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  • June 27, 2020
    1:15 PM

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What does Jesus say about getting all these things on this verse. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to. The Bible based conversation or my. Contemporary. Thought provoking. Post just within for. Everyone we are in our last episode in this 13 week are looking at the will of God and the last 13 weeks we looked at all these topics from marriage sexuality occupation family kids brothers sisters friends all these things and now we're concluding the entire arc on all these things Oh nice nice nice little is cool cool I mean here with my friends around look and Matthew chapter 6 if you're out there go to university Bible dot org You can follow along the study guide and open your Bibles as well or turn them on and we'll read it after we have a prayer by Jonathan. Let's pray Father we thank you that you are the God who supplies all of our needs a God who cares for us so deeply that you have a plan for each and every one of us and Lord us we've been studying throughout this quarter which is thank you for all the things you have shown us how to pray one more time that you will reveal yourself through the Word this we pray now believing that you will this prayer in Jesus' name amen amen amen for next 20 minutes let's stay with the writings and the words of Jesus in Matthew chapter 6. Version of the red letter only because of the red letter version red letter version it's cool that this is these are the words of Jesus so let's break down what Jesus actually said himself go to chapter 6 verse 19 and Kelly Yeah. If you can read. Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth where Moss and rust destroy and receive break in and steal but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven were neither mass nor rust destroy them with ease do not break in and steal from where your treasure is there your heart will be also the lamp of the body is that I If therefore your eye is good your whole body will be full of light but if your eyes that had your whole body will be full of darkness is there for the light that is in you of darkness how great is that darkness no one can serve 2 masters for either he will hate the one and love the other or else you'll be loyal to the one and despise the other you cannot serve God and Mammon grocery 5 secret. Therefore I say to you do not worry about your life what you will eat or what you will drink nor about your body what you will put on is not life more than food in the body more than clothing look at the birds of the air for they need those so no repeat no Gallanter bans yet your heavenly father feeds them are you not of more value than they Which of you by worrying can add one cubit to his stature so why do you worry about clothing Consider the lilies of the field how they grow they need the toilet spin and yet I say to you that even Solomon in all his glory was not a raid like one of these just pick up and 30 now if God so clothes the grass of the field which today is and tomorrow is thrown into the oven will he not much more clothe you or you have little faith therefore don't worry saying What shall we eat or what shall we drink or what shall we wear for after all these things the Gentiles seek for you Heavenly Father knows that you need all these things but seek 1st the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you therefore do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about its own things sufficient for they it's own trouble Ok think you will look at 13 weeks in different aspects about God's will we establish that. God's will is clearly a review through the Bible foundationally there's all their methods to but Foundation is from Scripture and literally we took a look at all these things what are some episodes just the jump ball question or some episode you remember from looking back at the last 13 we know that you're like me that was a good episode or that was a really weird episode that I still remember. I think of the ep to the Scott's mind one is the 2nd episode we talked about ways in addition to the Bible that God reveals himself on because the Bible doesn't outline every single detail that will go through the principles and it's confirmed through things like Providence but it's really it's about something godly counsel and things like that of this or yeah it. Sounds to me as we talked about companionship I guess different types of companionship friendship romantic relationships relationships with the children so that that's one of the things that's not hard to me because I feel like life is pretty much made up of relationships and you know what God's will is with respect to all of these different types of relation with them so it was one to 2 Yeah. The title was one to 20 yes I mean this is the one to do. All right I really appreciate the episode on friendship we talked with Jonathan and David and your name is running through it as far as I remember that. I appreciated the fact God wants to give us godly friendships that are really powerful where we can either be mentors or mentor each other or just support each other in a very deep spiritual way in a walk on this on the side of haven't really spoken to my heart is closer than a brother the title of that oneness I mean for me it was 1st things 1st I know that we did a whole quarter on stewardship but another episode about how the Lord wants us to use our finances was a very very powerful one I think the studio was definitely the one on on sexual intimacy after the episode ended man everyone's talking about it examiner still talking about it. Really going to so it's really been we presell or for a very good season in this chapter Chapter 6 of Matthew this is Jesus preaching and he starts off strong we're in chapter 6 of Matthew So this is even before his miracles before all these things and he starts off with a sermon on the Mount and this really at the center component of his sermon he's talking about well what is he talking about Jonathan what is the phrase it's repeated over and over what's the theme of his message all before I go into some of the details I got is confess this chapter especially when we read it's one of those passages in the Bible for me personally where I almost like choke up everything because it is yes it is really powerful but it's powerful because of its simplicity it's so beautiful and we get it's like that is one of those passages that kind of recalibrate your life because he talks about everything all these things about your life to do that we all worry about us and he just like puts it into the right direction and you mines you would really matter so I love that part interjecting really quickly when we talk about how to know god's will that's really the underlying thing is and I'm worried what is God's will and so God is talking about us this year he's addressing our concerns and addressing our needs and he the beautiful thing about God is he's not just saying hey well you create creatures do all these things and obey me and he's like this stern God he's a God who cares who is who has long supported the this is so beautiful and he over and over 1000 this chapter to ask you question Do not Warry do not worry do not worry. I mean that alone you know I'm not a big fan of just meditating upon things you know but that is a phrase we should meditate upon more often coming from God I do know if God says do not Warry I mean who else has more authority than him to see that as a profound point God says twice something it's of some import but if you say something 5 times where does it where are those verses where he says. Do not worry let's see verse 5 Don't worry about your life or what you eat or you drink any kind of I mean doesn't quite say it but he implies in verse 27 which if you buy weren't as hot so like why you were in the verse 28 so why do you worry you're not saying don't but it's like he's the only asking the logical question right now how does this benefit you in any way if you actually do or study one what should we drink or should we wear or verse 34 about tomorrow so these are really things that are fundamental to our life life. I mean is he really touching upon every aspect of life he's talking about shelter clothing food. The things we give the fundamental things we need to kind of exist in this and this experience that you you would typically worry about yes and it all way I mean this was how I mean all business transactions everything kind of revolves about the little literal Do we really worry about this and the industrialized world are we worried about eating and drinking and clothing sometimes but not sometimes maybe not even in the context of something I warn about to survive but more in the sense of well what are we going to eat today you know which restaurant are we going to do today you know we are sort of 4 years ago today much focus what is my focus on this very much do worry focus on these things that touched upon every aspect of life here and even though we might not to worry about this and on the whole but we definitely consume times consume but I like that Jesus choose to focus on these these very basic requirements that we have because then it's like if God can provide for us the things that we literally need not just we think we need to use other things we get into this that we worry about God like you don't actually need that like and I think you do but you don't yes but the things that we literally need to survive those things itself even that God says you don't have to worry about that you provide for you so maybe not be literally the what you what you drink or what you what you wear but the fundamentals to survive life yeah and in the western world that's probably your salary or you know what. Or a house which in the end is that when eaten when you drink and when you where all these things Yeah Ok continue what else what other observations you see from that passes let's study this passage. I kind of alluded to earlier but when. So verse $27.00 So which of you by worrying can add one to that to a stature I love the logical question there just is evil so you do worry Ok children of mine what do you benefit do you get taller from that like what and what is the reason and I look back at my life in the times that I have fully trusted God in a difficult situation or I've worried about it and I mean I what I like Tory unfortunately so like no I got to find a reason to worry there's this not like it's just when you're worried about the reason you had understood I really wanted to worry but this idea that you know even it's not even just God like Don't worry I know it's good for you but I say don't like no there's no reason there's no reason to and there's no benefit from it so it's even in our best interest and it just goes back to God is always have has our best interest in mind and all these things he tells us to do or not arbitrary because God is bored he wants to have new rules yes but he's always like what is best for you is best for you not Tori best for you to trust me I do appreciate that God gives reasons here Jesus is giving reasons not to worry about in the stature you also says in verse 19 there's just there's rationale yet to to not to reason and sometimes you know it can be kind of annoying with a hey don't worry about I'm like I don't have a house and I don't have any you know if you know about it so it's not a write off right Jesus is not writing off your scenario but he says a verse 19 Do not let and his music mentions 3 things in verse 19 Russ ma thrust and theme. Just like the eating and drinking should not be taken literally the moth in the feed on the roster is to be literal mafias by a lot of I will take a rust is chemical and time time itself will decay and the thieves are human beings. Well take these things away so you can't trust time you can't trust human beings and you can't trust the natural conditions of life in biology and in the environment they're just going through whatever you have it's going to erode on your natural things that you have they're going to go away which is going to their kind of discouraging Yeah if you just left it there you know we come back after the break we're going to look at what does Jesus say what is his answer to all this and he brings in the Gentiles to give us a little jealous and he gives us a promise of all these things so stay with us. Has embraced been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching. On Facebook Twitter Instagram for you to out while there join us like us comes up next I'll handle again is in 1st Bible states now back to the discussion. A we're in Matthew chapter 6 verse 19 to 3 elements of rust and thieves you can't trust me beings you can't trust time you can't trust the environmental conditions of things because they're going to erode what you already have and it's almost and God being compassionate here I mean you work 7 days a week or 5 days a week or 6 days a week you were away from like 6 you know yeah I don't know what's going on in the agricultural society I'm not a farmer and you're working so hard and you store up all these things and then to have it just all go 2 ways and he's having compassion and say hey how best how better can you use or store up your treasures verse 20 laid for yourselves where it hasn't been heaven in 1st 21 for where your treasure is there your heart will be also and that's the reason why they don't worry don't worry Dory was all your things will be secure in heaven that's implicit which is and he's talking about his talk about quality of life you know and I like that because sometimes you can think of God as just came about does and don'ts etc but he wants us to have I think like with that yeah let's have a good life so if your heart is really a treasure is in your treasure is in these things that are going to be destroyed then you're going to be heartbroken and he doesn't want you to go walking around at the wrong height Yeah you think you're trying to the way I can take care of your heart you know I make sure that you live happy and I think about what are treasures in heaven Ok what is real what is that God is trying to tell us here because when you focus just on the earthly things these things that moth and rust and and and thieves will take away from you what is it that really is important and so when I think about this you know with the Kingdom of Heaven the treasures in heaven it is other people because. Besides all these things that we need for a life to be sustained what else is there there is nature and then there's people right so what God wants us to focus on is his relationships with each other and we talk about the. Church and all things and community so when we put our focus on what matters which is other people we will gain much more yes even treasures in heaven because we might be a blessing to them and lead them to Christ and they will be with us in heaven much more important than Ok do I have the newest outfit or do you know that I think it's just a really profound that Jesus puts as you said the quality of life here into the center of attention and I think it's confirmed in verse 303233 I'm going to go for the juggler this is the apex and she's a sermon verse 32 for after all these thing all these things that we've just been talking about are or were where we the Gentiles seek and here he's making even a nationalistic comment so all hate Gentiles seek all these the Austrians are all into singing the Zimbabwe is all into resuming and Americans are all in there and you know speaking really loud and as tourists you know and Koreans are all about you know a little self defense you know whatever it is and then he says as Gentiles Gentiles they just seek all these things and his implicit comment here in this in this constitutional inauguration of Jesus as ministry is that Christians the thing that characterizes Christians is they're not singing people they're not as I mean people they're not. Allowed they're not you know. That they just they don't worry they don't worry that's what characterizes this in a sense this nationality this passport and verse 33 Verse 42 for your Heavenly Father knows that you have need of all these things. But I can't tell you like that Ok well I was going to give a story just of how much people noticed this when I was doing my 1st year of. College and we had a big test coming up they had a study group I was going to meet on Saturday afternoon and I told him I would be there because Sabbath they're like you know fellows test like Cool so you Monday and we came to Monday sort of that way when. I did do that and I just said Yeah Ok I'll see you Monday so anyway so I came to monday and i friends had met up on Saturday had had studied a lot and I came to the test and I study as much as I could with myself on Sunday on Friday and bells kind of like a piece like it is what it is Jews love me the way it's let's do this. And my friends who had studied at least twice as much as I had were still freaking out and some exciting there is my nose it's kind of you even my friends I was at downs like Keller distressed and like you know like why not it's like because it's just this is a test like the like 3 things are going to am I call a hobo going today but no I don't know and just like I don't understand why you're not super uptight about this but it really was the piece of Jesus and they knew I was a Christian and one of them even said like can you pray didn't do you like actually yeah they're like Ok you know pray for us pray for you guys and so it became a witness the moment I wasn't over here like a lot to like the Peace of God Hello what issues people people can do what is your. Best. But sometimes people feel the need to flaunt virtues or these graces that God has given us but people see it because they feel their lack and so they can really see that someone else so oh I don't know so I don't we're going Well what happened on the test Yeah it was Are you Ok let's say whatever you know what I had a going to do was raised and what you know what you know it was God they failed the test I actually care I'm very I could make I mean I don't know because they didn't love God you know I don't know Ok that's it we're just over it. But I do just want to go back a little bit to this idea that. Verse 24 talking about serving God versus Mammon and I know sometimes the have this idea like why I don't serve money at all like the one I'm on about that Boston are sort of God I serve nothing but that's not an option we are always Masters we're always slaves to something or always serving something and it could be self the money in which kind of ends up in the same thing. So we can't just say like why don't do either one so because all of this you know verses 25 through 32 is I don't do this don't do this don't do this and then verse 33 but the pivotal conjunction there but seek 1st the Kingdom of God is right is yeah you do this instead Not just don't worry full stop but all that focus all of that energy that you're putting towards worrying and making life for a name for yourself you need to shift that focus and with these same amount of energy if not more so focused that on the glory of so you're serving all these things or serving God Yes and I love this because God Jesus says here that God knows you have need of all these so you keep the kingdom of God Central and I was you I love the central and then the all these things is peripheral So it's kind of like I still see Kally my profile vision but Center is the back of my head and to often we have all these things as central and the Kingdom of God is just somewhere if he blesses find if he doesn't find you know this is what you're this is an incredible piece and you kind of mentioned already that comes with surrendering all these things to God and saying Hey Lord if you want me to have a house Ok if you want me to live out of my car Ok you know if you want me to have a full fridge Ok whatever it is surrendering these things to God and knowing that he is in control and I don't have to worry about the peace that comes from that passes all understanding and so what I love this as you said is that God does know that we have these He's not saying oh you shouldn't have these just right was saying you know you have these needs I you know all right don't worry about a try. Me trust me there's something more important in that you know and I just want to add a short testimony from some close friends of mine that I don't think I mind so they sometimes so but the reason I'm sure it is because sometimes we think like God will give us the bare minimum like oh here's bread and water and I provided for you I'm out and sometimes you know he does that but like God can give us abundantly above all that we ask for thing and so her and her husband and their 2 daughters have been looking for a place to live and they really want to have their own place for themselves and laws and like kind of a rule area like this is impossible with our budget like this there's no way and so she told me about that oh yeah I pray for you and I'm praying but then she calls me back to Cali and we found a place in our budget and these people like a man it's the perfect place it's 7 minutes from where they are they going to same church to the same community and you know the funny thing is the name of the street is called faith cords and it's just as if Jesus is like this custom made thing that you want he's a little science because he was you see these I made a list of the 10 things she wanted she will be happy if we get 6 of them she got all 10 and she's like I think that's too much for God because like just watch me work watch me provide for you and just don't worry because I'm a god the universe and I can literally do all things so let's get this get here that's a. Great illustration here but let's get practical we've been talking about I don't know God's will read the Bible can be a relationship that out of a but here what Jesus is talking about is when it comes to decision making in the intention of your decision making when it comes down to the final you know the thing coming down what's what's the hammer when you have to make a decision that's something I don't know what it is but whatever fill in the blank whatever language you. Want to make that decision $33.00 has to verse $33.00 has to shine 1st the Kingdom of God and his rights then we sing the song it becomes cliche but as John said what are we taking to heaven we're taking other souls yet the Kingdom of Heaven God is not. Into a real state formed by more land on Earth but more more people and his righteousness meaning other his character yeah so I take my character that my Jesus and this and then my fellow brothers and sisters and so in every decision we make Yeah and I want to ask you how do we do that how is the kingdom of God embedded into the decision making process we make and how is God's will revealed through that this can really real you mentioned it was Ok. But the problem is I was going to digress a bit from the question for. John Well then we'll come back to Seeker. So I think the important point here is that we don't take ourselves so seriously sometimes we have a certain idea of how things are supposed to be and then when we come to the point of decision making all this is what I really want them all this is what the Kingdom of God is all about and I'm going to sacrifice so much we when we come to the point of like you know what I have my plans but hey I think God's plan is better even if I don't see it right away if we learn to trust him that way it becomes easier to decision making but it's hard especially when you make big left decisions you know what job to take what what what what to buy whatever it is and so in the moment when we learn to trust God that he has all these things for us then not to take ourselves too seriously in the process but taking God seriously he will bless us with the things that we need and he will give us more of one of the above as your story all 10 points if we meet him 1st it's a beautiful promise All right well it was going to say that the what the voice of us points to is that that relationship with God is nice to be the most important thing more important than the stuff that God gives to you and a friend asked me one time how is why is it that yeah we say sequence that you know God All these things will be added to you but you find that the countries or the people who are most faithful tend to be poor they don't have all these things literally they're not thinking about which. Restaurant to eat is thinking about having food on the table I think in full on things thinking Godrej and so if you're thinking God how come they don't have all these things so to speak. And that that question is healthy Trey's the fact that we're not getting the crux of the message is that the whole point is to have God central and whatever and trusting God that whatever it is that I do need you will provide So if I don't have a roof over my head it's because I don't need it and what I need to be focused on is seeking God's kingdom right and and in some just to finish off that in some instances it actually takes not having bread on my table in order for me to realize that I need to be seeking gone so for the sake of me having that relationship with him he's going to deprive me of that and things in order for me to get the most important thing and make the 1st things 1st and the witness the testimony of people who are willing to take God seriously and live for him even if they don't not have these things even if it's not even sometimes it might not even be a thing from God It might just be the a casualty of this great battle between good and evil that we are in but they are in the situation and there nevertheless like Job I will still trust in Him I will still trust in him those testimonies are the most powerful because they love God above everything else despite the sacrifice they have to go through when I see this verse of 33 says Seek ye 1st and there's a there's an active verb an active and you know an action that I have to take place so in a decision making process we have an 8 or a b. It's not whether a or b. is God's will or not is when am I seeking God's kingdom through a or through b. is what Jesus is getting at is a decision making process in the heart so if you have a mortgage out there and one mortgage you think will expand the kingdom of God and other mortgage doesn't clearly his will is defined if there is one person in this person will help you become a better Vangelis for the kingdom another person doesn't include the person you're supposed to marry has been revealed by God this is done by the grace of God who reveals it into your heart. And through the revelation of scripture in your mind this entire 13 week arc has been a blessing to me personally I think of each one of my my friends here and I hope it's been a blessing to you may you be blessed in knowing the will of God for your life will see you next time here in inverse You've been listening to in verse a Bible based conversation. Is wrong with the Jonathan Wald track Sebastian Braxton he could tackle your host just an. Inverse is brought to you by the folks at television that changes like that and more inspiring episodes does it interest that to you or I just find this on social media. In the 1st 5 until next time this isn't virus.


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