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Why is the tithing system important in the context of God's will for our lives?



  • March 5, 2020
    1:09 PM

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In former communist Albania a certain sister did something for 46 years find out what it is on this up sowed of inverse. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to enter the Bible based conversation on my principles contemporary issues and thought provoking. Here's your host Justin within the right. Time when you're on the studio here with all of us at end of studying the book we're not selling a book this this quarter we're looking at the topic of God's Will we're looking at all these different aspects of where God has His Will delineated in Scripture for us for our maximum happiness and class things and on this week we look at the topic of 1st things 1st 1st things 1st chapter 3 in Calif you pray for us before your scripture lets Father in heaven we thank you for the clarity you so kindly give us to your words I pray the as we as we read that you and your Holy Spirit open our eyes to change our hearts and may we walk with Jesus through this passage and through each day we pray in Jesus name. I met him in and then Israel is going on how are you good how are you and so Sebastian Can you read for us that's after a 3 hour universe through 12 step. Like if it were real keep it keep it rock you want to keep it 100 all right all right Alex I said I've been on the. 7th Well yes the Bible says yet from the days of your fathers you have gone away from my ordinances and have not kept them returned to me and I will return to you so as the Lord of Hosts what you said and what way shall we return will a man rob God yet you have robbed me but you say in what way have we robbed you entire lives in offerings you are cursed with a curse for you have robbed me even this whole nation bring all the times into the storehouse that there may be food in my house in try me now in this says the Lord of Hosts if I will not open for you the windows of heaven and pour out for you such a blessing that there will not be room enough to receive it creates Thank you I mention my opener there was a sister in Albania me for 46 years I think she got converted to Christianity and she was convicted on the principle of stewardship on tithing and shoes she set aside a 10th of her income and then what happened is that the country clothes and she has no access to the world church no access to other Christians so for 46 years she's just setting aside her income and she's putting it underneath her bed and she wasn't the most wealthy person's And so you know the temptation is like maybe the Lord understands just kind of Baria before 46 years she was faithful and God bless or through the high times in the low times and when when Cowan Albania open up I mean she brought this shoe box and she opened a 46 years worth of ties and that's that's that's an inspirational story of faithfulness So this is a topic. We're talking when we talk about the topic of. Ties and the question is you know Israel what what is Thais Not literally I mean why does God do it and that sort of conversation here yeah so the God cannot use where you know we're talking about God's will for your life so that the context is in the context of that in how to know God's will for your life God cannot use us if he does not have our hearts. I mean it's not like God does and uses because he's desperate and because of some awesome talents that he really really needs God uses us because we're willing to be used by him and because we're we have a desire to be like Him That's why God uses for ourselves not really for him so the thing is that God cannot use us unless we have hearts that are surrendered you know him you know and where your you know the Bible says Where your treasure is there will your heart be also so how we use our funds how we use our money it's a clear indicator of where our heart is and where our heart is determines whether or not we can be used by God to accomplish His will in our lives and of all the topics in the Bible God talks about finances with the most more than even grace and love crazily enough but that's not that God is just wanting to know about our finances and getting it but we spend so much of our lives regarding finances regarding words that how we use the most of our time and I don't finances really impacts where our heart is what you're saying Kelly Yeah it's kind of what you're saying but that God owns the cat on a 1000 Hills So it's not like Majesty I like to have you but I need some finances to like help curb this is a need that I have but yeah just that finances really show more then that we can say all these things we can even use our time a certain way but really how we use our money indicates our core values and you know I have sometimes when I've been paying my tithe are doing offerings and I've been thinking sometimes as the money leaves my hands the thought crossed my mind like well what could I use that money for the. If I'm suspicious I'm saving for something like If I says I kept that I get what I wanted but it's like do I want to honor God or do I want my thing and that pulls on my heart when it will all spend all day at church I'll do like a preacher everywhere I'll do that but I find that pulling on my heart because you're saying this and so we dedicate a lot of our time and that can often be the last almost hold out like it was for the rich and loose not the actual money amount where what what's the order of things 1st and then the thing thing and then go and I remember even thinking when I was younger when I made much less money than I do now and I'm like now when I make more money you know of course it'll be easier to give more but it's actually harder because when you're giving your giving back and giving away is a very interesting comment you mentioned that the more that we have it's easier it's not I'm a matter of how much resources we have but so is the percentages kind of always kind of say the same and yeah and in the hierarchy of our only values a little bit more but that's it also does I mean it opens up more things we can do and it's a more sponsibility to God true you know it reminded me a book I had read about how this band this famous rock band had made all this money and when they set up a camera in England and they decided to just put a pile of money in the street and they literally set it on fire it was $1000000.00 pounds sterling and so all the British So you're like burnin like actual cash $1000000.00 in cash and the interesting thing was was that if if people burned that money right out on prostitutes or on like expensive hotels nobody's going to be upset about that but because a famous rug been burned actual liquid cash people were upset because I will you know what you could have done with the money and I feel like when it comes to giving our finances to God in allowing him to lead us in how we spend our money we have to get rid of the mindset of what I could have done with the money in Focus on what God wants to do with the money it's like in this sense God is saying you need to surrender to me the possibilities in the potentiality. He's of the future you have to trust me in this and I think money is ground 0 for faith in trusting God there's a lot of people are willing to go to church but do not want to people are not interested in sending what they believe is their money right in this sense this is why I believe finances is so fundamental to our relationship with Gone in Him allow us along with him to lead. Has a different interaction with money one generation the g.i. generation was very very economical and meticulous and they saved they did not spend money for anything the next generation boomer comes in and they're. Left and Right and it's all about luxury Gen x. is like they hate the world 8 and so they hate they hate money they hate the into the car the car destruct of money and they just they're very x. and then millennial is perhaps because of the recession or at least North America are very sensitive with money and property maybe thinking why does God want to get into my finances and maybe I'm looking cynical even at the show in why this whole time I thing in this is are we just supporting an organization for organized religion and something one aspect is that we serve God with when we give back our ties it's a it's a service of faith because if we use our money in very real ways to help people you know help with someone who needs groceries or they need a car or something you can kind of see that happen but when you return money back to God through the church and then it's it's gone and I think I heard a story once about someone being helped through something I may have contributed so it's it's out of your hands and it's very like I just trust in God I'm trusting the people that God has put in positions of power to use this in a way that will bless his in the whole world and that's that's kind of scary I want to see like I want to be more of an active participant in the blessings but that that God can do more outside of us and we want to get so that there you know something I or the that's really good I guess the bottom line the bottom line implication of the finance the financial intersection between church and the person is that. It's in the nature of God It's in the nature of love to give the Bible says God so loved the world that he gave this is it's a fascinating thing that God does you know God to give us his son simply on the basis of love. We think about God giving us on the basis of salvation which is true but you think about it God could have let us borrow Jesus right Jesus could have come down to earth died on a cross and then completely separated himself from humanity afterwards but the Bible says a God gave us his son in the sense that God has no currency because he owns the cat on a 1000 hills like for him this is not a sacrifice money is not a sacrifice for a like the world worlds are not psychotic Yeah this doesn't it has 0 impact on what God cares ultimately but the one thing that God does care about is his son right it's a part of him self it's divinity itself and God so loved the world that he gave he didn't land he didn't borrow we didn't borrow but he gave him to humanity simply to say this is the kind of love that I have for you and so what money does is much money is our God right money is what we have a direct we see what we can do with our money and we feel we have power I have money to buy something I have money to on my own receive something and when we when we give money away we give away our power but this in itself is an act of godliness like God sent His Son into a world of sin where the where the risks were high where you know we can't even begin to comprehend what happened and Jesus failed his mission we can't begin to even understand what happens to divinity and to the world we can understand that he gives up control by giving up what he what he has at it's of value to him so whenever we give away our little dollar right our little pound or little whatever we have you know whenever we give away a piece of our income we think it's like the end of the world right but but it's in the nature of God to give love gives And when we do that when we give our small piece of income the amazing and tremendous thing is that we are x.. Or sizing an act of God when emulating the sacrifice in a small room enough I feel like there also needs to be a verbal exchange we can there's a giving element to money but when we are also dealing with tithing cause what we're doing with we're turning right so in returning the tie is God's way of trying to guide us and recognize that he is the creator he's the owner of it all he's asking for 10 percent so it's like if I give you a 1000000 and I say Well when I give you I just 100000 back right not because I'm broke or not because I need a little bit off the top or like God is like our divine agent in heaven working out things for our benefit God is saying you're returning as an acknowledgment that I'm the one that empowered you to get the wealth and I can ask you is there something powerful about the one in 10 but a lot of why why 10 percent why not 11 why not 5 why not 50 and any I don't know I generally don't know I'm grateful it's. I don't know that it's a b. but they're not getting to be 99 percent and I'll give you one percent and he didn't give me at least 10 and he said give me at least 10 of these 10 and I think the percentage is something that is designed to transcend rather than a specific amount however much you have so when you say a percentage it doesn't matter how much or little you have Yeah we come back after the break we'll look at more elements of more practical elements of tie more principles on ties and how God's will is revealed through the actual practice of it. Has impressed been a blessing to do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching. On Facebook Twitter and Instagram for you to while there join us like us. All handle again is in 1st Bible Belt states now back to the discussion. With my friends we're going to live it to kiss live it to kiss Chapter 30 just getting 2727 verse 323-227-3823 extension 2 The Bible says all the tide of the land whether of the weather of the seed of the land or the fruit of the tree is the Lord's It is holy to the Lord if a man wants out all too many of his ties he should add one 5th to it and concerning the time of the herd of the flock or whatever passes under the rod the 10th one shall be holy to the Lord c. over the definition there of tied the 1st concept 1st principle it's a 10 yes and there's nothing magical about the number 10 but I was saying before I mean. Yeah we should pay more and return more and give more and more but I'm kind of glad it's not 99 percent and just to subsist on that one percent and in the meeting is the god's on a tyrant run to 10 is a smaller number than the 99 out of the goodness of our hearts we give more and someone actually articulated that that tie is a symbol of how loyal you are to God but your offerings which is more than your 10 percent is a symbol how much you love God One is a statement of loyalty and faithfulness Another one is a more affection and love and one has a maximum and other one there is no maxim you can just go to 99 if you make you can live off of that one percent of the income. The 2nd principle I see there it is that it's holy Yeah and this is something that we often don't emphasize as much we just think I give I return my ties and we do it we do it grumbling grumbling as. The New Testament says you shouldn't do and Malakai is calling us out on it that sometimes we don't consider holy. Why do we not consider tired to be holy what is in need of holding money that's well as we it is a natural tendency of a human being to stray from God And I think that's something we need to note of ourselves that naturally left to ourselves and it speaks about this in Hebrews right people are drifting away it's like we're on a boat in a current and the current is gradually pulls this is what's going to happen unless we make an effort to stay connected to God And so what Malakai tells us is that the returning of the tie it's a way in which we actually return back to God It's a way to refocus ourselves back to God This is a brilliant way to do it because we are constantly people who are who are laboring are constantly receiving the fruit of their labors through income whatever that kind of income is and so every time I have an income I have the opportunity to return to God and to think about and evaluate in my life had I not received strength had I not received the education that God had given me had I not received an opportunity that came to me through Providence had I not received all these other gifts I would not be in a position where I would be able to take to enjoy the fruit of the labor that God has given to me and so it's a way that reminds me to come back on where I am today not because of my brilliance not because of my you know it's not because yeah but I'm here where I am today strictly and 100 percent on the basis of God yet yet the the nice kindness of God allows me to have some type of credit right over something that in itself is an inkling of dignity Yeah and that in the process hey that you know you have a job you know you you're doing your job successfully to be able to maintain it you get some type of credit for something that really is a result of divine grace you're there where you are because of divine grace and so tithe is a way in which we are able to return to God because we're naturally Drifters you know when you go to the Army 12 to Toronto. We looked at Leviticus 27 and having the right number yeah the right attitude is different ways that we rob God in a sense but you know if you go to Deuteronomy 12 verse 5 through 14 and so it's a longer passage we don't have time to read it but if you can reference there is talking about ta it needs to go to the right place some people say hey I have ties I want to give it to God and like hey are you working for God Here's my tie and does it even though it's the right number it's not going to the right place it's actually reversed 5 chapter 125 of Deuteronomy in Cali can you read it for us yes but you shall seek the place where the Lord your God chooses out of all your tribes to put his name for his dwelling place and there you shall go there you shall take your burnt offerings your sacrifices your tithes the heave offerings of your hand your vote offerings your freewill offerings and the firstborn of your herds and flocks and there you should eat before the Lord your God and you shall rejoice in all to which you have put your hand you in your households and was the Lord your God has blessed you in cable so up there it looks like tithe what is what is tied to be used for and where does it go. Well we see we see that the Bible says here in verse 5 that it goes to the place where God is put his name wherever God is dwelling when he's to be at the storehouse and their god is being served by the Levitical the tribe of Levi and Levites who are serving on behalf of the Israelites and because they don't have an inheritance God says you need to support the fact that these individuals who are giving up the opportunity for profit and for gain that 10 percent is coming to God and God is deciding to support them as his servants and ministers and that's profound because the Levite is the one interceding on behalf of the Israelites So now the reason why when you come at the time of prayer outside the sanctuary and you can go into God Guess what the Levite can go into God but yet while he's doing that type of work to maintain that sanctuary to give you access to God for forgiveness we're going to the sanctuary to the actual holy places where the high priest I freeze going and that's profound to say what price would you put on forgiveness what price would you put on the intercession of the of the Levitical priests and the High Priest Well it's like this tide is used for for personnel screens for people for the Levite it's not used for electricity for paper or for God to rent this house sees or bank banker and it's not you it's also it's not used for forgiveness and other you know the people are not paying the Levites to go a go talk to God right so I guess I'll give him an indulgent Russians come at me because when we got him. Talking about that yes yes oh God has God has a god has a he has a system to work and what I appreciate about the system that God had in store in terms of and by the way within the 7 his church structure that we're a part of There is a structure for tight and what I appreciate about it is I'm a minister of the Gospel myself and the tide was not to go to the local church right because of that was the case as a minister I'd be thinking like man if I can just get enough rich doctors to come here to pay me a better so I'd have a better job on our show no motive for event would change. Ministry would not be for your right again and this would be the temptation and then the other thing is if if if I'm preaching at a church a lot of I don't want to disrupt my members because they're not going to turn tithe and I have a money to live in I'm going to go through yes so what God did is that he and he and he instituted a system where the tide would all be collected in a storehouse a place that he appointed and from there it would be distributed out and that's actually believe it or not this is one of the reasons why I believe in the some of the evidence church I can be a pastor of a very very small church be in the city next door to me there can be a pastor that has enormously large church and at the end of the day saying we get paid the same and that allows the minister to focus on the work of the gospel ministry instead of personal gain and so God in this in his wisdom designed a system that would go and would be money would be places on a certain way and from there would be distributed where that where the fun we had also to look at what that system is serving Yes there are people who are anti organized religion but you look at what is this organization trying to do people are not anti something as large corporations but they're fans of Apple or whatever Dell or whatever what are computers ascribe to but when it comes to an organization that you may not agree with its values and is objective and you do have some issues with when it comes to churches there are churches who are trying to exist just so they can subsist by themselves but there are goals that the church is trying to do trying to fulfill the call that God has given a great commission so. Returning ties to this system supporting the personnel for the system is engaging into the Lord's project to finish the work in a say we call finishing the work it does get challenged it does get challenging because I think the difference between like you said Apple Corp or whatever it's like this is not an investment right you know I don't like where Apple's going so I'm going to take my money out of this it here right verses and then comparing the church well I don't like where this path. Asters going on I don't like his sermons or I don't really enjoy this these people are not necessarily the most loving people the fact that people are imperfect is it has nothing to do with the returning of your time to God that makes it holy in this sense that's where we have to be careful we don't create that same mindset because money is involved it's not necessarily related to that and it's what you said when you said it's like you know that temper sent a tithe is a test of faithfulness and then anything else you're offering that's a test of your love for God and I was I was actually this past week I was listening to someone they were giving a worship talk and they talked about the need to not just return a tide but also to give it said something along the lines of how we give to God or what we give to God the amount that we give to God it's a it's to test our honesty and that really struck me i'm like to test my honesty and as I was reflecting it's to test my honesty in terms of what I say I say God I love you is that really an honest statement if I really love God and it's going to be shown through my through my pocket book right and as I was as I was kind of reading as I was kind of reading of this book where this was the statement was made it talked about the need to give money to people who are not as well off as we are people who have needs helping those helping the needy and it really struck me I started looking around I'm thinking there are people that I work with there are people that I interact with people that I go to church with that that go through hard times and they do this they do so silently right and and am I aware of what's going on in my will and in the world around me and many cases I believe that it is in God's will for us to help each other yet we we block the flow of grace because we keep money that we think because it's ours because it's not tied we don't want to put it in the pot and help someone you. Finance is a private topic. But this is where in our private in this privacy we have the most intimate form of worship true because no one else knows whether if your tie that is accurate is 09.910 point one No one No I don't think I was calculating behind the scenes and I know that is there's no i.r.s. of the church and then but the law is between you and the Lord and like you said and what I'm giving my were turning my finances or helping someone it's an intimate action on my end using something that I have quit I've earned it's a it's an intimate form of service between you and God and it's a test of honesty and just want to keep going back even to the 1st episode in this in this quarter doing all your heart. You know the tie that God is very clear about asking for this and it even shows our desire to follow God by whether or not we pay tithes and then living up to the light that God has given us we've alluded to and other times about like just picking and choosing what we like but it's we really want to follow God with all of our heart we really do need to put these 1st things 1st and that we're deal for their life and it proves what I call God Of course I want to follow you whatever you tell me just not my money please not that but that that shows where God can really take us if we obey Him even in this. In the Bible verse in Malakai concludes The conclude is with this promise I think we do in endure that if I will not open for you the windows of heaven and pour out for you such blessing that there will not be room enough to receive him when I was little I used to think this was like Scrooge McDuck So you know in the money coming in is not something in money but blessings a kind of form in a different ways more than monetary means but in different ways of family happiness harmony health and blessings where literally you can see it in your house because it's its can be abstract in a way for those who are out there who have not. Even thought about your are fine. Natural stewardship habits may be renewed in your thinking of what is God's will for my finances our finances and even if there is church leadership that is not all up to par even if the human beings out there are a barrier to you look beyond church leadership beyond human leadership and know that Jesus is King of Kings Lord of lords and we serve Him with our finances. And the blessings you it's been a blessing to me. As you next week here on and you've been listening to in verse a Bible based conversation. Is wrong with Jonathan Wald Sebastian Baxter he could die. Just. In this is brought to you by the. Television that changes like this and more inspiring than ever so there's that embers that go to or. Find us on social media. In various styles until next time this is n.p.r. so.


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