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Can we be trusted to nurture the next generation?



  • June 6, 2020
    1:15 PM

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Osman says to his wife am I not better than 10 sons which narrative is it from the Bible find out on this episode of In verse. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to. The Bible based conversation or. Contemporary Issues. Focus. Your post just within. Everyone welcome to enter verse a young adult Bible study discussion show here in the studio with me are my friends and we are in a segment looking at the will of God If you are interested in studying with us from week to week go to inverse Bible dot org You see all the Bible study guides there and getting gage in the study along with us this week's episode is called heritage of the Lord the heritage of the Lord and look at 1st Samuel chapter one 1st Samuel Chapter one Verse 4 through 20 and Sebastian before we scripture. Father in heaven we know that you gave your only begotten Son so that our children can do so. And we ask Lord that now as we discuss this very important topic regarding your will in the home that you will guide us you would instruct this inspiring is our career in Jesus name in the human Israel can you read from verse 4 of her Samuel born on words praise Him It says And whenever the time came for to make an offering he would give portions to the Nina his wife and to all her sons and daughters but to Hannah he would give a double portion for he loved all the Lord had a closed room a skip down to earth 8 days then I'll Qana her husband said to her Hannah Why do you weep why you not eat why is your heart grieved am I not better to you than 10 sons so had I arose after they had finished eating and drinking and Shiloh now Allie The priest was sitting on the seat by the door post of the tabernacle of the Lord and she was in bitterness of soul and prayed to the Lord and wept in anguish then she made a vow and said o Lord of Hosts if you will indeed look on the affliction of your maid servant and remember me and not forget your maid servant but will give your maid servant a male child then I will give him to the Lord all the days of his life and no razor shall come upon his head and it happened as she continued to pray before the Lord that Allie watched her that he watched her mouth not Hannah spoke in her heart only her lips moved but her voice was not heard therefore Allie thought that she was drunk so Ali said to her How long will you be drunk put your wine away from you but had I answered and said it no my lord I am a woman of sorrowful spirit I have drunk neither wine nor intoxicating drink but I have poured out my soul before the Lord do not consume. Under your maidservant a wicked woman for out of the abundance of my complaint and grief I have spoken until now then Ellie answered and said Go in peace and the God of Israel grant your petition which you have asked of him and she said Let your maid servant fight scene find favor in it in your sight so the woman went her way and ate and her feast was no longer sad Ok session verse 19 take up please then they rose early in the morning and worship before the Lord and returned in King to their house and Rima in O'Connor knew him and his wife in the Lord remembered her so it came to pass in the process of time that Hannah conceived him bore a son in cold his name sent me will soon because I've asked for him from the Lord Ok in a studio today we have my friends here who all have kids and so the friends who don't have kids we ask them to go away to the kiddie section that we're here just the parents amongst ourselves in here have a conversation about having kids how did you all come up with the decision of having kids or to struggle to having kids what is God's Will how is it in tangle itself in having kids that's the topic or talking about not in this answer right now but eventually you may have to think of an answer for. The 60 crew we saw read this passage about having kids in a sense what's going on here. Ok well. Then what does just after show us about when I think al Qaeda has his wife Hannah and it seems she's unable to bear children and then bearing children was really important you know it's almost like your worth as a woman was tied to your ability to reproduce offspring and so for that the reality that she couldn't bear children meant a lot for her individuality you know for her self-worth for the way she was viewed in society for her marriage even the way that I can i was viewed to the extent that he takes a 2nd wife pin you know who is able to bear children but he says that he really loves Hannah you know and it saddens him that she is grieved by her inability to bear children for him to the point that he stares am I not worth more to you than $0.10 like can't you just be happy with us your sister. I take issue because he married another woman so can he just be happy with her. Father listen to our. In the narrative Hannah Hannah gets to the point where she realizes nobody else can grant the petition of the heart of God Himself and so she comes before God asking Him to to I guess redeem her in this situation and she is she's pleading with him to the point that when when you lie Ellie. The priest asked her you know if she's drunk I perceive that it's because when you're drunk you have no inhibitions It's like you're just like you know whatever and she is that she's proud that it has been about this request that before God she is just going out asking God for that and there are so many lessons to draw from just trying to lie over it but. You know ultimately God grants a petition seeing that the sincerity of her heart and the way that she. Promises God is that when you give me this thing I'm going to just give it back to you and God grants her petition knowing that she's the kind of person who will give back to him what he has already given to her interest it's a lot so. Let's go on stage and build up to this why do people have kids in the world in the world recess and in this. I sense that normal people as. Well there's I think there's a variety of reasons why people choose to have children I think obviously you have the concept of love people love each other yes and so children are the natural result in many cases of that situation and some cultures people want to have children to to expand their you know their family familiarly they want to have a larger family and so they were agricultural reasons or whatever your name say or prosperity and progress and human race yes. And I mean Ok And we also have to understand that there are in many cases especially the culture that we live in and some cultures today there are people who don't want to have children who don't see the value in having children yet we say isn't that think phenomenon double income no kids about our generation who are not getting married or maybe they're men having no kids they just think kids are a nuisance are a parasite to through your. Preventive mapping and what is the biblical reason why we should have children I mean that's that's really the reason why we're here what we're talking about fashion washing we have kids well when you go back to God's original purpose for men we created them in Genesis chapter one in verse 20 God tells Adam and Eve after he made them Be fruitful and multiply but these are individuals that he made in the image of gaunt and we understand that being made in the image of God is not just an individual privilege it's a community privilege because God exists in community it's the Father Son and the Holy Spirit and so when Adam and Eve through their particular connection comes this 3rd being into into life and now this continues to reproduce and pass down to the character of gone so to me God wanted them to replenish the earth fill the earth with individuals that look like gone that are controlled by the same principles that constrain gone's of mind to constrain his heart and so I I think that some ways. In this world people say well Sebastian that makes a lot of sense when the world was perfect right it was great the weather the temperature was perfect there was no crime and now we live in that's a day's age and we're saying well the world is not perfect and I went through that you know same question in my own mind growing up in inner city Chicago and getting 0 like going to bring it into this kind of writing do you want to bring kids into this kind of world and so I think that being fruitful and multiply is a is a is a fundamental thing to what God has given us a comment out of many but it's definitely a little bit more tricky considering the way society has gone with sex human sex trafficking and you know all kinds of things that children are at risk for bass in our society cold weather cold weather until the weather of. Genesis $128.00 where the Bible injunction is Be fruitful and multiply so there is that. Marriage is good yes sexual intimacy is good Heaven is good this is all part of good good good God I feel yes. And a case of Hannah who could not have kids how would she be able to fulfill Genesis $128.00 or maybe not hand over hand and she had kids and whatever but I mean there's people out there who can't have kids or are you know whatever whatever scenario they're in what can we say to that when we look at the story of Hanna something that strikes me as a fact that there's a there's a there's a dual process here not only it's not just not enough that people want to have kids the other question that needs to be fundamentally answered is does God Trust us in having in burying his children you know are a gift from God and here in Hanna God was able to find a person in whom he could trust to grow up to grow and to nurture someone like Samuel and so there's also this dual component of not just individuals want to have chill. But also the divine responsibility of burying up children in the fear of the Lord and I'm not saying that anyone can have children because God can trust them with her but there's also that dynamic that I want to add on to what Sebastian was a Marine and in and in and in the fruitfulness that God calls us to like has been already stated you can have children and they're not a blessing to the world that's right and so this effect of having children doesn't mean you bless them. Just by you know producing a God God wants. Me to. Lie or use. Because God wants one of the big godly seeds right the what you would like his character reproduced and in our progeny that his glory is magnified through our children being born because there are more individuals who can reflect the image of God right. That ability to do that is not restricted to people who have biological children though it is possible to still to bless the world in terms of being fruitful in your ability to recreate the image of God in others even when you don't have biological children and now and that's something that you can that I can do that all of us can participate in as a family of God regardless of whether we have children and I know we're not talking about the church right now but that's I think that's part of why the church exists is that as a community of faith we contribute to each other even to each other's children to bring up a community that reflects the image of God regardless of whether I have biological children or not a village secular or directories which are we come back after the break when I look at further principles on how to raise children and whether to raise children or some of the dynamics of marriage children and even a sexuality so stay with us. Has impressed been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching in 1st Bible on Facebook Twitter Instagram or You Tube while they're joining us like us part us thumbs up us our handle again is inversed Bible no spaces now back to the discussion. Hey welcome back friends we're looking at the concept of children and knowing God's will regarding children now some of you have to have children and you're thinking Well Harry and show don't allow that and some of you are so far away from having children you're like man this is not a topic that of any importance to me but when it comes to children this is a very huge stage in our in our in our spiritual lives and some signs of for not preparing for our reflective on it it just comes and goes and this is a huge responsibility that we need to take seriously and see what the Bible has to say about it we've been talking about how do people who don't have children or cannot have children how do they fulfill this go and multiply and be happy and kind of kind of come in and go as given and experience Christ like this which is what Sebastian was saying earlier on I think when we look at scripture it's important for us to note that what's striking about the Bible's and many in many cases actually our relationship with God is adoption 1st and then birth 2nd right and so it's like God 1st adopts us and then we are born again many times in society today we look at adoption as a 2nd option or an option a back up choice whereas in scripture it's never viewed that way God God never viewed it that way as a 2nd or inferior option God understood the family concept to be to include would see was saying you know this includes the entire village we as individuals experience Christ likeness when we invest in a child and I think the question is why why does that make us more like God Is it because we're able to biologically rip reproduce children that's not the case the reason for that is because we're able to experience a small element of godliness when we're caring for a child that does not care that we love it that does not know how to love us back that has nothing to contribute to us that all it does it takes our money and our sleep you know so go him to come back to that and so some time for that and so this is where this is where godliness and God likeness is expressed as 2 individual. 2 parents come together and they wrestle over the salvation of their child and so when we think about Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth God is giving to humanity the care of raising its own something that is not really there is but is actually God's and we do this not necessarily through biological reproduction but we also do this through the adoption of children who may not have a Christ a godly influence in their lives and you know is it was very interesting is when I was coming into the into the faith the young lady who brought me in her mother used to run basically foster home in her home in some of those kids went up staying long term and just to see the spiritual investment that went into those kids and how even as the age when they came back to visit as teenagers are called college students they still consider her their mom in their sense it was like yeah I didn't give birth to you and all those different things but who she was or what she represented by her love her service or sacrifice for them she became their mother that's who they called for worries or questions or concerns or major decisions in life and I think that was a really for instance absolutely to go to Isaiah Isaiah 56 I say every 6 verse for a wonderful verse that a good compatriot of mine help me find here is a 56 verse for the Bible says For thus says the Lord to the Unix who keep my Sabbaths and choose what pleases me and hold my covenant to them even to them I like given my house and within my walls a place and a name better than that of sons and daughters I will give them an everlasting name that shall not be cut off so here you have someone who is someone who cannot have kids because promises them they take your faithful to me if you're my servant I'll give you better than sons and daughters and in a sense these individuals are called to be some mothers and fathers of other children maybe not biologically their own biases your. Name but really when you take this out Micio logically throughout the chart scripture there are a disciple for Jesus and evangelists and they get to have spiritual children in its name and the Cure in the name of God like it's in there and whether we're married or not we're not we're if we're ever single and maybe like you know 16 years old we're still called to some level of discipleship in taking care of those underneath us or maybe senior citizens and or beyond the years of having kids and whatnot we're still active and a critical part Think of how profound that is right that what Adam and Eve could do biologically we now have to do spiritually which is to reproduce someone in the image of gone after we ourselves have been restored in the right gone and I think that's got. Us thinking about when you ask the question that we was rhetorical right at the beginning but it got me thinking too before my husband I married and who were discussing you know the possibilities and etc One of the things we talked about was having children should we have children to not have children and I recall specifically really where we had this very heavy conversation went on a car ride and. It was a great day and I was looking out the window and I just I was responding because I was like I don't want to bring children into this evil world know this well these so evil icons you magine you know bring the human being at this helpless innocent little baby to experience like all the all of the stuff that the world is and how do you protect them and just all these thoughts and I thought of that in the context of what we're talking about a rip about reproducing the image of Christ not just in our own biological children but in others as well. At the root of it I don't want to have children because I was afraid of what they would experience in this world and in a sense. It makes sense existentially but it's kind of selfish because there are other people who are already living in this evil world so it's kind of like as long as I don't have to deal with protecting somebody as long as I don't have to deal with making sure that they're safe then I'll be Ok but there are other people who still have to experience the evil in this world so that their prerogative of making the world a better place or you know enhancing the gospel or pushing for the 2nd coming of Christ is still rests upon me even if I don't have biological children having biological children makes me realize the weight of it in a different kind of ways was like Well Ok let's make I don't want the world to end on my kids and when we talk about making the world a better place it's usually what will that we live in for our children is how we phrasing and yet in reality this those world rather whether you have biological children or not we need to think about what what heritage are we leaving or what what heritage was the word. You know what what what what are we passing on to the quote next generation or better yet as a Christian do we not want users to come soon so that. That other tile doesn't have to live through that so that then the victim of sex trafficking doesn't have to go through this experience so that no other child has to go through the abuse that other children going through we wanted us to come soon but then there's a there's a year there's your play you're placing the focus off of it and so many people raise squares children as the final goal and things I just raise my child well in a good society that's my final goal and God is to tool by which that is plain possible but what you're saying is you that's a displaced perspective that we have to have gods and told the world 1st and my children are an avenue to that goal whether it's the gospel or or as missionaries or or eventually that's that's actually a radical way of thinking and that's I think that's what God's hand to hand is one of the most radical parents in the Scripture I mean she takes she prays and prays and prays I mean she's weeping and she looks drunk to you know to the eyes of the people around her she wants the child so badly but she gets the child and then immediately gives the child back to God and it's like she sacrificed her son wrote the Bible says and it's time to weaning which is about 13 to 5 years old depending on the culture when people win but usually around that time so she only has the kid for about 3 maximum 3 years and I meant minimum 3 years and she's not giving these a son to this this whole the whole you know because guys are not because Eli sons were with you so you're like you're going to send him to the priest who's not even necessarily a good father himself right and God is a rebuke for that and you can question well why would God give Eli children right but Hannah is a Godly loving person and yet she's denied and she's agonizing just to get one child only to give it away and it just goes to show what makes it so special and such a privilege. To have children whether we're able to do that biologically or otherwise and it shows here the role that we play also in the Providence and the providential leadings of God you know the family is the smallest of loss of all societal units yet it is the most powerful what happens in my in my small home in Michigan it's going to eventually impact the world my child is going to go to school is going to come in contact with people from all over the country all over the world these individuals are going to go back to the places where they come from they're going to have families of their own and so the world that we live in is bound and tied through this small web of a family unit and so this is why I say in attack the family unit it's the most powerful of all units you know how we how we go back and how we exit and how we discuss issues that are taking place in the church are ultimately going to be examples that we leave behind for our children when they come to those kinds of positions and so what we do on our home privately how we raise our children in a private context is what God is the means by which is designed to be the means by which God uses our children to impact the world to make it a better place to make research a better place and most significantly importantly to do what Sikh was mentioning before which is to aid in the salvation of souls you know it while you're talking this thinking of John Wesley the founder of the Methodist movement I mean you go to any city in the middle of nowhere and always has a Chinese restaurant and a Methodist Church here staples in every village around the world and it's this movie started by John Leslie I mean the one individual who changed the world singlehandedly his brother Charles was Lee who wrote all these names that all these trips around the world are singing raised by this godly mother Susana says I know as Lee and they attribute their own whole. All spiritual experience to her their dad was on for say a deadbeat that is trying to write some Bible Commentary some theology he was just going bankrupt going to debtors jail is raising a 1000000000 kids. Single mother having the ability to change the entire world through her children I mean it's a powerful testament not that mothers only females are destined to be mothers in the change but the tribute this impact to the home life it's a powerful testimony I want to ask you what is the what have been some of your experiences of having children in a sense you know some people have children. You know you have accidentally or you know because of who whatever. The circumstances are just like your friend and it happens in those cases I mean. We can we can see how God has His will enact it through these human moments whether it's accident or not it's how has God used children in and shaping the characters of the parents I I'll say this I was very very very holy before I had children and I mean I was the most patient person the most level headed woman you'll ever find I'm not even kidding and asked my husband and then we had kids and in a very very real and practical way Jesus became real to me in a new type of way where. I need I need Jesus to help me hold my tongue you know I need him to to help me physically restrain me you know when that's what you know and. My kids are. In there but your 3 children are like you know injuries 3 angels who go to bed at 4 in the evening and. Like Ok. Having children has it's been learning how to be like Jesus in a very real and not an in a philosophical way like but in a very real you know you know yeah I have and I think I think for me my my son has really caused me to reflect on what it means to be a man and how I'm relating to him and how I was raised in a very strong you know masculine type of thing you know I never kissed my dad to say goodnight or those type of things you thought like boys don't do that but with my son it's like really challenging me to see he has all those boy tendencies and he wants to rustle when aggression and all this stuff but yet he's like Oh papa I want to give you a kiss goodnight efforts on Qana resisting that and then eventually embracing it so to me it's really soften my heart and really help me to redefine what it means to be a man Oh please enjoy this conversation about having children if you have children raise them Godly by God's grace That's our prayer hopefully that's yours we'll see you next week your neighbors you've been listening to in verse a Bible based conversation how in the world is wrong like Jonathan Martin Sebastian Baxter the secret that your house just an. Investor is brought to you by the folks at television that changes the hour there and more inspired than ever so there's an embrace that Ok All right. I'm a sense also. In verse 5 until next time this is enforced.


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