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Is there a difference between what you do at work from day to day and your calling in life?



  • May 2, 2020
    1:00 PM

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Is there a difference between what you do at work from day to day and your calling in life find out on this episode of adverse. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to. The Bible based conversation on life principles contemporary issues and thought provoking. Now here's your host just until within. A friends you're watching in verse here in the studio with me are my friends and we are in the inverse studio I mention that and we are talking about career and callings and there is a difference between those 2 especially like a topic up the will of God in this 13 week arc that we are in for some profound insights when to get from Scripture we are going to study the Book of Nehemiah chapter one chapter 2 somewhere in there but before we do want to ask the Lord for a prayer for all hask Israel to the Lord for the Lord all pray you going to pray for it and pray for what is ideal for. Father in heaven we ask for your blessing to be with us as we talk about this very important topic in Scripture and Jesus' name I met in May and Kelly can you read for us let's go to chapter one of Nehemiah verse 11 that's the last the last verse and pick up into chapter 2 but 1st 9 Ok oh Lord I pray please let your ear be attentive to the prayer of your servant and to the prayer of your servants who desire to fear your name and let your servant prosper this day I pray and grant him mercy in the sight of this man for I was the King's Cup bear and it came to pass in the months of Nissan in the 20th year of King Arthur when wine was before him that I took the wine and gave it to the king now I had never been sad in his presence before therefore the king said to me why is your face sad since you are not sick this is nothing but sorrow of heart so I became dreadfully afraid and said to the king made the King live for ever Why should my face not be sad when the city the place of my father's tombs lies waste and its gates are burned with fire and the king said to me what do you request so I pray to. The God of heaven and I said to the king if it pleases the king and if your servant has found favor in your sight I ask that you send me to do that to the city of my father's tombs that I may rebuild it and the king said to me the queen also sitting beside him how long we are journey be and when we return so it please the King to send me and I set him a time Furthermore I said to the king if it pleases the king let letters be given to me for the governors of the region and beyond the river that they must permit me to pass through till I come to Judah and a letter to the keeper of the King's Forest that he must give me temper to make beings for the gates of the citadel which pertains to the temple for the city wall and for the house that I will occupy and the king granted them to me according to the good hand of my God upon me then I went to the governors of the region beyond the river and gave them the king's letters now the king had sent captains of the army and horsemen with me Ok thanks Kelly Yeah this is a long passage and we want to encourage you out there that when Scripture is being read read scripture along with us in your own Bible or online or on your phones or actually on the screen but you often when it comes as long passages No you have lost the the because oh now you don't know you really zone now and this is kind of a. Disease of our generation that we need to prevent for those who are wondering what are we doing from week to week in also go to in verse Bible Dorothy and see our Bible study guides there and in this arc of knowing God's will we go from How to know how do we know God's will through the foundation of God's Will friends marriage sexuality children all these other things that we talk about that are incorporated in the topic of God's will so today we are in the him and Kelly has read this passage have Jonathan what's going on here well if you really want to know what's going on you just go back into the archives and watched 2 seasons ago we had an entire I think of the book on the in my own. To summarize it here is an descendant of the exiles who lived in you know Babylonian made a Persian empire and he has become the cup bearer of the King and he's in a high position in the Royal Court and we are here in a 5th century b.c. and now he has a burden for his city Jerusalem is in ruins he wants to rebuild the walls he's recognizing that calling on his life and so he is in the presence of the king and has an opportunity to share with the king his burden and to ask help from the king to fulfill this mission and I really appreciated the last episode that we did on identity and mission I don't know who was on that show but I think some of you were on that show and that it's not about about doing but it's about knowing and knowing who you are being your inner ear in her identity and here there is we see there's a difference with me in my on what he's doing what he's quite and what it's called to do and what is the primary difference of those 2 for their situations in Scripture where clearly the vocation of the individual is also their call right to do overlap they overlap and so they like the mission of Jesus Christ was very clear right he was called to you know heal the broken hearted to set the captives free and you know you know the miscellany to walk again and cause a blind. Man. So you know there are those who are just automatically Ok we got all right so that was so so the mission of Jesus and his vocation overlapped and in this case Jesus didn't even have a because he quit his job as a carpenter and then went into full time ministry he was supported by the help of others right the famous quote of Jesus you know Foxes have holes to live in but the Son of Man does not have a place and so in this case the vocation of Christ and His calling overlap but in the case of Nehemiah it's not it's not right Nehemiah is the King's Cup there this is calling why is he the key this is a result of so. Senses as Jonathan already mentioned you know he's a he's a descendant of the exiles of Israel and he found himself in this position position of on or through circumstance through talent through whatever through through providence or luck now. Even though circumstances have placed him there there's a burden on his heart as larger those circumstances it's are passes circumstances and this is not his his vocation but this is now his calling and that's a different. Chapter one The shock of Chapter One is this individual in many ways as a young professional and rolled in a very high falutin corporate corporate position with government or nonprofit or maybe a profit a profit profitable corporate sector and he's he's using all of a skills education as talents or whatnot and the edict had gone out for all the Jews to return back home and for whatever reason this guy is still here whether he's there and still being a faithful person and wanting to do the will of God there or whether he's just hiding from the world we have no idea that's not revealed in Scripture but this is the shocking Chapter one is the choose to come to collide and you need to make a decision here and what is our what is it about the modern gender the current generation that the 2 have separated Hey I can do whatever I want to do and make money and I can also do God's will on the side like is that a viable combination of viable life. Just looking at me Ok. Well I think it's interesting here in the in my actually in chapter one in my when he introduces himself he introduces himself 1st as a sinner he does not say anything about being a cup there that's the last thing he says in chapter one verse he recognizes I'm a sinner I'm part of the people that have failed God and the call and God has put on his people so he recognizes his failure there and then he slowly but surely this this understanding of his calling emerges in his life so I think as we as we go through life we need to postes sometimes and ask ourselves Lord and kind of kind of recalibrate my situation when we talk about that identity and then what who is God and what has God revealed to me and so when I recognize my position before God God can then lead me into the right direction so whatever it doesn't really matter what profession I'm in right now and as we said sometimes it can overlap and that is what God has called you to be but it can be that God has a different path for you so we need to ask ourselves Lord I am a sinner this is my position I need you please show me the Calling it would have upon me in some situations we are to remain in those positions because the 2 do overlap right and in the case of fear he leaves that position altogether and that's that's how how is God's Will discerned and this differentiated between you 2 that's a good question to ask Kelly Yeah it just reminds me so I'm going to move abroad soon and people to ask why are you going to be a missionary and they probably know of my responses but I'm like I'm always a missionary So yeah. Yeah. And I was not even supposed to be like a holier than thou response but it's like I don't just missionary you're always a mission when you're a Christian and so just like as having a cup Eric Holder snark Oh yeah. That's right but just this idea that you don't have to I know we've talked about this but I just want to say it is that you don't have to be full time ministry in this idea that we kind of like your you don't get paid from anything like that we are all called a full time ministry it just looks different each time. I mean it. There's a thing as Ok all right all right well let's go to yes. Let's go through some texts here let's go to 1st Corinthians Chapter 10 verse 31 and these are some principles we found from Scripture to discern the will of God and give us principles on how to differentiate the circumstances where in. 10311031 you need it yeah sure Ok therefore whether you eat or drink or whatever you do do all to the glory of God We talked about in episode 2 that one of the sources of God's will the foundation is knowing the the scripture so from this passage there are some patches of scripture where the principle needs to be mined out maybe it's a narrative maybe it's a poem and you're like Are you saying this but what can I get out of it you've got to extrapolate it out and then there's other verses where the principals just like to go right there and forward I think this is one of those verses verse 31 or whatever he whatever you do or don't do all for the glory of God This is. Something that Ok then from all I hear but don't go for it I'm afraid that you might so my oh I got a better say something to say I better say something so. In all of Scripture we have the fact that God created created us all of this creation is designed to give on or in glory to him right that that's all point of the whole purpose of worship that's that's what as he's creating in Genesis Chapter one The climax of that creation is humanity and he gives the beautiful task to humanity to represent his image a lot of times we've talked about like man this you know if we take it from a legal list Dick perspective how could God do that he's so self-centered Oh I'm going to reflect the image of God and give them on or in glory or whatever he must be a power hungry God this is not the case actually representing or reflecting the image of God is the greatest of all of all. Responsibility. Responsibilities they are response action Yes of all responsibility. And so callings already have all columns is what I'm looking for why is that the case because God is eternal and so in every aspect of Creation he's given along with the creation he gives it a purpose right the purpose of the sun moon and stars are to serve as signs seasons days and years when he gets down to the creation of humanity he says you have the privilege of reflecting the image of God This is an eternal privilege and I often tell people the reason why Heaven is going to be so awesome is not because we get to play with the bears and you know we get to wrestle with the Tigers and slide down the nose or yeah I am but at some point at some point that's going to become boring what makes heaven Heaven is the fact that we have this great eternal purpose to be able to do everything to the honor and glory to reflect his image and in our being we come back after the break we'll look at how do we know when we should leave a professional leave a position at work or whether we should stay there stay with us. Has impressed been a blessing to do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching. On Facebook Twitter Instagram for you to while there join us like us comes up next the handle again is in 1st Bible states now back to the discussion. Hey welcome back friends we are talking about the difference between career and calling and I always ask you know when I want to talk to campus ministry students and these people the modern condition has been has bifurcated again I love that word by has separated your calling from your profession so I can work a 9 to 5 job I earn money but then I can fulfill my calling in my other other positions. It's separating the spiritual call from my daily. Daily work to subsist and they make me make make money but the question is as a Christian who follows the Lord Jesus and who espouses all his teachings and wants to push the Gospel forward and is this vibrant spiritual you know wonderful happy person. Can they have an honest relationship with Jesus working as a nuclear scientist on the bombs and you know if if they're working from 9 to 5 and their job is to produce you know nuclear energy hey that's that's that's that's that's cool but weapons of mass destruction my my my contributing to a world view to eliminate a life and then afterwards give a Bible study of the people there's a certain contradiction that Madame really has not addressed and so this verse in Chapter 1st Corinthians 1031 says whatever you want if you drink whatever you do all for the glory of God really all the time not just on the week in or afterword and so this is where the 2 should come together but if no separation must occur at a certain point you to disengage even though you may make all the money even though your being may be paying tithe on it even though that money being used to sustain some some mission in some part of the world you are not doing that. So other principles we get from from this going back to when your earlier questions about how do we know if we should stay somewhere in there somewhere else as far as like a job goes part of it does come back to so your words bifurcate my words Providence. And that is God's providence in our life and that is seeking to glorify God and whatever place that we are so I think about how I became a teacher and I became a teacher because in high school I really just thrive as a writer and readership comes easy to me and so I helped my classmates learn to write better and to the constructor essays Kelly your good teacher Mike went on the numbers were these what grade high schools you know one through 12th grade and so I just I really enjoyed doing that but I wasn't thinking like I will now strategize for my future career trajectory it was just I'm being helpful and I'm sharing my gifts with those around me and I'm being patient and helping people and that that went to another job I want to like a part time job was teaching and I liked it more and more and then God opened doors and so even I wouldn't Providence right now even think about Joseph Joseph. If you surf a flea in part of his house and he was thinking I will someday become 2nd in power and he's right but he's being face full and what he's being given and so then by the time he is in charge he's like well granted this is a lot bigger than pot 1st help us but I understand the aspects of management of organization of honesty and integrity because he's already been serving so it wasn't like a huge culture shock when God took of the summer crazy so long we choose to honor God in every different part of our life and God can use that to take us to better places. Going back to 1st growing things 11 here it's us or whatever you sort of 1st going is 1031 Ok whatever you do you know glorify God with it and I believe that it's very important is the crucial point sometimes we don't know what is God's calling my life is a process of learning and seeing and and really got to calling is not just one thing always sometimes it might be you know like Moses go and take the people out of Israel in bringing to the promised land but it's dynamic it changes over time but what counts is faithfulness today based on this today and doing to the best of my ability and with relying on Christ what God has given me to do today and he will through Providence leave me you know I really appreciate that because it's really speaks to my current experience actually as I said you know I was led into being a teacher slowly since high school and even going through college I was like I'm going to be a teacher and that's like what I'm going to be and I still love teaching and I've been a high school English teacher among other kinds of teachers for the past 7 years and I love it but I really sense that God is calling me to completely different career right now and that is full stop web development which has nothing to do those teaching full stack it means front and back Ok got it all talked about later so that's so you can do you about this I can I can and it's been really hard because for me like my identity is I'm a teacher I'm a high school English teacher and if I'm not that that means I'm failing God and I don't get that really from the Bible or from my devotions but I get it from myself judgment and even judgment of others be like Kelly that's. Of other dreams but clearly God called you to be a teacher and their reason is all you're good at being a teacher and I appreciate that I do think that God often if not like always calls us into places of our gifts but I don't think God only gives us one gift and says use that one and if you don't have the ones you disobeyed me that God can God can take me somewhere else and I'm changing careers even because as much as I love teaching I don't think I can balance that with the family of I'm going to have right and so that my ministry now shifts from all of my students to a family I'm going to have and raise and so as our priorities change many times our jobs can but I'm still called to be a missionary and I'm still called to be faithful I'm still called to invest in people and just because it changes a little bit between 9 and 5 doesn't mean I'm disobeying God and that's really where to store and it's kind of a reflection of that now I'm not saying that your teaching position was in the right place I think God let me today clearly you were ministering to kids and so on but Nehemiah we don't know if he got into this position because God brought him there or if it was just you know the natural experience it had but the beautiful thing is that even if you right now might be in a position that is not where God wants you to be as soon as you open yourself up to God change the direction he can you see in that position where you are right now you make something amazing and lead to the next point as he did with Nehemiah where he said you know well we're going to take all the money from the king to build the wall over here might as well exactly Also those skills that he learned during that time become crucial for this next stage in his calling So whatever she's doing in the future her teaching skills and her full stacking skills will somehow come into play later on that the largest Even though we don't have this bird's eye view of the Lord has this cumulative you in the larger picture I want to ask you in the in my chapter one it's very clear that he did not have this before but he had to develop the after talking to one and he had a burden a burden for the homeland hometown Jerusalem it developed it got. To him to be on his knees for for several months he's praying he's crying he's sitting down he's fasting all these things and then so the question is how many of us is is a burden a factor in our calling and so that's not the question but with the burden sometimes you don't have the financial stability to fulfill that Burnet right I want to go out there and do x. y. or z. but I have no money so how do you balance financial stability with the burden that you perceive that God has called you to do. Great question I don't know if there is I don't know there's an answer I don't know there's an answer to that kind of occasion sometimes God calls us to move to move sometimes God calls us to move in faith in these kinds of situations and this was certainly the case and in the lives of his disciples right he said go without a person and then I'm going to show you the power of God to you know to to move now I think what's what's critical for us to note is the fact that especially living in today's society we have to be responsible with the burden that God has called us to do and in very few cases does God call us to move in in a way that will never will God calls to move in a way that's responsible so it's always important for us to to always test the call that God has given to us and I did it I think you tested by what Jonathan has already said what Kelly is all we already said and that is that there are many times when the when the ultimate burden is never fully revealed Nehemiah does not know what the end of his life story is going to be Kelly doesn't know what the end of her life story is going to be if she's ever going to go back into teaching or she's going to go into another different kind of profession God doesn't work that way what what Jonathan was seen as a God reveals himself in a dynamic way because our calling is many times dynamic right and what matters most is faithfulness right now in what I'm called to do and as I'm faithful in what I'm doing. Now then God begins to expand that in his own timing case in point is what Kelly was saying in the life of Joseph right Joseph is literally a slave and then he goes from being a slave to being a criminal in jail and then he goes from being a criminal in jail to leading an entire nation the the wealthiest and strong his nation of that time you think how in the world is a criminal going to do that would God was preparing him to do that and unbeknown to him and so what I'd faithfulness and what I do now faithfulness in how I manage my money now faithfulness and how I manage my education now and how I manage my relationships now will ultimately determine what kind of life calling I have in the future but I have to also take into consideration the life calling the immediate present right now I love this this this this picture that's emerging from this these weeks of studies that we've had thus far is that I appreciate what you said some time and some episodes somewhere on the job and you said something about that that that that the Bible especially the Hebrew Bible always has its holistic picture of things and we look at life trajectories that God also has this holistic picture of our lives trajectories in mind as well for example that we have this thing going on and then too often in our modern sense we're like well this is this was one stage of my life and now this is a new stage is completely different completely unrelated and now it's just kind of and I got to figure it out and then as well now it's my next chapter next chapter and they're all not related on connected and you've got a really fine yourself at every stage but the God Although we are also have a holistic picture of ourselves God has a holistic picture of our lives so that each is connected in the story of Joseph specially any of my They're all connected one feeds into another and it's almost as this masterpiece of art emerges that you can only appreciate when you look back in reflection and remember it's like wow really. This happened this happened and this from my point in life here and it's a really cool place to be with God When that occurs gives you incredible peace when you think about that that's the way God looks at your life that gives me the peace of God the path of all in the standing knowing that he's guiding my life and even though I might not understand every step of the way I can know and for sure that when I look back I will not want it to be have been any other way except more faithfulness in the process I know we've all been faithful we need to trust God every moment but that gives me joy and also confidence that the next step will be revealed when it needs to be revealed let's be faithful today and God will never waste any experience that he is that he that he makes it through what is what what's important about God's method of revealing purpose and bestowing burden is that in the end it comes down to that that text that we that we read the purpose of creation is to bring honor and glory to God and if God were to lead us allow us to form our own paths to our to the fulfillment of our own purpose and vision we would be tempted to think I arrived here on my own and many times God doesn't reveal it so that at the end of our life at the end of the trajectory when we look back we say Actually I had nothing to do with I had nothing to do with this God led me to this place like in the in the life of Joseph right he looks back and no criminal is ever has no one has ever accomplished with Joseph has accomplished why because it's humanly impossible to do so and I think that that's why God in moments in time reveals only a partial fulfillment of His will in our lives so that we would be faithful in what we're doing today and not be overwhelmed by the green pastures on the other side of the fence that's a beautiful in this whole process is that we're called as we read earlier to glorify God that God chooses us to the mess. We are as method with regard to glorify himself to reveal his character to this world that means it's his responsibility to make our life a success you know so that he can we go off and I just take great comfort in that you know it's one thing to say that they were great now or if I got it right it is my punk and a statement but it's another thing to say in my whole life as I look back my whole history and then because of my whole history and my present and hope of the future my whole life glorifies God I mean that's an incredible. I mean it's it's just incredible thought how many out there want to say want to give your lives to God and glorify the Lord with your life trajectory and that's our prayer hope it's yours thanks for joining us we'll see you here next week on in verse you've been listening to in verse a Bible based conversation telling what is wrong with Jonathan was Sebastian Baxter the secret doctor. Just an. Inverse is brought to you by the folks at television that changes. But this and more inspiring episode is that embers that go to more. Violence on social media. In a very silent until next time this is enforced.


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