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Are you a sacrificial friend to someone, just as Jesus is a friend to you?



  • May 16, 2020
    1:00 PM

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Friendship in the Bible how does it work what does the Bible have to say do we even have to be friends on this up as a verse. Coming to you from Silver Spring. Welcome to. The Bible based conversation or my. Temporary. Thought provoking. Post just within. A friends out there thanks for joining us on this week of inverse We're so glad that you are joining here in the studio with my friends about talking about the Bible and this other so we're looking at friendship and before you reacting and friendship friendship is one of the most important relationships we have in our lives and sometimes when we leave school and we're out on the on our own in especially in our twenty's we have to make friends again and for some people that's actually a difficult process especially if work is a particularly. Environments and school is of another how do you actually engage in friendship with another person so we're going to go to 1st time in chapter 18 verses one through 5 and if we're not careful friendship can be just haphazard when you look at the bottom of the Bible has to say and the Bible has a lot of principles on friendship before we each Scripture. Let me father we're so thankful that we can come to your word to learn about this topic that is so crucial in our lives we pray that you will grant us understanding through the Holy Spirit and ultimately that we can gain friendship with God Himself we pray these things in any Amen amen and then Johnson Chapter 18 or 1st one through 5 if you can read it for us now when he had finished speaking to Saul the soul of Jonathan was knit to the soul of David and Jonathan loved him as his own soul Saul took him that day and would not let him go to his father's house anymore then Jonathan and David made a covenant because he loved him as his own soul and Jonathan took off the robe that was on him and gave it to David with his armor even to this sword and his bow and his belt so they went out wherever Saul sent him and behaved wisely and so all set him over the men of war and he was accepted in the side of all the people and also in the sight of souls organs before you get to Scripture I'll ask a general question to all of you like what kind of friends what type of friends are out there in the world and so. The 1st kind of friend that I can think of as a friend of me as a friend of me would be exist friends are there you have that are actually your enemies Yeah and I mean have friends that's kind of sad that's the 1st thing that you thought of that's the 1st thing we live in a sinful world. Ok if you're not my friend then yeah that's really giving. Sorry to have. One kind of friends that really prefer friends that I can indeed to make conversation with and a deep conversation and where there is an interest of each other's lives and and where we can share experiences and it's not just doing things together but really just talking and having a deeper conversation than just the superficial things. Over time our friendships in our minds one of the friendships not appreciate just friends that you don't have to you don't have to talk you don't have to say anything you don't see each other for years and you meet and it's like. Yeah but not that you went back in time but you know in terms of the closeness that. No matter how many as possible that closeness isn't diminished Yeah I For me it's very difficult what you know all throughout your childhood your friends are kind of naturally by osmosis through the classes that you take but when you leave school and you enter work you have to kind of make friends for the 1st time in an intentional way and it's kind of weird awkward especially in the workplace and then after having kids after that point you don't choose your friends you're friends with the parents of your children your kind of stuck with these people really and then you have mutual interest mutual objectives and so you become friends with them but it's very important because friendships impact spiritually the trajectory of where your development go in the future and in many ways and especially in twenty's we have the ability to choose those. Ships' one of the most profound relationships as found in chapter 18 and what's going on in there Israel has some context so there's perhaps an all of scripture of the ideal example of French a busy example that exists between David and Jonathan David is one of the greatest heroes in the Bible it talks about it is through the line of David that the most would be born David is supposed to be this great King one of the greatest kings in all of Israel years one of the most beautiful song writers in all of Scripture and he you know he was a good looking individual strong courageous person who completely killed and took out delivered Israel took out Goliath And so David is a person that a lot of people think about when they think about scripture yet Jonathan here is the subject of Chapter 18 the verse the 1st 5 verses if you if you read those verses look at how many times Jonathan is the subject of of the story here says that Jonathan was the one that loved David as his own soul it was Jonathan that along with David made that covenant it was Jonathan that took off his robe and gave it to David and he gave him his own armor and his own sword and his own bow and his own belt and all the one earth David is a very big superhero when it comes to the Christian and the Bible student it is Jonathan who in the books of heaven is is that mired out of mired for probably one of the best examples of unselfish love where he even though he is the rightful heir to became the royal Yeah he understands that God has chosen David and he willfully steps out of the way and agrees to empower David to take a position that from an earthly perspective belongs to him and there is from this from this perspective there's no greater example of what a true friend a real friend I love verse one it says The Soul of Jonathan meaning here is innermost. Parts was knit to the saw of David and Jonathan love them as his own store I mean this is you know you don't see this kind of tight friendship these days. C.s. Lewis said that one of the one of the. Disadvantages or negatives of homosexuality is not all the other arguments that people are talking about but it actually erodes were true of people of the same gender or cannot be as close as they can because there's the fear of being being thought of as a romantic relationship and many who read this passage and so hot and think that this is a romantic language show romantic relationship but it is kind of a guy thing all juggling work type or like really we're like really really tight I mean there's there is room in our in our society there is a bromance is the closest thing we can get closer than that there is a certain level of of of awkwardness of barrier of yours no barrier here a barrier and I can't really. Not and neither do. Women have and I think women have more license to to you know to develop close relationships finally to speak their hearts and you know and something that strikes me in terms of Jonathan and David's relationship in the previous chapters in 1st Samuel. Now we have a chapter 17 when David's you know slays Goliath but all the way back to Chapter 14 you have Jonathan doing these amazing feats and Jonathan is out there a single handedly did defeating an entire garrison of Philistines I mean and if you get the famous phrase you can't conceive by many of my few it was Jonathan was out there and he's I mean he's this incredible man of faith and a man of war you know who goes in the strength of the Lord and defeat so when you when you get to Chapter 17 and Jonathan sees David doing this as well David is his kind of guy Jonathan is Jonathan is that kind of a person and David is that. Can a person as well and there still is a need to gather in a kinship because they have a similar relationship with God in a similar thankfulness and and I read to me in studies that Jonathan and David are probably about 10 years apart in age so that Jonathan is kind of like an older brother is going to like you know this is my younger counterpart and they developed a strong friendship and I can see the younger version of him in Jonathan Dayton flower for all the fact that here Jonathan spiritually mature more mature than his own father and he's in David not just the true king but someone who is faithful to God and this is what connects them so the foundation for their friendship is really their their faithfulness to God their believing in God their trust in God and their willingness to serve God I mean even at the risk of their own lives I mean both of them ran into their from an earthly perspective death God bless them as they did so I love the fact I think it is a very important principle when it comes to finding friends look for people where you can read a foundation of your friendship will be spiritual foundation of your friendship we serve the same God and we serve a God who has a purpose for both of us. I love how verse 5 It follows right. Follows what Jonathan does for David says you know that Jonathan gave David his armor's more his more his belt and then I love the effect of that because in verse 5 it says so David went out wherever saw sent him and it says he behaved wisely I'd like to think of it as you know the impact that Jonathan had on David was manifested in David going and executing the commands it's all gave him but of behaving himself in a wise way and I think that that's all tremendously the effect of a genuinely strong friendship that there's a situation where 2 individuals help each other and. Just relate better or draw closer to God but also become better citizens of the places where they live well let me ask you we're looking at the concept of God's will and sometimes we will talk about if we haven't talked about already children family and sometimes if without God's Will being looked at we just kind of flow from one stage of life and engage from this and just naturally just you know absorb into things but the Bible says that we need to be proactive in choosing friends yes and friends have an impact on on our even a channel salvation is a question I have for you this is how what are some principles but how do we know obviously there are acquaintances and compatriots we always come into contact with and that's we have no control over that but really good friends that we really want to cherish and hone how do we find what are the parameters what is God's will for us in those kind of arenas if we can read from Proverbs Robert that's the 12 yes there is 20. 626261220 think yes if this is the righteous choose his friends carefully for the way of the we could lead them astray so carefulness is needed it's easy to just you know 3 a South into a situation where there's maybe many people and you can pick and choose maybe in college or wherever you are university or a workplace Oh I'm just going to friends with everybody but God The Bible says very clearly here choose very carefully why because there are certain principles of life that will affect you when you interact with other human beings there is a lot of life that you become more and more like the person that you interact with so depending on who that is that will you know come back to you a perfect example is you talk to me you know and then I talk to you and you hear my accent and then you start talking German as I am now a German Yeah yeah but you know I know this is all the time when I talk to people I kind of start adopting their way of talking without even wanting that. And so this on a grand scheme of things like the more time you spend with your friends the more you become like them so you want to someone who is focusing on Jesus regard and there's another things yeah and to go along with that there's a song is also puts it in a slightly different way it says bless it is the manner happy is the man who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly nor stands in the path of sinners nor sits in the seat of the scornful but his delight is in the law of the Lord and in his law he meditates day and night he should be like a tree that is planted by the rivers of water is talking about here the person the individual who seeks a companionship who does not walk in the counsel of people who are on godly who does not stand in the path of sinners or sit in the seat of the scornful and so it's talking about the influences of an individual person who surround himself not with negative influences but with positive influences I understand in my life that there are a lot of challenges that I have and the friends and friends that I develop are designed to help me through these challenge Israel and come back after the break when I hear what Israel has to say about his friends and also the topic of what happens when a friend's a b. trade you say Stay with us. Has in this been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching. On Facebook Twitter and Instagram for you to while they join us like us comes up next I'll handle again and invest Bible Belt states now back to the discussion. Welcome back we're just waiting songs 11 through 3 verses one through 3 it has these 3 states where the man is walking standing and sitting and the song is giving us instructions on on in those states that meaning really all the stages of where you are on what not to hang out with and so is your continual will by contrast it tells us who we should hang right right right right and so I was mentioning before that for me I understand in life the challenges that were that I'm facing you know there are so many things in my life that that I don't like about my character there are so many challenges that I might face at work there's challenges that on my face at home with my children or with my wife a spouse and in I have come to value more and more the friendships of individuals who have my best interests in mind and so I think this is to me this is the most critical principle of all the true and genuine friendship find a person that you can really trust yourself with that they're not going to be looking at you know this was going through a hard time look at how you know how crazy this stuff is or I'm going to go tell someone else a pray for Israelis you know he's about to have a divorce or his children are going to you know run away from home or whatever but someone who is not the case is not the case and I love my wife loves me my kids love me and and so what we need is we need people who will even though we have weaknesses will knit our own. Shawled what there is also there are problems are buried up also on their shoulders or born under a tree on their shoulders to help us through the jungle one of the ways that one of the ways that I know about how to go about finding these friends that we really need. A good friend of mine as he told me that when when she was in college she prayed that God would give her friends candy friends friends whose goals in life with similar to hers I had to honor God you know and and she said to me said you were an answer to my prayer and this is going to period in our lives we've kind of like a kind of crazy and it's hard to keep entirety you know a title like talk on the phone and and she was really painful in making sure we connected and reconnected and kept in touch and she said to me said I'm not letting you go as a friend because you are an answer to my prayer and I asked God to send me a friend and it meant a lot to me and I never thought of until that point I never thought of praying for friends you know like Lord please send me God The prince will help me to be a better Christian and since then up to this stage in our lives she's she's praising cycloid. I'm putting a possibility of a relationship please help us in our print group to get into relationships about the thing time so that we had similar stage in life and we can pray with each other and we can manage around the same time with our group of friends and have children 100 thing made and it's kind of crazy that you print she prays about this stuff and God has been answering her faithfully in prayer just tracked from a practical experience very practical I've actually never thought about it either I have friends or friends or wherever the good friends will not say never but welcome is there not an older in a very diverse. But it's sort of like you're saying you get to a stage where you will become friends with your kids friends parents and social praying that our kids could be similar ages so that we could continue to be friends with a little stage and I mean. I mean our spouses that much I mean it just makes sense we pray for our friends and and commitment the right godly influences are similar. To what the both of you are saying here you're saying looking for friends who have the best interests in mind for you especially spiritually This is what's happening here in 1st Samuel 18 because Jonathan gives David his arm he gives his position in a way he's like he was the armor of Israel around princes armor here it is because I recognize God's calling on your life and to have someone who is so humble in your life who will support you even though that means that he loses his opportunities that is incredible Now the reality is is that there are not that many people out there that are like that you know and. You know we might be getting sadder frustrated and depressed that all Lord I don't have anyone like this please send me friends and he might answer that praise God but I think in the meantime we can also ask God to make us like I really believe God calls us to be to be a friend like that if you don't have one and. In that way have a ministry friendship as a ministry equals you know what to me was what as you're speaking Jonathan what kind of strikes me is that. Although not everyone is going to ultimately have a spouse there is I believe a friend for everyone you know and sometimes of the friend is not obvious like we do go to through droughts maybe friendship droughts I'm looking back in my life and I can and and I can see I can trace the fact that even though I don't live close to my closest friends anymore you know you guys have moved away from. The friendship still continues and it's still it's still lingers and I'm actually thankful that some of the hardest moments in my life at work in my family life when you know I I lost my my father and my my brother it was it was actually this group you know it was it was this group that kind of helped lift. During some of the most difficult times and so I'm I'm under the impression that as I look back on the highs of my life and the lows of my life that it has been in every one of those instances I've had I've had the blessing of friends being there to uplift me and I know there's a lot of people who are ever like are wondering madam I never going to get married or will I ever have a spouse or the answer to some of these questions might be no you know you might never get married but the opportunity to be a real friend to someone is I think is there for everyone I love the principle of that sharpens iron in for me as an only child to I have always wanted to have loved having friends and I thought of them have friends as more brothers and sisters and there's something that I love the quote the phrase Show me your friends show me your company and I know your character you know and there's just you know I love being inspired by the by even you guys on the team here there's different aspects that you have in the cool thing is the more as you said before Jonathan that the more that I hang out with these things that I absorb different ideas even challenges even the things that I disagree with it's iron sharpening in iron and it toughens me up and I just toughen up like in a harder sense but it toughened me up in a softer side and that makes sense and challenges me in and get in to be more Christ like and it's that form of character development that's just so attract and so natural without being painful or some of you guys are painful but it has been but it's a blessing to others as well you know it's amazing to me that scripture when Jesus lived on this earth he talked about family writing he says if you don't you know love me more than your father mother whatever you can be my disciple but he also talks about friends right he says Greater love has no man than a man lay down and for his friends and so. Over and over in Scripture you see the value that that God places on friendship. And the need for companionship I mean when he created out Adam and Eve He created them because they needed each other they needed help meats for one another they needed someone that could that could that could fulfill their their needs on on an equal level I mean a dog is a man's best friend I really believe that you know I my my dog just we just had to put him down this last spring and I remember and to this day sometimes when I come home I'm thinking like Where's my dog you know he's the calm always even in his old age and and greet me and whatever but that would never be enough companionship to make me to wipe away loneliness out of my out of my life and so God values friendship enough and I think it's a it's an awesome act of love that he gives us friends to be able to experience the joy right and and also be able to withstand the sorrows and I think it's a beautiful act of love the God of a great verse in John 151514 you are my friends John 1514 John you're still looking for I was does look completely worthless were they my friend verse 14 you are my friends if you do whatsoever I command you no longer do I call you servants for a servant does not know what his master is doing but I have called you friends for all things I have heard my father and I have made known to you you did not choose me but I chose you pointed you that you should go and bear fruit and that your fruit should remain that whatever you ask the Father in me in my name that I that he make you give you this the concept of friends for me has helped me to understand Jesus as a friend because you know as I speak to all of you I speak to him the same way but then as I get to know Jesus as a friend and I become like Him It helps me to be a better friend back to my human friends is this cool little relationship that symbiotic and yes my friends but has a better son a better spouse a better better husband and so Jesus is like the ultimate friend as as cheesy as that sounds. Really when you look at the dynamics that is what's going on there and I just putting together what you were saying about Jesus as a friend. There is an example of Christ friendship that sticks out to me is just before he goes to the cross. When one of his closest friends yes it rains yet right. It's crazy to me that they were they were up there you know and he's washing their feet and he knows that Judas is about to go out and be trying him you know into the hands of his enemies and this is about to go to the cross because of Judas his actions and yet he's still gracious and so kind to Jesus. And he think about being a friend I want Johnston was talking about being that friend for somebody else it's one thing to be a beneficiary of that kind of friendship it's another thing to be that kind of friend you know to be the friend who put themselves out there knowing that you're going to get hurt you know and being willing to sacrifice yourself really for the benefit of somebody else you know and that Jesus was that friend but we can't be that kind of friend unless we have that friendship with Jesus in the 1st place because the only one who could sometimes friendship is not an equal thing where you're getting the exact same thing back and you kind of go oh that's great sometimes it really is a sacrificial ministry but God calls I mean that's what God does to us he's the friend of sinners and so God calls us to do the same to us or that's what that's what would happen exactly in the life of Jonathan and there was an equal relationship Jonathan then to get an equal it's not a partnership in business where they all give you my armor and then when you become king I'm going to be a coking you know Friendship is not designed God's Kingdom never works that way it always and that's why Jonathan becomes the best example around chip in Scripture because he's a person that totally still renders what he has and you know in my human interactions with people oftentimes I've come everyone here has been betrayed by friends and what makes it so hard for us to forgive is the fact that we feel that we've given in not received and really the life of Jonathan the life of our the words of Scripture rebuke that kind of a friendship this is not a partnership it's a friendship I can't think of the guy's name yet you help me but I'm thinking of Jonathan's son with. You. I mean years later Jonathan has died so. The House of Saul is gone except for me who was a little boy and John David extends a seat to I mean that's just the cool the next generation of friendship. How many of you out there are good friends or you're wanting to show Christ friendship to all the other people can only be done by the grace of God and so benefit and so so gracious that God has given me wonderful friends we want to send our friendship to all of you watching out there thank you for watching in verse you've been blessed in to us on social media and on inverse Bible dot com. And on Facebook and whatnot please send us more of your encouragement we'd appreciate it and we want to send more encouragement back to you through our prayers go see a next week here in a verse you've been listening to a Bible based conversation. As well that Jonathan was Sebastian back. In verses brought to you by the. Television that changes. But this and more inspiring ever so there's that embrace that. Or. I miss on social media. Universe. Until next time this is n.p.r..


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