbook right and then for those that have not been baptized there will be Bible study follow up and then hosting a special weekend in the new year following Jesus on prophecy now is an important thing that we kind of categorize those people that have come through our meetings and how do we categorize them I talked a little bit about this day of the day when you when you're actually in the meeting but what about after the meeting here's how we prioritize and categories number one those who are still faithfully attending those who make it all the way through those who start to come to phase 2 or the 2nd piece 2nd leg of the meetings those people are obviously still our number 11 priority number one interest right secondly I want to keep looking at my list of interests I have my list of interests and I see that there are those who have come all the way through and then there are those who maybe came to about half maybe they came sporadically so those who came to half or 2 thirds of the meetings but might have missed some key topics I want to go back and visit with those people and I want to connect with them and try to study the subjects with them that they have missed right so I'm trying to connect with them setting up a time to begin personal bible studies while still encouraging them to come to phase 2 all right number 3 those who came faithfully and the beginning but fell away and I told stories about this but I've had numerous people who come from like the 1st week of the meetings and then they just drop off the face of the earth and you know I've tried to reach out to them and they're not available that you can't get them you go to visit them in there and they're gone they're they're not at home you know I just keep at it until finally I catch them and they say oh yeah I. We're coming to that and you know they said yeah but you know I had to go out of town or I had to work a month of 2nd shift or whatever and I haven't been able to come but yeah I'm still interested I'd like to finish that series right so then I can get them the materials and they can watch the D.V.D.'s or they can watch the sea listen to the C.D.'s and I've had many people whom I've baptized by doing that don't just assume that if they stop coming after a week they're not interested there are things that happen in their lives there are situations and scenarios that Satan will stir up in their lives that will try to hinder them from coming so keep after those people make sense I had one lady that tell me she said one time rain was Katherine when I was in Traverse City and she told me had time she was there every night to see you know Pastor after this week I won't be here to run till the rest of the series to the very end she said because I have to go out of town for 3 weeks she says but I'll be back I want to I want to come and I see and I thought to myself Well yeah I've heard that line a 100 times and there will be a lot of people that will say that kind of thing and you won't see them again but you know sure enough she got back and she came back the night after she got home from her trip and after the meeting she finished the meetings and after that I studied with her all the subjects that she missed and she was baptized very faithful she actually gave up a very high paying job because they wanted her to keep the work on the Sabbath and she wouldn't do it and so the Lord really blessed her and so you can gain those interest and you know it's amazing how much when you keep going back through how much you can game number for those who came a few nights to a week now they came only a 1st unites I'm not following up with those people right away but as I've worked through the other names and I'm now a lot of name. I need and then I go back to those people and go follow up with them again Number 5 those who came only one night I mean sometimes people have no interests and oftentimes there's not a whole lot of fruit there but you can find people of that that are interested I mean sometimes they come one night and they're not real interested but between then and the time you visit them something happens in their life and you know they're more open now than what they were or maybe they just weren't in the rest of and that of they'd be interested in some other type of Bible studies and you never know but you want to make sure that every single name on your list will fall into one of these 5 categories and you want to make sure that you are following up with them and I don't give up on the wrong people until they tell me Look thank you but I'm not interested. I diligently follow up on those people and. And pursue them so what do we do with them well the 1st thing I do is all at the end of the series I'll mail them a letter you know you member how often do they get a letter in the meetings every single week right then at the end of the series I mail another letter. Offering them free Bible studies and inviting them to phase 2 now a lot of the letters fall on deaf you know Hearts but nonetheless they're getting the letters. And I offer them a free Bible study course and I include a Bible study offer a card and a way that they can mail it back or go to the website I don't know I like for people to have multiple options of responding not just go to the website so I put in a card I may make my own card and put it in there and then they can they can just mail it back to the churches p.o. box or whatever and then those people obviously I follow back up on and you may get if you have 20 people that attend you me may get 2 or 3 or 4 of those but none the less will follow them up right the 2nd thing I do is if I don't hear from them that way I confess it to him and I offer them the same thing and I start at the highest on the priority list and then I work my way down but the 5 categories I just showed you this presentation is on the Jesus on prophecy website so you can download it it's they are already Ok And so you don't have to stress about taking notes I see some of you to scrambling it's already there the website of the website the website Amen All right Thirdly I'll put every name on the Church interests mailing list as well as the church email list well why do I do that very simply because every time we host an event in the future what I want Hi I want to invite them right and you'll find that people will come if they ask me to take their name off I take it off but I put it on there so if Lisa 1st. Series. Well I mean you could add it yeah I would wait actually I would wait because if you're sending out all the stuff to the church you don't want that to interfere with whether you're trying to do during the meetings I wait to the end. And then you know whether it's a health then tore us or you know all parenting seminar whatever you're doing I always invite them to that and that's how you build that interest list then next year if you do a reaping meeting what are you going to do you know invite all those people right so that interest list just continues to grow right and eventually you just keep collecting those names now you know people will move in you'll have letters that come back and you just kind of keep up with that one take that off take them off as they come back but you know your personal ministry court leader or your interest coordinator should be the one that's monitoring that interest list Ok and keeping it up you can do it in a spreadsheet you can do it in you know disciples or however you want to do it but keep up with that we need to really eventually cost a lot of money but we need to either really find a really good interest tracking there was supposedly one that was made but we're going to what's at the site well the disciple type was not bad but it's. But it needs some work there was I forget the one that it was called My 10 or something like that but if we can get our hands on a good one we will. And then for mention continue of course sending them invitations to future events you know in the new year after Jesus on prophecy I like to host a special weekend and I'll invite you know maybe just a prophecy weekend or something and cover some subjects that maybe you didn't cover in the series and invite people to come to that and you'll find that you know you'll have some of those people that will come and then you make an invitation again for them to take bible studies and so it may not be as many as you had at the meeting but nonetheless you want to just keep on giving them that in the teeth imitation so don't let any pieces go to waste a man. And then. Make sure that you're following up on those folks here's a promise from Ellen White from the Lord I should say but why I wrote it in 1001 says a rich reward will be given to the true workers who put it all there is of them selves into the work there is no greater bliss on this side of heaven than in winning souls to Christ joy fills the heart as the workers realize that this Great Miracle could have never been wrought by human agencies but only through the one who love souls ready to perish when you lead a soul to Christ and you labored with them and you've prayed for them and you've given them Bible studies and you've Or you preach to meeting you see someone give their heart to the Lord and come into the church whatever that means is when you see the transformation take place in their lives you know that you couldn't have done that you know it's only the power of the Word of God you know that it's only the the living Christ within them that is appealing to them and drawing them in the Spirit of God influencing their hearts you know that it is not a thing that you've done yourself Amen I'm of you if you have that experience have you know that but you also know that that you have the joy of knowing that you have cooperated with God right you've been a coworker with him to draw all that soul to himself the Divine Presence is close beside every true worker making souls penance and thus the Christian Brotherhood has formed the worker and the now some of this the worker and those work for are touched with the love of Christ heart touches heart and the blending of soul with soul listen this is like the heavenly intercourse between Minister angels. Well that's an old word intercourse it means something different than it means now it is means fellowship between ministering angels and the bond that you will have with that person that you brought to the truth will be a connecting power that nothing and 7 or 8 and then they will become your spiritual children all right so let's. Let's talk now little bit about what's gaining decisions any question so far about the follow up yes. Her. Yes well those that have come to the events. Yeah and so. You know we have the person we have the person ministry weekend that we shared some of this where the G.'s some prophecy weekend we have the rallies I had a rally a Glock I had a rally at in the youth be I've talked about some of these things with our pastors a minister all retreat so and then all of it's available on the Internet so if I can do something more than help me but your. Stuff it's all of a lable you know it's all available to them now the materials yes yes yes. They'll be they'll be some I mean the minister retreat is we have a lot of other things that happened so it's so it's not always feasible. Yeah yeah. So I'm saying that many of our pastors do a wonderful job right there is one of them there's another one back there and so many of our pastors do a wonderful job of you know laboring and doing these things and here's the thing. These are principles I don't I don't say that a person has to do it exactly that way I give you principles and I give you specific ideas I'm not saying you must do it this way you must and so every pastor is going to have his own system and that's fine but as long as those things are covered you know there's 100 ways to do the right thing within the principle so I try not to mess with an individual pastor's system I give them ideas and principles and things and we have kind of format that we follow but really it's up to every individual pastor to to work with his team and his team work with him. And do those things Ok All right any other questions. So that one I just showed you is already there. Yeah I mean the pastors can access it now. One thing I do want to mention is that for phase 2 you know on the original schedule I have 3 different schedules that you can follow for the whole series each one gives at the end a different option for phase 2 schedule and I have the 1st few days on each one and then just recommending you can go you know to see if there is a whatever for the next several weeks. The content that you use for phase 2 is up to you I will have on the website soon a list of options that you can do. But there are many things to ultimately I want us to develop. A couple of our own options for phase 2 but that's down the road we're not going to have a ready for this time because there's just a lot of a hole he says things to do but there's a lot of good things I'll give you a couple verbal examples here unsealing Daniels mysteries by Mark Finley is a very good one. You know you could go through the millennium of prophecy from Bibles that we use and for Bible study offer you could just watch those videos and let people go through the lessons you can do. You know this we've done this before and unlock revelation the seminars unlimited study guides those are very nice it doesn't always have to have a video or a Powerpoint you can you know you can just do have somebody teach those you can go through the discipleship Handbook with people so there's lots of different options out there there's lots of video series out there now but I encourage you to make sure it's something where they can review the Biblical teachings that they learned during the series you know it's very important that they get that a 2nd time and it's repeated to them because in an environment where they can begin to ask questions and not just kind of sit through a seminar but that is more interactive because people you know if you have round tables or small groups or however you want to do it but make sure that people have that opportunity to ask and don't be afraid of those questions but engage them and talk to them and and and answer those questions from the Bible Ok make sure that their interests I mean have you know have some some popcorn juice and that kind of things not a sin to do that kind of stuff. You know if if I had my way all the church pews in every church would be burned Harry and I feel about that brother but I would burn all of them and we would have those chairs that hooked together and on talk about a lot of churches have those and when we did an evangelist series we'd put round tables in the sanctuary and we'd put everybody there and we did we might even do church that way I mean there's no thing in the Bible sort of process of this is everybody has to sit in rows are you going to have small so there's interactive fellowship together and and so you know try to do that if you have the the ability to do those tables they're much more conducive for that interaction that you want All right let's talk a little bit about decisions for a little bit. I have here on the slide show probably about I would say 7 or 8 hours worth of classes so we have about. 25 minutes to get through some going to go through something that most important things Ok but it just a quote here from steps of Christ she says many are inquiring how my make to make the surrender of myself to God desires for goodness and holiness are right as far as they go but if you stop here they will avail how much nothing many will be lost while hoping and desiring to be one so if you know somebody that just you know thinks or hopes that there are they're going to make it we're told that they won't why they do not I mean some people say well doesn't God just accept the inclination of a person just thinks finally of Jesus there's a lot of atheist I think finally of the person called Jesus but notice which he says they did not come to the point of the yielding to the will of God. They do not now want to choose to be Christians that is the difference between a Christian and every other person and that is the purpose of every meeting and every Bible study and every small group of whatever else that we do we are seeking to persuade people to yield themselves to God you know every truth that's in scripture whether it's salvation whether it's the Sabbath whether it's baptism or you know joining themselves with God's true church coming out of Babylon every topic boils down to people you willing themselves to Christ you understand this right and every little truth is just some different new ones of Jesus that he's inviting them to yield themselves to that makes sense and so really when we think about asking people for decisions we're really asking them to do is yield themselves to Christ you understand and each one of those things get can get very specific so it's typically one of the hardest things for people to do and a sermon because we don't why we don't want to do that or afraid of what they might say or how they might respond right I'm going to do this this way so I can do it faster the most important thing to remember concerning a decision as to what is to ask for one don't be so sure that they'll say no they might just say what yes here's a reminder that tomorrow is my wife's birthday. I don't need to be reminded I know but just in case I get busy I remind myself all right so I'm going to slip past this. I hate to slip past any of it but. And why here says every human being is given the freedom of want choice is to his is his to decide whether he will stand of the black band of rebellion or of the blood stain banner of Prince a manual with deep solicitude haven't watched the conflict between good and evil and so realize that most people will never make up their minds and accept truth without a struggle there's always going to be objections you understand always always always so what is an objection is an obstacle that people face if they encounter ideas contrary to their own way of thinking do a lot of people have their own way of thinking today they have their own ways their own sense their own ideas their own opinions and never have we lived in an age where a person's personal opinion is more prominent mean one little person in wherever small little small town USA can influence the whole world I mean it's mind blowing and the challenge with this concept is that everyone thinks they're right but everyone is usually wrong and most people are wrong because you know we have a different kind of we know what is true so 3 of the most common objections that people have when they come to meetings when it comes to certain truth is that collide with their way of thinking can be categorized in 3 things I call them the 3 P's pennies peers or their pastor and Penny Are you could add even a 4th one philosophy. Penney's They fear of losing their job because of you know keeping following on. Piers they may have opposition from their spouse of their friends or family and then they may have opposition from other people or other groups that they're associated with and so you know our job is to help people overcome those obstacles and to see Jesus as something that's more valuable than that obstacle to help them realize that Jesus is worth. Bypassing that obstacle or enduring even that obstacle right. So let me let me keep going here I want to get into some of the things I want to come here to the 4 levels of decision have you are aware of the 4 levels of decision how they are not aware of it all right some of you didn't raise your hand but I'm just going to assume that you're awake and listening still but whether you are deciding to join the remnant church the 7 they have in a church or you're a Baskin Robbins deciding which type of ice cream to buy you will always go through 4 levels of decision making before you make that decision you going to go through 4 categories that make sense Ok And we're going to talk about this this is basic psychology and it's very important that when we're visiting people during evangelist at meetings or in Jesus on prophecy or in viable studies that people we understand how people make decisions because they're not that we manipulate them but it helps us understand where their ads and where they need to go in etc etc So the very 1st level of decision is simply information what is it. Information and in the 1st level people are gathering the facts of a particular issue let's just suppose that I'm at the store and when I'm at the store I usually go through the clearance section of clothing or whatever and often that's where I buy my clothes I rarely pay full price for anything. My wife just laughs because I don't even when we were in our own house now when we used to rent I even would talk the renters down of their of the rent I would never pay the rent that they asked I always got them down I actually made this renters resume why I listed all the places that I have rented from and I list the benefits of having me as a renter we don't drink we don't smoke we had no pets at that time we've never been rent late on a payment we don't party we don't do any of these things and people are like wow this is like the ideal renter and I said Yeah I said So you know if it's worth it to you to have a very good renter then how about coming down you know $200.00 on the rent they'd be like well no one's ever asked me that before I said you never had a renter as good as before and they think about it and they'd say Yeah I think I can do that and say great I'm so glad so every place I've been I talked the renters down but anyway so I never pay full price for anything. And so maybe I'm Matt I'm at the you know I'm at the store and I see this shirt on clearance and I have to gather information about that shirt what kind of things what I gather about it. And initially the 1st thing is the price. Then what. What type of material is it because of certain types of material that may be hot or just I don't like maybe the color of the shirt I don't wear I don't like red because I have red hair growing up so I don't usually wear red clothes you know the color the size all these things I'm gathering to determine is it wise for me to buy this shirt or not right so let's just suppose that it's the right color it's the right size it's the right price and all those things does that guarantee that I'm going to buy that shirt No it doesn't it doesn't at all and then times we think if we could just give people the information they need a break could just give them the truth then they'll make that decision right I mean I remember when I 1st became an Adventist I had listen I listen to these cassette tapes of this evangelists back in 2000. 2 is when I was baptized and there was a Vangelis from mazing faceted just been at the church where I was at and I got his because said tapes and I listened to them all 3 times and I felt like he had such a clear and compelling presentation on the Sabbath I thought to myself I had this friend that I was in school with I was in college at the time and I said to my face I thought was thinking of this friend who was also a Christian but he was a Sunday Christian I thought if he could just listen to this tape there was no way in the world that he could deny this and he would totally accept it begin keeping the Sabbath so I gave him the tape and I said hey I want to listen he listened to it and he said. Whatever you know he wasn't really impressed and I thought man how could someone turn away from such interesting information right I mean it was mind blowing to me but information will never cause anyone to make a decision there so it makes sense people today get all kinds of information so it's important that we don't cough for a decision until adequate information can be given Now if you look at the Bible you will find that there are Bible tax for each level of decision on every topic so I'm going to just quickly use the Sabbath what would be an information text on the Sabbath just give me one of you to set the commandment Exodus traffic 20 verses 8 through 11 right it tells you when the Sabbath is it tells you what to do it tells you what not to do it declares God is the creator gives you lots of information doesn't it but we have to be careful about information overload what would that be it would be too much you can't give people too much information because what happens. They shut they begin to shut off right so in we also have to be careful something called program non response where when we give them information continually we can actually never ask them for a decision so how do I know when it's the right time to give someone information well there's a 2nd phase that happens to me Come the best me just say this the best way to avoid information overload is to number one reveal truth how gradually don't overwhelm people with multiple topics at one time now if I remember when I 1st became a Christian I would gather students when I was in school and I would invite them over for lunch and I would give them the whole 3 engines message in like 2 hours I mean I would be sitting on my couch and I'd start off sitting in the chair but I get so excited I did of standing up and before I realized I was stoned enough preaching to them and I would tell them everything I would to know about the sabbath than the an across the mark of the beast and all these different subjects. While they were just sitting there trying to enjoy spaghetti dinner and they just have information overload and so the other way to avoid that is by clearing up questions after covering important truth now the 2nd level of decision making is conviction what is conviction. What is it. Well it's it's a kind of a. Kind of a sense that this is the right thing to do. And I begin to feel a drawing towards what God wants me to do the decision he wants me to make in the Holy Spirit is working in my heart and he's making me aware that this is more than just information this is truth and there's a there's a battle that begins to take place in the heart right there's a tension that takes place because I realize that this is the right thing to do and I should do it but then I start thinking about all these other things that are in my life that may conflict if I do do it that makes sense so it's of the where ness and wrestling with which decision to make in this is only the Holy Spirit's work and so the voice of God begins to speak to the conscience as I make sense now I can't remember if I have the in this one the signs of conviction yes I do. Let me just read this 1st the most important element necessary for a person to make a true decision is that of conviction without conviction no one will be brought to make a decision for God to realize that if a person is not convicted they will not choose Christ and where does conviction come from. It comes from the Holy Spirit but through also a combination of the Spirit revealing truth which is found where in the Bible so most people. Will not experience conviction until they actually open and study the Bible in most cases you just talking to somebody is not going to bring conviction that's why it's so important that we study the Bible with people and we invite people to evangelists to Queens because public evangelism is a great place for people to be able to x. be in an atmosphere where the Word of God is being preached and the Holy Spirit is working and conviction begins to take root in the heart that makes sense now going on here there are positive and negative signs of conviction Have you ever met somebody that's convicted I'll tell you when I when I 1st became a Christian I went to Africa and I came back and I was in my home church the 1st sermon I'd ever preached the year before I came back was probably one of the worst sermons you've ever heard I stood up in the pulpit and I cleared my throat about every 10 to 12 seconds like this. And I just read that sermon and I kept thinking man I just wanna preach like Mark Finley or Doug bass or without any notes and so I looked up and I said I'm just going to say whatever comes to my mind and I looked up and nothing came to mind. There was just total quiet and people were looking at me and I was looking at them and in Africa minutes I just looked back down and started reading my notes again but when I got some training and the war began to help me grow I came back and I could preach in a different way than I remember at that particular sermon my dad came and listened to me preach so my dad is not a Christian I love him but he does not live a Christian life the you know he'll say that he tries but. He's does not he resists God And many ways and he was there I remember when I preached on the 2nd coming of Jesus and I preach He's coming soon and after that sermon I stood in the back shaking the hands of the people made an appeal and a number of people came forward I was praying that my dad would come for but he didn't and at the end of the sermon I was shaking the hands of my dad was pushing his way through the food the people and when I saw him coming I stuck out my hand and he just pushed right past me and ran out the door and I followed him out the door and he went around the side of the church and he literally sprinted all the way down the side of the church jumped in his truck and left and I would you say my dad was convicted he was convicted so there's differing forms of conviction some are positive I mean people might the might be a lightning lighting up of the face you've probably seen people do that they say oh something just clicks there might be certain questions there might be tears there are positive attitude change that begins sharing there's all kinds of positive indicators then there are sometimes negative no my dad had some of these he's running away a restless NASA rejection and anger objections there might be all these different ways of conviction but you typically know when a person is convicted yes or no I mean you can just see it now here's where most people either in a visit Aurora or a Bible study or whatever Here's where most people fail when it comes to visitation when somebody has enough information they will become want. Convicted unless their heart is just hard as rock and God may have to use another means to break that up but what if people are open and sincere when they begin to have enough information about a certain truth of the Bible they will become convicted and however that is expressed may be different ways positive or negative but most people most Adventists and some pastors and preachers and others they see that conviction and they say oh boy Sal's convicted and then what do they do well sometimes they don't do anything you're right sometimes they just say well I'm just going to wait for him to tell me he was going to decide to do this that will never happen but what most people do in a visit or whatever is they will think to themselves all he needs more information. And so they will say well Sal you know then they'll give him another 20 Bible verses on the Sabbath but so what are they doing they're not moving forward they're actually doing one of the going backwards you understand and so I've now piled more information upon Sal and now he gets to where he has information overload and what happens to conviction when you get information overload it tends to dissipate and they begin to reject and even sometimes resent that information that makes sense so we don't want people moving backwards when they'd come under conviction we want them moving forward to the 3rd step of decision making the 3rd step Well let me just. There's some helpful tips during conviction people respond positively some people respond positively to conviction right away realize that sometimes people have negative reactions in their conviction don't take it was it personally but be a friend during this time take the time to explain to them why they're feeling this way I've had people say to me when they come in a conviction I feel like you're judging me oh no gods just. As God is judging them right and I'm just trying to lead them along so how do we care a conviction sharing the Bible simply earnestly and clearly asking questions always refer to what God is saying not what you think or believe this keeps their attention focus on the word instead of yours use silence to let people think sometimes you ask them a question and they'll be silent and they might be silent for 30 seconds and you'll have this itching feeling I should probably say something no you shouldn't when I ask people question I've sat there for 10 minutes in silence waiting for somebody to respond and eventually they do don't be afraid of silence when you ask those convicting questions show them how the Bible applies them personally and how God is speaking to them so. The 3rd level of decision is desire so when they're in that state of conviction we want them to move not backwards to more information but forward in desire in other words we want their desire to follow Jesus to do want. To increase we want that desire to increase so in the 3rd level this is the stage where a person sorts out their own feelings based upon the decision that they know that they have to make so what is typically going on they're thinking about all of the obstacles in the difficulties that they're going to face if they make that decision so we need to help them see that bottom line I would say more about this but were bought out of time the bottom line is we want them to see that the benefits they will gain by following Jesus are greater than the things the potential loss of not following him or rejecting Him You see so I use oftentimes what I call the mini max principle which is where I minimize the what the negative and maximize the positive right you know just a quick example of this is you know somebody may I have other examples here and I'll post this on the website One example is I'll say to somebody you know rather you could you could I know that you're getting pressure at home from your spouse about this issue about following Jesus to keep the Sabbath or whatever and you know you could walk away from the truth that Jesus is revealing to you but you know any truth that is really truth comes from Christ because Jesus said I'm the way the truth and the line and you can walk away from this truth but if you walk away from this truth you know it's not just some concrete pillar of thing that you're walking away from you're walking away from Jesus Himself because He is the truth all truth is it was revealed through him now you could reject this truth and keep the peace in your home. You could do that and you might have peace in your house but you'll never have peace in your heart to yield to Christ and sometimes I'll say do you want your spouse to know Jesus and all the things that you learned and they always say well yes of course and I say then what do you think the best opportunity for them to know that truth is they know the answer it's for what they themselves to follow the truth yes so I say Brother think about all that you gain with Jesus. A maximizing the benefit think about all that you gain with Jesus and Jesus is calling you today to follow Him Now sometimes people church members will say well you're pressuring people while no I'm presenting to them. The reality in the seriousness of the either accepting or rejecting Jesus and the truth that he's presenting to them and it's not you know I don't pressure people into a decision but let me tell you I'm not going to have their blood on my hands because I didn't present to them all the truth you understand Paul said you know to the to the to the church he said you know far be it from me that I didn't share with you everything that she says Kate me I have to do that you understand is still their decision all right going on right quickly there are also let me just say this in the conviction level the level 2 there are certain texts that can bring conviction to the heart there are certain information tax and there are certain conviction texts thinking of the Sabbath we only have time I'd love to go through several topics with you and show the different stipes of texts but what would be a tax for the say the Sabbath. That would bring conviction to the heart people said well you know I just don't really think it's that big of a deal to keep the Sabbath Well I I could say well God thinks it is a big deal or I could use one but by then you just said the text that I had in mind there are many but there's the one John 1415 why if you love me and I asked them I'll ask them to read that text for me and what does that text do it creates conviction because it puts there that tension if I love Jesus he expects a certain response from me if I love my wife she expects me to demonstrate that love if I tell her I love her all day right but I don't do anything that I know pleases her then have I really loved her I've just spoken empty words but love always demands a response in a demonstration so that conviction comes when I use those Bible verses to bring conviction now what we don't want to do is we don't we don't want to beat people over the head you know if we don't. The wrong kind of texts would be if any man and Revelation 14 of many men you know receives the mark of the beast so be tormented forever and ever I mean that's not the kind of text then we want the text to build conviction from relationship with Christ you understand that Ok Now those texts have a time and place but not in that type of thing so what about desire real quickly what would a text on desire look like. A text that would demonstrate the benefit of following Jesus right it would increase that desire if you think of a text for the Sabbath specifically how Baio were ha. Where he says it call the Sabbath a lie and you do not trample it or turn your foot away from it but if you do it oh I'll cause it right on the high hills of the earth where there's a blessing that comes with what about tithing you know if you return a time I'll open the windows of heaven Malakai after 3 and you understand that principle right and then the last level is what is action where the person based upon the information that they have the conviction that they're bearing in their heart the desire that is there for Christ by the grace of God They make a decision that makes sense so when a person has adequate information conviction desired fall Jesus they will make the right decision if they're lacking in one of those things that's likely to make the opposite decision to make sense so in your visitation I mean I wish I could go through all of this stuff with you it's very helpful but in your visitation during Jesus on prophecy you keep these 4 categories in your mind and you ask yourself where are they now would you spare me 2 minutes to show you some quick questions that you can ask all right here are some questions that will at that will help you with this so your visitation Let's say I'm visiting them after particular subject I'll ask them was that subject new to you so for instance the Sabbath was it new to you and they may say well. No I had a grandmother that was. 7 And they were. 7 day advent and you're thinking to yourself one huh and they'll say oh I remember that she always kept She wouldn't work on Saturdays she always went to church you know is that a good thing yeah but if they say oh it's completely new to me I've never heard this before my life in fact I'm angry that no one ever told me I've had people tell me that many people then I'll ask them the question was it clear from the Bible was it clear from the Bible that 7 days the Sabbath was a clear from the Bible that God the Creator of heaven and earth etc etc and they'll say Yes yes it was clear and that tells me they have enough what. Information if it was clear and they understand it they may say well no you know most of it was clear but I had this one question about this one text collages 2 it says Let no man judge you a new moon or Sabbath and I'm not I don't understand that then what do I do well is take a look at there from the Bible let's answer that let's see what the Bible says right then I'll answer up those questions is it clear now once with answer that question been Thirdly Have you considered or begun thinking about keeping the Sabbath being baptized becoming a part of God's in time whatever the subject is right what does that tell me and in this question comes it tells me if if they're beginning to sense the spirit of God moving them right so these 2 questions go together do you sense God Calling you to make that decision made if you say if you sense God Calling you to keep the Sabbath they may say yeah yeah I've thought about it all oh good right then I say do you sense God Calling you to make the decision in your life to follow that truth and I've had people say to me that they went like this and they went No not really. That means they're not what. So I may need a little more or they may need a tax that will bring conviction if it was clear to them yeah it made sense to me then what they need is one conviction so I need a tax is going to bring the conviction so I may take them a John 1415 Hey Jesus said If you love me keep my commandments you know Mary Bill I don't have any doubts that you love Jesus you will Jesus don't you what does Jesus say that if we love him we should do to keep his commandments Bill and Mary do you understand that love expects a response so if you were to refuse God in keeping His commandments what would that demonstrate to him was the answer. That we don't maybe we don't have a love for him like we thought would you like to tell Jesus today would you like to make a decision that you would honor him and demonstrate that love for him right so ask them the last question were 5 Is there anything preventing you from making that decision and that lets me know if there is a want they may say all well you know I have a work problem or I have this problem you know I talk to my wife about this and she just does not want me to do that is going to ruin our Saturday afternoon you know going out to eat with our friends or whatever and then we can work through those things but do you see how those questions will help people understand all right we got a close here. But just remember that whenever you're doing the visitation these 4 levels I'm going to post the rest of this online and you can have those and look through those slides but there's a wonderful book that I want to encourage you to get and maybe I'll just I have a p.d.f. copy all posted on the Web site as well it's called persuasion by Mark Finley and all of these principles are there in the book on these are not things that I discovered I have learned them from other people but I found them to be very effective in doing that visitation we have to be very gentle with people not pushing them too hard but not being afraid to lead them along in that decision making process Ok All right let's pray together Father in heaven we thank you so much for this opportunity we ask your Holy Spirit to be with us as we continue to labor and move forward with Jesus on prophecy may you help us Lord help others to find you as they're reaching out into the darkness they're looking for hope and answers to life we just pray that your spirit would move them towards you and we know that all these things can only be done in the mind of your strength so we pray your grace and your wisdom and your spirit to guide us in every step of Jesus' name we pray Amen this media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more service leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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