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Who are you allowing to define you?



  • April 25, 2020
    1:00 PM

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On this of a so we look at a fundamental question What is our mission in life stay tuned. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to enter the Bible based conversation or my. Temporary edition. Of Ok. Now here's your host just in within for. Everyone you're watching in verse here on all channel with the universe crew I'm here in the studio with my friends and we are in the topic of knowing God's will in the fundamental question is how do I know what God wants me to do for the rest of my life we encounter this question in our youth in our adolescence and many into our adulthood until the end what we are what are we supposed to do so we're going to look at Acts Chapter 7 Acts Chapter 7 verse 2236 and Jonathan Walter if you can pray for us then we can have someone else read all we have to do that thank you thank you thank you let's bring father to thank you for to prove that we have to serve you the proof we have to read your word and if we dive into the word today we asked of your spirit will illuminate our minds and help us to understand better what you have in store for us show us what our identity is what our mission is and guide us and pray in Jesus' name. And it's almost if you can read for us in verse 2236 I will read if you change your accent you will try but I do not know what will happen. All right it says at this time Moses was born and was well pleasing to God and he was brought up in his father's house for 3 months. But when he was set out pharaohs daughter took him away and brought him as her own son and Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians and was mighty in words and deeds now when his now when he was 40 years old it came into his heart to visit his brother and the children of Israel and see one of them suffer wrong he defended and avenge him who was oppressed and struck down the Egyptian for he supposed that his brother and would have understood that God would deliver them through his hand but they did not understand and the next day he appeared to 2 of them as they were fighting and he tried to reconcile them saying man you are brother and why do you wrong one to another but he who would but he who did his neighbor wrong pushed him away saying Who made you ruler and judge over us do you want to kill me as you did the Gyptian yesterday then at the saying Moses fled and became a dweller in the land of Midian where he had 2 sons and 140 years had passed an angel the Lord appeared to him in a flame of fire in a bush in the wilderness of Mount Sinai when Moses saw it he more he marveled at the sight and as he drew near to observe the voice of the Lord came to him saying I am the God of your fathers the God of Abraham the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob and Moses trembled and they are not look then the Lord said unto him take your sandals off your feet for the place where you stand is holy ground and I have surely seen the oppression of my people who are in Egypt I have heard their groaning and I've come down to deliver them and now come I will send you to Egypt this Moses whom they rejected saying Who made you ruler and judge is the one that God sent to be a ruler and delivered by the hand of the angel who appeared to him in the bush he brought them out after he had shown wonders. And signs in the land of Egypt and in the Red Sea and then the wilderness 40 years Ok thank you this is a long passage but a good passage we could have read longer passages in Exodus but you speak here believe it Stephen Yes Stephen does summarize and there are 2 pretty well in action after 7 and so he could get into the text can you kind of give us a preview what we covered this far in this segment on the will of God God's Will we've talked about how is it that you can know God's will and the foundational the most basic thing that you point is God's when it is their own and God in His Word has revealed one in the nurse. So God revealed His will for us in His Well yes but then there are other ways that he reveals his wealth through Providence through different situations that happen through counsel from other people and so there are other means that God uses to reveal His wanted but always checked by the Word of God and then move on to look at our readiness to receive what God has to tell and in his will still it's not just I'm telling us what his will is but are we willing to receive what he has it out yeah yeah often God is telling us exactly what to do but sometimes in the cloudiness of our minds and hearts were like you don't get anything so the general. Generic classic question is how do I know what God wants me to do I mean this isn't the question that you all have asked God at a certain point maybe you've heard of other people ask and how do you answer it do you answer this John I think you know I remember I was on an island about 10 years ago that unless 11 years ago and I was asking that question for many months praying God what the army to do what they go in there and I remember like looking for signs in times you know Lord I remember losing my glasses in the water through some waves and as I thought if the glasses reappear then I will do this and they're not there. And I was like This is getting ridiculous so I just stopped looking for signs and I asked God to just reveal to me and there was a process that took place of many months just then spending time with got in the word still not knowing what I wanted to do until it came to that final point where God gave me a realization. To ask a very simple question What do you want to do with your life and then you want to go if I God and I knew I needed to have a better understanding of His word and that's what led me then to study theology. And that's the rest is history and you know the heart is just really fully awake and we can often. Control Any been manipulating the conditions of God's will Lord if you want to want me to marry this person here to me at 3 o'clock and 3302 in the morning and it's not must mean that you're well and the last is that in pop up you know that it's not or we look into meaning on all these coins as sometimes in a very few instances that is true when confirmed by the word but often we construct all these scenarios how do you how do you know yeah you know from the life of Moses that we just studied right now we discover that Moses was future or his calling in life was to a large degree dependent on his understanding of himself. And that's that's critical I think when it comes to the understanding of what God's will is for our lives in the arms of a calling or profession right so most of this he had in his mind in the understanding of the deliverance of Israel and based on his own understanding he thought oh you know I'm a military person I'm a military expert I am a general I've understood the ins and outs of Egypt and so God must be preparing me to deliver the children of Israel through military force and so he's exhibiting this kind of force in this kind of world view as he's you know slain the Egyptian who was who. Causing this is real life to suffer and so God had to take him away into the wilderness for 40 years and to re educate him and to remind what his lineage was and where he came from and through this you know create a new future for him in terms of what is calling was for me it's important and I tell this to every the young ministers that I come in contact with from time to time you cannot be a minister of the gospel if you 1st do not understand who you are and where you come from a lot of times whenever a ministering to someone and you know they they give me the privilege of help helping them through a specific challenge that they're going through in their lives if I'm not aware of who I am what my past is and where I come from it's easy for me to judge like man this person why don't you just get your act together you know why don't you just kind of you know strengthen yourself and go through this challenge and so understanding who I am is critical for God to use me in any way shape or form so I think that in the life of Moses we understand we understand it's impossible to fulfill a mission if we 1st do not understand what our identity is going to verse 2022 we just read. Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians and was mighty in words and deeds so he grew up his born as an Israelite he was raised by his mother for a short time then raised in the courts of the King went to get is bachelors and masters at Egyptian universities and he was struggling with his identity and he came in contact with slaves and their e.o. it was kind of a conversion so identities. It is he going to be our right is the above the law is the underneath the law is the square the 000 What culture is I mean this is a very upright very using time for him he's got a conflicted identity Yeah Israelite and I don't he's using Egyptian means to deliver his right and so here there's a there's a there's a conflict of identity you know you know he doesn't know who he really years maybe he's learned like as from a young child hey you were to deliver the Israelites but maybe from it I mean it's just just confusion going on here and. What happens is as I say to the he's got his family got this internal conflict that's happening but he's also that he he expected that other people would understand things about him that they necessarily wouldn't because. He's supposed invest 25 he supposed the reason he acted that way he supposed that his brother and would have understood that God would deliver them by noon and he did not understand actually had a sense of God there were miraculous like him stances that led to him being alive you know because he was born at a time when all the male children were being killed and he was miraculously thing right his parents go to great lengths to make sure that he stayed and then God stepped in and intervene so he was raised in the house of the King I mean the beginning of his life to testify to God had a very special calling on him on his life and he had an understanding of that and he's the poles he assumed that other people understood what he was called to and who he was meant to. And and sometimes you know we can get caught up in you we need to be validated by other people too there's the internal struggle but we're looking for validation from externally Well what we believe that God is calling us to and that may not come because we may not understand what God's calling and I was thinking he also was born in a generation where the rest of his peers were wiped out so he's like he's got no one of his equal age around so he's looking for validation and security validation from the older generation or maybe the newer generation is kind of a lot of a lot of conflict what is required at the end of the day is. A connection with this faith and we find that in verse 32 verses he wanted 32 that Moses has an encounter with God and in verse 32 knows what god system he says I am the God of your fathers and that of Abraham Isaac and the God of Jacob and Moses trembled and there are not look now you have here a reference that goes back to the element of us fathers what made us fathers different from the people that from their generations what made them different was this element of being right Abraham was a man had to become a man of faith Israel had to become a man of faith or Jacob and so did Isaac and so now you have this this retracing of your steps not to like Moses you're not your existence doesn't begin with you as the child of an immigrant in Egypt you have a history that far surpasses that and so your identity is not found in the day that you're born but it's instead discovered as you discover the faith of your fathers. And this is what establishes Moses to be able to deliver. All of that because he was struggling with who am I right and when he finds who he is actually when he has an encounter with God and this sense of identity and knowing who you are it can come from you know where I was born because they'll always be conflicts and when that is concerned but in an encounter with God That's when he found his true sense of my. Entity and then that is what gives strength to his listen and with not that before that experience he was you know units like spinning wheels in trying to accomplish the thing that he thought was his mission in the Bible greats always had an opportunity to argue with God When we come back after the break we're going to look at Moses's argument and conversation with God with 5 questions. Has impressed been a blessing to do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching. On Facebook Twitter and Instagram for you to while there join us like us comes up next the handle again is in 1st Bible states now back to the discussion. Hey welcome back that's we're back Yeah Ok We're going to go to Exodus Chapter 3 and look at this argument and you know the Jewish greats really really they argue with God you have job which are going to God Abraham arguing with God. Who about. Right now I'm sure that's not the person I was. Arguing with God and so often we're kind of little more reluctant into more you with God or we don't even want that conversation to exist at all but the Lord almost on or is like hey let's let's go let's talk so this is about an extra step to 3 and that's a step to 3 really is a reflection on all of us especially with the Gen x. millennial cultures coming out we are all 3rd culture here I mean most people around this table were American but we're American slash something slash something hybrid something with married people do something of something else right we don't go around the table who are very few but we are all from one country go to another country and especially in this culture with social media we have identity dysplasia we don't know who we are we've got the extra internal different cultures we're all confused in the midst of that we're asking what does the Lord want me to do so the lesson is very apropos we need to know who we are gives us direction for our mission in life so the shop of St Exodus we see the burning bush happening and then he starts the conversation inverter. And 1st and. Jonathan can you read for Come now therefore and I will send you to Pharaoh that you may bring my people the children of Israel out of Egypt clearly the mission has been laid down and he should have said Yes Lord and go but no we have a longer chapter than that so verse 11 secret but Moses said to God who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and that I should bring the children of Israel out of Egypt Ok so this is what the left is coming out with where he doesn't know who he is what's deeper with that question who am I What are the underlying issues with with that with that with that concern that he doesn't feel qualified to fulfill the mission that God has asked him to do and I think the reason why he doesn't feel qualified is because he's looking at a. Direct contrast to what we saw earlier and I reading that he felt very qualified early on when he was 40 and fighting against it Gyptian and now he after for another 40 years in the desert he's realizing that he's not qualified which is the qualification to be called by God I mean what's fascinating though to you is that the question Who am I that I should do this that's a question that was asked of him when he was trying to intervene in that yeah they were like Who made you really right and later on at that point he felt like well you know I'm gonna take him out of that and help you realize who he really was and now he's asking that question but who am I to do this in many ways God had to have Moses on learn those things and really learn some sheep tactics. In the world yeah you know what's what's also meant amazing about the life of Moses is that Moses was preparing on his own and he was preparing to deliver the children of Israel which was God's mission for them but he thought that his military training was you know what was going to do that that's why he's doing it himself I'm perfect for this you know I'm a general I like I know military tactics I know how to maneuver an army and so forth and by the way the best army in the world at that time yeah but what he was not aware. Was the fact that God is looking down from heaven saying the only problem is Moses you're not leading a military you know you're not leading a military out of Israel you're going to lead animals out of the Israel Euna Lee little children you know little little children out of Egypt you're going to lead people and you're going to lead a multitude not an army and so actually what you need more than military training is you need the training of a shepherd What do you do when a person cannot walk in the further you're going to have to go as low as you know the weakest person you're going to have to carry babies are going to have to carry little sheep and so forth and so God was preparing Moses for something that was outside of even his own understanding which goes to show here that our identity as much as we need to know our identity our dinner needs to be founded strictly on Jesus Christ and not on ourselves and I think that's a very practical lesson from the life of most of us I think all of us at some point in life need to take that experience where we just say Ok God it's you and me teach me your ways I'm going to I'm going to give up my own plans I'm going to say hey I'm going to lay it all out there and do it voluntarily that's that's not have to come to the point where I have to kill an Egyptian to get it but let's say you know Lord let me go to a quiet place and figure this thing out with you and just speak to me just to voluntarily throw ourselves into that burning bush experience so to say an insightful thing is when we're trying to find ourselves which is the modern you know that I'm going to go find myself I'm going to go to Australia. As if like my so much on the go to go from the Marshall Islands and some on my hair grow long picture myself myself you know it's not finding yourself it's a modern acts and you're trying to find yourself in the isolation of other people and when you talk when you see scripture finding yourself you discover discover who you are always in relation to someone else and so I am the son of my father I am. The father of my son I am the cousin of someone else but here God takes Moses out of all these other relations and now he says The most importantly ship is in reference to me you are my servant that that relationship is secured 1st and from that point on all the other relationships are rebuilt That's how Moses finds himself rather than going to Paris and being totally and monad and who am I And you know humming on top of a mountain or something that's not that's you can be anyone. Yeah I love there's a there's a quotation that my dad would often remind me of and we find ourselves not in trying to find we find ourselves not by looking for ourselves but rather we find ourselves by consecrating ourselves to God it is God who gives us our identity and there's that acid there's a quotation that goes something like this is this consecrate yourself to God in the morning make this your very 1st work and then it says Let your prayer be use me oh god as you know take me again as holy yours and use me today in your service and by with me and let all my work be raw in you and and this is something that happens daily so the mission of life the mission in the life of an individual is not accomplished by a one time you come to God you discover who you are all of a sudden Moses is going to be the prince of Egypt like the cartoon that's not you know that's not how it works right it's like the discovery of self is something that takes place every day just like the discovery of mission has to take place every day because the mission that God gives us as much as we would love to romanticize it the mission that God gives us is not a grand vision but it's a vision that is given to us daily as as as as much as in the same manner as our daily bread is given so our daily purpose in life is given and there is something here in this lesson that was seen as being faithful in the small things and as you progress those small things get bigger and bigger and bigger right. And here you know I see who mentioned something in the lesson book that really really struck me and that is that if we were aware of the reality that tomorrow is not promised then the severity of today would have a stronger impact and the problem is in our life we think about a mission as something grand rather than something small yet critical in today and. This is why we really need the daily experience the burning bush experience where we reflect with God and say Lord what is your plan for me for today and that was I mean that was just making it was just quite frightening and devotion to life and the time to go to find the right words you know I found it in the story about how this was just one event. That was no starting the fire of any fires that was due to experience too you know and Jesus is you know the representation of God and it's right but every single day he would come to God you know it make it his 1st one to break into the night with God and he knew like his the whole grand mission but he would still come to God on a daily basis you know to find that connection and make sure that he was connected with God also to ensure that he is carrying out his mission in everything that he does throughout his day so I think sometimes you can get caught up in that you know what is God's will for my life you know is it His will for me to eat breakfast you know is it as well for me to wear these shoes and can get it's not that kind of nitty gritty Yeah but is the kind of edgy gritty Wades I want to commit myself to to you today to do what your service is whatever that may be today and then and you can check to reset your trajectory being set you don't have to come to him about every minute like I wash my hands after you know the bathroom Lord you know gas was just Ok I meant. This place wash your hands out there clean hands. I don't want to kind of well you point out that the mission of God we were man sized sometimes and so must be this amazing thing go to Papua New Guinea and be a missionary wish is the calling for some praise God. But it really comes down on a daily basis sometimes it's mundane things to just be faithful where you are in your situation and gone with that I just thought this quarter you know through providence he will lead you in certain directions but not every day will you get the call to go to Egypt and let the people out of this room and I mean the people these are a lot of. Little things up here is really very here with my children the can I share something here though because what strikes me in this story of Moses is he had the right mission but he had the wrong method complex that mission which goes to show that the significance of constantly recalibrating constantly coming to God and making sure that the mission that I'm accomplishing is not just the right mission but that I'm accomplishing it in the right way and his mission was the end goal was there but his identity was just there's no there's no anchor there and so he's just trying all these different angles so the 1st question is found in the verse 11 he asked him Who am I And so we've talked about the question of establishing your identity 1st it's very interesting in verse 12 God doesn't really answer that question and tells him more what he needs to know rather than what he wants to know in verse 12 so he says I will certainly be with you and this will be a sign to you that I have sent you when you have brought the people out of Egypt you shall serve God on this mountain coming back here over his back and on so the 2nd question as you have already mentioned touching base on verse 13 then Moses says to God Indeed when I come to the chill of Israel and say to them the God of your father sent me to you and they say to me what is his name what shall I say to them so it's basically a question as well who are you right so when you add when you ask yourself this question What is my identity natural as as God. Guides you in getting grounded in your identity you're going to find a well who you get to know him deeper and that's the question that he asks verse 14 God says to Moses I am who I am and he goes into a long long explanation of how God has been with him the entire time the 3rd question is found in chapter 4 1st one. It's up to 4 Verse one Moses answered and said But they suppose they will not believe me or listen to my voice and through these questions on words these are now methodological questions what it what do I do or do I say and then you know the whole snake in the whole can and then Aaron brother is are all methods to help him achieve his original goal in the end but sometimes we want to know all the methods for without knowing who we are and the God that we serve what are some ways that you find that that society tries to shape your mission your identity away from God's mission and God's identity for you or the Moses anticipating is a reality that he's saying people are going to question who I am people are going to question who God is and these questions are designed to relist from our mission to make his question and this is exactly what he did would Jesus try to drill and by his by and by addressing his identity Who are you who do you think you are and who do you think your god is I think that's what happened how did he answer that it is written it is written in back to scripture again the fundamental foundation for knowing God's will how many of you out there know who you are and know the God that you serve and before we ask the question What am I supposed to do you know ask yourself what does God want me to do we find these answers in Scripture we find his answers in Scripture day by day on a daily trajectory until we finish accomplishing God's mission for us well that's been your prayer It's been ours it's been a very profound study just of our hope you've been blessed siya next week here on in verse. You've been listening to inverse a Bible based part of the station the callee word is wrong Jonathan Walter Sebastian Braxton. And your host Justin. Inverses brought to you by the hope channel television that changes like this and more inspiring episodes there's an inverse Dr Hope t.v. news that Origen find us on social media. In the 1st 5 until next time this isn't verse.


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