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Michigan Conference 2020 Cuba Mission Trip

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan




  • June 20, 2019
    9:45 AM
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Father in heaven we thank you so much for this opportunity and thank you so much for the privilege of gathering together people thank you Lord for the passion for a mission that's in the heart of each person that's here a willingness to serve and be used by you to transform the lives of others to lead people to Christ to minister to their needs and draw them towards eternity so now we pray that you'll bless us as we visit together about this trip and maybe a lot of questions in people's minds we pray that you will help us to be able to answer those thoroughly and efficiently so we ask for your spirit now in Jesus' name amen I just want to mention that we have 2 different brothers with us today elder Darrell Bentley who's pastor of the Metro Church in Detroit and also elder Cory Hertha was he sucked out from an alley right back and he pastors the Warren church and these 2 brothers work together they are a volunteer coordinator through quiet hour and that's who we partner with from the conference here to be able to. Carry out these trips and so we'll be working together so at any time down the road on the back of your flyer of theirs their information my information and you'll be able to call any one of us what I want to start with today just give you a kind of a picture of where we're going here. Tell you man when I need stuff nothing works for me let's try this here we go all right yes. Yes I'll explain what I want to do here in a minute so my plan today is to share a brief report with you from the last mission trip we took as a conference to walk a sacrament you remember seeing that last summer we talked about that we had information session here and then Pastor Hurkos going to give us a presentation on Cuba and what we're going to expect and some information there and then we want to answer your questions and then we're going to encourage you to sign up for the trip and pay are $2000.00 today and I'm just getting. We have a Google form that you can sign up to be on the information less Now some of you may already say I know I want to go I'm already sold on that and that would be great. Quiet hour will soon have up the sign up sheet but they don't quite have that yet so we're going to make do with a Google form and then. They do have it now Ok. Hey beautiful here. Perfect that's even better. Ok I didn't I didn't realize that yeah absolutely all right so 2 of the things we need to do after that is I want I'll have flyers for you to take back to your churches and share with your churches and encourage others from your church or you have friends or relatives or whoever to sign up and be a part of this trip and then the last thing will be don't let me forget we need to at the end of our meeting today take these chairs and fold them up and lean against the back wall Ok that's the last thing yes yes. You do not you do not have to be an ad then asked But we'll talk we'll talk about that so if you have questions hold them to the Question Time because we may answer them during the 2 presentations and then if you still have questions we'll come back and answer those All right so what I want to do is just start with giving you a little report of the last trip that we took to walk he a 2nd door it was a very fantastic trip and Pastor Corey or or Darryl you guys can feel free to jump in any time. This is just one of the shots we took from up on a hill one of the beautiful shots of the of the city and the living conditions for many of the people there are what you would expect in a no less than 1st world country so in the homes I visited you know people had dirt floors and you know all those kind of things big gaping holes in the roof were the mice really came in and out and those kind of things those were the homes of the people that we visited this was our group here we had almost 40 I think was 37 people total that we had and it was a wonderful group some of you are back in here right now ready for Cuba so it was just a thrilling experience a real life changing experience every mission trip that you go on I mean you have ever been on a mission trip Ok so most of your all of you I think. For veterans so you know the experience that you gain there it's unlike anything else. And the people of course were very warm and welcoming and each morning we had daily worship's and we would get our assignments and Eller Bentley let out those worships each morning and the people were always there it's always good to start with that then each day we'd have a daily evangelism training I just take about 510 minutes 15 minutes or so to just give some very fundamental principles of what we were doing there that you can then take home and use where you're at and I remember there was one of the lady she's not here today but she wrote me back and she said she wrote me just several months ago maybe in February or so and she said I'm preaching my 1st sermon today and she said I'm just so excited about all of the Lord's been doing in my life and she was more involved in active in her local church when she got home. So one of the things that we do is a medical clinic or Eye Care Clinic and it was very exciting because in 5 days of clinics we serve over 700 people we serve 5 different churches in the area and this is a picture from the 1st day we were there we got to the church and out in front of the church there was about 4 or 5 people and we said Oh Wow how nice there's we got there about 30 minutes early I think it was there are there's a few people here already that's really wonderful and we go in and then we you guys are laughing because you were there we went around the corner and we saw all this I mean there was just people as like 100 people already there waiting for us excited for what we're going to share with them so we did a number of things we had several medical professionals we had nurses and one physician and various other people that had medical training we did. Vitals care and there were some physician counseling I mentioned more than 700 people serve and I asked our doctor and nurses how much medical care they would guess that we gave out and we gave out around 150000 dollars worth of medical care very exciting and more than 300 Bible study request we had a form or people could check off if they were in a rest of Bible studies and people check that off it was very wonderful to see them signing up for that and then several of those people came to the meetings that we had throughout the week so here's just a few pictures of them taking the glucose testing in there is generally they're doing the I care and they were people who had the opportunity to get tested for reading glasses not prescription glasses but reading glasses and you know all the times people had their 3 year old kids in there are saying all my kid needs glasses but we serve a lot of people that really did need them and there were some people one lady said You know I'm going to start reading my Bible now that I. See the pages in the words again so we had a really wonderful experience with that these are the glucose and vitals sign signs that people are taking this was our physician Dr Joe and some of our nurses and the people we're just very thankful we also did a benevolent work a number of our volunteers brought suitcases full of stuff down to Ecuador and we had a table set up so when they went through all the clinic they could go up there and we had brand new clothes and undergarments and all kinds of hygiene all. Hand sanitizer into the brushes into pace and the people were very excited you can see we when we got to walk there an Ecuadorian we went to the top floor of the hotel and we and we laid all the stuff that everybody brought out on the tables and then we divided it all up equally among the churches and each day would take a couple of suitcases full of stuff and the people were just very happy you can see the generosity of our people these are off stuff from people from Michigan that brought in other places and so there's. Just thrilled to see the young people's hearts that's me there but I cut my head off. Intentionally We also had spiritual counseling and prayer people were invited to take bible studies and many people were just so open to prayer they wanted to have that prayer are to 2 of our good leaders pastors Darryl and Corey are walking down the street everybody else is on the bus and they were walking in this guy comes walking down the street he's just like a little laser beam this zipping around and he's looking around he says What do you guys do in here what is this and so they started to tell him what we were doing you know we're hosting some. You know some medical clinics some various things helping the churches and the people the city and he just whips out a tripod with sad a camera and throws his thing up and he says I want to do. News story he was from the local news and so he interviewed bear on Corrie and he put that on the news broadcast that evening very powerful so our our our efforts were actually broadcast across the entire city very exciting then we had a construction project we had a couple crews that were doing various things we did completed a baptistry that was actually used on the 2nd series set or the 2nd Sabbath of the meetings and then as it was used just right after was built we built some that we'd actually end up in the bathrooms we did the something for them. If they finish what we started so we started those and then the church just finished them a man and then we did a little. We financed it yes absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. It is. Now. Yeah that's right. We finally got her and then we did a little pad for the one of the churches so they could host some of vents and you know you guys that have been on trips know the construction is much slower their different methods that they use that we used to use the don't we don't use anymore. All prove just like that one right there that's Oh sure proved right there and. So you ever see that there is see that mime on Facebook that says the this is why men live shorter lives than women there you go let's go. Out of it so there's that pad that we poor it was a really explore wonderful experience here's the baptistery that ended up being completed and there's the backside of that and then it was used that next Sabbath for baptisms I think you did the baptisms. Yes. Amen amen we made it so each evening that we would do the clinics and the construction work in the daytime and then in the evenings we would have a Vangelis sic meetings Health talks and not leave E.B.'s for children and so the children would calm and they would round up their friends from the community and they'd com and they'd do crafts and songs and Bible stories and so forth then we'd have those evangelists at meetings each night as I mentioned some of the churches were very big in nice and beautiful and then other churches were small rural or not I would say rural but more of the outlying area churches what's a more rustic more you know pioneer ish and. Kind of a glorified tent almost And yeah that's right and some of the neighborhoods were you know questionable but the Lord kept our people this was a my site this is Crystal from Detroit Farmington and she was doing the Health talks did a wonderful job each one for me and we had a good full house there most evenings and then we'd preach the meetings and at the end of those meetings we had several speakers. Les speakers I didn't have any pictures of other speakers that's why I put myself in there because my wife made the slideshow. Or she made the original one and I tweeted let's be clear I did do something more than talk. But it was a real blessing because we had a lay people that were preaching the 3 inches messages a man calling people to choose Christ's calling people to choose his truth to follow his truth to keep the Sabbath and be a part of God's in time church and you may be thinking to yourself Well I I don't know if I could do that on my go and help with the children but God may call you to preach and if he does that I'm telling you you'll Ulick's and you're willing to yield to it he'll give you a power that you can't even imagine Amen and so we at the end we had $27.00 baptisms and several more that were preparing and who had made decisions and it was a wonderful time I mean we could tell you a lot of different stories but the Lord really blessed there was the 4 pastors that were from Michigan NASA Richardsons and here again joining us he wants to go to Cuba so that was our experience there in Ecuador we could say more but it was pretty exciting sort of next conference trip is going to be in March of next year 4 to Cuba and. 2020 yeah I forgot to change that so it'll be next year not this year but next year. And. I'm going to let pass or her full come up and talk a little bit about how that trip is going to be so what I'm excited about is that. You don't need that is that. You know. What I'm excited about from the conference and it is that we want people to goal on the trip and have a good experience and have a wonderful time but more importantly we want them to come back not just saying wow that was a great experience maybe another couple 2 or 3 years I'll do that again but we want people to actually be so transformed that they say hey I've got a mission right here in my local church and my community where I'm at God wants me to labor for him and come back and be excited about the mission and in their church and be involved in that and be willing to be used by God not just there but also here Amen and so that's our goal for this trip is to yes have a great experience there to be able to transfer that here and so that you can know that God will use you everywhere so over her thought to talk to us about the other put this on. It is if it's since we got here Ok. Yes they will. All right so as. As has already mentioned we are going to. Cuba that's what the Cuban flag is there for March 2020 and so the dates you have were right March 11th through the 22nd that means that you will leave out from your home airport how many of you would if you go would fly from Detroit just just a show of hands Ok how many would be Grand Rapids Ok so the majority would be Detroit Grand Rapids the price could fluctuate a little bit depending on which airport that you choose generally out of Michigan quiet hour has attempted to get us to go out of Detroit because they tend to get the better deals but if you have to do Grand Rapids I'm sure that can be worked out and we'll just have to look at that as it comes so so in this context when we do these trips with Mission conference West is the liaison between all of you and Michigan conference for planning these things and Pastor Bentley and I are the liaison for quite our ministry and so we're kind of representing the quiet hour which is who our sponsor ministry is for these trips and we use quiet hour because of course they give us the framework and the infrastructure in order to make the trip happen they're the ones that are procuring visas when when necessary and yes when you go to Cuba you must have a religious visa in order to go there they handle all of the preparation as far as booking your trip you don't have to go online and book anything they have a they have a great travel agent the handles all of that it gets the best deals and so that's why we go through quiet hour so that's why I have their little symbol up here just as a reminder so we're going to Cuba how many of ever been to the island of Cuba before Ok so some of us in here have been so wonderful place to visit I've been there about 6 or 7 times now at this point I've spent my all of my time pretty well in the eastern portion of Cuba which from about here over these 2 major cities Camaguey and all gain I'm very familiar with the pastor Bentley has been with me to and we. Kind of Colette a trip back couple years ago there have also been up to have an a I drove in a car from Camaguey up to Van and that was an interesting ride but I had a good time but this time around we're going to be going to this province right here called Los Tunis and I've put a little arrow here this is the city of Las Tunis but there's also a province with the same name same with Camaguey you have the city of Camel where would you have any problems of Camaguey there in Cuba what our goal is this point Cuba limits the the country of Cuba the government of Cuba limits missionary groups to only $25.00 visas per team so what we are trying to do if we get much more than that say this last time we had $37.00 people signed up for walk Iason not all $37.00 were Michigan people but let's say we get about 40 people signed up then what we would do is we would split that in half and 20 of those people would go to one city in the province of Los Tunis and the other 20 would go to another city so that we worse we're doing separate missions and we have basically 2 trips and one would be led by me and one would be led by Pastor Bentley and that's that's kind of the goal that we're looking for because otherwise you know if we get $27.00 people signed up we probably just have to say you know $25.00 of those get to go on the trip but we have to work something out but we're trying to get it enough that we can actually have 2 viable teams and go to 2 very few places the 2 places that we've discussed at this point are the city of last 2 minutes and then also another smaller town called Port the pod area which just means port of the father you could say your father port there in the in the region or province of last 2 minutes for those of you have not been to Cuba prior to now Cuba is a blast from the past it is really unlike any other country in the western part of the world they still embrace a communistic minds. That the government is communism now they'll tell you it's a socialist republic but it is communism all the way things are very rigid as far as what the government allows and does not allow And we do our best to always be very respectful and mindful of those things and we try to educate you the best we can so if you sign up for the trip I'm not going to go through all those details now but if you sign up for the trip we have a pretty pre-treat conference calls where we give you orientation prior to and we give you all the nitty gritty details about what to expect and what not to expect what to say and what not to say and those types of things it's very important especially going through customs as we're well aware going through customs and immigration there in the airport things that you do not say and things that you do say in order to make your experience there in the airport as smooth and enjoyable as possible what we have found is that the people of Cuba the culture of Cuba is a very warm and very open culture they're very happy to see you come they're very eager to chat with you one for instance when I have been in Cuba before the 1st couple of times I was there I'm always intrigued by how the kids look when they're dressed for school because they have these uniforms and they look just so meticulous in their uniforms and they'll come out of school and they go you know they get this long break for lunch they're in school like all day from morning until late in the union but they have this big break in the middle of the day and they come out in the come to the park where you're sitting or whatever and they're out there trying to get on wife by themselves or they get a little lunch from someplace and there's been times where I've shouted to a group of kids I'm a complete stranger here I am you know they know I'm not one of them and I'll shout to this group of kids and say hey can we take a picture together now you know in the United States if we did that I'd probably get arrested 1st of all but but 2nd of all kids would look at you like what you know and you'd have to beg them and you'd have to force them and coerce someone you got to get close and you know didn't tell them all this but in Cuba you say that and these kids will be 30 of them and they just jump into perfect poses and they get right there and they're just ready for their. Pictures we've taken so it's just a neat culture in that regard it's a very affectionate culture you will find when you visit the churches we visit people in their homes before you leave and we get there before you leave your greeted with a kiss on the cheek. And that is very much part of their culture and if you if you don't do it it's sort of like oh what's what's wrong if we've done something to offend you and so so they're very much that's that's their culture so if you go just expect that and it's not something that's unusual there are some facts that I want to share with you about Cuba itself the population of Cuba is actually just a little bit more than the state of Michigan it's a leaven point for 8000000 according to 2018 demographics is the population of the entire island. See here religion just to break it down for you 60 percent of the island is Roman Catholic All right say that. Yeah supposedly But we know how that is it's even the same here in the States when it comes to Catholicism 25 percent of the island would just be considered secular or non-religious so that's 85 percent your make up 10 percent are non-Christian but they are religious So there's a lot of there's actually a lot of paganism in spiritualism on the island of Cuba you'd be surprised but there's a lot of that that goes on I haven't encountered it so much but you will find little you'll find little images and things around in different places. And write. More city that's right. That's right. Yeah the more that you go up that direction that's correct and then 5 percent the final 5 percent would be considered products and they have every every facet of Protestantism you could find the admission is growing very rapidly in the island of Cuba and I'm very excited to see that they're very open to the gospel message they're very receptive to the truth as it is in Jesus and so that has been an exciting thing as we've been there to see the reception and we always get loads of baptisms every time we go to Cuba Cuba is interesting because they're very structured in how they prepare people for baptism the cumin administers you don't just come to a set of meetings and go through and say yeah I agree and then you're baptize there are 3 months it's compulsory 3 months of baptismal preparation classes that take place before someone gets into the baptistery because they want to make sure that people understand what it is they're committing to so any baptisms that we have done when we've been in Cuba are not just people that are fresh in off the street coming to our meetings they have been doing Bible studies they've been coming to Sabbath school they've been learning these things and then they come to the meetings and our meetings are sort of that final reaping thing for them so the people there are doing a lot of groundwork and a lot of mission work on. Already in their own their own area. That's correct so as we come in those people that do come in off the street that's right they are the ones then that are waiting for the next wave of that to happen the last time that Pastor Bentley and I were there and all game which was in 282-017-2017 we I did about 20 baptisms one evening one Saturday night I did 20 in the baptistry that morning how many did you do. 1010 or 12 and that was just in one location and there were some others going on in satellite locations so you always have a lot of people that are receptive and that always feels good when you complete a mission and you see people grounded in and making those decisions and those of you I mean I think most of you raise your hand so you're in missionaries before so you know that feeling continuing on the average monthly salary this is where Cuba is just totally different than anything that I've ever experienced outside of the United States for a physician for instance the average monthly salary for a physician in 2019 is 48 u.s. dollars per month now that's up that's almost double what it was about 6 or 8 years ago but so. Yes So things are just really moving along great right but today you have $48.00 a month an attorney makes about $42.00 u.s.d. a month the currency in Cuba there are 2 currencies in Cuba you have the Cuban peso which is their regular That's what they get and that's the local national currency the Cuban peso it's worth about $25.00 to $1.00 bill so $25.00 Cuban pesos to one u.s. dollars so you can kind of do the math and figure out what they're earning in their in their money the thing is things are not just necessarily cheap for them so that it's down on this scale that makes sense there are some things that make sense and and with the way that food and different things are rationed you know they get by somehow but you're never going to get wealthy on a salary in Cuba period that's just how it is schoolteachers make around $37.00 u.s. dollars per month and we thought our teachers were underpaid pastor gets around $33.00 u.s. dollars per month and then your general laborer gets about $22.00 u.s. dollars a month so just gives you kind of an idea of what these individuals get to live off of and what they have month by month this is not Weekly this is a monthly salary in order to survive but here's what is so amazing about the Cuban people is that what you will find is they are some of the most resourceful people that you have ever met they. Matter of fact when we were there in again and we took the group to the. The excursion and we'll talk about that in just a moment what that entails but we went on an excursion with the group and we had several of the local people we try to get as many of the local people on our excursions as we can because they're working hard to they're right there in the fray shoulder to shoulder with us and we want to reward them for their hard work as well so we had a room that we had rented at this all inclusive resort for the day and we were. Out there enjoying the pool in the buffet and all that sort of thing and I came into the room to change my clothes and there was a whole bunch of people in the room because they're just trying to enjoy this room that they would never get to see otherwise and we were talking I got into a conversation with a lady about the resourcefulness if you will of the Cuban people and how they are able to just use anything and she goes oh yes of course for instance and there's the like this little it looked like an end table but it was just this like Cube White Cube that stood about a high and it was about it was just wide as it was just a cube that sat on the floor and she was how for instance this could be a dinner table it could be a seat it could be a foot rest and she starts demonstrating for me what everything that they would use a point of course she's laughing I mean they've got a really good spirit about it but the point is they are very resourceful because they realize what they have to do so what our mission is for these trips is 1st and foremost the main focus of what we do is to go and preach the Gospel and we do this in 2 ways you heard Wes mentioned that we go and we have Health talks so we do health evangelism and we assign a person each night to each location that each night will present a very general topic on health now we're not going to these countries to bring chip Ok these people aren't ready for that but what we are doing is we're coming there to talk about why it's important to eat less sugar why diabetes is a huge problem and how to avoid that and how to reverse it we come there and talk about why it's important to get plenty of good clean water in your in your diet or in your life every day the importance of exercise where they're just talking about the basics you know why it's important not to smoke it's incredible in Cuba I mean these people they have a long jetty really they live a long time but they all smoke you know you see people have smoking constantly everywhere smoking and drinking. And so I think that the only reason why they either they've got really good genetics or it's because they walk and ride bicycles like everywhere they go so I mean and they work a lot of physical labor so I think it offset some of those poor habits but we're there to try to help them through some of those things and offer them a better alternative in that regard the children's ministry program is a v.b. style program and here's what I love about doing these with quiet hour quiet hour will supply for you all of the materials so if you're going to be a health prisoner you will have all of the Health talks in the materials presented for you now it's the raw material and you get to work with that how you want to do it you can you can pare it down you can you know you can add things to it whatever but they're giving you the materials and the basic tools necessary to do it if you're preaching the sermons they supply you with the powerpoint sermons you will want to bring your own computer quiet hour is actually in the process right now of transitioning everything to streamline everything so that everything is run from i Pad type tablets and they're going to send a small projector and a tablet with everybody that has everything in it so that you can operate and function that way that's what they're working towards They're not quite there yet but it's a big project to do that but at this point at least as of today maybe by the time we go to Cuba the whole transition but as of today they supply you with a Power Point presentation that you put on to your computer and or computer that you borrow from someone and you will present from there like I have told many people if you are able to read and articulate you can preach I had a lady from the Warren church she used to she was a member of mine in the previous district and then when I moved she moved and became a member of Warren and she is in her mid seventy's or late seventy's 1st mission trip ever always had been a very tempted kind of behind the scenes person prior to this experience. So I've always wondered want to mission trip she came to me and said Pastor I want to go on a mission trip What do you need for me to do and just the day before she came to see me I had been praying saying Lord I'm short speakers for this walk eous mission trip what am I going to do and she came and said that and I said Joyce the Lord is calling you to be a main speaker. And she looked at me like. And I said you can do it Joyce and I'll tell you she went No we did we put her in the smallest church to get to not make it so intimidating we put her in the smallest church but that little house church was packed every single night standing room only wall to wall people she probably had 40 or 50 in attendance and she preached the Gospel like I mean it was we went Sorry few times and we were so proud of her she preach a gospel and guess what since she came home Wes she said the sermon at church and gave an entire sermon about the experience of how God has transformed her life through that experience so just because you might think I've never done that before I don't think I can handle this particular thing the Lord knows what your potential is and he will put you in the right spot Amen and so we have folks that will come and do this b.b.s. and I hit the wrong button I am you have folks that are coming to a b.b.s. style program that's a lot of fun in Waukee s. we were very short on interpreters and so some of our folks just had to kind of make do with the kid still loved him anyway right Jennifer they still loved it they had a great time we went and saw that and. It worked it worked why don't you tell a little bit about this past really. Just stop just standing around it's not just looking for something to do during the day times we're busy we do try to give time for preparation for the materials but during the day as you saw from the pastor Wess the slides we are trying to meet felt needs real needs in the community beyond just spiritual and one of those things that quiet hour is really good at doing is the eye glass clinics as reading glasses right we're not trying to diagnose peoples the optical problems or ophthalmology they say that I problems but we are trying to help them read better and in Cuba you would be amazed what a resource reading glasses. Are you think that's just a pair a little Walmart readers that's a nothing to you it's nothing you think you know what the eye clinic they were lined up wait to you see Cuba when the word gets out that they're given out free reading glasses I mean we didn't really know what to expect the 1st time in again and it was the old in central church I mean we were we were virtually mobbed and it was trying to figure out what we were doing and how to get organized really quickly but we'll do the same thing this time and word will get out it travels very quickly you have to keep in mind is we're we're we're spoiled with Internet right well the Internet down there is the people because you only have internet and it's changed a little bit but the public you have to buy these little data cards and you have to go to public parks to get on my fi but they get the word out and so we try to do that through the churches also the health care will depend on who we have on the trip quiet hours mission is not to conduct a medical mission it's to do the eye clinic the reason we were able to do the medical work that we did in luckiest was because we had a doctor and doctor I would love to have that brother on every trip that we do he's such a he's such a gentle spirit. Oh yeah he sees great in just just such a gent and I think he's single He's single If You Know anybody but just just a great guy and we had several nurses of course so we were able to do a little bit more unluckiest But what we do is when we see the team we kind of assess that and then we try to adapt and do what we can do as much as we can also the. Right what we were able to do in the country we can do legally in the great thing about what he is is Dr Joe could write down what medicine he needed only a table napkin or a scratch a paper and we could go to their local pharmacy and they would give us what is prescription medicine here it's over the counter there and they. Right and so you're you know we're sitting here trying to think how can we get this only by not really but it was very nice there in Cuba that's not going to be the same right so we'll have to take some supplies and we have to declare supplies before we can bring them in so it's a lot lot different but we're going into more details with that down the road yeah the construction projects. We try to work with the local conference in the local church pastors to see what their needs are now we're not trying to be Maranatha right Maranatha has a very unique mission where they're trying to do these one day churches or these different things like that we're doing things that are on a smaller scale that don't require as much skilled labor doesn't require all of the tools and the foremans and those sort of things but just like the baptistery right lucite trying to trench in the drain lines or lay some block and stuff for bathrooms do painting it just depends on what the conference would have us to do and we will know ahead of time by the time we get to the conference calls where we're briefing you on all the details we will have a pretty good idea because here's one of the great things about this trip we have worked with this conference President before and this brother is on the ball he actually messages us on whatsapp that didn't even know we were coming on the trip he just keeps in touch with us and if we tell Pastor Aber hey we need this or we want to know what you want to do he knows what to do and he's on the ball for those of you that went to work that was your 1st quiet hour trip this will be a very different logistics trip so we will know that and then we'll try to brief you so that if there's a need to bring some gloves or special tools or something you might need we can let you know what that is. That's right and so even those if there's any of you that are going back in Thanksgiving with Pastor her through you'll see that they'll be a little more prepared as well. And what I've appreciated about also as Pastor Bentley has mentioned with this particular area of Cuba I don't want to keep clipping it to my shirt if I don't have to almost control standstill I like to move on I talks all how to do my best but what I liked about what I like about Cuba is that they are very familiar with how to work with missionaries and they are very eager to step in and do everything they can to make our mission trip run smoother and for it to be successful in every aspect one of the examples is there in this is the Eastern Conference of Cuba which includes all Dean and the last 2 Innes area and one other province there in sleeves my mind at this point but it's a pretty big conference with quite a few members and all of their staff in the conference office they're working inless hours it seems to serve and to help us Pastor Aber the conference President his secretary David. Was actually sleeping on a roll away cot in his office at the conference because he didn't live so close to the conference office and that way he could be up at the crack of dawn working on our behalf and was staying there working late at night until everything was done and then he would go to bed and I kept coming to him I'm like David you're working too much I mean I appreciate it very much everything you're doing is wonderful but you're working too much and his response me every time was with pleasure pastor with pleasure that I'm serving So the attitude in the heart is just incredible there mean as as team leaders we have to fill out multiple reports for the eyeglass clinics for the v.b. As for the for the the Evangelism the state he was in we have many reports plus the finance report plus all the receipts it's quite a job for the team leader behind the scene doing this stuff and what was so amazing is David took several of those reports I explained to him what need to go on there and he said no no no let me do these reports for you I want to do the reports I'll put all the information in so I just it just made the trip just it was just amazing so you'll see that in Cuba. And I'm really saying that in spending time on that for those of you want to walk and saw what pastor Billy and I were doing because we were running around like gophers the entire time trying to keep up. As you did it. Yeah I mean we were running it was a wonderful trip but we were running and and it was a lot different than the trip I had been on just because again we were breaking them into the whole idea of having missionaries they never had an American missionary down there doing what we were doing in that part of the in that part of the country so it was it was pretty great. How do you sign up so Wes this is what we were talking about slow but ago I checked the Web site just before I came down here and it is q.h. Ministries dot org g. that will take you to the home page and as a matter of fact I think right on the home page they now have links to the upcoming trips you might have to click a thing in the months to see more and it'll pull up the rest of the list if not up at the top you'll see upcoming trips or just a link this is true you can click on that and right now our 2020 trip shows up and it's the very last one in the list of course and it says Cuba 2020 and March and it says I'm interested so it's not a sign up link yet because there are certain details that have to be worked out yet before we can fulfill on have you sign up but you can at least go there and it does pull up a page that you can put your name in your dress in your phone number and it asks you certain questions that you can give your information to quiet hour and then they will have you on the pre list so that when it comes time and when everything is is done and it's ready for you to sign up they will be in contact with you directly you don't have to wait on us to tell you hey go sign up they'll be e-mailing you they'll be contacting you and saying now we have the trip ready for you to sign up. Things that you should know about Cuba this particular trip the trips usually run every trip I've been on in Cuba has been $1850.00 but I don't like to quote that until I have it nailed down by quiet hour but such why I put that little Tilda there and say it's approximately $2000.00 per person what does that cover the cost of the trip covers everything for you from the time you enter your home airport until the time you leave your home airport on your trip back does that make sense what I'm saying so you get to the airport and you step on the flight that flights covered in the $2000.00 Ok you landing Cuba you have a place to stay your place to stay is covered by the $2000.00 you get 3 meals a day now when I say 3 meals a day don't expect you know for example for medium and you know 6 triples in a big bunch of toasts or scramble to go for whatever you like I say it's 3 meals a day and it's what Cuba is able to provide for us a men we guarantee you that you will have at least lacto ovo vegetarian meal options. What that means is most meals will have dairy served with them it is mean that varies in every single thing that they cook I'm just saying that every meal will probably have some kind of barrier egg product served a long with and in some way what we have to remember is Cuba is not home we are the foreigners when we go there and so they do the best that they can for us with what they have to offer is that makes sense and so you know you have to sometimes leave certain requirements that you have for your day their life back at home understanding that I'm leaving and I'm going as a representative of Jesus and I have to do what I have to do in order to survive for this 10 or 11 days just the perspective a little bit. Last. Resort there was or. A different place there is a whole host of reasons or there were a vegetable. One of the rules or just oh that's right the Russians That's right. Well they. Just there's a war. That's right you know. And so I always like to just I like Anytime I talk about Cuba I like to prepare folks for this because it's just it's it never fails every Cuba trip I've been on I've had you know one or 2 people like Well can't we just at least get a novel condo can we at least have this can't we and what you understand is what they're fixing for us from the conference folks it's really better than what they're reading in their home it's like they're going out of their way for the 1st time I ever went to Cuba. The people it was one of the very 1st trips to Cuba the quiet are had made and there were people in the group that kind of had that Diva mentality I hate to use that terminology but you know I mean I paid money to go on this trip and I should have this that you know that just that arrogant kind of mindset. It's a mission trip is not vacation it's not we're not going down there to just you know I want you to enjoy it absolutely I want you to have fun I want you to think wow it's neat I mean Cuba is something new but that's not the primary purpose of the trip in the primary purpose of the trip is I'm going down there to represent Jesus and to show the love of Jesus to these people the hearts can be changed and moved that's the reason we go and so I had to even though I was just one of the team members I was not a leader on that trip I my pastoral mode kicked in and I had to have some conversation with some of the folks in remember you're not in the United States this is not Soco you know we don't have a cut of toast here this is this is Cuba and we have to live like it's Cuba and understand that we're in Cuba but the conference folks have gotten some wind that there was some of this complaining going on even though the language barriers there but they could see it and they can understand the pastor the president's wife got on a bicycle one afternoon for about 4 hours and rode around the city of Camaguey in order to buy 8 tomatoes just so that she could make a better salad because people had complained so that just goes to show you you know and I'll tell you I was horrified I was horrified by that because I said here we are how dare we come here and act this way and make them feel this way when they are trying their very best to go out of their way to service what they can so I just I like to just mention that not as a rebuke but just as a reminder that we go down there and be grateful that we have food to eat and men because a guarantee there's a lot of people there that wonder where their next meal is coming from and there's they have a little saying they say you know every day in Cuba we try to mix up our meals one day we'll have rice and beans in the next day we have beans and rice and they love to say that you know that's just the thing they have very good senses of humor. The trip is all inclusive so your $2000.00 like I say is all inclusive you will not be expected to cover any expenses once once use send in your donation and it is a nonrefundable. Tax deductible donation to quiet hour. You're not paying for the trip and so that's what I like for people to understand what if I don't get to go you've made a donation to the ministry and we do thank you for that donation to the ministry so keep that in mind it is and the reason they do it this way is so that it does maintain that tax deductible charitable contribution for everyone across the board basically in order for you to participate in the mission trip Ok you are response a bill to raise this amount of money now whether it comes out of your pocket or you use a the web page that cut that quiet hour provides for you because quiet hour does provide a fund raising page for every person that signs up then anybody with your linking go in and donate on your behalf to go on the trip. Pastor Bentley and I've been very successful in this on the trips that we've been on where we set up our page and we just put it out there we're not begging anybody to help but it's incredible that people will come to your side and say hey you're going to serve let me put a $100.00 let me put $50.00 and it adds up quick and before you know it the trip is paid for so what I always tell people is if if the price ever seems big which that really shouldn't seem steep at all for an $11.00 day trip with food and an accommodations and everything but if the price seems kind of a steep don't allow that to be a deterrent for you Ok the Lord will provide the money if he's calling you to go and be a missionary he will provide the funds one way or the other this media was brought to you by audio from a website dedicated to spreading God's word through research and audio and much more if you would like to know more about the universe if you would like to listen to more sermon leave it w w w audio or.


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