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Is church a part of God's will for me?



  • June 20, 2020
    1:15 PM

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What kind of church should we go to and should we even go to church at all find out on this episode of inverse. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to enter the Bible based conversation or my. Contemporary Issues and thought provoking. Post Justin with him. In a studio with me are my friends this is the inverse show are so excited that you decide to join us in this segment of the 1313 week arc that we're in we're looking at God's will for our life and in this episode we're looking at is it God's will for me to go to church and what kind of church and how do what does the Bible have to say about that so we're going to read the Bible right when we were going to finish for and we have we'll have a prayer and read the Bible and then we'll all hang out together so Jonathan is gone I'm going to know how you're going to go well Ok as we're going to pray for. You call on. Dear Father in heaven we pray that you'd be with us as we discuss is important topic of your will for our lives and especially the impact of church and how it intersects with who we are join us please we pray in Jesus' name and for verse 11316 please. Yes Ok if you asked for and he himself gave some to be apostles some prophets some evangelists and some pastas and teachers. The being of the saints for the work of ministry for the edifying of the Body of Christ till we all come to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God to a perfect man to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ that we should no longer be children tossed to and fro and carried about with every one of doctrine by the trickery of men in the cutting craft in this of deceitful plotting but speaking the truth in love may grow up in all things into him who is the head Christ from whom the whole body joined and knit together by what every joint supplies according to the effect of working by which every part does its share causes growth of the body for the edifying of itself in love alright nix this is a good good juicy passage thank you for reading it I want to ask you a general question. Before we get to Jonathan why why should we go to church to begin with I guess that I start on the questions a lot of people are thinking this is going to be on those episodes are going to try to get me go to church if they're if you're not going to church or maybe there are people who are already going to church and I don't need I don't even reason to go to church so it's kind of this in this episode is like not really so let's talk about this for a while before we actually get into it it's always good to have a reflection on why we do what we do and so I think whether we go to church or not and what I appreciate about these inverse episodes is I don't know how much people know but what what is happening now is happening in real time and so as we study ourselves we're really gaining insights in real time and this happens this happens every single time we do this and so I think that as we study the topic of church and as we reflect on these things 1st of all it benefits me it helps reestablish and reaffirm in my life why I do what I do and I think hopefully will do the same for. All right. Church is a place where every people who believe in the same God come together and annoy each other. And this is really annoying. And this is important because Christianity's it's very annoying I said annoyed you know each other. And only thing I know right this is important because Christianity doesn't happen in a vacuum. It's easy for me to be a Christian and when I'm all by myself in my house with Jesus and I'm praying and you know committing my life to him but Christ says that how do you people know that you're my disciples if you have love one for another Christianity is expressed when we are interacting with other people and trust is a is a platform with all these people who say they know Jesus come together and interact with each other and I said annoyed because. Part of why people want to avoid church is cuz people can be had knowing they are all up in your business and they want to know what's happening with your life in the you know they have an opinion on every aspect of your life which is when talking about this the season is on every single aspect of your life what you don't eat how you going to dress talking to who you going to date Who are your friends people they have an opinion about every single thing and I don't want you all of my business I'm not going go to church well if you want to know God's will for your life go to church and you have multiple will that's been your experience but in my experience and in hanging out with with fellow young adults and ministering to campus ministry students a lot of people don't have issues with the teachings of Jesus teachings of the Bible but have a lot of issues with church people yeah and you get burned a lot and and why does God use really what seems like a faulty medium to push the Gospel forward in the world that's not a that's the underlying question you know so John it will come to you even so patiently the same thing and meditating on the fusions for he's talking about what you know we read it but summarize it in your own words if you know what you're so Paul likes the image of the body he likes to talk about the Church the Body of Christ obviously we are not the little literal literal physical body of Christ but we are the physical. Representation of Christ here on Earth as he is in heaven and he ministers through to the world through us in a way and so God calls his people on earth his bill those who believe in him the body of Christ and so the church here of Paul is talking about it in this context that we are to edify each other to support each other to grow together and to do the mission of the work together and so he goes here through different points but like I mean we might be analyzing every verse doing now you know so yeah but like verse 14 is that we should no longer be children tossed to and fro and carried about with every wind of doctrine by the trigger of men in the kind of craft and so deceitful plotting so but speaking the truth so what church one of the blessings of church. Well there is just to be read a very quickly so one of the blessings of a church is is that we are knowing each other that we are that we have people who will make sure order can help us not to go in the wrong direction if at all by myself and I'm just focusing on what I think is the right way it's very easy to be carried away with my personal opinion when I have other people like here on inverse we can study together we bouncing off ideas from each other but we take it from the word I believe in this is what the what this is saying here that the Holy Spirit is there wrecking us into the truth and into love a church seems to be an opportunity where one individual can be integrated into a corporate community so they retain their individual in a plurality and this is a really a mystery that is only reflected in the but in the nature of God in God it we have 3 individuals in a plurality and a certain unity and in the best perfect you know God had Yeah and that's kind of reflected in us otherwise we become these individual monads and more susceptible to selfishness more and we're thinking and just is just between me and God and me me me me me me but now you're subjecting yourself to again annoying people and being annoyed by them and then you also annoying possibly other seriously refine carbon into. The other aspects about this the. Outside of that there's the the need for self dependence or for dependence on other people and I think we live in a society in a generation and it's human nature we don't live in us and it's human nature that we want to not be dependent on people we want to be independent but here we have a logical reason for the fact that we know that God wants a church and we find that in there then in the beginning the passage says and he himself in verse 11 him self gave some to be apostles prophets even. Angelus pastors teachers So in other words what Paul is saying here is there's a purpose for why God establishes spiritual gifts and you're like what's the purpose what the purpose is to benefit the church so why the the fact that there is giftedness in people the fact that people have gifts means that because we have gives God has designed a church for those gifts to be displayed to be used and so he uses that differently in 1st Corinthians Chapter 12 where he talks about the body of Christ that you know the body needs the hand in the same way that the body needs the hand we need as individuals give that other people have that we do not have and these gives it's incredible to know that there are certain gifts that you have that are essential for my salvation you know they're not essential just for yourself ration but they're essential for myself vision and so God makes it God makes. A certain dependency and activity between the people so that my salvation is not just dependent on myself and God but is dependent on another individual who shows it shows a helplessness of the human experience and I like that the spiritual gifts you know in verse 12 you have this dual I guess a court in would for the church benefit and outward right for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry for the any find of the Body of Christ so the gifts are so that a church can reach out be the hands and feet of Christ to the world but the guests are also for the church itself to be edified so it we need to come together as a church so that we can do God's work and so that we also like is was saying so we also can be edified and then he says in verse 13 until we come to the unity of the faith and the knowledge of the Son of God that coming to a unity of the faith it's a process it with it the way he phrases it till we come to that you don't start unified right you've got to work through your differences you've got to work through your misunderstanding. Tell we come to that place so God gives us these gifts so that we can work through these things you give people to be prophets some to be teachers so that we can learn what scripture is saying and we learn it corporately and we grow as a charge till we come to the unity and we can be a better reflection of the unity that is the God It is in a way I always like to look at existence here on Earth on the side of heaven in the light of the future experience that we are going to have in Heaven so God is preparing us now to get along so that we can get along in heaven and the experience of church No it is for the process of being being built up and growing together and understanding more about God and reflecting him better but it's also to prepare us for that perfect unity that will be in heaven it is to teach us it is to give us a glimpse of what heaven will be like now unfortunately not every church experience is that way let's be real but that's the ideal that was exactly to experience a glimpse of heaven and everyone who comes should have that experience that's that's really the ideal there's another reason there in addition to the unity of say this is and the knowledge of the Son of God And so there's another element it's impossible for us to fully understand who Jesus is if we do not have other people that help us discover this this person of Jesus Christ and so how does this happen. There are there are there are many there are many experiences that kind of surface as we interact with one another and with the church is a global body of Christ and when we come together even in this even in this group there are certain things that people say that I'm thinking of myself I never thought about it in that way and it and it's just like oh man this I never looked at God I never imagined God to be in this way and so the body of Christ as it intersects with one another discovers new meaning of what it means of who God really is God is not a Mexican American guy living the United States right he's much broader than I. Imagine penguins go huddling together you know when this is universe $1314.00 that we should know to be children tossed to and fro carried about with every wind of doctrine just imagine these penguins gathering together and it's cold outside and as long as they are together they can survive these wins and the church was meant to be a contrast to the world and sometimes there is no contrast in the next the logical question is do I really need to be part of that pack if there is no difference at all we come back after the break we're going to look at what are the search parameters for God's church maybe the churches that you've been through and we've been through have been imperfect but how can I help or what is God's will regarding how to choose a church only stay with me when you come back stay with us. Imprest been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments of feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching. On Facebook Twitter and Instagram for you to out there join us like us comes up I'll handle again and invest time nonstick Now back to the discussion. Welcome back we're talking about church attendance should we go to church after this Bible study we're like yeah we should go to church we go to well there's there's there's a reason why God establishes church and the but I think the bottom line answer that is we don't know but we find it in chapter 3 verse 8 this is Paul speaking and also he says to me who am less than the least of all the saints the grace of God was given that I should preach among the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ just let you know look at that look at what Paul is saying there like makes no sense if he says like I am the least of the saints mean like I'm at the bottom of the hill I'm like at the bottom of whatever the list of people the least of all saints and it says to me who is the least of the Saints this grace was given all right that makes sense you need grace because you had the least right it says that I should preach among the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ so it's like God takes the least of all the saints and he says I want you to preach something that is not even searchable like the do your bad your the least and then do something that is impossible to do so why does he do that then it says in verse 9. And to make all men see I love that word see because it's not to make all men no it's just to make all men see are not all men here it's just to make all men see what is the fellowship of the mystery which from the beginning of the ages has been hidden God who created all through Jesus Christ so basically what Paul is saying is there is this mystery that has been hidden in Christ from the very beginning of time this was God's secret the secret is now revealed through the church how is it revealed to the church is revealed through the church in an extremely mysterious way that God will take a person who is the least and will then cause this person to do something to speak something unsearchable in this mysterious process of the least trying to share that which is unsearchable something happens and then he says what happens there too and to the intent in verse 10 to the intent that now the manifold wisdom of God might be made known by or through the church to the prince apologies and powers and heavenly places so he says what God does is he takes a person Paul and if you read the beginning of chapter 3 it's even more intense God takes Paul he changes Paul's life he says you're the least person and because you're the least I'm going to give you this thing called Grace with this thing called Grace you're going to preach to the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ and as you do something as you do this mysterious nonsensical thing what's going to happen is that the wisdom of God is going to be revealed this is like what's the wisdom of cows the wisdom of God revealed the wisdom of God revealed that in the church in these interactions where God takes you who is the least you who is the least you who is the least and me who is at least he gets us all together and something that is impossible to happen. Mysteriously happens the wisdom of God is manifested in that salvation takes place in a corporate setting through the grace of God in the changing of an individual from something through an impossible process through this mysteriously impossible process and so the reason why the church is necessary is because a mysterious thing happens when people who are sinners come together and sinners make saints out of each other I mean you're hitting the juggler there the focal point the touch point is something happens and we don't know what it is something happens at church. We don't know how why where all enemies that what something happens and it happens at church I appreciate that let's go to he was Chapter 10 he was shocked to attend the 1st 2425. I want to divert a conversation on how do we find this church where the after Israel's exposition of Hebrews 3 the mystery and have. It happen anywhere. But there are parameters of where this mystery takes place let's go to Hebrews 102425. Can read it for us. And then us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together as is the manner of some but exhorting one another and so much more so much the more as you see the day approaching So let's think that sick church attendance really role it's not about church attendance and about church membership but what's what are some principles we see from that 1st I mean verse 24 I love it says you let us consider one another Ok plurality community is the community there is a focus on the other person and consider this person and consider him someone you want to encourage to stir up what love and good works for him not something that comes naturally to us and right and then not for seeking assembly for I mean these are the we were in 24 I think the emphasis is their goal church meeting in assembly and help someone else which is a fundamentally different direction ality then we're well people were church today people go to church I didn't get anything out of it no one ministered to me it's but yeah I mean it's but or when you go to entertain. Interrupt or that's but that's fine this is a really important point there were 25 of them not for seeking the assembling of ourselves together as the manner of some but extorting one another and so much more as he would be approaching the days approaching Jesus is coming and this world is getting messier and messier how much more do we need community in Christ now than ever before you know he realised that there are 2000 years ago how much more today are the penguins in a huddle together more and more and more getting colder and colder and I took note of invest 25 days as is the manner of this thing off people not wanting to go to church it's not a new thing. He says says the early church. About the want to go to church and assemble themselves together to pass the grasses ago as a matter of. And I know you say in the beginning they. It's not just about attendance but it is a lot of church attendance it is not just about that but it is about has a tendency that we should you cannot you can't have the experience that God wants you to have in the church fellowship alone with God in your room and there is an important aspect to being alone with God in your room but you know in 1st John he says you know you say you love God How do you know that you know you only know you love God by loving your brother so our really our one on one relationship with God that I have in my personal devotions every single day how is it manifested like what does it mean what what way does it carry it's now how I interact with people when I leave my little closet and interact with other people to stir them up to love and to good work so that people are there listening and I got a writer and I get it I get it I get it's God's will for me to go to church I got it show where do I go and so give me some principles from the Bible or what kind of church they should go to are they going to go to the local 711 and talk someone eating the hot dog let's have church together or how does this work you want to go to the Church of Jesus where Jesus is there is Jesus he is in the kind of church. This is a revelation if you have followed various revelation believe a person you have a revelation picked up book 12 revolution Chapter 12 he says in a weird European accent you don't know which countries from birth service for. 1217 I don't know what kind of actually that was 1217 The Bible says the dragon was enraged with the woman and he went to make war with the rest of her offspring to keep the commands of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ so here we were talking about the day is approaching Yes revelation here is talking about the End Times and The Church of God in the last day and it's very clear that God is saying Hey Satan is the dragon is enraged with the church that's why it's getting colder the penguins are anything heard but who are those people people should seek out if you want to be in God's church those who keep the commandments of God and those who take them that's the total take the Bible. Serious I was seriously and they have the testimony of Jesus Christ Jesus is truth his message being seen is being accepted as it is and is being lived out and Jesus is testifying to this church is ministering to it is not the people who are faithful to the work with those true. That automatically kind of limits your your choices there are other Bible principles on how to choose a church. As a. 1st Corinthians Chapter 12 1st contention 12 Ok to us about what we were looking at Ephesians and we're talking about the fact that God gives gives to his church and so 1st Corinthians Chapter 12 tells us about it talks to us about the Church of Corinth who has spiritual gifts and what we find that is significant in this passage is the fact that this is a church that is willing to use its spiritual it's a church that is acknowledging the spiritual gifts of its members yes and this is actually what Paul is speaking about in 1st Corinthians well and also 1st princes the 1st Corinthians 13 which is in additional you know a church if find a church that keeps the 10 Commandments or a church that has the testimony of Jesus but also a church that acknowledges or is or wants to help you find your your the gifts that God has given you and then utilize them for the ministry. Of the saints and free unity and knowledge of Jesus and and uses it there's a lot of churches that just just sit give us your money and go away but there's other churches that are active and want to incorporate you into their night or their service I finally have one Yes Ok. When Jesus went out to have a night and you had. His parting words in Matthew chapter 28 yes I go therefore I make disciples of all men want to find a church that is following the commandments commands of the church that has that is missional and it's. Not some country club those just sitting there for a week to week but actually as active and has fulfilling Jesus as what mission anything else that you can think of if you want to go to Luke Chapter 4 of us look for a living example of Jesus himself pleases went to church Jesus went to church even so he says here in Luke Chapter 4 verse 16 or 62 he Jesus came to the Roth where he had been brought up so it's home tourch and his custom was he went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day and stood up to read it 2 things that I see here and really 3 things one we already talked about it was. Custom to go to church Jesus went whether they were going to stone Him or not he was their number 2 your sin because you almost got stoned Yes he did exactly number 2 so if you're being persecuted at church and go anyway oh any way of saying you are a minister. And then he went to synagogue on the Sabbath day is that connected to the commandments we talk about the Word of God being the one guides us into the right place while the Sabbath is part of the 10 Commandments and we need to look for a church that does honor the 4th Commandment as being holy and still valid worships the Lord of the Sabbath Exactly and then the last part is he stood up to read he was reading the Word of God but we have to understand in those days the reading of the Word of God was not everyone has his own little Bible or tablet in the Bible on it there was one scroll and they were reading to everybody and just like we are here discussing the Word of God There was a communal community experience in interpreting the word of God It was not just me but it was all of us together because that's how we had a fight over that's how God speaks to me sometimes through Israel more office with e.q. and all the times of just and you know so it's like this experience that comes in a group together let me ask you this question these are wonderful principles and these are with us I think this is God's will is very clear and showing us which direction we should go what about digital churches Yeah I mean this was Jesus says they didn't have internet but if he had. You know sit at home and just click and watch you watch you know church service through whatever dot com Well when we if we if we have the time to just break down more of Hebrews of the book of Hebrews Hebrews is actually a sermon and in Hebrews Chapter 6 he's laying he's laying the foundation for you know don't forsake the it's only the results together and the issues that we have as human beings as we're naturally Drifters he's saying you know we're drifting we're drifting we're drifting and forsaking the assembly of ourselves together causes of drift so it's not enough to have worship at home and yeah you can learn. But church is designed to keep us from. My take away from this episode is we need to go to church regard lists of all the exterior and whatever past experiences go to go to church to find Jesus and to experience that mystery that Israel is talking about my take away is our finding the will of God through the bible going to church experiencing Jesus and getting more people to experience Jesus again a sickness the cycle that the great commission is talking about this isn't a blessing for me hopefully it's been for you thanks for joining us with your next week here on in verse you've been listening to inverse a Bible based conversation Pallywood is wrong with Jonathan Walter Sebastian Baxter Siku doctor and your host just to. Invest is brought to you by the whole tenor of television that changes along with this and more inspiring episode those that embraced that hope to more. Violence on social media. In the 1st 5 until next time this is enforced.


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