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Faith in the Storm

Eric Walsh
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Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • November 18, 2019
    6:00 PM
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So let's get right into it is that I have to confess that today was not a good day for the good stuff. In fact. I was at work and I was just really discovery wondering why God has me where he has me and. All the different things that you know I gave my testimony Saturday night let me tell you that one of the things that is true and real about loss and difficulty is even when God puts things back together there's still sometimes some scars now. The way that they used to teach me this is a as a teenager they would say you know your life is like a table and if you're not careful you make decisions and those decisions are like nails that are hammered into the table God is merciful so every Hammer has a back to it with the back of the hammer you can pull the nail on but even when you pull the nail out what is left is a hole in the team I fought this week about job although job went through all he went through and was restored the way it was we often stop and think wow he was so restored you know what you seldom think about the job still grieve the children the long never think about that no matter how much he was given to how many more children he had you can you can replace livestock if you were please houses. Camels all other stuff a lot I mean in our modern terms if you lost a car you can replace a car I've been through hurricanes. Blow over the housing bill out back up life is tricky we get into situations where life is difficult and we are left with Scar. But I came tonight to tell you that scars also are the reminder that God healed a wound. So when I was sending the sermon to them that I was in a rush and sent the wrong thing I flew to church and ran a bear and he had on the wrong size and I thought this are really is that check and short of that was the servant that was that was the wrong one and I sit there with my head in my hand again discouraged just right up there but while you guys was thinking saying God why this is a simple thing. Did this they why did it not say God said somebody needs to hear what you're going to preach as a lot of problem with that is I don't know what I'm going to preach to somebody here tonight like me today as experienced storm and if it's the annoying thing service to deal with what we're going to deal with tonight so we'll get back on the 2nd angel's message on Wednesday night now which is due to 30 of those message all Sabbath so I guess that's simplified by week so I guess I should be thanking God for that but our scripture will come from Mark Chapter 4 a very familiar passage of scripture Mark Chapter 4 starting at verse 35 and 36 Obama says in the same day when the even was come he said unto him let us pass over on to the other side and when he had sent away the multitude they took him even as he was in the ship and they were also with him other little ships our message tonight is entitled faith in the storm but for the Father God we thank you for this opportunity to share your word more I need you to speak to the things speak with power be a little. More bind the devil in this place cast them out Lordy enemy wants to come against us like a flood Lord turn him away and tonight Lord. Not only give us a word from on high but in this annoying thing service I pray that somebody has chains would be broken someone would be said is our prayer in Jesus is precious and holy name Amen so in Mark for verse 35 G.'s that just spent the day preaching the crowds would pressure on Jesus when Jesus had to deal with the crowd it was a physical experience because the crowd would press on him physically he had to in his body hold up the crowd the crowd would be all over him he would preach and teach they would keep bringing people to be healed Can you imagine if there was someone who could heal sickness however and they said and they set up shop right here in Bloomfield Can you imagine how people would come from by the thousands from around to find that person so their loved one could be healed Jesus was sought after they they came and looked for him and and when they found him he would always the liver he could heal he could deliver every time. Bible says this at this point Jesus was exhausted 1st cause verse 36 give you here it says that they took him even as he was he was exhausted and sort of 1st lesson I want you to get from this is that Jesus was human plastics on the matter talked about the trying God and Godhead in the divinity of Christ sometimes we forget to also emphasize his humanity Jesus got tired like you get tired Jesus had problems like you get in fact Jesus had family problems his brothers and his wife and some of his relatives that didn't believe him they didn't trust him they didn't want him to be the Messiah Jesus had a family problems Jesus had financial problems that the Son of man have not place to lay his head Jesus knew betrayal in fact he knew Judas would betray him when he signed Judas up to follow it. Some of you have been betrayed but at least you only knew you were being betrayed when it happened Jesus had to be kind and nice to his betrayer for years he was human which means he experiences things like we experience and this is why he makes such a good job we talked about the judgement last night he makes such a good judge because when Jesus goes to judge he judges from the vantage point of one who has experienced life Jesus knows what it's like to be called a fatherless child for people to talk about his mother bad because they think he doesn't have a father Jesus knows what it's like to come from the good. We come from oh so terrible that when and you found out where it's from and you said Can anything good come out of Nazareth when I was going to the place I don't know of the distiller stone religion or place they tear him down see that would Nazareth tore it down and actually now as it was a tough place you wouldn't park your car leave the leave it just leave it anywhere not the right term coupled with a car moving from Nazareth Now as with a tough place Jesus understands what you're going through and and I don't know that you really can can can pray to Him or receive annoying things from his Holy Spirit if you don't understand that he knows what you are experiencing in the Psalms that says he takes your tears and the Bible says God actually is them in a Bible in fact it says that your your sorrows are written in a book the Psalmist David says every time we are sad God records it he understands what you're going through I want you to know that when you're like I was the day when you're sitting at work discouraged not understanding where life is going I want to know Jesus on the stay. On the reasons you got to learn to call on he was here. You know what it's like to be a band a patrol he did not need. To be prejudiced against because he was different than the Samaritan Jesus understood all of that and as Jesus is on a ship as they are crossing this lake up into this lake in Israel and it is interesting it is this high mountains in the distance and the lake kind of sits very low in a little sea level and so what happens is when the warm here from the lake rises up and the cold air from the mountains comes down and they hit every time they hit it creates a what a storm storms were regular over that leak and the men that were with Jesus is the cycles where did he get some of them from there were fishermen fishermen know how to use a boat so G.'s it was not uncommon for them to deal with storms you got to understand it to get the power the story so so when the Bible says in Mark 4 and verse $37.00 and there arose a great storm of wind and the waves beat into the ship the Bible says so that it was now full the Bible says there was a great storm the reason the adjective great is used is to differentiate this storm from all the other storms somebody in here tonight is in a great storm you're having a terrible time things are going to hell to skelter in your life you're in a great storm or you just maybe just came out of one maybe you're about to go into one of you don't even know there are great storms that come I'm going to tell you my testimony to that it caught me out of the blue I didn't know it was coming all of a sudden I was trying to figure out how I would survive. When I was thriving just a few days earlier and just like this the devil was all over me storms become interesting is that the Bible says the ship began to fill up with water. The ship began to feel not all have a degree and. Not a collision airing but I do know that when a ship fills up with water what happens it begins to sink so the ship begins to fill up with water. And I want to imagine that the disciples are working frantically to figure this thing out there's a fisherman somebody probably of a bucket somebody trying to get water out with a bucket some of them are probably less than what the sales some of them probably row and they're probably working as hard as they can to try and fix the problem of a ship that is destined by the laws of physics to sink and so they are working working working trying to solve the problem and nothing is happening. And what's interesting is there are 13 on the ship at least one of them is Jesus except he's not involved in trying to fix the ship. They're looking around there's no Jesus he doesn't have a bucket. Not that he's not rowing he's not messing with the with the sails and this is what they say to him verse 30 he was in the hind a part of the ship Jesus was asleep on a pillow now will stop there for a 2nd if the boat is filling up with water. And he's sleeping on a pillow if you ever thought he was sleeping soaking wet. He was at such peace that Jesus is at the back of the ship he's laying on the pillow and he's fast asleep how can he sleep in a storm. Says and then wake him Santa master Kara's not care is that I'm not that we perish if you have a question. I have I've had to ask God don't you hear that on every note forget it was a night when I was in warm for those who heard the testimony of the other night when the enemy was really messing with. So Friday night and unfortunately working at the clinic you know we ended early on Friday so we could have the Sabbath and gone to worship the vesper service that night and one of the houses of the missionaries gone back to my apartment alone I've gone from living in a 1000000 dollar house in Pasadena California the house I had in California had an elevator if you got into the garage and you didn't feel like carrying a gross of stairs you could literally get an elevator inside the house and it would take you upstairs I never use that because of a brute I would want to fix it so I was left I would have the money to fix it I just I didn't but if somebody came in could walks there they could use it and what's crazy is. In this apartment where it is now water leaking through the roof the furniture is old and smelly from whoever lived there before I have little or nothing with me just carry the coals off my back basically to the mission field I thought about the prestigious I used to have in the in Pasadena as the director all of all the national conventions I spoke at and public health what thousands of people would give standing ovations and and I was looking at my condition in that apartment and how messed up everything was how much my reserve money had been depleted out everything seemed to be gone and atomized with God How could you. I think Janice in a God how could you do this to me church that night a few times and a testimony God speaks to me that was one of them he whispered in my ear and said Who do you think passed your exam he said Who do you think got you the job you lost and he began to remember remind me of all the times I passed exams but a skin on my Feet of all the times I didn't have to listen and God figured out a way for me to get through how I didn't even think I could get jobs that I got. God began to remind me and I'll never forget that night as I was mad at God and ask him how could he allow this to happen to me I'll never forget I went to pray and when I opened my mouth to pray all that came out was I'm not worthy you see the something that happens in the storm of things that happens in the storms of the storm brings out what you really feel about. It is often in the storm that your true feelings about your god surface this is when you start to question him would say you actually doubted him you didn't start doubting him when things went bad you just didn't have to show your doubt when things were going good it's in a storm that you find out what you really feel about god of a person's Now he will believe in God anymore doesn't really don't believe Jesus ever existed believes all kinds of stuff and grew up with me and faith church don't believe in anything anymore and it all happened after he had a series of terrible events and you know that chilled me it was just a matter of time and circumstance till the doubt became what really was his belief to leap to that really became who he was let me tell you some church if in the storm you begin to want to walk away from God You may not have actually been holding his hand when things were going storms bring out how we really feel about God verse 39 says this and he arose and rebuked the wind and said into the sea Peace be still and the wind ceased and there was a great calm Jesus gets up now here's what's interesting about the story Jesus wakes up he was sleeping he doesn't he doesn't panic he stands up on the boat raises hands I would imagine and he speaks to nature as if it belongs to him he says the it the peace. The still 3 words and the Bible says and the wind ceased and there was a World Peace be still the word great here tells you something it means that it was more calm after the storm than it was before the storm what God will do for you is to send you through a storm and the reason your life will be more calm after the storm is because now you learned the power of Christ in a storm the Christian should never panic in a storm he also says with Jesus in the vessel you can smile at the storm you know why some of us can smile in a storm we got Jesus and of us you see if Jesus in a vessel things can go but so wrong that example that is the story of Lazarus Remember story Lazarus is just as granted to Jesus when he came back again if you were here our brother when they died Jesus intentionally took a 2 day detour or delay to get to them and Bethany because he did not he could not be there in fact had Jesus been in the house while the last of us was sick that would not have been able to visit the house so he had to delay a few days before he got to the House to allow Lazarus to die so that Jesus could work his greatest miracle I want you to get this as long as Jesus was in the ship and could not sing. That's why he can sleep because he can tend to the laws of physics he can speak to the laws of physics he can control the laws of physics so Jesus can sleep because Jesus knew as long as actually shipped the boat will not sink came to tell you tonight church Jesus is in your life boat can't see can't go down. There is power in knowing Jesus in fact the way that they are put in here is this there is no death in the presence of Christ and I was going one of things I was going to mention that I want to talk about the fall of Babylon will be Wednesday night but please come back because if you're here tonight you're supposed to hear that message will come back on Wednesday and one of the one of the doctrines that has been kind of model is the idea of death by one when Lazarus died it's the Scripture says Jesus says that him last was asleep right he's asleep and the disciples awhile or if he's asleep than he does well we're not to worry about the Bible says she didn't realize Jesus spoke of the sleep of death and I say that because. This one put up in my mother's birthday I tell you guys the 1st night and it's always tough when you have to rescue when you when you when you have to rehash such a painful thing is losing your mother but the state of the Dead this doctrine is really the doctrine that Christ was in the book with or that my mother will see him again she's not in heaven now looking down there you know that so you know some people teach that like when you die you don't really die you know you can come back and haunt people to make them feel like that's the one I'm in Jamaica people at them but up here and there and when I was a one person I was doing all you know surveillance of a lot of what he said was that Duffy that you smell the duppy like how does that make sense from my car it immediately when you talk. About a lot of talk about where you live. But the truth of the matter is it would be cruelty to send you to heaven to watch your loved one suffer on that wouldn't be heaven at all so when you die you're laid to sleep my mother's asleep at our gate for her to see the stuff of us that we go through. And one day she will be raised from the dead and the 1st phrase she will see will be that of Christ watch this for that reason I don't have to be in the boat. Because she had Jesus in the ship the question for each one of us is is Jesus in your ship because of Jesus is in your life you can't actually die you can die the 1st death but the 2nd death actually which means the storms of this life and I've been studying again the the martyrs and and the things that I go through I mean to some stay saying while they were being burned at the stake they sent praises to God because they understood they were going to live again in Christ Jesus there is no death. In the presence of Christ he said under there why are you so fearful How is it that you have nothing I want to confess to you that someone struggled with my mother was a worrier she worried over everything I worry a lot. I worry because I want to control the want to outcome before it happens because that's the way my mind works and when you realize you can't control everything you start to panic and you start to worry but God if he gave you the ability to control everything you would have no need of him if you could control the way your children are going to behave you would not go down in prayer for your children if you control your job you would pray so hard on your way to work God leads you would situations you can't control so that you have to recognize all control comes from him. And it teaches us this less faith and fear cannot co-exist you can't be faithful and fearful at the same time Mark $441.00 says this and they feared exceedingly and said one to another. What manner of man is this that even the wind and the sea obey problem for many of us is we've not awoken Jesus you know. You've gone through trials and you're so busy trying to get the water out of the ship you're so busy so busy rowing the ship so busy trying to get the sails the right way that you forget Jesus simply needs to be touched and he wake up and he'll speak Peace be still into your life and let me let me explain something I have learned he doesn't necessarily speak Peace be still into your life in that the storm stops sometimes he speaks Peace be still in your life so that you no longer feel the storm so did you learn to ride the waves so there although chaos continues you are strong enough to stay in the ship and not panic now you know there's an end to the storm but God has me in the storm because like I said the other night storms are what improve and purify your character if the storms disappeared for many of us our spiritual growth would disappear you got away Jesus up in your life as I have it was page 336 says it like this. Thank you for. Hear how often the disciples experience as ours in the tempest of temptation gather in a fierce lightning flash and the waves sweep over us we battle with the storm alone forgetting that there is one who can help us we trust to our own strength still our hope is lost and we are ready to perish then we remember Jesus and if we call upon Him to save us we shall not cry in vain though he sorrowfully reproved our unbelief and self-confidence he never fails to give us the help we need whether on the land or on the sea. If we have the Savior in our hearts there is no need of fear living faith in the Redeemer will Smoove the sea of life and will deliver us from the danger from danger in the way that he knows to be best if he is in our lives he will remove the danger that's when the. Over Again I was driving a sort of back to open from Miami and. I was really sleepy I have this I had terrible problem of falling asleep driving so I'm very careful not to drive late at night if I'm tired. So I learned a lesson on this trip I was a young man we were driving from Miami and we went I went through Tallahassee probably could have a drop off my cousin a road of my cousin and up through Birmingham in between Montgomery and Birmingham sleep caught me now my younger brother sit next to me and he was out all sleeping I fell asleep at the wheel at a little Toyota. Fix the toilet rims and it was painted neon blue and Jamaicans in Miami help me fix it up and I was driving this thing and I'm in tears and I felt so asleep that I had a complete dream I just dollars off I mean I had all dream Rana's had a beginning a middle and an ending. And I fell asleep and let me tell you something I fell asleep and when I woke up. I was very off a precipice there was you know of an overpass and I was going up so I whipped the car. And I started to do donuts in the middle of the 6th I $65.00 freeway spin and spin and spin and spin in and we landed backwards. In the mud in the median in the middle of the highway in the middle of the night in Alabama within seconds of us stopping tractor trailer after tractor trailer after tractor trailer went flying past us and it happened just a few seconds later for sure we would have been hit and the My mother was a lost her 2 youngest sons just like that so I sat backwards in the car my brother woke up. He slept through the whole day. All right my brother turned to say what happened. See. You literally. Storms are going to come you're going to fall asleep but the wheelchair you're going to over correct when it happened sometime and you want to spin out of control but I'm here to tell you tonight that God will send angels that will protect you that will protect your loved ones that will preserve your family God will send angels to take care of you. That's the way God is. That's who God. Somebody tonight. The car of their life. And you need Jesus. 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