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Called in Darkness, Raised in Light

Eric Walsh
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Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • November 9, 2019
    12:00 PM
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Well get right into this our scripture reading. This morning will be taken from Luke chapter one verses 5 through 7 Luke chapter one verses 5 through 7 and I will read this in your hearing Luke chapter one verses 5 through 7 the Bible says there was in the days of here in the King of Judea a certain priest named Zacharias the course of. The course of a b. and his wife was of the daughters of Aaron and her name was Elizabeth they were both righteous before God walking in all the commandments and ordinances of the Lord blameless and they had no child because that Elizabeth was barren and they both were now well stricken in years and they were now both well stricken in years. Our message this Sabbath is untitled called in darkness raised in the light. In darkness raised in the light. Somebody but I explain this to me. Thanks to live for me there brother. Till we get this figured out. It's about going to work all right so we start with the story of John John the Baptist as one of the most important prophets in all of Scripture you can see from the from the from the passages here that even before he was born God's hand was upon him. The Bible says that his parents had no children. And that his father was a priest and his mother was the daughter of the sons of Aaron So on both sides of John the Baptist family. Priesthood existed he was born special. Verse 8 it says and it came to pass that wow he executed the priest office before God in the order of his course go to the previous slide up there according to the custom of the priests office has a lot less to burn incense when he went into the temple of the Lord. The whole multitude of the people were praying without at the time of incense. The Bible says in verse 11 the angel appeared on to Zacharias and stood at the right side of the altar of incense when Zacharias saw him verse 12 he was troubled and fearful upon him but the angel said disaster arise fear not Zacharias for thy prayer is heard and I wife Elizabeth shall bear the a son. And now so call his name John. And I shall have joy and gladness and many shall rejoice at his birth for he shall be great in the side of the Lord believe that slide it was up there where he will shall be great in the side of the Lord and shall drink neither wine nor strong drink and he shall be filled with the Holy Ghost even from his mother's womb. And many of the children of Israel show turn to the Lord their God So the story says the Bible tells us that Zacharias was performing his priestly duties and this in the sanctuary it was his job to burn incense that day and while he's in there burning incense he goes in and there's an angel standing to the right of the altar. Even the fact that the angel is standing to the right is significant to stand to the right is a position of favor. Of the snake. So the angel stood in a position to tell Zacharias there's no reason for you to be a free powerful that what else is interesting there you go. Verse 13 says something profound it says but the angel said to him fear not Zacharias for your prayer is heard her and your wife Elizabeth shall be are you a son and you shall call his name John here is what's crazy about that text the Bible says that a little bit in John's years were while well stricken. Other words his I've gone to the change you know you. Don't misunderstand. In other words she could not have a job it was. A physiological impossibilities. Zacharias was an old man. And between the 2 of them the chances that they would have had a child who are slim to none. What's crazy is it that they have a child. What's crazy in verse 13 is that the angel says your prayer is heard. Which prayer I can imagine it was still praying for a child. I want you to get with i want this to be the foundation of the time we will spend together God never forgets a prayer you pray. I want you to get this in other words God is now delivering on a prayer they may have prayed 25 years early. That's right. When they have forgotten the prayer God remember it. Sometimes we think that child is too far gone to come back to God you think their loved one has gone too far away from God They have a comeback you think that marriage is too far gone to ever be restored but I'm telling you stand prayer. Says listen many. Verse 16 many of the children of Israel shall be turned to the Lord their God Now why was this necessary let me let me let me let me let me stage this for you at the time of the writing of the story of don't John was. About to be conspicuous Israel was in trouble in fact the planet was in trouble if you study world history you know that at this time the Roman Empire ruled the civilized quote unquote civilized world they were horrendous In fact the prophecies of Daniel Chapter 2 describes Rome as legs of iron why does it say legs of arm because legs are the strongest muscles in your body you can stop with legs but not only could Rome stump you they stopped you with I or. They completely dominated whoever they subjugated and forced them to worship their false gods I want you to get this so now all of Israel is beginning to implode because those who still claim to know God in Israel. Have become Pharaoh say oh cool. The fair season Sadducees of could have polluted the religion of God It's all about the works now all about pomp and fashion in the very image of God in the religion of Israel has begun to snuff out in fact the only flicker of light left on the entire planet out a few faithful left in Israel and we were to move down into the African continent where it would have still been some faithful Jews in Africa that's right Ethiopian Jews and others that would have been the flicker because when you move around the world from Asia down into the the Americas and around the world it in because the Mayans all of the other civilizations most of whom were now he even if you looked around the world some worship was the way of the world and it was this close to the entire world being stuffed into darkness spiritual darkness. That's when God decided to send Jesus. That's what a Bible says and elation for 4 but when the fullness of the time was come God sent forth His Son made of a woman made under the law why did Jesus and John the Baptist as his as his forerunner Why did they come when they came they came at the exact time what if Jesus didn't show up our existence up the planet it was the time when they had to step in and do something because the entire planet was going down in fact it is like the Earth is now so I can say with the Chapter 3 says this know also that in the last days perilous times shall come for men shall be lovers of their own selves everybody's going to be in love with themselves. He don't use the word selfie here but he should of. Covetous boasters proud to blast the Murs disobedient to parents disobedient to parents unfaithful and wholly without natural affection truce breakers false accusers incontinent fierce despisers of those that are good traitors heady highminded look at what the Bible says they will be lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God And here's what's crazy about that text our one great theologian say that text was written for the church. Having a form of godliness but the 9 the power there are from such turn away so his image in chapter 3 in verse 12 says it like this year and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus so shall suffer persecution what will the last days be like we will suffer persecution will get to that board is weak but verse 13 says but evil men and so do so shall wax worse and worse deceiving and while. The scripture says that as we go to the last days just as it was when John the Baptist came to earth and Jesus came to earth it will get worse and worse and men will be deceived and even the deceivers will be being deceived. Listen this their. Lives will abound We'll talk more about that in a 2nd so Paul tells Timothy in the photo complete in preparation for the last days he says continues out of things which now is learned and has been assured of norm of whom God has learned and what have you learned church verse 15 says that from a child from away. From a child that has no the holy scriptures which are able to make the wise and to salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus Paul says that you've got a stake in what you've learned but then Paul says when should you have learned it. As a child that tells me that your children will be under attack. That our children will be the focal point of the devil's assaults. Because if you're going to survive in the last days and you come up in the church you need to come up with something to hold you let me do is I'm have a whole lot of friends were raised in the church who walked away from the church it is not their parents' fault let me tell you that we will give your children the best fighting chance you will raise them to know who God is you will spend time worshipping with them at night you want to pray with them in the mornings you will be careful what they watch and what they listen to you are going to give them an advantage against the devil I mentioned rather Linda earlier he used that he used to teach our pre-teen Sabbath school class and faith when I was a kid these want to hear his class what they taught present truth meaning that he. Forget that says that it taught would you but man they would come every week from the Book of Revelation from the dead and your front of the good Daniel and it would show us how the things in the world are changing how Satan is trying to convince us of things like spiritualism and and drug and alcohol use and and false forms of of intimacy and so forth every weekend let me tell you something that teaching it helped me. Because it wasn't just my mother's teaching it was reinforced when I went to church when I went to Pathfinders. If you have children or if you're thinking about having children this message is for you 2nd to the chapter 3 in verse 16 all scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine for reproof for correction for instruction in righteousness that the man of God may be perfect for only furnished and to all good works it is the bible hence the Bible is under attack church. We'll talk more about that as we go through this but I want you to understand that the bible is going to be under attack from many and I will talk some bit about it today if you don't get that if you don't study the Bible if you don't know why you can trust God's holy word you're in trouble. In fact you're in trouble before you start fighting it's like going into a basketball game and not believing the ball bounces. But it has to happen even before you're born so I can see the Chapter one Verse 5 what I call to remembrance the unseen feet that is in you which was developed in your 1st in your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice and I'm and I am persuaded that is in the also the Bible says you ought to pass your children a legacy of faith. Grandmothers from before in Jamaica you have started a church there and fight my grandmother's mother was converted to Adventism they say around the time of Ellen White so back in the early part of the last century My grandmother was serious if you had a problem you called my grandmother had to pray because it was almost like God stuff would he do and when she prayed. She would tell me great stories I remember her telling me stories of when I moved to Kingston and o.b.l. women were after him. And she's teaching talking to stories they were there they were very upset with her because she had all these kids and my grandfather drove trucks so they did well and it aside if they were going to shut down the Christian woman in the neighborhood Ima my mother and me on the top more about my mother later but they tell the story of how the Ovi a women came after them so one night they start doing their incantation or whatever it is they do and they were over on the side doing it and my grandmother when she realized that they were trying to set all this negative you know dark magic against her. Our grandmother took all of the kids mom to Montgomery was here to tell you the story too and she put them in the bedroom and everyone began to pray. My grandmother would tell the story my mother would tell the story that they would then they began to hear forces running around the house courses running around the house running around the house they said as they kept praying the horses began to run in. The house. Running and running and me and my mother and my aunt said they prayed don't won't kill you. No harm came to them they could feel the wind blowing they could feel lost the next day my grandmother's outside hanging clothes on the line and one of the one of the ladies that was involved in this comes over to her house I said Mrs. I want to know where kind of what you know you were. That he said. We worked to destroy you and your family oh night we tried but it was like the moment tried to destroy you Martin that oh yes. Your children ought to know that they come from a legacy of faith. Why because science tells us there's a thing called at the genetics that in fact what happens even young ladies young men as well even before a child is conceived the conditions in which the which they were conceived could change the way that they are born you see the 2 the 2 my steer those mice are genetically identical. Identity and genetically identical one of them was instead a typical rat diet and they come out yellow and big like that and the other one they actually gave them a much better supplement to diet and it came out like that what they then found is not only their genetically episode like identical twins but they look that different what they found science has taught us to epigenetics is that what the environment you were raise your child in starting in the womb can cause your child to express genes in very different ways here's where it gets crazy because the mouse on the right will now passed that. Those that a phenotype that image on that look on to their children and the one on the left will pass that one on in other words you can change but environment your child is raised by the diet they eat whether or not exposed to cigarette smoke pollution and all those things you can literally study the way your child will grow look how well they learn for generations to come is what a Bible says and the sins of the Father will visit the children to the 3rd and 4th generation. In other words the devil begins to work on i children before we even have them. Smoking weed. Drinking in carrying on you don't realize you are already given your child the disadvantages before they even conceived it definitely before they're even born. Well the Bible talks about John about says and he shall go before him in the spirit and power of a lie is to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just to make a to make ready a people prepare for the Lord it was his job to get the people ready and it's our job and we show you that in a 2nd it says he and Luke 180 and the child grew and waxed strong in spirit as was and was in the deserts till the day of the showing on to Israel so John the Baptist's job was to preach the Gospel that's our job to him and. To prepare for Jesus coming but look at what happens he is a clue did he's given a different type of life when I was growing up when I went to bed a common elementary school down the road here and when I would go to school every Monday morning the kids would be talking about the cartoons they watch on Saturday morning. When they went to the movies and saw Star Wars and none of it my mother whether having it we were the church long before any card to look at them or. We did have you know we didn't have cable either oh yeah I remember that there was a time when everybody have cable we didn't have cable in fact we had a lot of black and white t.v. when everybody has a color t.v. the remote control for our t.v. was applies you have to go up and turn sticks so I mean I can't even imagine what would you do it applies that it didn't you can't even imagine. But guess what I learned to be raised that I was different it was stuff I didn't do things I didn't drink or eat different from everyone else and it taught me grit spiritually so that later on when people were doing cocaine and marijuana ads. I just do what everybody else does. I know I says it like this she says what the child sees and hears is drawing deep lines upon the tender mind which no after circumstances in life can entirely efface the intellect is now taking shape and the affections receiving direction and strength repeated acts of a given course become habits these may be modified by severe training in after life but I will seldom change one of the most difficult things to do when you get a bad habit. Actually goes on she says once formed habits become more firmly impressed. Receiving it swelled up to their advantage is ill or well improved day by day we form characters which praise the students as well disciplined soldiers under the banner of Prince of manual or rebel. Under the Banner of the Prince of Darkness which shall it be every day we are preparing our children to the soldiers in the Army of God or rebels in the army of c.. Every day so how do you form habits let me go through this real quick you can see the brain they are basal ganglia that's what emotions it patterns memories you have a prefrontal cortex We'll talk more about that later in the week as part of your brain over here very important part of your brain that's where decisions are made where reasoning happens but once you form a habit the part of your brain that makes a decision about that habit goes to sleep. So once you might want to form a habit so that you can eventually God designed it this way so you can be typing and you don't have to think about typing you can think about what the content is that you're typing or you get what I'm saying so you designed to multitask so God gives you the ability to learn the piano so you can be playing a piano and focus on which is singing on a singer singing and then have to worry about the piano you the Bible says you are fearfully and wonderfully me. The potential in every child is almost limitless. So incredibly here's the problem if you pick up a bad habit it also does that the average cigarette smoker will put Have a cigarette in their mouth within 20 seconds of the desire to have a cigarette and many of them don't even remember lighting it. You can get to the point where the bad habits are also on autopilot and not is where the danger really comes in because habits of being because you have a nervous and naps the space between the nerves there and then there are chemicals like dopamine in the case of habits it's really the Seal Colin that come across that cleft there and when it comes across it strengthens that pathway. Makes it more so you want to 2nd so that every time you do something it's easier to do it the next time in the case of dopamine you will talk about more later as well it actually passes the feeling of pleasure on so when someone's does let's say cocaine there's a massive beyond the normal physiological amount of dopamine that rushes through that nerve. So they get a high that they can't feel in any natural sense and hence addiction happens we'll talk more about that later on I want you to get this because you need to raise your children not to get these bad habits eventually what happens you see the little buttons as Frank for buttons they get attacks there at the bottom you can see them. As you do this more and more of the buttons are made to make a bigger and you can see the tattoo is at the bottom so it literally happened just as Ellen White says what literally happens is as you start doing something and you get the habit the halfway for that behavior becomes more deeply entrenched in the brain here's what I want you to get when you develop a bad habit you literally change the anatomy of the neuro anatomy of your brain this is why otherwise as it's difficult to change it afterwards because you literally change the structure of your brain on a chemical level and if you don't believe me let me show you the actual electron micrograph here so you can see the bottom there it's actually that's at there forever so if your brain is different if that is the case how careful work must we be in what we do and what we expose our children to this what a bible says at this mind be in you for the peons to 5 which was one also in Christ Jesus I want to talk about this over the next 2 weeks your mind is literally the battleground of the great controversy. We think about a great controversy you think about heaven you think about Pell you think about the earth you think about armies and wars and kingdoms understand the great controversy between Christ and say it happens between your ears. Satan wants your money and he is welcome to do anything to get it we'll talk more about I'm a talk about the front all Obama talk it was the other talk so much talk about how the devil goes after it how he begins to control it how he can turn you against God by turning your mind otherwise the sea stands ready to infatuate the mind and soul to pursue a course directly contrary to God's expressed will that he may separate that soul from God and he interposes his temptations and gains control over the mind and hearts affection This is Satan studied plan to lead souls This is his plan Listen to this to lead souls to turn from one mighty in council to the persuasion of minds who have no love for God No love for the truth I talk a lot of talk another one about how we treat our training children to be followers I just moved from California 7 months ago and in California when I would have patients come in and you don't have some young person come in and we be talking about me asking them about school you know a lot of them would be like oh you know I don't worry about school I follow Kim Kardashian. And it doesn't seem like she took school so seriously. As a bit I hope you will. Do was she to give famous. Bit of what you got to go to school we're raising children to follow people a little well Why says she says state missing study this his plan is to lead you to turn from God to Smiley and council to the persuasion of earthly minds who have no love for God and no love for the truth powerful so what does he do to our children he creates an alternative to the scripture you want to say what I'm saying Satan has been working to create a whole nother story line that makes the Bible not so interesting and he's done that through Marvel. In d.c. and literally our children are infatuated I wish we had it on saddles and people can see it but a movie like Black Panther one of the churches I used to say because I'm going to forget which church to this they literally bought out the movie theater so that their whole church could go watch Black Panther. Brother little brother little when we when I was growing up we still had a wise services we had arguments of whether or not we should even go to the movies I don't. And now the charge would charge money. To buy a whole movie theater. To watch but than to let me do that I got a problem with Black Panther on a couple of and I know most black people love Black Panther but the 1st problem I have is there is no place called work on. Spiderman come from New York why the blacks were got to come from a place that don't even exist are you trying as it is no black place on earth worth coming from. Yelling think about that when you know by the name Prince the challah. None of it is real in fact as an insult in my opinion when the movie hidden figures came out one of the 3 black women with a true story who actually allowed the United States to get to the movie the obvious in this thing when I move it came on I had no churches buying out the movie theaters. What heroes. Were made a movie of they don't make movies about men like bombed out of Africa can ya be cool but I by now fear to the see real black heroes but a buy out when the hero is based on voodoo. And the State of the dead a false representation of the state of the dead so you buy out the movie theater you send all the church folk in to be talk. That voodoo will make you strong and if your loved one dies you can go visit them at some tree in some some some say plane or some place so you can talk to the dead when the Bible says and he cleans the ass the 9 the living know that they should die but the dead were the dead don't know anything so if you need money to show the church folk. That are dead can talk to the dead I mean the dead can be Spoke to do how do you teach the next week the dead don't know anything. Oh ya get what I'm saying to me I'm trying to tell you that there's a home loan for your mind. And if you're not careful the devil take you look at look at that look at the other one in fairness everybody was scared listen everybody the Phantom's is coming then they were scared of it they know Fan else. They want you to think they're animals is coming and not Jesus in fact the animals is a representation of just a twisted representation of the God of the Bible. That's why if you read this comic book this is a God up there listening you see that. That's literally what the tagline is for him so when you sit in the movie and he's about to receive half the life in the universe who do you think they're really picking that. They're picking up the God of the Bible who says everyone is not going to survive that one day the week in terrible to be separated they're picking up the God of the Scriptures so you gotta be careful what you expose your children to because when they watch this stuff and later on they want nothing to do with God Don't be mad. Because they've been indoctrinated against the God of the Bible slowly but surely say it is used entertainment to train your child not to believe the scripture. And there's a couple examples like this one an article on the illness and how superhero films are replacing religion and teaching us how to live that's not a Christian article. John the Baptist was a child his parents made sure he was part of God. We have to be careful they don't have the stuff we have because the again the double was to take the Bible away from me so they want to push the idea of evolution so how do you do it well you push it in public schools because of think about it if if God is lying to us in Genesis chapter one and job to do and God didn't really create the world. How can you believe him in John chapter 3 in verse 16 do you believe that there is going to do you or all he could mean. So it isn't an attack on the creation story. And they don't just teach it in science class who get we can get into that more deeply but from the detainment standpoint the Xman right to get the x. gene in them because come out the hands of people to fly and control whether one of them can control magnets let me tell you as a doctor what happens you get a beautician you might get cancer and die. The truth of the matter is in human and human physiology mutations are not good that you don't evolve up there is no evidence of evolution up into anything the 2nd law of thermodynamics entropy teaches that in fact everything is breaking down not evolving up. But the devil wants you and your child to believe that this world is the product of an accident so they introduced the missing link the missed the link missing link here is the problem there is no missing link you got all of these evils in the country it's a farce that there is a missing link between humans and primates it doesn't exit is sort of turning into cartoons to convince the children of the law. And again you wonder why later on the children are nothing to do it God because they've been taught that there is no god. Slowly methodically taught not to trust what they're taught in church they don't want to believe that they want to the believe that you can mutate and turn into something else it's a lie but it's not just that our young people are also bombarded with the idea that they should be drinking alcohol and smoking weed. Probably one of the most difficult things now to convince young people of is the dangers of marijuana I'll get more into that in another talk but I will tell you that marijuana is probably going to be one of the most. Crafty deceptions the state was ever pushed on this planet and on this country particularly because we watch Canada's legalize it all over the country the whole of Canada California Washington state Washington d.c. and other places all legalizing it here's the danger of marijuana in a nutshell. There's a lot of dangers but in a nutshell here's one of them one of the reasons the where one is so dangerous is that the studies show if you begin to smoke marijuana before the age of 18 you increase your risk of lifelong psychotic illness. I'm a lot more detail of that as I want to later talk but I will give you this for now so they said Well as long as you don't start smoking after 18 you're safe I mean before a lot of stars would have 18 is safe then what happen is another study came out saying you know what we got to resent that because if you are regularly smoking marijuana or the high potency marijuana of the day even as an adult you can go into psychosis studies show that. You're taught is harmless or when I was you know when I was in my life stages of trying to learn my family's good friends with family different with the Marlies of Bob Marley's family and so my niece is Barbara's 1st cousin of Bob Marley's 1st niece so I would go to his house in Miami as after he had passed I want to high school one of his one of his brothers and so I would be at the house and of course the dreads would be here and they'd be smoking weed. And they were always trying to convince me to smoke weed and I usually just one day I said I just got tired of I said listen I believe the Bible so I'm not smoking marijuana because I believe in the Bible and address it but you know the Bible to tell you just to smoke weed. I said I'll tell you why if you can show me from the Bible where it says I just spoke we are supposed to address a community. He flipped to the Book of Psalms and he said there was dreads back he said you know see another book of Psalms or say over time did not streams of God come to smoke I. Said Man and then say smoke a blunt 1st what are you talking about. These are my coming or coming they flip through the Bible again and go to the Book of Exodus he said you know see when Moses approached the burning bush I. Said Man the Bush didn't learn you got a spliff they don't. And that talks. They want you to believe that because here is the thing it isn't just psychosis when you get high and drunk there's a reason they call alcohol spirits when you manipulate your mind that way you open yourself up to supernatural things. Where really clog comes to a head as here talking about mental health the suicide rates for us teens and young adults are the highest on record I can tell you the tragedy that happened to be in. The state or house and Bluefield just down the road from here off blue Avenue. There are now Florida but she is now raising her grandchildren and her great grandchildren wonderful woman they want to best. Few months back earlier this year I was called because my 13 year old cousin went into the bathroom and hung herself. And. They called me to come and deliver the eulogy at you know what they told me was really crazy because what they said is that in fact there was someone on the internet who was interacting with her and she was being coached to do this so many other kids that were now said that she was on the phone and someone she couldn't make it here say Ok she's gone meaning my aunt was gone and she wanted to the bathroom and if that she was on the phone and someone was telling her how to do what she was about to do. 131 of the sweetest most vibrant young girls I've ever seen yet. Church what I'm telling you is the war for your children is raised. If you aren't careful the influence of this world will tell your children their life is not valuable. As they compare themselves to everyone else on the internet as they are bullied online and in school if they're not if they're not covered by your love and by the blood and love of Christ your child is in danger. The times we live in. Let me ask you something parable of the last time you held your child hold them kissed them and told them you love them for the last time you told your child that no matter what happens no matter what they do you will always love them my mother was tough Jamaican she could fight she can hit you can throw stuff she should a fast bowler in cricket the way she could those of any of us. My mother never want us never warped us and when she was done come back and get us hugs kisses and tell us he loved us it made a woman hurt no less but I understood my mother wasn't just trying to harm me I want you parents to understand we go into this week this talk this morning on the on the mental and spiritual health of your children let me tell you that the way you love your child matters. Speaking kindly to your child asking them questions not making assumptions sitting them down so your child knows that they matter and that they're valuable. In matters before we moved to Miami My mother sat us down and asked us whether or not we want to go I challenge you to treat your children like you want them to behave with a whole lot of parents they while they not only child are good expect their child to grow up and behave differently. Otherwise as a like this in childhood and youth the character is most impressive book the power of self-control should then be acquired by the fireside and at the family board influences are exerted whose results are as enduring as eternity more than any natural in down meant the habits to stablish in the early years the side with a man will be victorious or vanquished in the battle of life youth is the showing time it determines the character of the harvest for this life and for the life to come. You're not raising your children simply to be successful in this life my mother who raised me to simply be a doctor and be successful in his life my mother taught me that what mattered most was getting into the next life. She taught me that from the Bible in our Bible studies in our house she taught me that the pastor was reinforced when I went to church but she took the time to teach me and I challenge the parents and I challenge the young people your home will transform if you begin to have worship in it if you are not having daily Bible study and worst of it you know I challenge you your house will transform you see the demons can't stand to hear you sing in God's praises in your house reading the Bible out loud in your house. The very way you interact will transform if you invite in the Spirit of God in. A church we're living in the last day. I know you see it we're going talk more about that this week if you're not getting your children ready for eternity what good is it if they get into Yale or Harvard. When I was time for me to go to college I interviewed at Brown University in Rhode Island and Dartmouth in New Hampshire I was ready to go to an Ivy League school I want to best schools Bluefield back then I don't know what it's like now is one of the best school districts you could go to I moved of Florida I want to one of the best schools there my mother always made sure we went to good schools so I was able to interview at some really good schools and and I remember I was determined to go to an Ivy League school and I'm a pastor basically hogtied me and threw me in the back of a van drove me to Alabama so I go to college days that's what they still call it back then at Oakwood College let me tell you something when I got out the van and knew I was where I was supposed to be. And it was sealed when I went to worship that 1st night and saw all those young people praising God together. Praise God which of children no matter how bad things get finished with this story yesterday would have been my mother's birthday she died back in 2005 I'll never forget I was working at a local in the university was on faculty there the family medicine department she called me because she'd been having the pains in her bones that no one could diagnose Fortunately there was an admin as hospital at Jackson Memorial in Miami that finally diagnosed her correctly and she was in a hospital bed she called me to tell me that she had with that was diagnosed with multiple myeloma one of the most painful diseases you can actually get it is actually a cancer of the bone marrow so the cancer begins to grow through your bone and break it so you start having broken bones from the top the a head to the bottom of your feet little collegians pathologic fractures we call them she had been having pains no one could figure out what was going on I'd never forget when my mother called me and said You've got to find a way to save me she said Rickie that's what they call me I'm not ready to die. As a physician and as a son I wept at the nurses station trying to figure out I called the Mayo Clinic Cleveland Clinic I talked to the oncologist at Loma Linda I talked to everybody I could find trying to figure out how could my mother be saved I didn't want to lose my mother see she was my strength. I read in a textbook that from the time of diagnosis an average at a time of about 3 to 3 and a half years is all you would live before you died from that disease let me taste of tears the next 2 years were rough they put my mother on the chemotherapy one of the treatments was arsenic and how crazy it was I go back and forth from California to Miami to see her to try and see how she was doing and finally. I got a call that I needed to get down there because he was really looking back I got on a plane in Los Angeles flew to Miami and my younger brother picked me up my brother David picked me up I could tell it was serious because he's a pretty tough dude and he was visibly emotionally shaken we drove to the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center with the University of Miami which is literally a hospital she was an administrator in so she was literally up stairs from her office being treated when I walked into the hospital room church my mother was only like this big around. Here gone she was a little afro grown back I walked. Over to my mother and I hugged her and I kissed her and. I was just saying how could God allow my mother to suffer like. She was a Pathfinder leader and faith she was the treasurer of the church in fact every church she went to in the treasury were at a conference it always ended she kept the best books she was faithful in her ties in her giving she was a faithful advantage Christian how could God allows. We sang What a Friend We Have in Jesus over and over again that we could because that was our favorite here and once when everyone was gone was just she and I I couldn't take it anymore so I slipped into the bathroom in a hospital room and I fell on my knees and I began to walk on God. God how a Jew all this woman did for you all her life raising 3 of us by herself however more did you allow this was yelling like. Tears streaming down my face Spirit of God spoke to me whispered in my ear she has been perfect she has been. Perfect. All of a sudden it clicked God allowed her to go through what she went through but in the end she was ready to be. To be received by God literally she was ready to die and she said it when I went back to the room she didn't sound like the woman 3 and a half years earlier she was ready to go to sleep with the Lord Jesus Christ. And she told us that over and over again she was writing. God was put in my ear she's been perfected and what came back was this overwhelming feeling that. What you need to be worried about is you. Because you have not been perfect. Agonized with God and that hospital bathroom that day and I realized in that moment a couple of things one God will do what it takes to see. What makes sense to the people around you what makes sense to us that marriage might end that person might pass that job might be lost God will allow you to go to the furnace that is set at the right temperature to purify your character. The other thing I realized in that moment. Was that it doesn't matter if she's perfected if not realized in that moment that I've got a big my calling and election sure my mother's relationship with Jesus can't save me young people you've got to know Jesus Christ for yourself and I challenge you to sample. The start of these next 2 weeks or we will get we don't get into a lot of heavy stuff but I challenge you this Sabbath that as we go through it you ask God. Far you are where he wants you to be but as we deal with the Word of God you will find his faithfulness and men and 6 o'clock tonight will fill it will continue with this but maybe there's somebody here you just want to use want to just stand as a lord I commit my life to you know appeal you have to come down from you just need to start with you to stand with me I want to pray over you and I'm standing I commit my life all over again to Jesus and maybe somebody else wants to do that as we pray and I close out the sermon. Father God we thank you for the word the story of John the Baptist which we will continue tonight and tomorrow night and the next night Lord are going to deal with drugs and alcohol depression anxiety we're going to deal with a lot of different things in these next few weeks but Lord God we never want to lose sight of Jesus but as a young lady who's here today who life has not been easy for her she's troubled on every side vexed in her spirit. Today I want you to remind her of the love you have for her and I She has never gone so far that you won't accept her back as a young man Lord to Lord any effort to fit in to be cool to be hip. Lord have done things they've said things they've they've lived they've they've behaved in ways that they know better than. They know better than the way that they've behaved. Father God today acted to wrap your arms around that young man remind him of your love and remind him of the purpose you have for him to help finish this work. God Some of us Lord who are older we've been in this way a long time Father God Let us never turn from Jesus Christ in fact Lord help us to become more steadfast and our movable in the Gospel of Jesus for the Lord for the Hope Church in the town of Bluefield might know that there is a God in heaven who sits on a high and looks low and his son is coming back to get us the prayer in Jesus is precious and holy name of the Church same as this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave the w.w.w.. Or.


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