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Marked for Death or Sealed for Life: 3rd Angels Message

Eric Walsh


Every day you are either preparing for the mark of the beast or you are preparing for the seal of God.


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • December 27, 2019
    11:00 AM
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Let's get right into this we have been going to the 3 engines messages at night and in the morning to some extent and so we're going to wrap up today with this one. I script a reading is taken from Revelation Chapter 14 starting at verse 9 Revelation 14 verse 9 says and the 3rd angel followed them saying with a loud voice if any man worship the beast and his image and receive his mark in his forehead or in his hand the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb a message this Sabbath morning isn't the Sabbath afternoon as Untitled marked for death or sealed for life. Marked for death or sealed for life let us pray Father God we thank you Lord for this opportunity to share your word one last time here in Botswana Lord I ask that you make me just a nail upon the wall a rusty sorry nail Lord and upon that nail or to ask that you hang a portrait of Jesus Christ let Eric waltz not be seen or heard instead father let us hear a word from the throne room of grace this is our prayer in Jesus is precious and holy name of the church say amen and amen All right we'll get right into this day we're going to write back to Revelation 14 verse 6 will read this again and I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven this is the 1st angel's message we talked about 2 days ago. Having the everlasting Gospel to preach on to them that dwell on the earth and to every nation kindred tongue and people saying with a loud voice Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment is come and worship Him that made heaven and earth and the sea and the fountains of water from this we said there are 4 great lessons from the 1st angel 4 lessons critical lessons around the time of 844 This message was proclaimed with great power it is the message that allows the separation and the collapse of Babylon in the sense that Babylons. Lying deceptive ways were revealed when in fact biblical truth was written was was released into the world and men rejected it so to lessons number one the Gospel is everlasting we talked about the Gospel writes is snus by faith the Bible says that the just shall live by faith but that faith without works is also what it's dead it's over the Gospel is everlasting Christianity in the pure biblical form is different from every other religion in the world because you cannot work your way into salvation Amen it's different it's unique if you study some religions I talked about how you can get to Nirvana you have to work you into nirvana but if you fail you get sent back to the beginning as a bug like a slug or a roach or something in and you've got to work your way all the way back up and I don't want to be a roach I will stay a Christian name in. All people are to receive it we talked of difficult subject around race and race relations I gave my testimony of how I myself became a black racist. And what God had to do to liberate me from hatred of other people and the idea that based on my skin color I was better than someone else I get met All right the hour of his judgment is come the unique advantage of doctrine pre-adolescent judgment was the is the 3rd lesson and of course worship Him because He created all things and so he we talked this week a bit about the lie of evolution and that if man had kept the 7 day sabbath Darwin's evolution would never have been able to get a foothold on earth the consequences of evolution is we have stripped men especially the younger generations of all moral compass is and now in America for example we have people walk into places and just shoot up everybody but the 2nd angel comes into verse 18 says and there followed another angel saying Babylon is fallen is fallen that great city because she made all the nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication she corrupted the world with false doctrine and when we went to Revelation 18 we found that she was a political religious and economic power and part of her economic power in fact was the sale of of slaves and the souls of men and I walked you through how it is that the that the Catholic Church and then followed in suit many of the Protestant denominations pretty much all except the Quakers and then. Actually went against slavery but uniquely according to the book Slavery in Catholicism uniquely the admin is tourch even before it was formally organized was always against slavery in the United States and that was one of the ways I show you to sign of who Babylon is but we're going to jump to the 3rd angels and to set up the 3rd angel we've got to go back to 4 of the angels. Revelation 7 words once as an after these things I saw 4 angels standing on the 4 corners of the earth holding the 4 winds of the earth that the wind should not blow on the earth nor on the sea or nor any tree the Bible says that they are for angels and they are holding back the winds of strife when I was at Oakwood and some of the great preachers would preach on this they spoke about these winds being a lot of different things a lot of different ways but one of the things that would always stuck with me is that the winds are literally the consequences of sin entering the world God is terrible as the world is God has been holding back from allowing the full weight of the consequences of sin to destroy the planet these angels work tirelessly as it is to hold back destruction one preacher said but it seems like sometimes they open their hands up too wide and some of the wind slips through because we have these things on a soldier this early in a week this is the the war that happened in the Democratic Republic of the Congo some reports as many as 5000000 people died it was called Africa's Great World War with all of the factions that joined in and I want to tell you that in America it didn't even make the noose. Here is a graph I showed earlier in the week of all of the. Shootings that happen in America and these it is that this is a little bit old now because we have so many that you can't even keep up anymore and you can see that it is increasing if you look at it it is increasing in frequency in fact I told a story of how I took care of 2 of the victims from the Los Vegas shooting one was actually shot one was running and broke her ankle and ran a mile on a broken ankle and she came to see us at our clinic in California and I could tell you that this thing is for real there is strife but also quoted rather whites as listen when we see these things happening we as Christians are not to panic Instead we should hear Jesus voice say Do not be afraid it is I their warnings telling us that Jesus is about to return amen and I even showed us one from the u.s. Geological Society of earthquakes with the magnitude $6.00 and $8.00 and it shows that in fact just as Jesus says in Matthew chapter $24.00 there will be an increase in earthquakes in diverse places I sell these slides for the purpose of all of helping those who are still wondering if they can trust their Bible to know the Bible is exact Jesus says that one of the signs of it increase in earthquakes and in fact they would be everywhere a secular group would tell you that in fact that is true the Word of God can be trusted sort of for into the holding back the winds of strife and another angel a thief Angel jumps on the scene and this is Angel John says I saw another angel ascending from the East having the ceiling of the Living God. And he cried with a loud voice of the 4 angels to whom it was given to hurt the earth and the sea and this is what he said to those 4 angels Here's what he says he says hurt not the earth neither the seen or the trees don't hurt them until what happens until we have sealed the servants of our God we're in their foreheads he says hold on no one is to be touched nothing is to happen until God's servants are sealed and I was in a place where horrible hurricanes happen and they were very worried about a hurricane happened one of small islands off the coast of Florida and I was preaching at a church and I said Man how do you guys live here when all these hurricanes happen and this whole island could just be blown away and they said listen we're not worried when there's more than 10 of us what I mean is more than 10 of you he said you want to remember 181 day when Jesus prayed when the pre-incarnate Jesus came to Abraham he said if I'm going to just found 10 righteous God save the city is this it is at least 15 of us we should be Ok. But I will tell you that as the cities get more wicked as the Saints move out in the next 10 years we are going to begin to see wholesale destruction in cities till we have sealed the servants of God in their foreheads why in their foreheads church. Because that is where you find the frontal lobe right here you see that sort of made it more clear but see that rather broad all talked about this earlier but as a physician I want to talk about a little more the frontal lobe of the brain is where your your personality really sits it is the part of the brain that makes you human the human brain is 33 percent frontal lobe the next smartest animal the put the porpoise or the chimpanzee next to Smart is animal groups their frontal lobe is only 30 their brain is only 131313 percent frontal lobe God made the human with a much larger frontal lobe one that we do not even fully use and that incredible Now watch this it is because we have this larger frontal lobe that humans are able to worship God the way that we do or can the frontal lobe is critical and I will show you just how critical it is here in a 2nd in fact this slide shows you the frontal lobe You're right behind us would be a forehead bone here right right near the frontal lobe what the 1st thing the scientists say the frontal lobe allows humans to do is to reason your ability to think critically resides in your frontal lobe also your planning language long term memory impulse control problem solving emotions judgment motor function initiation look at the last one social and sexual behavior all regulated in the frontal lobe and that is important because there's a chemical your brain releases in the frontal lobe called gabble it's a long name it's abbreviated Gabaa and what Gabaa does is it allows you to behave yourself it doesn't make it allows you to not just do whatever you think comes to your mind not to say whatever comes to your mind not be inappropriate in public you probably have some friends that are running low on Gabby I know. We'll talk about this more to minute but alcohol and marijuana both block the release of Gabaa will come back to that it's relevant because this is where his brother had all said earlier in the week this is literally where character is developed in an individual so your character a personality all develops here based on all these things happen it's are formed in here all of that happens it is what makes you you and this is why you're sealed there in fact the reason that part of your brain is so important is because you can reason it says in Isaiah 118 Come now let us do what reason together said the Lord though your sins be a scarlet they shall be as white as snow though they be like be red like crimson they shall be as what the book the Bible says this clearly your salvation is connected it is tied to your ability to reason why because the great monkey wrench of the universe is the fact that God gave each of us the ability to choose it is the power of choice that makes the whole God is the fuel of the whole great controversy starting with the fact that Lucifer in a perfect position in heaven could choose to rebel It is the populace and why why would God give you the ability to choose it almost doesn't make sense he could have created all of us not robots but organic material that only did what he said 1st by the commandment of Jesus as the 1st great commandment is to love the Lord your God with all your heart all your mind and what and all your soul that's the 1st and great commandment here is the secret to why your frontal lobe is so important why this verse is so important it is because there are a couple things God can't do number one we talked about lying earlier this morning God can't lie. If God said right now the sky is brown guess what would happen sky would just turn brown He can't lie but it's something else God can do he can't force you to love Him If God made you love him it would instantaneously cease to be love the reason I believe that the imagery of Christ marrying the church and the church being Christ bridegroom bride bride is and he being the bridegroom is because it is in that very same kind of methodology it takes for men to actually win a woman's heart you can't walk up to the 1st woman you see young men and she might be beautiful but again I want to visit guess what you love me now. You want to get slapped. Love has to be a choice God wants you to choose and so he gives you a front unload with which you can choose to love him that's what he wants from you so it's so much so that if Eason 6 Paul says if he's a 617 Paul says look and take the helmet of salvation why because salvation is tied to the head what is the job that I helmet does it protects your brain and that deep seated connection salvation is given as a helmet because if you're going to be saved your frontal lobe must be protected your ability to reason to choose faith all of it resides in your frontal lobe if the just salad by faith faith happens here. In fact you get some help if he says 113 says in whom you also trusted after that you heard the word of the truth you heard the truth the gospel of your salvation and who also after that you believed once you believe that what happens you are then sealed with that Holy Spirit of promise what happens in the frontal lobe where Gabaa resides where dope I mean works where Sara Tonin works all of which we're going to talk about a little bit today what happens is when the glory the Holy Spirit of God begins to move on the mind and heart of the person it actually works with the normal chemistry of the human brain to allow you to become a new creature in Christ Jesus. When you become a Christian and you allow yourself to be filled with the Holy Ghost the very way your brain what. Changes So I you could meet our brother Seth has been phenomenal week I've enjoyed every one of his messages and he said today when he said he used to own a casino I was blown away I think all people in America to see believe that look at them is pretty grimy and look at how sanctified the brother is now. But guess what he allowed a Holy Spirit to fill him like I did him when I said go looking for all African nations are all African peoples revolutionary party meetings in Atlanta Georgia when I was running with the Nation of Islam and learning from the Rastafarians So one day God touch me and hit me with the Holy Ghost and I realized God isn't looking for a color of people he's looking for a characters are sealed people have the character of Jesus Christ the Holy Spirit did that work a market in which angels read what is the seal of the Living God which is placed in their face in the foreheads of his people. Ellen White says it is a mark which angels but not human eyes can read for the destroying angels must see this mark of redemption I like that. Because it's not just the seal that says you're going to do right going forward it's a sea of that says you have been redeemed the c.e.o. of the Living God is a mark of read them shin and guess what church I needed to be redeemed so I was one of my favorite hymns redeemed how I love to proclaim it redeemed by the blood of the last on the seal of God as a sign that you've been redeemed and fat if he says for 30 says and grieve not the Holy Spirit of God we're by you are sealed unto the day of what redemption the Holy Spirit works in the mind changes you and in that process you are redeemed you are not simply redeemed because God takes the center and moves him out of where he was you are redeemed because God takes the sinner and changes the sinner and moves him out from where he was our redemption isn't simply a geographical relocation of what of who we are it is literally a triumph formation somebody different after you meet Jesus Christ and the light goes on man skip 173 from 1000 know to she says just as soon as the people of God are sealed in their foreheads it is not any seal or mark that can be seen look at what she says that is she says but it is a settling into the truth both intellectually and spiritually and I like that because there are a lot of us you can study the dust there are people I know who know our doctrines so they are intellectually they believe they have our truth but spiritually they have not solely digested it. It's not what are the other it's both you gotta know the doctrine that's that's that you have to but unless you allow the Holy Spirit to completely take over that the application of that knowledge will never happen in your life this is why we see people shaken out of the church people who we know knew all of our doctrines who are good Adventists and all of a sudden they believe in and to trinitarian doctrine they start to believe Jesus is not God and they walk away and say how could this happen to this person they had an Intel actual knowledge that they never spiritually submitted slowly to the Holy Spirit listen every day when you pray you want to be praying for the power of the Holy Ghost to take over in your life we do not pray for the Holy Spirit like we should we do not talk of the Holy Spirit like we should the Holy Spirit is critical because it is what actually does the sealing the Bible says that the Holy Spirit will do it it will lead you into all truth that is a split into electoral and spiritual truth she says so that they cannot be moved just as soon as God's people are sealed and prepared for the shaking it will come. When the winds blow of those 4 ends are holding back one of the things the winds are going to do it's going to shake some folk out like a well a White says back in 1000 No 2 she says indeed it has begun already the judgments of God now are now upon the land to give us warning that we may know what is coming she says listen in fact when you see these catastrophes these disasters these heinous crimes understand every one of them is a warning from God to be ready Jesus is whispering to us like he was with the disciples on the ship as he walked on the water Be not afraid it is our. Well there's another mark that brings us to the 3rd angel's message so the 1st one is the seal of the Living God put in your forehead because this is where you think this is where all of your reasoning happens this is where you will love God with all your heart and so this is where you will allow the Holy Spirit to take over and change you it happens all right here the seal of God all is only given in one place right there is another mark Revelation 1316 says that he causes all both small and great rich and poor free and bond to receive a mark in their right hand or where or in a forest and I wait a minute why does the devil get to place his mark 2 places and God only can place isn't one you know the devil always has an advantage because he can lie he has an advantage because he can lie not to worry God is all powerful so it doesn't really have an advantage but you know devil can use deception God was always use the truth and in this case the Scripture says here that you can receive the mark in your right hand or in your forehead so there are those Don't miss this who will know the truth and ignore it and lead others to ignore it they will receive the mark of the beast here and what we've been studying at night with Professor vide you can see there are some folk who really actually know what's going on they are purposefully leading tens of thousands Yea millions of souls into preditions they will receive a mark here but then there are those who receive the mark in their hand because they are followers of those who receive it in their forehead and here's what's crazy in America I don't know if it's happening here social media has so taken over our young people that all I talk about when I go to churches in California you know to young people say they want you to know who they follow I follow Kim Cardassian I say you shouldn't. I follow this person I follow in the last presidential election where Trump just won in 2016 there was a study that came out and said in fact the generation we have now is concerning because unlike other generations they are not figuring out what they believe politically or in social issues by themselves rather they go online to Twitter and and Facebook and and Snap Chat knowledge stuff and what they do is they find out what the people they follow believe and then they choose to believe something or you get met So in other words we are raising a generation at least in America I don't know if it's gotten here like that yet we are raising a generation of young people who are not exercising their frontal lobe power to critically think. And if they follow all the Devil as planned and wind up in prediction the mark they get will be here and not here because they will be mindless we talked about sports last night a bit they will be mindlessly more concerned with who's going to win the World Cup or a Super Bowl while they simply walk like zombies into preditions. Revelation 49 again in the thirty's will follow them saying with a loud voice if any man works the beast in his image or see his mark on his forehead or in his hand look at what the consequences are this is the 3rd angel giving a staunch warning the same shot drink of the wine of the wrath of God which is poor not without mixture into the cup of his indignation. And then the Bible says and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the lamb if you reject God there is a serious consequence of punishment where the holy angels and the lamb will see it. But verse 11 says and the smoke of their torment ascends up for ever and ever we talked about as of this does not mean that they will burn in hell forever but the consequence the result of their punishment will last forever and watch this and they have no rest day or night who worship the beast and his image and whosoever receive it the mark of his name we know that eventually the mark of the beast is Sunday worship. Get back to that probably later on but but here's the thing if you reject God and ultimately reject the rest then he offered you on the Sabbath isn't it interesting that part of your punishment for rejecting Sabbath Rest is that you have no rest day or night and the wife says Sunday keeping is not yet the mark of the beast and will not be until the decree goes forth causing men to worship this idol Sabbath the time will come when this day will be the test but that time has not come yet and it still has not fully come yet except there are parts of the world where they're working on it the day is coming this is from the National National Catholic Register in the United States it says taking Sundays seriously Poland leads the way the Europeans nations new law sharply restricting Sunday shopping provides an opportunity to take a closer look at American habits and when you scroll down from this article and you look at the comment I was blown away even though I'm an admin is and I know that and believe it as a Sunday lot coming I couldn't believe the comments where people were saying how they need to strategize to make national Sunday law a reality and here's the kicker America set up for it. Because our Supreme Court there's only 9 judges on our Supreme Court 5 of them are Catholic if they are ready have a majority and one from 6 Catholics to 5 but the one Protestant that Trump put on the on the Supreme Court 1st actually was trained in Catholic jets with schools so technically we have 6 Catholics in the Supreme Court and 3 Jews that are probably secular Jews that means that if the pope decided that for the sake of the environment we must make Sunday sacred You can watch sports on Sunday and it's a family day and by reducing carbon emissions on that day as we talked about everyone in the world will benefit it is for the common good as was said last night and guess what happens the law can pass because the highest court in United States 6 of the 9 would have some form of Allegiance if not directly as well as the head of the house right now and the vice president of the United States would all have direct allegiance to Rome it's not as far away as we think and if America does it as they say in Jamaica when America sneezes the world catches a cold the market a beast l o y it says in the book the faith I live by page 288 she says What are you doing brother in the great work of preparation those who are uniting with the world are receiving the world in bold and preparing for the mark of the beast those who are distrustful of self like that one who are humbling themselves before God and purifying their souls by obeying the truth these are receiving the heavenly mold and preparing for the seal of God in their foreheads I did not know when I was a kid in the administrators and I would talk about the market a beast and the seal of God I never understood I thought it would be like I don't know if you guys ever watch Dr Seuss stuff down here and he just stamp one of the big one of the creatures the Dr Seuss invented and just get a stamp I thought one day you just get book a stamp on your forehead I was admin is a book I just get a seal of God in my forehead I'm good to go now. A white makes it more clear and it's actually a bit more concerning she says in fact those who are uniting with the world are receiving the worldly mold and look what she says they are preparing for the mark of the beast those that have the characteristics of humility and being distrustful of self are preparing for the seal of God in their foreheads I did not know when I talked about the Seal of God in the market to be when I was a kid that in fact every day as I go about my business I am I The preparing my frontal lobe to receive the mark of the beast or the seal of God Did you know everything we watch everything we look at all day every day we are preparing our minds to receive one of those 2 marks or if we've turned our mind off by our daily activities we may be preparing ourselves to receive the mark of the beast in our hand so let's get a little more let's get into the frontal lobe a little more and in order to do that I want to give you an analogy Jesus says in John 221 he spoke it was his body his body is a temple 1st rate is 619 what Know you not that the body is the temple of the Holy Ghost so if your body is the temple one of the things you can take from that is that you can apply the sanctuary message to the not of me of the human body let me say it again before I go to the next flood if the but if your body is a temple the very sanctuary message a unique message of the 77 a church can be applied to how the body is laid out ready All right. So this is the this is a picture of the sanctuary here you can see from the outside I like this kind of more. Geometric designed to show what it is and you can see how beautiful it was and and all of this so if we if as a physician if I apply what I know about anatomy to this then the outer wall of the sanctuary here would be like your skin. Now what is interesting is there is no gold on the outer wall. All the gold is on the inside what is God telling you your character is what matters in terms of value was on the inside right so you come into here and if I had the full time to give the presentation when you enter into the courts of God You enter in with praise and thanksgiving right when you come in here that is like the openings to your body like your mouth in a sense when you come in you hear the altar of sacrifice and when you reach the altar of sacrifice this is where the sin offerings would be laid you remember right so you have to bring up a lamb without spot a blemish there some other animals you could use could you put Could you walk in there would have pegged and drop it on the altar. Well the altar of sacrifice represents the digestive system that's a stomach and so whatever you put on in your body is a sacrifice that God because just like this had fire your stomach has hydrochloric acid and it works to break things down by chemical combustion everything we eat is a sacrifice that all the fit what God allows to come in so that's that the levo are here is where you could watch the priesthood was before he went into the holy place the Leyva that water represents the circulatory system the blood supply to the body and just as the blood bays the body and washes away the waste and brings the nutrients so the blood of Jesus to wash the body of the church remove the waste of sin and supplied the nutrient of righteousness. So as analogy is the circulatory system you go inside and this is I like parts of the brain here the rest of the brain and I was it is the showbread is like speech the word is the bread the 7 candlesticks is like sight the altar of incense is like speech to some extent and so all of these things I hear I will get into detail but I don't have time what I want to jump to is the fact that there is a place called the most holy place and what I want to give you is if you lay out the body like the sanctuary then you know most holy place is your frontal lobe that you get that the frontal lobe of the brain is the most holy place why because in the most holy place the Chicago you know the glory of God dwelt in your frontal lobe is where the Holy Spirit is to do well so you can look at it a little better here has the most holy places that the 2 angels that covered over them and a sky and a glory sitting over the mercy seat inside of the 10 Commandments Aaron's abutting rod the pot of manna each have a meaning if you don't rule it out if you make is like the front a little Remember long term memory of the manna you got to remember what God did the budding rod should represent like choice they had to choose and it was God's evidence the 10 Commandments is like a conscience all sitting in there and the 2nd of Glory of God as the fall how often could the priest go into the most holy place could he just go in in his blue jeans and his sneakers could he just put on his Rockaway or Gary and rock right in like he wants to. He had to dress in the room white clean linen he had to wash a certain way in fact they used to tell us that he would have put on a special thing and entire rope around him an arrow bells on him and he goes in any and a Belzer and if he dropped dead because there was still sit in him they put a rope around him so they could do what pull him out. Some argue whether or not that's accurate what I will tell you is he definitely a corner Bible to put on special clothes and he could only go in once a year here's my point if God made the frontal lobe of the sanctuary the most holy place a place where even the high priests could only go when God said he could go and had to dress a certain way and he had to be clean from sin that's when he could go and how then do we allow our most holy place to receive any kind of filth and garbage. You can't just watch what you want to watch or listen as Brother Adolphus and always to what you want to listen to you've got to defend and protect the frontal lobe why church because that's where the Holy Spirit is working to see you. From a little bit like the most holy place in the sanctuary that's what as a kind of Glory of God falls judgment and mercy I say I want a team or happens right here your frontal lobe must be protected and if you're going to protect it there are 3 things that were done 3 things you got to know to protect your frontal lobe the 1st one I've been talking about is always I go to a quickly what is entertaining you if you're not careful you will pollute the most holy place by what you allow to entertain you we actually had this verse quoted this morning already as a 3315 e. that walks righteously and speaks up rightly. He that despises the gain of oppressions that shakes his hands from holding of bribes and look at the last part of his he says that stops his ears from hearing blood and shuts his eyes from seeing evil when I say I was writing this he couldn't have understood that one day we would have cell phones tablets computers internet access cable television satellite T.V.'s that would give us access to programming in ways he Isaiah could never even imagine now watch this if you are going to be among the writers I will show you the next part of his verse in a 2nd you gotta stop your ears from hearing blood. Filings Let's discuss things things you've got to such eyes from seeing evil you can't just watch anything but a conversation earlier in the week about watching scary movies and stuff you can't watch movies where the little literally the people who make the movie work for Satan and are making movies with it in introduce you to demons that have been known in the states to jump out of the screen in a movie theater and into people they've got cases of demon possessions and people watch some of these movies you've got to be careful that you're not seeing evil why because if you can do that as a 3316 says you'll do a lot to hide your place of Defense will be diminishing as of rocks bread will be given to you and your water will be shore look at this in verse 17 he says your eyes shall see the king in his beauty they shall behold the land that is very far off if you watch the wrong thing now it might stop you from seeing the king in his beauty later on from seeing the land that is very far off if you watch the wrong stuff now and pollute the frontal lobe and I must show you why this matters in a 2nd you are literally tip the scale of salvation against yourself. Why because music we were talking about music a lot this week SAGAL quickly through this and of the lesson I want to give you here is if this is your frontal lobe here notice that all of the auditory centers are mostly back here Music bypasses the frontal lobe of the Bring that you get that music slips in so that if you sing a word to somebody it will actually penetrate their subconscious and their conscious mind better than if you just say a word to them that's why even the ugly crooners crooner as a singer. They'll get up and sing a romantic song and the girls go wild dude look like he felt ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. But he starts singing the right way and girls are going crazy or play the saxophone the right way and girls go crazy is something powerful about music you talked about that is weak but music simultaneously stimulates the left and the right hemisphere of the brain not much does that it boost learning and information and take therefore augmenting cognitive skills learning maybe increased 5 fold music in aid in the production of Sarah toning affecting feelings of satisfaction so music can be used to get you hooked so you need to hear it Sara tone and makes you feel more calmer a lot messes with that frontal lobe if it's the wrong kind of music but you learn better I have to doctoral degrees and if I have to figure out what letter comes after a v. a b. c. d. e. f. g. h. and there are times when I was in school I needed to learn something and I'd actually try and put it to use it to remember it. So you get what I'm saying this is why the devil wants and it happened at the 2nd Vatican Council back in the 1960 s. what they want to do is remove the hymns and any songs that look will contain doctrine are out of churches and I want to move in with the emotional sensual as a brother because when showing music into the church so if you come to church and your emotional part of your frontal lobe is stimulated while the reasoning part the learning impact that music has is shut off. When you sing the hymns you get doctrine you get truth but a lot of his music is really what I call 711 music it's just 7 words 11 times. I know what I'm talking about all right so why is music so important here is Jay z. and Beyonce who right not a king and queen of music they make more money in the States than any entertainers as a couple but I want to show you who do you think is running the show when she would make a symbol like this you know the symbol is the 666 each finger is the top of the 6 and it all comes together at the bottom each one makes a 6 this is why you see in the symbol all over the place and notice what she does to signify the all seeing eye to say and she puts it over her left eye on the Sonesta through on the sinister side of her body I could I could do a whole thing on just this but I want to show you you've got to ask yourself who is making the music you're listening to what is the motivation behind the music well because even Jay z. it is a in the video where Jay z. is about to make the music 99 Problems This is Rick Rubin who helped him start Def Jam Records and in the in the song 99 percent of video making of the song 99 problems as they're going into the studio to have a book here and it says magic black and white and the camera focuses in on it to show you that in fact the devil is going to be a part of the music making process I don't know if you guys ever remember a group called Color Me Badd. They had a song that said ah I want to sex you up I hope none of y'all ever heard it but the way some of us smile and I can tell you did it's all right in the name of Jesus you've been washed by the blood of the ahem. But one of the guys who was in that group that group just disappeared you know why because one or 2 of the singers one of the black singers it was a great group because one was nice about a group of 2 black guys 2 white guys and what I call themselves Color Me Badd and they were they hit number one with that song but one of the black guys returned to his Christian roots gave up the music world and he was they were offered millions of his a he said I won't take it and he became a pastor when he was interviewed as a pastor to a g. Craig Lewis from the truth behind hip hop series one of my friends in the States he actually was interviewed and interviewed and the guy said when we made the song I want to set you up they brought witches into the studio and they put a curse on the record and the curse was that 14 year old girls would want to give up their virginity when they heard this song I want to sex you up he says at the time he thought it was all just foolish hocus pocus Hollywood stuff he says what shocked him what scared him was when the music when a song went to number one all over Europe Australia South Africa all over the world they began to get letters from 14 year old girls all over the planet that says thank you for making the song it gave me the courage to give up my virginity. Protect your frontal lobe. And sack they make the song We Are The World We are the children right it says we are the ones to make a brighter day just to you and me they used to sing this song in church in America choirs would sing We Are The We Are the children and ever as you know happy they didn't know that even in this is Luciferian ism. Let me blow your mind you I mean show you who's in here is Celine Dion Dionne Warwick I forget her name there's wide class. L.l. Cool J's back here Toni Braxton. Us or Justin Bieber all the big name stars sing in listen to what the song actually says I'm not like Kris and I don't like playing the songs on Michael play it here it is at as he says here all send them your heart so they know that someone cares and their lives will be stronger and free look at the law it says as God has shown us by turning stones to bread and so we all must lend a helping hand. With it I read my Bible when that God Turnstone the bread. Jesus was tempted and he is God to turn stone to bread did he do it. What would happen is that it turns only bread we'd all be lost power of music to turn the minds away from Christ towards the enemy 1st I was $1623.00 to make this point I want to show you another bible verse and it came to pass when the evil spirit from God was upon saw that David took a harp and played with his hand so Saul was refreshing and was well and the evil spirit did what it departed from him now let me ask you a question if you can play a evil spirit out of someone can you play an evil spirit into someone. That my friends is the power of music Ecclesiastes 775 says it is better to hear the rebuke of the wise than for a man hear what the song of fools spiritually out of people making the songs wise. No but he had a rebuke of the was better you come to church and hear stuff that is difficult you know I'm a Christian that I want to open university and those preachers would stomp on our toes every Sabbath every Wednesday night Friday night in a while they would stomp on our toes you'd walk out of church limpin because they are messing with all the stuff you like. You go to a church and you go walk out and don't feel nothing like a like our brother said this morning something's wrong with your church you've got to preach a straight truth. War unfold what's coming on this world but a 2nd is defending in your mind what brings you joy see the alcohol air alcohol is running rampant did it do you drink a lot of alcohol here like in America. Man alcohol has just taken over America. In fact this cartoon is the made and you know there's an article that goes it is United States of addiction you see that the Statue of Liberty with needles instead of or Halo and the Congress is sleeping as Americans are dying a $130.00 plus a day die right now of opiate overdoses in the United States of America a day it's like a plane crashing every day that's how bad this thing is and you know why is this bad because when I was do I used to do addiction medicine I was I trained in it and one of the veterans at the v.a. hospital in Loma Linda California he had a saying that really resonated with me he would chant with the rest of the group God made the human heart so big that only he can fill it if you get that God made a human heart so big only you can fill it I said What do you mean he said if you try and feel that God sized hole in your heart with cocaine with alcohol. With heroin you become addicted to that thing he said gambling any of that stuff if you will become addicted to it. There's a god sized hole in every one of our hearts. Unless you feel that whole with God you'll find something else to replace it and it will cause you a problem when some people say well Jesus turned water into wine and they say Well Paul's out of the wine for the stomach sake and I saw on c.n.n. where they said if you drink a glass of wine every night you'll live longer but I'm not telling you the whole story the truth is it's Rivera trawl in wine that actually gives you the benefits and you get that more and better straight from the grape the Black Berry the blueberry the mango you get better from the dark fruits you get what I'm saying so here's what the Bible says about whether or not you should drink alcohol because I've gone administrations where they have wine connoisseur or in the in the church problems 2331 look that not dollop on the wine when it is red when it gives us color in the cup when it moves itself or right at the last it bites like a serpent it does what stings like a matter look at verse $33.00 eyes shall behold strange women and 9 hardshell other perverse things. First of all what is describing here is fermentation that's what Solomon is describing he is describing that at some point wine switches from just being great juice to being wine when it is for men did he say once the wine from men's don't touch it because it bites like a serpent in the stings that get out or how does a serpent come it sneaks up on you to get you then he says your eyes shall behold strange women you know what I'm saying I've got a whole bunch of stuff I can say about as I don't know if you don't know my references that I'll give you one in other words the reason young ladies when you go to a club the guys want to buy you a drink because he might come in here looking like slave the slave you don't know who's label slave is. But you have 3 drinks you start looking like Denzel Washington. That happened to my uncle I'll go to the Christian now but when he and Jamaicans like white roam it's powerful I mean you can fuel in a car engine with the stuff burn holes through walls and the drain he was so drunk one night he blacked out Michael blacked out he said The next morning he woke up in a house in a bed with a woman he had never seen before my uncle said he looked over he said the woman was so unattractive all he could do is scream. Like a Jamaican. While those that had put on his clothes running down the street in the snow. Because alcohol takes away your ability to make sensible judgment because it blocks the chemical I referred to earlier called Gappah my Jamaican grandmother would say a drunk man's tongue is a sober man's mind and many in the church are being destroyed by this adoption and the serpent like nature of alcohol but it's not just alcohol it's also marijuana don't have time to get into this in America they are legalizing marijuana anywhere everywhere when I was in South Africa last week I asked them I said Is marijuana get here today said absolutely the use of marijuana has is shooting up around the world because these rappers like Snoop Dog and Method Man and Redman are making songs that literally promote marijuana use as if it is homicide on j. Gupta went on c.n.n. and had a whole special on marijuana and all of its medicinal purposes but they're not telling you the whole story. In fact chronic marijuana use and higher dosages a correlate to greater incidence of psychosis and schizophrenia the studies show. That it's quick it's more potent than ever before when I want to do psychosis is real change a spatial perception a spatial change a spatial in time perceptions which increases car accidents decreases memory and it suppresses the immune system. You see all the movies they make promoting marijuana use whole bunches of them but marijuana works different from every other drug it works not on the precision optic part of the nerve center apps on the post an optic In other words marijuana messes with the receptor on the back of the nerve I was at time to explain all this better it works on the back when I was everything else works up here cocaine heroin they are alcohol work I hear marijuana works down here so what it does is when it messes up the receptor you don't get the pleasure out of normal things are supposed to get that's what I called something called a motivational syndrome where you don't want to work and you don't want to do anything we're talking about importance of work earlier today it takes away that away that's why we had to stop doing everything but it does some other things marijuana damages the memory so it's hard if you go to school at the same time and it blocks gabble as well making people behave very differently marijuana is going to cause America a major major but and can it can as completely legalized it in America state by state as being legalized this is one of the devil's tools why because if you're high you can't reason this why the Bible says over and over and over again be sober be sober be sober be vigilant be sober be sober why because you can't reason Isaiah 118 if you're intoxicated is what a scripture says the drunk will not inherit the kingdom of God The last one what are you studying it's going to be 215 you want to defend the frontal lobe of your mind study to show yourself approved on to God a workman that not be need not be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth but shun profane and vain babblings but they will increase and to more on godliness study to so itself approved not to Yale or Harvard but to God verse 16 says his son profane and vain babblings that's rap music that is hip hop. It's profane and it's vain and I know in Africa hip hop is huge I was in South Africa last time I was in South Africa I was in Johannesburg at the airport waiting to go the next day to Port Elizabeth and I said let me see let me learn some South African culture to turn it onto an African t.v. channel and I don't didn't want to Merican one and it was shown to music videos for African rap artists you know a blew my mind how much like Americans they have devolved to as Christian would say they were even using the n. word to describe themselves like in America the women would just as massage and mystic hip hop music remember it was started out of a religion called the 5 Percent Nation of Islam where they teach that the black man is God and so to very way that the music is presented is one that says I'm God I get to make my own rules it is a loose of area and the drinking the drugging the sex all a part of that Leave it alone it will damage your frontal lobes ability to receive the Chicago glory of God That's why so many young people don't want to come to church they have those spirits that they're listening to and watching all week when they come to church and you sing the beautiful music that you sing they have there is other spirit that's been in them all week can't stand it to take me out of church I don't want to go to church I don't want this evil spirit coming in contact with the Spirit of God So young people don't want to come to church and what does the church do as we learned from Brother Christian all week the church as well let's just make our music like theirs doesn't work you got to get the spirit out of that child. Research as long a stab as the teens who watch movies or listen to music that glamorizes drinking drug use or violence tend to engage in those behaviors themselves a 22 hour study shows that movies influence teen sexual attitudes and behaviors as well the study published in the psychological science that is not the review and herald that's not the signs of the times there's a secular psychological mag Journal peer review journal Psychological Science found that the more teens were exposed to sexual content in the movies the earlier they started having sex and the likelier they were to have casual unprotected sex. I showed you earlier in the week that in fact last year America had the highest rate of sexually transmitted diseases in the history of the country by far diseases like syphilis are back and even gonorrhea that once was easily treated with penicillin tablets now we have one drug left that has consistently shown no resistance we will soon not be able to even treat gonorrhea because young people are watching all of his filth and they're beginning to practice it you know it's been a problem says by beholding you become changed you can't watch it and it not affect you. In fact this is one of the consequences and I'll stay with me for this because there's somebody who needs to hear this a growing number of young men are convinced that their physical and in person sexual responses have been sabotaged because their brains were virtually marinated in pornography when they were adolescents their generation has consumed explicit content in quantities and varieties never before possible on devices designed to deliver content swiftly and privately all at an age when their brains were more plastic more prone to permanent change than in later life these young men feel what's this these young men feel like unwitting guinea pigs in a largely unmonitored a decade long experiment in sexual conditioning there is a movement you can go online and find where young men are saying we are giving back lies that are fact that they were told that there's nothing wrong with porn it's normal for boys to look at porn now it's not when David is out there watching his father's sheep he wasn't watching any porn they went out to kill him bears and lions and what happens is this stuff buries the brain of young men now when you later on you find a girl you fall in love and you go to get married you can't even find sexual satisfaction because she cannot meet the fantasy that is made a standard for you in your brain around intimacy and your frontal lobe is wiped out this is what the devil is trying to do if you're a young man and you're struggling and out when I do this in the States and we make altar call some young women come down if this is your struggle this is something you need to take to prayer find someone you can trust and deal with it it will eat up your life's marriages a ruined because a man is sitting on a computer in a room while his wife is in the bedroom. Satan stands ready to infatuate the mind and soul to pursue a course directly contrary to God's expressed will that he may separate that soul from God and he interposes his temptations and gains control over the mind and the heart's affections this is Satan study plan to lead souls to turn from one mighty in council to the persuasion of minds who have no love for God No love for the troops you want to follow and Steven Spielberg and all the other Hollywood producers he wants you keeping up with the dash scenes that's what the devil wants so that you don't follow Jesus your Lord and the White says it like this last thing on the mark of the beast I want to give you this the tempter stands by to accuse them as they stood by to to resist Joshua the points of their filthy garments their defective characters he presents their weakness and folly their sins of ingratitude their unlikeness to Christ which is this honored their Redeemer endeavors to affright the soul with the thought that their case is hopeless that the stain of their defilement will never be washed away the devil wants you to believe that you will never be right with God never he holds to so destroy their faith that they will yield to his temptations turn from their allegiance to God and receive the mark of the beast if you get that he doesn't want to deal with your sin problem that's what this is saying so if you never deal with the sin problem you feel like you're too much of a sinner to ever come to God Once you're so separated from God He now steps in and convinces you that you might as well keep sinning and you fall into temptation more and when you do this now you are now turned from your allegiance to God and what do you receive the mark of the beast revolution and rebellion against God what Mark are you preparing for the Libyans to in verse 5 says it like this Let this mind be in u.. Which was also in Christ Jesus. I'm a closer to a quick story I know I'm out of time but I like to finish with a good sermon story story is a true story from out of the nation of Armenia. A great time in the country a father was having breakfast with his son and a little boy said over breakfast Daddy I want you to take me to school the little boy's name was Armand I'm on said Daddy take me to school father said Son I got a busy day today I don't have time son pleaded please that it is that I hurry up let's go this little boy was so happy jumped up got his stuff together ran behind his daddy. Father scared him off got him hurry up got into school really quickly the little boy ran into the school house to stop he came back you what does that he said Daddy I need you to promise me something else he said Daddy promise me that you'll come back to get me father says Son I don't know I'm busy at work today he said Daddy promised me father said all right I'll skip lunch come back and I'll get you early little boy so happy he ran into school he was just so happy his dad was going come back get him out of the school Father went to work and within a couple hours of being at work the ground started to shake the the building began to sway a mighty earthquake hit Armenia and shook the building things began to fall out of the ceiling and father ran into the street. And as he looked around at the destruction the earthquake at a cause and just a portion of a minute his mind turned to his son at the school Father ran back across town to the screams of people in the sirens blaring and alarms going off and he gets to the school where his son is and the building is in complete ruin it's rubble by now other parents of already gathered outside the school and they're weeping and crying over their children. The father looks around the building he slips to the side where he thinks his son would be if he climbs up on the rubble and starts picking up concrete and brick and throwing it aside the other parents say What are you doing are you crazy they're there all Dad get down from there he ignores them he picks up another piece of brick and he throws it to the side the police come by the police say sir get down this is dangerous Don't make us arrest you the man knows there's no prison for them jailed wouldn't put him in right now. So he stays they keep picking up a brick and tossing it aside the fire rescue people say sorry that's dangerous a few hours later they come get down the man ignores them and keeps picking up brick thrown a 24 hours later hungry thirsty hands bleeding from the cut rock and glass that he's picking up he's standing there picking up tossed into the side 30 hours later no sleep no food the father still there picking up the. Tossing it to the side 36 hours later he he's standing and rubble is headed insane he's from the night's work he picks up a brick any tosses it to the side and he sees up a chasm of pit and a father stands over the pit and he cries out. On little frail voice from inside the darkness cries back out daddy. Father reaches over he says Son are you all right in then. The little boy says Daddy I'm all right and so all of my classmates he said I think some of us have some broken arms and daddy we're also hungry but I told my friends. I said my daddy made a promise he told me he was coming back to get me. Let me tell you something church I know this world is terrible I know it's like an earthquake I know to buildings of society are beginning to collapse but you have got to tell your classmates you got to let them know that your dad has made a promise your daddy is coming back to get you. That's right Cheesus is about to return. And I know my time is up but I do want to make an appeal a last one for the week as every head is bought and every eyes closed. Just in the 1st verse of the song. I know the time is up I'm sorry maybe somebody wants to give their life to Jesus today maybe somebody has been here all week maybe just came today you want to be ready when Jesus comes you want to see all of God not the mark of the beast you want to be preparing for God's seal that has to start happening now and what you listen to and what you watch. And all of those different things you've got to be serious about it you've got to surrender everything to it. Praise the Lord is there anybody else. Praise the Lord anybody else you want to give your life to Jesus today just come on down come on down my brother. Praise the Lord in sign language here give me a hug. Praise the Lord praise the Lord as anybody else you want to give your life to Jesus today don't be shy don't worry about what your friends will think don't worry about what I what everybody else is doing everybody else does not have a does not have a heaven to promise you or hell to send you to you want to give your life to Jesus the day the serious time the church is praying the church is praying just a little longer you want to give your life to do not be afraid to get up and come down front Jesus stood up for you. He proclaimed you before the father he says but if you deny me on earth I'm going to do that now you before my father praise God there's another one coming praise the Lord anybody else you want to come down from praise God The Anybody else you want to give your life to Jesus to day anybody else my wife just keeps saying and while she sings the verse one more verse I can see there are more people who've just come on down front I know I'm only hours late but this is this is God's work now anybody else praise the Lord just make your way down front Don't be shy that tugging you feel on your heart that is the Holy Spirit pulling on your heart he wants to seal your mind. Is there anybody else Father God we thank you Lord for this opportunity to study a word today lord you say your word cannot go out and come back void. Of Father God right now Lord we thank you for those who have come down front. Lord as we read in your word Today we pray Lord that this decision that they have made it would be sealed by the Holy Spirit. Father God they would never turn one to the right nor to the left from the truth of the word of the Living dot. That they would have an abiding relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ that they would come to know him as their Savior and surrendered and God. The Father God there are others who are still sitting who sort of come. Here distilled their worrying about what they might have to give up their worrying about what their friends might think Lord I've prayed today. They would have no rest until they are resting in the arms of Jesus no peace until they find the peace that you give that passes all understanding. Oh Father God bless us on this your holy Sabbath day. That we would be ready sealed by the power of the Holy Ghost or the seal of the Living God already when Jesus comes. This is a prayer in Jesus' precious and holy name this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about. Or if you would like to listen to your sermon leave it.


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