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In the Court of the Creator: 1st Angels Message

Eric Walsh


A fresh look at the 1st Angels Message applied to the world today.


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • December 25, 2019
    11:00 AM
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Good afternoon All right we'll get right into this because I know we may be a few minutes behind the next 3 messages I present each will represent each of the 3 Angels' messages so today will be the 1st angels message and I ask you to pray for me today because I know the the enemy is really messing with me today so I'm asking you to pray even as I pray a scripture is going to read our scripture after 14 starting at verse 6 the Scripture says and I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach on to them that dwell on the earth. And to every nation and kindred and tongue and people saying with a loud voice Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment is come and worship Him that made heaven and earth and the sea the fountains of water a message this afternoon is entitled in the court of the Creator the 1st angels message Let us pray Father God I ask you now Lord to once again make me just a nail upon the wall a rusty sorry nail Lord but upon that nail Lord I ask that you hang a portrait of Jesus Christ let Eric waltz not be seen or heard today instead father let us hear word from the throne room of grace this is our prayer in Jesus is precious and holy name Amen I read it again this is one of the great. Passages of Scripture Revelation 14 in its entirety the whole chapter we are well aware that really probably the most unique doctrine to us is the sanctuary message Amen and I'm sure we heard Professor vice speak on that just over the last couple of nights. But one of the other ones that is really at least relatively unique in someone can tell me after if there's another denomination that does this or another group it does this is the idea that the messages of these 3 angels in the Book of Revelation Chapter 14 needs to be given to the entire world and is real to us as well Scripture says and in verse 6 and therefore lessons to get out of this out of this passage of Scripture these 2 verses John says I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth and to every nation kindred and tongue and people saying with a loud voice Fear God and give glory to him where the hour of his judgment is come and worship Him that made heaven and earth and the sea and the fountains of water for lessons and I give them to you up front and I will go through each one of these things the 1st one is that the Gospel is everlasting and we'll get into that but what I want to say that not only is the is the substance of the Gospel everlasting but the consequences the result of the gospel are also everlasting number 2 all people are to receive this gospel the 3rd hour of his judgment is come so whatever time this this message jumps on the scene at that time the judgment will begin. And we learned last night as good I can skip this park last night we learned it this happened around 844 run it will movement of time and in 844 Christ moved into the most holy place in the heavenly sanctuary so the hour of his judgment is come right now for worship him because he did what He created all things the Gospels everlasting everyone is to get it he's going to judge the world and is judging the world and you must worship him because he's the one who created everything now watch this a White says this in the book from here to forever page 235 she says the 1st angel's message of Revelation 14 was designed to separate the professed people of God from corrupting influences in this message God sent to the church a warning which had it been accepted it would have corrected the evils that was shutting them away from him had they received the message humbling their hearts and seeking a preparation to stand in his presence the Spirit of God would have been manifested the church again every church that unity faith and love Apostolate days when the believers were of one heart and of one soul and when the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved now let me tell you something one of the consequences that happened because the 1st angels message was not fully received by the Christians in the world at the time to whom it was preached is that the church itself was weak in. She goes on otherwise says an angel represents the Exalted character of the work to be accomplished by the message and the power and glory that were to attend it the Angels flight in the midst of Haven't done a lot of voice and it's promulgated ssion to every nation and kindred tongue and people give evidence of the rapid worldwide extent of the movement asked of the time when it is to take place it announces the opening of the judgment and its gospel jumped on the scene it spread rapidly we heard about that last night as well it is the most extensive message to have been preach what we as admin is have is in more countries as we just learned last night that than any other to any other denomination only the Catholic Church really does any job in keeping place and let me submit this it is not simply that we have churches in these countries we have in many of these countries we have schools the 2nd largest parochial school system in the world. As well as hospitals the 2nd largest hospital and health care system in the world as well all can claim by admin is now here's where the numbers get incredible There are over a 1000000000 Catholics I'm not sure that there are even 30000007 Day Adventists God has been aiding this work and it has had a great impact because of that work and understanding nice simple but relevant truth is imperative if we are to finish the work that is to be done so the 1st lesson the Gospel is everlasting verse 6 and I saw another angel fly in the midst of having having the everlasting Gospel to preach on to them that dwell on the earth here is the gospel in a nutshell we will go through it in a nutshell 1st the Gospel starts with some bad news. The bad news is a corner Romans 3 in verse 23 all have sinned and done what and fallen short of the glory of God Not one of us in our own merit is right with God What people say is but Dr Watson I'm a good person I get I give to charities in my neighborhood I volunteer at places I don't beat people up you know I have occasional drink maybe but but I'm a good person why would God not accept me because in the parent clearly is sinful the stain of sin which comes from our sinful nature is upon every one of us that is the bad news and of and it goes on because Roman 6 in verse 23 tells us that the wages of sin is what but the gift of God is what turn of life in Christ Jesus our Lord the bad news that the wages in other words when you say wages it means that the salary the payment the reward for sin is death when you live a sinful life and you are are willing to regret reject the free gift that God has for you what you're saying is I want a paycheck and I want that paycheck in its in its amount in what is written on the a line where the value of it is I wanted to say debt we were talking about investing earlier and I like investing I've gotten into it a bit let me tell you something every day all day with how we think and live we are investing I do we are investing into eternity with God or we are investing into damnation for and for the good news because that's what the Gospel means the Gospel means good news. The good news Romans 58 But God demonstrates His own love for us in this while we were yet sinners what happened Christ Jesus died for us you know what I've learned to apply this to my own life because you see I'm a sinner and there were times even though I knew better I intentionally walked into sin I remember coming home from college at Oakwood the admin is good very. Spiritual school at the time with great preachers like c.b. Brooks and equally evil in and and e.c. ward and all of these great preachers Benjamin Reeves I went to school with with guys who could preach and I taught and learned from them but I went home one New Years and this is the verse says that while we were the sinners Christ died for us I believe God is looking out for our salvation even before some of us had the good sense to know we needed saving and I went to a nightclub it was a New Year's Eve weekend I went home and I was hanging out with my cousin and we went to a nightclub in Miami Florida it was a Jamaican nightclub now you don't know much about Jamaicans you know the nightclubs can be quite dangerous in fact across the street from the Jamaican nightclub was a black American nightclub where one of the big rap groups owned a nightclub and between the 2 clubs you again or indeed someone was going to get shot stabbed hurt killed so what the police that is dangerous lined up a few police cars and they lined up ambulances on the street so that you would have to call them they were just there waiting for who needed to be carted out and I know this is true because when I worked in when I later on when I was in medical school and I did my trauma surgery rotation at the University of Miami at the right a trauma center there. One in one of those Saturday nights when I was on call for trauma 14 young men were shot 3 of them died. So here I am in a nightclub with that kind of dare tells you you know I don't have good sense I don't never drink I just I just like to be where people are hanging out listening to the music and of course the girls there so it wasn't for my cousin to convince me to go and we get in and my cousin I just popped it around in a club and walking around and not really talking to many people just listening to reggae music and I accidentally as I'm walking church I step on the floor. I step on the foot of the guy who is sitting there drinking taken to make it's love Heineken I have no idea why and I step on a guy's foot and I just keep walking and the guy takes the Heineken bottle he's drinking and he busts it over the head of the guy behind me a cousin was in front of me and what that amounts is a brawl breaks out I didn't know that the guys whose foot I stepped on was what they call a done in fact they're going to say he's a done dot dot and I stepped on it and they went to war in fact my cousin grabbed me by the hand and we ran out of the club to the car and went home turns out the next day did it was a massive traumatic brawl and when I read this verse I have to think that God knew he needed me or he would want to use me later on I would say he needed me but he wanted to use me later on and I believe that before I had the good sense to know I needed him while I was still a sinner Christ was willing to apply mercy to me that I did not deserve. Do you know the difference between Greece and mercy the difference between grace and mercy is Grace means that you get what you could never have worked for or gained on your own that's Grace Mercy says you don't get what you did deserve and that is eternal damnation. Grace and mercy are 2 closely related but different things in this case in this case I would say God gave me mercy for that deserve to have that bit about a busted up side of my head for being dumb enough to be in a place where the police just sat around waiting for somebody to be shot that's a powerful part of the gospel is that God is ahead of you in saving you the good news you can be saved through faith faith in Christ Jesus if he's into it 9 for it is by grace unmerited undeserved favor you have been saved through faith and this is not from yourselves it is the gift of God not by works so that no one can do what nobody can boast does this mean that you don't need to try and live a victorious life over sin Absolutely not it doesn't mean that you don't have a role to play what it says is no matter how good you are at playing the role you'll never be good enough to save yourself that simple faith got workers pays $161.00 that's simple faith which takes God at His word should be encouraged God's people must have that faith which while which will lay hold of Divine Power For by grace are you saved through faith and that not of yourselves it is the gift of God that simple faith which takes God at His word should be encouraged this is why Abraham. Even when he had not been right yet with God He was still going to marry Hagar he was still going to have Ishmael yet when he stepped outside and God showed him the stars and ate the Bible says and Abraham believed in God The Bible says it was credited to him for righteousness I don't want you to miss this it is by faith that you get credited righteousness and the Gospel is the difference I told you my walk I went out when I was and I need to finish I started yesterday I want to go back and tell you that one of the things I had to do in terms of forgiveness in the Gospel later on and I was after medical school and one of our alumni weekends for medical school I went back to medical school because I wanted to find people who I had insulted in this case because I was such a black militant I went back to medical school to find someone a white students I had offended and apologize because I've learned the difference in our religion and all the other ones is that I cannot work my way into salvation again faith without works is dead I can't just say look I'm saved once I'm saved of always saved as the doctrine of the devil that's not what I'm saying what I am saying is I understand I've got to rely totally on Christ when I am able I must make what was wrong right so I ask for forgiveness every other religion in the world will ask you to work your way to Nirvana in fact if you don't get it right the 1st time in some religions they send you back to start over as a slugger or a mom. Or a b. I want to be a slug you never see a slug at all slimy on the ground I would want to be a part of religion we're going to come back as a slug that would be painful. Other say you've got to work you've got to work perfectly all the way through in fact in Catholicism you not only have to work sometimes you have to pay your way into heaven read up there's one of the biology of John f. Kennedy that I read and in the biology the author says that the Kennedy family John Kerry famous former president of the United States of America was assassinated in Dallas Texas on November 22nd I believe was 1902 or $63.00 John f. Kennedy's family actually paid $10000.00 u.s. dollars to have the Catholic Church move him from purgatory into heaven you know which $10000.00 u.s. dollars was in one in the early 1960 s. you could have bought a whole bunch of properties with that money but guess what he couldn't buy a mansion and heaven knows what money is wasted you never get to he'll never get to heaven true Bible Christianity says I am going to be saved because I trust God completely because my faith is in the blood of Jesus Christ that's how the Christian makes it into eternal life and I'm a Christian because I like the idea that I must submit my will my nature my way I must submit it to Jesus Christ and allow him to take over you know a lot of people don't give victory over sin. I'm a devotional by Morrison and often called faith by works faith that works faith that works Morris vended and in it he has a thing where he says one of the reasons people don't get picture of a sin is they spend their whole life looking down at their sin. You focus on what you're doing wrong you focus on what you're doing wrong and what happens is you never turn your eyes up and look at Jesus and what he says which is in line with the spirit of prophecy in the scriptures if your focus becomes studying Jesus getting to know Jesus having a communities is so you turn off the t.v. you get rid of the bad music and you start to focus on Jesus and who he is you know what happens slowly but surely you begin to be more like Jesus in fact the him says it like this turn your eyes upon Jesus look full It is wonderful face and the 3 things of earth will do what they will grow strangely d.m. in the light of His glory and grace you have a sin problem you can't beat It's not worried about the sin and so you know what in 2020 by the end of the year I'm going to read read all 4 gospels I'm going to read a book the design of the ages I'm going to read all of the other books that are written about Christ books like steps to Christ and by the end of the year see how much of a spiritually different place you are in turn your eyes upon him the 2nd one is that all people are to receive the gospel right and I saw nothing to fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach to them that dwell on the earth and to every Look at this every nation and kindred and tongue and people so 1st the Gospel is everlasting it will last for ever its results will last for ever its concept is everlasting In fact when we get to heaven we will study through the ceaseless ages of eternity the science of salvation here everyone is to get the gospel preached that I am going on there that I mean that this thing has to go around the globe this is I believe why you have been a church has been successful into getting into so many nations because we've been driven by a mandate that other folks have not accepted. So one of the things that this brought with me brought up to me was the need to kind of go back to some of the stuff I talked about yesterday and I want to say that one of the reasons that this one has been a challenge is because sometimes we think that there are people who don't really deserve the Gospel sometimes that's just people who we think behave badly or who don't deserve it for other reasons sometimes even race or along racial lines now what are reasons I love the story of Mary Magdalen is she of all people did not deserve to be so close to Jesus according to what the Jewish leadership would have said in fact they said once if this man were a prophet he would know what type of woman is touching his foot but why does Jesus spend so much time with our quote of this earlier in the week it is because whom has been forgiven much he said love so much Jesus goes after everybody because Jesus wants to redeem and I do believe that the story of the prodigal God gets I believe he really loves when someone who's going to even farther out comes all the way back so one of things again is race I want to read a couple I didn't get to read his yesterday up a put him here because they fit this from the book the southern work this is the book Ellen White wrote when white Adventists in the northern part of United States were hesitant to move into the south after slavery it is it's really interesting because as Professor vibe was talking about the fact that the slaves were freed and then this movement happened right the timing was perfect it also allowed the gospel could be freely preached all over the United States if not there would have been no way to preach the black slaves it would have been illegal. It would've been illegal here it would have been allowed and what happened is as this happens ever White writes a book called The Southern work a book that most of minutes many of us don't even know exists it is to me the quintessential book on race relations written by the prophet of the church and here's where it gets interesting so when I was working at Loma Linda University on a Sunday morning I was working urgent care at the medical director for the urgent care for the university and one of the nurses comes in on our white nurses comes in and she slams a stack of papers down on the desk where I work and I am she looks at me she says Dr Walsh and what was a racist I'm like you know me I'm like What are you talking about she's like she was a racist she said inside of a school class yesterday the teacher showed us that Ellen White was a racist and that we should reduce basically because of that she should be rejected on this paper for about 5 or 6 volts taken out of context and she said so I said to her I said now how much did this Sabbath school teacher discuss the book the southern work she said what book The Southern work I've never heard of such a book I said how could someone accuse Ellen White of racism if they never read her book on that really addresses race relations in the United States the principles of which of them as I'm about to show you apply for the rest of Earth's history and all the earth. She said it never discussed it and I told her I said you know one of the things I learned one of her sons the one that was she was having some trouble with when he got his act together she had a vision she was in Australia I was in Australia I want your house in Australia and lady that was giving us the tour to house it off of a White House in Australia said that she had a vision in Australia she was on the beach and some something happened and she you know to our son while we were on the beach and in this vision so she wrote her son back in America a letter about the vision and then he went you know bad things could happen to him if you didn't get his life right with God Let me tell you something most of us our mothers would tell us you need to get your life right with God or something bad is going to happen but when your mother is a prophet. Do you really have to listen to your mother she's not in not just conjecture now she probably wrote out the whole vision to him long story short she actually sent her own son after the us civil war when race tensions were high at the time when the Ku Klux Klan came into existence she sent her white son down the Mississippi River on a boat called The Morning Star and he landed in northern Alabama in an area near northern Alabama and that is how good university was a stablished Ellen like told him where to put it and even visited the campus at one point her son established the school and I said to the nurse that day does that sound like something a racist what would you send your son into the south where if he's taught teaching black children at the time after the Civil War he himself would be lynched don't sound like a racist to me and at school let me take some Open University school of thought to this day it's still in the top 7 top 6 colleges and universities in our states to produce black doctors that is day and I went to school all of them I know dozens of physicians who come out of that school. In fact right now it's helping to sponsor a young man I met and Donna who wants to be a physician and he's at Oakwood University Now let me tell you something when she established it was prophetic because not only did it produce physicians it produced some of the greatest creatures to ever walk in America which I don't know why the racist she understand the 1st dangerous message is gospel as we preach everywhere absolutely watch this the southern work page 43 walls of separation have been built up between the whites and the blacks these walls of prejudice will tumble down of themselves adds to the walls of Jericho when Christians obey the Word of God which enjoins on them supreme love to their maker and impartial love to their neighbors in fact it's such a powerful lesson many of you know who that is was that that is Mohammad Ali I want I was in Israel I was walking through the Arab section of Jerusalem. Probably one of the few black Americans they'd seen at the time and it was hysterical many of the Arabs ran out of their store fronts and hugged me and they said I'm Ahmed Ali Ahmed Ali Kareem Abdul-Jabbar ice cream out due to buy them a 7 foot tall I'm not Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. There's Mohammad Ali is Malcolm x. is Arabic name is El Hosmer leak else a bad as brilliant thinker and writer actually I mean I've read must much of what he published what he's written I think he was one of the smartest men to ever live. In America these are his 3 daughters here when they were babies and they were good friends because they were members of the religion I was telling you about yesterday the Nation of Islam Farah Khan took over this and amount the Mets was assassinated. Not long actually after John f. Kennedy was assassinated a lot to that story I won't get into that today but I tell you all of that to show you this live in Malcolm X.'s autobiography a book I've read probably 3 or 4 times on page 21 there is this profit in for the 7th Day Adventist Church it says Before long my mother spent much time with the admin is Malcolm X.'s mother became a 7th Day Adventist but watch this we began to go with my mother to the Adventist meetings that were held further out in the country for us children I know it was the good food they served watch this the advantage felt we were living at the end of time that the world soon was coming to an end look at his last line but they were the friendliest white people I had ever seen is too powerful statements in their one Malcolm x. like that gluten to gain a good thing. But what a testimony that last line is Malcolm x. who goes on to be the most prolific most revered black nationalist in the history of the United States the only comment he has about Adventism in his autobiography even though his mother converted to Adventism and was an admin as his father was a guard the Marcus Garvey follower Garvey Baptist preacher who was murdered by the Ku Klux Klan on a train track this is one of the reasons he was such an angry man his father been killed by the Klan yet was when he brushed interest Christianity again he brought into Christianity again through his mother's. Allegiance and joining of the administrators and he says in fact those were the friendliest white people who haven't met this is required mandatory reading in urban America in every school almost you see why it's so important that we love whoever comes in the door. You don't know who's going to go out and become famous and write a book like this and the whole world read it imagine if you had a set in here and knows why people cheat is just as bad as every other white person what a testimony when I tend to a young person in the 10th grade America reads this and sees that a 7 Day Adventists not only does Malcolm x. share the doctrine of the 1st angels message look they've thought I said listen he speaks not is really writing to the people up and put Michigan up at the General Conference he said listen you guys think you're special but I tell you one day the very people that you're ignoring now and you're given resistance to going to assist in the deep south of the United States one day those very people will be the people others will want to exchange places with because of their relationship with Jesus Christ Ellen White also understood that although the slave master in the South was supposed to be Christian many of them were probably most of them weren't some of them were kind in fear and fed well and taught the Bible others were brutal and torturers but I don't want understood that the blacks in the south would one day be the some of the strongest Christians in America in fact today when they do surveys they say that the backbone of all Christianity America are black women character counts l.-i says in the southern work if they believe on Him His cleansing blood is applied to them the black man's name is written in the book of life besides the white man's All are one in Christ birth station nationality or color cannot elevate or degrade men look at the last line there the carrot tear makes the man see that. There's no reason for me and when I came out of my spout my I say my time in racism I would go to Atlanta and I would look for meetings by a group called the All African People's Revolutionary Party I met with Kwame porter who was once they known as Stokely Carmichael who moved back to Africa to be a revolution actually was when I met him he was actually involved in revolution in Africa and I was at Oakland as and I member meeting him and I said you know what my show I want to be a revolutionary I'm not I'm not I don't think I moved Africans to people I didn't think it was a good idea for me personally but I learned in that process that one of the things I learned was evil is in all people. And really it only matters who has power if you take the power from the lowest people in many countries they gave it to and gave a switch that sort of the people with all the power had no power and you flip flop that you would find the atrocities just flip flop in most cases the 3rd lesson the hour of his judgment is come. The hour of his judgment is come back 1731 so there's a few things that they say in America when they try to attack the doctrine of the of the pre Advent judgment. People really attack us on a lot and one of them one of things I hear a lot of Christians nonevent to say is Christians will not go through judgment the church will not be judged they say that in fact they say all judgment needed to happen happened at the cross I've heard people say. So there be no judgment after the cross is one of the things that they teach but look at the Bible says x. 17 a verse $31.00 because you have appointed a day in the which he will judge the world in righteousness by that man whom you have for Dame wherefore you have given assurance on to all men and that he has raised him from the dead he has appointed a day in which he will judge the world and this was written Luke was writing here in Acts 17 but he was saying the judgment was in front of them ahead of them the cross was the crucifixion was behind them and watch this I like this one because Paul is in this one as 2425 and as the reason of righteousness temperance and judgment to come the Bible says Felix trembled Isn't that incredible Felix trembled 3 principles righteousness temperance and judgment and isn't it crazy to this day when you bring up those 3 topics people still tremble that's in a church is yet its resistance against in many ways these 3 things but it still speaks of a judgment to come the judgment comes after the cross Romans $1410.00 to $12.00 but why does not judge that brother or why does not set it not by brother but we should all stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ what is written as I live said the Lord every Me shall bow to me in every tongue shall confess to God So then every one of us shall give an account of himself to God and let me tell you why why this matters because one of the things that causes people to run from church and God make them atheists and do all these different things is because they never want to have to stand before God and give an account and have brought people who have been in discussions of people and I don't believe in a push back and I simply had to before I was a lesson whatever we do you agree you and I agree on I don't agree on here is the truth one day you'll have to stand before God and give an account of your life. People don't not like to hear that fact I've been told some choice words because of that some say God will judge his people well God judges people he was 1030 the Lord shall judge his people people say don't you put judge the church is right there yes he will and it says in 1st Peter 417 when the time is come the judgment must begin we're at the house of God and if it 1st began at us what shall be end of them that obey not the gospel of God judgment will come and the House of God only judge 1st and why will the House of God be judged for it's because the House of God gets the reward this is why he says look we hold I come quickly and my reward is what with me he hides the judge before he gets here how could he determine who gets to go with him if he hasn't judged so guess what you actually want to be in that 1st wave of judgement so to place the judgment of the cross clearly states that there will be a judging of God's people out across those texts on top of those 2 things but it also gives us the hint there's nothing in the 2 books one of my favorite thing in the Bible is to look at these books that God writes and then he has Revelations 20 verse 12 I saw the dead small and great stand before God and the books were opened and another book was open which is the Book of Life you set up it separates the books there are books that are open the book of works then there's a book of life another book was opened 2 sets of books and the dead were judged out of those things which were written weird in the books according to what you know one of the things when I was when I was a kid in the church and they tell us that was always amazing to me is that there are angels recording everything I do and you know had I read that I kept that in my mind I'm not a lived a better life everything you've done everything you will do is being recorded not is the book of works there is no hiding from God. Well talk about pornography a bit. Problem in my last message and one of the reasons pornography has proliferated so much is because there was a time when if a young boy wanted to get to pornography he'd have to sneak out of his house sneak down to a store that sold the filthy magazines and you have to figure out a way to get the money you have to hide it from his mother all the way back to the stuff from a store in his house not anymore now people can see it on their phone kids have ways to hide what their search engine has looked up and so we have a massive addiction to pornography in the United States of America I hope it's not here but I want to tell I tell young people everywhere even if your mama never finds out what you've been looking at even if she never knows the filth that you're involved in God knows and here's the thing if you are hiding your sin from the church member and you are sneaking around to make sure the church people don't find out that you're spending time in the no tell motel you know what you do you make the church people your god because guess what God sees it on what is written in the book of works in fact one of the ways that the Bible puts it these 3 verses actually lined up nicely some 511 says Have mercy upon me oh god according to the loving kindness according to the multitude of thy tender mercies look at what David says in some 511 blot out my transgressions in the book of works your sin is put there for ever but guess what there's a way to have it blotted out and the image that comes to my mind I can see Jesus the high priest as the blood of the Lamb he's the priest and the land and he takes the blood that he shed any blood city puts it on something any and he takes any blots and blood to the beloved It covers the sin so that you no one can ever read it again. Sin is blotted out as in 43 in verse 25 I even I am He that brought out by transgressions from my own sake and will not remember your sins this goes back to the everlasting Gospel it connects back around I love I love Christianity because I serve a God who when he blots out my sin he forgets my sin Acts 3 in verse 19 Repent The therefore and be converted that your sins maybe what blotted out there is a book of works that you will be judged out of let me make this thing plain you want to be judged out of that book and if you are not careful you can leave sin uncovered in other words you have got to get the kind of relationship with Christ where you are willing to repent confession sins repent of your sins now here's what I've learned in my studies even Repentance is not something we can do in our own power even that takes the Holy Ghost for us to do it but I want you to get this I don't care how I dastardly has been you know and I've I think it was talking to me and telling me that that in some parts of Africa a woman has to show she's fertile by having a child before she's married is that true. No Some people say it's true some people don't that's perfectly Ok let me say this because it doesn't matter because an American about trying to prove fertility has kids out of wedlock so there's no real rhyme or reason happens like crazy is the thing purity matters young people I'll talk more about this in a upcoming talk but what I taught me when I was a kid in church is that your life is like a table and when you make a mistake it's like someone takes a nail and puts it to the table and hammers the nail into your life into the table now God is merciful because the hammer has a back and you can take the back of the hammer and pull the nail out but guess what is left there a whole. So when we said we make holes in the table the blood of Jesus Christ can be used and it could fill in the holes but guess what even then there's a that the stain of that thing is still there the mark of it is still there it's there's something still on your table I talons you to remember one is that everything you do is being recorded. And remember too that only the blood of Christ can blot that thing out but 3 even when it's blotted out we have internal consequences that will carry with us when we indulge in sin when we know better well nobody would be doing anything worthy you know purposefully having premarital sex to prove anything sin is a serious disease not one to play with so then you're 121 and at that time that people shall be delivered as the 2nd set of books the book of life a 2nd book The Book of Life and that the time by people shall be developed delivered every one that shall be written in the book Revelation 2015 and whosoever was not found written where in the Book of Life was cast where into the lake of fire so here's the thing the one in the book of works I want my sin blotted out in fact the way the way that I was always taught it is like a painter and in the judgment it's almost like there's a panoramic view of your life playing behind you and as Eric was standing there vulnerable in front of the universe with angels and everyone there all of a sudden my life is playing and I'm embarrassed because I know at certain points of my life how how filthy how how dastardly I've been but if I've given my life to Jesus and been covered by the blood of the Lamb when those scenes come that wouldn't embarrass me that would show my nakedness the screen just goes blood red Jesus the defense attorney stands up in the court and says I paid the price for him. If sin has been covered by my blood Jesus does something else he writes my name in the book of life. Revelation 35 he that overcomes the same shall be clothing white Rayment and I will not blot his name out of the book of life but I'll confess his name before my father and before his angels and so those people who tell you once you are saved are always saved this verse is the direct and appropriate verse to end that discussion your name can be in the book of life and then be blotted out in fact Paul says and in 2nd Timothy Chapter 4 Paul says that there's a crown waiting for him a crown of righteousness in Revelation the Bible says Be careful lest another man do what take your crown Don't let anybody tell you same you don't have to worry about ever again you can go walking in foolishness and sin just like your sins can be blotted out of the book of works your name can be blotted out of the book of life. Last one he created all things not just one I took a little time with because as a scientist this is one of the things that always fascinated me I'll never forget when I was in about the 6th grade my mother that we didn't have we didn't go to admin a school until I went to college I went to from public school my whole life up until I went to Oakwood and in like my 5th or 6th grade science class we began to discuss evolution at that time many of my teachers I remember one French Canadian teacher of mine was a Christian and she would encourage us and Christian things I don't know if you have a job today if she did that but I ran into a teacher eventually who was a staunch evolutionist and her chief I think she felt her job was to make sure we all were evolutionists at the little elementary school I went to and so she had a book that she gave us called the story of evolution I'll never forget it. And we were going through this little picture it was a really cute picture book with dinosaurs and every day it was like a character like up the guy that letter was like I look like a cartoon character right there smart remote they want to sell cigarettes the children they made a character called Joe Camel when I want to get children to characterize things so the children will accept it and I did that with us around evolution and I was reading through this book at school every day for a few weeks and I started to say wait a minute maybe the people at church are wrong I was just a little kid and I know we got deep into the book and finally I said this is it I got to show my mother evolution is really what's going on so I take the book home to my Jamaican mother. You don't know what is going don't you and I take out the book and I say Mom a was of the force a little kid I said mom I think we're wrong I don't think God created a well in fact according to the teacher we evolved and I said Mom look and I pulled the book out of my book back and I handed the book the evolution the story of evolution and my mother looked at me like I was crazy she didn't hit me which is what I thought she would have done in hindsight but when my mother started to see she sat with me she went back to the Bible and she began to outline the texts and then she started to go through the book with me my mother was not a scientist their degrees were all in business she started to go back to it and then later on when we went to church that Sabbath she made sure to have someone and I want to Sabbath school teachers actually go over this thing with me if she had not done that that scene would have stayed planted in my mind I want to submit to you and later on I was persecuted one of the things I told you Sunday night I was ridiculed for publicly in an editorial in The Los Angeles Times when I took my job for being a Christian is that I believe God created the world. Why is there this fight against this truce in the 1st angels message why is there so much in Professor vice listen this testimony has gone through it as well many many and some of you have gone through this there is a war over this principle and I've come to the conclusion there are many reasons why but the 1st one is this if God is not telling the truth in the book of Genesis chapter one and chapter 2 if he's a lying to you that he created the heavens and the earth how do you believe God anywhere else in the Bible fundamentally many of the attacks we see now it's less about the actual issue as much as it is about the strolling confidence in the Word of God and if you don't understand these things you will easily and quickly be swept away so we're going to hear Revelation 147 says saying with a loud voice Fear God and give glory to Him that's what the angel shouts with a loud voice this for it's a joke fear God and give glory to Him Why do you need to do this one is Dollar his judgment is come glorify God because is about to judge the world that he says and worship Him that made heaven and earth and the sea and the fountains of water in fact evolution which comes up around the same time it's interesting all of the miller 800 comes up around the same time Charles Darwin comes up and when you study Charles Darwin's life it's as if he was set up to do this I go deeper but it gets a little bit he was in I'm doing conspiracy theory stuff talk to me afterward it gets a little controversial but he gets in here look and he starts to try and break that this isn't true but if if God didn't really create the world watch this he has no right to judge the world you get in this. It was a direct attack on the movement and the doctrine that was going to launch at that time when I did launch I watch this Genesis 11 you all know this it says in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth if that if the 1st verse of the Bible a stop loss is this true it makes sense that that is the 1st place the devil would want to destroy it and I will show you this intertwined with the other things that we believe Exodus 20 verse 11 says For in 6 days the Lord made heaven and earth the sea and all that in them is and rest of the 7th day wherefore the Lord did what blessed the Sabbath day and hallowed it what's interesting is if you look at it they used this word it and it's not just here but other verses this word and this word is a very similar in fact you can see that once you understand God created the world what is the memorial that God created the world the Sabbath so it's all tied up in the 1st angel's message isn't it and I went to the creation research institutes museum they used to be in San Diego California California is going to little crazy but I think whoever ran it had to pack up and move all the way to Kentucky and they rebuilt it and if you go to Kentucky they have a lifestyle sized model of the ark in Kentucky of the Noah's Ark it's really interesting stuff but when I went to that museum I took a bunch of kids from church and they were going to the days of the week in showing you how creation is really good information for young people church how creation is a scientific. Scientifically viable way of looking at the world origins 1st a 2nd 830405060 we go through the whole week we get a 7 day and on the wall because everything was up on the wall it's a blank and it says in God rested and a guy was ready to move on to go show us dinosaurs and stuff in the flood and I said Wait hold on. You can't just skip the 7 in a Creation Museum and a guy said Well you mean nothing happened on the Sabbath I said oh yes it did said Oh a lot happened on the Sabbath you see when God rested on the Sabbath he halloed the Sabbath he made that day special and set it apart and I said sir you're not doing anyone a service if you don't tell them that if they continue to keep the Sabbath evolution would never have come on the scene the Sabbath is a safeguard against the idea that God didn't create the world the reason the whole world can believe in even Christians and I showed you to quote the newspaper clipping from the pope Pope John Paul the 2nd said they accept evolution now all of that goes back to a rejection of the day that was to be a memorial in time weekly we are to remember that yes God created the world some of you some interesting quotes Charles Darwin in his book The Origin of Species this is and came out I think 8057 or 859 says to suppose that the eye was all it's in and then with simple Concha Vance's for adjusting the focus of different distances for admitting different amounts of light and for the correction of spherical and chromatic aberration could have been formed by natural selection scenes I freely confess absurd in the highest degree now when you look this up online the evolutionist will say well this is taken out of context but even when I read the whole thing in context he still does not at all explain how I could have evolved he starts speaking about nerves that are sensitive in the very passage nerves that are sensitive to light but here's the problem the human eye is not perfect there are animals that can see much better than we do. Why if the human was once a hunter gatherer and why if it took us millions of years hundreds of thousands of years to fully evolve however long they say why did not eyes keep evolving so we have a vision like an eagle eye you get what I'm saying why wouldn't I we be given that advantage why do I as actually grow dim as we get older in many cases you see the thing is this if you needed sight tools to avoid a saber tooth tiger on day number one of the 1st 200000 years of Man's of evolution right would you would a tiger sit around and wait for your eyes to catch up and each to 200000 years later when you can see I'm good I get my point sight as much of an evolution is so much written on as they get so mad about this because creation is always always showed us but the truth of the matter is there's a point here if it's irreducibly complex how to leave all if you needed it on day one out of the ball well the American Scientist magazine Jan you have 155 says this from the probability standpoint the ordering of the present environment into a single amino acid molecule would be utterly improbable in all the time and space available for the origin of terrestrial life that is and if these are not Christians talking about it this is secular stuff yes and everything we have in all the time we've had it would still be impossible to just make an amino acid you need an amino acid to make a protein and the proteins that make cells you need cells to make organisms they're saying it would have been impossible just to get an amino acid or improbable he says a Swiss mathematician Charles Eugene guy actually computes the odds against such an occurrence at only one chance in 10 to the 160 That means 10 multiplied by itself 160 times a number too large even to take killing it. Chance and here's the problem with evolution you know in America we are afraid that we're going to shot all the time but you guys know that when you go into a meeting if you go to a meeting in the United States one of the 1st things they tell you is where the exits are in case a shooter comes in you know in almost every meeting I go to now in fact when you get a new job in the 1st things you have to do you have to take active shooter training in church during divine service at my church in California the admin is Conference mandated that we have active shooter training to police officers have to come to church and actually show us what to do if someone walks into the church shooting during divine service that's what we had to do mandated by the conference and you know in a church the bad place for it to be a mass shooting because the only thing you can hide behind the pews and that they don't make good hiding places far as I'm concerned and people are asking in America why the rapid increase in mass shootings I told you the other day I've taken care of patients who are in the Las Vegas mass shooting some of our friends that the the mass shooting in San Bernardino California that was miles away from Loma Linda University some of my friends witnessed the whole thing he was saying why the mass shootings you know the answer to me is we took dot out of the school in America we forbid the Bible you can bring any other religious book to a public school America and no one will ever bat an eye you bring a bible to school in America and kids have been tossed out of school there's no more prayer there's no more God and evolution is now the religion of America and atheism and I argue that less than one of the problems besides the broken family and other spiritual influences entertainment is that we have career Genet we have produced a generation of young people who believe that their god is chaos and confusion. That is all chance that made them come into existence and here's the thing if I am simply the product of random chance and chaos Why should I respect your life you have to say what I'm saying I think we're going to see more and more and more of these crazy occurrences happening and I believe that they will begin to spread around the world the amount of matter to be shaken together to produce a single molecule of protein would be millions of times greater than the whole and that in the whole universe for it for it to occur on Earth alone would require many almost endless billions of years the evidence of God an expanding Universe page $23.00 the more statistically improbable a thing is the less we can believe that it just happened by blind chance superficially the obvious alternative to chance is an intelligent designer this is Richard Dawkins who said that now the chance that higher life forms might have emerged in this way is comparable with the chance that a tornado sweeping through a junkyard might assemble a Boeing 747 from the materials they're in it is a lesson the one thing evolution it is a statistical basically a statistical impossibilities could tornadoes one day put together a Boeing $747.00 out of a junkyard I guess is nothing's impossible but would it actually ever really happen that's evolution the opportune appearance of mutations permitting animals and plants to meet their needs seems hard to believe yet the Darwinian theory is even more demanding look at this a single plant a single animal would require thousands and thousands of lucky lucky appropriate events thus miracles would become the rule we see that events with an in infinitesimal probability could not fail to occur there's no law against daydreaming this author says but science must not indulge in it here Paul grass once evolution of living organism and there's the book in a page. Malcolm Muggeridge of the Pascal lectures on Terra Canada at the University of Waterloo says I myself am convinced that the theory of evolution especially to the extent to which it's been applied will be one of the greatest jokes in the history books of the future posterity will marvel that so flimsy and dubious hypothesis could be accepted with the credulity that it has one day just this scientists It was one day people will look back and laugh at us for believing the good you can test this thing and my question when I was in college when I did take classes at colleges when I taught evolution at Oakwood they taught us evolution and creation and it made sure we understand why we believe what we believe but when I went to University of Alabama Huntsville Wake Forest University University of Miami and I taught this stuff I mean it really it really did make the 2nd here's the thing the simple question is we're all the evolving things now much of what they tell us evolution is only as Professor 5 points out well it's only the genetic material already in someone expressing itself differently we have shown that you can do that and it's not evolution epigenetics can do that what they cannot show you is where one species literally becomes another species the whole Jurassic Park franchise of movies one of the things they say is that the dinosaurs evolved and became birds so where are all the half dinosaur birds now you get what I'm saying doesn't make sense modern age for instance seem to have sprung out of nowhere they have no yesterday no fossil record and the true origin of modern humans of upright naked toolmaking big brained beings is if we are to be honest with ourselves and equally mysterious matter some of them were honestly doesn't believe it but it really makes sense. We're not just evolving slowly Stephen Google says we're not just evolving slowly Google says for all practical purpose purposes we're not evolving there's no reason to think we're going to get bigger brains or smaller toes or whatever we are what we are you know they're teaching children to get them to believe in the stuff they make they made a cartoon I said to put the slide up in a cartoon called the missing link and I got the guy in a bow tie and he's the missing link between they can't find one so they make cartoons about him or they tell you you guys never heard of the shows called the x. men you know over to Marvel's the x. men big franchise in the states of movies the whole premise of the X.-Men is that people mutate they get an x. gene and then they get superpowers you know what happens if you if you really get mutation la times you get cancer people die from mutations I've added a doctor a long time I've not met one person who walked in and because of some mutation take a stretch their arm out and go out that door or fly or sports should fire from their heads you get what I'm saying but Hollywood is brilliant the Planet Of The Apes movies all of these things are to try and teach you that evolution is a fact they don't just sell it to our children to the educational system they sell it to the end to human system so that most people just believe this as a fact no one can can conscientiously keep the 7th day sabbath and white writing here and Ellen White and her critics know and you can actually keep the 77th and memorial of the fact that in 6 days the Lord made heaven and earth and harboring any thought of evolution Christian experience and teachings when the foundations of earth were laid then was also laid the foundation of the Sabbath I was shown that if the true Sabbath had been kept there would never have been an infidel or an atheist the observance of the Sabbath would have us preserve the world from idolatry when Roger Morneau was worshipping demons and I'm trying to tell his whole story. And he was there with a demon priest and a demon pretty said to Roger my no you're too great lies that the devil loves number one the devil loves it the whole world thinks the 1st day of the week is the day of worship then a demon priest said to them is that a mansion in Montreal Canada Demon 3 says The other great lie is that when you die you don't really died a devil loves the lie that you die and you live forever because the wages of sin is what right if you actually never did die would you ever actually paid the price of sin even if you burn in hell forever alive you still never actually would pay the price the Bible prescribes for sin so he that Demon $3.00 says The devil loves that the whole world believes Sunday is the day of worship and if you when you die you don't really die what Roger no. Later becomes a 7 day Adventist said so there's a man sitting in the back raises hand this is what about the Adventists the demon priest left I forgot about those Adventists the demon 3 says because they keep the 7th day Sabbath they cannot be deceived read it in the book attributed a supernatural by Roger may know when Roger no want to come out of demon worshipping church he was very worried he was about to cross the line when you can't come back from is about to go through the ritual but you can't come back from anyone and out he went to get a job where a Jewish gentleman ran some kind of a. Clothing factory and when he got the job the Jewish guy says to him there's a black man over there Cyril Gross's is the name of Noah's great grandson I've talked to him on the phone before Cyril goes that he says that guy sitting there that black man sitting there he says he has asked me that he can have the Sabbath off and the Jewish owner of the factory says I'm a Jew and I don't keep the Sabbath. He said I want you to go work next to him and find out why it is that black men keep the Sabbath because I know he's not a Jew Roger Minocin instantly read the book he understood that if you're going to get out of demon worship it would be because he aligned himself with a guy who kept the Sabbath why did he know that because even the demon 3 said the advocates cannot be deceived because they keep the 7th day sabbath and sure enough a long story short so gross rajma no went through all that like 8 weeks what the bible studies in a week baptizing became a 7 day Adventist the demons came after but they could never touch him in as part of the 1st angels message one of thing that's really important is this idea that God created the world is attached to the 7th day sabbath let me tell you something church there are 2 things in the Bible that offer you blessing one of them is that you return a faithful tithe an offering a Bible says if you do that God will pour out some people are looking for return right the Bible says God will open up the windows of heaven in my case says and poor out a blessing upon you that you will not have what room enough to receive it but the other blessing comes from keeping the Sabbath you know the Bible says if you keep the Sabbath and I say it says God says I will cause you to ride upon the high places of the year I challenge you. Remember the 7th day Revelation 146 and 7 again and I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach on to them that dwell on the earth and every nation and kindred and tongue and people saying with a loud voice Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment is come and worship Him that made heaven and earth and the sea in the fountains of water Ellen White says this as the churches refuse to receive the 1st angels message they rejected the light from heaven and fell from the favor of God They trusted to their own strength and by opposing the 1st message placed themselves where they could not see the light of the 2nd angel's message but the beloved of God who were who were oppressed accepted the message Babylon is fallen and left the churches it was to separate the Church of Christ from the corrupting influence of the world that the 1st angel much was given but with the multitude even of professed Christian the ties which bound them to Earth were stronger than the attractions heavenward they chose to listen to the voice of worldly wisdom and turned away from the heart searching message of truth I'll leave that up there some of you have asked me if I'm selling any D.V.D.'s and stuff I have nothing to sell It's offer free just go on line there are dozens of our of sermons on there but I want to close with this because I as I was restudying about the. Everlasting Gospel a story came to mind when my favorite sermon stories true story that happened in the western United States of America the western United States also in which state there was a young man who went to go and play poker and he got into an argument with a guy he was across the table playing poker with and a young man who had a few drinks and he went into his bag he pulled out a gun true story and he took put out a gun point across a table and shot and killed the young man sitting across from him shot him dead to me just fell over they call the police the police came the young man was arrested. And they took the young man they took the young man to jail the young man went in front of the judge and you know just takes time in the state takes maybe bravery or takes time to go through these criminal trials and over the next few months and there's a few short years he eventually was convicted of murder in the 1st degree and he was sentenced to death he was sentenced to die in the electric chair while all of this was going on his family said you know he's not really that terrible of a person and he said in effect and so they started to write a petition to send to the governor of the state because in America I don't know if it's like that here the governor or the president has the right if you violate the laws of that of the state or the Federal they can actually Party in you or they can reduce his sentence they can do things right so the family wrote started to say and did a petition and everybody in the House signed it everybody in the next house and they were going to ask the governor a simple thing they wanted to ask the governor for a stay of execution meaning that he would just spend the rest of his life in prison so everybody signed it the next house signed at least everyone on the street signed it everyone on the block signed it then the next block to the whole town and signed the petition then the next town in the next town to the whole county had signed a petition then the next county in the next county until finally as the governor of the state is sitting in his office baskets and baskets of petitions are dropped into his office the governor of the state was a Christian and he was thrilled to see the mercy of his people years had passed now the governor thought about and he said you know what because these people are willing to ask for mercy and so many were willing to sign it I'm going to write for this man I'm going to actually write but it's man a complete pardon. Not I'm not a stay of execution I'm going to pardon him and he can go free the governor wrote it all up and as he was getting ready to go to the state penitentiary to tell the young man the good news the governor to be in the Christian decided you know what it be really nice if I dressed up like a preacher and then went and told him that a governor slipped on a preacher's robe just put the put the letter in his pocket went downstairs in a limousine picks him up from the governor's mansion and whisks him off to the state penitentiary true story the governor just a statement of tension and the warden is there waiting for him what is it is the governor you need to get to Death Row The governor says yes I want to go to get that through and see it is in Make it takes the governor up the stairs to where death row is and he's in a good and the warden is about to lead the governor to the young man cell and the governor stops him no no no I need to talk to him you stay here which cell as it is the 4th cell down it's open the governor walks down the aisle dressed like a preacher walks into the young man selling walks in a young man cell the young man jumps up off of his cot and says get out the governesses you don't understand I've got news I've got good news the young man says you're the 4th creature to come here this week get out the governor says you don't understand I've got good no use young man says I've been a Christian all my life and look where it's landed me you get out the governor tries one more time a governor says Listen young man you don't understand I've got news I've got good news for you young man says if you don't get out I'm calling the warden and the guards and I'm going to have you put out the government pushes that let it be back down in his pocket turns from the cell walks back down with a warden meets him the warden is thrilled the warden doesn't want anybody to go free. One is smiling from from ear to ear as he walks the governor back down to the limousine and the governor's wish to back off to the governor's mansion the warden can't contain his joy he goes running back up the stairs into the young man cell he plops down on the cot and he says How did you visit with the governor go young man says wait a minute you mean that guy just up like a preacher was the governor the warden says yes not only was he the governor he had all Sunnis pardoned written out for you. What do you mean he says quick the young man says Quick give me pen give me paper they get I'm a pen and paper anybody has the right dear Governor I'm so sorry I did not know it was you write a whole letter of apology puts it in an envelope and sends it back across to the governor's mansion a few days later the governor gets the letter he reads it and with tears streaming down the governor's face he takes the letter turns it over and writes on the back no longer interested in this case so the day comes for that young man to die in the electric chair and stand him play they stand him up in front of the electric chair and all the newspaper cameras in the newspaper journalist standing on the other side of the glass container at it from where he is they ask him as a young man is there anything you want to tell them anything you want to say before you are put to death the young man stands to his feet shackled tears begin to come down his eyes he looks at the journalists and the cameras the young man says yes tell the young men of America that I'm not done because I'm a murderer. He says tell them Please tell the young men of America that I'm not done because of what I did wrong please tell the young men of America that I died today because I refused to accept the pardon church you have a lasting Gospel it is the part blood of Jesus is the very end in which that part was written Christ is the great governor of the universe. And he received the petitions of the citizens of this earth he sought a condition and Jesus did not put on the role. Of a preacher he didn't come down in a God of a king or a ruler My Bible tells me as the world remembered yesterday that Jesus was born in a stinking manger wrapped in the flesh of a child. Just like that prisoner could not recognize the governor because of how he came there are many who rejected Jesus because he didn't come as a king but here it is and in this day and age the same thing is happening. You see Jesus is coming back with that pardon just as the 1st danger says the judgment already been done or is happening and he's coming back to give out a reward and there are a lot of people who aren't going to recognize him they're not going to want any part of him in fact every day they're screaming at Jesus the great governor of the universe is screaming at him Get out. And every day the Holy Spirit is working on our hearts saying you don't understand I've got no bills I've got good news. And yet some in spite despite the fact that God is working tirelessly to save us we keep kicking him out of the cell that our warden Satan built for us. Is every head is bought and every eyes closed today for a singles message is a powerful message it tells me that there's no reason for me to die in my sin I'm not disqualified from heaven because I'm a black man who is disqualified because the Asian or white Latino Aboriginal it does not. According to the 1st angel the 1st angel says that God has the right to judge because God is the one who created every had his bow never was close your praying maybe to somebody who wants to give their life to Jesus today. I don't know who you are maybe you slipped away from him I will take long but I got to make this appeal. You want to accept the full pardon that is in Jesus Christ I want you to just raise your hand where you are you don't you don't have to move just raise your hand you want to give your life to Jesus I say hands over here praise the Lord out of the organizers have somebody say hands over here and hands over there praise the Lord. Anybody else you want to give your life to Jesus to Day In fact I'm ask you to be brave right now on a mass you just stand where you are and I can see you you raise your hand I'm going to be brave Don't worry about what people think they have no heaven to put you in no heaven a promise you will help to put you in. You want to give your life to Jesus just and praise the Lord for this young lady over here somebody else you want to give your life to Jesus Praise the Lord you want to give your life to him just stand where you are Praise the Lord Young man you want to give your life to Jesus you want to accept the full pardon that has been written in the blood of Jesus Christ you want your works to your sins to be blotted out of the book of works. You want your name written in the Lamb's Book of Life. Stand to your feet wherever you are see you young people praise God for you who else. You want to give your life to Jesus today just dandy if you praise the lord young lady praise God for you then anybody else I will do this along with a spirit is telling me there right now is the time for me to make a call praise God for you young lady is there anybody else praise God young lady praise God Anybody else you want to give your life to Jesus today. You want to give your life to Jesus today. 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