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If God knows you, what does He know?  



  • April 4, 2020
    12:45 PM

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Only 2 entities exist in the universe we have sons that go out. Coals that go inward which are you on this episode. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to N.P.R.'s Bible based conversation or my. Contemporary Issues and thought provoking. Post just within the. Last just in from in verse where in a studio here with my friends and we're talking about a new topic and the next 13 weeks we're very excited as we've been talking about all sorts of things from the universe and relationships but now we're focusing on God's will what is God's will for you and how do we find out what it is that's the topic for this episode so in the studio we have Kelly and our dear friend sometimes we have. Just seen on your best friend you know you love me you know you just keep saying that. Let's have a word of prayer and we'll get started. Loving Father was so thankful that you have a desire to come close to us and that's why we can study you would we pray that you would reveal truth to us from you would do the pov you Holy Spirit and that we can know and what you will is strong lies. In them thank you we are ready we have the Holy Spirit's power we got the Bible open we got our friends here we're talking about a very important question of how do we know God's will and rather we're going to get to the Bible but let me ask you guys this how do you know whether something is God's will or not it's just sort of a superficial question and that's good watering the ground before we get a little bit deeper especially You're smirking like sunshine here I know right on the I'm excited about this topic yes the for me I always start with the word of gone because it's the clearest most direct revelation of what His will is one and 2 are done with the welcome. But I I really do find that that's the 1st place I always like to check you know say whatever decision whatever issue I'm dealing with let me find a narrative find a character that's potentially face the similar crossroad as myself and then go back in see what I can glean from that story in terms of how God led them. Sometimes outside of things that are clearly delineated in the Word of God because lots of things that just aren't there for one reason or another sometimes things proved to be the will of God maybe not 100 percent sure but like this makes the most sense the Providence the in this way and the Bible seems to be point is we're not sure but that kind of looking back like that clearly was God's will principle and hindsight is 2020 use the word Providence which is. Kind of the setting rule and. It is. Since they took some really good ones I'll say that sometimes I don't really want to know Ok I kind of want to know is honest yeah sometimes I just kind of want to know if God will let my will be his that's that. In awhile though I kind of you know don't say while you know you do the things I shouldn't say my way it's Ok so I don't and then be all you can be on the island by I think yes no that's right and I mean like God this is what I want to do and I just want to make sure that this is what you want for me you know no I judge I with I think I'm on the same blood as Or we're probably related in some way. But it's more like if I want something out then I I want to know what God's will is and then I'm very obedient I want to know but if I if I like if I don't need anything I don't want to I really don't want to know more like I'm I mean that's it and then I just want to so for me the Daniel Bible d. is a great revelation that I like in things that I wasn't seeking for when they're revealed. Some are like wow and some are like yes yes it will get him back it's a struggle so that's just me I'm more of a sinner than Sebastian is let's go to Jeremiah 290.9 Germany 29 verse 11 through 14 Jeremiah 2914 in Cali if you are reading that for us we appreciate it yes for I know the thoughts that I think toward you says the Lord thoughts of peace and not of evil to give you a future and a hope then you will call upon me and go and pray to me and I will listen to you and you will seek Me and find me when you search for Me with all your heart I'll be found by you says the Lord and I will bring you back from your captivity I will gather you from all the nations and from all the places where I've driven you says the Lord and I will bring you to the place from which I cause you to be carried away Captain there are a couple parts in there that are very very well known passages for in Scripture. From the group here just what are observations what are your favorite parts what do you see what is interpretation there of. Their part is that when God is speaking to them he's speaking to people who are in captivity. And he says I will I will do the. Things for you while they're in the midst of captivity God says I think good thoughts towards you and that's encouraging for me because even while you're in the midst of a difficult situation away in the midst of a trial while you were in the midst of that confusion that God says that I have positive thoughts towards you and and I have good plans for your life in the midst of that so that's an encouragement to me school thing that in a previous segment we were in and Daniel Daniel Chapter 9 Daniel was studying this passage this passage and he goes into his prayer like look I am a sinner along with everybody else and in verse 10 for that says the Lord after 70 years I completed that bubble and I will visit him perform my good work towards you and cause you to return to this place was like me 70 years is almost over like any and what are we going to do and what you've got to go back what we've got to do to go back to back. So you know some part in a worst case scenario that we're in is talking to us and I also like how definitive it is that God is saying this is not saying that you call to me and I'll think about showing you things I like of you for you maybe I'll be open to it but if you if you turn to me you call to me and you seek me all your heart you will find me you might possibly good chance but you will and God Who is God then say that just makes it so clear like you there's no chance to deviate from this gone will come through for. It's just a comment on that if I could yes I've. Spoken to friends who are not believers in God and a concern that they have said sometimes is what if I look for God and I don't find him and I just want to comment that the promise in God's Word is that when you seek for me with all of your heart I will be found of you that you don't have to worry about what if I am interested in religion what if I'm interested in finding out about this god to find out who he is a what he wants all my life what if I go through all of that and it's a waste of time says that if you think if you seek for me if you search for me. You will find me and that's a wonderful promise so it's a she just kind of basically took my time there I thought you can ask it's Ok see through yeah I do have something. Anyway so I I look at the exact same thing the secret just brought out I love that because being a former unbeliever an atheist no religion at all I saw all the fact that in this text is like an invitation that no scientists could ever refuse God is saying if you seek Me you will find me so he's guaranteeing you results and here's the experiment if you see me with all your heart you're guaranteed to find me get this result so here's a hypothesis that you can actually test you can go in and say Ok I'm going to see God with all my heart and let me see if I actually find him and in this sense in Jeremiah 29 God is saying I'm giving you an invitation you cannot refuse and literally you're thinking if I could find a being that had all knowledge and all power and all love and was on the present and created all the universe alike who would not take that journey and say you know what I'm going to go down that road you know who doesn't take the journey they go to God who doesn't make the journey the one who doesn't make the journey is one who's afraid that they will find him so the other one friend of mine you know said to me you know what I don't want to know if Christianity is true because if it is true then I have to change my life and I don't want to change my life that was a conscious decision to say I don't want to know if this is true because there are ramifications to finding out of this and I don't want to change my life so therefore I will not even embark on this journey of finding out based on you can as does my question to ask you guys kind of implicitly answered it but when God says all your heart what does that mean all your heart so you guys are saying it's a promise you seek and you'll find I'm right but there is a nuance there not just the calf hardly corrode all your heart and what does that mean and this girl or I'm assuming the guy friends a girl guide a dude is in some ways he's on a run in. A weird not all your heart kind away a fair thing to say I think I know a good indicator of with all your heart too is one of the John 717 you shall know the will if you're willing to do his will so you have to it's not just like I want to know to like see what it looks like and all the signs yes I can leap 2nd now and I can are my I don't know but the way to your heart is Lord whatever you tell me to do whatever you want to show me I'll do it just tell me what it is that that is part of the all your heart you're not only for information coming to do it and I think that's the Keystone part of this entire lesson is that when we're trying to find out what God's will is often the mystery is placed on God's and yeah like man I don't know what it is but you know and for some reason you're not revealing it to me so the problem is really on your end you know like yeah for sure this verse intimate The problem is not on his and the problem is I want to say problem but the mystery is Connect the disconnect is on our human side because if you think about it right when Jesus arrived in the wise men came to Herod the interesting thing about that whole exchange is the fear is these could tell him the prophecy Oh he's going to be born in Bethlehem you know in Judah around this time eccentric cetera and so they're like yeah we're confirming he should be born around this time but they're not they are so you can clearly see that there were individuals it's possible to possess this intellectual knowledge and yet your heart is keeping you from following it through which is why it was never revealed to them that Jesus was born that the messiah how to write because it's something that you know my my a good friend of mine used to say is that the eyes can never see what the heart cannot accept and so it's like you will it doesn't matter if you show someone something or you give them all the evidence that you want and that they even demand but their eyes will never see what their heart cannot accept at the end of it I don't want to accept that that's Jesus born in. I mean in this context it's like I don't want to find God which is why I'm not going to actually see all the evidence that's clearly leading me to discover that he is real because you wonder how is it possible that you have the illusions who study the Bible and are atheists you know how is it possible that yes scientists who study nature which is a revelation of God and there are atheists you know you can wonder these things but it speaks to what Sebastian was saying that it's not just about the evidence that's placed before you because when it comes to to having the knowledge of God and seeing who God is not and it just an intellectual exercise but it it in gauges your heart your willingness to receive the information that is being given to you given to rephrase that it's not about the data in front of you but it's the presumption that you have already in bed it in us exam you wrote you the data so the data can be self so evidence and powerful but if you have this present position it doesn't matter what the data is you will never come to that conclusion and that's wrong and it's crazy when I was younger I had this question Ok Well Lord how do I want to want something that I don't want you know like how to how do I get to a place if I don't want to know your will but I want to want to know your will but I don't want to know it how do I get to that if I want to know it when I don't want to want it you know that kind of time to go. Get the conundrum is kind of yes I was sick. Mysteries of the human kind of which are very complicated when we come back after the break we're trying to decipher this mystery in the break and we come back some clarity might be achieved in secret mind. Has impressed been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching. On Facebook Twitter Instagram for you to while you join us like us comes up next a handle again is in 1st Bible states and now back to the discussion. Hey welcome back we're just still spending here seeking to translate for us what we're talking about I know I think we all kind of know we're in so many doors but I guess my question and maybe that will feed to a particle this nation is what is so dangerous about seeking God with not with not all your heart with half of your heart well why is that so bad why is that condition in there a big thing. In transition I think the 6 out to me is we can be absolutely be close to God in a sense we are reading His word around Christian people but it loses its effect of Miss so then where we have it and we think we can't trick ourselves like oh yeah like I can quote the Bible like I know the songs I'm good but there's no change in our hearts in our minds and it's so without the heart because our system of minus the practicality part we can be like the Pharisees of the Sadducees or even the rich young ruler like yeah I got it all the commandments I got like one thing too much in our mind and not just that revealed that he didn't want it with all his heart he wanted it as much as he could have that sacrificing something I would I would like to add to this right the other component of we're dealing with God not as a philosophical construct but as a being so here is a God that is being it was willing to give all of heaven and yet our response can never be less than all right it's like it's a shame to even think that people would come to a God who's like I actually don't even have to sacrifice for you I don't have to see view yet I'm going completely to the very stretches of divinity in order to reach you in our responses like well you know like we we talked about in our quarter on Daniel it's like this mindset was the least I can do and still be with God And so when you say I'm going to seek God but not with all my heart do you really want to find him because in reality anything in life that we truly want we put all of our heart into it if we put less than all that is already telling to us in the other people I don't really want this but if I get to be great but if I don't that's Ok You know I don't get it that's cool you know keep it moving it's like you cannot treat the creator of the universe as a potential casual gift like oh maybe I have God maybe I don't then you have no respect of what you're seeking in my music and my mistress to respond I just have a way to measure nation just like you said some people she got a call. As a philosophical construct I like that God is some kind of you know gumball machine some kind of you know mastermind computer and you know you press a button or like watches my future to get you to do it would you do and then there you go the magic 8 ball and then the result comes out and you read the result you're like no I don't like it this is this is wrong deny Surely this is this this computer must be broken or no you're not you're Mark this is like you must be this way and right and and you're messin with not a computer but right the creator of the universe that's right so rather than have that interaction at all costs as well let's just wait till you're in a position of order surrender Yes Otherwise you can mess up your own life mess of other people's life in the process become a dangerous agent that's right and God is in His mercy is working with you so he recognizes that in His infinite love and wisdom he's saying to him so what's the best time and place to reveal this to Sebastian what's the best time and place to get the response that I want and I know Sebastian would want once he realizes the implications of that if you secure that sort of. You don't you don't act from it but that when we when we want something it is revealed in our actions that he wanted to point to so I was talking about the struggle that I had you know growing up in the church was you know how do I tell you change your own heart and that kind of things but something that that became clearer to me and the older that I've gotten in my relationship with God Is that your desires of your heart actually many faceted your actions and your actions act upon your desires that's well right you know I want to know God but I'm not sure how much I want to know God but I need to act on that little bit of desire that I have right and then it actually comes back and acts back on my desire and it increases that desire and I want to know him more so a lot I want to know you more and I study the word more and I learn more about him and and it's the like that goes on but the challenge that faces I guess my generation is I Why. And to want it as much in the beginning you're right I want to have this dying for my devotions type of experience like Daniel in chapter 6 right now before I even get to the place of having devotions in the 1st place while I don't feel like I feel my devotions I'm not going to have devotions in the 1st place and that's would be trail of the text that he says if you see me write seeking if something's right in front of me there's no seeking right but there has to be distance which means there is a process there's a journey and I think some people like you said if you're not game for the journey then you're going to do something along the way because you're like well I have to go looking for this thing I have to go looking for God why can't you just appear with a Michelangelo type face you know in the sky like I am God in our oh god you found me versus you know we have to actually seek Him with all of our hearts and he says let me ask you how do you know when you've come to a point of all your heart how do you know when like Laura. Willing and do you do you ever know science I don't know you know for years so I I kind of go back I can say I can speak for myself I don't know everyone else but in general I am a very introspective person and I can I mean I don't know myself fully you know I need God to reveal myself but I can tell when I'm just kind of being like you know God please tell me please. But I think tell me like it's like you're playing yourself and so like I'm seeking all my heart I really really want to know but there's just something holding back either you're not doing something like tangibly or just like I know a lot of times August of 1 topics with God I mean I'll pray for like an hour because I know this my army could not talk about that science and even when I'm doing that I know what I'm doing just to disagree with you to Jesus you know it's a little bit it's still there for like yeah my answer to that would be Proverbs 23 verse one says As a man thinks in his heart so we see so when I look at it I see with all your heart as a mindset so when I approach a situation and he says Ok in order to see God you're going to have to put yourself in an awkward place like going to a church of a group of people you don't know but if I'm doing with all my heart my mindset is I will not be denied there's nothing I'm not willing to sacrifice or to spare or to brief in order to get what I want and so when I play a sport when I was in the Marines you get to a place where all your heart is a mind set and when you have that mindset I'm thinking in my mind this is the goal I want Jesus in when I come to Him want Jesus with all my heart there's nothing that will deny me I will find a way I will do I will give whatever I need exactly whatever it takes in order to obtain it then most of the heart is exceedingly deceitful and exultingly way kid and how how do you know know and well the truth the truth of the matter is if you're at a place right eating Lee You seem to love all of it as you see evil of all the truth is in 36 right 26 The Bible says that God is and he will give you a new heart yeah and a new spirit and he will put the new spirit within you and cause you to walk in his ways so even if you're in Cebu situation where like I don't even want to want to know your will in that scenario you're like in my own heart I can do nothing to change my heart but that's what God is that's who Jesus is he does for us what we cannot do for ourselves so when that moment he says I. I will give you a new heart and I always argue God doesn't do for men what men can do for himself so God gives you a new heart that's the implication is you cannot give he doesn't tell you I'm going to do something for you that you really could have done on your own but you know you just don't understand how to crack the code no God is like I am the only one who can do this for you and therefore coming to Jesus even when we don't want to want to do His will or when I'm like man Lord you know I want to do with all my heart but I don't even know how to be whole hearted I don't even know if I'm ready we're making that decision to have that mindset that Sebastian is just talking about you can come to Jesus and he can give you let's let's go to the Bible Let's go to the By Let's go to a narrative of the Bible Sebastian is seeing and winning here again let's go to Genesis 1312 Genesis 1312 and that's read the story about a broom and lots Yes Yes Genesis $1312.00 and special Can you read it for us says a broom dwelt in the land of King and in law the wealth in the cities of the plain and pitched his tent even as far as saw them in case we see here that you have a room and lot have been given to you guys in the story into 2 parts of land and here Saddam is in the distance and the sun is like you know this metropolitan evil city and lot is not there but he's going to go and doors that way so he's like I'm not there but I'm kind of. This way go 214-141-2141 extension 2 then there's other stuff that happens and then in the story 1412 and then Kelly if you don't mind reading Can you read that for us they also took a lot Abrams brother's son who did well and Saddam and his kids and departed so something happened from Chapter 13 chapter 14 rise brother maybe has a better equity over in the city and it's a mortgage over there so rather. That could you get a band that's that could. Be in the ancient world there's not much evidence of that because of real estate property taxes and that's go to Genesis 19 just as 91 and so you can you read that for us Genesis 191. Genesis 191. 119. Thank you now the 2 angels came to Sodom in the evening and Lot was hitting in the gate of Sodom when not saw them he rose to meet them and he bowed himself with his face toward the ground Ok so here we see a lot was kind of kind of you know and then he sent and then now he's sitting at the gate which meant it was the gate the gate was where all the people went to and fro and all the elders would sit there all of the major decisions of the city kind of city hall was at the gate so now he's sitting at the gate meaning he's he's the mayor or the council person or or something for the city so he's has this this trajectory of going into into there and the question is this. God is about to destroy Saddam why doesn't you tell a lot. Because of lost him so it was because of where lots heart was yes lot wasn't ready in his heart to accept this Saddam was unworthy to be continue to exist and that is something in his heart that he is like you know I'm with able to follow world but there's something pulling his bowling him eventually is justifying it at every stage of his life I mean the city I'm in a missionary in this city I got to be an influential person a leader I mean there's just there's I don't know what's going on as. It's even revealed later when the angels come to get him out there I'm not let's go is a cool way to go and so like you can see there's hesitation there I'm like really like us literally angels are like we're going to go cause we're going to be destroyed is it but I just the Bible humor think we literally dragged him out of the city right now so the shots tells a lot I'm going to you know I'm going to say bomb but not he's going to destroy fire misprint stone and there's something in him that's not fully all there right now but you contrast to. Genesis 1818 where we are 90 something 181-818-1818 extension 19 Sebastian can you do that for us and 171-718-1923 no problem yes and the Lord said shall I hide from Abraham what I am doing since Abraham shall surely be called a great in mighty nation and all the nations of the earth shall be blessed in him for I have known him in order that he may command his children and his household after him that they keep the Way of the Lord to do righteousness and justice that the Lord may bring to Abraham what he has spoken to him Ok so what's what is and what is Abraham and God God knows Abraham's home it was him yeah and he he knows Abraham's heart he knows how Abraham is going to act and I see with Lot Lot actions reveal something about his heart he pushed his tent to watch the autumn and he thought of his thought I'm Ok so right it's all right one little net let him know that he keeps. Headed towards that place. I just thought I'm right. About Abraham but God was that Abraham and he knows Abraham's hard tonight and you know that Abrams the kind of person he can trust with this information and yes God can trust him and because Abraham is surrendered to God and what's powerful is God uses Abraham in his home so not that Abraham left Earth cow the not that Abraham was willing to obey him and separate from want but he says you know I'm revealing this is because of the men that you are in your home yes because of who he was as a father and who he was with his family and his servants and his wife exciter etc The question is of God knows you what does he know that's the question we need to ask ourselves Who does he know you and do you know him and the position of knowing God all your heart is having a heart full of beatings that opens up the portals for God to reveal his will towards all of us that's our prayer hopefully it's yours thanks for joining us we'll see you next week here on in verse you've been listening to inverse a Bible based conversation telling what is wrong with Jonathan Ross Sebastian Baxter secret doctor and your host just an. Investor is brought to you by the folks at television that changes like that and more inspiring than ever so there's that interest that go to your I understand social mood. In the 1st 5 until next time this is enforced.


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